01x13 - Who Am I? (2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Naomi". Aired: January 11, 2022 to present.
Based off the comics, a cool, confident, comic book-loving teenager pursues her hidden destiny.
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01x13 - Who Am I? (2)

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[NAOMI] Last time on Naomi...

- We're out of time.
- Go!

Brutus won't stop.

I don't wanna leave.

Saving our planet from
Brutus. It's our destiny.

Her destiny will destroy her.

- I wanna see if you can fly.
- No, I definitely can't fly.

Everyone is expecting so much from me.

But if I'm not ready...

Qyeala, she's alive.

I can help you find her.

- I'm here to take you out.
- Dude!

You're not pleading. Are you invincible?

Who are you?

[WOMAN] We're your parents.

Someone has betrayed us.

[MAN] Trust no one.

[NAOMI] What's up,
fellow Superman stans?

Naomi McDuffie here.

It's been a minute.

I've seen your posts, I've read
your comments and you're right.

I haven't been around much.

Life has been a little... intense,

but while I haven't been posting,

I have been thinking about Superman,

about how he became a hero.

When did he feel ready?
When does any hero feel ready?

I wonder if Superman was ever afraid,

of losing the people he loved,

or disappointing them,

or leaving them behind.

Because when you stop
believing everything you think,

life starts to change,
and that can be scary.

I wonder when Superman had the courage

to look at himself and ask the
most important question of all.

Who am I?

You talked to your birth parents?

Honey, how are you feeling?

I just feel overwhelmed.

Like, I know they weren't
there, but it felt real.

Like they were actually there.

I just wish I could have known them.

So do we.

I've been having these

memories, from when I was
a baby, we were in a facility,

people were chasing us.

There was g*n, explosions.

Sounds like the night
we left our home planet.

You remember that?

Not all of it, but pieces.

You saved me.

Why didn't you tell me the truth
about what happened that night?

We had hoped
you'd never have to relive it.

People were chasing you.

You could have died because of me.

But we didn't,

and we'd do it all again.

In a heartbeat.

I won't let that happen again.

You were right. It's time to leave.

After meeting my birth parents,
I was reminded of all the people

who have suffered
and died for me to live.

Brutus k*lled my birth parents,
and if they can't stop him,

how can I?

Baby, what is it?

My birth parents warned me
that someone betrayed them.

What are you talking about?
Who would have betrayed them?

I don't know.

They don't know either.

We need to leave tonight.


We don't know when or where,

Brutus plans to strike next.

We can't be around to find out.

And we can't tell anyone.

What about Annabelle?

Nathan, my... my friends.

Zumbado, Dee,

I can't just, can't just leave
without saying goodbye.

It's safer for them not to know.

We're going to be okay.

Naomi. What are you doing?

I was bringing you this.

With everything that's
been happening with Brutus,

I thought it would
just be safer with you.

The disc is yours.

I know, but I wanted to
give it to you just in case.

I should get out of here.

Leaving is a mistake.

I thought you wanted me to leave.

To buy time, not to run away.

You can't run away
from your destiny, Naomi.

All my destiny and the
people that I love, in danger.

My birth parents died.

My friends, Dee, their lives
have been thr*at.

You... had to uproot your life
for years, because of me.

I hear your fear about the
people you care about getting hurt,

but I think it's more than that.

You cannot, must not,
let your fear hold you back.

You're a hero, Naomi.

Do you understand? A hero.

I'm just a -year-old girl
who happens to have powers.

That doesn't make me a hero.

You're right.

Your powers don't make you a hero.

Your choices do.

I'm sorry, but that's not who I am.

You decide who you are.

I'm sorry I disappointed you.

Thank you, Zumbado.

For the things you've done for me,

the things I know
and the things I don't.


