13x13 - Abducted

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The d*ad Files". Aired: September 2011 to present.
"The d*ad Files" features two independent investigations into locations that are reported to be haunted. One investigation is performed by a psychic medium, while a former NYPD homicide detective investigates. Each show concludes with a meeting, where they discuss their findings together with the victims.
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13x13 - Abducted

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There's like a lot of chaos.

Death is here.
Yeah, death is very here.

Let's just call it
a house of pain.

This energy

was just mean, evil.

Reached in and grabbed my neck.

It looked like a huge man,
maybe six foot, eight.

So he can jump the living.

I told you it was trying
to k*ll me!

There's some bad juju out here.

I'm hearing the
devil's triangle.

My name is amy allan.

I see d*ad people.

I think he
might have been a stalker.

I speak to d*ad people.
And they speak to me.

He will k*ll you.
He has k*lled people.

But there's only one way to
know if my findings are real.

They're being possessed.

I rely on my partner.

I'm steve dischiavi.

I'm a retired new york city
homicide detective.

How many people died here
over the years?

And I know every person,

every house has secrets.

It's my job to reveal them.

But steve and I never speak...

We never communicate during
an investigation.

...Until the very end.

This sketch is like a nightmare.

When we uncover if it's safe
for you to stay...

I never thought that
the biggest problem was me.

...Or time to get out.

He could more than likely
k*ll you.


I'm out here in marana, arizona.

It's about 25 minutes
outside of tucson.

A woman named mercedez
called us in.

She sounded hysterical
and says whatever's in the house

is trying destroy her marriage
and k*ll her husband.

She told me she thinks we're
her very last chance.

I'm getting a male.

He says he was running and
running for a very long time.

He said he died because
the sun k*lled him

and the desert ate him.

Then he shows me that he's being
surrounded by men.

They all created a perfect
circle around him.

So all of these men in unison
jump and when they land,

all of a sudden a hole opens
up and this guy just

starts falling.

So mercedez, this is

really a beautiful place.

It's peaceful.
You got animals everywhere.

But when we spoke,
it sounded like

you're living in hell over here.

It looks so beautiful here,
and it is,

but there's so much pain
in that house.

Let's just call it
a house of pain.

When we spoke on the phone,

you'd mentioned about your
marriage being on the rocks.


What's going on with the

I love joe.

I love him to pieces, but
the things that have happened,

um, I feel like something
takes over him.

It's okay.
Take your time.

I'm sorry.

Bad things have been said to
me that have hurt me so bad.

We can't even, like, talk,

or we can't even
be in the same room.

Listen, we're here now.

We'll do our best.

I can promise you that.

Okay, mercedez,

so is it just you and joe
in the house?

No, I have a picture.

That's my husband, joe,

and this is my son, tristan,
who's 21.

And that's his dad,

my former husband, mark.

Your former husband lives here.

Yes, my former husband
lives here with my son.

And you're sure the marriage
problems ain't

because you got
an ex-husband living here?


You think that's from
the paranormal?

I know it's from the paranormal.

Okay. Is there a reason
your ex is

living here with you and your

Yes. A tornado,
of all things,

hit right on their property,

so they came here
and they stayed.

How long they been here?

They've been here about
four or five months now.

They live in the freakin'
house with you guys?

No, they live in
the cabin next door.

So are these guys havin'
any paranormal issues?


They are.

So mercedez, do me a favor
and give me a list

of what you
guys are experiencing here.

Okay. Shadow figures,

being personally attacked,

and just feeling sick.

So we often get people
feeling physically sick.

What's the story with you?

Chronic fatigue, anxiety,
and not being able to breathe.

And when I'm not here,
I don't have those symptoms.

So why stay here?

Get the frig out, and then
maybe things'll get better.

Well, everything's tied up
in here.

And besides, I'm gonna fight.

Okay. I mean,
what are you hoping

we can do for you?

I'm hoping that you will
save our marriage.

Wanna have this be a animal
sanctuary, a musical place

where everybody's happy
and we can be in love again.

It's not a lot to ask for,
is it?

It's not that much to ask.

But it is while you're in hell.

God, I feel sick.

Yeah, this is...

this feels, like, residual.

What kind of residual?

So feelings of extreme anger,
fear, confusion, panic.

