08x22 - Colorado Roulette

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dynasty". Aired: January 12, 1981 – May 11, 1989.

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Follows the gloriously over-the-top trials and tribulations of the fabulously wealthy and none-to-nice Carrington and Colby clans.
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08x22 - Colorado Roulette

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Well, keep us informed.

Goodbye. That was
Dalton from the Chronicle.

All bets are off about who's
gonna come out on top.

Rayford's on a roll, especially
in the western counties.

Are you telling me he
might be pulling ahead?

They can't project
who's going to win

- at this time.
- Mm.


Krystle? Darling? Krystle?

Oh, yeah?

Are you all right?

Oh, it's just a headache.

Thank you.

Hey, hey now.

Before you come in
here, I want an answer.

- Jeff.
- Oh come on, Sammy Jo.

I'm one of the most
cautious people you know.

But for once,

I'm gonna kick caution in
the butt and send it flying.

Now, come on. Let's
grab this moment.

Let's get married.

Say you'll marry me.

Look, this is a big
step for both of us.

Just give me a little
more time, please?

Mr. Carrington, there's
an urgent call for you.

Oh, thank you, Jeannette.


Are you sure?

When did this happen?

What is it? What's the matter?

I see.

No, I'll, uh... I'll
be right there.

- Where's Adam? Does anyone know?
- No, why?

That was the hospital.
His son is missing.

My God.

LIEUTENANT: Forgive me,
folks, but I've got to give this to you

the best way I
know how: straight.

Every corner of the
hospital's been searched.

The baby's been abducted.
That's for certain now.

Yes, but there's no ransom phone
call. There's been no ransom note.

Oh, there will be.

Mr. Carrington,
your grandson is,

to be practical, a very
valuable commodity.

Now, we've notified the FBI.

A very valuable commodity because
his father is Adam Carrington, right?

- That's right...
- Carrington cannot be found.

Even his father doesn't know.

- If you're implying that...
- No, I'm not implying, I'm saying it.

Mr. Atkinson, do me a favor
and keep your theories to yourself.

Mr. Carrington, we're gonna
notify the press, the TV...

No, no, no,
lieutenant. Wait. No.

I don't want whoever
kidnapped the baby to panic

- and then maybe try to hurt him.
- Karen. It's not true, is it?

Yeah, it's true,
you took our baby.

Atkinson, I've had
enough out of you!


BLAKE: Now, stop it.
- Come on. Come on.

Mr. Carrington, just where have
you been the past couple of hours?

I couldn't sleep. I
was out driving around.

He's lying.

When I got to the house, they
told me the baby was missing.

He's lying, I tell you.
Don't believe him.


Shh, calm down,
calm down, calm down.

It's all right, Leslie. I'm
alive, very much alive.

- What do you want?
- There's nothing to be afraid of.

I'm inviting you to help me
now and to help yourself.

You interested?

Help myself to what?

A lot of money, for one thing.
Carrington and Colby money.

- What are you talking about?
- Oh, it's a little business proposition.

- I don't know...
- No, no, no.

We've been known to
work well together, Leslie.

What's the matter? Did
Alexis f*re you? Hmm?


So you have no job
and no money, hmm?

Good. Then you will join me.

What the hell?

Why should I be the
only poor Carrington?

- Adam...
- If it's about Atkinson,

- I've cooled down.
- No, no, no. It's not that.

You didn't say a
word all the way home.

Now, I realize how difficult it is
for you to open up to me at times.

But I wanna tell you that if you
want to talk to me about anything

I'd be happy to listen

both as a father
and as a friend.

I appreciate that, Father.

You know, son,

there are times when we do
things in our lives out of love.

- But...
- What are you driving at?

You told me earlier this
evening you weren't well,

you were gonna go to your room.

But when I went to look
for you, you weren't there.

Now, what I'd like to
know is where you went.

God help me, I
went to the hospital.

- You what?
- But I didn't go up.

I wanted to be near my son,

but somehow, I just
couldn't go up there.

So I stood on the corner.

And looked up at the third
floor where he's sleeping.

I've done that a lot
since the hearing began.

I wanted him to know, somehow,

that I was near,

that I'd always
be there for him.

And that's the truth, Father.

I'm glad you told me.

And we will find your son, Adam.

