01x05 - The Fight

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Candy". Aired: May 9 –; May 13, 2022.
Mini-series based on the 1980 true story of k*ller Candy Montgomery and her victim, Betty Gore in Texas.
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01x05 - The Fight

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Candy Montgomery.

Good morning. Come on in.

Why thank you, Betty.
Good morning to you.

I just come by to pick up
your daughter's bathing suit

for her swim lesson.
Oh, yes, of course.

Now, did I hear you got
yourselves a new puppy?

Can I see him?

Dogs are out in the yard.
Come on back.

Oh, got the sewing set up,
so we'll go through the garage.

All the sewing was here
blocking the doors.

Uh, see this here?

This, uh... the day's newspaper
had the date on it.

Uh, Friday, June th, .

Is that Jack Nicholson?

It's a review for The Shining.

The Shining?

It's a movie
with an a* m*rder.

You don't say.



So that there's the a*.

When they get back to here,

all the chit-chat leads
to an argument.

"You're having an affair
with my husband, you hussy."

Well, now, the husband said

the wife didn't know about
the affair.

Okay, or, uh,
"You think you're so special

"going on your family vacation.

You ain't special.
I'm screwing your husband."

"Well, guess what?
I'm pregnant,

"so he ain't leaving me.
So suck on that.

Take your swimsuit and get."

- And then went back inside.
- Right.

So now I'm fuming.
The affair wasn't over.

I mean, who are we kidding?

Or at the very least,
I ain't over it.

And her being pregnant
means my dreams are d*ad

and she's the one
that k*lled her.

An a* is a w*apon
of opportunity, not planning.

So I see it, I grab it,

I come up right behind her,
and then... whack.

Which causes my sunglasses
to bust a lens,

which falls
under the cabinet there.

But you moved it
before you sh*t it, right?

So we can't use it.

Yes, sir, but you should know
it was there.

There was no blood
found in the garage.

Well, that's because she falls

into the utility room this way.

With the rest of her glasses
landed here by the freezer.

- Right.
- See?

And then...

well, that's when she really
went to work on her.

Uh, sorry. Excuse me.

Denny, you wanna...

There you go.

All right. Like this.

Forty-one times.

Twenty-eight to the head.

Now, Mrs. Gore did put up
a fight, as you can tell

from the defensive wounds
on her hands

and all the blood that was on
the walls and the machines.

And then this here,
where we cut out the linoleum,

that's where we got
the footprint

to Mrs. Montgomery's
shower shoes.

Now, gentlemen...

An offense like this,

it don't happen without passion.

And further proof to that
is Mrs. Gore's eyes

were chopped out.

Now, that's something
usually indicative

of a h*m* killings,
gay lovers,

'cause they'll do...
Now, sometimes they'll

chop out people's eyes
and things like that,

uh, especially if they're
having an affair

because they say, "I don't
want you having any eyes"

for anybody other than me."

I don't know.
I ain't a psychiatrist,

so I couldn't begin to explain
the thought process on that.

But in this case, it's,
"I don't want you having eyes

for Allan 'cause I still
have eyes for him."

And the wounds
on Mrs. Montgomery?

Medical examiner says
probably cause for the bruises

on her legs
is the a* coming down

and the handle hitting her legs.

- Right.
- Oh.

I mean, we all learned
not to do that

in Scouts, right?

But ladies don't know that.

- Got herself in the toe once.
- Mm-hmm.

Lucky she didn't chop it off.

And, uh...

And then when she was done,
she took a shower,

tried to wipe up the mess
with a towel,

but misses her own fingerprints
in blood, which we got.

d*ad to rights.

And then she just...

She just walked out the door
and, uh...

She walked out the door
and left that baby in that crib

crying for her mother
for hours.

She's, uh, a monster.

Well, she's got two choices.

She could plead not guilty,
in which case, we got her...

We got her fingerprints,
her blood,

and her hair at the scene...

Or she could plead insanity,
but no jury's gonna buy that

seeing as she took the kids
to the pool and the movies

and just went about her day.

There's a third option.