Would the living have any
experiences with these?

these emotions

could be picked up on by
sensitives because

it's sticking hard and also
the nausea is very bad.

And it's also draining.

Yeah, like you start coming
over here, man,

and it's just **** like a wave.

It's like -- it's just
hittin' you.

I see the piano and stuff.

What's the story?
You guys play?

I'm a musician,

and I see personal clients
at the house.

What do you mean by clients?

Do you teach music or something?

No. I am a craniosacral

myofascial energy

All right. What the hell
is that?

I pull out energy
from people and help them.

All right. Have you tried
to get rid of

this crap on your own?

Yes. Yes.

We have tried for years,
but I can't do it myself.

I can't do it.

I don't know what to do.

All right. So, why'd you
bring me in this spot?

Okay, this is a spot where I
get watched. Watched.

All right. So when you say
you got the feelin'

of bein' watched, is it one of
those curious feelings

or do you think it's somebody
that's creeping on you?

It's a creepy feeling.

I have never experienced
anything like this.

I'm getting, like,
b*mb by this crazy

d*ad female.

She was sure -- she's probably
in her late sixties.

No boundaries.

Completely, you know, invading
my personal space.

I think living people
would experience

this very obvious,
presence near them.

She had heart issues,
I think, for most of her life.

If she's nearby,

you would have heart-racing,
missing beats,

things like that.

And this chick is so over
the top and so dramatic.

I'm like, damn, you know,
she could have been

an actress,

and I don't like her at all.

All right, so we got
the feeling of being watched.

What else is going on?

I feel like I am being
possessed in this room.

You feel like you're taken
over and it speaks through you.

All right. I gotta ask you,

are you take a pills
or you boozin' during the day?

No. I don't drink.

I don't smoke.

I don't take any medicine.

I'm all holistic.

So, mercedez, when you feel
like you're gettin' possessed,

describe what happens.

Total anxiety, total feeling
like you don't have

any control.

Total feeling like you don't
even wanna live.

You get really angry like that.

And then you just feel sad.

So when joe has those mood
changes and, you know, issues

do you feel he's getting
possessed like you are?

I know he is.

I'm curious as to what you think

may be possessing you
or jumping you,

whatever the hell it may be.


I don't know what is here.

It does not want me here.

It never has wanted me here.

It just -- it's my
second chance at a family,

and now it's like,
it doesn't want me to have it.

We're here, okay?


We're here, so don't
worry about it.

We're here.


There's some physical
altercation goin' on here,

like somebody bein' slammed.

It's a male.

His head hurts bad.
His neck.

His **** head, dude.

Okay. Anyways.

Okay, out here -- it gets worse!


God. I don't want to.



can quickly kind of jump you.

So living people would have
experiences of kind of

feeling like they're kind
of out of control,

not quite themselves.

It can make you sick.

Yeah, so this isn't
a great situation.

So what's going on in here?

Horrific, horrific nightmares.

I always get picked up and
thrown against the wall,

and it's, like, always
the same kind of man.

A very dark, very mean man.

All right, so I notice
you got a dreamcatcher.

Has it helped at all?

They did at first,
but I don't think

they really do that
much anymore.

Anything else?

I get the feeling as if

I'm being held down in the bed.

It's like you got hit

a air pressure or water pressure

pressing you down.

You know, this is bad.

How you holding up?

I'm not. I'm barely
holding up.

You really don't deserve this.

Nobody deserves this.

It's not good.
It's not good for me.

I do not like it in here.

So there's this
classic-lookin' cowboy,

but he turns into, like,
a black octopus thing.

He gives nightmares.
That's a big thing.

He goes,

"maybe I like to sleep
with this one."

yeah, he's rootin' down in
this person's, stomach.

He's goin' into them
and then sliding down.

And he's like, right in
the lower spine area.

I feel like this is a woman.

What kind of effect could
he have

on the living here when he
does this?

'cause he's wrapping
around the spine,

eventually it could
lead to paralysis.


So, joe, talkin' to mercedez,

she says that whatever's here,
in her opinion,

wants to break you guys up.

I think whatever it is
knows that

mercedez is very much
something special, okay?


And that we're --

together could be a team that
could do some amazing things.

So then do you think
whatever's here

thinks when you two are together

you're a thr*at?


