03x08 - Brave

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Love, Victor". Aired: June 17, 2020 to present.
Inspired the movie, "Love, Simon" is a series that follows Victor and his self-discovery at Creekwood High School.
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03x08 - Brave

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Happy friend-aversary!

- What?
- Tonight's the Winter Carnival.

You moved here a year ago. Thus,
Velix is officially one year old.

It's learnin' how to walk,
saying its first word.

Well, now I wish I got you
a friend-aversary present,

but I didn't, so, uh, here.

You can have this Toaster
Strudel my mom made this morning.

Ooh. No one, and I mean no
one, makes a Toaster Strudel

better than my girl Izzy.

And I won't even bring up your
dad's café con leche, all right?


Dude, I'm really missing my
mornings with your family.

But it's too soon to come over.

I don't want to make
Pilar uncomfortable.

Well, lucky enough, they're
gonna be at the ceremony later,

so you can get your Salazar fix then.

- Really? Not teasin' me?
- Yeah.

- And guess who else is coming?
- Hm?

- Nick.
- Sha-na-na.

Take it things are goin' well?

Things with Nick are... easy.

That's good, right?

I don't know, dude. I've been
in, like, two relationships.

One ended because the
girl got my mom committed,

and the other one ended 'cause the
girl's father wanted to k*ll me.

All right? Felix
Weston does not do easy.

Oh, speaking of, uh, Lake
came over the other night.

- Wait, d-did you guys...
- No! No, no, no, no, no.

We just, um, stayed up
all night and talked.

- Hm.
- But, uh, it was, it was nice.

You know, I always thought
Lake was in my rear view,


I don't know, maybe
she's in my... front view?

- Is that a thing?
- Yeah, I... I feel like Nick

is in my front view, too.

And I can finally say
that Benji is in my rear.




It's Benji. He just asked if
we could talk before school.

Oh... and you didn't even
get out the word "view".

Hey, shut up.

Aw, man. I really hope this
doesn't ruin our friend-aversary.

♪ Somebody to tell me
it'll be all right ♪

♪ Somebody to tell me
it'll be just fine ♪

♪ If someone has been there before ♪

♪ Say right now, 'cause
I just need to hear it ♪

And then we stayed up until,
like, two in the morning

talking and drinking root beer floats.

Whoa, givin' those Euphoria
kids a run for their money.


Wait, I'm sorry, but I can't keep up.

You just broke up with Lucy,
and now you're into Felix again?

I don't know, maybe?

Felix is cozy and familiar.

Like a hoodie, but a human boy.

Um, Mia, what's this?

Oh, uh, wait.

Why did you fill out a request
to transfer your school records?




I'm moving to Palo Alto next week.


Next week? As in, like,
seven days from now?

Yeah, I know it's sudden, but...

meeting my baby brother,

and being in my dad and
Veronica's new house.

- You finally have a family.
- Yeah.

Well, promise me

we'll FaceTime every morning
to help decide what we wear.

And every night to talk about our day.

And any time I need you to check

if a weird mole on my
butt might be skin cancer?

No, I'm not doing that again.

You need to go see a dermatologist.


Wait, what about you and Andrew?
Are you guys gonna do long-distance?

I don't see how it could work out.



You're home already? You left
for work, like, an hour ago.


Okay... slow down!

You are gonna choke to
death on donut holes.

- That's not a good way to die.
- Okay.

So, this morning... I'm on
the Greenwood job, right?

Project manager comes by

and he starts making all
these stupid gay jokes,

like calling the homeowners

- Oh, hell no.
- Yeah.

So, then I said to him politely,

"Can you please stop saying stuff
like that because my son is gay".

Good for you. What'd he say?

He said, "Really? You
let your kid be like that?

You let him bring boys to the house?"

Is this guy still on the job
site because I will go down there.

I will take my chancla
and throw it right at him.

You don't need to 'cause
I told him to screw off,

yeah, in slightly less polite words.

And then I quit.

I know. It was rash. I'm sorry.

Don't be. I'm proud of you.

Oh, wow. [CHUCKLES]

No, wow. I, I thought you were
gonna be, like, totally freaked out

about how we're gonna pay for
our lives... and our three kids.

It'll be fine. It'll be fine.
You are an amazing electrician,

and we'll just get you another job.

- Right? How hard can it be?

No, I'm just saying because,
you know, I punched my last boss,

and I cussed out my latest boss.

Yeah... but... no.

- It's gonna be fine.
- Gonna be fine.



Hey. Sorry for the ominous text.

I just really had to
see you before, uh...

Before what?

I'm leaving Creekwood, Vic.


