02x09 - Episode 9

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Mindhunter". Aired: October 13, 2017 – August 16, 2019.
Two FBI agents are tasked with interviewing serial killers to solve open cases.
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02x09 - Episode 9

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[classical music playing on car stereo]

[woman speaking indistinctly]

[suspenseful instrumental music plays]

[theme music playing]

- This is $100,000.
- [steam hissing]

And it's all yours
if you'll help us identify

the person or persons

behind the m*rder of our children
in Atlanta.

Somebody out there knows something,
has seen something.

Please, come forward
if you have any information.

Thank you.

[woman] According
to Public Safety Commissioner Lee Brown,

the task force investigating the m*rder
is costing taxpayers $150,000 per week.

In an effort
to help Atlanta foot the bill,

entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. has announced
that he and pal Frank Sinatra

will throw a charity concert
here in Atlanta.

All proceeds will go
toward the investigation.

- [indistinct radio chatter]
- [camera shutter clicking]

[Garland] Light it up, buddy. That's it.

Well, these may be for shit.
It's so dark out here.

But... unless he steps way out of bounds,

possession may be all we got
to squeeze him with if we get the chance.


Well, that...

[sighs]...may have been
the highlight of our entire evenin'.


- And just nine hours to go.
- [sighs] Reboot?


I've been watchin' the Sanders
do less than nothin' all my adult life.

They excel at it.

Missed most of my kids' birthdays
watchin' 'em.

How many kids you got?

Three. [exhales]

But they're popular, and...

it's a lot of f*ck' birthdays.

You want a snort?

No, thank you.

These guys seem awfully quiet
to be the operational arm of the Klan.

Well, Charles here
is mainly a foot soldier,

but his older brother, Don, is an officer
in the local.

The big achiever in the family.

Uh, together, they got about
as many brain cells as teeth.

Mostly they're into car theft,
larceny, pot.

So, you think this is a waste of time?

Every second I spend staring at a Sanders
is a waste of time. [sighs]

They may be too ignorant
to organize this crime wave,

like some folks wanna believe,

but there's a strong possibility
they're involved in some of them.

See, one of these idiots may have figured,

"This is an opportunity.

So many d*ad,
hey, one more might get lost in the mix."

Sadly, they're probably right.

- [sips]
- [Tench] We should've been lookin' at them

from the start.
With a black mayor, you'd think...

[Garland] Oh, Maynard knows
this city's a powder keg,

underneath all that kum ba yah.

He's been looking hard at the Klan.

But he's smart enough
to keep that under wraps

until we bring back something undeniable.

[takes a deep breath]

- [phone dialing on radio]
- [sucks teeth] Well, here we go...

- [line ringing]
- ...another scintillating conversation.

- [receiver clicks]
- [Don] Hello?

[Charles] Hey, what's going on?

[Don] Eh... What are you up to?

- That's the overachiever, Donnie.
- [Charles] Nothing.

Might just, you know,

might go out and get me another kid.

[Don] See they found that Geter kid?

[Charles] Yeah, f*cked up my truck
with that go-kart.

I told him
I was gonna f*cking k*ll his ass.

[Don chuckles] Might go get another?

[Charles] Just doin' the Lord's work.

Or I might just hit the hay.

[Don] All right. Me too.

- See you tomorrow.
- [Charles] Yeah.

[line disconnects]

- That enough for a warrant?
- Even in Georgia.

Listen, after that plumber fiasco,

the DA might not be
that sympathetic to me.

I'll make a call in the mornin'.

We've been reduced to reacting to him.

The idea is to be proactive.

Exploit his compulsions,
force him to reveal himself.

Sorry to interrupt, sir.

We got something last night.
Garland's putting in for a warrant.

Is it solid? 'Cause those boys
have been hauled in so many times,

they don't even call their lawyers.
Know the drill themselves.

It's not an admission,

but the younger Sanders brother
definitely knew Lubie

and thr*at to k*ll him.
The older brother confirmed it.

Get me transcripts.

Let's get anything corroborative we can,
get 'em in here.

Yes, sir.

We were just presenting
something to the chief.

[Tench] Okay.

The benefit concert:
Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra.

Gonna be a nightmare for us.

Half Atlanta'll be there.

[Holden] Our guy will be too.

- [Redding] How do you figure that?
- He's going to volunteer.

For what?

We put out a call for additional security.

In his mind, he'll be working directly
with the investigation.

He won't be able to resist.

We work the profile on the applicants...

