01x10 - Happily Ever After

Episode transcripts for TV show, "The Endgame". Aired: February 21, 2022 - present.
A criminal mastermind squares off against a principled FBI agent.
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01x10 - Happily Ever After

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Previously on "The Endgame"...

Who do you work for?

People work for me.

- What happened to the gold?
- All the gold is clay.

You actually turned
your husband in to the FBI.

- You looked into my husband?
- You looked into mine.

- He died when?
- months ago.

- Running the plan over and over.
- It will go like clockwork.

And there's our truck number one.

- The others?
- Coming.

President Wright watched the att*ck

on Fedorova's wedding,
and he owns the clay mine

where the fake gold bricks were mined.

Is there any question he's
involved in the theft of the gold?

Do you think the president
will come after my child like the FBI?

"A little potato when born
covers ground on every part."

This is about Elena's daughter.

She made me admit I was
responsible for the death.

Put it on a thumb drive,

and then she put it in
this little Russian doll.

I'm worried about
Stephanie Tirado's momentum.

The only way I'm gonna have access

to the Federal Reserve
gold is if I'm in power.

You're only a pawn to the Beloks.

You have a very sharp
tongue for someone in zip ties.

Where are you taking me?

- Dangerous business.

Fedorova would tell you
the same, except she's d*ad.

I hope Elena's prepared
you for what's to come.

Guess we'll see.

Okay, one last story before bed.

Mm. Another about
the king and the gold.

[LAUGHS] The evil king, of course.

Okay, the evil king stole
all the gold in the village,

but he didn't want anyone
to know he stole it.

So he brought it to his jail
where his henchmen melted it.

And the prisoners
turned it into something

no one would ever
suspect was made of gold.




Then his henchman brought wagons

to take the gold to a secret place.

Why did he do that?

Because he was greedy

and everyone around him was greedy.


Almost done, Warden.

- Is Elena Fedorova finally talking?
- Yes, she is.

We are getting a fuller
picture of her crimes,

of the international arms deals,

the siege of the seven
banks here in New York City.

This entire ordeal
will soon come to rest.

Our knife is at the
throat of this t*rror1st.

He's lying. She's not talking.

- Because she's d*ad?
- She's not.

- I-I just don't believe it.
- Nothing refutes him.

She would not target the
president of the United States

- without an escape plan.
- Plans can go awry. Hers may have.


The information that she
was removed from Fort Totten

by the president was never
released to the public.

- That's right.
- And yet that console hasn't blinked

once since she was taken.

First time I've ever
noticed it not blinking.

The messages stopped because
her people know she's out.

Right. And one of her people is...

- Owen.
- He may know her plan.

I don't know if I can
convince him to give us Elena,

but right now he's the
only lead we've got.

And I know that wherever we find Elena,

we find the gold, and we can
take down that son of a bitch.

- We're going to the prison.
- Watch your six.

Next question, please.

Now, what the evil king didn't know

was that his worst enemy...


- The who?
- The Brazilian queen.

She had a plan to steal
back the stolen gold.

That's all of it.



- Shut the gates.
- It's a federal car, boss.

What the hell is this now?

And this Brazilian queen knew
her plan would work out perfectly.

- Because she was smart?

Because she was on the side of good.



She's close. Hurry.



Anthony, what is taking so long?

- Lockdown!

Let's go, now! All visitation is over!

Head to the entrance, collect
your personal property!

Excuse me, sir.

Federal agent. What
the hell is going on?

- Escape. You need to leave now.
- Awfully damned coincidental.

Sir, I need you to get your warden

and tell him we're
here under the authority

of the Director of the FBI.

Now, please.

- Holmes, we have the FBI here.
- Have them look for the warden.


- _

- Here.
- Buried? No, she can't be.

This is where the signal
stopped. Hurry. Dig!

That's Owen, but the other escapee,

- what's his name, again?
- Timothy Collins...

Doing five for armed robbery.

- Were they known associates?
- Shared manufacturing detail.

- Which was?
- They stamped buttons.

That's Collins.


I need to talk with the troopers.

Anthony, this man
is not named Collins.

That's Sergey Vodianov.


