01x06 - Surfacing

Episode transcripts for TV show, "The Essex Serpent". Aired: May 13, 2022
Historical film follows widowed Cora who relocates from London to a small village in Essex investigating a mythical creature.
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01x06 - Surfacing

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Dr. Garrett? Where are you going?

Dear Stella,

I've only just heard
the terrible news from Luke.

I'm so sorry.

For once in my life,
I'm at a loss for words.

I came to Aldwinter
to look for the serpent,

and I didn't expect to find friendship.

Stella, what I really want is to see you,

but I fear that coming back
would just upset the village.

You are my friend and I never meant...

What's happened?

Have we been burgled?

Where's Martha? Her room's empty.

Let's go and have breakfast.

- Where have you been?
- I couldn't sleep.

I came to look for you.

I was looking for Naomi.

Is she with the serpent?

Let's warm you up.



He's waiting for me.

Don't be sad.

I'm ready.

Help me.


I want to see Cora and Frankie.

I want them to come back.

Shall I get another crate?

Yes, please. In the scullery.

My comics!

- There you go, miss.
- Thank you.

Dear Cora,

Shortly before we met in London,

Stella received a diagnosis
of tuberculosis.

Perhaps that may explain my behavior
at the museum.

Tragically, her health is now fading fast.

She's been begging me for some days
to write to you and ask you to visit.

But I have to say,
I don't think it's a good idea

for her, me... Any of us.

The truth is, I scarcely know
how to get through the days.

I am broken.


At least your shaving
is better than your stitching.

- Why don't you move in with me for a bit?
- I'm fine on my own.

Let me do it.

We'll go to the mortuary later.


I need to practice
manipulating my fingers.

I have to get back to work, Spencer.

One day at a time.

Don't think about operating yet.

You think that's possible?

I can just relax? Give up my work?

- Don't you know me at all?
- I'm sorry.

There must be something I can do.

Leave me.


- Leave me alone.
- Yeah.


Thank you. That'll be all.


Ambrose has changed his mind.

I'm so sorry.


"I cannot raise a bill because I do not
believe that social housing is the answer.

People must solve their own problems,
not rely on the state."

Honestly, the man has no brains
and even less heart.

Don't worry.
I'll keep going. Writing letters.

Actually, we have some news too.

Spencer's come up with a plan to help us.

What? When?

We carried on talking
after you all left, and he said...

Well, he's offered
to buy this whole building.

- What?
- Yeah.

He wants to install plumbing
and electricity.

Transform the place.

Good for you.

Not just us, ten families live here.

Aren't you pleased?

Of course.

As individuals,
you will all benefit enormously.

But we need real change, not philanthropy.

I think he's doing this for you.

He talked about your future together.


- Spencer.
- Cora. I...

If you're after Martha,
she moved out a few days ago.

- She's staying in Cheapside.
- No. I have bad news.

Luke was robbed, s*ab.

What? When?

On his way home from the party.

His right hand was sliced open.

I took him straight to theater.

- Worked to the best of my abilities.
- Of course.

I don't think he'll operate again.

Oh, Luke!

If I could change things, change places…

What can I do? Anything.

Visit him. Cheer him up.

He asked for me?

He doesn't know I'm here.



Oh, my dear friend.

Wondered if you'd come.

As soon as I found out.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Look at it. Useless.

I can't even carve a joint of beef.

Let me clean it.

Maybe I could arrange
some physical therapy?

Exercise with a rubber band? No, thanks.

Or write to that doctor you told me about,

who inserts artificial parts
into the body?

I told you about him
because he's an idiot.

It can't be done.

Well, I'm here now.

Whatever's next,
we can deal with it together.


Just forget our stupid row.

I'm going to look after you.


Come and live with me.

You sound like Spencer
trying to nurse me through all of this.

No. I mean move in with me. Forever.


As my friend and companion.

Thought that was Martha's department.

She's moved out.

I see. So, filling a void.


The parson's retreated,

- the servants vanished.
- No, Luke.

- I'm the last man standing.
- No... Please, shut up and listen.

I think it can work.

We get on well,
we enjoy each other's company.

I... My house is far too big for me.
I mean, you could have Michael's room.

The mausoleum?

I've cleared it out.

Just think about it.

We could spend our days together
reading and talking.

Maybe lunch out.
A stroll in Kensington Gardens.

Or a gallery? Light a f*re? Dine in?

Eat too much, drink too much.

Before we say good night
and I retire to your husband's bed?

Why not?

Because it's ridiculous.

And you can't even see it.

But this mangled bloody mess
has finally opened my eyes.

I care about you, Luke.

You called me when you needed me.

A doctor.

A shoulder to cry on.

A drinking partner.

That's not true. You're my friend.

Well, as your friend…

I have to be honest with you, Cora.

I don't wanna live with you.

Why not?

Because I'm in love with you,

and you're in love with somebody else.


Do you wanna come in?

You heard about Luke, I assume.


Why didn't you tell me?

I thought that
you might do something stupid.

I'm sorry, Martha.

For what?

How I've treated you. Luke…

for not looking after the people I love.

There's a wonderful view from the roof.

Do you wanna see?

I told Cora I don't want a nurse.

