04x10 - When the Breakdown Hit at Midnight

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mayans M.C.". Aired: September 4, 2018 –; present.
Follows the life of Ezekiel "EZ", a newly patched member of the Mayans M.C. charter on the California/Mexico border.
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04x10 - When the Breakdown Hit at Midnight

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♪ All of us living under heaven ♪

♪ All of us doing what we're told ♪

♪ You lie awake, you hear her call ♪

♪ You're thinking of
the time you lost and ♪

♪ All of us living under heaven ♪

Center. Right.

One, two, three.

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Delusionally ♪

♪ We rise and fall ♪

♪ And after it all ♪

♪ Only you ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Delusionally ♪

♪ We rise and fall ♪

♪ And after it all ♪

♪ Only you ♪

♪ Only you. ♪


Otro día.







You didn't f*cking deserve him.

None of you did.

You didn't f*cking deserve him!

You k*lled him!

(CRYING): And I'll never forgive you.

I'll never forgive you.




Hi, beautiful.

I brought you these.

Wanna smell 'em?



What are you doing here? (GRUNTS)

Well, you know that green
light you were begging for?


What a f*ck' shit show
that turned into, huh?

I'm sorry, man, but...

And now it brought
back that f*cking demon

that we all thought was
d*ad out in the desert.

I didn't know.

- Shh. Shh.
- All right?

- I didn't know.
- Shh.

Don't strain, you poor thing.

They taking care of you here?

What are they doing to you?
Is somebody shaving you?

Can you breathe okay?








Just a little asphyxiation
play, sweetheart.


Don't you dare kink
shame me and my bruiser.

Shh. Go on, go on, go on.



You should have seen your face, man.

"Aah... "

I gotta tell you, it's been
forever since I choked somebody.

That felt really good.


You couldn't just say "f*ck you," huh?


Is it true?


Is he back?

Yes, Virginia,

there is a devil.

Oh... and f*ck you.




You home?



Oh, hey.


How you doing, little man? Huh?

You love your bottle,
yeah. Get your bottle.

Come here. Come here. Yeah.

- Yes.
- Angel, you're gonna get him wet.

I'm not gonna get him wet. Come here.

- Yeah.

My boy.

Are you good?


He won't sleep.

That's okay. Come on. (MUTTERS)

Coco's funeral...

... was it bad?


But you're good.


Oh, yeah, you're good.

You're good, aren't you, boy?


♪ Songs of losers and dreamers ♪

♪ Can be such a drag ♪

♪ Birthdays and graduations... ♪

Copy that.

Just confirmed it.


What's up?

Yuma, Stockton, Oakland.

They left here to go meet without us.

- It's non-sanctioned.
- Without us?

HANK: Yeah. Apparently, they thought

we weren't gonna find out about it.

LOBO: Ranchside Café, off the .


♪ Jackson, don't worry,
you're a good man's son ♪

♪ But damn you should've seen
us back when we were young ♪

♪ Toughest set of kids that
the Mohawk had ever seen ♪

♪ Jackson, don't worry... ♪


what are we gonna do?

BISHOP: f*ck 'em.

f*ck every f*ck one of 'em.


Oh, shit.

What's up, bro?

You're late.

- I got held up.
- Let's make one thing clear.

After this, we're square. You got that?

Yeah, bro, I appreciate it. I truly do.

There's grand in there.

When we finish, it's yours.

Jesus, grand?

What's the job?

I need help tying up a loose end.

Whatever you need, you
know I got you, bro.

I hope so.

So what's the loose end?



Open the bag.

Open it.

There's one b*llet in there.

You pull that trigger,

your family gets all that money.

I pull this one...

you got nothing coming.

You want me to f*cking...

Do it...

and they'll be taken care of.

I know you're not serious, man.

You want me to go out
like a f*cking punk?

I'm giving you the power
to go out like a king.

Or be put down like a dog.

I f*ck' made you, man.

You did.

They would have k*lled
you, and I brought you in.

You were a little boy.

A little scared-ass,

p*ssy-ass little boy!

And I made you a f*cking man!

That's why I'm giving you the choice.

You know I was never gonna say nothing.

I can't take that chance.

The club needs me.

Suze, the girls.

You've met them.

My girls, bro.

They won't remember me.

They'll never know me.

This is gonna weigh on you.