Not d*ad. Not even close.

Elena's been lying all this time.

Agent Turner, I've
given you the truth.

That's all I've ever given you.

I've never lied to you, Agent Turner.

Fedorova and all her talk
about making the world better,

stringing me along,

said it was about stopping corruption,

when all along...

it was about the money.

What do you think those
buttons are made of, Anthony?


They melted the bars and made buttons.

I'm gonna need waybills for
the four trucks that left the yard,

and I need to know exactly
where they were going

and the route they planned to take.

And I don't have time
to explain it to you.


Lady Belok, we have a problem.

- Faster!
- It's a coffin.

So how does the story end, Mama?

The Brazilian queen...
steals back the gold.

The evil king is ruined,

and everyone lives happily ever after.

We hope.

- Elena?
- Too late.

No. No way.

- Elena, wake up.



Let's finish this.

Mr. President, you asked to see me.

Patrick, you saw
the press conference.

- Very effective.
- A mild sedative to a frantic country.

It'll hold for about two hours.

I did have some leads on
the gold I was pursuing...

When it was taken from the Reserve
and where it was taken to.

But, more importantly,
it's my understanding

that a piece of false
evidence is circulating Totten.

False evidence.

Director Réal and Agent Turner

are in possession of a doctored
conversation incriminating me

on a fob identical to this.

- And doctored by Fedorova?
- Well, who else?

But taken as legitimate,
leaked, could be very damaging.

I haven't heard anything about it.

Sir, I see Val Turner

capable of a lot of things,
but false evidence...

I know. It's madness.

But she's under that woman's spell.

I can certainly look into it.

- Good. Quietly. This is a...

- Text from unknown.
- "Reports of my demise"...

I got the same one.

Unknown sender, all caps...

"Reports of my demise have
been greatly exaggerated."

Son of a bitch, she's alive.

Her "demise"?

I didn't know we thought she was d*ad.

I'll, um... [CLEARS THROAT] Rephrase.

I wasn't aware that
she had been targeted.

You want a chair at the
grown-up's table?

Find her.

I have an idea how to lure her in.

Her child is Upstate.

I have agents on the house.
I'll bring the girl in personally.



- Director.
- Got back-channel word...

Doak's choppering Upstate
to collect Fedorova's child,

on order of the president.

Do we drive up, try to head it off?

If we want to find
Fedorova, we find her husband.

He's driving around
with billions in gold.

They will have a plan to meet up.

I've got Special Ops working

on the four unmarked
white trucks, discretely.

If we want to stop them, we
have to think like these criminals.

- They always have a plan.
- Meaning?

Even money says those trucks
are now driving with different plates

and they're probably
not unmarked anymore.


Let's move! Come on!



Let's go!


The lady's dozing.

The book dropped out of her
hand about five minutes ago.

Get the team in place,
front and rear, loud entry.

- What are we expecting?
- Anything.


[g*n COCKS]


What the hell?

They got the jump on us!

We watched them the entire time,
never took our eyes off the house.

Then they left when we
ran up, and they're close.


Old houses in this area,

some of them had Prohibition tunnels.


Let's go.

- Mama!
- Sofiya!

[GASPS] My baby, my girl.

- Oh!
- Mama.


Let me look at you.

Oh, your face.

You're a beauty.

- You look so grown up.
- I missed you, Mama.

I missed you.

I can't tell you how much.

- Two minutes behind us, max.
- Yes, yes. Of course.

Let's go get Papa, and off we go, okay?

Let's run. Come.

Find them!


The child and nanny are
gone from the Upstate house.

What did I say?

Forget Fedorova, concentrate
on Sergey and Owen.

We'll never find
the trucks on the road.

We need the destination.

- Jewelry I get...
- Statues, art, but buttons?

Of all the things you
can make out of gold,

why would they turn it
into something so ordinary?

To hide it in plain sight.

So they can transport
without raising any eyebrows.

Gold is heavy. Transport of
that much is either by train or...

Container ship.

I'm getting you the nearest ports.

Along with a list of
any ships leaving today.

They'll want it on open water ASAP.

But all this gold is
in Belok hands, right?

- What are Sergey and Owen doing?
- Taking it from them.

