04x24 - Seeing Red

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Littlest Pet Shop". Aired: November 10, 2012 – June 4, 2016.
Animated series that centers on Blythe Baxter, a teen girl who, after moving into an apartment in a city, gains the ability to communicate with animals.
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04x24 - Seeing Red

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OK girls, check this out.

'B, your eyes are as blue as the sea.

Let us meet later so you can come away with me.'



If that's from Josh,

we're really going to have to reevaluate things.

[giggle] Well, don't bother.

It's from my dad to my mom

when they were both around my age.


So your mom ran away with your dad way back then?

No, Minka. Dad wanted her to meet him in the park

by their house, but Mom said there would be no running away

because she had a big math test the next day.

So I had an idea to take this whole exchange between them

and expand it into a short story

for a writing contest at school. OK, listen to this:

'B' and 'R' were obviously meant to be.

They went together like peanut butter and jelly,

like cake and ice cream, like...teeth and braces.


I just think it's so romantic and it's just...it's just...

SO SWEET! [blubbering]

Party's over.

Aw, I didn't mean to make you cry.


No one ever does.

It just happens.

A lot.


No it doesn't. I don't cry th-that much.

I know I'm the funny one, but are you kidding?

You did it right before we came up here

and for the silliest reason.

Aw, I'm sure it wasn't silly.

Pepper's squirting flower broke.

It just stopped SQUIRTING! [blubbering]

Yeah. See ya later, Blythe.


♪ You think about all the things ♪

♪ That you love to do

♪ It all comes true

♪ You find a place you never knew ♪

♪ Where you're happy to

♪ Just be you!

♪ We can be [yeah]

♪ Who we want to be [yeah]

♪ At littlest pet shop

♪ You and me We can be [yeah] ♪

♪ Who we want to be [yeah]

♪ At littlest pet shop

♪ You and me


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin our visit.

We know you didn't, Penny Ling.

You just can't help it.

Sure I can. And I will.

No more crying today.

OK, sure.

Really! I'm serious!


Hey, Pepper, Sunil wrote a poem

about your broken squirting flower. You wanna hear it?


OK, maybe not.

Have a great day. We'll take good care of your pet.

Oh Blythe, would you be a dear and take our visitor back

to the day camp?

I would be a deer, but hooved believe it?


I just love animal puns.

Good morning, pets.

This is today's day camper, Scarletta Redd.

A red panda, huh? Well, wait'll you meet Penny Ling.

I'm sure you two will hit it off.

Well, I've gotta get back to my story.

Now pets, be sure to make Scarletta feel right at home.

I'm Russell, Scarletta Redd.

Please, just call me Scarletta.

That is, if you need to call me anything at all.

So Scarletta, how is it that you and Penny Ling

are both pandas, but don't look anything alike?

Except for your major cuteness, of course.

So is that all you think pandas are? Cute?

Uh, kinda?

Pandas are super sensitive, too.

It hardly takes anything at all

to hurt Penny Ling's feelings,

so we'll be extra careful around you, too.

HEY! Don't you worry about me!

I can take care of myself. Capiche?


[confused murmurs]

Wow. That is one tough panda.

'B, I love you. Do you love me?

You light up my heart without using electriss-ity.'

This is so much fun!


Oh. Is it the th?

Yep. Dad's 'Deep Cleaning Day'.


A-hem. Scarletta?

I was wondering if I could ask you a question.

What is it?

Panda to panda. Do you ever cry?

Hmm, let's see. Oh yeah, once I did.


Yeah when a guy stepped on my foot.

But on second thought, not really.


Well, um, have you ever gotten your feelings hurt?

I used to get my feelings hurt at the drop of a pinecone.

But not anymore? How come?

'Cause I toughened myself up, kid.

Wow. How'd you do that?

Boy, you sure have a lotta questions.

I'm sorry, it's just...

How do you learn to 'toughen up'?

Is there some place you can go?

Let me ask you, kid.

Is what your friends said before, true?

About you bein' so sensitive and all?

I guess so. I mean, my friends love me

and they think I'm real cute, but--

But it's not all there is to bein' a panda, right?

That's just it!

I'm afraid maybe that is all there is to me.

Just cuteness and sweetness.

Sounds like you need a visit to 'Tough Panda Club'.

Every panda in town knows about it.

Hmm. I don't.

Well, our next meeting is tonight.

Ooo! I want to go! I want to go!

I want to be tough and show my friends there's more to me

than adorableness and huge likability.

I wanna be like you.

I'm not quite sure how to take that.

Pepper: Penny Ling!

I've been looking all over for you!

I need your help with a new joke.

I'm afraid it might be too harsh,

so I wanna see if it makes you cry.

Oh, right. OK.

Pepper, listen up.

Penny Ling isn't a measuring stick

for all that's cute and sweet.

Well, she always has been.

Well, not anymore.