So we'll end up
with a sizable group of black males

between the ages of 20 and 30.


But are we narrowing the field too much?

What if one of the Sanders brothers
applied for your security job?

Would we just ignore that?

You're going to question
your white supremacist,

so there's no need to screen for him.

This is designed specifically to find men
who fit our parameters.

- It doesn't eliminate other evidence.
- There'll be hundreds of applicants.

Free evening with Sinatra?

And Sammy.

- Love Sammy. He's the best.
- We interview the most likely.

Get their make of vehicle, education.

Maybe even their whereabouts
for some of our timeline.

It shouldn't be difficult.
We know he's a talker.

How do we know that?

How else is he getting kids into his car?

You'll have to get permission
from the commissioner for this one.


Drives a police-type vehicle.

Lives with parents or a close relative.

Owns a dog.

I have communities organizing
vigilante patrols because of the Klan.

It's not the Klan.

It's statistically rare for serial killers
to cross racial lines, sir.

It's also statistically significant
that the Klan kills black people.

Do you know what will happen
if word gets out

that we're ignoring other leads
to focus on a black suspect?

[Holden] The victimology is clear.

Aside from perception issues,
this brings about questions of legality,

- entrapment.
- Everything would be voluntary.

There'd be a real job, no false pretenses.

We have security firms

that already have arrangements
with the city.

Minority-owned businesses
that the mayor and I have spent two terms

working into
the municipal contracting process.

I won't allow what amounts to be
a fishing expedition to jeopardize that.

Commissioner, we have no intention

of undercutting those relationships,
but we have 19 d*ad children

and no suspect.

We do this, or we wait for more bodies.

[Brown sighs]

I want your assurance

that your criteria is not spoken about
outside of this room.

I don't want to hear from any quarter

that we're looking for a black suspect.

Yes, sir.

[taps loudly]

Agent Ford? Sergeant Stokes.

Chief asked me to help you
with the logistics

for this whole security plan
you got going on.

Yes, thank you.

[Stokes] Ah, so, what you need? Flyers?

for volunteer security positions.

Concert night only.

Okay. That sounds like a simple print job.

- [Holden] We'll need to get them placed...
- You got your PO number?

- No. How do I get that?
- You gotta get that off your work order.

See, this comes out of the city budget,

and I can't do anything
without a signed work order.


Try to get one from someone
we already have an account with

for printing the flyers.

- Makes it easier.
- [Holden] You aren't printing the flyers?

No, sir. We don't handle that in-house.
You need to talk to community relations,

and they'll give you a list
of outside vendors.

Well, let's assume
I have a signed work order,

a PO number,

and a community relations vendor
is printing the flyers.

What I need is distribution.

No problem. Hit me.

Everywhere a body was recovered.

DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb, Rock... What?

You want all six counties?

[Holden] Yes.

I hate to keep throwing you curveballs,

but you need to get individual approval
from each jurisdiction.

I can't so much as distribute a Post-it

without proper authority.

As soon as you get that,
we'll get those flyers out.

- I promise you that.
- [taps pen]

[Stokes whistling upbeat tune]

- [smooth jazz playing on radio]
- [quietly] They're running long today.

[Nancy] Mm.

[magazine rustles]

[quietly] Do you like our house?

- What?
- It doesn't feel small?

You're always going on about a workshop.


I've been looking at comps.

- We could sell for a profit.
- [at normal volume] Sell our house?

Afford some more square footage.

Maybe a two-story.

I was thinking about something
closer to Alexandria.

A little more cultured.

The schools would be better.

An opportunity to meet new people.

It could be an adventure.

[quietly] Where is this coming from?

We could do a short escrow.
Be out in six weeks.


did something happen?

I am thinking of Brian.

Is this really the right time for him?

Could there be a better time?

Let's talk about it when I finish
in Atlanta.

And when will that be?

I just don't think we should move him
out of his routine.

If that's what's best for him.

What about what's best for us?

[door opens]

[Moritz] Okay. Let's go find your parents.

- Oh, hi, sweetie.
- [Moritz] Here they are.

Thank you. Hey, honey.

- [knocking on door]
- Door's open!

- ["Dancing Barefoot" playing on radio]
- ♪ She is ♪

♪ Addicted to thee... ♪

[Kay] Almost ready! Give me two minutes!

Take your time. I'm early.

[Kay] I called the restaurant.
They don't take reservations.