♪ Wish I could take it away ♪

♪ The heart ♪

♪ The pain ♪

♪ But I can't ♪

♪ Get comfortable un the storm ♪

♪ Let hope ♪

♪ Keep you warm ♪

♪ You don't need to run ♪

♪ You don't need to run


♪ Here in the f*re ♪

♪ There in the dark ♪

♪ You face ♪

♪ The flame ♪



♪ You see who you are ♪



Mom! Dad!

What do you mean, took them?

I mean, took them.

We were just in the car.

Then the car started flipping
and then they disappeared.

- I can't reach Zumbado so I...
- Breathe.

Okay? We both need to breathe.

Dee will know what to do.

I know he's about mental
health, and I applaud that

but he has a particular set of
skills, if you know what I mean.

He'll totally go Liam Neeson on them.

They took Dee.

They took everyone.

I regained consciousness
shortly before we arrived.

Sensed traces of metal and lumber.

What the hell is this place?

How were they able to take you?

- They took you.
- Because we don't have powers.

They're clearly in possession
of dampening technology.

Most likely designed by Mac,

or they wouldn't have been able
to take Akira.

Or you?

That same dampening tech
is affecting this room now,

which is why we can't
use our powers in here.

What I can't figure out is

why wouldn't they take Naomi,
when they had the chance?

If I've learned anything
from binging Sherlock,

it's that you start at the beginning.

The car crash. What happened?

Um, I was on the old forest road
with my parents, outside of the town,

and then we just started flipping.

And then my parents,
they just... disappeared.

The old forest road.

What were you doing
all the way out there?

They were leaving Port Oswego.

Without telling us?

That was incredibly foolish.

Naomi's birth parents told her
that someone betrayed them.

We weren't about to risk
that happening again.

You think it was one of us?

You want to tell them, Dee?

Tell us what?

Dee had a visit from Mac.

How did you know that?

Does it matter?

Mac offered me information

in exchange for standing down
from the fight.

I refused.

And we're just hearing this now?

I did not betray your daughter.

Someone did.

Someone was working with Brutus.

Maybe they still are.

Maybe someone
who worked with him before.

I did not work with Brutus.

I made a deal with him
to save the lives of the .

I'm not the one who betrayed us.

I've given up everything
to keep Naomi safe.

Where were you, Akira?

We should've never allowed
any of you into our daughter's life.

We are the only reason that Naomi
is prepared for what is happening.

I can't believe you were
planning on ghosting.

No, I wasn't. I was gonna call you
as soon as we found someplace safe.

That's exactly what a ghoster would say.

Have we learned nothing this year?

I'm your ride or die.

I was just afraid that something like

this was going to happen because of me.

Babe, this isn't your fault.

We're going to find them.

Why would Brutus' people
take all the adults but not me?

Maybe they're afraid.

They just found out
that you can't be hurt.

But all the people I care about can.

That's their target.

My parents, Dee,

Zumbado, Akira,

- which means...
- Me next.

I have truly never been happier that

you have powers than I am right now.

I got you always.

Where's everyone else?

Aragorn to Smokey the Bear.

- Do you copy?
- [ANTHONY] Smokey the Bear, copy.

I'm pinned in Sector X. Over.


Smokey the Bear to Aragorn.

Got two tangos on your six and
then a clear path to your target.

Am I using that terminology correctly?

I watched all the w*r movies on

your list, but I just got more confused.

Bravo, Zulu.

That means you're doing great.


Jacob isn't answering his
phone, which isn't surprising.

Paintball tournaments
are basically his Olympics.


- Annabelle. Are you okay?
- [PLAYER] You're out!

- I'm not even playing.
- [PLAYER] Annabelle?



What are you doing here?

You once said, and I quote,
"Paintball is never a good move."

Jacob needed me to fill out his team,

and turns out, I'm pretty good at this.

- Damn it!

[LAUGHS] Got you, Lourdes. I
told you I was good at this game.




Uh, so now that we've confirmed
you guys aren't kidnapped...

Kidnapped? What are you talking about?

Ow! Oh!

Seriously? I hate this game.

Oh, I'm sorry, hon.