'I know my father will not allow me out past curfew,

but I'm going to go anyway!'

[knock at door]

Come in!

Hey, are you up for some frozen yogurt?

When am I NOT up for some frozen yogurt?

Deep Cleaning Day, Blythie.

The fifteenth of every month.

Like clockwork.

I don't think you'll find much dust in my room, Dad.

I definitely inherited your cleaning gene.

Well, I think I'd better take a look.


We're gonna go grab some frozen yogurt. BRB.

Oh, goody.

Dust-free? Ha!

There must be or hours of dust on this thing.

Oops. Oh! Looks like Blythe's journal. How cute.

'I thanked 'R' for his love poem, but 'R' wants a promise.

He wants me to meet him later in the park

so we can run away together and begin our future.

I know my father will not allow me out past curfew

but I'm going to go anyway?'

[gasp] Run away together?


Sorry Dad, didn't mean to scare you.

I forgot my laptop.

Laptop? You mean this?

Well, I didn't even know that's what you call that.

Here. I'm not reading it.

I mean dusting it, not dusting it.

O...kay. Thanks. See you later.

Blythe has a secret boyfriend

that she's going to run away with?



I'm really excited about attending the meeting

of the Tough Panda Club tonight, Scarletta.

I hope the other pandas like me.

And if they don't? Their loss.

Yeah! Their loss. Oh, this is so exciting!

I feel like I'm already getting tougher! [giggles]

Hey kid, ya wanna pointer?

Of course!

Well, if you want these other pets here to see you

as more than cute, maybe try not gigglin' so much.


And about your voice, is it for reals?


Have you ever tried to make it a little lower?

You know, drop it down?

Oh, so I sound tougher? Let's see. Uh, you mean like this?

[exactly the same] Does it sound tougher now?

Can you go lower?



[lower] How 'bout now?


[high pitch returns] Really?

[low again] I mean, really? I am tough.

Now, how about you stand up a little taller.

Like this?

Perfect! Now, about your face.

My face?

Yeah. You need to toughen it up, like this.


Really glad that frozen yogurt

didn't ruin your appetite, Blythe.

What can I say? I'm a growing girl.

More sweet-potato fries?

Yes, please.

So, made any new friends lately?

Ones that I've uh, never met?


I mean, I know all your friends, don't I?

You don't have any friends

that you've been keeping from me, right?

'When' on the fries, Dad.

Oh, sorry.

And what's with all the questions about friends?

Of course you know all my friends.

Do I, Blythe? Do I?

Ya know, I think you should take a break

from your cleaning.

It's not good to inhale all that dust.

I'm gonna go finish my lunch in my room.

OK honey. I'll be right here.

Your dad will always be right here!

I may be by myself, but I'll be here.


Hi, Penny Ling. Whatcha doin'?

Yes, darling, what on earth are you doing?

I'm practicing my new face.

[low voice] I mean, I'm practicing my new face.

Didn't your mother ever tell you to be careful

making faces because it could stay like that?

[low voice] And why are you now talking...

[low voice] ...like this?

Because I'm a tough panda!

I'm even going to join Tough Panda Club tonight.

'How to tell your daughter that you accidentally read

what was on her laptop while you were dusting it

and found some information you shouldn't have.'

And search...

Hmm.... Nothing. That's odd.

Agh, what am I doing? Fathers should trust their daughters

and I trust Blythie. I know she would never run off

with some joker whose first name begins with 'R'.

I need to get my mind off things.

'Funny videos of dads dusting.'

Wow, look at 'em all!


Oh, hey, girls, wait'll you hear this.

No time for fiction, darling. We've got real world problems.

What is it?

Penny Ling is all...Grrr. I'm the new Penny Ling.

I'm tough, not cute, see? Grrr!


Let me explain, Minka.

Ya see, I was trying out a fantastically funny new joke

on Penny Ling when that new panda Scarletta got involved.

Now I don't know if the joke is funny or not funny.

Should I use it, should I not use it-should I huh, ya know?

Oh please, you two. What you need to know, Blythe

is that Penny Ling is planning on going to some kind of

tough panda meeting tonight with Scarletta

because she's tired of us all thinking of her

as only cute and sweet.

Didn't I say that?

A meeting? You think she's going by herself, Zoe?

I think so. Maybe one of us should go with her.

You know how sensitive she is.

One little incident out on the street

and she would fall to pieces.

Which is exactly why she needs to go by herself.


Remember earlier when you girls were talking about

how sensitive Penny Ling is and how she cries so much?

I think it may have hurt her feelings and made her feel

like she has to prove something to herself.

And then tough little Miss Scarletta comes along.

And Penny thinks she's found the answer, which is why

she needs to go to the club tonight by herself.

But at the end of the day, she is still our dear friend

and we want to make sure she stays safe,

so I'll follow along behind her.


Unfortunately, I can't tell my dad

why I need to go out tonight.