My aunt is the dean at
Loomis Chaffee in Connecticut.

My parents have been
into the idea for a while.

I wasn't really until, uh...

Well, until I saw you,
uh, kissing some new guy.

- Wait... When did you...
- The other night.

I was actually coming over to talk.

Oh my God, Benji, I'm,
I'm so sorry. I had no...

It's fine. It's okay. You
didn't do anything wrong.

But seeing you with someone new,

it made me accept that
you've... you've moved on.

And I need to move on, too.

I'm just not really sure
I can... do that here.

Yeah, I... I understand.

Well, maybe I'll... see you around.

You know, when I'm back
for the holidays and stuff.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe.


♪ In a form I can't explain ♪

♪ To half-gone ♪

♪ Or half-stayed ♪

♪ Maybe I've never really found ♪

♪ Or really lost my way ♪

- ANDREW: Hey, you.
- Hey.

I can't wait for this Winter Carnival.

I am going to win you a goldfish

that is most definitely gonna
die by the end of the night.

Andrew... I need to tell you

I'm moving to Palo Alto.


Yeah, I, I know it's
not, uh, what we planned,

but I realized... that I need
to, uh, be with my family.

No, I... We can figure this out, um.

We can make it work.

I will just skip some
school, help you get situated,

- and then we can just kinda...
- No, I don't want you to miss any school.

Okay, then I'll come out on weekends.

Just take the red-eye on Friday,
and then the last flight out...

Andrew, no, no, I... You have
basketball on the weekend.

- So? I can miss some games.
- But I don't want you to miss them.

Basketball is your future.

Mia, you are my future.

Uh... you don't know that.

God, I c... I can't.

I can't have you just,
like, throwing away

everything that you've,
that you've worked for.

What is this? What are
you doing right now?

Are you breaking up with me?

I just... I don't know...
I don't know what else to do.

I guess "fighting for
us" is off the table.

- Andrew.
- Screw this.



Hey... Wow. Look at you.

I like this jacket. You
look like a sexy senator.

Thanks, I think?

And thank you for coming.

Of course, what kind
of boyfriend would I be

if I missed your big award speech?

Boyfriend? We've never said that before.

I know... I thought I'd take
the "B-word" out for a spin.

How'd it sound?

Uh, good... Cool.

I'm, I'm sorry. I'm just really nervous,

but I'm gonna go and find my seat,

and run over my speech one more time.


I really am glad you came.





Rahim! You have good style.

Can you tell me which
one of these photos

makes me look the most employable
for my LinkedIn profile?

Is neither an option?

BOTH: Told you.

Yeah, sorry, Mr. S, but these
neckties are older than I am, so.

- Well, thanks.
- RAHIM: Mm-hm.

I take it by the daggers you're staring

at Felix that you haven't moved on

to the "looking back fondly
on your relationship" stage.

It's been like two seconds
and he's already all over Lake?

I guess our relationship
didn't mean anything to him.

Well, I say, screw Felix
and that awkward nerd act.

Homeboy can be Shawn Mendes'
hotter brother and he knows it.

With that insanely thick
hair and those pouty lips.

Why are we mad at Felix again?

- This isn't helping.
- Yeah, sorry. It got away from me.

Also... I thought she was with Lucy.

They broke up. Don't
you read Creeksecrets?

Connor says gossip is bad for the soul.

He's so wise.

BOTH: Yeah.

Would you like a butterscotch?

Oh. I forget you always have hard candy.

You're like my grandmother
but with less facial hair.


Um... thanks for the
other night, by the way.

Oh yeah, no. It was, it was my pleasure.

Any night Lake Meriwether
unexpectedly shows up at your door

is a good night in my book.

Hey, would you, um,

would you wanna go to the...
Winter Carnival with me later?

Yeah. Yeah, I'd really like that.


All right, let me hear you, Creekwood!

- Woo! Yeah!



Well, we are here today
to pass out some hardware

to some very deserving young athletes.

Let's kick things off with
the recipient of our very first

Bravery Award.

Put your hands together
for Victor Salazar!


- Yeah!
- Woo-woo!

Um, thanks, Coach.

I'm gonna be honest,

I felt conflicted when Coach
told me I was getting this

because we all know the Bravery Award
basically means... the Gay Award.

And I didn't know how I felt
about accepting the Gay Award.

But then I spoke to a friend of mine,

someone way smarter and cooler than me,

and he made me realize
I feel pretty damn good

about accepting the Gay Award.

When I first moved to
Creekwood a year ago,

I didn't know a single gay person.

And I was so scared to tell anyone.

But then I met this
incredible group of people,

including the best friend
a guy could ask for,

the kind that remembers
your friend-aversary.

