07x16 - Gone

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Fear the Walking d*ad". Aired: August 2015 to current.
"Fear the Walking d*ad" is a spin-off and a prequel to the "The Walking d*ad", set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world.
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07x16 - Gone

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I'm sorry I didn't do what I
said I would with the Tower.

You got everybody onto the rafts.

That's all that matters.

I've been hearing some chatter

- on the radio and...

I think it might be PADRE.

I think PADRE is real and I think

we might actually have
someplace to go to.


- Get on the raft!
- No!

I don't know how fast I'll turn.

I don't know how much
longer I have left.

It's up to you
[VOICE BREAKING] to make sure

everything we've been through

means something.




You don't sound like
you're doing so hot.

We can help with that.

But first, you have to decide
if you want to be part of this.

And if so, whether you're willing to do

what needs to be done.

To get the thing we know you want.






Can anybody hear me?


Is anybody out there?




I got you.

I know.

You're hungry, right?

We're gonna go shopping.

Hey, look.

Should we take Mama with us?


GRACE: ♪ Sittin' in the mornin' sun ♪

Look what we got.

- ♪ I'll be sittin' when the evening comes ♪
- Got it?

- ♪ Watchin' the ships roll in ♪

♪ Then I watch 'em roll away again ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay ♪

- ♪ Watchin' the tide roll away ♪

♪ Ooh, I'm just sittin'
on the dock of the bay ♪

♪ Wastin' time ♪

♪ I left my home in Georgia ♪

♪ Headed for the Frisco Bay ♪

♪ 'Cause I've had nothin' to live for ♪

♪ It look like nothin's
gonna come my way ♪

♪ Mm ♪

♪ Sittin' on the dock of the bay ♪

♪ Watchin' the tide roll away ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay ♪

♪ Wastin' time ♪





It's okay.

I'm here. Where are you?

Jim, where are you?

What are you doing here?

I'm just looking for food.

- Well, I don't have any.


[w*apon CLINKS]

How far along are you?

Oh, my name is Morgan.

This is my daughter, Mo.



Ava, I think we can help each other.

- You want my help?
- Yeah.

Take that little girl and get
as far away from here as you can.

Oh, I can't do that.

Not until I find her mother
and the rest of my family.

Look like you were
looking for yours, too.

I'd reconsider.

This is no place for kids.

MORGAN: Grace, I hope you can hear me.

Look, I don't know how much longer

I can keep doing this without you.


... did what you asked.

I did.

I got Mo someplace
safe, but she needs you.

She needs you, and I need you.

'Cause I'm scared.

Scared, so I need my family.

- I need...
- MAN: Is somebody up there?

I could really use some help down here!




- Don't be a hero.
- Okay, okay.

I don't know what you want,

but whatever it is, we can work it out.

You gotta give me my little girl back.

She don't belong to you, just
like all the others didn't.

Others? What others?

The kids you took.

I did not take anybody's kid.

Where are they?

Just give me back my daughter,
and you will never see us again.

Get in that hole.

- Bury him.

MORGAN: Ow! Why are you doing this?

So every other shithead
can see what happens

when they come here and
steal our kids from us.


That's it. Cover him up.

- It's what he deserves.
- MORGAN: No, please.


- MAN: Hey!
- [g*n]






Whoever you are, thank
you for saving my life.

WOMAN: I'm not here to save you.

They thought I was you.

That baby is everything to me.

I'm not gonna let you take her.

She's better off with me than you.

And you'll get over it.

I did.

[g*n COCKS]




[g*n COCKS]

Please, stop.


I'll k*ll you if you follow us.


Oriole, I'm approaching the drop.

Do you copy?

MAN: We copy.

Come on.



You're late.

We found some new eggs.

Getting them processed now.

How long is that gonna take?

As long as it takes.



Hey, come on.


You hungry, baby girl?

Here you go.


AVA: Jim, are you out there?

Jim, can you hear me?

Do you copy?

We need you, Jim.

This baby needs you.

I got a lead on a new egg, Oriole.

I'll leave this one in the
birdhouse and go check it out.

Copy that.

I know you miss your daddy,

but you're gonna be
better off without him.


[WALKIE-TALKIE CLICKS] Jim, are you...

Jim, I need...


Who is this?

Just someone who wants to
help. I heard your message.

Where are you?


How do I know you're not the one
who's been taking everybody's kids?

I'm a mother myself. You can trust me.

I know how hard it is.

I just want my baby to be okay.

