01x02 - Organizm

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x02 - Organizm

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a three-way dive, Bap.

Like, that shit normally doesn't happen.

You got to come, but you were freezing.

- What-what are you doing?
- This guy just, like
goes to Worlds, and
then all of a sudden,
the game should be played
around him? Like, this is 2021.

Nobody just freezes mid
lane, it just doesn't.

KYLE: There's a lot of
tension on the team right now.

It's a hard one to solve.

If I could fix it with-with
one of my massages, you know,
I-I'm good at those, I would.

This guy's stuck in
his past prime, like
We do things that are a comfort to us
Uh, but I don't think, uh, this knot's
gonna be that easy to


Bro! Organizm!
Bro, hey.

Can you, hey, can you
take off your headphones?
- KYLE: Okay.

- I'm trying to talk to him.

I-I said "bro" at a normal volume.

You're on Fugitive
Gaming right now, okay?
And so you follow our rules,
and the number one rule?
Braxton, thought?
- Communication.

- Talking!
You know what that is? Have
you ever talked before?!
You ever moved your mouth before?
KYLE: Cream?
What? He's silent.

He's, like, f*cking mute.

- I don't, I don't understand it.

- Cream, can you sit down, please?
- No, I I
- Put on your seatbelt.

NIGHTFALL: Creamcheese may
have been a little too hard
on him, but I just hated that Organizm
was fighting the team mentality.

Like, I feel like everyone
on the team just want to win.

I'm just saying, I've been
f*cking building this team!
- I under I know, I know.

- Since when a support had just
- boots and 30 wards in his f*cking inventory
- I was there.

NIGHTFALL: Creamcheese want to win.

And, you know, I want to win, too.

But the question is, I think,
is whether we're doing that as a team.


- MARKZ: If we're talking
most exciting players to watch so far,
I'm gonna have to go with Organizm, yes.

AZAEL: I mean, he's a great player.

His team's not very good.

- They're at the bottom of the standings.

- Yes.

He's got a playstyle
that I actually want
to watch.
He's so aggressive and he's
mechanically talented.

KOBE: Exactly.
And you've
got to get aggressive
if you're losing every game.

You got to find a way in!
Honestly, if Organizm
and Creamcheese can
get on the same page,
they might actually become
a tough team to b*at.


What's up, guys? How you doing?
- What's up dude?
- Man, what's up?
- You still loving Patrón?
- Uh, yeah, man.

- Of course! Why wouldn't I?
- Yeah, f*ck yeah, you and me
our-our blood's Patrón, right?
- Yeah.

It is not the same.

It's not like that at all
anymore with this f*cking boy child.

Oh, yeah, how is that?
It's bad.
It doesn't talk at all.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Yeah.

We got to get you back in the bot-lane.

We got to reunite the Axe Bros, right?
- Yeah, we do, man, we do, yeah.

- Yeah.

Hey, Nova, what's up, man?
- Great game.

- Dude, honestly your play
Yo, we should grab
some Patrón soon, dude.

Foresite, bro, we should
grab some Patrón soon.

- Right?
- Uh, yeah, let's make it happen.

- Yeah, let's make it happen.

- Let's do it, yeah.

Nova, you piece of shit!
You stupid f*ck.

Are you going this way?
Where are you going?

RAZLEPLASM: Fugitive Gaming looking
to find their footing with a win
against Golden Guardians.

The flashy rookie Organizm has
been turning heads despite some
questionable decision-making.

But I hope he doesn't
lose that aggressiveness.

And Creamcheese is
able to work with him.

And level them up, maybe
they'll find a rhythm.

So, how are the Golden
Guardians they any good?
They're usually good, but it's
been a rough year for them.

Braxton prides himself
on his pick and bans.

He has an excellent track
record in champ select.

But of course the only
way pick and ban works
is if the players are
on board with the picks.

Dude, what are you doing?
Bro, take Varus.

Crumbz, this is a fun one.

Got to love his Heimerdinger hover.

what the assh*le f*ck
are you doing? Just take Varus.