She could plead self-defense.


Son, if we're having
an argument,

and you go grab an a*,

the argument ends right there.
I'm out the door.

We can finish this discussion
on the telephone.

Yeah, two people, one a*.

You come at me with an a*,

as soon as I get it,
I'm no longer defending myself.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Please, God,
let them plead self-defense.

How the heck you gonna
argue that?


They'll believe me because
they want to believe me.

We just need to give them
something to hang their hat on.


What did you do?

Tell me.

Candy. What did you do?

Betty Gore d*ed
on Friday the th,

the same day that the movie
Friday the th came out.

The Gore house is the th one
from the corner.

Uh, the body was found
hours after her death

and Candy was arrested
days later.

You can... you can draw your own

as to the meaning of it all.

And her last name is Gore.

I'm changing my last name
to "Livesforever."

Well, I heard
that one of the jurors

is on the same softball team
as Don Crowder.

Well, I heard Judge Ryan

delayed his retirement for this.

And he wants a conviction.

I just think that
she's obsessed

with her perception
in the community.

Betty found out that
she was screwing Allan,

threatened to tell, and that's
why she hacked her up.

- She's a narcissist.
- She's innocent!

- All right, hon.
- You didn't have to come, Tom.

- I ain't gonna miss this.
- It's not a show.

- Mm-hmm.
- It was a drifter!

Don Crowder.
Guy's an ambulance chaser.

What's he doing
with a m*rder case?

He's a showman.
Loves attention.

I've run into him
a couple of times.

Loves to talk about playing
in the Cotton Bowl.

Hey, look,
start with Allan Gore.

h*t them with the emotion
of the devastated husband,

the destruction of a family
by a scorned mistress.

How could they come back
from that?


Is it her?

- Excuse me.
- All right. Come on.

- You ready to fight?
- Yes, sir.

We know you're innocent, Candy.

We love you, Candy.
Stay strong, Candy!

You're guilty!

We love you, honey.
We're here for you.

- You're innocent.
- Candy!

Love you, Candy!

She's guilty!

She should be in jail!

All right.
Now, before we begin,

counsel will recall
back on the th day of July,

this court issued an order
restricting news releases

and prohibiting counsel
from discussing this case

with any members
of the news media.

So this morning,
I'm up in my office,

and I walk over to the window
and look down,

and there is Mr. Crowder

conducting a press conference
with the television media.

So what do you have to say
about that?

Your Honor, I thought
the order was lifted.

If I am in error,
it is an innocent error.

let me ask you this...

Sir, you're not asking
this court a question.

I asked you if you want
to make a statement.

So now this court finds you
in contempt.

Your punishment is a $ fine

and hours
in the Collin County Jail.

But so your confinement
doesn't interfere

with the proper representation
of your client,

I'm gonna suspend your sentence.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Until the day
of the conclusion of the trial.

All right, now are you ready
to enter a plea?

It's up to you.

Candace Montgomery.

You stand charged with

the first-degree felony offense
of m*rder.

So how do you plea?

Not guilty.

And how would you
describe your relationship

with your wife prior to
the events of June th?

Fine. Not great.

Can you speak up, please?

The acoustics in this courtroom
are not great.

I said my marriage to Betty
was fine, but not great.

But you loved each other.

- Yes.
- You had just learned

that you were expecting
a third child, hadn't you?


How did your affair
end with the defendant?

Just one day.

That's it?


One day we decided
to stop seeing each other

because it wasn't good for
either one of our marriages.

You told investigators that
you were the one who ended it.

You were rather specific
about the reason why.

I don't remember how
the conversation started.

- No.
- But it was mutual.

You told law enforcement that
you were the one who ended it

because she was in love
with you and you...

I don't know why I said that.

The affair ended amicably.


I'll pass the witness.

How would you
characterize your relationship

with Mrs. Montgomery now?


We're still friends.

And when you found out that
there was a possibility

Mrs. Montgomery might have been
Betty's k*ller,

how'd you react
to hearing that news?

Well, I was shocked.

I couldn't believe it.

