01x06 - Shout Out

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The First Lady". Aired: April 17, 2022 - present.
The woman of the white house retell the story of the American leadership.
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01x06 - Shout Out

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Oh, good. [SIGHS] It wasn't a dream.




Have you seen my watch?

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine. I'm...
I think I'm just a bit, um...


I should probably head home.

Thank you for a...

I don't mean to say "thank you."
Then I had a lovely...

I enjoyed our evening very much.

Me too. Me too.

I hope there are many more.






Mrs. Roosevelt.


♪ This land is your land ♪

♪ This land is my land ♪

♪ From California ♪

♪ To the New York island ♪

♪ From the redwood forest ♪

♪ To the Gulf Stream waters ♪

♪ I tell you ♪

♪ This land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ One bright sunny morning ♪

♪ In the shadow of a steeple ♪

♪ Down by the welfare office ♪

♪ I saw my people ♪

♪ I was wondering ♪

♪ If this land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

- Madam First Lady!

You need to repeal
the Defense of Marriage Act!

- Support gay marriage!
- [ALL] Yeah!

Is Amendment One in North Carolina

- a priority for the president?
- Hold on.

I'm sorry. Amendment One?

Amendment One prohibits
not only marriage

but civil unions for same-sex couples.

And, if it passes, this law
will decimate LGBT families.

- [ALL] Yeah!
- Does he want that?

I assure you, the president
is committed to protecting

the rights of LGBT families

and preventing the erosion

of their civil rights, of their dignity.

How? What is he doing?
How is he helping?

Thank you. The First Lady
has an engagement.

Are all families equal
to the president or not?

Tell him to lead!


Hey, Mom?

Why were those people shouting at you?

[SIGHS] You heard about that.

- I saw it on YouTube.
- What happened?

Well, a group of gay activists

They were protesting Amendment One

of the Defense of Marriage Act.

They want Daddy to protect gay families.

Well, but a president
can't just strike down a law.

That's why we have
the legislative branch,

the judiciary.

Well, that's why I'm supporting
strong civil unions.

The Defense of Marriage Act stinks.

It says that marriage is a union
between a man and a woman only.

It means states like North Carolina

can continue to tear apart gay families.

Well, if you say something,

the people will listen to you, Dad.

Ah... It...

[SCOFFS] This is about
the election, isn't it?

[BARACK] Well, it's about the fact that

marriage is different things
for different people.

If I was gay and Sasha wasn't,

should the law treat me
and Sasha differently?

Malia, I get that
you're frustrated. All right?

It's not as simple
as you're making it out,

but we decided that there would
be no politics at the table.

Got it?

Thank you.

If we can't be idealists
up in here, what's the point?

If I speak out on this,
I lose the churches.

I lose the South. I lose.


Your white mother and your Black daddy

would've been jailed, fined or k*lled

just for being together.

It was illegal because of Jim Crow.

That's your story.

It's simple. Everyone gets to
marry and love who they choose.

It is not the same thing.

Well, explain to me why
it's not the same thing, Barack.

Listen, I lose this election.

I don't help gay Americans.
I don't help Black Americans.

I don't help Americans
going without health insurance.

I help no one. Do you get it?


Remind me of why you ran for president.




- Who is it?
- [MALVINA] It's me.

Just a minute, Tommy.

Come in.


[ELEANOR] Good morning, Tommy.

- Am I early?
- No, no.

I'm just having a slow start.

You're never slow.

Well, this morning I'm slow.

All right. Well, here is the day so far.

It all looks fine.

You do see the meeting
with the decorator?

Yeah, well,
we can't put them off forever.

Ooh. Sorry, ma'am. I can come back.

- No trouble, Louise.
- [MALVINA] No. Go ahead.


So the meeting about the State Dinner.

We have minutes scheduled,

but I'm concerned that that might

not be enough time to get...

Why don't I meet you downstairs, Tommy?

All right. No need to bring your coat.



- Oh, I like that picture.
- Mmm, me too.

[SIGHS] Madam, do you prefer
the patterned fabric

or the solid for the dining room?

Which is less expensive?