This is gonna weigh on your soul.

It won't.


f*ck it.

Don't do it.

Think about your family.

f*ck you. I ain't no punk.



Can I get you guys anything else?

What else you got?

I believe that that is a menu

sitting right in front of you.

How about something off-menu?

Uh, miss, I'm sorry for my friend.

He's illiterate. Don't
pay him any attention.

I'd say that's the least of his worries.

Vicky, he'll have the banana cream pie.

Yeah? Cool?

Thank you.

I don't even want the banana cream pie.

What the f*ck is wrong with you, man?

- I wanted her to get...
- DONDO: Enough!

It's f*cking suspicious.

Look, man, Canche was family, right?

- f*cking family.
- Yeah, Manny.

But I know the Reyes brothers, man.

I don't think they're
capable of doing this...

They sh*t Ramos in the face.

You have no idea what
they're capable of.

Santo Padre had it out for Canche.

And your f*cking Reyes brothers

were the last f*ck
to see him alive.

Why else would they split
us up for the Berdoo hit?

Divide and f*cking conquer.

- What did Diaz say?
- He finds it "curious."

MAN: Thank you, darling.


What about Downer?

What's he say, man? He was there.

Downer can't see past his own dick.


- I'm just saying

if any one of us would have been there,

Canche'd be with us right now,

and this kid would still have his pops.

f*ck that. We got to
f*cking do something.

f*ck. Yeah, maybe you're right.

Maybe something's up.

- Now you're talking.
- Where's that bitch

with my banana cream pie?

Ah, f*ck!

- Oh, shit!

- Don't move!
- Get your f*cking hands up!

MARCUS: I don't have the
same taste for it anymore.

You know, the w*r, the blood.

If it don't make your dick hard,
you probably shouldn't f*ck it.

Just sayin'.

It's one thing if it's
done for the greater good.

San Bernardino was for the greater good.

We're just gonna have to agree
to f*cking disagree on that one.

You're the one that called us out, ese.

And for what? Handling
business on your turf?

What are you f*cking talking about?

The two Stockton Mayans Santo
Padre took out in Berdoo.

f*ck, go ahead and k*ll each other.

No one cares about that. This here...

this here is about Montez.

- Montez?
- Yeah.

Some chick, she came
to us with his kutte.

Found him d*ad on Mayan property.

I know nothing about that.

- I liked Montez.
- I was slightly impartial,

but still, I didn't want to see
him d*ad in a f*ck' barrel.

- One of my guys?
- I don't know. You tell me.

But that's why we're doing
this right here right now.

What's happened to this life, Tig?

- Yeah.
- Seems like nobody has a code anymore.

- Back in the old days, we...
- Are just that: old.

I guess I'm just feeling my age.

Getting old doesn't
fare well in this world.

I've been thinking about
Esai a lot lately, you know.

Don't, man.

No good will come of it.

- You ever think about...
- No.

That's because you got
justice. Took out Pope.

I haven't got mines. I mean,
He'll have His say in it.

And I'll be paying the
price, but I will get mines.

Come on, man.

Esai put you in a tough spot.

I put him in a tough spot,
bringing him into this life.

I want to do it better
this time around, you know?

For Tessa.

Me and Izzy adopted a boy.


Making different choices.

Better choices.

I don't think you're
becoming an old man.

I think you're becoming a good man.

That definitely doesn't
fare well in our world.

- I found me a good woman, Tig.
- I prefer 'em bad.

Sexy and bad.

- I know how you prefer them.

Hey, no.

What we do... it can get ugly.

But it's what we do. Right?

People sign up for fodder,

I say feed 'em to the f*ck' cannon.

Our day's gonna come soon
enough, you and me, bro.

Just like Doc's.

Just like Packer.

Packer, crazy bugger. Still hanging in.

Death itself can't even
k*ll that f*ck.

Yeah, they don't make
'em like that anymore.

All right, I'm gonna
take this back to Chibby.

Um, there's something you should know.

Packer's baby brother, he's back.

- That f*ck's still alive?
- Alas.

I thought he'd at least be out bad,

all that f*cked-up shit he did.

Packer looked out for him, bro.

I mean, he's blinded
by his own family ties.

You know about that.

I'm not lying to you
when I tell you this.

That kid... he's got
it out for the Mayans.