♪ Here I go, and I don't know why ♪

♪ I flow so ceaselessly ♪

♪ Could it be he's taking over me... ♪

Hello, gorgeous.

- Hi.
- May I?

[Carr] Must you?

I'm practically wearing flats.

Now I have to rethink everything.

You still want to try Chinese?

I can't vouch for this place
one way or another.

Yeah. I think we should be adventurous.

[Kay] Chinese in suburban Virginia.
Pretty adventurous.

[radio clicks off]


[Carr] I'd like to talk before we go.


I've had a lot of time and...

a lot of reasons to think.

You're right.

I need to be more forthright
in asking for what I want.

And I want you, Kay.

I don't care how, where.

We can do this at our own pace.
I just want to be...

[chuckles softly]

- Mm.
- We can't be late

if they don't take reservations.

[chuckles softly]
Well, do you think that they'll deliver?


[doorbell ringing]


Oh, I swapped weekends. I forgot.

[Carr] What?

f*ck. Just wait here, okay?

- Who is it?
- [Kay] Just wait for a minute.


- [door opens]
- [boy] Hi, Mom.

[Kay, in high-pitched tone] Nicky!
Hi, kiddo! Tom, good to see you.

Hi, Mandy!

[Tom] You remember
we're not picking him up

till Monday night, right?

- We're out of town.
- [Kay] Of course.

We finally get some sleeps together.

- [Tom] Were you on your way out?
- [Kay] No.

I was just... No.

[Tom] He has to be in homeroom
by the 8:20 bell.

[Kay] Not a problem. We'll be early.
Right, buddy?

- [Tom] So, you still working at that bar?
- [Kay] Don't start.

- It's not so bad.
- [Tom] That was supposed to be temporary.

[Kay] And I'm still looking
for something permanent.

[Tom] And this apartment was just
for a few months.

- Remember?
- [Kay] I'm working on it.

I'm thinking about Edgewood.
It's really nice over there.

Hey, whoa! Nicky.

You wanna go double-check the car?
Make sure you didn't forget anything?

[Nicky, slowly] Okay.

[Kay] Whoa!
Enough with the attitude, Little League.

[Tom] Can I come up for a minute?

It's not really a great time right now.

- [Tom] Is there someone here?
- [Kay] No, no.

[Tom] Um, okay.

[Kay] Actually, Tom,
I might introduce Nick

to a friend this weekend.

[Tom] Kay, we already talked about that.

- [Kay] I know. I just...
- [Tom] He needs structure.


Nothing about the divorce was easy
for him.

[Kay] Of course. Sure.

You're absolutely right. It's fine.

[Tom] Is it someone...


[Kay] No, no. It's nothing like that.
It's... nothing.

Whoa, buddy,
got your backpack with your homework?

- [Nicky] I don't have any.
- [Kay] So say goodbye.

Thanks, Tom.

Come on, buddy.
Everything's right where you left it.

I found your baseball bat.
It was in the trunk.

we've got bigger spaces, the ballroom.

[Holden] No, this is perfect.
We'll set up an interview area.

Do a sign-in desk here: names, addresses.

[Tench] We should include their consent
and videotape them.

May I ask why the FBI
is holding job interviews?

The city is holding interviews.

We're just facilitating them.

You think he's going to apply?

There's a possibility.

Well, I'll block the room out.

I'll call it a non-profit event,
so there's just a facility charge.

- We appreciate it.
- [Tanya] Of course.

- [receivers clattering]
- [boy] Hey! Get off of me, man!

Excuse me.


Calvin, what is wrong with y'all?

This is my place of business.

You better not be running
through here like that.

You get thrown out of here,
where you gonna go? Huh? The streets?

- Yes, ma'am.
- [Tanya] Uh-uh, look at me.

If either one of y'all end up
on the side of a road, I will k*ll you.

- [chuckles]
- [Tanya] Now go on back to the arcade.

We ain't got nothin' to do there.

[purse unzips]


Twenty dollars is all I got today. Uh-uh!

Now, I'd tell you to bring me change,
but y'all split it.

- You staying at your aunt's now?
- Mm-hmm.

[Tanya] Then y'all make it last
till you can go straight there.

- Y'all hear me?
- [Calvin] Yes, ma'am.

[boys laughing and chatting excitedly]

[Tench] Twenty dollars is a lot of Atari.

It's the only thing
that keeps them inside.

Do you get a lot of kids
hanging out unsupervised?

Well, they like the arcade.

It's open till ten.
Might be the safest place they can be.