Well, the solid, but...

- The solid then.
- And what color?

Is there a blue?

- Yes, but...
- Blue, then.

Just stick with cheap, plain
and slightly uncomfortable,

and Mrs. Roosevelt
will be perfectly happy.

[DECORATOR] Thank you.

Tommy, have you seen

our very latest issue?

Oh, I have not.

"Babies, Just Babies."

- Hmm. I wonder what it's about.

It's to the point, which is good.

I know. Well, look at this.

"Associate Editor,
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Dall."

That's not bad for a -year-old.

- Mmm. It's Mother's magazine.
- Well...

- [DECORATOR] Madam First Lady.

Your mother-in-law, Mrs. Roosevelt,

has some thoughts on the blue.
She's in the dining room.

I'm staying here.

Oh, for heaven's sake.

Oh, come with me, Anna,
and be my buffer.

Good luck.

[ELEANOR] Honestly, it's blue.

What more is there to think about?

Eleanor, you do not
just paint a room blue.

There is sapphire blue.
There's cerulean blue.

There's even Aruba blue,
which is actually quite green,

but it looks lovely with gold.

Well, these all sound wonderful,
Sara. Why don't you choose?

Yeah, but...
Well, you must have an opinion.

After all, this is
the White House dining room.

Well, I have plenty of opinions,
just not on the color blue.

I think what Mother means to say is that

her attention is rather focused
on other projects.

Oh, yes. Like that ridiculous
baby magazine

you two came up with.

What are you going to
write about? Bassinets?

Not in a month of Sundays

have I seen a more inane publication.

Anna, dear. Just because
your mother insists upon working

doesn't mean that you have to.

Grandmother, I enjoy it.

And she's good at it. Quite formidable.

Oh. Formidable?

Yes, that's what
every man is looking for.

A formidable divorced woman.


- I do have a decor request.
- Oh.

I would like as many rooms as possible

to be decorated with furnishings
from the Val-k*ll workshop.

It's a small furniture factory
I started with friends of mine.

A vocational program
for out-of-work farmers.


An arts and crafts
White House. How quaint.

Functional and modest.
Just the way I like it.

And I quite like that dark pink.

Is that... Ooh, it matches my dress.

- Yes.
- Or is that plum?

Uh, Etruscan.

Oh, yes. An entire civilization

reduced to a paint swatch.

Civilization has nothing to do with it.

Well, good luck with your
Arubas. I'll leave you to it.



[ELEANOR] Well, I'll give you
the second one,

'cause the second one is more burnt.

Can you take that one?

I think this one's ready.

- Oh.

I've got sticky fingers.
I forgot about that.


Well, that's awfully nice of you, ma'am.


Now I have a sticky face.


It hasn't been seared
into our brains because...



"The First Lady cheered

by , letters in support.

Women align with the heroic Mrs. Ford."

- And this one is so good.

"Her candor and lack of pretension

is the salve this country needs
after years...

[WHISPERING] ...of secrecy and deceit."


You are a salve. How does it feel?

It feels good, I have to admit.

Oh, those crowds of women
outside my hospital room.

They were so energized.

I see the wheels turning.

Could you find me everything you can

on where we're currently at
with the Equal Rights Act?

Absolutely. Do you know
where the president stands

- on the issue?
- Mmm. No.

I'm not sure at the moment,
but I know where I stand.

No one's been able
to get it ratified yet.

People weren't getting
mammograms last month either.




A whole generation
of young Americans has grown up

seeing a "Man of the Year"

on TIME magazine's year-end issue.

But when TIME came out today,

male tradition was crushed
in one fell swoop.

Mrs. Ford, called by TIME

"The most since Eleanor Roosevelt,"

had a mixed reaction to the cover.

She said, "We have made a point."

But she also said,
"It would've been nice

to have had a Person' of the Year."

Calling about the ERA, Mr. Koplin.

No, it stands for
Equal Rights Amendment.

[CHUCKLES] You should listen
to your wife, sir.

Congress voted it in,

including President Ford
when he was in the House.

That's right.
Call your state representative

and demand that they ratify it.