- At least the truck they're in.
- How?

If I'm them or Elena, I hijack it.

This is our stop.

Three, two, one.

Come on!


- Floor it, Owen.
- Catch up to the others.


- We missed her by seconds, sir.

We're trying to
track the SUV, but...

This is not proving your ability
to handle the larger assignment.

Sir, I will snap
myself in two for it.

Then move on to plan B.

My people questioned
Fedorova for hours.

- And do you know what she told us?
- No, sir.

She's on a personal revenge
campaign to destroy my presidency

and, frankly, to bring
down American democracy.

That is her ultimate goal, Doak.

You understand that in
this top tier of governance,

sometimes the ends justify the means?

What do you need me to do?

The evidence Fedorova
handed over to the FBI

needs to disappear.

Here comes the turn, now.

Next stop, Teterboro.

Punch it.

Boss isn't gonna like this.


- We've lost number four.
- Lost?

- They're not behind us.

Proceed to the docks.

If Elena has stolen one of the trucks,

- we can ransom it back later.
- I'll let the others know.


Okay, guys, we have a half an hour.

Get all the buttons
into the container.

Once these containers are closed,

we'll load them on the
ship, then we set sail.


Once they're done,
those trucks and guards

will be in the wind.

Get all the boxes into the container.

We have half an hour.

And no backup yet.


Get it loaded! No standing around!

- _

Val Turner.

Agent Turner, we never
got a chance to say goodbye.

- Because this isn't goodbye.
- I'm gonna hunt you down.

- Oh, but I'm leaving town.
- This isn't over, Elena.

Not yet, but a part will end today.

It will end where it began.

Always with the riddles... and the lies.

You said you were always honest with me.

- Lies, every word a lie.
- Now is not the time.

Friendship, corruption, lies.

I lied to you on one topic.

For that, I am sorry.

The plan depended on it.

Oh, well, all forgiven.

You have one last
mission... a rescue.

Who have you put in harm's way now?

Figure out the where
and you'll know the who.

And one more piece of advice...
This time straightforward...

only the guards have
w*apon, not the drivers.


I'm gonna say forget every word.

Only one g*n per truck... the guard.

Why in the hell are we
believing a thing she says?

I'm not sure we have a choice.

So three of them and two of us,

if she's telling the truth.

I guess we'll find out.

All right, close it up!



Everybody stop where you are
and put your hands in the air!



Cover me.

Drop your w*apon!


Take point! Area's hot!


ERTs found three
more shipping containers

- filled with gold...
- You were right.

They must have been moving
the haul here in stages.

And these trucks
were the last of them.

Meanwhile, processing the prints

of the Belok drivers
and operatives now...

Mostly Belarusians,
Russians, criminal records.

- "Mostly"?
- Well, one of these things

is not like the others.

One of the driver's prints
came back U.S. military.

He gave us the name Ivan
Popov, but prints say

he's really Aaron Spiivak
of Hackensack, New Jersey.

We got keys for this one?

Come on.

All right...

Ivan... or is it Aaron?

What's your story? How'd
you get in with the Beloks?

I got nothing to say to you.



Are you with a Belok
operative named Aaron Spiivak?

Yeah. How'd you, uh...

Just got a call from the CIA director.

- He's one of theirs.
- Looks like it.

Is his cover still intact?

- As far as I know.
- Good.

Process him like the rest.
They'll take care of him.

Does this mean there's
been CIA involvement

- this whole time?
- Director Takayama told me

they've been tracking Snow White

for about as long as you have, Val.

Beloks came on to the
radar more recently.

[SIGHS] Well, how did they
know about the missing gold?

The Director...

Val... [SIGHS]

He said they had a man on the
inside of Peekskill Prison.

You mean...

my man?

Owen was undercover with the CIA.

- That's what I understand.
- W-where is he now?

CIA says Snow White's
taken one of the four trucks.

- Their cut.
- Thanks to Owen,

they know that truck's
headed to Teterboro Airport.

Agency's waiting for them there.

This is it...

All the time, all the planning...

a whole damn year behind bars,

and here we are, just like Elena said.

[CHUCKLES] We made it.