I still can't.

Can't what?

I can't believe that Candy
could have done it.

Thank you very much,
Mr. Gore.

It's like he's a witness
for the defense.

Witness is excused.

What just happened?


Deputy Deffibaugh,
other than the cut

on Candace Montgomery's toe,

did you observe any other
injuries on the defendant?

Yes, sir.

There were several bruises
on her feet and legs.


I'll pass the witness.

Would you describe these wounds
as evidence of a struggle?

That's possible, sure.


Your Honor, that's speculative.

- Sustained.
- I'll pass the witness.

Deputy, is it possible
that the bruises

you observed on the defendant
were self-inflicted?

- Yes, that's possible.
- Objection, Your Honor.


Uh, I don't recall,
Your Honor, this ruling

when I asked a nearly identical

Mr. Crowder, I'm going
to insist that you...

We'd like the record show now
the judge's bias.

There is no necessity to
dictate into the record...

We have to preserve
the record, Judge.

You've interjected your bias
in this case

from the very time
that it started.

You h*t me with contempt
for breaking a press gag order

when at the very same time,

you had the press
in your own office.

As you said,
it's right upstairs.

Let me tell you something.

I am gonna conduct this trial

in an orderly
and professional manner.

And I anticipate the attorneys
to do the same.

Now, there are not going to be
any personal att*cks

on the presiding judge
of this court.

That's fine with me,
as long as the presiding judge

of this court
reins in their bias.

Will you let me finish
what I'm saying?

I will not be lectured to
or bullied in this courtroom.

I am representing a woman who
may go to jail for her life.

I will perfect the record and
I will have the record show it.

And the record in this case
shows that from the very time

that it started up until now,
you have interjected your bias

and you continue to do so.

And no, I will not lay down
for you!

All right, sir.
For that remark,

this court
is gonna hold you in contempt.

I'm gonna assess your
punishment at a $ fine

and hours
in the Collin County Jail.

This brings your total
to $ and hours.

Mr. O'Connell, you may proceed.

I will pass the witness.

Were there any useful
fingerprints found on the a*?

I'm well aware that on Quincy
or Hawaii Five-O,

uh, they always get
the fingerprint.

But here in real life,

the obtaining
of a useful fingerprint

is an unusual circumstance.

And did you find
any physical evidence

that would contradict
a version of events

where, um,
Betty picked up the a*?


Deputy, let me just
come right out and say it.

Candy k*lled Betty Gore
in that utility room.


Oh, my God.

She did it.
She actually k*lled her.

Why would she do such a thing?


She left, uh, blood,
fingerprints, hair.

She didn't really try
to hide anything, did she?

She did not.

Then I'd say she's a pretty
inept criminal, wouldn't you?

Probably, I would.

You said before
that Betty Gore

could have picked up the a*

Uh, no, sir. I said that
there was no physical evidence

to contradict the possibility.

Did you find any evidence
that would indicate

conclusively that this was
an unprovoked att*ck?

Conclusively? No.

I'll pass the witness.

Mary, mother of Jesus,
they're gonna do it.

Self-defense with an a*.

The hell they are.

Did the chop wounds
on Betty Gore's face

appear in parallel?

They appear to have all been
afflicted from the same angle.

And what does that tell you
about the state of Mrs. Gore

when the bl*ws were struck?

Um... that she was not

So if it was a fight,
at this point,

Mrs. Gore was not
fighting back.

That's right.

If it pleases the court,

ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,

the State will rest its case.

So you...

- No.
- You...

There's a perfectly
reasonable explanation.

All the doctors said so.

All the doctors?

I spoke to Dr. Bright,
and he explained overkill.

That's when, um, more damage
is done than is needed to k*ll.

Now, they picked that
m*llitary guy for foreman.

- Uh-huh.
- He gets it.

In the heat of battle,
it's possible

for soldiers to lose it.

And Dr. Williamson said
that the overkill

was a result of a dissociative
reaction that I had.

Baby, you need to eat some food.

Dr. Green says even though
we live in a civilized society,

our bodies are still like
when we lived in the jungle

ten thousand years ago.