Governor Rhodes, the ERA
has never been concerned

with making women the same as men.

Just equal to...

Mmm, yeah, in the eyes of the law.

[CHUCKLING] No, the amendment
is not anti-marriage.

That's correct, yeah.

Equal pay, equal opportunity,

equal rights.


That's wonderful. Thank you, Governor.

Thank your wife for me. Bye-bye, now.

We got Ohio.


The president needs to get
his plucky wife

and her dirty hippie
phone telethon under control.

Ruckelshaus' wife Jill

is helping her run the whole operation.

Right. Suddenly,
everyone's wife, daughter,

and sister has decided
they have to become activists.

TIME magazine has named her
one of their Women of the Year.

Yeah, and who gives a fig now?

When these women are undermining
everything the party stands for.

I mean, what's next?

A State Dinner for the Black Panthers?

[NEWSCASTER ON TV] Patty Hearst,

daughter of a rich and famous publisher,

claims she has now become Tania X,

newest recruit in
the Symbionese Liberation Army.

This is what she told her parents

by tape recording yesterday

in the latest SLA communiqué.

[PATTY ON TV] Dad, you said that
you were concerned with my life,

and you also said that
you were concerned with the life

and interests of all oppressed
people in this country.

- You are a liar in both areas.
- [CALLER] Oh, wow.

what Patty's parents...

They've brainwashed her.

Maybe she really does believe
in their cause.

Okay, ladies,
we have our own cause here.

Let's keep up the fight.

We're almost there. Back on the phones.

Madam First Lady, a word?


[CALLER ] Chelsea, do you have that...

- [CALLER ] No, I don't.
- [CALLER ] Okay.

Susan was shopping without any detail?

- How the hell did that happen?
- Maybe she just wanted

to go shopping with her friends
without a babysitter.

She slipped out, sir.

Shopping for a prom dress, reportedly.

Agent Austin tracked her down
within the hour.


- I'm fine. Everything's fine.
- Agent Keiser,

will you please tell my daughter
why this is so important?

If this is about Austin
losing me, it was my fault,

and he was f*cking pissed
when he tracked me down.

- Susan.
- Suzie, sit down.


- What is it?
- [KEISER] We picked up rumblings

from the same organization
that kidnapped Patty Hearst

- about you.
- Rumblings?

There's been discussion of you

as one of their next kidnapping targets.

Agent Keiser and Austin
have this all under control.

I won't ditch Austin ever again,
I swear.

Damn right you won't.

[KEISER] It's best
we take you out of school

and keep you here with added detail.

Graduation is in less than four weeks...

Susan, it's going to be fine.

It's my senior year! What about prom?

I know it's the prom,
but we need to keep you safe.

Besides, you know your dad will
dance with you anytime you want.




- Mmm.

- Mother, are you all right?
- Mmm. Mmm. Mm-hmm.

- Excuse me, gentlemen.
- [AGENTS] Ma'am.

- I'm a good dancer.



- Can I come in?
- Well, what's stopping you?

It's not like I have
any privacy anyways.


That's one of the things
about living in this house.


But we do need to keep you safe,

Well, I don't feel safe.

I feel bored. I feel pissed and trapped.

Yeah. Well, I'd rather that than...

Robbing a bank with the SLA?

Yes, actually.
Please don't joke about that.

Did you see her
with her hat and her g*n?

Yes, and I found it very disturbing.

Do you think she's brainwashed?

I don't... I'm not sure
that's a real thing.

None of this would be happening
if Dad weren't the president.

Well... [GRUNTS]



it's had some unexpected benefits.

Breast cancer, mental health awareness.

You know,
the fight for ERA ratification.

I don't think any of that
would've happened

if your dad weren't president.

You did those things, not the president.

I'm his wife. The First Lady.

Which brings exposure,


Yeah, scrutiny.

But I've learned to enjoy it
rather than...

I don't know, resent it.

Well, we could have my prom

here at the White House.


We have a huge house,
a kitchen, ballroom,

- staff.

Honey, I don't know.

There'll be detail everywhere.
I'll be kept safe.

