03x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "The A Word". Premiered March 22.
"The A Word" follows a family after their son is diagnosed with autism.
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03x04 - Episode 4

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You are always to protect it,
to defend it.

Both feet in the dish,
I intimidate people.

We don't argue
to be your witness.

Even if, if it was me,
it would be an honor.

- How about we all go somewhere?
- Good idea.

Is yours cooked?

I don't want to let him in
in Joe's life without your opinion

and vice versa.

Say what's on your mind.

- Do you want to meet again?
- Oh okay !

You keep your distance
because you don't approve.

I did not want...

check everything as usual.

Admit that you are ashamed of me!

I could never
be ashamed of yourself!


It's the end of an era.

What memories, huh?


I bet you're as emotional as I am.


We need costumes.

- Of marriage.
- It's true ?

It's true !

Thank you my friend.
I won't disappoint you.

You know, Eddie married Nicola
with Paul as a witness.

And this marriage went wrong.

You know what ?

- I offer the costumes. Present.
- If you want.

We don't want a groom
and a scruffy witness, yes?

- Ralph!

The form ?

- How are you, man?
- Not bad and you ?

- Yeah, not bad, man...
- London Pignoufs.

MUSIC: Trampolene by Julian Cope

♪ Well, I stand at every
corner of the world ♪

♪ And I stand in every
corner of your heart ♪

♪ And I give you everything
that I call love ♪

♪ From the heavens to the
bottom of the sea ♪

♪ Trampoline! I can't believe
you're trampling me ♪

♪ Trampoline! I can't believe
you're trampling me ♪

♪ You tell it to me softly
then you disagree ♪

♪ Well, I stand at heaven's gate
Come see me cry ♪

♪ Heaven's gate is locked
They will not let me by ♪

♪ So I walk a little mile
into your dream ♪

♪ And tell me what is on your mind ♪

♪ My trampolene ♪

♪ Trampoline! I can't believe
you're trampling me ♪

♪ Trampoline! I can't believe
you're trampling me ♪

♪ Trampoline!
I can't believe you're trampling me ♪

♪ You tell it to me softly
then you'll disagree ♪

♪ Trampoline! I can't believe
you're trampling... ♪

Okay see you later.

- Hello, Britney.
- Hello, Blaze.

- Hello, class of Zebras.
- ALL: Hello, Heather.

Hello. OK, so who's next?
to present the schedule?

- Me ! Me !
- So many volunteers!

- I think it's Stacey's turn.

I think that if.
Go ahead, Stacey.

What day is it, who can tell me?

ALL: Wednesday.
Wednesday !

Wednesday ! OK,
so hello first, yeah.

- Then ?
- ALL: The circle.

ALL: Snack!

Afternoon tea, my favorite moment.

STACEY: Then we pack up and we go out.

We go out, yes,
if we have all lined up.

OK, thank you all.

So, after the round,

Joe's mom, Alison,
will tell us everything for tomorrow.

- Great !
- I can not wait to be there !

So your first stop
will be with this man,

and his name is Maurice,
and he is a firefighter.

Where is Mauritius?

Maurice is here,
and he's also Joe's grandfather.

Well done, Joe!

And so you'll have to say hello,

and you will tell him your name,
then he will tell you his name.

And he will give you a reward.

And what else will he do, Joe?


It's rude to point fingers!

Yes, that's rude.
But it's not going to point to you.

He will show you the way
to the next step.

- Oh, the bakery.
- This is the best step, isn't it?

- And...
- And then we go around and...

Yeah. And Heather and me,
we will do the whole tour with you.

All around.

And the Aardvark class will come too,

to earn lots of money
for a minibus.


The next time,
the wedding songs will be repeated,

So everyone come, please.

I made the arrangements
for baritones

and the sopranos on site.

- Maurice, I wanted to give you this.
- I really can not...

No, it's not for you.

It's... uh, for your Rebecca.

- Where is she?
- Uh, seven months.

Apparently it's all the rage
in prenatal preparation.

It helps explain breastfeeding.

You have to ignore the colors.

- OK, thanks lot.
- I think one would be enough,

but... uh, I did
a pair as a precaution.

One is knitted and the other crocheted.

