05x21 - Three Zones and a Baby

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Total Drama". Aired: July 8, 2007 to present.
Canadian animated comedy of teenagers who compete in a reality show in parody of reality shows.
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05x21 - Three Zones and a Baby

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last time on total drama the players had

a ball that quickly rolled into a pit

that everyone had to escape Dave tried

to kiss sky a lot he made out with a bat

sugar found a way to shed a little light

on things while Max and Scarlett found

more than they shoulda ante must walk

showed us how not to win a challenge

in the most discussed during Li

hilarious way L bar no one went home

when I busted out a little McLain evil

and made max and Skye switch teams but

this is today and someone will blast

away so hip-hip-hurray four total




your stage to sleep spindles were

low-frequency followed by an intense

Delta or slow wave you slept well go

it's alright a little weird but harmless

first thanks fruit makes you sad no I

just I got used to having breakfast with

Dave every morning we were just friends

but I'm still gonna miss not no no you

can't have feelings for the enemy I used

to have a thing for Sean but Sean yes

okay but I ended it the only person you

can count on is your and me while we're

on the same team but no one else Dale

you're right and don't worry I'm a team

player you got a deal that could have

been a double-date high-five me and

jasmine Dave and sky I mean who knows

huh she totally hates me right now I

gotta win her back

why aren't you braying imbecile confound

these sleeping quarters


I do not take orders from talking

animals I give them and they are evil

that max is funnier than a junebug

caught my granny's wag a balls huh hey

why so glum is cuz you thought you and I

were a perfect couple

and now that she switched teams you know

there's little to no hope of you two

ever ever ever getting back together

yeah now let's not mess this up like we

did with the wizard a little warning

would be nice the shams give no warning

get your head on straight oh they'll

open it up like a yogurt container tree

bark sharesies no I'll just starve don't

be down sky and Jasmine are on the same


it'll be 24/7 Girl Talk over there and

they'll come back to us in no time

maybe you're right your fate awaits at

the grand clearing last one eats a

rotten egg he said the last one forget


last one there it's rotten

see sounds better with a more youthful

inflection agree or strongly agree

been using old man Chris's cell to leave

messages with the network about going

with that younger host ie

me still haven't heard back might be

time to step it up and Topher arrives

last so he gets to eat the rotten egg oh

man for real

lucky for you it's already in sugar

stomach dirt he's the enemy and he'll

turn on you the first chance he gets

listen up campers today's challenge is

called hush or die the teams have to

race through three separate and unique

danger zones free zones have one thing

in common though the noisier you are the

greater the danger becomes area one is

called the Lions lunch you got to sneak

through a field of sleeping lions wake

one up and your lunch but they're

sleeping so oh and there are

rattlesnakes too

oh that's bad um a rattlesnakes poison

is kinda deadly the venom in our snakes

has been slightly diluted so you'll only

feel like you're gonna die if you make

it out of that zone alive maybe you'll

die in area 2 make a noise in zone 2

blindfolded chef

well blast you went faster noodles can't

k*ll anyone

true unless the burning hot noodles

cause you to scream and wake up the

carnivorous past a bear forcing your

team to untangle you before you're

eating a lie well yeah that could k*ll

someone the last phase of the challenge

is crossing the Avalanche zone yeah kind

of ran out of creative steam coming up

with the name for that one huh old age

you'll do that to you chef give me a


ten o'clock 73 degrees high please I

mean these little games might be

challenging for old people but not us

you really need to start thinking

younger Chris hmm don't four makes a

good point you're all so young and agile

I should step it up so now everyone will

have to carry a special something

through the entire challenge it'll make

it way harder everyone say thanks Topher

okay release the babies

this can't be legal


evil doesn't change

sorry old nappies they're sleeping you

wake a lion up with a crying baby and

it's not gonna be a party I mean prepare

to feel tiny minion


wait you're pedaling and steer clear of

the Lions and psyches the plan we

maintain a lead on them and wake up the

danger we've already passed and then let

them deal with the Lions Olin sounds

good uh-huh

whatever well but Dave say ah the enemy


are you here to win avoid making it

harder on the other team is a valid

strategy they just feel bad putting Dave

in danger on purpose I'm here to win

good come on let's go

what would be just standing behind a

tree maybe I need glasses okay that was

