10x44 - Drop the World: Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Degrassi Next Generation." Aired: October 2001 to July 2010.
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About the kids at Degrassi Community School. Centralizing around the children of the original characters from Degrassi High (1987). The show aims to deal with serious and sometimes taboo issues that plague teenagers.
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10x44 - Drop the World: Part 2

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clare, can we talk?




I'm sorry for being
mister intense.

Planning that trip behind
your back wasn't my best idea.

But the fact that you think
that I'm not over julia?

It's hurtful.

After everything
we've been through?

You can't blame me!

Everything has been
about her.

I know.

You're so unpredictable.

I can't stomach it.

Didn't you fall for
the unpredictable,

Mysterious guy?


I fell for the guy who had
the confidence to...

Tell me I have pretty eyes,

But was more interested
in my brain.

Has that changed?

I don't know.

(Bell rings)

I wanna give you space.
Like you said.

I'd like that.

And no more secrets
or surprises.

Or unexpected twists?

I'll leave that
for my writing.

(Door creaks)

(Door slams)

(Clare sighs)

Walk me to my locker?

What happened to giving
you space?

Not right now,
let's go.


♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ I know I can make it through ♪

♪ If I hold out ♪

♪ I know I can make it through ♪

♪ Ooooh-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh ♪

♪ Be the best ♪

♪ The best that I can be ♪

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ I know I can make it ♪

♪ I can make it ♪

♪ I can make it through ♪

♪ Whatever, whatever ♪

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ I know I can make it through ♪

(Fiona giggles)

last day of class
before the break.

And with the arrival
of spring

Comes a second chance.

Come celebrate at the spring
fling semi formal,

And remember,
no dress code in effect!

Sounds like a good time
to tell holly j...

That you love her!

I told you
to forget it.

okay, fine!

I hate it.

But I'm kinda slowly
getting over it.

If holly j ever found out
it would ruin our friendship,

So I wish you wouldn't
bring it up!

Bring what up?

Anya: um...
Fiona: uh...

It's uh,
my dry feet problem.


what's the occasion?

Uh, I'm-i'm newly single!

The weight of the world
is lifted off my shoulders!

I'm so happy for you!

And there's something important
I wanna ask you two.

Would you both be my dates
to the spring semi formal?

Wait, we don't all
have to match, do we?


then sign me up!

hell, no risk of pregnancy?

I'm in!

To make it official...

What's wrong?

I'm just ticklish.





Hey! Why aren't you
sitting next to clare?

I'm giving her space.


I didn't think that word
was in your vocabulary.

Ms. Oh: (on pa)
would eli goldsworthy
please come to the office.

Eli goldsworthy
to the office.

(Students whisper)

(Relieved sigh)

what's going on?

Is cece okay?

Whoa, bullfrog,
talk to me!

We only have one rule
under our roof,

And it has been made
very clear.

g*n don't leave the house
unless we're hunting!

Oh man, I know!

Then what were you

I was dealing with julia,

She's getting in the way
of clare and me, so i...


I sh*t her picture.


It won't make her deader!

I was mad at her,
so I let it out!

What do you want me
to tell you?

You raised a weird kid.

So I'm gonna deal
in weird ways.

sh**ting is no way
to deal with anything, ever!


You're not allowed to go
on your spring break

Road trip with clare.

But dad, i-
no buts!

Hand em' over.

You're blowing this
out of proportion.

You're just lucky clare
contacted me directly.

If she'd told your principal,
you'd have been expelled.

Clare called you?

Who else?


All this stuff,

It may seem like life
or death right now,

But give it time.

Hey, time heals everything.

have a nice walk home.


Holly j:
hey, do you notice fiona
acting weird?

um, no. Why?

Holly j:
I don't know,
just a vibe.

I wanna make sure
she's okay, you know,

Post rehab?

Are you still down
for dress shopping later?

vintage is having a sale.

Excellent, and then we can
hit up yorkville

For fiona's more
affluent tastes.

Followed by getting ready
at her place,

And then a post dance

I-i'm not sure a sleepover
is such a good idea.

What, why not?

We shouldn't crowd
her condo.

Are you kidding,
it's a palace!

You get the ultimate
comfy couch,

And I'll sleep with fi.

You see, that's bad.

Okay please,
I have no problem

Sharing a bed with
my lesbian best friend.

I have gay friends,
holly j.

In fact, I think you're
my only non gay friend.

Well then, what is it?


(Sighs) um...

Fiona's in love with you.

Shut up.

You have to stop
leading her on

With the-the flowers,

And the sleepovers.

Oh, okay.

In court,
for her bobby trial?

After she won,
she kissed me!

Like I mean,
she really kissed me!