Well, it's good to have a choice.

Uh, it's for Rebecca.


- Thank you, grandpa.
- Oh, lovely.

They'll break the ice, at least.

Did you make them yourself?

They are all the rage at prenatal classes.

- Hey, what time is your class?
-h. Why

uh, do you want to come?

Yeah, no, yeah...

- If you really want to...
- I'm joking.

I know the idea terrifies you.

Tom comes.
He will distribute his business cards.

Oh okay.

Well, as long as he has a good reason,
this is the main.

And you?

And me ?

Does the idea terrify you?

A little late for that, right?

Is this a call for help, Maurice?

They are all the rage, apparently.

There is a client.

I don't like to moan,
but you are the server.

She wants you.

- Sure you don't want to come in?
- Oh, no, that's fine, thank you.


I-I guess you're wondering
why didn't i call...

- after our conversation at the campsite...
- No no.

I understand...almost.

Barbeque euphoria.
Words in the air.

The intoxicating scent
chemical toilets.

[HESITANT] II was just waiting
the right event.

There is a conference
at the library.

- The library, huh?
- Mmm. A travel writer.

During a trek in Nepal,
he lost three toes from frostbite.

I thought with
something stimulating, we...

- We would have something to talk about.

You had me at "library".

- OK.

- Does that mean you want to come?
- Yes yes.

It was a joke.

- The end of... uh, Top g*n.
- Oh.

Jerry Maguire.

Jerry Maguire.

Yes, that would be great.

I-I brought a flyer.

In case you accept.


Tomorrow ?

Oh shit.



I'm at Joe's charity walk
in Manchester tomorrow.


- Sorry.
- Nope...



Another time then.


You don't like it, do you?

I like it.
What ?

I didn't seem to like it?

your body language
gave the impression.

Oh, it's my body.
He does weird stuff.

Do you think she likes me?

I believe she believes
be your girlfriend.

Re-clean this table.
You missed a spot.

What about your costume, Heather?

Oh, that's a surprise.

Ice cream seller !

- That would be cool.
- Maybe.

- A shark ?
- A shark ?

No, it's not a shark.

Alright, I did the review.
pond-related hazards.

I have umbrellas, boots,
hoods, if it rains.

Checked the volunteers' lockers.

Sent the forms

- to parents...
- Alison, Alison.

Calm down.

It's the best planned outing
that I have seen.

It's a local park,
not the landing.

You think I'm overdoing it.

No. You suggested an activity
that will appeal to all children.

centered around
what Joe does best.

You think it's
a good case study?

It's not unhealthy
I use it for my college course?

You are doing a good deed.

It's not a crime
if that helps you too.

You still have to add our children
and see if it works.

One more detail, however.

What ? I have... ?
What did I forget?

Have fun.
Try to take advantage of it.

I'm having fun there.
You wouldn't want to see me stressed.

We could read a book.

And there's plenty of stuff on YouTube.

Oh yeah, YouTube would be
my reference for giving birth.

I don't want to take a class
with a lot of people

who have nothing in common except
having f*cked at the same time.

Lets go.

You just convinced me.

It could be fun.


Oh, come in, come in, Rebecca.
You haven't missed anything.

We just contemplate
the mucous plug.

Sit down, my dear.

I wish every duo
use their accessories

to recreate a step
of childbirth.

I think watermelon
symbolizes the baby.

Ideas ?

Only one: we're going
fight for that donut.

The stages of dilation,
I would say.

Uh, shall we start with this one?

So, uh, is this your first?

No, I'm not the father.

Oh !

I could not raise
another's child.

Neither do I.

- Your birth plan is ready?
- Uh, I started.

I know what sandwiches I bring,

and I would accept
all known drugs.

It's amazing how much
we need, right?

John Lewis is top for diaper bags,
breast pumps, sterilizers

and presentation covers.

- Presentation covers?
- Yeah.

It is a boy or a girl ?

Hmm I do not know.
I do not want to know.

Oh, you better know.

To better imagine the sequel.

Getting to know the baby
as a person.


We'll throw a pint after

are you?

You will validate my speech.

I'm kidding.

Here, let's go.

Coming out, we'll look like
halfway through the Rat Pack.