[indistinct chatter]

[overlapping sound effects playing
on arcade games]

[Holden] We should put flyers in here too.

- Yeah.
- Hunting ground.

[Tench] I imagine you've been following
what's been going on in Atlanta?

Braves are shit. Ought to f*re Bobby Cox.

- Garland here agrees with me.
- About the only thing we agree on.

I believe Agent Tench is referring
to the 19 m*rder children.

Well, now, that there is just frustratin'.


All them searches tying up traffic.

Ever met a boy named Lubie Geter?

No. [sniffles]

- [clicks]
- [Charles on recording] You know,

might go out
and get me another kid.

[Don] See they found that Geter kid?

[Charles] Yeah, f*cked up my truck
with that go-kart.

I told him
I was gonna f*cking k*ll his ass.

- [Don chuckles] Might go get...
- [player clicks]

Ring any bells?

Remember him now.

f*cked up a brand-new paint job.

[Garland] We have a witness.

Works the parking lot
where Lubie disappeared.

He remembers the incident.

Said you were real fired up about it.

- I do love my truck.
- And you hate blacks.

That's not what I call 'em.

But yeah,

amongst some other folks, I hate n*gg*r*s.

But hate ain't a crime.
I'm allowed to hate whoever I want.

It's in the Constitution.

We found Lubie Geter strangled to death
shortly after that incident.



What did you mean
by "go out and get me another one"?

I reckon, uh... you're tappin' my phone,

you must be watching me too, so...

did I...

go out and get me another one?

See, that's in the Constitution too.

I can feel anything I want,
and I can say anything I want.

Don't hurt nobody.

Y'all ought to be thanking me.

At least I'm trying to protect
our way of life.

Through lawful gatherin' and free speech.

[Garland] By "way of life,"
you mean burglary, drug tr*ffick,

- a little larceny on the side?
- [Charles] What you got, Garland?

Bag of weed in my closet?

Maybe a new muffler? Go ahead.

I get a lawyer down here,
I'll be out in two hours.

How about you? This ain't worth your time?

Don't look like it much
as you checking that watch.


How about we cut to the chase.

Y'all give me a lie detector test,
and I can be on my way.

[sucks teeth] Third pass.

Do it again.

Unless he comes out as a total fail,
we can't use it as leverage, and...

that doesn't seem likely.

Probably knows how to b*at the machine.

Brother Donnie passed too.

[sighs] Forensics got nothin' at the house
or from the truck.

We're stuck.

For now.

[door opens]

Always nice to see you, Garland.


Pure class.

- We start with breaking news...
- [Holden] He passed, huh?

- Authorities tell us...
- We both know that means nothing.

And while we were questioning
the Hayseed brothers,

DeKalb PD pulled number 20
out of the woods.

- It's believed to be that of...
- g*dd*mn it.

...12-year-old Patrick Baltazar
who disappeared only one week ago.

A source confirmed to Channel Five

that police have found fiber evidence
on the body.

Shit. Fibers.

The lab has found carpet fibers
on six so far.

But we've never released that information.

Now he knows we can retrieve evidence
from the bodies.

He'll change his MO.

[Tench] Yeah.

How is the question.


[Nancy] Out back.

Hey, Nance.

I was thinking about the couch.

The couch?

There's not much point in keeping it.

Do we need a new couch?

We got it when we moved in.

There's no point in paying movers
for something like that.

[Tench clears throat]

I thought we talked about that.

We decided to wait
until the school year's over.

You decided.

He was in the bath today.

And for a minute,
it was just like it used to be.

I was washing his hair,

he was playing
with that stupid boat of his.

I forgot what he'd done.

And for a minute,
it was just me and my beautiful boy.

I got him out. [exhales]

Wrapped him in a towel.

Started brushing his hair.

And I saw us.

In the mirror.

The two of us.

Bath time.

And I was so relieved. [exhales]


Relieved that he wasn't really mine.

His body didn't come from my body.

None of it was my fault.

You need to pick him up today.

- Okay.
- [taps ashtray]

Make him dinner, put him to bed.

I can do that.

I'm going out.


[Nancy] To the mall, maybe. I'm not sure.

- Will you be home for dinner?
- [Nancy] I don't know, Bill.

[door closes]

[taps loudly]

Good to go.
I've got a conference room at the Omni.

A signed work order,
a PO number, a vendor's bid.

- Agent Ford.
- [Holden] Yes.

The concert's in less than four days.

Even on a rush,
we'd barely get these printed in time.