All right.

Did you see that jury?

They were relieved when I said

Did you see them?
I did.

I haven't seen anything,

sitting in that room
with Allan all day.

Tom, you need another beer?

Uh, please.

When we feel that our life
is in danger, we respond.

Like if a lion came pouncing
out of the bushes.

And it's even worse for me,

because he also said
I have been over-controlled

and over-civilized.

Well, who controls you?

My mother.
And that's the thing.

I have been controlled
all my life

and I didn't even know it
because I have suppressed it.

That's why I sent her to
Dr. Fason... age regression.

- Age regression?
- Mm-hmm.

To find the incident
in her childhood

that caused this
dissociative reaction

though hypnosis. Oh, Pat.

You know, they had that
on Columbo.

Uh, George Hamilton
and Lesley Ann Warren.

What do you know about that?

So he took me back
to when I was four

and I was in an emergency room.

And I was screaming all get-out

because I had cut my head.

And I was bleeding real bad.

And then my mother,
she shushed me.


Just like that.

Because she said
I was upsetting everyone.

You know,

"What will they think
about you?"


You never told me this.

I have never truly been able
to express my feelings since.

And they've just all been
building up inside.


When a receiver enters
the area of a defensive back,

then that defensive back
intends to h*t that man

hard as he can,
just as hard as he can,

you know,
maybe even harm that man.

But it is not a conscious thing.

He is reacting to the ball
and the man.


So why didn't you run?

I tried.

I'm just hurt, I guess.

You lied.

Well, you didn't tell me
and you tell me everything.

I couldn't.

I didn't want anybody to know.

I couldn't say it.
I couldn't say it.

So the doctors
are gonna explain,

and then Candy will tell
her story in her own words.

- No, I'm not gonna do that.
- Yes, you will.

I... I can't say it.

- Oh, you'll say it.
- No.

No, I don't wanna say it.

The jury needs to hear
the whole story.

They need to hear it from you.

Please, don't make me do this.

Candy, this is
for all the marbles.

Your life.

What's everybody gonna think?

That you did
what you had to do.

And you're gonna do it.
You'll be fine.

Pat, tell her.

Everybody loves you.

Take us back to
the morning of June th.

What time did you arrive
at the Gore home?

Mrs. Montgomery.

Did you, um...

did you go up
and ring the doorbell?

Did you knock?



It was about :

and I had just gone to pick up

her daughter Christina's
bathing suit.

And some peppermints.

Hey, y'all.

I wasn't expecting you
until noon.

Oh, I knew you wouldn't mind.
This was better for me.

Oh. You doing some sewing?

I'm, uh, making outfits
for the family.

We're going on vacation.

Oh, how darling.

Lord, I wish I had the time.

Um, can I get you
a cup of coffee?

No, thank you.
Can't stay long.

So much to do.

Now, who is that?

Oh, that...

Oh, my goodness.

I went out the patio door.

Oh, what is your name?

Come here. Come here.

- Chito.
- Chito!

- Yeah.
- Oh, Chito.

Oh, gonna give me
all the kisses.

- We actually don't really...
- Who's got all the kisses?

- Uh, pick him up.
- Oh, yes, you do!

We don't want him to get
used to...

- Oh, my goodness.
- Being picked up.

Okay. Okay.
My precious little man.

Now, if you can...

Oh, you're gonna make
my husband jealous.


We came back in the same way.

Now, what is it
we were talking about?

Oh, vacation. Yes.
Oh, my goodness.

I almost forgot to tell you
the most exciting news.

Sherry and I,
we're starting a business.

Cover Girls.
Isn't that so clever?

'Cause we're gonna be doing
wall coverings

and paint and wallpaper
and, oh, gosh,

you know how Sherry and I get
when we get our giggles.

We thought it up.

We could barely speak
through the laughter.

So we knew it was a winner.

'Course, you already have
my phone number,

but those cards are so cute,

I just can't stop
handing 'em out.

And, you know, Sherry and I,
we could...

really help you
brighten up the place.