- What are you waiting for ?

- Who the hell is Josh?
- My witness.

- So I'm not your witness?
- No, it's Josh.

He's too funny.

MUSIC: Step On from Happy Mondays

How are you, Josh?
My name is Maurice.




I thought you would have


There's a helping hand.

Your hand must do the opposite
what your brain finds logical.

I'm used to that.


With pleasure.
Alright, now what?

The dresser ?

Well, yes, but...

We can eat the cake
and I will do it later.

Start with what puts you off, Paul.

Like this, your day
will get better and better

and you'll end up smiling.

OK, so what do we have?

Phillips or flat head screwdriver?

Tom and Jonathan.


We think watermelon
represents the head of the baby,

and the sleeve... the birth canal.

And here is the crowned head,
Ladies and gentlemen.

- Yeah. It is very good.
- Thanks.

Rebecca and Olivia?

So we think
at the stages of dilation.

Uh, first contractions,
then more important.

Even more important
and... unsustainable.

Very well.

It was just a game...

Have you really prepared everything?

Well yeah.
According to me...

you have to prepare as well as possible
to the unexpected.

I think we know
what to expect.

I want to say that...

when baby arrives,

we don't know how it will be, do we?

Okay, Tom, can you
lend me your watermelon?

If I can have two volunteers
to pull this scarf on each side,

we will see how much
the pelvic floor is under pressure...

BEN: Oh, I see.

I'm promoted to stage one, then?

I think it's a good idea,
my cat.

Grandpa can be a bit...

scary, when you don't know him.

OK, kid.
I go.

See you at dawn.

- Rest.
- I'm going to try.

The cross, the map,
the park, my class.

Do you know what Heather said?

We have to have fun.

Yeah ?

And if ?

- And if what?
- What if it rains?

It could rain.

But everything will be fine, we have a plan.

The plan, the cross, the map,

the park, my class.

It all helps to simplify the day.

Not to worry.

There will be hats.


If it rains.
Or raincoats.

You need hats.

My whole class.
For walking.

- Hats ?
- Special hats.

For walking.

To know.


There are hours left and he says
you need hats.

How are you, Ralph?

- Yeah !
- Josh?

He doesn't say much.


What is he doing ?
He refines his speech?

What are you looking for, sir?

The kind of suit
that a witness would not wear.

Oh. Looks like bouncers
of department store.

What do you guys think?

- It's not okay.
- Do you prefer more classic?

- Softer fit?
- Oh, avoid the double-breasted jacket, Ralph.

- I say.
- And also those pleated things

which give the impression
that you have a book on your ass.

Try this.
Take a look in the mirror.

Stop being heavy.
You are not my father.

Must go with sneakers.

- SELLER: Is he serious?
- I do not know.

He said, I'm not his father.

Want a neutral space?
Not too crowded?

Hmm, that's the idea.

- Because of his autism?
- Because of his autism.

What is ironic:
he lives with his grandfather,

it looks like an antique house.

You have one hell of a family

to live with your ex-father-in-law
without k*lling each other.

It's just a matter of time.

Bill's grandparents
spend their time yelling at him

because of his hearing aids.

By maintaining with total aplomb

but without the slightest
medical knowledge

"Nothing is wrong with him."

And "He hears you when he wants."

"Oh, he seems to understand you
when you offer him an ice cream."

Maurice's favorite phrase with Joe.

They don't blame Bill,
they blame me.

They think I worry too much.

And when I found out
that he had a problem,

I made it worse until he had
need for prostheses.

They really say that?

I have always been anxious.


Fate gave me a child
what to worry about.

Not sure it works like that.

You don't have to feel obligated...

to go out with me after that, Paul.

It can count
and we will say that we have tried.

Well, if he

there is another conference
at the library...

You're not serious.



Do we end this?

- Mmm, yeah.
- OK !

Oh, I will...
just take an antihistamine.

For not only smells
of paint irritate me.

Amen to that.

He was always your first choice...
as a witness?


I think it could be
a little more outgoing, you know.

Or at least say a few words,
from time to time ?

Oh, nice.

Looks like uh...

two dog balls.

Very classy.

You could have told me
that you had taken a vow of silence.

- Sorry.
- Wasn't that bad?