Oh, my f*cking God! Is that a joke?!
You just took Heimerdinger?!
What are you doing, bro?!
We have a locked-in
Heimerdinger in the draft,
Crumbz, I'm excited.

He just picked, um
Did he just pick the f*cking donger?
FRUGGER: No, he didn't.
That's a joke.

Did this dude really just pick
the donger?
Why everybody going crazy
in here? What's going on?
Well, essentially Heimerdinger's
a lane-focused mage
- with limited late-game upside.

: Nah, dude.

He got upside.

You watch.

Kid picked Heimerdinger.


No, it's not fine!
This isn't solo queue.

You pick Heimerdinger?
I'm supposed to take
Yuumi like an assh*le?
I'm not picking f*cking Yuumi.

KYLE: Cream, take Pyke.

g*dd*mn it.

I don't get mad a lot, like
I like to keep my cool, you know?
And, like, let shit play out.

You f*cking kidding?!
But that f*cking kid.

Hitting the donger.

Like f*ck that.

BAP: On the stage you
pick what we've agreed on.

Right? But he just picked Heimerdinger.

And we agreed on Varus, like
What can Heimerdinger do in this game?
It just it's gonna do nothing.

ORGANIZM: I knew that that
was the right choice to make.

Creamcheese just wants people
to listen to Creamcheese.

So f*cking tilted.
is that? What is that?
just a reminder of what
an enigma this kid is.

That kind of defiance.

To go against your teammates,
to go against your coach.

Okay, Heimerdinger.

GABRIELLA: It's just not something
that you see in League.

Especially from someone so
young who seems so quiet.

So I'm just thinking, who is this kid?

ANNOUNCER: Fugitive is
gonna take the Nexus!
It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

MAN: A two-year, $3 million contract?
WOMAN: He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

MAN 3: Creamcheese is a choke artist.

CREAMCHEESE: This would've been
the perfect setup to wombo combo.

MAN 3: Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?
- MAN 4: Something is brutally wrong in this team.

- MAN 5: This season will make
or break the Fugitive franchise.

ORGANIZM: I've been
playing League of Legends
since I was really young.

In my house in Overbrook
Park in Philadelphia.

RUDY: I tried to force
Percy to play a real sport.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Like basketball, football
Soccer! You know what
I'm saying? You know
- But he wasn't interested.

- SIMONE: Yeah, not at all.

You know, Percy was obsessed.

: Oh, we never saw him.

He would never leave the basement.

I would go down there and be
like, "What's up," and, like,
after a while I'd see
he had an accumulation
of containers, jars, bottles.

SIMONE: When I saw them,
I just asked myself, um
why is this Dasani bottle yellow?
- Yeah, uh-huh.

- Or why is this Chipotle cup
- warm.

- Warm!
He was so obsessed with
the game that he didn't want
to waste time going to the bathroom,
so he pissed in a f*cking jar.

ORGANIZM: I didn't have
time to go to the toilet.

So I was just trying to be the best.

I-If that's what you do, then
that's what you do, but
I didn't have time.


- It was disgusting.

- Uh, people used to call him PJ.

- PJ.

It's not short for Percy.


Let's go, PJ!
It's for "piss jar.
SIMONE: And I decided I had to put
my foot down and told
him that we weren't
gonna let him play anymore.

And then we found out
that he was actually
- watching other people play.

- Other people play!
RUDY: Imagine you sitting
there and just watching
other people play in,
like, in little figures
moving around the screen, like,
what is wrong with this dude?
- We need to get him professional help.

- I know.
It Like,
why would you watch other
people play the game?
ORGANIZM: I mean, my mom
and dad didn't really get it.

I told them, if you want
to get good at basketball,
you watch good basketball players.

So that's why I watch
good League players.

My favorite team to
watch was Fugitive Gaming.

- Get out of my lane!
- Oh, my God!


- Oh !

season in the Challenger Series
was so f*cking sick.

Like, on and off the Rift.



KYLE: The second we made Challenger,
we were just turbo-clapping
the entire damn league.

- Just bust a move ♪
- Oh ♪
GURU: People say you can't get laid
in a house full of dudes.