- What?
- [Stokes] We're looking at another

three business days
just to canvass the jurisdictions.

I'm sorry, but you're too late.

- You're saying there's no possibility of...
- Nope.

Not in this time frame. Sorry.

If I can help with anything else,

[children laughing and clamoring]

[man 1] Come on, girls! Come on!

[boy] Here, catch.

[man 2] All right, guys. Come on.

[woman] Let's go!

How was school?

Same old, same old, huh?

You have any homework?


How about...

you and I...

take a little adventure?

- ["Arthur's Theme" playing]
- ♪ When you get caught between the Moon ♪

- ♪ And New York City... ♪
- [Tench] How is it?

[smacks lips] Mm!

My dad used to take me for ice cream.

Right after we'd go fishin'.

- I ever tell you that?
- [lighter clicks]

[Tench] How my dad took me fishin'?


There was a lake
about an hour from our house.

We'd get up early, around 5:00 a.m.

I remember the first fish I caught.

Must have been about your age.

I'd never caught anything before.

He was just flappin' away.

Did the fish die?


- ["Arthur's Theme" fades]
- [eerie instrumental music plays]


you and I have never talked about
what happened.

So I can only guess how confusing
and strange this all must be for you.

But I don't know...

because you won't talk to me.

I don't know if you're mad...

or sad.

I need to know that you're okay.

Or whatever it is, I just need to know.

Because this scares
the shit out of me, Brian.

And I don't want to be afraid.

[patrons chatting and laughing]

[saxophone solo playing on radio]

♪ When you get caught between the Moon ♪

- ♪ And New York City ♪
- [Davis] ♪ The Candy Man can ♪

♪ 'Cause he mixes it with love
And makes the world taste good ♪

[singers] ♪ Makes the world taste good ♪

♪ Oh, Candy Man, oh, Candy Man ♪

♪ Oh, Candy Man ♪

- [singers] ♪ Makes the world taste good ♪
- [Davis] ♪ Oh, Candy Man ♪

♪ Oh, Candy Man ♪

- ♪ Oh, Candy Man ♪
- [audience applauding and cheering]

Thank you. Thank you, Atlanta.

[Sinatra] We love you, Atlanta.

[quietly] He's here. He has to be.

[Sinatra] We'd like to take a moment

to recognize some very special members
of our audience.

From all around the world,
we've prayed for them,

anguished with them.

Join us in showing them how much
the world supports and loves them.

[audience applauding]

To these wonderful, strong mothers.

- It's like Sisyphus.
- [Davis] To lose a child...

Push the ball up the hill,
watch it roll back down.

[Davis] We cannot let this go

- or unanswered.
- [sighs]

- [Davis continues speaking]
- How are we supposed to do anything?

We advise, we consult,
but we can't actually do anything.

We're just watching kids get butchered
and thrown into the woods.

- [quietly] Holden.
- What?

- [Davis]...your incredible strength.
- Shut up.

[audience applauds]

I know he's here, in this building.
And we didn't do a g*dd*mn thing.

- [Sinatra] Justice will prevail.
- [Barney] We tried.

- I'm sick of trying.
- [Sinatra] Honorable people will triumph

over evil.

[Holden] He's learned.

No more fibers.

Any ID?

Not confirmed,
but they think it's Curtis Walker.

Missing about three weeks.

- [Holden] Where have you been?
- [Tench] Just landed.

- We got people working on his timeline?
- Yeah.

We're all over that.

We should re-canvass
where he was last seen.

Let's check boat ramps upstream.

- Someone may have seen a vehicle.
- We've all watched Dragnet, Bill.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Twenty-one victims. No suspects.

And the guy I'm supposed to lean on,
if he's even around,

has to be brought up to speed?

Holden, this is not the time or place.

You're only half here when you are here,
and you're only here half the time.

I'm asking you nicely...

I'm sorry
that you're having family issues,

- but you're either in or you're out.
- I'm doing the absolute best I can.

Well, it's not enough.

First of all, you may lean on me,

but I don't work for you.

And the family issue I'm dealing with
happens to be that my seven-year-old son

watched three other children
m*rder a toddler.

So when I'm not in Atlanta,
I'm taking him to a child psychiatrist,

dealing with the commonwealth attorney,
enduring visits from social services,

and trying to keep a marriage
to the woman I love

from crashing and burning.

Bill, I'm sorry...

I don't need your sympathy.

And you're right.
I should be out, taking care of my issues.