Oh my god,
this makes so much sense!

The declan jealousy,
the clinginess!

but you can't say anything!

She would die if you knew!

And then she would k*ll me.

Of course.

The only reason
that I told you

Is so that you don't make
things awkward for her!

I would never!

You can trust me,
I'm just-

I'm really glad
you told me.


bullfrog and I had
a good laugh.


What's so funny about
bringing a g*n to school?

What'd you think
I was gonna do with it?

I don't know,
that's why I called your dad.

(Laughs) clare!

I'm sure he explained to you
that we go hunting

Every year for his birthday.

I just forgot to unload
the hearse.

I'm not a psycho m*rder!

Next time, talk to me
before sounding the alarm.



I'm sorry for scaring you.

It's okay.

What are you doing later?

Going to the dance.


I'm gonna skip it.

I'm heading to bloomington

You're still going?

And you should come
with me like we planned!

Our-our little adventure!

I told you that-
I know.

But it would mean everything
to me if you came.

You don't have
to answer me now,

Just think about it.

If you decide to come,

Meet me at our bench
at nine.

(Eli sighs)

(Traffic rumbles)


Yeah, just a sec!

all right, put your hands
where I can see them!

Guys: (laughing) got him!
Kc: what's going on?

It's d-day man,
where's your mom?

Working late.

great! Time for your last party
before you morph into teen dad.



sorry man,
it's a no go.

I've gotta make things
right with jenna.

Bro, this whole party
was her idea.

But I promised to meet her
at the dance.

Why would she do that?

Because she said as long
as you can make it

For the last dance,
she's cool.

Party, and still be
there for her.

Uh huh.

I can do that!
Dave: simple, right?

Now put the hammer down.


(Cars rumble)

Anya, can you zip me up?

Oh here, I'll do it.

Oh it's okay,
you're busy.

I am?


(Phone beeps)

Who is it?

It's a text from my mom,
she needs help with something.

I don't think I'm gonna be
able to sleep over tonight.

Boooo! I got bagels
and lox for brunch!

Well, anya's here.

She can eat a ton of lox.

Your loss.

I'm gonna go shower.

You need to help your mom
with something?


You're doing a terrible job
of not being awkward!

Am i?

I'm just trying not
to do the wrong thing.

Yeah, so stop spazzing out.

Here's the problem:

Fiona doesn't know
any lesbians.

I'm just a default love.

A default love?


Do you think fi's into
blondes or brunettes?

Red heads.



♪ I can see tonight ♪

♪ Running ♪

♪ Through my mind ♪

♪ Open every door ♪

♪ Don't look down ♪

(Engine coughs)

(Engine revs)

♪ Darling baby stop ♪

♪ Runnin'
just keep runnin' ♪

(Muffled dance music plays)

(Students laugh and holler)

(Loud dance music plays)

♪ Oh girl you movin' in ♪

♪ Arms in the air
like a super (unclear) ♪

♪ You're sweet
let me shake your thing ♪

♪ I should call you
kim kardashian ♪

Ooh, she's cute!

Treasurer of lgbt committee,
you should meet her.

I'm okay.


but i-

This is fiona.

Divya: hey.
Fiona: hi.

Feels so good to shed
the uniform!

Holly j:
oh yeah, doesn't
fiona look amazing?


Fiona, divya thinks
you look amazing.

Do you think she's cute?

I guess.

Well then,
go dance with her!

(Fiona laughs uncomfortably)


(Cries and sh**ting from game)

video games?

Not what I expected
for a pseudo bachelor party.

Aw, come on.


Drew and kc:

Oh, man!

Hey, this party rocks.

No guys, she's right,
this is actually really lame.


Okay kc,
since this is your night,

Me and drew
got you something.

aw, you guys!

well, it's nothing big,

It's just a symbol
of your new life as a dad.

Big daddy.

(Dave and drew chuckle)


(Dave and drew laugh)

Say goodbye to your freedom,

(All laugh)

All I could find
was twister.


Jenna's only rule is that
I make it to the dance,


So uh...

Let's step it up a notch.

All right!

Dave: what are you doing?
Kc: tandem twister!

It'll be awes!

those cuffs are a joke!

I don't have a key!

Kc and bianca:


Dance floor buddy system
mean anything to you?

You ditched me!
You were dancing!

Yeah, with a random!

I came here to hang out
with my friend!

I know, I just...

I thought it would be nice
for you to meet someone new.

What do you mean "new"?

Someone to get your mind
off of things.

Like me?

Anya told you?

And you're using the indirect
approach like you did with sav.

"Oh, I'll set fiona up
with some girl,

So she'll leave me alone."

No, I never thought that!

Do you really have to help
your mom tomorrow,

Or is it just an excuse so you
wouldn't have to sleep over?