They will. You just have
to tell me where you are.

Can you do that?






Are you still there?

I'll tell you where I am if
you're really gonna help me.

Of course I am. Where are you?

You can understand what...

It's hard to know who to
trust, especially with...

Turn off the walkie.

- Are you there? He...
- Hand over your g*n. Right now.

You're making a big mistake.

Not as big as the one you
made when you took my daughter.

Drop your w*apon.

Turn yourself around.

Where is she?

Somewhere you'll never find her.

That's the wrong answer.

Where the hell's my oxygen?

Someplace you'll never find it,
not unless you take me to her.

You don't know who you're dealing with.

Somebody who's gonna run out of air.

I'm the least of your problems.

The people I'm with?

They'll k*ll you in ways
you can't even imagine.

If you wanna keep breathing,
you should get moving.

You know, you can still get out of this.

- I said...
- Those people?

If they find out you've
interfered with an egg...

An egg?

That's what you call
the kids that you steal?

Not stealing. Rescuing.

From what?

Parents who think they can
give their kids what they need.

Oh, but you think you can?

If you saw where I'm from, you'd get it.


Where exactly are you from?

And why are you taking these
kids that don't belong to you?


you considered our offer?

I'll do what you asked.

But you have to hold
up your end of the deal.


We will.

How do I know?

The only reason you're still
breathing is because of us.

What's your name?



Not anymore.

We will tell you who you're
going to be from now on.

We're too late.

And what does that mean?

She's already rescued.

My people came sooner than I expected.



You kidding me? Are you with PADRE?

What do you know about PADRE?

Let's move.

Let's go.

Which way would they go?

That baby's better off without you.

You don't get to decide
what's best for my family.

I already did.

I used to be just like you.



You are nothing like me.

Not anymore.


Get off me. Let me go.


Oh, dear God.

You're Madison Clark.

How do you know my name?


Your kids.

- Your kids told me.
- You're full of shit.

No, you died.

That's what they said,
and I saw the stadium.

My kids...

they're alive?

I will tell you everything I know,

- in exchange for my daughter.
- Yeah.

There's only one way PADRE's
ever gonna give her back to you.

You're gonna have to help
me rescue someone else's kid.

Take the place of yours.

No, I'm not doing that.

The kid's gonna be better off.

What, there's no other way
to give them what they want

without taking some child
away from its family?

There isn't. No.


What if the kid isn't born yet?

Would PADRE be interested
in somebody who's pregnant?


Because that woman you were talking
to on the walkie is pregnant,

and she's not doing so good.

And I know where she is.

You sure you're ready
to go down that road?

Will I get my daughter back?

Yeah, you will.

And PADRE... they'll be
able to look after her

- and her baby, right?
- Yeah.

Then I'm not taking a child
away from its mother, so...

... so yeah.



You get smoke in your lungs

trying to escape from that stadium?

Is that why you need this?

Something like that.

Way I heard it, there was no way

you could have gotten
out of that place alive.

I'm full of surprises.

What else did my kids tell you?

Oh, quite a bit.

And you are not what I imagined.

You don't know anything.

- You're stealing kids.
- Rescuing.

Oh, is that you talking, or PADRE?

What do you know about PADRE?

You didn't answer my question before.

I know they're putting
out radio messages.

I know that nobody can find them,

and I know that Alicia
was looking for them.

Why was Alicia looking for them?

I'm not telling you anything
more until I get my kid back.

You think you're doing the right thing,

fighting to get her back,
but she's in the right place.

- Believe me.
- Why?

Because we can give her a
life people like you can't.

People like me?


You couldn't even feed her.

I would've found food.

Well, it looked to me like
you were barely scraping by

out there on your own.

It's my daughter.

Her mother... she's coming.

[SIGHS] What difference
is that gonna make?

You don't know what we endured, okay?

We survived the b*mb.

You were in Galveston?

- Nick and Alicia were there too?
- I told you...

I'm not telling you
anything more about them.

I'm just saying that
our family have gotten

through worse than this.

Family is not the
answer. It's the problem.

That's what PADRE's figured out.

That's why what they're
building is different.

You're the woman who put her
life on the line for her family.

What the hell happened to you?

- Is this the place?
- Yeah, this is it. So, what now?

We go in, we tell her the truth.

- And what's that?
- That we'll take her to a place

where her baby will be taken care of.

And then what happens to
her after her baby's born?

She doesn't need to know.

I need to know.

No, you don't.

