09x25 - The Ending of the End Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Aired: October 2010 to October 2019.
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09x25 - The Ending of the End Part 2

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it's not everyday the princesses asks

all the responsibilities onto you and

your friends you wanted to boost

Twilight's confidence so you brought

that Christmas cosy low and Terra to

att*ck her its goal was robot you've

been setting up challenges for us the

whole time haven't you

why are you so


My Little Pony My Little Ponies


what friendship could be

it's magic with me big adventure a

beautiful heart faithful and strong

sharing kindness and easy



patience cozy destruction is so

permanent we need to show the rest of

Equestria that we've broken their heroes

first besides we should have fun with

our guests no we should hunt down

Twilight Sparkle as long as she's out

there she's dangerous is that big strong

Minotaur that scared of lawn duty ponies

relax it's not like her friends are

going anywhere

the fools brought the remains of my

throne to Canterlot to protect

themselves those shards block their

magic careful too close and the shards

cancel even our powers but on this side

of the cavern we are the most powerful

beings in Equestria thanks to grow

guards Belle you saw what happened when

you try to take this cause chaos magic


do you mean you could be we got a fight

why light she's probably already figured

out some way to defeat those monsters

any idea how we get out of here to do

that too sticky there's no way anypony

could get through this I'm so sorry it

made so much sense in my head

Twilight defeats her worst enemies and

is filled with confidence I truly did

have the best intentions I swear I'll

make it up to you that's gonna need to

be a pretty epic makeup stay away from

the belly none of us can use the

alicorns magic until we figure out how

to handle that fools

ridiculous chaos magic I could always

tell you it would give you power over

all reality but you'd have to ask nicely

and spare my friends no discord this

isn't the way to help discord

could you please thr*at are more my


speak he's lying he won't tell us I

certainly won't tell you after the way

you lied to me last time we teamed up

you muscle-bound this question

could destroy you before you blink so

choose your words carefully you're right

is too polite how about pathetic

centaur who uses magic to compensate for

the fact that deep down he's afraid

he'll never be enough to please dear old

dad King Vora




get Twilight no way

she's always needed you guys


fine Twilight we may not have our magic

but we aren't completely helpless we'll

hold them off as long as we can


that was a pretty epic makeup just save

Equestria and keep Fluttershy safe why

are you out in the open hi the unicorns

have been gathering and Celeste just

school of magic ever since the att*ck

that's where I was headed when I saw you

what about the earth ponies and pegasi

it's every pony for themselves Betty

right well you can all stand out here in

debate I'm going where I'm sick

chrysalis was telling the truth they

really have turned ponies against each


everypony scared that's all we just need

to get to Ponyville and find Twilight

prompt she'll know how to set things


please stay calm I know it seems bad but

there's no need to panic because

ponyville's own Heroes of Equestria are

there to save us where'd all these

ponies come from earth ponies been

pouring in looking for somewhere safe

we don't have unicorn magic to protect

us we're sitting in the sky to hide and

like those cowardly pegasi cowardly said

they didn't want any grounded ponies up

in their business listen up buddy

don't exactly what chrysalis and the

others weren't more fighting we know

you're scared we're here to help that's

probably as worried as everypony else

and trying to find somewhere safe that's

why I was sure she'd be waiting for us

in Ponyville where else could she be I

know where Twilight is oh thank Celestia

you're alright she's upstairs it's not

good you're here I was so worried

where are the princesses they made a

terrible mistake

you halted from the second I got away

I've been searching every book scroll

and spell for a way to rescue you and

stop chrysalis tiragon cozy but I

haven't found anything I've healed

you'll come up with something we can't

save Equestria without you you all

escaped without my help you didn't need

me then so why would any pony need me

now we don't things look bad but we've

been in tough spots before and we all

ground nothing we've ever done has


Sabra returned to destroy the tree of

Harmony Chris list T rec cozy glow

returned and more powerful than ever

the school of friendship shut down and

free pony in Equestria is so blinded by

fear they can't remember what friendship

is nothing we do makes any difference

but we still free em together and it's

not like things could get any worse


haven't we learned never to say goodbye




those matches the hearts where me Eve

story creatures made of wind that spread

cold and misery across the land to

punish ponies seems pretty real to me

let the pegasi deal with this there's

nothing we can do except hi


that's enchanted winds we can't control

it and we can't rely on those snooty

unicorns for any help build up the cloud

bank will try to blop it

what about everypony down below they're

on their own we all are

fortified the shields around the school

of magic we need to protect ourselves

it's all we can do it's already done

enough you want the truth Twilight bad

things happen no matter what you do

there's never gonna be a time when

everything's perfect but that don't mean

you quit trying what if I make things


ever since Celestia told me I was taking

over I've been gaining confidence then I

find out it's all a lie the Questor has

been falling apart around us and I

didn't even notice

what kind of princess does that make me

I'm scared I probably knew more about

being scared than anypony but thanks to

all of you I've learned I'm always less

