01x03 - Braxton

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x03 - Braxton

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And still no word from him?
Text, call, anything?
- From Creamcheese?
- No, no, I have not heard
from Cream yet, Paul, but I
promise you, the second I do,
I will tell you both.

- It will not be a secret.

- Okay.

So, this morning Creamcheese
packed up all of his stuff
and he left the Fugitive Mansion.

Which he has threatened to do before,
but he's never actually done it.


Oh, my God, I feel so f*cking free!
Can't believe I left, man.

This might be the first time
anybody's ever done
something like this before.

I don't know.
I've never heard of it.

I certainly have never missed a game.

Think about it, bro,
if you're not there,
they have to start Cronklyn.

I'm fine about it, honestly.

Dude, I've been scrimming
with him in Academy
- And he sucks.

- Dude, he's he doesn't suck.

He doesn't suck.

He's literally the
worst player of all time.

Even Cronklyn knows Cronklyn sucks.

Cronklyn probably hates himself, dude.

Now, Cronklyn,
I know you haven't been
scrimming with the guys,
but that's okay.

'Cause you're ready, all
right? We all know this.

We all think this.
We're excited
to have you on the team today.

You ready?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.

There you go.
That's my guy.

Okay, all right.

We're gonna have a great game.

So, yeah, I'm just trying to, uh,
figure out how to b*at
Evil Geniuses today
without Creamcheese.

Honestly, I don't even know
where Creamcheese is right now.

Fugitive is gonna take the Nexus!
It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

A two-year, $3 million contract?
He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

Creamcheese is a choke artist.

This would've been the
perfect setup to wombo combo.

Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?
Something is brutally
wrong in this team.

This season will make or
break the Fugitive franchise.

Right, that's-that's
what I just said, Nathan.

We don't know where Creamcheese
We're trying to locate him.

He hasn't shown up there
or-or tried to contact you?
No one's happy about this, Nathan.

Creamcheese's actions can be a bit rash,
uh, and immature at times.

He's called me, uh, Pubes
more times than I can count,
but that's all well and good.

What-what isn't acceptable is-is
being a no-show on game day.

Know that we are working to resolve it,
but it's-it's, uh, it's gonna be tough.

Unless you take out Organizm
and put Frugger back in,
I mean, that's how you
get Creamcheese back.

Nathan, we do have a support, uh,
in Academy that his name is Cronklyn.

Listen, h-he's never
scrimmed with the team,
he hasn't scrimmed
with Organizm certainly.

And I can't believe what
we're seeing right now,
It is a Fugitive first
here today in the LCS.

They'll be taking to the stage
without their star support Creamcheese.

Follow our lead, uh,
remember your fundamentals
and you got it, okay?
In his place is gonna be Cronklyn,
an Academy player moving up.
I mean,
this is the beautiful thing
about League of Legends,
Pastry, you don't know when
you're gonna be called up
and get your sh*t
to really prove that
you've got what it takes.

- Check, check.
Can you hear me?
- Loud and clear.

Cronklyn, you got this, yeah?
Yeah, I do.

And Organizm fires off the
Enchanted Crystal Arrow,
and he's gonna catch Sparx
as Nightfall zooms on in for the gank.

That is gonna be the Double k*ll.

This rookie ADC is carrying Fugitive
with a support who is basically M.

Can I get Lantern?
- Yeah.

- Please, Lantern.

I missed.

I'm sorry.

I guess that it was a
really difficult situation
for Cronklyn.

Wait, there's four.

Wait, wait, where's my support?
Okay, okay, I can't
I'm weak right now.

You said that two minutes ago.

When are you gonna be strong?
- Okay, I'm sorry, bro.

- Just focus, just focus.

I'm d*ad.
They're coming down.

And there's the Evil Geniuses!
They're swarming their Nexus.

They're gonna take this
one as down goes Fugitive.

A disappointing
but unsurprising loss for Fugitive.

Despite all odds, Organizm
tried to put on the biggest
carry performance of his career.

Kept them in this game
but just wasn't enough
to go over the finish line.

Yeah, Nightfall's also
kind of staying consistent
as always, but like you
said, just wasn't enough here.

I don't know what I did in my past life,
but I did not deserve that shit.

- What the f*ck?
- What can you do?
From the jungle position,
when the whole team
is built around support
and your star support
Creamcheese is absent,
and you're now playing around Cronklyn,
who didn't have the debut
he would have liked to,
it's just not gonna look pretty.

What's next?
- Uh, I don't
- It's not that, right?
I'm not playing with that again.

So, where are we at in your estimation?
I think it's FlyQuest, honestly.

Well, I think they're in need
of a veteran sh*t-calling support,
and there's a handful of teams
at the bottom of the standings
who would k*ll for Cream,
but they're the ones who
really have the assets.

I-I think they'd pay for it.

If we're gonna do a full rebuild,
I mean, I do like some of
the guys in their Academy.

I do, too.

I agree.

All right, uh, before
we fully blow it up,
um, give me one more chance
to talk to Creamcheese.