How can you do this to people?

You get used to it.


I did what you asked.

Now it's your turn.



What did you say?

One time isn't enough.

We're gonna need you to keep doing it.


Ava, you there?

What are you doing here?

Hey. I, um...

I found somebody I think can help.

- Who are you?
- We spoke on the walkie.

Morgan told me where you were.

I just want Jim.

Is that the baby's father?

This house, it belonged to my family.

I was born here.

I thought I'd be safe here.

Well, we can help you and your baby.


Place I'm from, it's
safe, it's good people.

It's the kind of place a kid
would dream about growing up.

Sounds too good to be true.

It's for real.

It's the best sh*t our
kids have for a future.

They even got Morgan's kid
in there, don't they, Morgan?

MORGAN: Yeah, that's right.

I didn't think it was possible
for a place like it to exist,

but it does.

What's it called?


I'll get my things.

Tell me what's gonna happen
to her once the baby's born.

A little late, don't you think?

Well, you didn't answer before.

So, what happens?

You know... otherwise you would
have pressed for an answer.

They get split up.

And why is that?

- Because that's how PADRE works.
- Yeah, but why?

How does that give the
kids their best sh*t?

You're looking at this all wrong.

The way we see each other, the
things we do for each other,

PADRE's rewritten the book on all of it.

And what does that look like?

No attachments.

No connections.

I'm not doing this.

I've seen a mother lose
her baby once before.

I don't want to see that ever again.

Then you'll never see
your daughter again.

Everything alright?

Yeah. It is for me.

How about you, Morgan?

No, everything's fine. It's fine.

We should just get you to
PADRE. That's what we should do.

- Okay.
- Yeah.



- What?
- They found me.

Is there a back way out of here?

Why are they after you?

I pissed them off
trying to save some kids.

Now how the hell do we get out of here?

Yeah, follow me.


MADISON: Wait. Wait.

Come on. We gotta keep going.


- Let me have it.
- No way.

Come on.

Come on. The beach is this way.



- You okay?
- I'm fine.

Oh, you're hurt. Did you get bit?

No, it's from the vines.
I'm good to keep moving.

- Come on.
- Aah!

Oh, we gotta stop.

If they catch up with
us, they're gonna k*ll us.

If something happens to
this baby because of us...

I'm fine. It's fine.
Let's just go. Please.

He's right. If something
happens, it's on me.

Where can we go?

There? That crypt?

AVA: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Okay, come on.


Okay. Let's get that closed.





It's gonna be okay.

- What's that?
- Heart rate monitor.

Just to make sure nothing's wrong.

I'm fine. Really. The baby's fine, too.

Just... Who was out there?

Who's after you?


What is it?

I can't get a heartbeat.

PADRE... they have doctors?

- Yes.
- MORGAN: Then get them here.

Listen. Stop. You're making this worse.


Can't hear it? You
can't hear the heartbeat?



So keep looking.

She's not pregnant. She never was.

I don't understand.

She's tricking us.

Why? To get me to take you to PADRE?

Is that what you thought would happen?

Is that true?

Are you not pregnant?

Oh, it doesn't matter. Tie her up.

Leave her some food and water.
She'll only slow us down.

You really don't remember?

You took my daughter.

A year ago.

Told me it was for the best.

Oh, shit, you really don't remember.

She was .

Her name was Odessa.

She cried when you pulled
her from me on the beach.

What she told you... it's not true.

He knows exactly what's going on.

We still have time to get out
of here before they find us.

You need me to take me to her.

Your plan never would've worked.

They'd have checked for a
heartbeat before we got on the boat.

They'd have checked
for one when we arrived.

They'd have checked for one
every day you were there.

I need to see her. She needs to see me.

If she's not pregnant
and there's no baby,

how are we getting Mo back?

We're not.

Even with a trade,
there was no guarantee.

You were gonna trade me for your kid?

You told me that we would get her back.

I said we might.


You need to find a way
to get me to my kid,

or you will never know
where your children are.

You think that's a thr*at?

I want my kid.

And you want yours.

That's the thing, Morgan.

I don't want to find them.

I'm never gonna see them again.

And that's okay.

I told you I got over it before.

I wasn't lying.


No, you are just saying
that, and we had a deal.

So I could get what I wanted from you,

which was her.

Why else would you be doing all of this?



We need you to rescue more.

AVA: You have kids?

We're all doing what we're
doing for our own reasons.

- You know them?
- You really can't help me?

Be smart. Let's go before they find us.