I know we will.



Oh, it's a baby.

Now, see, that's
not just a baby.

That's Adam Carrington's baby.

Blake and Alexis'
precious little grandson.

Our future.

What do you think?

I think you're right.

He's our future.

I see. Right.

No, he's here with me
right now. I'll tell him. Okay.

That was Agent Burell, the FBI.

He's on his way over here.

Now, they're convinced
after what you told me

that your son had absolutely
nothing to do with this.

Good. Good.

Now, as far as progress goes,

they're running just as
dry as we are. I'm sorry.

Lieutenant, it's
been hours now.

We're all trying our damndest.

Yes, I know
that. I'm sure of it.

I know how you
feel, Mr. Carrington.

Sometimes the newspapers and TV
can be our best allies in cases like this.

Somebody out there might
know something that could help us.

And all we need is
that one vital clue.

All right. Do it.

Okay, here we go.

I never knew you were
such a good cook. Heh.

You never asked.

I guess I was too busy whispering
other things into your ear,

- which you didn't seem to mind.
- Heh.

Well, I guess I'm just
your basic sensual type.

So sue me.

We share an obsession.

Not only with sex,

but with money as
well, don't we, Leslie?

And why not? Right?

We've always been the have-nots.

You the poor relation,
me the butler's son.

That kid, he's gonna
change all that.

Oh, he's worth
millions to the two of us.


Are you happy I
invited you along?

I'm not unhappy.

Besides, a baby
needs a woman around.

Sean, when we get the
money and return the baby...?

Return the baby?

Are you serious?

- Don't you intend to give him back?
- Well, why should I?

You don't wanna
go through with this?

No. I just don't want
to see the baby hurt.

No, the baby won't be hurt.

But the Carringtons will be.

See, I wanna see them tormented.

I'm gonna make them suffer for
the rest of their miserable lives.

Because they'll never know
if that kid is alive or d*ad.

Come on. All right, Sean,
I have to clear the table.



If all goes well, we can trace
most calls within a few minutes.

take you to our affiliate station...

Adam, come here.

For an update.

This is the first announcement.
There'll be lots more tonight, tomorrow.

This photo of the baby was taken
at the hospital shortly after his birth.

For anyone with information
about the kidnapping,

the number to call is - .

To repeat the number: - .


Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.


- Hello?
- Steven? It's Leslie.

- I can't talk to you right now.
- You've got to. Don't have much time.

- Adam's son is missing and we...
- I know. I'm with him.

- What?
- I'm with the baby.

- Is this some kind of bad joke?
- No, I swear it.

- Where are you?
- In a cabin.

- Where?
- I don't know.

We drove in the
middle of the night.

- Who's we?
- Sean and I.

- Sean?
- He's not d*ad, Steven. Listen.

We're miles outside of the city
in some mountain area somewhere...


Leslie, answer me.


Leslie, for the love of
God, answer me, please!

I'm sorry, Mr. Carrington.
They hung up.

- Did you get a trace?
- No. No, not yet.


You shouldn't have done that.

You should never have
touched that phone.

I'm sorry. I just got
scared suddenly.

No, no, no, it wasn't suddenly at
all. No, no, you planned this all along.

You think I didn't know
that? I'm not stupid, Leslie.

Oh, no. I'm far
from being stupid.

My God, there's a
baby's life at stake.

- Unh!
- Aah! Aah!

I... Now, I told you he'll
live. Not with the Carringtons.

Come on, now, you know
what kind of people they are,

- don't you?
- Aah! Agh!

- Don't you?
- Yes.

No, no, no, see...
No, I don't believe you.

I'm not so sure.

You're still one of them,
aren't you, Leslie? Aren't you?

It doesn't matter, does it?

It doesn't matter how
they push you around.

Doesn't matter how they
make you grovel at their feet.

It doesn't even matter what
they did to your father, does it?

Does it?

- But it matters tonight.
- Aah! Unh.

You know what
they did to my father.

The way Carrington demeaned him.

The butler, allowed to
play billiards with his master,

but always, he's always
reminded of his place.

I know, Sean. I know.

I wanna believe you, Leslie.

I really do. I
wanna believe you.

But I'm not so sure now.

- I can never trust you again.
- Unh!


- You called?
- Please, sit down.

