03x10 - Going Back to Cali

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Narcos". Aired: August 28, 2015 – September 1, 2017.
The rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the gripping real-life stories of drug kingpins of the late '80s.
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03x10 - Going Back to Cali

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Hey, ladies.

Are you looking for something?

We're just taking a ride.

Can't we pass?

No, sweetheart. You have to go back.


Do you want to hang out later
back in town?

I said...

No, no, no!

Pacho, you f*ck.

f*ck dog!

Let me go!

Let go of me!

Let me go!

Let go...!


Mrs. Salazar.

Do you know what makes me happy, Pacho?

Makes me very happy?

That my sons didn't k*ll
your brother Alvaro.

Because he's going to live
the rest of his life...

as half a man. Half man, half...



the great event of the surrender

of Helmer Herrera, to Colombian justice.

And this incident
marked the end of the Cali cartel...

who were responsible,
according to international sources,

for more than 80%
of the cocaine tr*ffick in the world.

Throughout my campaign and presidency,

I committed to dismantling
all narcotrafficking networks,

and we're doing it.

The Colombian government
was quick to claim victory.

The arrest of Miguel Rodriguez
and the surrenders of Pacho Herrera...

and Chepe Santacruz...

looked like big wins
in The w*r on Drugs.

But they were bullshit.

The only real victory belonged
to the godfathers of Cali,

safely ensconced in a Bogoti?jail...

Leave that there.

still billionaires,

submitting to a justice
that they had bought and paid for.

They didn't need to build
their own prison.

Hello, sweetie.

The minimum security wing of La Picota
would do just fine.

They wouldn't be there long.

Gilberto. How've you been?

Good, brother.

Grateful that we're all together.

The investment we made in our friends
can bear fruit.

And then all this will pass away

like some old joke
you can't quite remember.

For this, gentlemen, I propose a toast.

Of course you would.

f*cking Chepe.

Gilberto, I'd like to say a few words.

You all know this wasn't what I wanted.

So it's very hard for me to admit
that I know this is for the best.

And thanks to you, we're on the
verge of, how do you call it?

"A great victory."

We believe in you.

To my brother, Gilberto. Our leader.

Gentlemen of Cali... salud!


Don't worry about it.

Agent Pena.


Can we talk?
Yeah. Give me a second.

Go with your mom.

Checked with the embassy,
finishing up paperwork this afternoon.

You're on a flight tomorrow.
First thing.

Guillermo Pallomari.

You have any idea where we can find him?
No. Why do you need him?

Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez
gave six million dollars

to Samper's presidential campaign.

So unless we get Pallomari in the States
testifying on the cartel,

generating new indictments...

What are you telling me?
The godfathers won't stay locked up.

What do you think's gonna happen
to my family

if these men keep all their money,
all their power?

Well, Witness Protection Services will
provide security for as long as you need.

Pallomari's wife is having an affair.

With who?
Some guy at her office. Fredy Moya.

Phones in the cartel safe house,
they're tapped.

I overheard a conversation between them.
It didn't sound like business.

And he can keep them in prison?

We find Pallomari or
the godfathers walk.

You're not gonna find him without me.

You're right.

Go ahead, sir.


Don Miguel.

Please, go ahead.

To all the killers
And the 100-dollar billers

It's me.

Where are we on Pallomari?
We put Navegante on it, Dad.

I'll find him, don't worry about it.

And f*cking Salcedo too, you'll see.

David, don't take your eye off Henao.

That f*ck might see this
as an opportunity. Keep a low profile.

You heard of us

Sure, don't worry.
The Mobb comes equipped with warfare

How's Mari?a?
I really don't know.

How come you don't know?
Make sure she's taken care of.

It's very important
you handle Pallomari.

That f*ck could ruin everything.

Call me when it's done.

Like they supposed to

They come around
But they never come close to

I need your help, Gonzalo.

You know I can't get involved.

Nothing is going to happen to you.
When has anything happened to you?

I'm asking you for legal advice,
and quickly.

I've decided that the best way
to get out of this situation

is to turn myself in to the authorities.

Yes, normally that would be the case.

But the problem is you already
have a warrant out for your arrest.

An arrest warrant?

The police won't protect you.
In fact, they'll probably k*ll you.

I'm the head accountant.

And every dollar in this organization,
and every secret,

has been through this head.
It's all in here.

Tell whoever needs to know
I'm willing to negotiate.

Guillermo, my advice to you
is to get your family and leave Cali.

My wife's very attached to her work.

What? I don't understand.
You know her, she's stubborn.

She built her business
from the ground up.

I can't leave without her.

Look, Guillermo... this is not
my legal advice, but as your friend...

talk some sense into your wife.