I know. I know.

You don't need to be thinking
about all that right now

with your vacation coming up,
so you just let me know.

Ooh, I gotta scoot.

Okay, what were you
saying earlier

about Christina swimming
and some peppermints?

And then, she just said...

Are you having an affair
with Allan?


But you did, didn't you?

Yes, but it was
a long time ago.

Just a minute.

And then she walked
into the utility room.

And when she came back...

she had an a*.


I don't want you to see him
ever again.

You can't have him.

Don't be ridiculous.

It was over a long time ago.

Well, don't ever see him

You know what?

Under the circumstances,
I think it's better

if I just bring Christina home
right after Bible school, okay?

No, I don't wanna see you
again today.

Just keep her.

Bring her back tomorrow.

I don't wanna look at you again.

I'll get a towel
from the bathroom.

Um, can you get Christina's
suit from on the washer?

Thank you.

She would give her daughter
a peppermint

for going under the water.

For Christina.

Should be enough.

She looked so hurt.

So I said...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

And then she pushed me.

You can't have him.

You can't have him this time.

Betty, please.

We were both standing real close

with our hands on the a*.

And we weren't really


I just did not ever believe
she would use it.

Nobody ever uses an a*
on somebody.

Then something changed in her,

and she said...

I've got to k*ll you.

You h*t me.

And that's when I knew
she wanted to k*ll me.

Ahh! Ahh!


I pushed her and got it and...

I h*t her.

I thought...
I thought she was d*ad.

So I threw the a*

and I ran up to the door
to the house

and she slammed her body
against it.

She... she was trapping me in.

And I said, "Please let me go."

And she just looked at me
and she said...

"I can't."

I ran for the garage door.

But she had locked it.



I said, "Please, let me go.
I don't want him."

I don't want him.

And that's when we heard
the baby crying.

We both heard it.


She shushed me.

After what she did to me.


I didn't even think about it.

I grabbed that a* from her
and I h*t her.


I h*t her.


But I don't know.
I wasn't even there.

It was just like I was

Standing back.

Watching me do it.


That's your story.

After you stopped,

um, hitting her...

what did you do?

I, um... I found my shoe.

I had lost it and I put it on.

And then I went and I...

And I found the towel.

And I tried to...
I tried to clean.

I tried to clean it up.

But I couldn't clean it up.

I was covered in blood and I...
I had to get it off my arms.

It was really making me sick.

Did it ever enter your mind

that if you were to k*ll
Betty Gore,

you'd get Allan Gore back?


Did you even want him back?


Did you consider
telling anybody

what had really happened?

I was so afraid to
and I was so ashamed.

And I never wanted anyone
to ever know.

Well, did you think
you'd be believed?


Mrs. Montgomery,
I need you to be...

I need you to be real honest
with this jury.

You're not happy that this
situation took place?


But you feel genuine anger
to this day, don't you?

I... I am angry that it has
happened, yes.

Why is that?

Because it all just seems
so pointless.


I don't want him.

And I kept trying
to tell her that.

You didn't plan this, did you?


No, and she put me
in that position.

It has caused me to lose...

everything that is important
to me.

And it hurts.

It hurts.

I, uh...

I'll pass the witness.

Mrs. Montgomery,
was the affair with Allan Gore

the first one that you've had
since your marriage...

- Objection.
- To Mr. Montgomery?

- Overruled.
- Your Honor, this...

This is not proper.
This is not proper at all.

We renew our objection.


Mrs. Montgomery
will answer the question.

It was the first time.


Well, was it the last one?

- Objection.
- Overruled.

No, sir.

Now, the affair
with Mr. Gore

terminated in October of ' ,
is that correct?

- Yes.
- Since that time,

who else have you been
involved with?

Your Honor, could we have
a running objection please?

No, sir.
You make your objections

when you think
they're appropriate.

Well, I object to this question.

It is improper to...
To go into any, uh,

specific acts of what might be
deemed immoral conduct.

Objection is overruled.

I was with a man...

for a brief time from
early November to mid-December.