All that hate inside of
him, it's not healthy.

If the Sons don't land on peace...

next time we see each other,

it ain't gonna be on equal ground.

I'm getting hard just at
the thought of it, brother.


Ride safe, you sick f*ck.



I'm not wired.

I told you,

I got nothing to f*ck' say to you.

Let me protect you, Neron.

Protect me?

You f*ck' k*lled me.

You know what the club
would do if they knew?

What they would do to me?!


What is your name?

I'll bet it's not even Kody, is it?

- It's Katie.


Everything you f*cking
said is a f*cking lie.

I have never lied to you.

It's just complicated.

f*ck this.

We have you.

f*ck you!

You ain't got f*ck' shit!

"sh*t point blank by these
Samoan f*ck."

You were sh*t in a carjacking.

Box truck, b*rned and
abandoned on Route .

An incident that later
resulted in nine homicides

in Nunez Cemetery,

and the disappearance of Afa Lefiti.

Wait, what'd you call it?

A gift from a brother. Right?

Hideaway motel in Stockton.

Same night Tommy Gaeta
was sh*t to death.

- Your abdomen...
- Okay, stop.

- sh*t...
- Shut up!

We have your whole charter.

The disappearance of Victoria Ariza.

The m*rder of Alice and Dennis Reed.

Joseph "Flaco" Nuñez and
Steven "Chepe" Ramirez,

sh*t d*ad driving
through San Bernardino.

Thomas "Doc" Harper, m*rder.

Eric Curry, from Boston,
his nude, m*rder body

left at a motel in Fresno.

You want me to keep going?
'Cause there's a lot.

All with your club's fingerprints on it.

There's a way out, Neron.

I'm not a f*cking rat.

It's a well-known
secret in law enforcement

that Santo Padre was infiltrated.

So one of the brothers
you're trying to protect

is a rat.

- Shut the f*ck up. Who?
- I don't know.

But what it means is you're
already late to the table.

So please, let me help you.


Look, I have...

I am severely f*ck' compromised,

but I have thought a lot about it and...

... there is a clear
path through this for us.

You go in, you proffer.

You give us information.

You walk.

We don't want an
individual, we want the club.

Why me?

Because when you said
it the other night,

I feel it.

I feel it, too.



Why'd you come after me?

Obispo Losa's too unhinged.

Che Romero, too old.

Hank Loza, too bound to
the one-percenter code.


Lopez, with his military
background, you know,

we just couldn't be too sure.

Johnny Cruz, an unreliable junkie.

And the Reyes brothers, uh...

we knew we couldn't flip
them on each other, so...

... then there was you.



You were identified
as the softest target.


But, Neron...

... there's a way out.


- LETICIA: Hope?

What the f*ck do you want?

I, um...

I didn't get to talk to
you after the service.

You know, you left so quick.

Just came by to tell
you that I'm sorry about

your bro... uh, your dad.

I-I really loved Coco, you know?

Sucks to see everything
that he went through.

Especially now, you know, when
he's getting his shit together.

- I mean, he got his...
- What do you want, Louie?

Do you... do you know I have a daughter?


Are you gonna put her in p*rn, too?

She's not gonna grow up to be no whor...

It's just that...

if something happened to me,

I'd want her to know that...

... that I loved her,

the way that Coco loved you.


Even when he was stealing my shit

to give it to you for drugs?

I-I mean, that right there shows
how bad the dope got him, right?

That he hurt you.

He was proud of you.

He'd want you to have that.

What the f*ck is that?

That's, uh, Coco's Nova.

Why is it green?

No. (CHUCKLES) It's, uh, chartreuse.

It's f*cking ugly-ass puke green.

Well, it's your ugly-ass
puke green car now.

- What?
- He gave it to me

'cause of a debt that
he owed, and, um...


I don't know, I just...

I don't feel right holding
on to it anymore, so...

Uh... take care, Letty.



Thank you.

Don't mention it.

Don't be scared.

I'm not getting you a
sidecar. Trust me, you'll see.

You'll see, you're just... you're alive.

You're free.

It's the greatest feeling in the world.

(LAUGHS) Okay. Yeah, okay.

It's the second greatest
feeling in the world.

Hey, I got to go.

I'm gonna pick you up, all right?

You're gonna love it. All right.

Everything good?