For you it's OK.

Best in class
with your watermelon workshop.

Jonathan was a great leader.

I felt a competitive spirit
that I didn't know.

Olivia brags
of all his preparations.

Everything she's ever bought.

She was on the hook.

Maybe she thought she was helping you.

The perfect couples
take my mind.

Lets go...

No couple is more
perfect as ours.

What is it ?

It's just...

that it's scary because it's coming?

Yeah, that's it.

I know you from the first lesson
of college English.

I know when you hide me

You're right.
It's stressful, that's all.

Thank you for your help.
You saved me a lot of time.

Oh, always glad to have
an Allen key in hand.

You are surprising.

Well, that makes sense.
It's reassuring.

And when it's done, it's done.

Even if you have to be careful
with the sawdust.

- Sure.
- Yeah.

I could come tomorrow, if you want?

- Where ?
- At the... charity walk.

- Oh !
- If they lack volunteers.

- OK.
- It would please me.

You know it's costume?

And Bill?

Uh... Bill is at his grandma's
this week.

The other.
The nice one.


Only if you want it.
Otherwise, just say:

"Sarah, we need to re-tune
your antennae!"


You should...

Yeah, you should come.

- OK.
- It would be good.

My God.

What a day full of surprises!

Would you like some herbal tea?

No, only tea.

I always have some for emergencies.


I think that between the two of us, we will know
make a dozen hats?

I didn't want you to come back.

- I just freaked out.
- No, I know how it feels.

I can't believe
that you have already panicked.

My first day of teaching internship,
I slipped on a carpet,

hit my head as I fell.

I was explaining an obstacle course.

And all the children laughed.

I panicked.
I wanted to cry.

I claimed I did it on purpose.

Exaggerating to death
to be able to cry.

If The Smiths had written
a song about these courses,

- I would have embodied this song.
- Oh !

You didn't give up
it's essential.

Yeah, well, it had to.

It was what I wanted.

Why ?

Finally, I know why I'm obsessed.
Because of Joe. But...

Why do you have... ?

Basically, I'm ashamed to say,

because I was
a good soul to vomit.

I am unfair to myself.

When I was a child,
there was a collection box

in front of the confectionery,
a little boy with wooden leg

and crutches.
Maybe also blind,

but I may add more.

And I thought to myself:
"I could do something."

And when I left college,
I wanted to be a poet.

I had to find a food job
waiting for fame.

So I got a job in a hospital
for learning disabilities.

Easily, no other assh*le
didn't want to do it.

The first time I went there,
I was scared.

After six months,
a nurse told me:

"You like working here, don't you?"

And I hadn't thought about it,
but I said, "Yeah."

And I knew then that
that was what I wanted to do.

Not to do a good deed,
but because I liked it.

- Good souls don't survive.
- Mmm.

Bah, nobody ever treated me
in good spirit, then...

it's my turn to tell you.

You like doing that, right?

And not just because of Joe.

I do not know.
It took me by surprise.

The idea that it could
be my life now.

I didn't know what I wanted
coming here.

I knew what I had.

I knew what I had lost.

For a while,
it was a matter of survival.

But now...

I do not know.

Looks like it could do it.


How are you ?


- How was the lesson?
- Great, yeah.

- What about costume hunting?
- Good. I have a thing. Very basic.

You didn't choose
electric blue mohair?

No matching suits.
I am not the witness.

- And this lesson?
- I thought so.

I'm on the sidelines.

And this course?
I will keep asking.

I do not know.
Lots of couples.

I'm not in a relationship.

Lots of women who have already planned everything.
Not my thing.

I know "need" is
a big word these days,

and we are women
strong and independent...

"Need" is not a dirty word.

Did it occur to you that you could
need your mom?

Would you like to review the plan with me?

No, and neither are you.

go to bed early
and face the chaos.

It's out of guilt, you know.


I'm never sure
where does his autism and my...

bad education begins.

I think I can plan everything.

So I think plan everything
can improve everything.

Listen. I have a son who came out major
in Modern Languages ​​at Durham.

He lives with us
in his old room,

to deliver junk food by scooter
to earn enough

to get as far as possible
of his old people.

At the end of the day,
there are no good parents.