Would you like some
coffee or something to drink?

I'd like to know why you called.

I have to talk to you.

To tell me Jeff proposed to you?

This is old news.
Steven already told me.

Fallon, this is very
important to me.

Oh, I'm sure it is. But why
do you wanna talk to me?

I wanna talk to you about us.

You don't like me
and I don't like you.

I wouldn't be so dumb to
suggest we'd ever become friends.

But we can't be enemies.

We're off to a
pretty good start.


- You're not making this easy for me.
- I'm not trying to.


Jeff and I have been seeing each
other and you found out about it.

- But I haven't said I'll marry him.
- Oh, but you will.

I have faith in you.

I mean, you wanted to be a
Carrington, so you married Steven.

Now you wanna be a
Colby, so it's Jeff's turn.

No, I don't think you've changed
much over the years, Sammy Jo.

I don't care what you think.

But I do care that there are
children involved: yours and mine.

- And if I do marry Jeff...
- If?

Why so tentative?

Not sure you love him?

Not sure he loves you?

Not sure there's
enough money involved?

You're way off the mark, Fallon.

I wonder, who do you hate more?

Me because I got him?

Or yourself because
you threw him away?

Now, the phone call
came from this area.

Come in.

Adam, Steven Carrington,
Agent Anthony Burell, FBI.

- Mr. Burell. How do you do?
- Gentlemen.

We've determined
from the first trace

that the cabin is located
somewhere in here in the foothills,

west of the Denver-Harmon
Springs area.

Can't you be more specific?

Well, that phone call
was from a rural area.

Woman didn't stay on the
line, it's gonna take more time.

- How much more time, lieutenant?
- I wish I knew.

- Well, that's where I'm heading.
- Mr. Carrington,

until we have information,

heading into that area's
not gonna do you good.

LIEUTENANT: We have an APB out.

Sheriffs' cars
all over the area.

We'll find your baby.

You don't understand.
That's my son out there.

I'm going with you, Adam.
Look, we have a phone in the car.

This is the number.

Please call the second
you hear anything.

No phone calls from the police.

Still no word from
Adam or Steven.

I just don't believe that
phone call from Leslie.

Don't you think it's just
a little too convenient

that she's with
the baby right now?

Not to mention Sean.

No, I don't think she'd do
anything to us out of spite.

Not to either one of us.

I wish I could share your
generosity of spirit, Blake.

Blake, I, um...

Hello, Alexis, I didn't
know you were here.

Hello, Jeff.

Bill Cochran just called. Uh...

It's going to break in ten minutes
but he wanted you to hear it first.

- Hear what?
- Well, it's official.

Jim Rayford has
won the governorship.

I'm sorry. You both
put up a heck of a fight.

Thanks, Jeff.

We tried.

Also said that he feels
that some of the returns,

especially in the southwest, are
suspicious, so I'm calling for a recount.

All right, but I can't
deal with that now.

Excuse me.

Some of the returns
seem suspicious?

What did he mean by that?

You don't really
care about that.

Not right now, do you?

No, not really.

All I care about is
finding Adam's son.

All right. I'll
talk to you later.

How's Daddy taking the
news about the election?

Oh, I don't think he's
had time to deal with that.

All he's concerned about
right now is the baby.

- Would you like some tea?
- Yes, please.

That was Sammy Jo
on the phone just now.

She said she'd talked
with you about Jeff.

You could say that. Thank you.

She was hurt.

Poor thing. I guess I should
have been more gentle with her.

She is trying to steal my husband
and I'm not giving her any help at all.

Your ex-husband.

Like the rest of us,
she probably thought

that, uh, Jeff was
out of your life.

Excuse me, Krystle. I
know she's your niece,

but I really don't
care what she thought.

Fallon, are you sure
you're being fair?

Jeff didn't leave by himself.

You let him go. You're the
one who wanted the divorce.

You announced it to everyone.

What happened between me and
Jeff had nothing to do with Sammy Jo.

She had no right
to butt into our lives.

Oh, let me ask you something.

Are you saying that
you've made a mistake?

That you want Jeff back?

Want him back? Heh.

Then maybe it's something else.

Maybe you don't want him back.

You don't want anyone
else to have him either.

Four gas stations, three
drive-ins, and a market.