Then, how come
I bought all these?
Hey, bust a move ♪
If you want it, you got it ♪

- If you want it ♪
- Fugitive, baby.

- Fugitive.

- Fugitive.

- Let's go.

- Don't touch that, okay? Don't touch that.

: What?
You got it ♪
If you want it ♪
- I can't f*cking believe this!

APRIL: Our tiny apartment
became gamer barracks.

sleeping on the couch.

There were bunk beds.

There was an air mattress.

Everyone was sleeping in the same room.

- Come on, baby.

- f*ck out of here.

- You want a little kiss?
- It was tough.

I mean, the space was
definitely tight for six people.

But you just get used to
everyone's masturbation schedule
and we made it work.

APRIL: It was disgusting.

But it was also
grassroots, authentic.

My friends from college
were working 9:00 to 5:00.

I was doing something crazy.

GROUP: April! April! April!
April! April!
KYLE: We were crazy.
We were fun.

We were all, you know We were nuts.

Creamcheese went by
You know?
FRUGGER: The guy used
to call himself Nutmilk.

heard it a billion times,
and it still sounds like I'm
hearing it for the first time.

I was Nutmilk, wasn't I?
When I started playing.

OTHERS: Nutmilk! Nutmilk! Nutmilk!
league made me change that,
actually, when I went pro, which is
I I honestly don't know why.

I think
I mean, I think What I
If I had to guess, what I think is
I think that they thought
I was talking about
one type of milk
that comes from one
type of nut, you know?
But I wasn't.
I really wasn't.

I was talking about just, um
dairy-free, organic milk.

Nut milk.

Almond milk, for example.

Cashew milk.
Hemp milk.

I don't know if hemp actually
Now that I think about it, I
don't know if hemp is a nut.

I don't know what hemp is exactly,
but it probably is a nut.

Right? And it's definitely a milk.


It's definitely a milk.

But the names and shit,
that's the small stuff.

Like, we were playing
like f*cking monsters.

And no matter what they threw at us,
whatever corporate bullshit they, like,
put in our face,
we were still the
animals we always were,
Nutmilk or not.

ORGANIZM: I mean, they
started it all by themselves.

No fancy training facility.

Just them and the
That's all I had.

So it made me feel like
I could do that, too.

: Okay, so Braxton
wanted to thank our friends
at Logitech for all that free shit.


- Man, Logitech,
thank you so much.

- [bl*ws.]





These dumb videos were
- APRIL: Blow a kiss to Logitech.

- were the shit back then.

- New team uniforms! I think
ORGANIZM: I didn't
know these guys, but
they made me feel like
we were really friends or something.

Uh-oh! Uh-oh!
Look at that.
I'm in your lane.

SIMONE: The more he watched
people play the game,
the more serious he
got about playing it.

I remember, um
he asked us to get him
- a new computer.

- Mm-hmm.

Um, and he had a
perfectly good computer.

I mean, the computer he
was using worked fine.

Um, and I saw the cost of that computer
and I said no.

When it came to
you know, trying to
get a new graphics card
or a new processor or a motherboard,
you know, that's where I
really put all my energy.

Like, I'll mow your damn lawn.

- I'll shovel the snow.

- RUDY: Remember he pulled
- that that rat ou out of Miss Renee's crawl space.

- Mm.

It was so nasty.

- Just for ten dollars.

- For a tenner.

: He built
his own computer, like,
- with his own hands.

- ORGANIZM: I got a refurbished GTX 770,
and the whole rig cost me about $400.

KYLE: What you got to remember
is, he was playing for years
on a computer that only gave him,
you know, 30 frames a second.


- It's like winning a race in flip-flops.

That is so loud!
ORGANIZM: It wasn't the greatest, but
it was enough for me to b*at Guru.

You know who I've got my eyes on? Guru.

- Guru.

- Don't even get me started on Guru.

Guru, oh!
CHRIS: By 2019, 2020, Guru at this point
had long since left Fugitive
to become a full-time streamer.

And we had all just seen
him absolutely blow up.

Why not start the day
with a win? Neverlost.