And on that positive note,
see you tomorrow.

- If there are no traffic jams, yes.

The traffic jam ?
Should we leave earlier?

I make you walk.
I will be there.


- I take this card.
- No, I'll take it.

No way.
I know you.

If I leave her, you'll still be
on at o'clock in the morning.

Until tomorrow.

Hey, man.

I'm not awake, am I?

We have hats for tomorrow.

Everything is ready.

What is all this?

- I'm going to like walking tomorrow, right?
- Of course you'll like it.

The cross, the map,
the park, the class.

Don't worry about all that.

Just walk.
You walk better than anyone.

OK ?

There !

stay in pajamas until morning.

You'll sleep better, I promise.

I won't do it wrong, will I?

I won't hurt the walk.


No, that's not the question.
It'll be fun.

Now sleep.
You'll dream better in pajamas.

It's gonna be fun.


Asif going to have fun?


- Tanya is going to have fun?
- Yes.

Abby, Jacob, Caspar, Flo,
Ibrahim are going to have fun?

But yes.

But yes.

Hey, if I had known you were so handy,

I would have hired you
to build the extension.

I just like to always be busy.

In effect.

Otherwise, who knows
what nonsense I would do.


Bill is at his grandma's.

- Yeah.
- If you were wondering if I...

should go back.

If things...
get out of control.

That could be.

We two drunk on green tea.


- How are you ?
- Yeah.

Do you want me to kiss you again?

We could try again.

- Oh !

- It's my phone.
- I thought so.


No no no.
I'm... just busy.

Two seconds.
Do not leave.

- Its good.
- No no no.

Honestly, we'll see you again soon.

I involved him
so that he understands better,

but I think I stressed him out.

What if he has a seizure?

- I have the other children to manage...
- Wow, wow. Hold on. Listen.

Do you remember when he refused

to get off the ferry in France?

Or when he insisted on jumping
from the highest diving board at Center Parcs?

Or when he was three years old

and he pooped in the basin
koi carp?

He survived that, right?

- Everything will be alright.
- You think ?

Or not.

In any case, we will adapt.

You're right.




And shit.

MUSIC: Connection by Elastica

JOE: Walk in a park.
Charity walk.

It'll be OK.
There's nothing to worry about, is it?

We will have to leave soon.

Do you know what we said?
Up at eight o'clock.

- It's too late now.
- But no.

You have time.
We can wait.

Do you want me to help you ?

- Do you want me to help you ?

When you say Joe,
you mean it's bad.

But no, my cat.

I just want you to know
that there is nothing to fear.

I will be there all the time.

Put your clothes on, Joe.
You are going to have a great time.

That's right, Joe.
It's true.

I promise you.


It's h , Ben,
and he's still in his pajamas.

Do not panic.
There is time left.

That's exactly what I told Joe.

I see why it doesn't work.

What's the worst that can happen?

Joe is not going.

am not going.

I don't keep my promise.

Heather is there. Volunteers will come.
It will take place.

But then Joe's Day
will become memorable

because Joe wasn't there.

"Joe's Day..."
"Joe's Day." You hear me ?

He hates to be
the center of attention.

I should have foreseen it.

He may be overexcited.
I can speak to him ?

As long as you don't say
"It's a big day for you."


She said she would pass.

It's good,
she will take the hats.

- The hats... The hats!
- Don't worry about the hats.


By the way, do you like my hat?



You can... ?

You wanted a suit! Here's...


You better come in.



Joe, I won't come in
if you do not want to.

I just want to know if you're okay.


not sure that helps.

Let's get ready to go
when he's ready.

I'm going to talk to him.

No. Look, he... he's not
used to seeing you here.

He is already anxious.
If you walk in, he'll be stressed

- and will throw a fit.
- Doesn't he make one already?

Don't escalate the situation, Paul.

- I do not know what to do.
- I do.

remember how it is
In that case.

I know how it is.
I see it all the time.

- Of course I know.
- I do not...

Let me go talk to him.

You're the adult here, Paul.

And him the child in distress.

Try to remember it, will you?

It helps me.
It really helps me.


Maybe Alison is right.

I want to say,
it's their space, right?

It could cause confusion.