And nobody has seen
Rowan? I don't believe this.


- Yes?
- Lieutenant Benning.

It's the lieutenant.

We've completed the trace. We know
where they're holed up with your son.

- Where?
- Cabin off Route , near Emery Road.

Now, it's the only cabin
in a mile and a half radius.

That is great. That is great.

Now, hold on and listen to me.
We've got men heading up there.

Now, don't go near that
place until the backup arrives.

We're going there
and we are going in.



ADAM: Rowan?

Rowan, we're coming in!


Leslie. My God.

Easy. Easy.

Oh, God.

Leslie, are you all right?



- Leslie, are you all right?
- Unh, yeah.

Leslie, listen to me.

Where is my son?


What about Sean?

He took the baby.

My car.

Where did he go?

Why did this happen?

I don't know.

- Steven, look after her.
- I will.

- Steven, go ahead.
- Leslie, are you sure?

I'm okay.

Okay. I'm gonna call somebody.
I'll get help here, right away.

Adam, wait up.


Shut up, damn it.

Shut up.



Adam, over there. Leslie's car.

Steven, look up there.


I want my son!



Adam, the baby's in the canoe.


There. The baby.

Yes. Oh, God.

Okay, I've got you.

- He's freezing.
- I got you. I got you.



ADAM: Thank you. Help. He's freezing.
- Here.

Please, take that.

Rowan took off in my car.

It's an ' BMW Sedan.


Your son looks fine. To make
sure, let's get him to a hospital now.

- Thank you.
- I'll call in an APB.

- Steven, thank you.
- I'm just glad I was here.

So am I. And so is he.

You know, I never
thought I needed you.

I always thought
of us as strangers.

Well, we're more alike
than you realize, Adam.

You've always struggled to
belong, and in my own way so have I.

Well, things will
be different now.

What I'm trying to say

is when I get custody of my
son tomorrow at the hearing,

I want you to be his godfather.

That's an honor. Heh.

But I think it should go to Dad.

Steven, this is my son, and I
want you to be his godfather.

You know what I
admire about you, Adam?

You're a fighter.


You fight for your son.

You fight for your
position in this family.

It's important to know
what you really want.

I envy you for that.

Are you talking about
me or about you?

Maybe about both of us, Adam.

Maybe about both of us.

Darling, it's very late.

I couldn't sleep.

Sitting here thinking
about how lucky we are

to get the baby back again.

Oh, I'm sorry
about the election.

Oh, that. Yes.

That's over. Can't
dwell on that.

But there were so many
things you were going to do.

You had so many dreams

- for so many people.
- Uh-huh.

Well, I've still got my dreams.

And I've got you.

That's all that really matters.

What is it, darling?

Heh, I just got
dizzy for a minute.

I just hope these
headaches go away soon.


- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

I just dropped by to see how
your bachelor pad is coming along.

You don't mind, do you?

- These are very nice.
- Fallon.

Oh, and this is nice.


The next Mrs.
Colby's taste, no doubt.

Okay, what do you want?

I don't know.

Maybe I just wanted to see what
kind of man you've turned into.

I mean, the ink on our
divorce papers is hardly dry

and you're already
dragging out your next wife.

She has a name, you know.

- By the way, she mentioned to me...
- How hurt she was?

- Yes, that's right.
- Oh, dear.

I might just have to sit down
and write a letter to the poor girl.

Apologizing for
my insensitivity.

- Maybe you should.
- Maybe you should apologize to me.

- For what?
- For always trying to control me,

- even before I had the children.
- Control? What are you talking about?

- You took a job.
- But you never tolerated my working.

Just like you never tolerated
what happened to me.

We're not going to have this
UFO discussion again, are we?

Who will ever forget how you
helped me through that one?

I needed you to believe in me.

But where were
you? Not on my side.

- Like your daddy would have been.
- What?

All I've ever been to you is
a substitute for your father.




I'm sorry.


Hello, Jeff.

Sammy Jo.

I just wanted to say

that I love you.

And I need you.

And I will marry you.

I will.

So I lost the election, Adam.

Now, I just have to
get on with my life.

What is most important is that
I'm really proud of you and Steven

for saving the baby.

Will I see you in court today?

I wouldn't miss
it for the world.

And now I know that you're
gonna get custody of that child.