just a parting gift from here onward

Dave and I are enemies totally we're

gonna be together forever

totally hmm

I mind melding with the reptile he will

sense our shared evil and become my pet

sidekick also I have the perfect name

for him

socks the snake yeah

Oh even needs an air we're almost out I

figured it was the network texting that

I was replacing Chris's host but no it

was his mom sending him a cute picture

of a cat sleeping in a shoebox this is

good you got that right

put this phone on vibrate we'll team

dino say what be eliminated from the

challenge and existence right now or

will they somehow escape the kings of

the jungle and hey what's Dover doing

with a cellphone

we're all gonna find out soon here on

Total Drama

on three oh yeah that's what I'm talking


Wow what just happened Panthera leo are

apex predators

not unlike Ursus arctos horribilis so

their instinctive predator prey

responses don't run from lines or bears

show them you're the boss what did you

betta sleeping cats an oversized

poisonous worms with fangs are nothing

compared to the zombie apocalypse I'm

glad to see you made it not that I doubt


save the flattery for someone who cares

ooh and Shauna's let b*rned as team Kino

say what moves on to area 2 Hey since

all of team genus a walk made it through

the Lions lunch they're ready for the

pasta blast


number three time to step up your game

or I'm gonna step on your game she's


time to show those network execs what

I've got Shh

check it five years of on camera boys

classes for the topper experience

they're wearing where's your baby what

the it's just like the time I took my

little brother to tie in and lost him

Lilla little I can't even remember his


will this be the end of sugars short

night saying I hope so

seems wrong but



yeah you scare me quite a bit for a

living person hey come on we can still

win this but do they have what it takes

to catch up the Dinos say luck problem

soon I'd say yes a little help here


oh no we'd never start again

stay away from these guy don't step on

that horn


remember will be talked about earlier

are you a team player or a team trader

peak now


I feel horrible but Jasmine's right I'm

here to win not to date Dave understands

that takeout meals should do the trick


this is not going to end with no can't

do we all gotta finish or we lose the



reunited with my widdle evil aki YT

looks like Gigi knows a rock is going

across the second finish line first

oh hold up for a second

all four bars if you keep us from

winning you'll wish you never met me

when did Scarlett get so scary

congratulations team Geno's say walk

still in the lead in just one more zone

to go first I need you to hand in your

babies why lawyers called chef and said

something about danger and babies and

lawsuits blah blah blah so you didn't

have a back-up plan to keep things

interesting huh it's like you're losing

your touch sure something slow you're

all junior okay seriously why haven't we

seen this part of the island before aids

like you just picked into existence no

always been here

maybe you aren't as observant as you


please just let me win I didn't carry

you through 400 meters of bear-infested

booby-trapped terrain so you could fail

you thinks guy wants to date a quitter

give your head a shake baby put some

shush on get up and show her you're a

champ you're right

then get up dude can't the snakebites

have none to my everything oh man I've

already told you I did handed the child

what could I possibly have for an extra

10 pounds of a dork abomination oh this

baby yes well here take it

stay evil my mini minion yes little Skye

sees me now antes must walk is finally

entering the Avalanche zone robot with

the video say work has they'll be hard

to catch it's the network comes out the

top men we've been watching you kid and

we do like what we see well thank you

for noticing it's time we put Chris out

to pasture you're interested in taking

over the show

the man

before we go any further max we need the

baby back what you see wow it's a an

evil huh an evil king huh what are you

so happy about you know you're going

home right we'll see who goes home

scarlet Jasmine Skye you're safe and I'm

ecstatic to announce that you're

eliminated Chris huh who me

whatever do you mean newsflash Chris is

going home and I'm taking over the show

I got the phone call from the producers

during the challenge that's why I

cheered and that's why I don't care that

we lost because I am now in charge


here's a lesson when it comes to showbiz

never lay off Leia I knew he had my

phone all along how did you know you was

calling the producers it's what I would

have done but why the sunglasses and

mustache you couldn't even see you dude

it's called getting into character

you got a lot to learn kid later good

riddance it just goes to show you that

with age comes the wisdom to recognize

yourself and someone else and the

courage to f*re them out of a cannon

tune in next time for more pain and

bless Topher

right here

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