Can you get me a g*n?

We'll have to look out for ourselves
the rest of our lives,

but if I help them...

maybe one day
we can come back to Colombia.

Are you insane? They almost k*lled us.

They almost k*lled us, and now you're
telling me you want to go back? To Cali?

Do you really think
we can come back to Colombia?

The moment we come back to Colombia,
they'll k*ll our daughters.

Are you doing this to make up
for the last four years of your life?

I'm a good man.

I was a good man.

I'll leave with the girls tomorrow.

I'm not waiting for you.

Wait for me, okay? Thanks.

That way.

Keep looking for him.
No more f*cking excuses.



Have you heard from your father?


David, I've been wondering about
the arrangement I had for my son and...


I thought it was true love.

Your father knows I care about him.

That's beautiful.


But here's the thing...

You don't mean anything to me.

You're not my mother.

You're not my f*cking problem.


What the f*ck do I owe you?


Open your legs for someone else.
You're good at that.


Once we step off this plane,
whatever goes down is on me.

We are way off the well-lit path.


Good afternoon, Mr. Salcedo.

Mr. Espinosa's still at lunch.
He should be back soon.

We'll wait for him inside.
Okay, sir.

Another drink?

I need to go. See you next week.

Excuse me.

How are the girls here?

The best of Cali.

Open it!

Get in.

Get in, f*ck!



Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.

I'm looking for Fredy Moya.

The one wearing purple.

Don't pull my chain.

I'm looking at the numbers.

Excuse me.
You work with Patricia Pallomari?

Javier Pena, DEA.

I'll call you back.

Patricia's taken
a temporary leave of absence.

That so?

You have any idea where I can find her?

I wouldn't know.

She in trouble?

No, but her husband is.

There's a warrant out for his arrest
and a pretty substantial reward.

Any information is helpful.

It's me.

Baby, I can't talk right now.
Call me back later.

No. Wait, I can't call you back. Wait.


Yes, I'd have to check
my records in the office.

I can't talk.

Patricia, the DEA was just here.

The DEA. Asking questions.

What did you tell them?
To go f*ck themselves.

They want Guillermo, not you.

Can't talk. Discuss it later.
That's her.

They talked about reward.

So, she used the line

in an apartment
in the north part of the city.

We need to take advantage.

Need to use the bathroom.

Work again?


Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Open the window this time.

This way.

I'd offer a drink,
but I don't pour liquor for Cali whores.

Have a seat.

Don Orlando,
I'm here to ask for your protection.


You don't feel safe?

I did what I had to
after my husband died.

Now I'm in your home...
ready to do what I have to again.

So what is it you're offering me?

In here.

How was the drive?

It was easy.

Nice place.

Let me start by thanking you
for the meeting.

We're both busy men.
I won't waste your time.

But I'm a business man, like you.

The information you seek maybe,
maybe, maybe is in my possession.

If we come to an arrangement,
my information becomes yours.

You feel me?

On the phone,
you told me you know where Pallomari is.


Look, let me put it this way...

Patricia and I are in love.

We want to be together.

So Guillermo's a problem for me.

From what I've heard,
he's a problem for you too. Am I right?

You are correct.

So maybe we can help each other.

If we come to an arrangement,
my information becomes yours.



Let me fix you a drink. Okay?

By the way...
are you guys running Windows 95 yet?

Think we're going to wait for next year.

Where the f*ck is Pallomari, you f*g?

Did you hear me?

Here's the milk. Just a few
minutes and then you go to bed.

Get in your room.
Who is it? Who is it?

I don't know. Get in your room. Quickly.

Drop the g*n! Put it down!
Drop your w*apon!

It's okay.
They're the gringos.

Calm down.
Do you know them?

They came to my office.
Put the g*n down.

Close the door.

We're here to help you.

Close the door.

Okay. Okay.

Lower your g*n. You understand?

I'd put the safety on.


Do you want to sit?

Okay, DEA, are we speaking English
or Spanish or...? I don't give a shit.

Colombians have a warrant
for your arrest.

I know.
And the cartel wants you d*ad.

I'm well aware of that.

The only way you survive this is if
we get you out to the United States.


The United States.

We have your ledger.

You decode it for us
and you testify on what you know...

That's quite a bit.

and we make sure
that you and your family are safe.

Which place in the United States?
I'm not sure. We have a program that...

Yeah, I know. The program.

But if I'm giving up my life...

I want to know what I'm getting for it.

For instance,
which kind of house will we have?

My family requires
a certain amount of square footage.

It wasn't hard for us to find you
and it won't be hard for them.

You understand that?

This is your chance
to keep your family alive.

We will negotiate the details later.