Whoa! Easy now!


[g*n COCKS]

First thing in my grand-daddy's will.

To be buried with his
favorite hunting g*n.

Said he wanted to be prepared
in case he didn't end up

in front of the pearly gates.

I don't think you will, either.


Let's just take it easy.

I know you're angry, but we
gotta get out of here alive.

Only way we're gonna
find our kids, right?

I have another way.

You might not want to see your kids,

but I don't think you want them to die.

Are you there?

The ones looking for the collector?

MAN: Who's this?

Someone like you.

Someone she stole a child from.

What do you want?

I just found a way to motivate
her to do what we want.

But I'm gonna need your help.

- I'm listening.
- It's not gonna work.

Tell him where her kids are.

I can't help you.

Where I'm from, they don't
give a shit what I think.

I'm waiting. What is it?

You better find a way to make them.

You heard me.

Tell him where her kids are.

Tell him where to find her g*dd*mn kids!

- I can't.
- I will sh**t you.

And your daughter will
never see you again.

So just tell him where they are.

She's right. This is not gonna work.

- Why not?
- Because...

Because they're already d*ad.

I'm sorry. I really am.

But your kids...

they're gone.


You said they were alive. You
said you knew where they were.

I said that so I'd get
what I wanted from you.

- You're lying.
- I wouldn't lie about something like that.

You don't know anything about my kids.

- You never did.
- I do.

Madison, I do.

I know that Nick got sh*t.

Victor, Alicia, Luciana...

we were all there when it happened.

We buried him ourselves.


And Alicia?

She got bit by a walker not so long ago.

She had to amputate,
took her own arm off,

but she didn't do it in time,
and the infection set in.

But she fought it for months,
longer than anybody I know.

- But the last time I saw her...
- Ah!

... last time I spoke to her...


... the last time I talked to her...

... she was close to the end.

[SOBS] No.

I'm sorry.


At least walkers out there.

More on the way.

[MAN OVER WALKIE-TALKIE]: Are you there?

I repeat... are you there?

They're still waiting on your deal.

AVA: They could still get us out.

Why aren't you answering?

We're willing to make that deal.

You can't give them what you promised.

They're liable to k*ll us.
They already tried to k*ll me.

Did she hurt you?

- Where are...

How long before they find us?

Property's big.

If they're still at the
house, it could take hours.

Walkers ain't gonna make it easy for us.

We're gonna have to
fight our way through 'em

and hope we get out
before the posse finds us.

It's gonna take all of us.

Madison, we're gonna need you.

Look, I'm sorry I
didn't tell you the truth

about your kids at the beginning.

I just did what I thought I had to.


What were they doing when they died?

Nick was going through a
bad patch when I met him.

Alicia, too.

They thought that you were gone.

But he was making the first steps

towards something better, you know,

and, well, that's when it happened.

A-Alicia... how did she get bit?

The b*mb we were talking about...

she was trying to stop
them from going off.

She survived the expl*si*n.

She helped me, my little girl,

and some people that we cared about

escape the fallout, and...

Like I said, she fought the
infection for as long as she could.

But you didn't see her die?

I did not. I had to leave with Mo.

She could still be out there.

People don't survive bites.

Yeah, but Alicia was
different. We know that.

Maybe she found a way.

Even if she did, I
don't want to find her.


We think it's time.

You've rescued more children
than any other Collector.

We'll help you find yours now.


I don't want to find them.

I was willing to die at the stadium,

so my kids could see what...

what I was building
was worth fighting for.

But if they knew what I
was doing to find them...

PADRE played me from the start.

Made me do things I didn't want to,

so when I could finally
get them back, I'd say no.

If you didn't want to find them,

why are you still taking kids for PADRE?

Because I knew what
they'd do if I walked away.

- What?
- They'd find Nick and Alicia

and make them do what
I wouldn't anymore.

But I don't have to
worry about that now.



I wish I knew that before
I took your daughter.


- The posse.
- They found us.

They get through that door,
they're gonna k*ll us both.

MAN: Open up. We know you're in there.

She saved me once before.

They think we're working together.

If we give her up,
maybe they'll spare you.

No, we need her to get
our kids, and so do they.

I don't think they're
gonna see it that way.


MAN: If you're hiding her,
we're gonna have a problem.

Let them in, Morgan.

Don't sacrifice yourself for me.

I'm not doing it for you.

I'm doing it so you can
get my daughter back for me.

I can't get your daughter back.