I-I think I can get him back.

I'll be, I'll be real,
uh, it's it's hard.

Cream's my best friend.

He was best man at my wedding.

We started Fugitive
together, you know? He
he's like a brother to me.

So it hurts.

And, sure, you know, we-we've
had our confrontations before,
but, uh, this one is different.

You know?
Plus, the havoc this is
gonna wreak on the team, I
Yeah, I d I don't, I
don't know what I'm gonna do.

Coaching in League is mostly about data,
it's about finding the right team comps,
but in times like this,
when tensions are so high,
you need a player's coach.

And that's exactly what Kyle is.

It's not hard, you know,
it's just about putting, uh,
every need that the team has,
uh, in f in-in
front of, uh, your own.

You know it's bad when I
take notes on this shit.

You know that, right?
I'm glad to see you
taking notes, though.

Well, yeah, you did tell me to
do it, so might as well, right?
Bucket is a passionate player
who sometimes needs a
bit of a sounding board.

I need a support to come up
to the top side to hover me
when I'm about to get DoT, right?
Him and I are here for the
same reason: we want to win.

So, of course, I respect him as a coach.

He's a great coach.

Can I get a photo? For for the Gram?
Braxton job
is really impossible, I feel like.

You can't just take away,
like, Creamcheese AD Carry
and, like, expect him
to shut up and play.

Um, and all this Organizm
and Creamcheese situation
that's happening,
it's just making it
that much harder for him.

You're a pro.

I know the one thing I can
count on is that you'll be there
tomorrow ready to win.

Hey, Bap! How you doing?
You want anything from inside?
All right.

With Bap, it's all about
keeping him motivated.


Ooh, that's nice.

You know, it's very common
for a lot of Korean players
to feel like they get drafted
into the LCS after their
best years are behind them.

April and I have been
watching some of those K-dramas
you've been recommending,
like Playful Kiss?
And Organizm and Creamcheese,
to me, are starting
to feel like Oh Ha-ni,
uh, and, uh, Baek Seung-jo.

So, just got to make sure that-that Bap
doesn't fall into that trap.

You know, I'm just wishing
we had a-a, you know,
a a Boo Yong-joo
from Romantic Dr.

You know what I mean?
Uh, Braxton is weird sometime,
but I know he's a good guy, so yeah.

And I'm starting to think that you are,
uh, this team's, uh, Boo Yong-joo.

You I remind you of
Boo Yong-joo? Th-That guy?
I think I've built up
a lot of of trust,
you know, with the team.

I do think that they think of me,
you know, as a bit of a mentor.

Or, um
Or a coach, actually.
Duh, right?
But-but Organizm's different.

We don't have that history.

I don't know him very well.

And, um, it's been
the time that we've
spent, it's been under
uh, it's been under
tricky circumstances,
so I got to find a way
to get through to him
a-and connect, you know?
Hey, do you remember Doritos 3D?
Those things were just
They were nuts.

I don't think I was alive.

You weren't alive for Doritos 3D?
Cannot believe you missed Doritos 3D.

I mean, look, they weren't amazing.

They had potential,
but they just didn't
quite take enough time
to develop the chip before
putting it on the market.

Does this sound familiar to you at all?
Does this track?
You don't think I'm ready?
Everyone has different needs,
different styles, you know?
But luckily for them, I'm
a chameleon of comfort.

You just need a little bit more
time in the Doritos factory.

You know what I mean? Like Doritos 3D.

If it were up to me?
I'd send you down to Academy.

Not because you're not great right now,
but because you could be the best.

I don't want the world to
miss out on what you could be.

'Cause the world's already
been disappointed enough
with Doritos 3D.

Lord knows I am.

I think about that
stuff on a daily basis.

Yo, this one Hey, Cream.

- This one's 250.

- 250?
You can afford that.

All right, okay, what's
the car when people
when someone buys it and they walk out,
everyone's, like, wh
like whispering to
everyone's like, "That dude f*ck"?
- Like, "That guy's "
- Like, he's the
- like, he's the boss.

- "He's the boss.
- "He's the boss man.
- Do you have one of those?
My I.

Love it.
Give me five minutes,
let you take it for a ride.

- Thank you.

- Bro, check this one,
check this one.

"If Creamcheese goes to FlyQuest,
"everyone loses, especially FlyQuest.

At this point, who would
even want Creamcheese?"
This is so stupid, bro.

If you went to FlyQuest, by
the way, you'd l you would
literally just, you
would, you would make them.

- I can't go to FlyQuest.

- You could, I'm telling you.

No, I've been thinking about it.

It just doesn't make sense.
literally doesn't make sense.

It's stupid.
It's like
It's too s It's thinking too small.

Do you know what I mean? Like,
I need to do something bigger.

I need to win a championship, honestly.

I need to.
It's like
But yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What are you Are you gonna
Are you putting something?
Yeah, uh

"Who's ready for an Axe Bros reunion?"
- No
- Right?
- Yes.
Yes, dude.

- Like, TSM! Creamcheese and TSM.