Not exactly.

What do you mean?


[LAUGHS] Sergey.

Turn here.

Turn... here.

Réal said CIA is
expecting them at Teterboro,

but something's telling me

that's not where they're headed.

The intel came directly from Owen.

Why would he steer the CIA off course?

Maybe he didn't know.

Elena said something to
me earlier on the phone,

something about... a rescue

and it taking place where it all began.

The heist, her capture,
this whole damn thing?

Maybe she meant her story.

- The b*mb of the church.
- In Belarus.

Look up Belarusian churches nearby.


one in Highland Park,
the other in South River.

Okay, we'll each take one.

- Not a good idea to split up, Val.
- There's no time, Anthony.

If we're talking about a
rescue, we got to move fast.




- H-how did you...
- Get past your Secret Service?

Please. They're loyal
to me, more than you.

- So...
- So...

the CIA found the gold

because they were tracking Snow White.


I've already summoned
Director Takayama to the Oval.

I will order him... no mention
of the Beloks in the reports,

stay lasered in on Snow White,
on Fedorova as the culprits.

The press... they'll buy
whatever we sell them.

All pointless.


It was a beautiful plan...

years in the making

that would have set up my family

to become the most powerful
organization in the world.

Would have secured your agenda.

Now, ruined...

by Elena Fedorova,

the woman who ruined my
life for so many years,

took so much from me.

You could have erased.

But no.

Look, I'm the president
of the United States.

- If you k*ll me...
- k*ll you?


- You... are still of use.

But it's going to take a lot

to make up for this mess.


You owe me.

Stop the truck.

Get out.

- Sergey.
- On your knees.

[GROANS] Come on...

Think about everything
we've been through.

- I'm your friend.
- The time with us in Argentina,

did you ever believe in our mission,

or were you always going to sell us out?

[STAMMERS] That's not what happened.

You heard our story!

All the pain we've endured,
everything we've lost.

And all we wanted was justice.

And a truck full of gold.

- You know what, friend?
- I changed my mind.

I don't need to hear this.

Don't move!


You want to be d*ad for real, Sergey?
Go ahead and test me.

- Val, we need to get out of here.
- Oh, you're too late.





I wouldn't move.





- How I've missed you.
- Give it up, Elena.

You're g*n and outnumbered.

You give it up, Agent Turner.

Both Agents Turner.

When did you figure out I
was undercover with the agency?


We knew before you walked
into that restaurant in Argentina.

We considered letting you die that day.

Then he started talking about you,

and the plan really began to take shape.

And now America has
its share of gold back,

and we have ours.

You've done your job. Walk away.

You're not taking a dime.

- Oh, we've earned it.
- We're leaving.

Personally, I prefer to let you live,

but if more blood must be spilled,

he'll die first.

Drop your g*n.

Kick it away, raise your hands.


I know you despise me now.

That's putting it mildly.

- But before I go, I have a gift.
- Save it.

It will restore all that you lost...

bring a great criminal
organization to its knees.

- It's empty.
- But not for long.

There are many such dolls

filled with collateral
that Natalia collected.

I know, but aren't they protected

by the Beloks and
impossible to retrieve?

I got one of them, didn't I?

Put the fear of God in your president.

Maybe I have . Maybe I have ...

maybe .

Look, I know I lied to you.

But didn't I take down horrible people?

Let us disappear

and be a family again...

or face the consequences.

As Sergey's mother used to say
when I asked too many questions,

do you really want to pull that thread?

You're a worthy adversary, Val.

I really liked spending time with you.

Perhaps in a different world,

we could have been great friends.

Just not this one.






- Val, let me hold you.
- I just...

I just... I just... I can't right now.

[SIGHS CONTENTEDLY] I missed you so.

My heart ached every night.

Are you going away again, Papa?

No, no, never again.

I couldn't bear it.

You won't have to.

We'll, uh, rendezvous with the truck

and make sure it's well hidden.

- You'll go on to the airfield.
- Perfect.


Doak... got word you were here.

Sir, I have asked Halima to play me

this apparent evidence
against the president,

- and she's refusing.
- On my orders.

Thank you, Halima.

Uh, you're interrupting her work.