FRUGGER: Not only did
he get 60K-plus viewers
every time he streamed,
he would solo-queue against
some pretty heavy hitters,
and he would always destroy them.

The showboating is
whatever, but his talent,
you got to respect it.

Guru coming at you.

Guru knows where your mom lives.

He was like a famous guy.

KYLE: Yeah, the guy was everywhere.

Neverlost podcast in the building!
You couldn't avoid him
if you tried.
And I did.

My girlfriend plays support,
but she roams when I need her most.

I-I know exactly what's
She's cheating.

She has two phones.

He was on the cover
of PC Mag's body issue.

Guru was one of the
first people to understand
that it was good to have fans
but even better to have
people that hate you.

APRIL: He was a must-watch streamer.

And then, all of a sudden,
this unknown ADC named
Organizm comes out of nowhere
and starts going head-to-head with him.

f*ck you!
What the f*ck is going on in bot-lane?
The first match wasn't even close.

Organizm destroyed him.

He didn't ping, he
didn't speak, he just won.

f*cking Organizm again.
FORESITE: I think we all assumed
this is purely a pro player
on a smurf account just trolling Guru.

And somehow they face
off for a second time,
and Organizm wins again.

Great, my f*cking bot-lane
got first-blooded again.

Great! f*cking Organizm.

: All of his followers
were trying to figure out
who-who the f*ck this Organizm kid was.

So, here's-here's what you
need to understand, is that
at this time Org had b*at
better players than Guru.

But none were as popular
and as public as Guru.

PHREAK: So, by some cosmic miracle,
they match a third time.

GURU: What the f*ck?!
INDIANA: Organizm, for the third time,
bests Guru on stream
in front of everyone.

And the biggest reason it
was getting under his skin
is because this kid refused to talk.

Oh, f*ck!
SEO HYUN KIM: Twitch went crazy.

Okay, people were losing their minds.

Especially Guru.

Are we watching the
f*cking luckiest player
that we've ever seen in our lives?
This f*cking luck monster,
this f*cking leprechaun!
f*ck you!
Tens of thousands of people
are watching this happen right now.

Boom, all chat opens up.

After the third loss,
Organizm typed something in all chat
that would become absolutely legend.

ORGANIZM: I typed into
the chat, "It's okay,
I still think you're a good player.
"It's okay, I still "
Oh, wow, I you still think I'm
So mature!
- "It's okay.
- "It's okay.
"I still think you're a good player"?
I think that's the coolest
sentence I ever heard,
and I heard a lot of sentences before.

Like, who says that? W-W-Was
it genuine sportsmanship,
or was it shit talk?
And to me, you know, I wasn't so sure.

That's great.
Doesn't say
a f*cking word all game,
and then we got "I still
think you're a good player.
That's-that's great
started sending me this clip
of this incredible
moment in world history
of him getting shit-stomped,
tilting on his own stream
with, like, 50,000 people watching it.

And that was just the stream.

Like, the clip had
millions of views on it.

Millions of views.

I still think you're a good player.

How about that? How about that?
INDIANA: For all the trash
that spews out of Guru's mouth,
he's never said anything as impactful
as that one line from Organizm.

You couldn't go a minute
without seeing a meme about it.

PAUL: Oh, the memes were endless.

They-they had, they had that one
where-where the guy's, like,
checking out that one girl,
and-and the girlfriend's like, "What?"
And-and the guy was the Internet,
and the girl he was
looking at was Organizm,
and the jealous girlfriend was Guru.

And they did the meme
where, like, the one guy is
crossing his arms, and everyone else
all his friends are like, "Oh!"
And the guy was Organizm,
and the friends doing
th-th-that was the Internet.

INDIANA: Organizm came out of nowhere,
and no one really knew
anything about him.

I think that there were a
lot of rumors that it was
different players using a pseudo-name
climbing up the ladder.

EMMA: Was it Tinky
using a smurf account?
Everyone was wondering who it was.

KYLE: And then to find out
that the person that did it
was some 16-year-old in his basement
playing on a fax machine? Come on.