Well, thanks for
the encouragement.

Mother, about Steven,

have you any idea what
might be bothering him?

No, I haven't. Why?

Well, he seemed...

I don't know, something
seems to be on his mind.

Steven, I wanted to thank
you for helping Adam yesterday.

- I was there, that's all.
- No, no, no.

When something
thr*at the family,

you stood by each other.

You were Carringtons together.

Adam will never
forget that, I'm sure.

None of us will.

I was glad I could help him.

Dad, I want you... I
wanna ask you a favor.

I'd appreciate it if
you'd look after Adam.

Give him a lot of
support when he needs it.

Well, I've been trying to do
that. I hope I haven't failed.

No, of course, you haven't.
But, I mean, in the future.

Oh, all right.

I mean, Adam, Adam's
smart. He's very smart.

He has a lot of potential.

I just... I feel that none of us have
really given him a chance to show it.

I know that I haven't.

I think he could run
Denver-Carrington for you someday.

Run it very well.

Steven, is there something
else that you're trying to tell me?

No. It's just...

It's been such an
unusual couple of days

and I've just been thinking

about how lucky Adam and I
both are to have you as our father.

Well, thank you.
That's nice to hear.

I don't say it often enough.

I love you very much, Dad.

And I love you,
son. You know that.

Well, I, uh... I really must go.

Right. Yeah.

I'll see you later.

Goodbye, Dad.


That's for Kirby.

Sean, I...

You what? You've missed me? Is
that what you're trying to tell me, Alexis?


Sean, the police are looking for you.
This is the first place they'll come to.


That's for my father.

Get out.

I haven't finished with you.

Get out.

- Move it.
- Sean.

- Sean.
- Move it.


- Morning, Adam.
- Thank you for coming.

- Where's Krystle?
- She wasn't feeling well.

I made her stay home.

You're really worried
about her, aren't you?

It's not serious?

Probably not.

Excuse me.

Mr. Carrington, Judge Langdon
would like to see you in his chambers.

Thank you.

- Wonder what that could be about.
- Good news, I hope.

- I'll be waiting for you out here.
- Thank you.

Blake, have you seen Alexis?

- I was supposed to meet her.
- No, I haven't.

By the way, you heard
anything about Rowan?

Rowan? No, why?

Mean to say you didn't know?

He was the one that
kidnapped Adam's son.

Wha...? Ugh.

I hadn't heard a thing.
Where is he now?

I don't know. The
police are looking for him.

Oh, damn it.
Blake, I'll see you.

Adam, I'm so grateful.

What you did, rescuing the baby.

I'm just sorry that a vicious
vendetta against my family

put him in so much danger.

Well, if the judge gives the baby
to us, he's not gonna be the target

for anybody's revenge.

Oh, please.

Mr. Carrington,
where's Mrs. Carrington?

I'm sorry, Your Honor,
she couldn't make it.

I see.

I'll make this official during
the hearing in half an hour,

but for now, we've all been
through a very complicated case.

And normally, I wouldn't have
called the three of you in here.

But because I want to prevent any
further outburst in the hearing room,

I've decided to
inform you in advance.

I'm basing my decision on
the fact that I feel that the child

should be with
his natural mother.

I'm going to award custody
to you, Mrs. Atkinson.

- Jesse. Ha, ha.
- Hey.


No, you're not gonna get my son.

May I speak to
the doctor, please?

Blake Carrington
from Denver, Colorado.

Yes, I believe he'd
know the name.

He examined my wife
Krystle several years ago.

Well, if you'll just tell it to
him, I'm sure he'll speak to me.


- Come on. Open it.
- I am opening it.

Faster, Alexis.

Now, I want all your
jewelry. All of it. Come on.

And the money. And
the money. Come on.

- You got lots of cash in there.
- All right.


DEX: Alexis! Alexis!
- Dex, help!

Dex, he's got a g*n!




My God.


My Lord, Krystle.



Jeannette, come in here!

What's happened here?

What's happened
here? Where's my wife?

- She left a little while ago.
- Left to go where?

Well, she didn't say.

All right, Jeannette,
just straighten things up.

And don't say a word about this
to anyone, do you understand?

Not to anyone.

Of course, Mr. Carrington.

My God, Krystle.

I thought we had more time.
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