I'd have to speak to your father.

You will?

I'm not sure he'll be up for it.

But maybe. [CHUCKLES]

I also believe that the
corporate structures can now...

This is the man
that is negotiating with the SLA

to get Patty Hearst released.

- Is it working?
- That's not the point, sir.

The point is the country's being
taken over by revolutionaries.

This administration needs to
take a stand against anything

even remotely counter-culture,

and, God knows, revolutionary.

It's important
the country hear from you, sir.

Maybe we could include something

in one of your campaign speeches?

I think they need to hear something now.

- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.

- Thank you, sir.
- Great.

What do we have
on the Ohio state legislature...


[TV ANCHOR] From the beginning,
Randolph and Catherine Hearst

have always had to
consider the possibility

they might never again
see their daughter alive.

And never more so than now,

when some of those closest to the case

are beginning to believe...

Madam First Lady.

Mrs. Howe, may I speak with you?

Oh. If I'm not back in half
an hour, send a search party.

...a left-wing attorney
who is one of the trustees...

- ...for the four million dollars

- Hearst still has in the bank.

What did Mr. Charming have to say?

[CHUCKLING] Um, do you...

Do you remember the trip
that Jim and I took

to the Dominican Republic a month ago?

- Yeah, spring break. Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, the FBI is
investigating Jim because of it.

- What?
- Mmm.

His business associate paid for it,

and apparently, it set off
all these alarm bells.

Oh, no.

Oh, Cheney got so excited

- reciting the legal code to me.

[IN DEEP VOICE] "One will not
accept gift, gratuity or favors

from certain persons or corporations."

I mean, do you think
Jim did anything wrong?

No, of course not.

I think they are looking for any
reason to get me away from you.

Then the ERA came up.


They are so terrified of you.

I mean, the truth is
they're terrified of women,

but they're taking it out on you
and the president.

Now me and my husband.

Well, they're not gonna
get away with it.



The Defense of Marriage Act,
passed in

by overwhelming bipartisan majorities,

and was signed into law
by President Clinton.

All of human experience points
to one committed relationship

between a man and a woman

as the core building block to society.

It takes a man and a woman
to have children,

and children are necessary
for the next generation.

But these are the same arguments
that could be used to promote

marriage between fathers and daughters,

mothers and sons or even
polygamous relationships...

- Yes.

The VP's office says
Mr. Biden can see you now.

Thank you.

[BIDEN ON TV] The good news is
that as more and more Americans

come to understand
what this is all about

- is a simple proposition.

Who do you love? Who do you love?

And will you be loyal
to the person you love?


That's what people are finding out...


...what all marriages
at their root are about.

Well, whether they're
marriages of lesbians

or gay men or heterosexuals.

[GREGORY] Is that what you believe now?

- That's what I believe.
- [GREGORY] You're comfortable

with same-sex marriage now?

[BIDEN] I am vice president
of the United States of America.

Um, the president sets the policy.

I see your fingerprints, Michelle.

Someone from the administration
needed to say it.

I can't have you backseat driving.

We're partners.
You know who you married.

[BIDEN] ...all the civil liberties.

Quite frankly, I don't see
much of a distinction,

uh, beyond that.

I'm gonna have to walk this back.

Do you?

Some things are bigger
than politics. You told me that.

Isn't this one of 'em?

I have to walk this back, so...

[BIDEN] It's just, this is evolving.

And by the way, my measure, David,

is I take a look at...

This could be really damaging.

...social culture changes.

I think Will & Grace probably
did more to educate

- the American public...


We'll do that then. Thank you.

- Thank you, Mr. President.
- I'll handle that too.

Excuse me, Mr. President,
just a quick question,

I wanna make sure
I'm clear about something.

Did you approve the use of
the, uh, White House phone lines

in the East Wing by those, uh, women?

[CHUCKLES] Betty's gals?
I take it you don't approve.

Well, they're campaigning for the ERA.

- You think it might be a coven?
- It's Nancy Howe.

If I'm honest, since she started
filling Mrs. Ford's head...

Betty's always supported women's rights.

