06x10 - w*apon XI, Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Ben 10: Omniverse". Aired: August 1, 2012 – November 14, 2014.
Ben the superhero begins exploring the quirky side of the alien underworld in a secret alien city alongside his by the book partner assigned to him.
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06x10 - w*apon XI, Part 2

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Kevin was going to k*ll you?!

That's what he said.

Where is him now?

He stayed there at the ''Anti-Ben'' clubhouse.

Plumbers have w*apon and vehicles, and the
Helen is the fastest Kineceleran I know, so...

They'll be here any minute.
We need a plan soon!

I don't understand. It's not Kevin that
I know. Or knew.

Let's bring him back.
We always do this.

Dude, the Plumbers play for keeps.

Oh, don't look at me like that. nobody got me
switch to the dark side of history or whatever.

What got into them?

Who knows. This place is full
of freaks and monsters.

Evil Giant!

Give me space, people!

Now it's going to be bad for these Giants. I...

Search carefully. Argit knows more
than me about the hiding places here.

So all this time we were
his friends did you know about the lie?

That Servantis was just keeping us
close to the target in case of need?

Got a problem with that, Agent Albright?

Now I know why I lost
my brother. Ben is out of control.

And when we're done, go
be on behalf of Pierce.

Nice words, Agent Levin. Now send the
Agent Wheels go first, she'll buy more time.

He had a big impact when
remembered the true mission.

I could never read his thoughts, but
I would say Kevin is acting as we wanted.

Let me deal with Tennyson.

You don't have to try so hard. young people go
solve. In fact, they cannot leave the Null Void.

It is much less secure than in the past.

Truth. If Ben Tennyson doesn't die, let's go
find him later, and he will be in worse shape.

Argit, use his spikes on
Evil Giant at once!

It's not like I can close my eyes and release, I
I'm not scared enough, which surprises me.


It's around here somewhere.

We are safe. the plungers
do not know here.

My old pantry.

That it? Food stored for five years?

But wait.

Fluffy Bread!

Yummy as always. Here, lunch on me.

Kevin loves it. Fur
at least that's what he said.

Let's save him, Gwen. Can believe.
I'm that storm, or something.

The problem is that Servantis finds you
too powerful to live, he always thought.

So, Argit, what do you know about all this?

To answer, I need one more fluffy bread.

Well, as you already know, the Plumbers joined
aliens with DNA samples, and I was

by far the cutest.

I know he was a thorn in your side
past, but me and Kevin... We got along.

Extra food, porcupine.

Thanks dude.

I'll go away, go back to Earth and save the
world. And just between us, this guy will get what he deserves.

Alright then, come back soon.

All other Amalgam missions were a
training for that moment. baby...

I already got it. They were after me.

Why did Proctor Servantis think I
was it a thr*at? I'm the good guy.

The clock was too powerful to
be with a pig brat. No offense.

I was not pig!

The story is mine. Pig or not...

They were after you, and I saw everything.

Servantis thought you were a terrible evil being.

The g*n on his wrist turns him into a
To'kustar, or even a Celestial Sapien.

One of these days this kid might
wanting to wish the end of all existence.

''Boy''?! You said ''pig''.

Let me finish.

These subtle manipulations cannot be
made of jokes by a pig brat.

So I gathered you, one
''Anti-Ben Squadron''.

Kevin, with your rare Osmosian power, you
is the secret w*apon, my great unsung hero.

He exaggerated badly. Kevin wasn't just an Agent, he was
the key to the Plumbers' power, to the power of the

Amalgams and the best chance
to end up with Ben.

He must speak very well.

I was caged because of Servantis, so I never
I was inspired by his words. But Kevin fell for it.

Hey man.

If you want to run away, you better do it now.

my experience with
Kevin Levin is different.

Kevin ! I almost didn't recognize you afterwards
that you stopped copying me.

Shut up, you strapless bag.

Watch out!

I didn't know those were
Plumbers' helpers.

IT'S. Clothes were different back then.

Make sure you look where you're sh**ting!

Oh my eye!


Since when do you use a g*n?

It's not a good idea to stay close.

Well done, Tennyson.

This version is much better than the first.

Ih... He went crazy again.


I have powerful friends now, you brat!
I'm the hero, you're the problem!

I've never seen Kevin change from that
way, neither before nor after.

All this time you got me thinking
that I was the problem,

but it was you!

All of you! You are the problem!
And I am the solution!

Will I be able to catch them all?
you with one hit? Let's find out!


Wake up! Focus, Kevin!

Boring. Boring...

I wanted him to calm down and
listen to us, but I exaggerated.

Oh my goodness. Alan!

There, man. How are you?

And there.