But Ted g*n sent me down here
to make sure you don't do anything stupid

to jeopardize our debut on the big stage.
So you want to help me?

Show some f*cking professionalism

so we don't look like we got off a plane

with a suspect we're tailoring
all of our insights to support.

And you look anxious.

Take a f*cking Valium.

The ME says he's been in the water
more than ten days.

Could have floated downstream
from Johnson Ferry,

Morgan Falls, anywhere.

We have to stake out the rivers.

Do you have any idea
how many access points there are

- on these rivers?
- [Tench] He's right.

This is what he's gonna do now.

So how do we cover
hundreds of miles of riverbank?

[Barney] I grew up on these rivers.

If you want something to go
with the current, drop it in the middle.

We cover the bridges.

Fourteen bridges.

Set up scouts under the bridges
on either side.

Constant surveillance
from sundown to sunrise.

Two cars per bridge, two officers per car.

At least one agent at each location.

- How long?
- It could be days, weeks.

But we know where to look.

And are we stopping every car?

- What... What's the plan here?
- We're looking for a very specific person.

Black male, early 20s to early 30s.

And regardless of race or age,
he would be stopping,

maybe driving across several times,
slowing down,

assessing the dump site.

We may even get lucky
and catch him in the act.

That's a lot of manpower.

And we'd be putting all our eggs
in one basket.

What if I got all our men
crouched by the Chattahoochee,

- and he doesn't dump them in the river?
- [Tench] Sir, we've made no progress.

If Holden says
this is the way to find the guy,

I think it's time we listen.

[Redding] Use recruits.

Can't carry a w*apon,
but they can be eyes and ears.

[Tench] Thank you, sir.

Four weeks.
If it takes longer, we'll just, uh...

figure that out when we get there.

- Thank you.
- I do hope this works, gentlemen.

[crickets chirping]

- Cube truck.
- [radio beeps]

[frogs croaking]

Tonight's box score:

one vehicle every 20 minutes.

- Someplace you'd rather be?
- [indistinct radio chatter]

Watching Boston bring it to the Sixers.

- Celtics fan?
- I love to watch a white man jump.


[grunts, exhales]

[car approaches]

[Holden] Finally.

- Thank you, Lewis.
- [Lewis] No problem.

I'd rather be running coffee

than sitting out here
in the weeds all night.

- [chuckles]
- [Lewis] Can't stay awake no more.

Nights are rough.
When we get him, it'll be worth it.

We don't even know who we looking for.

- We have some pretty good ideas.
- [Lewis] God's truth?

Profile's bullshit.

Some black guy's running around
k*lling black kids?

No way.

This is the South.
White folks k*ll black folks down here.

No psychological mumbo jumbo's
gonna change that.

When we catch him,

it's gonna be some cracker
with half his teeth missing.

All right.

I didn't make it up.

[reporter speaking indistinctly on TV]


I ran experiments.

Inner-city kids would not get into a car,
even for the money,

unless the driver was black.


That's a fairly general term.
What neighborhood were you in?

Gilmor Homes. In Sandtown.

Sandtown. Baltimore?

[scoffs] Atlanta's not Baltimore.

Those projects are rough.

Most of these neighborhoods are families.
They're just poor.

But you agree we'd have witnesses
if it was a white perpetrator

- picking up these kids.
- Not necessarily.

A lot of these places are mixed.

Lakewood area, mall parking lots.

[sighs] Look, I think the theory
has some common sense.

But we see someone dump a body
off a bridge,

profile's not gonna matter much.

It'll matter to me.

Reports are filed.

Your turn tomorrow.

One Irish whiskey, please. Thanks.

Can you turn that up?

...last spotted at a rally that was held
on the Morehouse College campus.

- [lighter clicks]
- Anyone having information

on his whereabouts

is encouraged to call
the Atlanta task force tip line.

[man] Hill is a resident

of the southwest Atlanta neighborhood
Techwood Homes,

which last night
was the scene of a police raid

on the so-called "Bat Patrol."

The group was founded
to provide protection to children

in a neighborhood plagued
by the m*rder of several young people.

Police arrested two members
who are accused of w*apon violations

including possessing baseball bats
wrapped with barbed wire.

That's what the commissioner meant
by vigilantes.

It won't help.
Most of these kids disappeared

in broad daylight.

What if they were your kids?

[Tench] If it was my kid,

I'd be out there with a baseball bat
wrapped in barbed wire.