This is the only option you have.
Do you understand that?


Why don't you pack your things,
as little as possible.

No, Guillermo.
We can't leave for at least a week.

You heard them.
The company. I can't just leave.

We must go.
I need at least a week.


Put the radio on the dash...
and your hands on the wheel.

How are you, Jorge Salcedo?

Help your kids pack,
let me talk to your wife.


I know about Fredy Moya.
It's none of my business.

You're right. It's not your problem.

You realize what happens
if they find you?

And your kids?

I have to say goodbye to him.

We're in love. I can't leave like that.

Mrs. Pallomari, if you stay, you die.


I'll be honest with you.

The truth is...

I was very disappointed to hear
you were the f*cking rat.

But I still like you.

It's all good.
I'm not going to k*ll you.

David Rodriguez...

he wants to do it himself personally,
you know?

That's fine by me.

That way,
our friendship will remain intact.

Let's go.
Come on!

The jacket...
Okay, that's it. Let's go.

We're on our way down.

Salcedo, we're in the lobby now.

Are we clear?


Tell them to come out.

Jorge, we clear or not?

Tell them to come out, Jorge Salcedo.

All clear.


All right, stay close.

Let's finish this.

Put the g*n down.

I don't want to k*ll you.

We both know that's a lie.

Get down! Get behind the car!

Over there!

What the f*ck happened?

He has the keys.

Let's move!
Come on, get in the car!

Let's go!


Don't look!
Don't look! Don't look! Don't look!

Don't look! Don't look at that!

What the f*ck is he doing here?

He saved your life!
Get in the f*cking car!

Open! Open!

Be careful, be careful. Okay.

Move, move, move!

What happened? Huh?

They k*lled Navegante.

And Pallomari?

The f*ck's gone.

You sure?

We're going to the airport.
We're going to catch those...

We're leaving, now!


You, come with me.

We're going to the airport.
Take the guys. Now, now, now!

That's the North Valley, f*ck.

Who do they think they're messing with?

You just got smoked, bitches.



Let's go. Out.

Could you open, please?

There you go.
Thank you.

Patricia, get out this way.
Careful, my love.


What's this?

You're wanted by the CNP.

We can't aid the escape of a fugitive,
so you've gotta fly yourself out.

Do you see that?
We have a private plane.

We have a plane just for us.

If you could sign here, sir?

Me? Okay.


You have to pay for the plane.
Whatever you have on you.

I don't carry that kind of cash.

It's just a technicality.
So that it's not kidnapping.

Just a moment.

If it's just a technicality...



Get on the plane. Go.
Everything is going to be fine.

Come on. Let's go.

Goodbye, Salcedo.

Ladies and gentlemen, my next
witness has direct, first-hand knowledge

of the criminal activities
uncovered by Operation Cornerstone.

Please state your name, sir.

Guillermo Pallomari.

And you were an accountant
for the Cali cartel?

No, I was the chief accountant.
The chief.

El jefe.

Guillermo Pallomari had a lot to say.

And he said it in federal courtrooms
from Miami to New York City.

This is the ledger of Mr. Pallomaro
that only he himself can interpret.

I'm sorry, Your Honor, my English is not
quite good, but his Spanish is awful.

Can you repeat my name?
"Pallomari." It's so simple.

And people were
interested in what he had to say,

especially about the cartel's influence
with the Colombian government.

So that government
went on the defensive.

And we have total agreement
in that these testimonies

that we have heard from Mr. Pallomari
are ridiculous and grotesquely false.

Thank you very much.
The damage was done.

It would be most helpful if the Colombian
president, who's head of the government

was as dedicated to fighting narcotics
tr*ffick as many of the people

in his own government.

The U.S. House and Senate began
making noise about decertification,

turning Colombia from an ally
in The w*r on Drugs into an enemy,

thr*at to choke off
the vital foreign aid

that served the shadowy interests
of both nations.

And that scared people.

Enough to see justice finally done?

Well, governments don't work that way.

Know how many times I've gotten a call

from the Department of Justice
and State the same morning?

Count 'em on one finger.

Guess we have you to thank for that.

I'm headed over
to the National Palace right now,

to make clear to President Samper
himself that the godfathers stay in jail.

At least for the foreseeable future.
But that's as far as it goes?

We drew up a draft indictment outlining

President Samper's ties
to the Cali cartel.

Alleged ties.

And I suggest you keep that draft
to yourself.

The DOJ's not going to topple
a government, Agent Pena.

You can't tell me
you're surprised by that.

Some part of me was holding out hope,
I guess.

Well, you should tell that part
to grow the f*ck up.

No, I mean it, Agent Pena.
You should be happy.

