04x10 - Goodbye and Good Riddance

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Ben 10". Aired: December 27, 2005 - April 15, 2008.
Ben is a 10-year-old who discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with its own unique abilities.
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04x10 - Goodbye and Good Riddance

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It's just so good bein' bad!
The city's at our mercy.
Get the w*apon ready and

disrupt the helium flow.

Got my talons full with some
giant root!
Wildvine: Root?

Get a clue, dude.
I'm a vine.

Gwen: Panzikidig metalalurka!

Max: I promised my grandkids
a relaxing ride -- not you!

Wildvine: You've just been

Grandpa, what can we do next?
Max: Get you to school, Ben.
Summer's over.

¶ It started when an alien
device did what it did ¶
¶ and stuck itself upon his

wrist with secrets that it hid ¶
¶ now he's got superpowers
¶ he's no ordinary kid

¶ he's Ben
¶ Ben
¶ so, if you see him, you

might be in for a big surprise ¶
¶ he'll turn into an alien
before your very eyes ¶

¶ he's slimy, creepy, fast, and
strong ¶
¶ he's every shape and size

¶ he's Ben
¶ Ben
¶ armed with powers, he's on

the case ¶
¶ fighting off evil from earth
or space ¶

¶ he'll never stop till he makes
them pay ¶
¶ 'cause he's the baddest kid to

ever save the day ¶
¶ Ben
¶ Ben

there are several ways a
story can begin, just as there
are several ways it can end.

Ben: Aw, man, can't this

thing go any slower?

Gwen: If we go any slower,

we'll miss the first day of


Ben: Duh!

That's the point, brainiac.

Max: don't want the summer to

end, sport?

Ben: What, so I can go back

to my normal, boring life in

total normal, boring bellwood?

Gwen: Normal sounds pretty

good to me.

From now on, the only spelling I

want to do is in composition


Ben: Well, while you're

hitting the books, I'll be

hitting the bad guys.

I bet the local cops could use

four hands or a tail or some

wings on the job.

Max: Ben, I'm afraid you're

gonna have to keep the omnitrix

our secret for now.

The less people know, the


Ben: Even mom and dad?

Max: Yeah, afraid so.

Gwen: From superhero back to

plain old super geek.

Have fun back at school.

Ben: Well, there is one good

thing about my school.

Gwen: What?

Ben: You don't go there!

Max: I want you to know, this
summer may not have turned out
the way I planned, but I

wouldn't have changed a single
second of it.
Ben: Me neither, grandpa.

Max: Thank you.
You gave this old plumber new

It was an honor fighting side by
side with you,

Benjamin Tennyson.
Ben: You weren't so bad


Max: Son, good to see you.
Gwen: Hey, uncle Carl,

aunt Sandra!
Hi, Gwen.
Now, I know you and Ben have had

your differences, but I hope his
personality grew on you this

Gwen: I suppose one or two of
them weren't all that

Got a new job, dad -- city
Max: That's great.

Want to come in?
Max: Well, I'd like to, but i
promised frank and Lily I'd have

Gwen home hours ago.
And you remember what I told

Did he share some of his
famous plumber wisdom with you,

Ben: Uh...How do you --
your grandpa never failed to
relate everything to a socket

wrench or a pipe.
There was always a plumbing
emergency somewhere in the world

to deal with.

Ben: So, I guess I'll...
Both: Smell ya around!
Gwen: I'd say I'd miss you,

Both: I wouldn't want to lie.

Well, that's new.
Ben: Oh, this dumb thing?

I got it at some arcade.
I forgot it was even on my

Just the way you left it,
Now please clean it up.

I don't care how long it takes.
Ben: Not long at all.

Xlr : Now to score some
brownie points.
You not only cleaned up your

room, but took out the trash,
picked up the leaves, and
straightened up the garage all

before dinner?
Ben: Yep.
And since time is money, I think

it's time you doubled my
Uh...Good point, but with all

this time on your hands, I'm
sure you wouldn't mind adding
one more duty.

Backyard poopy pickup.

Ben: Ugh!

Maybe you could come to work
with me after school.
The natural-gas pipeline we're

laying is quite fascinating.
Sure sounds...Fascinating.
You want me to walk you --

Ben: No!
I-i mean, it's cool, dad.

You saved the world all summer,
How tough can th grade be?

Like, oh, my gosh!
My total fave's the flame guy.
You know, my cousin was in that

burning building when he, like,
rescued everyone.
Yeah, he was okay, but what

about all those others?
Like that huge dude.
I downloaded this awesome clip

of him battling some freak on
the golden gate bridge.
What's his name -- quad hands?

Ben: Four arms!
I'm pretty tight with him.

Uh...Yeah, right.

I never thought I'd miss
grandpa's cooking.

This is a shakedown.
Get it, loser?
Ben: Hey!

Let it go!
No prob.

I guess we were saved by the

bell from you, Tennyson.