This city is persecuting a community

that has already suffered
in the deepest way.

Timothy Hill is missing
from that very neighborhood.

And we know what missing means.

Missing, in Atlanta, means d*ad.

[female reporter] As we've been reporting,
the investigation...

- What if he doesn't show?
- He has to.

[female reporter] ...has put
a serious crunch on the city's budget.

- [engine revs]
- [radio blaring] ♪ And ME, I eat dust ♪

♪ We're all so run down ♪

♪ I'd call it my death
But I'll only fade away ♪

♪ And I hate to fade alone ♪

♪ Now there's only ME ♪

♪ We were so sure ♪

♪ We were so wrong ♪

♪ Now it's over ♪

♪ But there's no one left to see ♪

- ♪ And there's no one left to die ♪
- [mosquito buzzes]

♪ There's only ME ♪

[mosquito buzzes]

[mosquito buzzes]

[mosquitoes buzzing]

[song continues playing]

[man speaks indistinctly]


[plates clattering in time
with synth b*at]

[feedback whines]




[Redding] Five weeks of surveillance.

Twenty-eight cars a night.

Overtime for 42 officers per day,

camped out on every bridge
in Metropolitan Atlanta.



And all we got is more bodies.

Timothy Hill, Jo-Jo Bell, Eddie Duncan,

the last five have exclusively been
in the rivers.

We're not out there to find more bodies.
We're out there to find a suspect.

I was telling Jim...

Surveillance is the only actionable course
we have right now.

we're just re-treading old leads.

I can't move the numbers around anymore.

I was tellin' Jim,

the city's looking at overages
I can't hide, and they can't cover.

Even working the recruits at intern wages.

I have to shut it down.

- This is our last week.
- You can't do that.

We're out of money.

No two ways about it.


[clicks tongue]

Hello, you've reached Dr. Wendy Carr.

- [machine whirring]
- [phone ringing]

[machine clicks]

[woman on recording] Hello. The person
you are calling is not available.

You may leave a message at the beep.

[answering machine beeps]

[Kay] Wen? Are you there?

When did you get a machine?

It... It's me. I don't know
what's going on. I... I just want to talk.

I'm downstairs, if you're there.

I just need to know what's happening.
Please call me.

- God, I hope this is you.
- I'm coming down.

- You are there.
- [receiver clatters]

[elevator bell dings]

- Can we talk?
- Of course.

- Upstairs?
- Here's fine.

- You're not returning my calls.
- I wasn't sure who was calling.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- Please.

I didn't know your voice went that high.

With your husband.


And I told you
that relationship was complicated.

- Why are you judging me?
- I find it a little unnerving

that someone who places honesty
over everything else can lie quite so...

- Lie?
- Looking for another job?

Somewhere in Edgewood?

- You were a completely different person.
- Oh, and you're always who you are?

Yes, I manipulate my ex so that I can have
some sort of relationship with my son.

- An inauthentic relationship.
- That is not your place to say.

You know,
if you had even a modicum of the honesty

that you're endlessly hocking...

[footsteps passing]

To think that you actually
made me feel bad about myself.

[clicks tongue, scoffs]

- This is not about me.
- [Carr] This is entirely about you.

- Lecturing me to be one way, while you...
- [Kay] I have never lectured you.

And if I have to change
the tone of my voice

when I talk to my son,

that is light-years from a person
who can't admit who they are.

This is about you.

You're right. This is about me.

- [keypad beeps]
- [door buzzes]

You want honesty?
You're not who you think you are.

You're not free.
And you're not some enlightened being

who's living her life
to a higher standard.

You're a bartender...

who takes relationship advice
from bus stop magazines.

I hope things work out for you.


I'm feeling these nights
more than I used to.

Only one more.



Can't do another French toast combo.

- Gonna go straight to bed.
- [elevator bell dings]

See you tonight.


[clears throat] Hey. It's okay.

Remember me? I'm Tanya's friend.

Arcade will be open in a little bit.
Here you go.

I don't do that.

What do you mean?

I know what ten dollars buys.

A lot of Asteroids.
Here, you can have it. Just stay inside.

Wait, what does ten dollars normally buy?

Well, five for a picture.

Like a Polaroid?


Did you know any of the kids
who have gone missing?

I knew some of 'em.

- [Holden] Any of them take money?
- A couple of 'em did.

Did they go to a brick house in Lakewood?

Nah, the brown house by the stadium.

[takes a deep breath] Listen.

I'm with the FBI.