We've gotten to an ugly place.

Your ambition has run rampant.

Sir, Fedorova took the banks.

She is targeting the
President of the United States.

- She is the enemy.
- Did you know that the president

owns Peekskill Correctional Facility?

Behind a shell corporation,

but we've traced the prison to him.

Where he built a foundry to
melt the gold from the Reserve.

Patrick, I understand powerful people

made you enticing promises, but...

where do your loyalties lie?

With the job...

with the United States.

Then follow the evidence.

That's what I do.

Let's go, Doak.

She's got work to do.

The plan was that Sergey
and I infiltrate Peekskill,

get on the factory
crew, and plan the heist.

Sergey was there under
a false identity, but...

I was instructed by my handler
to find a way in legitimately...

commit an undeniable,
indefensible crime.

That's when you stole the cash.

And you made sure I saw you do it.

I knew it would go down by the book.

Then you should've known
you could've told me the truth.

Not my choice.

The CIA is big on
keeping secrets, you know?

- I don't understand.
- Val.

- I need a minute.
- Val.


You understand how
important this mission was?

I couldn't take the chance
that anyone at the Bureau

would leak my involvement.

It's not me you
have to convince, Owen.

Bruna said when you came home,

you would take me to Lisbon.

I'll take you everywhere, my darling...

Brazil, Portugal.


Maybe next year. It's very cold there.

- Aah!


- What was that?
- Is everybody okay?



Don't move.

Sergey, look out!


Don't look! Don't look!

- Papa!
- It's okay, baby.


Shh, shh, shh.

It's okay.



Where is my gold, Elena?



Just found this... almost
identical to the original.

I scanned it. The virus on it could
have wiped out our whole system.

Doak thought he
could erase all evidence

of the original file.

This stays between us.

- Oh, little potato... how you've grown.
- Don't you touch her.

Leave her alone! No!


- Mama!
- No!



Oh, little one,

your mama is in no danger,

- because I believe in justice.
- Don't you talk to her!

You see, it would not be
justice to harm your mother.

But... your father...
That is something else.

You see, your mama k*lled my father...

And my sister.


So... this... this is justice.


You have my gold...

Well, a bit of it...

As well as other things of mine.

I... I have your daughter.


If you want to trade,

you know where to find me.

Let her go. She has work to do.


Sofiya, I'm coming for you!




Sofiya, I will find you!







Sir, he was gonna destroy it.

He just dropped it in his pocket.

Say nothing to
anyone, not even to Val.

- Report only to me, understood?
- Understood.

He's going to try and
blackmail the president.

This could be the very useful for us.

I never meant to hurt you.

You lied to me for six years, Owen...

six years.

And now you know why...

To bring down a massive
scheme, a corrupt president.

See... I hear that, but I look
back on our life as partners.

In everything, we were partners.

Why couldn't we have
been partners in this?

I was ordered.

- Was it worth it?
- No.

Nothing is worth hurting you

or dying inside knowing
you were in danger.

Looking at you across that
visitation table in prison,

telling you to walk away.

Is that why you served
me with divorce papers?

I had to give you an
out in case you wanted it.

My God.

You were my soul mate.

I've never even existed without you.

And you used me, manipulated me?

For the country, Val.

Okay, and ten days ago,

I may have been the kind
of believer who'd buy that,

but I-I don't know.

Remember when I came
back from Argentina?

You said then that maybe we
were in the wrong line of work

and that maybe the right line of work

would be the one that
didn't get me sh*t...

or worse.

Val, you were right,

but this is over.

And there's a way...

that we can put this all... behind us.

- Quit?
- Start a new life together.

Go back to what
we were... partners.

I -I don't even know...

who I'm looking at right now.

The kid from the playground...

same kid.

You need time?

You'll have it.

I love you, Val.

You should go.

Agent Valerie Turner.

Took you long enough.

If I laid it all at your
feet, you wouldn't believe me.

One day you'll drop the blind faith

and join a partnership.

You should know your partners.

You must admit, we work well together.

Do you really want to pull that thread?

A map.

There are many such dolls.

Maybe I have . Maybe
I have , maybe .


I need your help.
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