Calm down, Kevin released me!

Proctor was a beast. He decided
that the project was a failure.

He erased everyone's memory
and abandoned them in the Null Void.

Even me, even as an innocent bystander.

Why didn't Servantis try again with others
Plumbers? Or another Anti-Ben Squad?

The thr*at is over.

Oh yeah, when I stopped
to use the Omnitrix.

But Servantis recently learned
that you recreated the universe.

Or maybe he felt it. He's a know-it-all. AND
went after Kevin to regroup his squad.

But the question remains. If Kevin is an Agent
reserve, is he really... You know?

Our friend?

Folks, don't give up on him.
we owe it to him.

By chance I gave up on you
when did the Incurseans inv*de?


OK. but the situation
it was very different.

We have to get Ben away from the Plumbers, but
their Null projector is the only way out.

And it's well protected.

We'll hook up with Kevin on the way, or
when things outside calm down.

Or now. Now is
a good time!

Go girl!

We will see.

Ben, what the podrão
are you mixing?

a pheromone that
attracts Evil Giants.


Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but
trust me. Gwen, step it up!

Watch out!

Helen, take him and the others
to the control room.

they are trying to get
to the Null projector.

I got it!

So, are you coming with us or not?


I'm not ready to leave, Ben.
I only have one more thing to do.

Oh, man.

Yeah, get out of here, you monsters.

Laboratory rat! I was looking for
you. Want to see something scary?!

the first thing you go
having to do is... Relax!

Maybe you're too crazy to get out of here, but
Gwen and Rook are waiting for me.

Hurt me!

The others will have to wait.

You and I have a lot of things to do.
I never felt this way.


Now where are we going?

Downloaded?! come on, he
It's full of aliens!

Now it's finally out of reach. He no
listen to my thoughts, but listen to yours.

And that's how the legs work.

Kevin, we'll wait in the living room.
of control. The Proctor too.

It's time for revenge.

Let's get this over with quickly.

Or not so fast. Wow, how about not finishing?!

Don't be scared, Ben.
It won't change anything!

What is that?

A non-bryonic disruptor camera. destroys
you and the Omnitrix on a sub-quantum level.

You will disappear for good.

My idea. Nothing in this universe, or another, will
bring Ben Tennyson back to disturb us.

Give up, you won't make it.

Thanks for proving me right. for one
It felt like you weren't the thr*at I thought you were.

Throw it in there.

What... What is this?! Traitors!


Are you surprised, old man?

That was awesome! if it's really the
what I'm thinking, of course.

You have just destroyed your neuro-matrix of
loyalty. It's trapped outside their minds forever.

Now we can choose
which side will we be on.

And honestly, the situation is ugly for you.

You traitors!

So... Does that mean you're not crazy?

Not totally. thanks that first one
brain shock I got from Servantis.

I should have known.

Shut up!

I wanted to free the Plumbers sooner, but
I needed Servantis and the Amalgams in

same place for this to happen. I just didn't find
that you were going to show up and complicate things, as usual.

It went badly.

What I lose?

Do you think this monster
omnipotent is the good guy?

Think. Ben is the best friend I ever had.

It turns out that since we became friends I
I always had a little urge to break up with you.

It was understandable.

But if I had, the universe would have been
destroyed several times, then I would look like a sucker.

No more than usual.

It saw? Ben is like a brother to
me, even when I don't deserve it.

Kevin, you promised that I
I would avenge my brother.


Are you sure they come?

Standard procedure. The Plungers have turned off
Null projector, cutting off the daily flow of

neutrino to the plumbing base.

And when the Plumbers come, you
will be in serious trouble.

Well well well. Just look at this.

Proctor, I believe you know the Grand Master.

Grand Master?

Proctor Servantis, what is the Plumbers' mission?

Our mission is to protect and serve the
public welfare of the galaxy.


When Earth joined us we allowed
your secret group of first plumbers

continued as an experience of sensitivity
cultural. But enough of the experiences.

You ended up violating our noble mission, and
now he must answer for his terrible deeds.

What?! do you really think
who can arrest me?

Of course not. Noone can know
of what happened. Nonetheless...

Thank you, master.

Proctor Servantis, Magistrate Leander, Agents
Swift and Billings, Your Plumber Licenses

were revoked. And I order you to return all
the Plumbers' stuff in Nullity.


I hope the cafeteria is
ready for the storm.

I got this joke.

Go girl.

Why did you show my farewell letter
to Ben? I mean, the message in codes.

Oh, was it in code? I thought
that you were mad.

And you fell right.

I'm feeling that my
real life has g*n.

Partner, are you ready?

I cover you.

Good luck with the Evil Giants.
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