[reporter on radio] ...for tonight.

Elsewhere today, Atlanta police say
there's still no progress

in the m*rder
of 17-year-old William Barrett.

His body was found fully clothed
in a wooded area off Winthrop Drive.

That breaks with the recent pattern
of victims found in Atlanta's rivers.

Barrett is the 28th victim
of the Atlanta Child m*rder.

After ten months
of task force investigation,

there have been no official suspects
and no charges filed in any of the cases.

[Holden] He's a minor,
I couldn't press him for names.

[Tench] Any chance his parents
will let him talk to us?

Finding the parents, getting cooperation,

- it might be a challenge.
- [Barney] Guys, one second.

Annie Rogers just said
Patrick never mentioned any house

near the stadium.

But look at this.

She said he knew Curtis Walker
from the neighborhood.

He was best friends
with Timothy Hill's brother.

- He knew Eddie Duncan...
- [Holden] Number 24.

And Jimmy Ray Payne.

Number 27.

Wait a minute.

Weren't Hill and Duncan's bodies found
in almost the same spot?

Within a few feet,
less than 24 hours apart.

So we have some sort of personal
or geographic connection between...

one, three, eight... 15 of the 28 victims.

No shit.

All right, gentlemen, five o'clock.

Time to get to your rendezvous points.

Come on, boys.

Last ride.

[indistinct chatter]

[Barney] JD, you on desk tonight?

- [JD] Yes, sir.
- [Barney] A project for you.

Known pedophiles.

See if any of them live
near Fulton County Stadium,

and if they have any connection
to this house in Lakewood.

There's another box under my desk.

- Will do.
- [Barney] Thank you.

[river flowing]

[Holden sighs]

[thunder rumbling]

[Holden] Wake up.

[Holden exhales]
Everyone's falling asleep out there.

Everyone's falling asleep in here.

[Holden huffs]

[Tench] So, these kids are vulnerable.
They're hustling to survive.

Some sell deodorizers,

a few are in the trade.

A lot of them know each other.

Which means they tell each other
which parking lots to work.

And somebody knows
exactly where to find them.

It's not completely random.

- Some kids may know him.
- He may not even have to hunt.

If they're going to different houses...

There could be more than one "him."

- Maybe I've been too...
- Myopic?

[Holden] Yeah.

[river flowing]

Everybody awake out there?

[over radio] Campbell, Jacobs.

You guys there?

- [Campbell] Yes, we're here.
- [Jacobs] Awake here.

- [officer 1] We're here.
- [Campbell] I just heard a splash.

You got anybody on the bridge up there?
I just heard a loud splash.

- [officer 2] Side of the bridge.
- [officer 3] Checking it out now.

[engine revving]

- [officer 4] We have a white car.
- [Barney] Clear this channel.

- We have a car.
- [officer 5] Copy that.

Lights just came on.
Looks like he could have been stopped.

[officer 6] You're on. Here we go.

[siren wails]

We got a white station wagon
coming across the Cobb Parkway Bridge.

East side.

[indistinct, overlapping radio chatter]

He's coming back across.
I'm pulling out.

[officer 7] Cut him off at the other end.

Boys, let's get those lights on. Let's go.

[siren wailing]

[thunder continues rumbling in distance]

[brakes screech]

["Hell Is for Children" playing]

Wayne Bertram Williams.

Do you know why we pulled you over,
Mr. Williams?

I guess it must be about all those boys.

♪ They cry in the dark ♪

♪ So you can't see their tears ♪

♪ They hide in the light ♪

♪ So you can't see their fears ♪

♪ Forgive and forget ♪

♪ All the while ♪

♪ Love and pain become one and the same ♪

♪ In the eyes of a wounded child ♪

♪ Because hell ♪

♪ Hell is for children ♪

♪ And you know that their little lives
Can become such a mess ♪

♪ Hell ♪

♪ Hell is for children ♪

♪ And you shouldn't have to pay
For your love ♪

♪ With your bones and your flesh ♪

♪ It's all so confusing
This brutal abusing ♪

♪ They blacken your eyes
And then apologize ♪

♪ Be daddy's good girl ♪

♪ And don't tell mommy a thing ♪

♪ Be a good little boy
And you'll get a new toy ♪

♪ Tell grandma you fell off the swing ♪

♪ Because hell ♪

♪ Hell is for children ♪

♪ And you shouldn't have to pay
For your love ♪

♪ With your bones and your flesh ♪

♪ No! ♪
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