I thought you were a bogey.

[ANNABELLE] What does that even mean?

[JACOB] Um, what are
you guys doing here?

Stay here.

♪ I was just a little girl ♪

♪ When I started this ♪

♪ No! ♪

♪ I'll fight for right ♪

♪ I'll fight for the right ♪

♪ I'll fight for the right ♪

♪ To do what I want ♪

What is this place?

This is where Dee trains me.

I'm on the waiting list.

I should have realized you were
doing more than boxing down here.

You built a machine
that can find aliens?

Oh, yeah, it's my greatest triumph.

I just need a minute to get set up.

We're gonna find them, Naomi.

Dee was the one who told me
the truth about who I am.

That was the night
he showed me his wings.

I still can't believe the guy
who owns a tattoo shop

has wings.

I know.

Look, I'm sorry.

I should've been the one
to tell you guys the truth.

It's okay. I mean, I knew
you were hiding something,

but I didn't realize
it was this awesome.

You're like a real life superhero.

I don't know about that.

No superhero does.

But you're about to save the day.

It's pretty heroic.

[JACOB] I think I've got something.

You guys. This is like our
first superhero team-up scene?

Those usually happen in a lair

or somewhere underground
with minimal lighting.

It can also happen in a cave,
under the home of a billionaire.

Dude, how do you know that?

Lourdes is getting me into Batman.

Is that the adults?

No, that's me.

Those are the adults.

Looks like they're being held
in an abandoned warehouse

outside of town.

That was surprisingly easy.

I think I left something upstairs.

I'll be right back.

It's better this way.

How'd you guys get here?

Back entrance.

Where you going, babe?


- I need some air.
- With your backpack?

You were about to fully ditch us.

We know your move.

That's not my move.

Oh, it's totally your move.

Remember prom? You went
to fight fisherman beard alone.

You have no idea how many
aliens are in that building.

She's right.

You need our help.

No, it's way too dangerous.

Dangerous, like almost getting
blown up at prom?

Or like almost getting crushed
by a metal beam?

Getting attacked by a k*ller alien?

My credits speak for themselves.

That's the point.

I shouldn't have involved you
in any of this.

I know I'm new to this whole
comic book thing, but isn't

that the point of
having a superhero team?

Plus, we already have code names.

I'm Aragorn, obviously, Smokey the Bear.

Zatana. Ted Lasso.

- You're going to love it. Doja Cat.
- No!

You guys aren't getting it.

This is not a game. We're not a team.

I'm just a -year-old girl
who's in way over her head,

with people I love who are
in danger, who might be d*ad.

And I'm not going to involve
any of you in that danger, too.

Have you considered that you
might be walking into a trap?

Like that squid man from Star Wars.

[ALL] Admiral Ackbar.

Seriously, all of you?

It doesn't matter if it's a trap.

I appreciate you, all of you.

But I'm doing this alone.

We all understand the danger.

This is our choice, Naomi.


I'm sorry.

But it's not.

[BOTH] Super speed.

I'm starting to wish
she hadn't learned that one.

Greg, there's no point.

She's right.

Save your energy.

Did you find something, Akira?

Well, it might be nothing.


I feel significant geothermal energy.

The core under the building
is becoming more active.

What does that mean?

Implies a massive shifting in
geothermal energy, power surge.

But to what end?

Likely a dimensional breach,
the opening of a portal.

This is a very serious
escalation on Brutus' part.

What does it have to do with Naomi?

Why kidnap us?

Because we are the bait.
They're luring Naomi here

so they can take her back to Earth- .


You took my parents,
Dee, Zumbado, Akira.

Let them go.

It isn't that simple.

Why not?

I'm here.

That's what you wanted.

I'm guessing it's something
to do with whatever that is.

That is a portal

to Earth- .

You were planning to take me back.

We learned a lot about you,
not just your powers.

We learned what drives you.

What motivates you.

The people you love.

Your greatest weakness.


The people I love isn't my weakness.