Well... that's fine.

I try to help.

And on your side, for that matter.

No, listen...
Paul, go ahead, you and Ben.

- Me and Ben?
- We'll talk to him.

And if he doesn't come, I'll follow.

And... and Rebecca will stay.
Alright, sweetie?



Do you remember the card that
Joe's mom did for us?

Here is the lake.
Do you see it behind us?

- ALL: Yes.
- No trace of Alison yet.

I'm going to give them the rundown,
just to be sure.

Glad to hear it.

Are you the specialized school?

- There are a few clues.
- Hats off to you.

I'm... uh, Maurice,
Alison's dad, by the way.

I understood.
Heather, Joe's teacher.

OK, everyone remembers
the rules of the charity walk?

Alison told you about the delay?
I have no news.

First, the bathroom break.

So let's all go there, kindly,
wisely, calmly. That's it.

- Do you mind helping a little?
- Not at all.

Thanks for helping Alison, by the way.

I hadn't seen it so... uh...

happy for a long time.

Don't be silly.
She helped me.

Well, you say that
but she's my daughter.

I know she can be stubborn.

You know, when she was talking about you,
I thought she was exaggerating

but no, you are
live up to your reputation.

- OK. Good.
- Hello, Maurice!

- Hello !
- Hello.

- Is it Joe's school walk?
- Yeah yeah.

Oh ok. Joe's daddy says
that you lack volunteers

and I have no criminal record.

Uh, I have my certificate here,

- I still have it.
- Paul invited you?

She's a neighbor.
She knows the terrain.

She has a deaf child.


So where are they?
I thought they had arrived?

Your father and Ben,
they went to the park.

We will stay with you for a while.

JOE: Dad will be sad?

No, he won't be sad.
He will have a good time.

Fiery Jack.

REBECCA: The Fall, .

You like to walk.

I like to walk.

So, can we walk?

So we could walk.

Where do you think we could walk?

- In the other direction.
- In the other direction ?

This way, Joe, with everyone.

- Hey, Joe, it's okay...
- Why are you different?

Why are you always different?

All right, you know what, Joe?

I will go now.

Just to make sure
let your class do.

And Rebecca will stay here with you.

[MURMUR] OK, I'm going.

BEC: It's just us.

JOE: It's just us.

BEC: I know how it feels.

When something will happen.

Something good, even.

You start asking yourself questions
to worry.

And worry chases away everything else.

I know how it feels.

I know how it feels.

BEN: Man, I'm sorry.

For later on.

For intervening.

You were right, actually.

But Q

when he is in distress,
we get sucked into Joe's world

and nothing goes.

I wouldn't have liked it if it had been Molly
and that a stranger...

You know what ? You're right.
You abused it too much.


Little question...

Does this hat
makes me look stupid?

A little, frankly.

It doesn't benefit you.

Truly not.

Damn it.
Neither Joe nor Alison,

and you're happy to be there?

I see where Alison is from
holds his anxiety, Maurice.

Me ? I am calm
in the eye of the storm.

If you say so.
And who is this?

It's not too early !

- I'm sorry, everyone.
- Its good.

- Oh, hello, Sarah.
- Hi !

Paul invited her.
She has a certificate. Where's Joe?

Alright, everyone.
Uh, let's start the charity walk.

I want you all in line,
without jostling.

JOE: Where will they be?

I think they are coming to the park.

The march has not started.

But I should go soon.

Do you know the way?

What is the name of the park?

What is the name of the park?

The Charity Walk Park.

I don't know where it is.
I don't live here.

How will you find?

I do not know.

Do you know where it is?

You could show me the way.

- The Life Of Riley.
- The Lightning Seeds, .

- Disco.
- Pulp, .

- Station Approach.
- Elbow, .

I will need a hat.

You all look great.

So we'll go down this road
and follow these blue arrows

until our first step,
then make the call,

and you might have
an award.

Ready, Tanya?

Look, it's Joe!

Good game. You owe me £
for the bubble machine.


Lead the way, big boy.

Let's go !

- Oh yeah !
- Good game !

MUSIC: The Life Of Riley
Lightning Seeds

OK. Good game.
Serve yourself.

- Here it is, man.
- Thanks !