I found the best girlfriend a
confused gay kid could ask for.

She made me feel totally
safe when I needed it most.

I also fell in love

with an amazing guy

who was patient, and, and wise,

and... pushed me to be the
very best version of myself.

These people... showed me
what it meant to be brave.

I, I used to think it meant that
you weren't scared of anything,

but now I realize that

being brave means that you
aren't afraid... to be scared.

It means that you embrace the scary

because a lot of the times,

the scariest things are
also the most important.

Like... admitting who you are,

or who you love.

So, to my family, to my friends,

thank you, guys.

I hope I only get braver from here.



Oh, how about that for inspiring, huh?

All right, this next guy, uh, he
may be a high scorer on the court,

- but not so much on standardized tests.




It was a nice speech.


Uh, gonna have to take your word for it

'cause I kinda blacked
out there for a second.

- Victor...
- Look, Nick, I...

- Thing is...
- You're not over your ex.

I'm sorry.

I really tried to be.

I'm really glad I met you.

I never thought that I could
be a relationship kind of guy.

I was always a, "That was fun,

there's tissues in the
glove box" kind of guy.

But then you came along...
and it gives me hope.

So, thanks for that.

Good luck with Benji, Victor.


See you around, Nick.

- Could you watch where you're going?
- Sorry.

You're, uh, Victor's boyfriend, right?

No, definitely not.


Mijo, so proud of you!
The speech was beautiful.

Thank you, Ma.

Yeah. It was. It really was.


- You made Dad cry.
- No, you made Dad sob.


Hey, I gotta go and do
something. I love you guys.

He's really into a dramatic
sprint, that kid, huh?

Victor, what are you doing here?

Hey, Mr. Campbell.
Look, I haven't moved on.


Victor, whatever you think
you're doing right now,

this is not a good idea.

I'm sorry, Mr. Campbell,

but I-I think that... Benji
can decide that for himself.

Back at Brasstown, you said you
needed to move on... like I have.

But I need you to know

I haven't.

I tried to because you and, and your dad

told me to stay away from you, and...

Wait, what?

Did you... go talk to Victor?

I was just so worried about you.

He was. He was just
trying to protect you.


he told me that I was the
reason why you relapsed,

and it scared me off.

But I'm... so tired of being scared.

And I think he's wrong.

I don't think that I'm bad for you.

Then why did he fall off the
wagon when he was with you?


if you think he's right,

and that I'm bad for you,

get in that car.

Don't look back.

But... if you think that I'm right,

and that we belong together, then stay.

'Cause I love you.

I, I just...

I already decided.

You're too late, Victor.


- LAKE: Come in!

- Hey!
- Hi.

Thanks for picking me up.

Dang, lady, you are lookin'
like a million Ethereum.

Please, just say I look hot. Do not
make me learn about cryptocurrency.

Okay, well, you look incredible.

Felix, um,

I've been thinking a lot about Victor.


Lake, I don't think you're his type.

Oh, no. His speech, I mean.

Oh... yeah, yeah.

I just don't think falling
back into a thing with you

would be a very brave thing to do.

It would be easy and comfortable,

but it wouldn't be very brave

because I am in love with Lucy.


Yeah, maybe I was forcin' it, too.

Does Lucy know that ya... love her?

I mean, I-I'm... I...
think she can feel it,

but I haven't said it yet.

So, what're you gonna do?

I'm gonna be brave.


- FELIX: Oh, hey!
- No, uh, can't talk, can't talk.

I'm, uh, I'm going to be brave.


Maybe Victor should be a life coach.


♪ We woke up in paradise ♪

♪ Don't need magic ♪

♪ Let my force just
carry us home, home ♪

Of course, I think
we're worth fighting for.

Andrew, I love you... more
than anything in the world.

I just panicked

because long-distance
is really, really hard.

And I got scared that
you would get tired of it,

and break my heart.

But I'm not scared anymore.

Well, actually, no, I'm, I'm terrified.

[CHUCKLES] Uh, but I'm

"embracing the scary".

There's nothin' to be scared of.

We are going to be fine.

How do you know that?

I know it.

You and I are going the
distance, Mia Brooks.

Deal with it.

♪ When you're low, I'll
lead you home, Chariot ♪

Uh, thanks for meeting me here.

Course. Uh, sorry,
where are we, exactly?

This is my mom's pied-à-terre.

Uh, that's French for

the condo she owns near
the studio that she stays at

when she has a super early call
time, or she needs some "me time".

That explains the glamour sh*t.

I, um... I told her about our situation.

And I asked if you could move
in here after you graduate.

She said yes.

It's a hell of a lot
closer than Portland.