It's what makes me stronger.

[THE ASSASSIN] And yet here you are.

All alone.

I didn't come alone.

- Doja Cat, it's a go.
- Doja Cat copies.

Ted Lasso, Aragorn, what's your status?

Alpha team is inside the wire.

Wait. The wire. The Wire?

Did you finally watch the show?

You guys know we don't need
to use those, right?

Yeah, but we're on a mission.

Better focus on undampening
that dampening tech.

On it. One more minute.

I don't think we have a minute.

[NAOMI] Zatana and
Smokey the Bear are incoming.


[THE ASSASSIN] Hey, that's cute.

- Any day now, Jacob.
- [JACOB] This should do it.

It worked! Time to go save the day.

How did we do?

Never been more proud.


[ZUMBADO] Everyone stand back.

We have eyes on the package.

The package looks...


What are you doing here?

- Rescuing you.
- With toy g*n.

Um, respectfully, sir,

please do not disparage
the noble sport of paintball.

Paintball. Amazing.

We have to get these kids out of here.

We're not leaving without Naomi.

We have powers, we'll protect her.

You have to trust us.


Be on guard. He can come from anywhere.

Tell me about Qyeala.


We gave you a chance.

- You said no.
- Tell me!

I will k*ll you in five seconds.

He means it.

She's on Gaolus.

[ZUMBADO] The prison planet.

Naomi. What are you doing?

And what is that?

It's a portal.

Why are we walking towards
the scary portal?

Naomi, no.

Absolutely not. I forbid it.

I have to go, Annabelle.

Brutus is waiting
on the other side of that.

I know.

But if I don't do this,
he's going to come here.

He's never going to stop hunting me.

But I can stop him from hurting
the people that I love.

Naomi, please don't do this.

Ever since the Superman thing,

none of it has been my choice.

I thought that finding out who I was

or where I'm from,
would somehow fix everything.

You know, it would make me feel ready.

That one day I'd wake up and I'd feel

like this hero that
everyone thinks I am.

Now I understand that
I may never feel ready.

But that doesn't matter.

All that matters are my choices.

And this is my choice, Annabelle.

I don't...

[VOICE BREAKS] I don't want to lose you.

It'll be okay.

There's a certain beauty in death.

Most are too afraid to see it.


I've spent many years looking for you.

Did anyone ever tell you
I'm not from this planet?

[WHISPERS] I'm actually
not from this universe.


Then why did you come here?

- Opportunities.
- Opportunities?

You mean k*lling people
and ruining this planet?

I didn't ruin this planet.

I'm saving it. The people need a leader.

You're not a leader.

You're a monster.

A coward.

I'm a coward?

The people you trust
have kept you from me.

Kept you hidden, always on the run.

They're the true cowards.


Perhaps you're different.

Your power is singular.

Do you ever wonder why you
reacted the way you did to Superman?

Two beings with that kind of
extraordinary power can't be

near each other for long.

That's why I heard the buzzing.

Why I passed out when he came to town?

It's also the day I found you.

That was the day your powers
started to manifest.

You've thr*at everyone I love.

You k*lled my birth parents.

I didn't k*ll them, Naomi.

I know what happened here.

Are you sure about that?


What the hell is that?

It's called pain.

You never felt it before.

Nothing on Earth can cause it for you.


A lot of it.

My power will amplify your memories.

It's time to face the truth, Naomi.

See and hear what you've been avoiding.


[MAN] You should've listened to us.

[WOMAN] Please don't.

Stop it!

You're fighting the truth.

Perhaps deep down you've always known.

One last chance.

Join me.

I will never join you.

That's, um...


So be it.

Stay away from me!

It's not possible.

Your power,

- it's restoring what was here...
- Before the Tear.

Zumbado was right.

I can save this planet,

and I can defeat you.


One day, maybe,

[DISTORTED] but not today.


Naomi, let's go.

He won't stay down for long.

Take this.

What are you doing?