Just that.
It was accurate.

EMMA: It got to the
point that Organizm was
a much-watched streamer.

Now he's got a camera,
now he's got an audience.

Everybody needed to see
the kid who slayed Guru.

JATT: He used this to kind of
kickstart his streaming career.

And he was totally
different than a Guru stream.

A Guru stream is loud, It's obnoxious.

Here we go.
First blood goes to Guru!
I put you in a body cast.

Organizm stream is all business.

He's like the Kawhi Leonard of esports.

And there's an audience for that.

Got him.

By this point, all of the
pro teams had heard of him,
and the offers started coming his way.

CHRIS: Yeah, the offers were hot,
but the thing you got to
understand about Organizm
is that he really only
had eyes for one team.

He wanted to play with Fugitive.

ORGANIZM: Deciding was easy.

Join my favorite team
and win us a championship.

CREAMCHEESE: Honestly, when I
first heard we were gonna sign Org,
I was, like, pretty stoked.

The kid was a f*cking hero.

ADC of the future.
What's up, dude?
"It's okay, I still think
you're a good player.
FRUGGER: It was so cool.
It was so dope.

And yeah, and then, you
know, I mean, and then he, uh
and then he took my job.

JATT: It all happened so quick,
and so we were all left wondering
if this big bet on a kid
with absolutely no team experience
would pan out,
or would it be a colossal failure?
Heimerdinger?! Are you f*cking kidding?
APRIL: So, Organizm picks Heimerdinger,
which is a fine pick in solo queue.

But this is the pro stage,
and Heimerdinger hasn't
been picked in pro play since 2018.

To say it was a bold choice is a vast


We're f*cking losing.

ANNOUNCER: And Fugitive
is picking up a 4v5
at blue buff without Organizm!
It's gonna be hard to win.

Already a kick-flash on the bot.

Fugitive are screwed in this battle.

Basically 3v5 for the first k*ll.

Creamcheese able to trade one back,
but there's no reinforcements coming.

He's going for the mid wave.

This is gonna be a
Fugitive are down.

So that game was a really sloppy game
between two teams at the
bottom of the standings.

And you could just tell that Fugitive
were not on the same page.

All right, Buckets, it's
been a 4v5 since level one.

ANNOUNCER: Here comes
Storm Grenade.
Stuns two
JATT: If this was TSM, they'd
punish Org for that Heimer pick,
and Fugitive gets bl*wn out.

But against Golden Guardians,
Organizm's donger was sublime.

ANNOUNCER: Organizm walks
up into a one versus five.

He has already k*lled three.

He's gonna get the
Leona's gonna fall.

Enough of the zone.
His Ori's out!
This is so f*cking f*ck this.

This is so f*cking dumb.

ANNOUNCER: Creamcheese
is walking off the stage.

The game's not even over yet.

I can't believe what we're seeing.

After securing the victory,
what a terrible display
of sportsmanship.

To see the team, like, winning the game,
and then Creamcheese just gets up before
the Nexus has exploded
Like, the amount of disrespect there
was immeasurable.

- Where did he go, though?
- Yeah, where's Cream?

- FORESITE: When you're a veteran and you're a leader
- f*cking shit
You know, it's, um
That's just something that you can't do.

And, you know, it's
heartbreaking to see him
walk off that stage because
I know that he's better than that.


FRUGGER: Bro, I would've done
I would've done the exact same thing.

Hey, hey, what are you doing?
Hey, uh, it's Creamcheese.

I'm just calling to tell you
that you're f*cking this team
by making us start that kid.

Yeah, because I cleaned up his mess,
which is your mess, by the way.

No, it's not just "still a win.
We should have destroyed that team.

I do not trust you.

Honestly, all you care about
is money.
It's so obvious.

The only reason that
you're starting this kid
is because you think he'd
look good in a f*cking
Totino's Pizza Roll commercial.

Okay, so Okay.

So you do want
I could be in a Totino's commercial
within the f*cking hour.

Radio, television, a billboard.

Oh, my God.
f*ck you!
f*ck you, bro! f*ck you, Resnick.