That also was of ' , yes?


What was his name, please?

I will not give you his name.

I'm sorry,
I didn't hear the answer.

I said I will not
give you his name.

Why not?

Because it is irrelevant.

And I don't wanna do any damage
to his family.

Another family.

Did you tell your
husband about this man as well?

Your Honor, we object again

as to this being improper

Objection is overruled.

That's three more days of time

added to your contempt
sentence, Mr. Crowder.


Hey, it's over?

I mean, it's k*lling me
not being in there with you.

I know.

You have to tell him.

It's gonna be in the papers.

I was with somebody else.

- Yeah, I know.
- No.

Not Allen. After Allen.

No, we...


No, no...



Stop it.
I need you now more than ever

and you are falling apart on me.

She's fighting for her life.

Pat, it doesn't matter if
she screwed one guy or ,

as long as she never
does it again.

Pat, this helps us.

Okay? The DA's whole case
is about how Candy

was so in love with Allan
that she k*lled his wife.

Now, if she was with
someone else,

that means she wasn't
hung up on him.

Now they got nothing.

When Betty Gore came
at Candy Montgomery,

she was no longer a human being.

She was an animal
in search of prey.

I don't know
if final summations

are all that important
to juries.

To a woman named Betty Gore,

and event of massive tragedy
took place June th...

A Friday the th.

And this case will end
very nearly on Halloween.

Maybe there's something
involved here

we can't understand.

Something greater
than all of us.

The reality is there is not
a single shred of evidence

to suggest that Betty
ever held this a* in her hands.

And I won't pretend to tell
you that, uh,

reading a news account
of The Shining,

an a* m*rder movie,

would drive somebody to do this.


doesn't it suggest to you
why the a* was involved?

And who got the a*?

I don't care

what all the psychiatrists
in the world say.

There's just no way that you
can open up somebody's mind,

look into it and see and decide
what they're thinking

or how they're considering

or what they were feeling
at any given date or time.

John Steinbeck once wrote
that, uh,

there are those among us
who live in rooms of experience

that you and I cannot enter.

You're not gonna pick up an a*

and swing it times, ,

however many times it was
in this case

and not know what you're doing.

If you're worried about
whether or not Mrs. Montgomery

will ever be punished,

well, don't worry about it
any longer.

There will never be a day in
the life of Mrs. Montgomery...

that she will be able to put
out of her mind

that she committed this act.

She lives in that room
of experience,

and it now constitutes a cell...
A jail cell.

And Betty Gore,
she threw away the key.

Now, in a m*rder case where
there's two people involved

and one of them's d*ad, well,
you're only gonna get

one version of how that event
took place.

Does there exist a reasonable
doubt in this case?


There exists hundreds
of reasonable doubts.

Good luck to you.

I appreciate
the time and attention

that you have given to us.

You've been very attentive
to this entire presentation.

Thank you.

That's it?


I still say crime of passion.

It's okay in France.

Don't you wish you loved
someone that much?

And they loved you?

Mr. Foreman,

has the jury reached a verdict,

Your Honor, we have.

Where is Sherry?

I will read the jury's verdict.

"We, the jury,
find the defendant..."

Not guilty.

Oh, no!

Congratulations, Candy.


Bailiffs, clear the court.

She left my baby.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please make your way outside.

Truly a jury of her peers.

You didn't care
whether she lived or d*ed.

Let's go home.
Let's go.

All right.

I'll talk to the judge,
get you out.

Don't you dare.

You know what? I have to say
that I wasn't surprised.

This is exactly
what we expected,

because we've maintained
all along she was innocent

and now she's vindicated.

Oh, my God.

It is just so great
that everything can just

go back to normal.

Candy, it'll never be normal.

You know that, right?

Well, sure it will be.

I mean, even Allan gets it.

I mean,
people just wanna move on.


you might wanna consider
a fresh start.


Where is Sherry?

Probably busy keeping
her husband away from you.



That's what you are!

So next time you're sad

because you didn't get
what you want...

you just wait.

Because God has something
even better for you.
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