So, talking to your wife,

she told me that you get
these sudden bursts of anger.

Is that true?

Yes, it is.


I have said things that
really hurt mercedez.

And I'm not an angry person,
in general.

All right, joe,
so anything else?

I saw a shadow figure in
my living room.

So describe what it
looked like to you.

Well, it was western.

Felt old.


I would say he had one of

those old trench coats that
those old cowboys wear.

- The dusters.
- Yeah. The dusters.

Yeah, yeah.

And, had some sort of a hat.

His energy was just mean, evil.

It scared the hell out of me.

Anything else?

They attacked me.

They grabbed my heart.

When you say "they," who
you talkin' about?

Okay. That's the shadow man.

That's who -- whatever it is
on this property,

there's some bad juju out here.

Have you gone to the hospital
when this has happened?


I wouldn't play russian
roulette anymore.

I would get a stress test done.

We're at that age
where **** happens.

I understand. Yeah.

If amy said she suggested

that you leave here,
what would you say to that?

I would figure out a way
to get the

h-e-double-l outta here.

That cowboy guy
is just sittin' there.

He's acting oddly.

He was tryin' to hide,

and then he was tryin' to climb
up on the ceiling there.

He's making himself real little
up in the corner.

He's getting tinier and tinier
and tinier,

so I think he might be
a little guilty.

He can get physical with
the living,

I guess if he gets pissed off
or something.

It's interesting how much
he is able to

affect his
surroundings physically.

I think that was the cowboy,

reached in and grabbed my neck.

I don't know why he got mad.

He was mad.

So, guys, I spent the afternoon

talkin' with mercedez --
your mom, your ex-wife --

and joe about the
stuff that's going on here.

I gotta ask though,

is it a little weird living with

your ex-wife
and her new husband at all?

It's strange.

There's a lot of tension between

joe and your ex-wife,

and they believe
it's the paranormal.

Do you think maybe
you being here

has something to do with that,

or you think it's
the paranormal?

It's the paranormal.

Um, actually, my being here

has had a positive effect
on everything.


He's really helped them.

I was talkin' to your mom,

she was tellin' me about how

sometimes she feels
like she's being possessed

and is not the same person
she is.

Have you noticed that?

Yes, sir.

She has mood swings
and cries a lot.

I mean, there's a lot of stuff

goin' on here
that's a little crazy.

And what kind of experiences
are you guys having?

I've seen the shadow
figure outside.

What did it look like to you?

It looked like a huge man.

Maybe six foot, five.
Six foot, eight.

How do you know it wasn't
some tall guy out there?

The blackness.

It was like --
it was like a black hole.

There was absolutely no light.

So is there anything else
you can tell me about?

Yes, I've had

panic att*cks.

Tristan really doesn't --
he never feels safe.


That's not a good way to be.

I don't sleep here good.

He sleeps opposite me.

So I sleep at night.

He's up, so that when
he's asleep

during the day, I'm up.

That's combat conditions.

I've done it.

It's -- it's not great.

There's like a lot of
chaos here.

This is, I think, a
living person.

I think it's male.

Overwhelmed, stressed,
scattered, confused.

Just too much negativity.

A lot of living energy in here,

and it's not good.

The structure's, like,
absorbing this chaos.

It's just all-consuming,
his energy

and living people's energy.

And it's just -- the negative
is just sticking.

I know that somebody

is seeing shadow people
straight out and to the right.

Like, they're coming out of
the bushes and stuff.

I feel like I'm gonna vomit,

and I feel very chaotic
in the mind.

so from what I understand,

is one of the safest towns
in arizona.

Most years there's only one
or two homicides.

You know, that's a typical day
in new york city.

But I just got a call from
the local police chief.

He did some digging
and found a double homicide

that happened right next door
to joe and mercedez's house.

He says this is a wild case

that I'm really gonna
wanna know about.

So, chief, I appreciate you

looking into this m*rder for me.

So we have
these two m*rder victims

right next to my
clients' property.

Who are they?

The two people --
the two victims in this case

were a freelin huff
and his wife louise.

All right, so we know who
they are.

What about the m*rder?
What happened?