And in case you forgot, gentlemen,

I voted for the ERA in Congress.

Doesn't mean you have to support it now.

Why shouldn't I?

Reagan's against it.


He's bashing the ERA and Roe v. Wade,

and everything else
that Betty has championed.

He's feeling up a run against you

by turning half the party against her.

You know, guys,
I really don't care for it

when you pit me against my wife.

Mr. President, the First Lady's causes

are giving Reagan everything he needs

to secure the nomination next year.

We expect he'll run against you.

No one runs against an incumbent
from their own party, Rummy.

Leave my wife out of it.



How's the ratification fight coming?

[BETTY] We're getting closer and closer.

[GERALD] Rummy was on my case
about it today.

Think those callers of yours scare him.

[BETTY] Good.

Was there ever any thought of, uh,

setting up a call center
outside of the White House?

No. Why would we do that?

I was just wondering
why it has to be done here.

Because I live here, Jerry,

and we have the space and the resources.

What's this about?

It's just... [SIGHS]

The First Lady running
an anti-establishment campaign

- out of the White House is...
- It's not anti-establishment.

You know what I mean.
The whole thing, it's...

Just make it... It's putting me
in a difficult position.

Jerry, you voted for this amendment

when you were in Congress.

And I'll vote for it again.

It's just having it shouted
from our doorstep

is making things hard for me.

Should I tell all the women
I'm fighting for

that we need to stop because it
makes my husband uncomfortable?

Damn it! This isn't about me.
It's about the party.

Reagan is gaining with the far-right

and things like this win them over.

Then we'll just have to
fight harder, won't we?

Oh, by the way, I promised Susan
she could have her prom here.

- Oh, that is if, of course,

unless Reagan disapproves
of school dances too.

[GERALD] Why don't we invite
the circus too?

We can have all the animals here.

All the giraffes and the zebras.
It'll be great.

Don't forget the clowns.
Gonna have lots of clowns.



Now, Mother tells me
Macfadden has ordered

, copies of the magazine
for print.

It's been very rewarding.

I expect it has.

I would like to offer you

something I think
might be even more exciting.

Come work with me.

- What? [LAUGHS]
- You could be my aide-de-camp.

You know me better than anyone.
Mother would be thrilled

with you staying on here
at the White House.

Uh... well, what about the magazine?

I'll make sure
you have plenty of time to do

your assistant editrix duties.



Pardon me, sir.
Mr. Hoover is here to see you.

It's fine.
Send him in, thank you, Missy.

- Mr. President.
- Edgar.

Anna, why don't you stay,
get a feel for things?

This is a delicate matter, sir.

Don't worry, Anna's thinking
of joining the team.

No better time than the present.

That's fine, Father,
we can talk about it later.

- I'll go.
- [FRANKLIN] Okay.

Thank you, Mrs. Dall.

- Yes.
- What is it?

- I should tell you

that my business
concerns the First Lady.

What has Eleanor done now?
Knocked off a liquor store?

This could be a matter
of national security, sir.

- She's with a woman.
- Yes, I have eyes.

That will be all.

Thank you, sir.



you must call a doctor.

Eleanor, I'm fine. Really.

I have a serious question for you.

How's the decorating going?

It's gotten to the point

that it's easier just to do the thing

than it is to argue about
why it's a poor use of my time.


Still, somehow I've managed
to sneak away.

- For a moment anyway.
- Good for you.

I was, um...
I was sorry to hear about Hick.

What? What are you talking about?

Well, I assumed you knew.
She resigned as, uh,

White House Correspondent today.

[CLEARS THROAT] No longer covering you.

No. Where did you hear that?

I don't know, uh, she
told someone, someone told me.

Any idea why?

- No, I haven't the foggiest.

Oh, Louis. Call a doctor or I will.

You worry too much.

And you not enough.








- [MALVINA] Mrs. R.

Mrs. R?

What is it?

It's, um...

It's... It's Louis.

He collapsed in his office.

[GASPS] Oh, no.

They rushed him to the naval hospital.

His... His lungs gave out.

And what do they know?

The doctors say there's nothing
more they can do.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you, Tommy.