Take this one.

Hello Girl,
How's it going ?

Two for you?

There you go, Joseph. You are very wise.
Keep it up.

MAURICE: A caramel.

♪ I don't mind ♪

♪ I get the feeling ♪

♪ You'll be fine ♪

♪ I still believe that
in this world ♪

♪ We've got to find the time ♪

♪ For the life of Riley. ♪

Hi, who wants fruit?

- Yuck, no.
- Nope ?


You didn't have time
to dress up?

Oh !

No, it's nice.
It fits you well.

Bill and I like to dress up
for our movie nights.

It's good to know.


Thanks for coming to help.

Oh, it was a pleasure,
it was a pleasure.

Well done, Cristiano!

Well done, miss.


- Unbelievable !
- Wow!

Lets go !
Come on, Tanya!

Good game !

- Fantastic.
- Come on, get your butt!

Good game !

You see ?
I said it would be fine.

Oh !
It's true.

Now report.

Yeah, but you know me.
I love that.

I finally have everything under control.

It's not just Joe who found
a positive outlet for his tocs?

- Good game ! See you later.
- See you later.


Cheer !

Oh !

You succeeded, then.


At the risk of not holding my own
resolve not to get involved...

I get involved.

I guess you're terrified.

This is the preparation course.

This is often the case.

I did nothing at all.

I don't even have
of presentation cover.

What a scandal.

A lady mentioned it.
I don't even know what it is.

It makes no sense.
It's just a cover.

They call it that
to charge her more.

We put you in a towel
after your birth.

And you were beautiful.

Nobody is looking at the cover.

Really ?


And that's all ?
Is that what terrifies you?

That and all the rest.


No one knows what to expect.

It is the unknown.

Everyone panics in their own way.

Even the woman with a birth plan
and... fully equipped nursery

and presentation cover.

Does every woman think:
"What if my child has difficulties?"

Everyone thinks that?

It crossed your mind
when did you get me?

And when did you get Joe?

I do not...
No no.

But listen, the question
inevitably arises for you

because you grew up with a Joe.

He was your normality.

I watched all the perfect couples
and I thought:

"I bet you all will have
perfect babies."

And if someone should have a baby
not so perfect, that's me.

You know that

it's not true.

The lady asked me if it was
a boy or a girl, and me...

I said I didn't know.
That I wanted the surprise.

The truth is that I don't...

I don't want to know because
something could be wrong.

And if I say that I don't want
of a baby like Joe,

so i say i don't want to
of Joe as brother.

No no not at all.

You just say you want
a healthy baby.

You may want a baby
without autism and still loving Joe.

That doesn't make you a bad sister.

It does not mean
that you don't love him.

Aren't you ashamed of me?

I could never
be ashamed of yourself.

I wanted you to be ashamed of me.

That you yell at me.

Why dear ?
Why did you want that?


give me cause for argument?

Someone to yell at?

Like that, no room
for regrets or doubts.

Bah, I don't know any mother
who never doubts.

It's the first rule
of parenthood.

Whatever you do, you do it wrong.


And the second rule?

All the others do it well.

You help me
for the birth plan?

Oh, my daughter, and how!

Mine was pages,
in a bound binder.

Are you volunteering?

If you want, I would love that.


Oh, my daughter.

MUSIC: Sketch For Summer
by The Durutti Column

You forget it.


It was awesome today.

It was great.

Well, the whole school
put his mind to it, you know.

In any case...

It's an interesting choice.

Neither of us
didn't really make a choice.

You have uh...

allergies to deplore so far?

- Okay okay.

Let's say it makes sense
well-hidden irony

that none of us suspected.

If you say so.
I do not judge you.

- I talked to Ben.
- Good game.

- What ?
- I don't know what to tell you sometimes.

hard to argue with someone
that we know so well.

How long will it be, you two?

I would have had time
to sew your costumes!

Button fly.
Why does it still exist?

And There you go. A mix between
Emporio Armani and Emporio Penguin.

What ?
I didn't button everything?

I say it for you, Maurice.
You have some nice leftovers.

Ralph chose him.

Well, it tastes good, my son.

He probably feels bad.

After making me dangle
to be his witness.