So it's June 14th of 1957,

and this guy
by the name of paul whalen --

he's a bit of a handyman,

master of none,

truck driver, you name it --

he drives his truck up to
the front of their home,

begins honking his horn.

When freelin huff comes to
the door and opens the door,

paul whalen opens f*re on him.

All right.
Now is this a hit,

or is this some kind of grudge?

Indications are that
mr. Freelin huff

owed whalen $600.

For what?

Doing some work for him.

I know his wife gets m*rder.

How'd she get k*lled?

So she takes off running when
she hears the g*n

and whalen takes off after her.

sh**t her twice.
She falls to the ground.

Somehow she manages to get up,
keeps running.

He sh**t her twice again.

She falls into
a barbed-wire fence.

I actually have a copy of her
death certificate here.

All right. So he sh**t her

like an animal
in the back both times.


What's he do next?

So he takes louise and he
carries her back to

the truck and puts her in
the back of his pickup truck.

He then goes back
to freelin huff,

and he sh**t him once
in the head.

Actually have a copy of his
death certificate as well.

So he really wanted
this guy d*ad?

Yeah. So then he takes
the bodies in the back of

the pickup truck underneath

a bridge by
the santa cruz river,

and he places the bodies one
on top of the other,

really in the formation
of a cross.

All right.
So he kind of did, like,

a ritualistic positioning
of the bodies.

Exactly. When
they apprehend him,

he tells authorities that
he did this on orders from god.

Does he go to trial?

Does he plea out?
What happened?

Well, he actually --
he's indicted, of course,

on the two m*rder,

but he's found to be
criminally insane,

so he's sentenced to,
the rest of his life

in the arizona state
mental hospital,

and he dies in 2010
at the age of 83.

The guy who jumps people likes
it in here.

I'm more

I think, feeling trauma, man.

Like, my eye is all -- like, I
couldn't see out of my eye.

Someone's going out
the back door.

It's hard to stand up, man.

Like, I don't really
have control over my body.

Like, I'm blacking out.

I'm seeing blood.

I'm seeing -- like,
I think my nose is broken.

What is this?
What's going on here?

I don't understand this.

He's confused about
what's happening.

Now I'm feeling, like, panicked.

I'm thinking, obviously,
there was some kind of

altercation and he didn't --

he didn't end up on the good
side of that,

um, and ended up dying from it.

So I just got a call from
a local historian.

She says the original owners of

the property suffered
a lot of tragedy.

She says they lost
three family members

in two separate freak accidents.

I'm heading over to meet her

at a local restaurant to see
exactly what happened.

Well, cathy, I appreciate you
meeting with me,

helping me out with this case.

So before we get to these
freak accidents,

what can you tell me about
the family

that owned my clients' property?

Well, the original owners
of the property

were the garcia family.

Francisco garcia was a rancher
and a milk man,

and they had a large family.

He was the patriarch of a family

with 10 kids and 33 grandkids.

I got a headache just
thinking about

10 kids and 33 grandkids.
I couldn't even imagine.

Um, okay, the freak accidents.

Let's talk about the first one.

Well, the first one
happened on September 6, 1930,

when one of those 10 kids,
his son ramon,

and another field hand were
out riding on the property

with their horses and
a big storm rolled in.

Both ramon and the other ranch
hand were found d*ad out on

the property with their
horses d*ad,

and even the reins were still
in ramon's hand,

so it was an indication that
they were hit by lightning.

And I have the death
certificate here.


So I don't get people struck
by lightning

too often in my investigations,

but you had mentioned
on the phone

it was two freak accidents.

What was the second one?

Thirty-one years later,
tragedy struck again.


And at this point,
francisco's son armando

is running the ranch.

On November 24th 1961,

armando's kids,
armando jr. And linda,

were out with their cousins

and they were playing in
the man-made cave

and it collapsed.

Did any of these kids survive?

Armando's kids
fortunately did make it.

They were injured,
but they survived.


But the two cousins,
they died in the accident.

I played in stuff like
this as a kid, too.

When you said this family had
tragedy, you weren't kidding.

So this cowboy-octopus thing,

he's, like, just standing there.

He's saying that he used
to own this land.

It's all his.

I'd put at least, like,
a hundred acres.

She's very angry and sad.

The octopus thing is

capable, absolutely,

of, like,
just taking over somebody,

like, easy.