[ANNA] Ah.

I'm so sorry.

He worked until the very end, didn't he?

"Democratic Nomination Speech
for Eleanor Roosevelt

"for President of
the United States." Huh.

He was such a dreamer.

- [bl*ws RASPBERRY]




Thank you, Lawrence.

Is this my fault?

Is what your fault?

You guys not talking.

We're talking.

We're just worried about you, honey.

Well, I'm fine. There's
a new Secret Service agent

every time I open a door around here.

[BOTH] Good.

Mom and I think that Rumsfeld
and Cheney are having an affair.


Where in the world
did you come up with that?

Well, I thought it would make you laugh.

You've both been so serious lately.

There's just a lot going on right now.

[SUSAN] I know.

But we're still here, us, our family.

And , Secret Service agents.

That's right.

Your, uh...

your mother tells me we're having a prom

here at the White House.

Wait. You said yes?

Well, I thought it was decided already.

[SUSAN CHUCKLING] Oh, my God! Thank you!

Oh, my God.


Guess that means we'll be
hiring a rock and roll band.

Well, can we get The Who?



[GERALD] Gonna be a great prom.

Thank you. I'm so excited. Thank you.


Hey, hey! ERA!

The Equal Rights Amendment
tells our lawmakers:

describe by function, not by gender.

Although there's
a Republican in the White House,

this is a season of discontent

for many members of the Grand Old Party.

Many of its conservatives
regard President Ford

as far too liberal

in his fiscal policies
and in his appointments.

[REPORTER] When Ronald Reagan
was a sportscaster

here in Des Moines in the mid- s,

he was only a very minor celebrity.

Today, he was
the biggest attraction in town.


Ladies? May I have your attention?

[CALLER] I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna have to call you back.

First of all, I wanna thank you all

for your wonderful hard work

these past few months.

You are all...

personally responsible for helping us

- get closer to ratification.
- [PERSON] Thank you, Mrs. Ford.

Unfortunately... today...

is the last day

we will be making calls here
from the White House.

- [PERSON] What?

We need to pack up
our things and shut it down.

- Immediately.
- We can turn this around.

And we will. Uh, but not from here.


I want you to know
this is, by all means,

not the end of the fight.

On the contrary, uh, I am...

We are all just getting started.

- [PERSON] I don't understand.

You really don't need to do this.

I'm a target.

Doing this here is hurting,
not helping the movement, and...

it's hurting your dad.

We begin today's show in North Carolina

where voters turned out in large numbers

to pass a constitutional amendment

that defines marriage as solely
between a man and a woman.

While North Carolina law
already bans same-sex marriage,

the amendment means civil unions

and potentially other types
of domestic partnerships

will no longer be
recognized legally by the state.

And make sure Cheryl gets me
all that footage. All right?

You know I'm talking about
the Bulls' game.

[CHUCKLES] All right.

- Hello, hello, hello!

- Hi, Mr. President!
- Hi!

How's it going? Look,
I got supplies for you.

All right. And how's it going?

- It's going pretty good.
- Going good.

It's going pretty good. Halfway
through my history essay.

[BARACK] Halfway through.

Yeah. Thank you. Did you see
the North Carolina results?

I did. So, uh, I am guessing
you're pretty disappointed.

- Very.
- [STUDENT] Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Well, what do you think about it?

Well, uh, before I answer that.

What... How are y'all feeling about it?

- It's terrible.
- Disappointed.

- It's not fair.
- It's discrimination.

- It's a real letdown on us.
- Yeah? Yep.

Um, do you think you're going
to say something about it?

Well, look. I guess
a lot of people would like

to hear me speak up on it and...

The... The thing is, in politics,
there are, uh,

you know...



All right. Dig in, get back to work.

[WHISPERS] Do not tell Mrs. Obama.

- She will actually k*ll me.

- [ALL] Thank you!
- Thanks, Dad. Love you.

Love you too, babe.

Let's see, what type of pizza is this?

- Hope it's cheese?
- Me too.

- Yes!

Dramatic music

Is he alone, Missy?