Get off of me.
f*cking shit!
- Ow! f*ck.

- Dude, are you okay?
- Ow.
Oh, shit.

- Are you all right?
- I h*t a stud.
No, I definitely f*cking h*t a stud.

- Out.
Let's go.

Let's go.
I just f*cking hurt my
I need to see a medic.

Well, find one outside.

Listen, bro, you're chill,
but if you ever want him
to love you like he loves me,
you don't go f*cking
picking Heimerdinger.

I don't see why you're defending him.

I'm not defending him.

But isn't this our team?
Like, didn't we create Fugitive?
Cream, Fugitive is not our team anymore.

Don't put that on me.

I'm not putting that on you.

That's not on anyone.

That's just a fact.

Oh, my God, is this all my blood here?
- f*ck, ow, it really hurts.

- Put some pressure on it.

Look, I-I'm not blaming anyone here.

Ow, I really think I
f*cked up my hand, honestly.

We got to just deal with what
we can deal with.
You know?
Y-You've played with rookies before.

Is Org, uh, you know,
any worse than Spaghetti?
Spaghetti's f*cking terrible.

A-Actually, you know what?
Like, honestly, I would
I would rather play with Spaghetti.

- You'd rather play with Spaghetti?
- Yeah, I would f*cking
I would rather play with Spaghetti,
- now that I think about it.

- With Spaghetti?!
- Yeah, he was a a bad laner.

- Yeah.

But he was a f*cking
good guy, and he listened.

We almost went to Worlds with Spaghetti.

It was a different It was a team.

I can f*cking do that.

It's not like that with
I can't play with him.

We deal with what we can control.

- And we can you can control how you play.

- No, you're right.

That's good.
You're right.

I can, I can only deal
with what I can control.

JATT: The AD Carry and support position
have to be just incredibly in sync.

It's like a quarterback
and a wide receiver
running an option route.

If either one of them
sees the play differently,
it's disastrous.

They both have to make the
same read in the same moment
in order for the play
to work.
And I feel like
the AD Carry and
support are very similar.

You kind of just have to know
when the moment to go in is,
and then they both do
it at the same time.


BGOLBKTOFWTR: And don't even get
me started about the fact that
I didn't hear a single thing
from him the entire game.

NIGHTFALL: I don't know.
BAP: He didn't use a ping
when he play solo queue.

- That that still triggers me, like

What are you doing? You're
doing f*cking competition game,
and you're not even using ping.


I gotcha.
I gotcha.
I gotcha.

- Can you say "ulti"?
- Ulti.

- Ulti.

- Yeah.

- That's right.

- They got the buff.

- They did.

- They got the buff.

Look, I mean, obviously
I'd rather start Frugger
and have Org refine
his skills in Academy,
but it's not my call, is it?
You and Cream have been
through thick and thin, baby.

- It's gonna be fine.

- Hey, see this jersey?
- Yeah.

- I'm never wearing it again.

What are you talking about?
I'm demanding a trade.


Oh, my God.

- You ready for this?
- Yeah.

- Where's the switch?
- It's on the other side.
Right there.

- Do you have a lighter?
- Do I have a li
- It's not turning on, dude.

- No, you need a lighter.

- Just hold on.

- No, it's just, you turn this
- and it's supposed to light.

- Hold on.
Hold on.

There's a button.

- You twisted it too many times.

- I twisted it.
It's broken.

All right, well, back
I don't want to burn
- my eyebrows off.

- Obvi it wouldn't turn on.

You're not gonna burn
yourself, it's broken.

I b*rned my eyebrows off one time.

It took eight months to
grow back.
Just hold on.

- Oh.
Whoa, dude.

- Oh! Got it.

- That was sick.

- I told you, dude.

Dude, that was f*cking sick, bro.

I told you.
You just need a lighter.


- I can't believe you fixed that.

- Yeah.

- Okay, we should do this, right?
- You gonna do it? Do it.

f*ck, dude.

Holy shit.
Holy shit.

Five years.
that's five years of
my life right there.

But you took a stand, dude.

You're sending a message.
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