And it has no good intentions.

I'm pretty --
pretty worried about that.

for more information about
the show, and if you need us to

investigate unexplained
activity in your home,

please visit
travelchannel. Com/thedeadfiles

click on "help me d*ad files"
to submit your story,

and we'll help if we can.

So far, I've got clients
who are convinced

the paranormal is
tearing apart their marriage

on land where two young men

were k*lled by
lightning and next door

to a property where a couple was
brutally m*rder.

But I want to see if there's
anything else.

Searching through old records,

I find the tragic story
involving a young pilot.

Turns out, he was k*lled in

a plane crash very close to
joe and mercedez' house.

So I'm heading over to meet
a local journalist

who's helped me out every time
I'm been in tucson.

He says not only was there
a plane crash

next to my client's house,

but he found a deadly
chopper accident

that was way worse
and it happened

right over
joe and mercedez' property.

Well, david, here we all
once again.

All right, so two crashes.

Tell me about the first one.

Well, the first incident
occurred on March 4th, 1948,

when a small plane flew out of
the tucson municipal airport.

Who's in the plane?

Well, it's a 24-year-old
student pilot

by the name of robert rome.

All right, so what the hell
went wrong?

Well, witnesses said they saw
the plane flying

really, really low
and really, really fast

for, like, about 1000 feet
before it

plummeted into the ground
and exploded.

I mean, things went everywhere.

And this happened to happen
right next to

your clients' property.

So with a crash like that,
I can assume

rome died on impact.
Is that right?

That's correct. Here's
an article on it.

All right. So, david, you said
that the second one

was way worse. What's the story
with that one?

That's correct.
You know, in March of 1989,

a ch-3, an air force helicopter

also known as
the jolly green giant,

left the davis-monthan
air force base,

and it was leaving
on a training mission.

So what went wrong?

The helicopter was flying
directly over

your clients' property
when witnesses said

it just exploded like
the fourth of July

and came crashing
down in flames.

All right, so I've been around
expl*si*n like that.

I assume nobody survived.

Sadly, all 15 of the soldiers
were k*lled,

including 11 green berets
who were being taken

for desert warfare training.

This is a shame.

What the hell
caused this expl*si*n?

Well, you know, investigators
found that there was

a rotator belt problem.

Just two days before, it was
grounded because of this issue.

I mean, this thing never
should have been

out there flying.

You know, it breaks my heart as
a former marine to see

15 warriors get k*lled

in a training exercise,
of all things.

Death is here.

Yeah, death is very here.

this has to do with
somebody who died,

and may or may not know it.

They haven't quite
accepted it yet,

but it's here.

I don't feel good.

These guys, these d*ad guys,

they're all dressed the same.

People would hear
a man yelling and screaming.

Yeah, and I just feel, like,

the chest is, like, crushed.

Many died from atrocities here.

I see bones.

I saw a lot of disturbing
things on my walk,

but the shapeshifting cowboy
attaching itself

to a living woman
has me the most concerned.

There's a female who's in bed.
She asleep.

And there's this
bizarre octopus thing that's

going into the stomach

and then spreading
out, its tentacles

inside of her.

The eye sockets are skull-like.

It was a dark gray.

Amy, is this what you saw?


Now that amy and I have
completed our investigations,

we're ready to reveal our
findings to each other

and our clients
for the first time.

So, amy, I wish you could have

seen this place during the day

because it is incredible.

Amazing views, peace and quiet.

But mercedez and joe
aren't enjoying any of it.

Ever since they got married
and mercedez moved in,

this place has been
nothing but hell.

Now they believe their marriage
and their lives

are in danger, and that's why
they called us in.

So unless you have
any questions,

she's gonna tell us
about her walk.

So the first thing that
I'm going to discuss

is the residual energy,
that's in this house,

particularly in that area.

Very thick.
Very negative.

What I encountered was
living individuals fighting.

I think the biggest impact

for the living would be
sudden onset of anger.

Just going into a rage.

Well, remember when I said
these guys

feel like their marriage
is in jeopardy?

Part of the reason is
joe's anger.

Mercedez, do me a favor.

Better you describe it
to amy than joe.

There's a lot of rage.

It has been really hard for me.

It's not my character
to be that way.