Yeah... it is.

Lucy, I know that you're
looking for a fresh start,

and if this isn't far away enough
for you, I, I totally understand.

- But I just...
- Lake... stop.

Oh, okay.

For a very long time, being
in Creekwood made me very sad.

But yesterday, I went on a drive,

and every place I passed
reminded me of you.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that you had me

at your batshit definition
of pied-à-terre.

I love you, Lake.

I love you, too.

- Kind of feels like she's...
- Watching us? Yeah, same.

Let's go to the carnival.

ISABEL: I am really glad
you decided to join us, mijo.

And I'm sorry it didn't
work out with Benji.

VICTOR: It's okay.

At least I tried, though, yeah?

Hell yeah, you did. Your
speech inspired me to try, too.

In fact, your mother and I
have a little announcement.

- Do you want to tell him?
- ISABEL: Yes, I do.

- Okay.
- Okay. So, your mom and I

are gonna start our own business.

- What the heck?
- I'm sorry. I'm just too excited.

You are looking at the co-owners
of Salazar Electricians.

- Ta-da!
- Congratulations!

Yeah, I'll be the man on the ground.

And I will be in charge of billing,

and marketing, and business development.

Oh, man, you are so sexy
when you talk business.

- You are such a boss, baby.
- Yeah, baby.

I can't believe it's just gonna
be me and them in a few years.

Ah, we'll go halfsies on your therapy.

Guys, put your tongues away.

Okay, uh... family picture time.

- Yes! That's what we're doing next.
- Come on, let's do it.

FELIX: Pilar!

Can we talk?

Let me guess. You're getting
back together with Lake?


That, that was, that was stupid.

We were both just feeling


Hey, um, Pilar... I want to apologize.

Oh... okay.

Before you guys moved to Creekwood,

I didn't have a lot of close friends.

My mom was in a dark place,
my apartment was a wreck.

Then you guys showed up.

I got you, I got Victor.

I got a cozy place where there
was always food in the fridge.

There were parents I could rely on.

When your mom and dad

kicked me out of your
apartment that day,

I realized how much I needed them,

so I pulled back.

And the ironic thing is, not
only did I lose them, I lost you.

But you deserve... a boyfriend

who puts you first, always.

And I'm really, really sorry
that I could not be that guy.

So, uh, yeah, that's,
uh... that's kind of it.

So, um... yeah, I'll, uh... I'll see ya.

Felix, wait.

Where are we going?

ISABEL: Hurry up! Come
on! Hurry up, hurry up!

- Hi, Felix.
- Hey, guys! How you doin'?

- How are ya?
- Good to see ya.

Okay, let's take the
stupid family photo now.

One, two, three, Salazar!


MIA: I get to go again,
I get to go again!

FELIX: Hey, guys.


What's wrong with you?

Benji left to boarding school.

But I-I'm okay.

- I'm, I'm okay.
- LUCY: I'm really sorry.

All right, enough with the sad.

We are at a carnival.

Let's make the most of tonight.

It might be the last time
we're all together for a while.

What, why?

I'm moving to Palo Alto.

I'm gonna miss you.

I'm gonna miss you, too.

Okay, this is more sad. Someone
play a game with me, stat.

Let's do it.

Uh, hey, I'll, I'll
catch up with you guys.

There's something I gotta do.



- You guys enjoy your night.
- Um, here you go.

Just you?

Yeah, just me... and I'm okay with that.

Uh, okay.

All right.


Room for one more?

I, I thought you left.

Hey, buddy? You in or you out?

Come on.


BENJI: After you left today,

I had a really long
talk with my parents.

About you,

about what my dad said to you,
and going behind my back like that.

And I told them that...
you're not my trigger.

They are.

I want us to be together, Victor.

But I still have to work on myself.

Like... a lot.

And I have no idea
how it ends between us,

which scares the hell out of me.

Does it scare you?


Do you ever wonder
what would've happened

if we'd just gone on
that Ferris wheel together

when you first moved here?


Not really.

Because... that isn't our story.

This is. And... it's perfect.

♪ Lookin' from a window above,
it's like a story of love ♪

♪ Can you hear me ♪

♪ Came back only yesterday,
I'm moving further away ♪

♪ Want you near me ♪

♪ All I needed was the love you gave ♪

♪ All I needed for another day ♪

♪ And all I ever knew, only you ♪

♪ Sometimes when I think of your name ♪

♪ When it's only a game ♪

♪ And I need you ♪

♪ Listen to the words you say ♪

♪ It's getting harder to stay ♪

♪ When I see you ♪

♪ All I needed was the love you gave ♪

♪ All I needed ♪


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