The only way to make sure
this portal stays closed,

is to destroy it from this side.

No, no, we're not leaving you.

You can save our planet.

I believe that now.

You've sacrificed enough,
comrade. Thank you.

It's my turn now.

Keep her safe.


This belongs to you.

Brutus seemed surprised I was
able to regenerate those plants.

He was scared and angry.

Brutus has seen your powers now.

He knows you can defeat him.

That makes him even more dangerous.

- Where do we start?
- With that.

We find the , and we convince
them to join our fight against Brutus.

- One by one.
- I'm ready now.

I know you are.

We start with Akira.

Brutus would have no reason

to keep her alive.

I'm not giving up on her.

I think she's already d*ad, Naomi.

Don't believe everything you think.

Then we need to get you ready.

Train harder.

We have work to do.

Actually, I I think it's time
for me to do some of that.

Work. Alone.

What are you talking about?

You have somewhere else to be.

I told her
about your new lead on Qyeala.

Julian was probably lying.

But what if he wasn't?

What if Q is still out there?

I promised I'd help you.

Dee, you have helped me.

More than you know.

You told me the truth
when no one else would.

You trained me.

You taught me how to use my
powers, how to understand them.

But most of all,

you made me feel less alone.

I'll never be able to repay you.

You don't owe me anything.


I want you to be happy.

That's why you have to go.

You have to try and find her.

I'll be okay.

She will.

I swear to you,
I'll protect her with my life.

I taught you how to fight,

but you taught me how to hope.

You changed my life, Naomi.

No matter where I am, I will always...

come when you need me.

I know.

♪ I got a feeling ♪

♪ I feel it my head is at home ♪

♪ And when I'm breathing ♪

♪ I breathe in I'm letting it go ♪

♪ No, no more sleeping ♪
♪ No reason to be in here alone ♪

Are you gonna apologize
for saying Superman is lame?

Nah, I happen to know a
superhero who's way more dope.

And now that you're a real life hero,

now that there aren't any more
secrets, has anything changed?

With us?

Some things never change.

Babe, there you are.

You really know how to
throw a party, Ted Lasso.

These mocktails are on point.

I am just happy I'm invited this time.

Hey, is it just me or is fighting
aliens even more fun than paintball?

Hell yes. [CHUCKLES]

Now are we a superhero team?

Maybe one day.


I can't wait
to start workshopping names.

I'm in, as long as we get to
keep wearing our regular clothes.

Can you imagine doing all
of that with leather costumes?

Guys, if this was junior year,
what's senior year going to be like?

♪ I could be your fantasy ♪

This is our song.

♪ Big, big energy ♪

♪ It ain't too many that can handle me ♪

♪ But I might let you try it ♪
♪ Off the Hennessy ♪

♪ Got that big, big energy ♪

♪ Big, big energy ♪

♪ Got that big, big energy ♪

♪ Got that real big energy ♪

♪ Big, big energy ♪

Greg, is this really necessary?

We can't risk anyone
finding the transport vessel.

So how much longer?

This will work.

Hey, hand me that piece, pumpkin.

[GREG] You should've listened to us.

[JENNIFER] She's finally ours.

[GREG] No one can stop us now.

You took me.


That night on our home planet.
I remember now.

You already knew we saved you.

You took me from my birth parents.

They were trying to save me.

You sh*t them, you left them for d*ad.

Honey, you're misremembering.


I'm not.

It was for the greater good, Naomi.

What are you talking about?

We always believed your power
was the key to fixing the Tear.

[GREG] No one believed us.

They said we were crazy.

We tried to make them see.

We tried to make your parents
see. But no one would listen.

They left us no choice.

My whole life, every word
you said, it was all a lie.

It wasn't. No matter what our
intentions were in the beginning,

you're our daughter.

We love you.

I don't believe you.

[GREG] Please.

Just let us explain.

There's nothing left that you can say.


Naomi, please. Don't do this.

Stay away from me.
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