Just seems foreign to me.

Like, out of body almost.

There is another location here

where there's another
very negative emotional imprint,

and that was
the next-door cabin.

When I walked over there,

I was literally just slammed
and overwhelmed with chaos.

This is, I think, a
living person.

I think it's male.

stressed, scattered,


And I think that that person
has had

quite a few experiences.

At one point I saw him looking
out from the porch area

and seeing, like,
shadow figures coming out

from, you know,
from way out over there.

Probably a good time to tell
you who lives in this cabin.

It's unusual to say the least,

but, past, what, five months,

mercedez's ex-husband and son
have been

living in there.

Here's a picture.

This is her ex-husband mark,

and this is her son tristan,
who's 21.

Do me a favor, mercedez,
and you tell

how they ended up here.

So a tornado out of the blue
hit right on their property.

They lost everything.


And to your credit,
you took 'em in.

Yeah. Yeah.
They needed a place to go.

Needed some help.

I've grown to love them
very much.

Both of them.

Something blew me away
when you were talkin'.

One of the experiences mark
told me about

was seeing a shadow person right
out there in the bushes.

Out of the two,
who do you think's

the energy
that you picked up on?

Mark or tristan?

I think it's mark.

Well, mark definitely has
that 1000-yard start goin',

I tell you that.

So what else?

So the first d*ad person
that I encountered

was a female.
So she's an older woman,

and she is extremely
in your face.

And I felt that she could
affect the living

in a few ways.

First off, feeling watched.

Second off, feeling like

somebody's in your space,
like, a lot.

I can't go from one room at
night to the other because

I feel like there's somebody in
there watching me,

and it's spooky and I don't
even know why.

It's, you know,
somebody's there.

The unfortunately thing,
when she's around,

you could feel like your
heart's jumping,

you're missing beats.

Whoa! Whoa. Whoa.


I get tightness in my chest.

Like, strong fingers, like,
just pulling my chest.


You okay?

I just didn't --
I didn't know what to expect.

I didn't --
I did not think it was a woman.

That's what these wonderful
people are here for.

So what else have
you encountered?

So the next d*ad person
that I want to talk about

is a problem here.

He's a male.

There was some kind of trauma
that was going on --

physical trauma --

and he was heading out
the back door.

I followed him out, but I was
kind of in his body.

He didn't understand what was
going on with his body.

But there was a lot of blood,

and I got that he was in some
kind of major altercation that

obviously he didn't end up on
the right side of.

So I literally am feeling
him dying.

So a lot of what she was
talking about makes me

think of a bloody
double homicide that happened

right next door to here.

Doh! Great.

Back on June 14th in 1957,

this guy who was
a jack of all trades

named paul whalen,
pulled up to the house

on the property right next door

and started honking his horn.

Back then
a guy named freelin huff

lived there with
his wife, louise.

Now, freelin came to the door
and whalen sh*t him.

Louise then took off running,

but whalen caught up to her
and sh*t her d*ad, too.

My god.

What the ****?

Wait, did he know them?

He did.

Back story to it is that he
worked for freelin huff

and he said he owed him money.

Is it possible freelin might
be the guy you ran into?

Yeah, it's very possible.

Wow! I was thinking
about buying that lot.

What could this guy do to
the living here?

So he can jump the living.

So he can enter people,

um, like that.


That would make a living person

feel kind of out of control,

not really themselves.

And also, when he --
when he leaves,

you would feel
extremely ill and drained.

He goes out by the shop too.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Mercedez, do me
a favor and talk to amy

about the feeling that you
and joe get possessed.

He's different.
He's walked circles

out there like he's disoriented.


Not focused, just disoriented.

And need to get work done --

I got a list a mile long of
things I gotta get done --

and I'm walking in circles.
What the hell?

And me too.

I've just confused.

I can't think clear.

Could this guy cause them
to be fighting?

No, not this guy.

So it's not this guy?

That would be
a lot of the residual energy

that's here.

Well, you know what's causing
you to fight.

Now you know what's causing
feel possessed.

I'm pretty sure there's more,


So this kind of brings me to

the person that I feel is
a viable thr*at.

When I first encountered
this male,

he was presenting himself
as, like, this

heroic kind of cowboy.

Then he proceeded to kind
of turn into this

really dark gray
octopus-looking thing.