Oh, on account he won't understand how you know

the day camp panda is going to meet another panda in the park

to meet a whole group of pandas

to practice acting tough?

Uhhh.... Exactly.

It's really getting to me that I'm keeping this

'talking to pets' secret from my dad.

I'm just not sure how much longer I can do it.

[knock at door]

OK, so not a word to Penny Ling about our conversation.

Hi, Blythie! Boy, have I got a surprise for you.

Remember that new restaurant you wanted to try?

I got us reservations tonight!

Tonight? Oh, sorry, Dad. I can't go tonight.

It's kind of a long story, but the bottom line is,

I have to go to Downtown City Park tonight.

But don't worry, I'll have all my homework done

and I'll be back before my curfew.

Tonight? Downtown City Park?


[door slams]

Wow. He really wanted to go to that restaurant.

[door jingles]

Oh, that must be my owner.

Well, it was great spending the day with me, everyone.


I'll see you tonight, right, Scarletta?

Huh? Oh yeah, tonight. Meet me under the big oak tree

in the middle of Downtown City Park after dark.

And make sure you come alone.

Got it!

I'll come alone. In the dark... by myself. [gulp]

I'm going out to see my friend now.



I'm really sorry about the restaurant, Dad.

Can I get a rain check?



What? Oh sure, a rain check.

Hey, why don't I drive you to meet your friend?

No, you can't!

What do you mean I can't? I'm your father!

You can't because... Uhhh...

The car is in the shop, remember?

Well, then, I'll take a taxi over there with you.

No! I have to walk!

Why do you 'have to'?

Uh, I need to get my , steps in.

You know how I love to do that.

I do know that, Blythie.

It's one of the things I love most about you.

Gak! I love you too, Dad.

Dad, I have to go.

Oh. Sorry.

What was that all about?

♪ [spy movie music]





[crash and cat yowls]

This is the scariest thing I've ever done.

I'm not sure I have what it takes to be a tough panda.

Penny Ling, you made it!

And just in time, our meeting is about to start. Come on.

[knock knock knock]


Bamboobala-schambubala. Plus one.

Welcome to 'Tough Panda Club'.

Penny Ling! Penny Ling! Penny Ling!

Thank you, thank you! I too am a tough panda!

I can do this.

Way to go, Penny Ling.


Aw. Is the cute little panda lost?



Who you calling cute?

Nobody. Certainly, not a toughie like you.

Good! Now make yourself useful

and show me the oak tree in the middle of the park.



Well, here we are, the big oak tree

in the middle of the park.

Please don't hurt me. I've got a sick mother.

Aw, I'm not going to hurt you.

And tell your mother I hope she feels better.

I wonder where Scarletta is.

Here I am, Penny Ling.

Congratulations on making it here all by yourself.

Well, to be honest, I wasn't sure I could do it.

But I really wanted to be a tough panda.

So, where's the meeting?

Yeah, about that. There isn't any meeting.

In fact, there really isn't any 'Tough Panda Club.'

I just uh, made it up.

What? Why would you do that?

Because I could see that you were a panda

who just needed something to make you feel tough.

I'm sorry that I lied to you.

Well, I'm not sorry because you were right.

I did need to prove to myself

that I'm not just the sweet, cute,

some might say insanely adorable panda

that everyone thinks I am. I'm a tough panda!

You sure are!

[gasp] Blythe? What are you doing here?

The pets were worried about you and so was I.

But I can see now that I shouldn't have been.

Oh! Thanks for caring so much, Blythe.

Is it OK for tough pandas to give hugs?

Of course. And I never want you to stop giving hugs

or change who you really are...

the sweetest, toughest panda I know.

[gasp] Oh no! Unhand my daughter you...Panda?

Penny Ling?

Dad, what are you doing here?

I hope he's not here for Tough Panda Club.

I'm here because I didn't want you to throw your life away

for some joker whose name begins with 'R'!

Wait... a boy named 'R'?

Uh huh! And a girl named 'B'!



Dad, 'B' is 'Betty' and 'R' is...'Roger'.

You read my story about you and mom!

Wait, you read my story?

Well, I, I didn't mean to.

You see, I was dusting and the computer went 'boop!' and...

Me and Mom, you say?

Yes, Dad. I read in Mom's journal

how you used to write her these sappy poems.

And you wanted her to run away with you.

I was just using it as a basis for a short story I'm writing.

Boy, is my face red.

Blythie, I am so sorry for reading your story

without your permission,

but especially for not trusting you.

Well, I'm sorry for not telling you

why I was going to the park.

Ya know, Blythie, your mom would be so proud of you.

You think so?

Oh, I know so. Now come on,

let's get your little panda friends back home.


Scarletta, what's wrong? Did someone step on your foot?

No. Those two are just so sweet.

You know? It's OK for tough pandas to cry, Penny Ling.


Of course it is, Scarletta. Of course it is.
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