I attended this magic
convention in las Vegas when
this giant alien dog suddenly

appeared onstage.
Oh, yes, I heard about him.
Actually, you should investigate

my blog about recent alien
sightings, especially my
firsthand account of a sinewy,

plant-like creature saving a
mall in Minnesota.

It sounds like fascinating
What did you do this summer?

Ben: Me?
Well, I...Uh...
Rode around in an r.V. With my

grandpa and cousin.

And I thought we were nerds.

I got Peterson.
Let's play dodgeball!

Ben: Aah!

Could this day get any worse?

What do those things want?

Ben: Aaaaaaaah!

Go in here.

That was the same dude who
was at the little league world

How did he get here?
Our hero!

Diamondhead: Everyone, clear
I've got it handled.

This is just between us, so
bring it on!

Behind you! Look out!

Hey, where'd Tennyson go?
I thought he was friends with
that shiny guy.

He's probably hiding under
the bleachers, being a baby.

Diamondhead: You're iced.

Max: Picked up a signal.
Drones were in the area.
Diamondhead: Think vilgax

sent them?

What's he doing here?
Max: Uh, Ben told me it was
"bring your grandfather to

school" day.
Did he also tell you he hid
in the cafeteria while all the

action was going down?
Ben: You think I was hiding?
Those things came for me.

And those alien heroes
everyone's been talking about at
school, they're --

Ben: They're...Pretty cool, i

Yeah, unlike you.
No way those things would want

They don't eat chicken.

Max: Keeping a secret is
never easy.
Trust me.

Every day, I wanted to tell your
grandma and our kids the truth.
Ben: Well, maybe if you had,

you and dad would get along
better now.
Max: You can't change the

past, Ben.

Speaking about the past, i
forgot to give this to you the
other day -- your summer

Ben: Cool!

Someone must be home.
You comin' in?
Max: Can't.

I told Gwen I'd take her to a
karate tournament today.
Well, do you miss her yet?

Ben: Haven't thought about
her once.

Vilgax: Hello, Ben.
Your father and I were just
getting to know one another.


Who did you and grandpa meet
this summer?

Ben: Dad, he's not as bad as
he looks.

Okay, I lied. He's way worse.
Vilgax: The omnitrix, or let
your father suffer the

Okay. You win.

Cannonbolt: If there's one
thing you made me believe,
vilgax, it's to never believe


Ben, what's going

Ben: Talk later, survive now.
Get in.

How did grandpa not pick you up
on his plumber radar?
Vilgax: Those first drones

were mere decoys, creating an
electromagnetic field to allow
me and the others to arrive

Cannonbolt: Others?
Vilgax: I am not merely going

to destroy you and your family.
I plan to destroy your entire
putrid town!

I should never have let you

go on vacation with him.
Ben: Dad, none of this is
grandpa's fault.

I slapped on the omnitrix.
And you should see him in

You'd be proud.
Proud, huh?
Now, that's something I don't

think he's ever felt of me.
I...Suppose we can look on the
bright side.

Your mom did want to remodel.

Ben: We can't let vilgax get
away with this.
Gwen: Ben?

Max: Son, I know I've got
some explaining to do, but right
now, actions speak louder than

words, and I've got three of
them -- aim and f*re.

Oh, yeah!
But this doesn't change

Ben: What are you doing here?
Gwen: My karate tournament
got canceled.

Vilgax: So much suffering.
Are you prepared for more,

All: You talking to me, ugly?

Gwen: Just can't live without
me, huh?

Ben: Grandpa.

Max: Do it.
Ben: Goin' hero.

Both: Tennyson?
Xlr : Every single one of

those heroes.

Max: Remember when I first
taught you to drive?
Yeah, I kept running into

Max: My point exactly.

Vilgax: Get ready to
experience my full wrath!

Xlr : We've got to stop him
once and for all!
Max: Ben, he's

Maybe not. I have an idea.
Remember when I asked you if you

wanted to come to work with me?

Xlr : Fine. Destroy the town.
But you'll never see me or the
omnitrix again.

Vilgax: No one escapes me
that easily!

Xlr : Knew you'd play
"follow the leader," loser.

So much for all my hard work.

Xlr : Vilgax is finally burnt
You did it!

Did it.

Xlr : Uh...I still have one
more thing to do.
I'll be right back.

I figured since my secret was

I'd say come over for dinner,
but, uh...We don't have a
kitchen anymore.

Max: Hey, I'll fix us all
something in the rust bucket.
Y cook?

Yeah, uh...Let's go out, dad.
Ben: So...
Both: Smell you around.

Ben: Oh, yeah!
Now we're talkin'.

What are you doing here?
Gwen: I go here now.

My dad just got a new job in
Ben: Aw, man!

Gwen: I'm so going to Ace
this class.

Ben: After we Ace animo and
his mutants.
It's time for an early

recess, don't you think, Ben?
Ben: Yep!
Goin' hero!

And for Ben Tennyson, who
didn't want the summer to end,
he would come to realize that

going back to school was merely
another beginning.
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