And I'm like --
- octopus?

When I walked into this house,

he told me that he used to own

this land, that it was all his.

The impression he gave me
about how much was, like,

at least 100 acres.
Like he owned everything.

And I got that he's very angry,

but also there's like
this deep sadness.

It's not a lot to go on,

but when you said he owned
the land,

and it was more than 100 acres,

it made me think of the original
owner of the property.

It was a guy
named francisco garcia.

And he said this guy had
anger and sadness.

Now, garcia had a reason to
feel both of these emotions.

In 1930, his own son,
ramon, was riding a horse

on the property,

and he got struck by lightning
and k*lled.

Now, in 1961 his grandkids
were playing with

their two cousins in
a man-made cave.

It suddenly collapsed and
two of the cousins died

and one of the grandkids
was badly injured.

There has been an unusual amount

of death right on this
freakin' property.

So you said this guy was
a real thr*at.

What was the big concern about
this guy?

Well, when I walked into
the master bedroom, he was

sitting in a chair over by
the corner,

and he was just staring at
me laughing.

And I felt extremely panicked
and scared.

And I got that he is giving
the living nightmares.

He can also get physical
with the living.

On my walk, he reached in and
pulled my muscle from my neck

and, like, snapped it.

It was insanely painful.

Didn't you run into a freaking
cowboy shadow figure here?


Tell amy what happened.

So you've seen him?

Yeah, I've seen shadow man,
is what I call him.

I walked up to him bravely

and got
eyeball-to-eyeball to him.

I was saying, "get out of here
in the name of jesus christ,"

etcetera, "you are not
welcome in my home."

came back and it was gone.

Now she mentioned nightmares.

I have terrible nightmares.

I wake up screaming.

It's usually a male picks me
up and throws me.

Now amy said that this guy
can get physical.

So with me in the bed, I feel
like, um, I can't move.

And I feel like there's,
like, pressure all over me,

and it happens a lot.

Well, I had a sketch done
of what I saw him doing

to a female in the bed.


My god!

My god.


Feeling, sick, even just,
like, this week.

Really feeling nauseous a lot.

And that's -- that's
the stomach issues.

That is, like, me!

That's me.

What exactly is --
is he doing to mercedez?

It's going inside of her body,
and it's making her sick,

and it's going to make
her sicker.

Because it's wrapping around
the spine area,

eventually it could
lead to paralysis.

My god!
This sucks!

What the **** is this?

I did not expect this.

I told you it was trying
to k*ll me.

I told you.
- You did. You did.

You did.
I'm sorry.

Well, mercedez, joe,
I mean, you guys

are a really great couple.

I really like you guys a lot.

All I know is you guys just
want to be happy, right?

And you're not asking for a lot.

But the big question is,
can you be happy here

on this property?

For that answer
I'm gonna turn it over to amy.

So what we have here
is bad land,

so I feel that structures,
more than likely,

should not be here.

That's why these structures
are literally being absorbed

by any negative events
or thought processes

or emotions
that living give off.

I've just never seen it
like that.


As far as you guys
remaining here...

I -- I just -- I don't think
it's something you should do.

I'd hope that your ex-husband

and your son will follow.

I can't sell this to somebody.

I've got too much ethics.

There's a lot of skeptics
out there who will think that.

And some like steve, who --
who may not even be affected.

It's just about disclosure,
you know,

and people --
you would be very surprised.

"haunted residence for sale
in marana."

I don't understand why good
can't conquer evil like this.

So I mean, it's a tough
decision to make,

but what are you thinkin'?

I want to move to colorado
tomorrow, so, yeah.

Thing is, at least you know
your marriage will be better.

I feel better already.

Thank you, guys.

Thank you.

It's never easy telling someone

they need to leave their home,

but in a situation as
dangerous as this

it's their only option.

Hopefully, joe and mercedez
take my advice,

leave this bad land behind,

and get a fresh start
someplace new.

Hi, amy, and hi, steve.

It's mercedez and joe.

Hi, guys. We haven't
decided yet

if we're gonna stay or
we're gonna sell this place.

We love this property.

You want to stay,
but if we let it win

we will go ahead and move.

It hasn't b*at us yet.

Thank you, and bless you both.
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