02x39 - Victory

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sonic Boom". November 8, 2014 - October 4, 2017.
Sonic and friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks tries to ward off the evil plans of Dr. Eggman who is taking over the world.
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02x39 - Victory

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you're free now free to express yourself

oh no the last thing we want is a me

expressing ourselves we gotta do



a heavy one what's up is Jesse here and

welcome to another installment of let's

watch sonic boom the sonic boom

sorry I'm no he said sonic access anyway

so uh yes first off uh so sorry super

late update I just had like a huge

weekend I was tired below sit under the

women lately and um yeah so sorry for

the long way and also like I said in the

last video I want to thanks could take

pig Wilson from for giving me the link

or the video file for the previous

videos for the previous episode so thank

you so much man once again don't worry

already got this on on the day and I

don't worry about this episode I already

got it a day on it stay on the honest

when it was released so yeah yeah and

once again I'm so sorry for the late out

date yet so anyway check out the episode

of victory up well they played they

gotta have a sucking magnet it looks

like God's eye playing feed father looks

like the time speed boat yeah okay you

know what I I don't want to keep you

guys wait oh and Sam my burger oh man

he's back he's on a couple of good

episodes how many do you this is season

third one now see first of all for now

oh you know what I'll have a look for

myself let's not get on with the let's

see what happens in this episode shall

we looks like they're gonna have a

stocking nice I doubt Eggman will be

done yeah that Eggman will be on the

young rival team or maybe the lightning

bolt Society


totally that is not who I think it is oh



wow knuckles knock the rest of you use

what oh no I'm opposing poles because

the city needs another what do you need

another house Bolton mare you don't need

another house seriously who like him as

mayor seriously huh yeah that's what

happening these days you win some you

lose some yeah um you earned something

yeah you're on something with all this

hard work and it all comes tumbling down

because someone decides to you know what

I mean you know Oh bill tighter you hold

a rec center to gather signatures and

petition the government for redress of

our grievances Street but after that no

more fighting I'm trying to go legit not

donate no you don't need any but no

v*olence necessary must apply to more

people died how's your biggest result if

I couldn't see leave me be

after you sign it I don't need you

anymore okay yes how do not receive

supposed to work yeah yeah yeah get on

to like sign it unless it's for a good


I would sign something if it was a good

for good cause mr. mayor we got

organized in order to bring about

meaningful change any idea how much how

much time and sacrifice Isaac what man

certainly who bar you from there yeah

confetti for the budget parade that's

been affected you're not a lot

believable did you really think it'll be

over so quickly

yeah yeah weird a minute - nope sorry we

are - is into the episode I'd like to

buy the record I'm gonna tear it down a

bit myself a record except for me and

there's nothing you arrogant like this

great kids to do about

so unfortunately control of the rec

center can only change man in an

athletic competition we live in a

society of rule did that convoluted an

arbitrary but still I challenge you and

your team to a game of soccer against me

and my team oh wait don't have a

teachers you have no friends

oh this is just like gum face jam like

I'm with bugs and he's greeted

challenges I'm alien to a basketball

game but they're that they can't play

they can't play on this until they yep

if you see a movie it's really good with

Michael Jordan if something even better

no what robot nice yep fella botanist

bought the shop right Rekha is a shark

but it really only tended to be sonic

incentive well Sonic and Finn

where can I find exact oh forget

subsonic and rats

hmm oh no no robot from the sky Oh what

was that place hold again I'm just

asking you cyber starting Wow Wow

Robo cane that's it Oh Merrigan ee we

get to see them again

oh man yay we get to see them again it's

a peace offering

all I need is 30 minutes of your time

and you need one of these you can talk

it oh yes

I use it to say tiny by excessive time

either way they're my special gift to

you I need one of those anyone from one

of them for Christmas yeah so in

conclusion please do this for me any

questions didn't tell us anything you

just said in conclusion please do this

for other come and Excise got mixed up

oh my dad good afternoon I brought you

guys to b*at Sonic's team in a soccer

game in conclusion please do this for me

okay yeah

the pencil Ziggy Thank You time is out

please accept your gift looks okay oh

well there is my schism you can smiling

and no difficulty so a word our cyborg

duplicate guide there's how to get hurt

I thought we were cool yeah no we're

cool you losers know we're losers

what's up of these guys they're under my

control you just flew in at the exact

right moment corresponding back

basically I was

behind the tree for a while nevertheless

thanks to mind control I had my team not

for long

don't even bother after the game I'll

release you have any idea how about mind

control cost you're on cheapskate the

field okay time to practice on them

music oh wow oh good good guys they're

your peers and so they're doing that we

need to somehow enhance your team I have

to reprogram the behavior what's the

most unpleasant mean-spirited brutish

aggressor society has ever known

a high school jock yes I school Chuck I

have a formula update for that it's just

too evil on the other hand I really want

that rec center something fierce

oh man bro what of them undies oh my god

acting like jerks he'll be acting like

jerks now yeah oh yeah seriously

oh man wow yeah yeah they're just not

embracement the beating we took out

there okay I get a double med burger and

regret side fries oh my god

weird first unless there's something

before first then we're d*ad it is my

mom crying I want to counter all dragon

about ah you're gonna hurt him very

frank if you figure mind control

oh my god laughing like jerks now on the

manga troll oh joy dad I wanna see your

game but I wanted I to think I don't get

that if I'm just did okay hopefully do

too hey um okay I know I don't play

soccer but against the rules of

something oh wow out out out

seriously yeah what I going to do

Michael Jackson oh my gosh no okay this

has got to go real


Oh seconds left result missing

thanks everyone love director I decided

to keep it open

hey what the sidewards go Oh UK me well

no no they fight the same chuckles


ah there we go

1 2 3 4 & 5

hey how's it going to b*at you up

that was actually a pretty good episode

all the day I look upset when they said

I'm going to close down the young

library or something and occasionally

got the rec center open yeah I was so

bad too because he needed to close down

the library oh come on can't you close

down Eggman layer instead yes

that'll make mouse make seem a lot more

easier sounds like um well not just a

mentally but um if they actually have

like you know the power plant or the

women you know like a little truck out

I'm a builder I was I went am i I

wouldn't mind if you jumped out double

trouble in the library and the right

side is I ain't no I um now this is a

soccer game they actually a little dance

number they actually they don't look

okay that was unpredictable yeah pretty

missable and all yeah on and I actually

wear it like um they're not wearing the

usual shoes of it weren't different up

yeah a different shoe yeah so um anyway

don't worry about it it's just work

anyway I hope you guys actually liked

this episode um I did so much so I just

yeah and I'm so sorry for the little

thing yeah so yeah feel free to posed to

come and love what you what you guys

what you guys think of this episode so

far feel free to yet subscribe to my You


L & my dailymotion account also looks me

off on Twitter and Facebook that's why I

most of the time also

my vivillon and my fan section the

profile the link down below in the

description sorry so yeah anyway this is

a Jesse from Jesse order productions and

I am signing off you guys take care of

yourselves okay



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