- Yes, he's reading.
- Oh, good. Thank you.

Is now a good time?

Please. Sit.

Would you like a cup of tea?

[ELEANOR] No. No, thank you.

I wanted to talk to you
about my friend Hick.

Lorena Hickok. You know, the reporter.

I know who Hick is, Eleanor.

Of course. Um, well.

I was thinking that she could

come work for the administration.

And she could write about
the New Deal programs,

their successes and challenges.

I will think about it.

Thank you.

On a related matter...

J. Edgar Hoover came
to talk to me the other day.

- Oh, yes?

And wanted to talk...

about you.

About me?

What on earth?


You've been spying on me, Franklin?

Of course not. J. Edgar Hoover
did this all on his own.

But I have to say,
you made it rather easy for him.

[SCOFFS] I didn't realize

I was a person of interest
for Mr. Hoover.

Well, am I to assume that this is...

some meaningless indiscretion?


Not... meaningless.

But not until this very moment
did it even occur to me...

that you might have found someone

who you would rather be with than me.

Not rather.

Just different.

A woman.


And you are happy with her?

I might be.


Your idea

of Hick working for the administration,

it's a good one.

It is?

Yes. She's a great writer.

She is.

But if she were to write stories

about the New Deal and its programs,

she would be our boots on the ground.

She would spend much of the time
on the road.

Would you be fine with that?

Yes, I would.

Very well.

Thank you, Franklin.

As much as this pains me, and it does...

I am happy for you
that you have found someone.

I feared I had taken that
away from you years ago.

So did I.

I've have instructed Mr. Hoover
to give me the negatives

and I will turn a blind eye.

But I cannot promise
that anyone else will.

Good night.

- [ELEANOR] Good night.


[ELEANOR] Just a few more steps.

I won't let you bump
into anything, I promise.

- [LORENA] Mm-hmm.
- Mmm, about right.

Well, just maybe...
Maybe just turn. [CHUCKLES]


- I'm gonna going to let go now.
- Mm-mmm.

- I'm gonna let go.

You'll be just fine. I'll be right here.

You may open your eyes.

What's all this?

I've been decorating.

Embracing my wifely duties.

This desk is gorgeous.

I thought you would like it.

I had it made especially for you
at Val-k*ll.

All of this is for you, Hick.

Thank you.


I didn't want you to feel responsible.

That's why I didn't tell you
I had resigned.

[ELEANOR] I know.

[SIGHS] But I do.

And you didn't need to resign.

Well, I couldn't possibly think
of you objectively anymore.

Nor do I want you to.

But if there is one thing

that your exodus is good for...

is that when you are not traveling...

you can be here.


Right next to me.

[GASPS] Well, how'd you manage
to have that done

without raising eyebrows?

Oh, well, that door
has been there forever.

There's been lots of
secret relations in this house.


President Obama
has taken a historic stand

on an issue that
deeply divides the country:

same-sex marriage.

The president made his remarks
in an interview

with Good Morning America's
Robin Roberts.

[BARACK] This good? All right,
we got everyone ready?

[ROBIN] Okay.

[BARACK] I'm looking forward to it.

- [ROBIN] Ready?
- Sure.

One of the hot-button issues
because of things

that have been said by members
of your administration.

Same-sex marriage.

North Carolina
just became the th state

to announce its ban on gay marriage.

Are you opposed to same-sex marriage?

Well, it's important for me to,

uh, go ahead and affirm...

that I think same-sex couples
should be able to get married.

You know, uh, Malia and Sasha,

they've got friends whose
parents are same-sex couples.

And, uh, there've been times
where, uh, Michelle and I

have been sitting around
the dinner table

and we've been talking about
their friends and parents.

And for Malia and Sasha,
it wouldn't dawn on them

that somehow their friends' parents

should be treated any differently.

Ah, it just doesn't make sense.

So if you could,

you would vote
to legalize same-sex marriage?

I would, yeah. Absolutely.


- The Supreme Court has affirmed.

Same-sex marriage
is the law of the land.

It is a constitutional right
for gay and lesbian couples

to marry in every state in this country

which means all states now.

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