I had a meeting this morning,

- in Los Angeles.
- L.A.?

Halfway between here and Charming.

Met with an old friend about
putting an end to this w*r.

And Coco?

We've lost too many Cocos on both sides.

There's one Coco.

One side.

And those f*ck sh*t him down.

Yeah, and we hit them
back hard, didn't we?

When will enough be enough for you?

When we've run them
off this f*cking earth.

I thought you were smart, EZ.

- They outnumber us three to one.
- Good.

More of them to k*ll.

And one more reason we need that heroin.


we got to make that deal
with El Banquero's...

I'm tired of fighting you on this.

You already know my position on that.

This charter was set up

as the cartel's ally on the border.

How are you gonna deny

the very thing you birthed us to be?

f*ck Miguel Galindo.

I got no love for that
guy, but we need that deal.

Remember your promise to his father?

I've been living for
ghosts too f*cking long.

It's time I cut them loose.

It'll k*ll this charter.

It'll k*ll the club.


It'll keep you all from dying.

And haunting me as well.


Go see who that is, yeah?




You got company.






What the f*ck do you want?

I want Alvarez out.

You got some balls coming to me.

I need you.

We need you.

Back on top.


(WHISPERS): "Say hello
to Mommy and Daddy."



shall we begin

the future?




What the hell?

I've been trying you.

Okay, so where are you? Did you make it?

MIGUEL: It's time to come home.

For us to be a family again.


Where are you?

How do you have this phone?

- Say hi to Mommy.

Hi, Mommy.


(SOBS): Hey, sweetie. Hey.


So, where are you?

Are you okay?

Baby, can you hear me?

Cristóbal, can you hear me?

It's over, Em.

I forgive you.

What did you do to my sister?

Miguel, talk to me.

Come home, amor.

Come home.








- (g*n)








- You are so pretty.
- f*ck you!

Whoa. Why so angry?

Did you just realize?


The hours have stopped, huh?

You're down to a minute or two now.

How many days, months,
years have you wasted?

You had one sh*t, one life.

And it's gonna end kneeling in cow shit.

It's over.

But yet, so is the pain.

Well, except one more flash.

One more awful, horrifying
burst into nothingness.

That's the poetry.

You came into this
world screaming, cold,

slick with your mother's blood,

and now you're gonna
leave screaming, hot,

wet with Daddy's gasoline.

Bella, my baby girl, I love you.

You're the best thing that ever
happened to me. I'm so sorry.

I'm gonna see you again.

- If there's an afterlife...
- There's not.

... I'm going to find you,
and I'm gonna k*ll you.

For making my baby girl cry.

No, she'll adapt.

Then she'll be strong.

Your memory just a raised scar

for curious boys to
trace with their fingers.

This moment...

(WHISPERING): a whispered anecdote.

"This is my trauma.

Love me, please.

Please love me."


Oh, man.

- OTERO: (SCOFFS) f*ck.
- Oh, man.



This is gonna make her so interesting.

No, no. No. No! No!




Do you want to die?

f*ck you, f*ck!

Do you want to die?


Then you get to be my little Judas wolf.

You go back to your
den and you warn them:

the f*re is coming.


Come on.

♪ Middle class, chemical ♪

♪ In a bag ♪

♪ All I want ♪

♪ Love me all the time ♪

♪ Enough is never enough ♪

♪ I won't talk ♪

♪ If you pull me up ♪

- ♪ And collect ♪

♪ My blood inside a cup... ♪


Here, let me help you.

- It's been a while.
- No stress.

Do you want me to do it?

- Oh, shit. Five-O.

- Be cool.


LETICIA: Hope, get in the car.

Get in the f*cking car, Hope.

You need to come with me.

f*ck off. She don't want to go.

I'll s*ab your f*cking
throat. Stay out of this.

You think that after all this,

you're just gonna abandon me, too?

That's not f*cking happening.

Coco wouldn't want you out here.

And I don't want you out here.

Are you sure?

HOPE: I'm gonna go.



Y'all need to take a f*cking bath.

Yo, get the f*ck out of here,

with your "baby shit" green car.

It's chartreuse, bitch.

When I first met you,
I knew that was it.

That never changed.

Whenever I'd look in your eyes,

no matter how crowded the room...

the world would disappear.

This was our dream.

But now, like so many other things,

it's over.