How was she?


She cares about you. We both do.

Spencer, I can't even write.

You dictate, and I'll write.

You can stay for one night.

For as long as you need.

Thank you.

I can almost see
the house where I was born.

Is Ambrose going to help?

He couldn't support a socialist agenda.

I'm sorry.

What does Spencer think?

I don't know. I'm avoiding him.

I think he's in love with me.

Has he said something?

I can just tell.

What is it?

It's Stella. She's unwell.

With the flu still?

Tuberculosis. I think she's dying.

She's asked to see me,
but I'm not sure I can go back.


Not of the villagers.

Of seeing Will?

You know me. I...

I break things.

You can fix them too.

If you need to, you should.

You're not a coward, Cora Seaborne.


I had no idea you had so much.

It's good to see you.


If this new landlord idea is meant
as some kind of overture to me, then...

More than that. I have a proposal.


I'm sorry, I'm not the kind of woman
who just strings a man along...

- No, of course not. But...
- Marriage, it enslaves women.

- Socially, financially.
- What? No.

Yes, it's one of the biggest obstacles
to revolution.

It's really not that kind of a proposal.

I've decided to use my trust to set up
a campaign for social housing,

and I need someone to run it.

I want us to work together.

I'm offering you a job.

Hello, Gog. I've missed you.



There's cologne in there and bath salts.

Thank you for coming.

For bringing him.

Of course. We've missed you.

I was worried you wouldn't come.

I had to see you once more.

How are you feeling?

I'm ready.

No, don't say that.

But I am.

How are the children?

A lady in the village takes them
after school.

I get a bit tired.

Are you all right?
Do you want to rest now?

No. Not yet.


Did you want to talk to me
about something?


Would you go and see Will?

What? No.

He needs someone to talk to.

But I'm here to see you.

He'll be in the church.

Well, then I shouldn't disturb him.

I'm asking you, Cora.

It's what I want.

Leave him with me.

I told you not to come.

I had to see Stella.

She asked me to come and find you.

I'll leave if you want me to.

Shall we walk?

Are any boats going out to sea?


Everyone's still afraid.

How are the children dealing with it all?

I haven't told them how ill Stella is.

With Naomi still missing,

it feels too cruel.

Stella thinks
you need somebody to talk to.

Talk to me.

She's so brave.

She's faced it far better than I have.

Well, perhaps she's known for some time.

Yes, she's accepted it.

At times, her…

her mind roams.

And then, she returns to me, my Stella.


even when she drifts away, I...

I couldn't love her more.

I'll always love her, Cora.

I know.

I know you will.

Your mother was right, you know?

The serpent is alive.

Have you seen it?

- What's it like? Is it very big?
- Yes.

Would you like to come and see him?

Are they for the serpent?

Save some.

Keep some for your mother.

I'm sorry, Will,

if I've made things worse for you.

No, Cora.

I let you in,

when I had everything I could ask for.

It's not that simple.

Isn't it?

Love is not finite.

It's not confined to marriage.

There are so many ways to love.

You've never known a happy marriage.

And yet I know how it feels
to love someone.

And to be loved in return.

There. Finished.

Shall we go back inside now?

Why are you getting in?

Where are we going?

Will you set me off?

Can you do that?

I'm ready to meet him now.

The serpent?

My god and king.



- What is it?
- What's happened?

Where's Stella?


She's gone to see the serpent.

- What?
- What do you mean?

You're not in any trouble.
We just need to know where she is.

She's in the boat.


We saw the serpent, Cora. We saw it.

It's all right.

Where is Stella going?

Back home, with Will.

But before, she said she was ready to go.

Stella isn't very well.

Is she going to die?

Well, we all die one day.

But before her time,

like Father?

Yes, I'm afraid she may.

I don't want you to die.

I have no intention of it.

I've got far too much to do.

That's good.


It's gonna be all right, Father.

I've seen the serpent.

I think it's d*ad.

It's over.

It's on the beach! Come on.

It's not Sunday, is it?

The beast is d*ad. Down by the beach.

I have to spread the word.
Tell the parson!

The beast is d*ad.

It's down by the harbor. See for yourself.

That's not a serpent.

What is it? Oh, my.



Why did it come here?

Maybe its patterns were upset
by the earthquake.

Why did everyone think it was a serpent?

People fear what they don't understand.

Jump to the wrong conclusions.

I didn't want it to die.

Mrs. Seaborne?


Another missive.

Thank you.

Cora, how are you?

Deep in a trench, I imagine?

I miss you.

Although, obviously not as much
as you miss me.

I finally found people who appreciate me.

I've been made head of the medical school.

They want me to teach them
the secrets of the heart.

Talking of which, how is yours?

You must have heard from Will by now?

"If Mr. Garth doesn't find a fox
in Eversley Wood,

as folks sometimes fear he never will,

that does not prove that
there are no such things as foxes."

Off you go. Sleep well.

Night night.

I'll be there in a moment, Jo.

Dear Will,

I still think of you every day,

of what we shared and what it means.

I am torn, and I am mended.

I love you, and I am content without you.

Even so,

please write back.

You never wrote back.

I had too much to say.

Shall we walk?
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