I can't get yours back, either.
I can't undo any of this.

Yes, you can. You just
need to find a reason.

- MAN: Hey! Open the door!

- Morgan.
- They're gonna k*ll you.

There's only one way to
show them you're not with me.

MAN: Open the damn door!

Okay, wait!

Just wait.

We're gonna open the door.

We're gonna hand her over to you.


It's the only way to live
to see your daughter one day.


Hands where we can see them.

Remember me?

You took my boy last winter.

You'll remember me now.

Get up. And start digging.

High tide's in less than two hours.

You made the right call.

MORGAN: What did you do to her?

WILT: Left her to
watch the tide come in.

Worse when you can see it coming.

- What'd she tell you?
- Not much.

But she didn't need to.

We found this in her pack.

We know when they're
coming to pick her up.

Put it on.

Why would I do that?

We're gonna surprise
her friends at the beach.

Bury them all in the sand if we have to.

Someone will talk.

Someone will tell us where our kids are.

There a problem?

This is not gonna get our kids back.

This is gonna get everybody k*lled.

Let him go.

That's not how this works.

They took our kids.

So why are we fighting each other?

Just let him go.

You know what happens
if you get in our way.

I know. I won't.

Don't go with them.

You don't have to.

I have to get to my kid, Morgan.

I have to do something.

Odessa lost this the day
before Madison took her.

I promised I'd find it
and I'd get it back to her.

I'm not gonna break that promise.

I know.








You don't deserve to go out like this.

I told you, I can't help you.

That's not why I'm here.

You know, when I met your
kids, I was in a place

not too different
from where you are now.

I wanted to get away from
everything and everybody.

But meeting Nick and Alicia,

seeing what you had given them,

they were a big part of

when things started
turning around for me.

So, in a way, I kinda owe you.

So, I think you should show the people

who did this to you that they're wrong.

You can fight for the
people you care about

without losing yourself.

- I can't.
- Hey.

No one's gone until they're gone.

Alicia said that was
something you used to say.

That's the thing.

Everything I've done... I am gone.


Hang on. Hang on.

I got your t*nk.



Oh, dear God, they're all...

I told them not to go to the dock.

Hang on, Madison!

[WEAKLY] Morgan.



No. No, no.


Never should've pulled you into this.



I'm sorry.


What the hell was that?

She's d*ad because of something I did.

Not gonna see her
daughter because of me.

No, she's d*ad because of PADRE.

You were just ready to give up.

What's changed?

I'm gone, Morgan.

I'm gone, but you're not.

I'll help you get to your daughter.

I'll help you show PADRE they're wrong.

And then what?

I don't know. But I wasn't lying.

The only way you're
gonna get to PADRE...

... is if you take them another child.

There's gotta be another way.

There isn't.

No, there is.

It just means we can't fail.

GUARD: Who's he?

Collector. He has something to offer.

I don't see anything.

MORGAN: I got information.

There's rafts out there
with people on them.

What kind of people?

- Ones we might want.
- There's children.

Pregnant woman.

I can tell you more, but, um,
you gotta let me go with you.

Get in.

Where the hell are we going?

Where is PADRE?

Been meaning to tell you.

I don't know.


This episode is all about family...

Morgan and what he thinks for Mo

and it's the return of a character

who gave up everything for her family...

Madison Clark.

It is very exciting to have
Kim come back to the show

and continue to tell her story.

Very exciting to get to do it

through the eyes of Morgan Jones,

a character who knows
about Madison Clark,

but has never actually
crossed paths with her,

and it's just such lightning in a bottle

to get these two characters
together in this way.

She's better off with me than you.

And you'll get over it.


I did.

The audience starts to put
it together, as Morgan does,

is that Madison is
actually this person that...

Hey, stop!

... the people who buried him were after

and that she is stealing children?

Which leaves us with
this huge question...

why in the hell is Madison Clark

stealing kids and taking
kids away from their parents.

- Someone who family was everything to her,

why is she now ripping families apart?

I know you miss your daddy.

But you're going to be
better off without him.

Someone who has been working for PADRE

and what we come to learn about PADRE is

that they are an organization
that has a philosophy...

family is a weakness,

family is something to fight against .

We start to then gain some insight

into the way that PADRE
has manipulated Madison

into collecting children for them.

One time isn't enough.

We're going to need
you to keep doing it.

We see how they dangled the carrot

of reuniting her with her children,

but then break her to the point

where she wouldn't
want to be around them.