I didn't want to send you
the wrong message!

Yeah, well right now
the only message I'm getting

Is that I've lost
my best friend.


Clare, you made it!

And, sans eli.

Welcome to the light side.

I'm standing eli up
right now.

I'm worried.

Clare, that's what
he wants you to feel.

He's manipulating you!

It's not like that!

I promised I'd always
be there for him.

Okay, just because you
kissed eli on the lips,

Doesn't mean you have
to stay with him forever!

Breaking up with him wouldn't
make you a bad person!

But he's so scared
of losing me, alli.

I-i don't know what
he'd do if I ended it.

Maybe I should go meet him.

Listen to yourself!

He's k*lling the happy,
rational clare that I know,

Just like in his story!

I really do need
some space.

Does eli know that?

I guess I have
to tell him.

I wish kc would hurry up
and get here!

Maybe his d-day bachelor party
spun out of control.

You saw "the hangover",

(Splashing sound)

what's wrong?

My feet are wet.

Too much lemonade?

N-no, that's not pee!

Oh my god,
my water broke!

I'll call !

(Jenna whimpers)

This is not working!

because you're doing it wrong.

you had to handcuff yourself
to my girlfriend, huh?

Do you really think now
is the time

To have that discussion?

Is there anything else we can
use to break these things?

(Phone rings)

Can opener?

Dave, can you get that?



Okay, okay, slow down!

Jenna's water broke?

Oh, okay, okay!

Uh, jenna's water broke!

She's having the baby?
Dave: she's having the baby.

She's have-
she's having the baby!

she's having the baby!

you really don't have
the stupid keys?!

come on!



♪ You're wastin' my time ♪

♪ You're just just ♪

♪ Just wasting time ♪

♪ Something happens ♪

♪ And I'm head over heels ♪

♪ I never find out ♪

♪ 'Til I'm head over heels ♪

♪ Something happens ♪

♪ And I'm head over heels ♪

♪ Oh don't take my heart ♪

♪ Don't break my heart ♪

♪ Oh don't, don't
throw it away ♪

♪ Throw it away ♪

♪ Throw it away ♪

♪ Throw it away ♪

Eli: (on phone)
you didn't show up.

I know!
I came to the dance.

You ripped my heart out!

That's not what I meant to do.

you made a promise, remember?

That you'd never leave me.

I know.

But I think it's time
we let go of that.

We're growing apart.

(Laughs crazily)

Growing apart?

Any other melodramatic cliches
you wanna throw my way?

Me, you, and the hearse,

Like we've wanted all year!

But that's not what
I want... Anymore.

Okay, I hate the hearse.

And spring is a time
of rebirth, renewal -

Not us!

if you hate the hearse,

I'll get rid of it.

eli. You love that car!

I love you!

And I know you love me.

We need to break up.

Did you hear me?

We're not meant
to be together!

We are.

I just have to get rid
of morty.

(Engine revs)


(Engine revs)

Eli, answer me!

(Engine revs)

(Tires squeal)

(Loud crash)


(Frightened gasp)

(Muffled music plays)


Holly j:
you have to believe me
that dropping you as a friend

Was never my intention.

Fiona, you know me!

I never, ever wanted
to hurt you,

I was trying to be sensitive
to your needs,

k*ll me now!
And doing it badly.

I know, I know.

I know we'll never be together,
I'm not stupid.

Of course you're not!

Then stop treating me
like a faberge egg,

And get over yourself!


What's that supposed
to prove?

That things don't have
to change.


Same as always?

Same as always.

P.s. I'll get over you.

You're not that awesome.

Where is he?
Is he okay?

He'll be happy to see you.

Look what I saved
from the wreckage.

Our story.

What did you do?

I crashed morty.

You hated it.

But you could have died!

Hey, it was worth it,

You came.


You knew I would come.



you are manipulating me!

I wasn't.

I want to live, i...

I was destroying morty
for you!

You scare me, eli.

I can't be around you!

No, no, no, don't!

Don't leave me, please.

I'm sorry!

Okay, but I can't!

(Anguished groan)

(Door bangs)

(Baby cries)


(Baby wails)


Oh, I'm so happy
you could make it.

I wouldn't have
missed it!


Hey, hey!
Let's get a picture!

(Baby cries)

(Camera clicks)

You guys look
so cute together!

(Jenna and kc laugh)


(Crickets chirp)

How are you feeling?

the walk back helped.

Are you sure you
wanna be here?

I can walk you home.


No, I wanna go inside.

I want to dance,
I want to have fun.

At least, I wanna try.

Then let's have fun!



♪ I said I need her to stay ♪

♪ I want you to stay ♪
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