You played the system
like a g*dd*mn fiddle.

You won.

Yes, sir.

Another deal.

A compromise.

A charade.

A way for governments
who don't give a shit

about the w*r they're supposed
to be fighting...

to go on pretending they're winning it.

But it can't be won.

It'll never be won.

At least not until people see it
for what it is.

Not until they know the truth.

You know what it means
if you go on the record, right?

There'll be a price to pay.

Press the button.

Let's start with your
name and occupation.

Javier Pena, DEA attachie in Colombia.

And so the truth got out.

The news that the Cali cartel had
donated to the president's campaign...

in exchange for virtual immunity...

turned Colombia upside down.

And when the highest-ranking DEA agent
in the country went on the record

and said not only did
the United States know about it,

but we allowed it to happen...

they couldn't hide from it anymore.

An exclusive interview.

He accuses the country
of being a Narco-Democracy.

He said the country
has fallen into the abyss.

His words have not been well received
by the Colombian people.

The public is demanding
an official response from...

You didn't really call
the country that we're guests in

a "Narco-Democracy."

Are you saying it isn't?

The State Department's livid.

They're responsible. We all are.

Samper is not going anywhere.

Well, at least people know the truth.

I want you gone, Pena.
So do the Colombians.

I understand, sir.

You know... any aspirations
you had for your career...

just got dragged behind
the barn and sh*t.

I resigned from the DEA this morning.

Recordings that link the president

with narcotrafficking have been leaked.

The reality is they need five million.

We're missing three, see?

We have it.

Yes, that's done.

This scandal thr*at elected president
Ernesto Samper's career

if the authorities confirm his campaign
was funded by narcotrafficking money.

President Samper,
the only solution is your resignation!

Colombians can be certain...

that if they prove
any money transfer of any kind,

the deposit would've been made
behind my back.

The Colombians
called the scandal "Proceso 8000."

And it set into motion
a series of events...

that finally brought the reign
of the Cali godfathers to an end.

Chepe Santacruz
never did make it back to New York.

Without the government's guarantee
that their sentences would be minimal...

Chepe decided that prison
wasn't the best place for him to be.

And so... he released himself...

and set out in search of new alliances,

with partners who could help him
rebuild the empire.

You won't believe who he chose.

Don Chepe.

I was happy to get your call.

it wasn't much of a partnership.

It seems the Castanos expected
a larger contribution to their cause...

than Chepe was comfortable making.

So the alliance died quickly.

And Chepe Santacruz's wild ride...
came to an end.

Pacho Herrera didn't fare much better
staying in jail.

Vendettas in the drug game never end.

And Pacho's w*r on the Salazars...

made him some lifelong
North Valley enemies.


And as for
the Rodriguez-Orejuela brothers,

political pressure from the U.S.,
and a disgraced Colombian president

who needed to prove
he was tough on narcos...

brought back the only effective w*apon
we have in The w*r on Drugs: extradition.

All out of favors
and unlikely to find more,

they will spend the rest of their lives
in a U.S. prison.

The good guys didn't do much better.


Back in Colombia, Jorge Salcedo
was publicly branded a rat.

The danger that he put himself in to
ensure the success of our operation...

And in the States, despite testimony

that he was instrumental to our efforts to
capture and prosecute the Cali godfathers,

he still had to plead guilty
to felony conspiracy charges.

And from there, Jorge Salcedo...

the guy who had the most to do
with bringing down the Cali cartel...

disappeared into the Federal
Witness Protection Program...

somewhere in the U.S.

A prison of its own.

You knew him, right?

Agent Camarena?

Of him.
My first assignment out of the academy

was a task force that searched for him
in Guadalajara.

It all started there.

Before him,
we didn't even know we were in a w*r.

Another hot one down there for you, huh?

You took down the big
players in Colombia.

Yeah, well... we'll make new ones.

Don't turn a victory into a defeat,

The Colombian super-cartels are gone.

And whoever comes next are gonna be
fighting amongst themselves for years.

They're still only going to be a shadow
of what Medelli?n and Cali were.

And now it's time to take the fight
to the real enemy in The w*r on Drugs.


"The real enemy"?

Let me put in some calls.

I'll make
this bullshit resignation go away.

What else is a guy like you gonna do?

All right, fellas. Let's move.
Keep going.

Keep going.

You helping me with this or not?

I thought I was getting a partner.

Come on, Pop. Give me that.


Stand here for an hour
and you'll count 20 of 'em going by.


do you have to fix the fence
every time a storm hits?

Someone has to do it.

That's how life works.

You thinking of taking them up on it?


It's different there.

Son, let me tell you...

I've done enough.

I'm through.

Hand me that cutter.
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