Good grief, Maurice!
Let it go !

Well, I don't know what speech
Josh will do,

he hasn't said a word yet.

Ralph chose him for that?

He won't steal the show.

So ?

We will go.

We will go.

Alright, go change
before I make a fool of myself.

Go ahead.

He likes that.
So she kicks you off.

Well, don't ask me.
Women are like that.

You gotta get used to it.

Am I changing too?

you can sing to me
Frank Sinatra before, if you will.

Maybe at the wedding.

We're going to have to take back those pants,

Thanks for today.

It was fun.


Yeah, in the end.

I'm sorry.

To have snubbed you
when you supported me with Paul.

I was a little on the sidelines, I admit.

You are a family.

Oh !

You are a good man.

- I'm a great singer.
- You're not a great singer.

A good lover?

Better than your singing, yeah.

It's getting better.


It's Rebecca.


JOE: Hello. How is it going ?
What are you doing right now?


I'm doing well.
How is it going ?

What are you doing right now?

I'm doing well.
I'm speaking on the phone.

Well, I looked for it.

What did you look for?

It's an expression.

Shouldn't you be in bed?

Well is there?

Yeah, yeah.

Ben is there.
You want to talk to him ?

Does he sleep in my bed?

Nope !

I will surely sleep there.

Here's Rebecca.

Joe, you were awesome today.

You helped everyone...

It's me.
I will tell him.



Joe has a future
of professional card player.

He is playing us.
Maybe from the beginning.


Do you remember the time in Corfu?

- It was Italy.
- Uh, dad said it was Italy.

Yes ! It's true.
It's true, that was it.

Well your father has
better memory than me.

Good night.

Good night mom.

And thank you for today.

Good night.

Father ?




is this your card?

How did you do ?

Oh, I can't tell you.
Magicians would disown me.

It's my turn.


OK, go ahead then.

Go on.
In the corridor.

Without cheating.

Oh ok.






Yeah, he went to bed.

He made himself disappear!

It's a better round, frankly.

- Are you okay, sweetie?
- Yeah.

I'm doing well.

Glad your mom has someone.

This scene at home.
It was, you know...

It was a bit tense.

Ben looks nice.

And he seems nice with Joe,
and your mom likes it, so...

Doesn't it make you sad to say that?

It makes me sad for you.

Not for me.

I'm sorry.

I will always be sorry.

You keep this costume
until marriage?

You don't dwell yet
this witness story?

He just wanted a boyfriend.

Josh is her boyfriend
since he was ten years old.

I felt it in their dialogue.

You think I scared Eddie away?

Where does it come from?

Something Ralph said.

"You're not my father."

Well, he was just grumpy.

Young people say that to older people.

But I'm not?

I scared my own son away
and there, well...

What am I to Ralph,
ultimately ?

You'll have to bite your brakes, Maurice.

It's Ralph's wedding!

Well, exactly, right?

When you think about it.

Why would I go to the wedding?




Hello ?

- Hi.
- Oh. Good evening.


I thought of Joe at Ralph's wedding.

He will need a...
buddy or two there.

The children are bored...
at weddings.

And I thought...

that would be awesome...

if Bill could come.

And he cannot come alone,
so maybe...

that you could also come.

At Ralph's wedding.

If you're free ?

Like my plus one?

Well, plus two with Bill.

Yeah !

Would you like to come?


Uh, well...
Well yes.

That would be great.


- Oh. And... uh, Sarah?
- Yeah?

Not in a tigress costume.


OK then goodbye.

Uh, okay, hi, Paul, hi.


ALISON: Have you seen this one?

BEN: Beautiful.

And you... have you seen that?

I booked it.

The weekend in fifteen.

If you want ?

It is charming.

I can not wait to be there.

- Are you coming to bed?
- Yeah, I'll be up in a minute.



"In a minute."


- This is Doug. Ralph's father.
- Hello, son.


You love Bill's mom,
Sarah, right?

I promise not to get drunk
and show me.

I'll be disappointed if you don't.

- I should have stayed in touch.
- Yeah, you should have.

He hasn't seen you in ten years.

He's getting married tomorrow
for God's sake !

You got what you wanted.

Not sure it is
what Ralph wanted.
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