I know how lucky I was...

... to ever have known
any of it, and I know...

... how much I didn't deserve any of it.

I didn't deserve you.

I can't think of anything more cruel...

... than to...

... have known heaven.

Then be dragged back into the...


Were you talking to her?

Your d*ad wife?

You dwell on the d*ad too long,

they take you with them.

I guess...

... we have that in common, you and I.

Women we love having been...

brutally m*rder.

You're not gonna correct me?

Say it was su1c1de?


They ever find who k*lled your wife?

At least I have that. (SCOFFS)

The, uh...

... satisfaction...

... of facing the bastard
who m*rder my mother.

Getting to ask him why.

Why'd you do it?

How'd you wrap my wife into this?

How did you turn her against me?

Emily had nothing to do with this.


I did this alone.

I k*lled your mother.


I strangled her.

Then I set her body on f*re.


I can't give you a reason

that would make any sense to you.

Son, I did it.

And I'm sorry.

Thank you.

For telling me the truth.

At least a piece of it.

You see...

... there were motorcycle
tracks left at the scene.

Two sets.

I believe you were there, but...

... I know your sons were, too.

You were my mother's security detail.

I heard the way you spoke about her.

I bet you couldn't do it.

I bet you they did.

See, I can't bring her back.

But I can let your sons know
what it's like to be orphaned,

and let you leave this earth

knowing your sons will join you soon.

k*ll me,

if that's what you want.

I owe you that.

But you can't hurt Angel and EZ.

I can.

Why would I show you mercy...

... when you didn't
show any to my mother?

Why would I show mercy

to the people who set her body on f*re?

- Who destroyed my family?
- Because...

... they are your family.

We are your family, son.

You okay, EZ?

We need to m*rder these f*ck.

MARCUS: Just got off
the phone with Charming.

What happened wasn't sanctioned.

They have a contingent
that's gone rogue.

They came at a VP, Padrino,

- and his girl.
- MARCUS: I'm aware of that.

Earlier today I had a sit-down
with an old friend of mine,

trying to figure out how we
could stop this bloodshed.

He told me some disturbing
things about our own ranks.

- About Santo Pad...
- GILLY: Who the f*ck asked you to go?

Who the f*ck asked for peace?

Yo, let him talk, bro.

I'm tired of f*cking talk.

Everyone wants to f*cking talk,

but talk doesn't get shit done.

MARCUS: In my conversation
with Chibs right now,

SAMCRO has agreed for peace

between Sons of Anarchy and Mayans.

GILLY: You think Coco would want peace?

EZ, what do you want?

What are the conditions
for their surrender?

It's a cease-f*re, not a surrender.

I won't accept anything
but complete surrender.

And if you will, Padrino...

... I want you out.

I call for a killswitch.

You sure you want to do this?

A killswitch is from
our original bylaws.

It states that a
president can be removed

by unanimous vote from the chapter.

You have two choices.

You can vote to keep Padrino

and his quest for peace,

his desire to go back and kneel...

... under the shadow of the Sons.

Or vote for the soul of our club.

Vote for w*r.

Is there anything you
want to say, Marcus?

Everybody knows me here.

I stand by my reputation.

Have your vote.

I vote for w*r.

I vote w*r.

I love you, Padrino.

But I vote w*r.


They went after your f*cking brother.


What about you, Hank?

We wouldn't be here if it
wasn't for you, Padrino.

I wouldn't be here.

You brought me in.

Taught me everything I know.

But I vote for w*r.


I hope our relationship...

is deeper than this club, primo.

I vote for w*r.


MARCUS: I've given my life to this club.

I sacrificed my legacy to
save this poisoned charter.

What you call peace,
like it's a dirty word,

was me fighting to keep you all safe.

I guess the only thing I
couldn't protect you from...

was yourselves.

I built this club!

And I'm happy...

I won't be here to see it burn.


You were unfairly stripped.

Everyone in this templo
knows the leader...

you are.


I want to make you my VP.

I want you by my side...

... to help guide me

through this next difficult phase.



... to business.

The individual has
been our biggest thr*at.

It's lone men who've brought
us close to destruction.

Our strength lies in our
devotion to the nation.

Our ability to sacrifice
ourselves to this machine.

As a nation,

as a machine...

... we will no longer
allow others to divide us.