scared when I'm with my friends if we're

facing impossible odds we're facing them


it's what we always do darling but we're

on our own and we have no idea what to

do that's true pretty much every time

something terrible is about to happen we

don't have the elements of harmony

anymore how can you all be so calm about

this because even if you don't believe

you can do this we do we believe in you

in us the truth is all our lives

wouldn't be the same if we hadn't meant

we're better off because of our

friendship with you so when you say you

haven't made a difference that's just

not true you've made a big difference

thank you sometimes even the princess of

friendship needs a reminder that there's

more than the magic of friendships and

rainbow lasers hello that part is pretty



we still need a plan whoo that sounds

like the pony I used to full sit four

count us in no you need to stay here and

protect Florrie heart if we don't if

things don't work out

she's Equestria's last hope okay three

of our worst villains have taken over

powered up by ancient magic every pony

in Equestria is so scared and divided

that the windigos are circling and it's

up to us to fix it all the same thing we

do every time pinky try to save the



every prisoner is safely in ourselves

now we can hop down the rest of the I'm

not hunting anymore down in this weather

I don't think we should this could work

out quite well for me you mean us the

harsh weather is the final blow to break

the pony's spirits once Equestria is a

frozen wasteland we'll use our magic to

destroy those windy beasts ponies will

be so grateful they'll do whatever I

want the wind the girls our ancient

magics it would be unwise to leave them

unchecked best we deal with them now we

probably should deal with Twilight and

her friends before anything else Bobby

was too cool for you to hunt anypony

down we don't need you there right there

you think they know we're here

let's say they have an idea



that Bell has discord Celestia Lunas

magic inside if they use it against us

discords magic is so chaotic he's the

only one who can use it you just can't

accept that you were beaten before you

even realize there was a fight can you

you can't b*at us if we never give up as

long as I have my friends by my side

I'll put my faith in Braille can we get

on with this please you need to get that

Bell and get to supporting the

princesses their magic back

Rainbow Dash Pinkie you're with me no

we're the distraction they're gonna get

the Bell




so nice not annoying



and not for the dragons wings get

plucked please don't hurt him turns out

that the magic of friendship is your

biggest weakness a fitting end to your

pathetic story no matter what we face it




what happened tell me open my eyes you

sure can



change lanes won't fool them forever and

I don't know how long the unicorn shield

will halt I don't understand how are you

all here that's powerful

you know those long lectures about

friendship you gave in school we all

know the story of Hearts wearing Eve we

can defeat the wind that goes together

you really think if we all see a couple

songs everything will be fine it's not

just singing that save the founders of

Equestria it's what it represented earth

ponies unicorns and pegasi becoming

friends we learned a twilight school

that friendship is the most powerful

magic focusing on our differences keeps

us divided villains and creatures like

the windigos use that division against

us yet strong ponies strong but yaks and

ponies stronger together

yaks must be loyal to pony friends I

know helping other creatures by being

kind and generous sounds lame but I've

seen how powerful it can be playing

together singing together even laughing

together that's what real heroes look

like it's the ponies that showed us a

better way they've taught us how

powerful love and the magic of

friendship truly is we can't let them

stand alone we're their friends they


how about that it's just like you said

the day we open that school the more

creatures who know about friendship

safer will be


because of you I almost lost my way but

every creature here has reminded me of

the true power of friendship there will

always be darkness in the world but

there will also always be those who find

the light pillars knew this that's why

they created the Elements of Harmony

the elements showed me and my friends

how strong our friendship could be

together we work to bring harmony to

Equestria but there will only be more to

do which is why we teach others about

the magic of friendship others who will

continue our mission after we are gone

now I truly understand the elements were

just symbols the real magic has always

been right here and the more who

understand how powerful friendship is

the stronger we will all be



you think friendship will save you we

will always return nothing will ever

stop chocolate ring don't look at me


maybe I should


there isn't a punishment worthy of all

you've done oh that does seem fitting

may I help


together forever

I can't think of anything that they

would want when I sent you to Ponyville

I had high hopes when you became

princess of friendship I knew I made the

right choice but nothing could prepare

me for how proud I am right now

Equestria is definitely in the right

house you are ready

you know what I think I am thank

goodness a first question your highness

what do we do with all these creatures

we're gonna need Oh more chairs for the

coronation actually as ruler of


I'd like to postpone the coronation for

a while at least until the castles

rebuilt besides there's something we

need to do first post-apocalyptic


interesting choice I know but there's

gonna be plenty of time for all the

challenges and struggles and adventures

to come for now I just want to spend a

quiet moment with the six best friends

I've ever had

well mostly quiet like end of an era or

the beginning of an even more awesome


all I know is whatever comes next is

going to be perfect

how do you know that with you guys by my

side how could it not

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