And it gives us insight
into Madison's way

of justifying things, as a character,

but it also gives us insight
into what PADRE's doing.

You interfered with an egg.

An egg?

That's what you call
the kids that you steal?

Not stealing, rescuing.

We have heard about
PADRE in a positive light.

What is PADRE?

Something better.

Or, at least, the possibility of it.

But what we find out here is that, yes,

maybe it is trying to
rebuild civilization,

but it's trying to do it in
a pretty unconventional way,

so I don't think this is
what anyone was expecting.

Get off me.

Let me go.

Madison is shocked
when Morgan recognizes

the names on the tattoos on her wrists

because Madison hasn't
encountered anyone

who knows her kids for a very long time.

From Morgan's perspective,
seeing Madison is literally

like coming face-to-face with a ghost.

You're Madison Clark.

How do you know my name?

Madison's point of view of
Morgan is pretty complicated

because she knows that
there is not a whole lot

that they can do to get Mo back,

now that she's been
handed over to PADRE.

There's only one way PADRE's ever going

to give her back to you.

You're going to have to help me rescue

someone else's kid

to take the place of yours.

No, I'm not doing that.

What, there's no other way
to give them what they want

without taking some child

- away from its family?
- There isn't. No.

There's a lot that Madison can
relate to on an emotional level.

Morgan is in a position

where he is willing to
kidnap a pregnant woman

to make a trade for his own child.

He's sacrificing kind
of his ideals for Mo.

I've seen a mother lose
her baby once before.

I don't want to see that ever again.

Then you'll never see
your daughter again.

GOLDBERG: Morgan doesn't want to think

he is going down the
same path as Madison,

although Madison does warn him and say,

"Are you sure you want
to go down this path?"

Everything alright?

Yeah, it is for me.

GOLDBERG: Morgan realizes
it is a very slippery slope.

It's fine. We should
just get you to PADRE.

- That's what we should do.
- Okay.

GOLDBERG: When family is leveraged,

you'll do a lot of things
that you don't want to do.

MAN: Check the house first.

Shit. What?

They found me.

MAN: Who's this?

Someone she stole a child from.

What do you want?

I just found a way to motivate
her to do what we want.

- I'm listening.
- It's not gonna work.

Tell him where to find her g*dd*mn kids!

I can't. Because they're already d*ad.

GOLDBERG: Seeing Madison
have that emotional reaction

at least for Morgan makes him realize

the Madison that he heard about
is still in there somewhere.

This is where kind of the hard exterior

that Madison has built
up to protect herself,

to allow herself to do the
things she was doing for PADRE

all melts away,

and her real emotion comes out.


We found this in her pack.

We know when they're
coming to pick her up.

We're gonna surprise
her friends at the beach.

Bury them all in the sand if we have to.

Someone will talk.

Someone will tell us where our kids are.

GOLDBERG: Something you see
in a lot of old Westerns,

it's called a "sand necktie."

We thought that there could be

a really horrifying zombie
apocalypse spin on that.



You don't deserve to go out like this.

I told you, I can't...


CHAMBLISS: When Morgan's
standing opposite Walker Ava

when he realizes that his actions

may have actually
contributed to her death,

it lands on him that he's doing

the same exact thing that Madison did,

and it's kind of in that moment

that Madison reignited
her kind of will to live,

and she saves Morgan.

I'm gone, but you're not.

She doesn't want to see him go

down the same road that
she went down with PADRE,

and there's one way she
can get revenge on PADRE,

it's by helping Morgan
get his daughter back

and by preventing someone else
from being manipulated by them

in the same way she was.

GUARD: Who's he?

Collector. He has something to offer.

There's rafts out there
with people on them.

GOLDBERG: Morgan's playing
a very dangerous game.

He feels like he has
to give something up

in order to get PADRE to trust him.

- Get in.
- And that means

he's gonna have to give up
everybody else in the rafts.

Now, there's a piece of that, which is

"If they're on the inside
with me, they can help me."

And I think that Morgan
believes with their help,

with Madison's help,
it's all gonna be okay.

But it's definitely a gamble,

and looking forward into Season ,

we're just gonna have to see
how that gamble works out.

Where is PADRE?

Been meaning to tell you.

I don't know.

We will most definitely get
to see PADRE in Season .

It's something that we have been teasing

since the beginning of Season ,

and there are many
more surprises to come

with what that place is like
and the people who live there.

You're just gonna have to watch and see,

but it's not gonna look
like anything you've seen.


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