No more Northern Cali, Southern Cali.

We are now California.

And with that warehouse full
of heroin as our w*r chest,

the prisons will become ours.

The streets will become ours.

This is our state.

Our nation.

Our world.

You can either join us,

kneel to us,

or be crushed by us.

Know this, as your president...

... if you bleed, I
will bleed by your side.

If you tire, I will carry you.

I will carry this club on my back.

I will lift us to greatness.

Tonight, a new day rises.

A new chapter begins.

Every man for himself.

And Mayans against all.






Come here, babe.

EZ's not here.

I need to talk to him.

I just told you, he ain't here.

He was supposed to meet
with my husband last night,

but he never came home.

I don't know what to tell you.

I don't need you to tell me shit.

I need EZ to tell me where Jay-Jay is!

I got to go to work.

What am I supposed to do with my girls?

I miss a shift, I get fired.

That ain't EZ's problem.

You a mother?


Then you don't know what the
f*ck you're talking about.

I know EZ was with me last night.

So he never met up with your man.

Look, I need him to come home.

I need him to be okay.
Something's wrong.

I can feel it.

(WHISPERS): Something's wrong.

EZ was with me.

All night.


I'm sorry.

- f*ck.



What are you doing?

How much of...

... this killswitch,

Bishop, was your plan?

I'm doing for the M.C.
what it can't do for itself.

You should see that warehouse, Angel.

Heroin from floor to
ceiling. Millions of dollars.

And that's our future.

That's our legacy.

The deal puts us back
in bed with Galindo.

f*ck Galindo, bro.

He'll get his soon.

The f*ck is wrong with you, bro?

How many bodies you gonna stand on

till you realize there
ain't nobody f*cking left?

Man... (SCOFFS)

Ever since Gabby, I feel like...

I feel like I don't know who you are.

Remember when we were little?

Our dog Freya got hit by
that car, you remember that?

You just stood there.

You didn't cry at all, you just...

I broke her neck.

She was in so much pain, I had to.

I loved her.

So, no, I didn't get to cry.

I did for her what no one else would.

That's who I am, Angel.

That's who I've always been.

I love you, Angel.

And I need you.

Sangre es sangre.

But I need to know you're all in.

If you're not down...

... if you are not on this train...

... please walk away.

Or it'll run right over you.

Is that a thr*at?



He's been in here an
hour. He said he won't talk

unless you're in the room.

Hey, are you ready for this?


You did good, Katie.

I'm proud of you.

This is huge.


State your name for the record, please.

Neron Vargas.

Mr. Vargas, you're here to provide intel

on the Mayans motorcycle club, correct?

I am.

We're gonna take care of you, Neron.

LYDECKER: I'll ask
you again, Mr. Vargas.

Do you want an attorney?

The proffer process can be complicated,

and you may want someone
to help you navigate.

- What we promise here to...
- I'm... I'm good.

I don't need anyone.

LYDECKER: Where should we begin?

I sh*t and k*lled nine
people in Nunez Park.

And what other members of
the Mayans were you with?


The club had no
participation or knowledge.

I k*lled those people myself.

I k*lled Dennis and Alice Reed

in Santo Padre.

I k*lled Tommy Gaeta
in Stockton, California.


Neron, what are you doing?

You're saying you did all this yourself?

That's right.

No one in the club was involved.

I m*rder Eric Curry.

In a motel room in Fresno.

Without the knowledge

or participation of the club.

KODY: Neron, stop.

- These are my crimes.
- KODY: Stop.

No one else's.

And I fully confess.

I k*lled Flaco and Chepe.

Please stop.

I sh*t them as they were
driving through San Bernardino,

without the knowledge

or participation of my club.

♪ This world's not meant for me ♪

♪ This world's not meant for me ♪

♪ Till our bodies go back ♪

♪ To the water ♪

♪ Till the f*re burns ♪

♪ To the sea ♪

♪ Till our bodies go back ♪

♪ To the water ♪

♪ Till the f*re burns ♪

♪ To the sea ♪

♪ Till our bodies go back ♪

♪ To the water ♪

♪ Till the f*re burns ♪

♪ To the sea ♪

♪ This world's not meant for me ♪

♪ This world's not meant for me ♪

♪ This world's not meant for me ♪

♪ This world's not meant for. ♪

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