- Are you kidding me?
- Yeah.

And with Foresite? It's like, obviously.

That's how it was supposed
to be, me and Foresite
winning a championship.

- Axe Bros, bro.

- I didn't even think about that.

Uh Five years later?
It's f*cking incredible.

- It's honestly amazing.

- I think Well, 'cause I think
what I what I was trying
to do, I figured, like,
if you, if you went to FlyQuest,
then I could also go to FlyQuest
and I could be your, um, ADC there
at in at Fly uh, with FlyQuest.

I mean, that would be amazing.


It's just
Like, I don't have that much time left.

You know what I mean? And I need
to win a championship.

And it's Foresite, right?
- Yeah.

- Like, it's f*cking Foresite.

Yeah, that's true.

- So
- Yeah, you sh
I should do it, right? I'm gonna do it.

Well, yeah.

- All right.

- Sent.

- Done.

- Posted.

- Boom.

- Axe Bros, b*tch.

In 2015, the Axe Brothers bot lane
was the most exciting duo in the game.

Axe Bros are a legendary bot duo.

If you didn't know any better,
you'd think the Axe Brothers
were just, like, some
jerk-offs, whatever,
but they were actually good.

Everybody's always talking
about the Axe Brothers,
but they forget that they
weren't the original bot lane.

It was Kyle and Creamcheese.

Cream and I were actually
the O.
dynamic duo.

Even before we even dreamed
of going pro.

And we were good.

They had that kind of chemistry
that can only be forged
by knowing each other
since middle school.

Kyle might not brag about it,
but he was a sick AD Carry.

Kyle's curse is that he sees the game
more clearly than everyone else.

And back then, he knew
what the team needed.

The ADC is the most
mechanically intensive
role in team fights,
and he knew that Foresite
would be able to do that.

He'd seen enough of him team-fight,
he'd seen him auto-fill the AD Carry
sometimes in solo queue,
and he pushed for it.

So, I went to him, I said
"I want to switch positions.
He wanted to go top and
have me switch to ADC.

When Cream found out,
he was like, "Oh, what
are you, tripping sack?"
You know, you "Top f'ing bl*ws.

You want to go top? Top sucks.
It might surprise people now,
but back then,
playing ADC was the last
thing I wanted to do.

Then, one night, they're playing late,
it was, like, 3:00 a.
and Foresite finally took the bait.

I still remember that game.

That first time that I
was working with Cream
- Go, go, go, go.

- and we got that first blood,
- in bot lane
- Oh, my God!
Bro, that was f*cking disgusting.

yeah, the bot lane
just felt like home.

When it actually happened,
like, it just clicked.

Dude, you're f*cking insane.

You knew that was the right call.

And Foresite never looked back.

Axe Bros were born that night.

And I'm telling you, I wouldn't be
sitting here with six LCS titles
with TSM
if Braxton had not made
that call on that day.

I guess you could say I
had foresight for Foresite.

I don't think Braxton gets enough credit
for what he's done for
League of Legends history.

By swapping roles,
Braxton effectively created
the best player that North
America had ever seen,
and he deserves the credit for it.

We could win both sides of matchups.

You give us any two Champs,
we would absolutely crush.

We could win every 2v2 matchup
without any ganks.

Two for one? That's f*cking good.

- Nice.

- It was like watching, like, a,
like, a child get into the ring
with, like, Floyd Mayweather.

And Floyd Mayweather didn't hold back,
he was just, like, b*ating
the shit out of this kid.

Oh, my God.

You're a f*cking god.

H-How the f*ck did you do that?
I'm just better, bro.

That was the peak of Team Fugitive.

We were playing every single day,
and one day I noticed
that he's been using my
soap and I confront him.

And I say, "Bro, are you using my Axe?"
He's like, "What are you
talking about? That's my Axe.
And I was like, "Oh, my God,
have we been using the same
soap this whole time, dude?"
And he was like, "I swore
to God I bought that.

Like, I went to CVS, I bought that Axe.
But that's how it happens.


- Axe Bros?
- Axe Bros!
The Axe Bros bot lane.

The greatest things come from accidents.

Axe gonna give it to you,
we gonna give it to you ♪
Axe is gonna give it to
you, we gonna give it to you.

Axe Bros are kind of the
sweet spot between sexy
You like that?
and dangerous?
Axe Bros.

We used to always do this thing
where we'd, like, cross our
arms and be like "Axe Bros.
- Axe Bros.

- Axe Bros, b*tch.

Axe Bros.

Yeah, I did it way too many times.

Legend has it that
when Foresite and
Creamcheese were roommates,
they used bottles of Axe
body wash for everything.


They didn't have shampoo, conditioner.

I guess technically it is an all-in-one?
- Four-in-one.

- Five-in-one.

- Six-in-one.

- Axe Bros, b*tch!
For my birthday,
you know what he got me?
Three bottles of Axe.

For his birthday? You
know what I got him?
Ten bottles of Axe.

Hence, the Axe Bros.

- The Axe Bros.

- The Axe Brothers.

Man, the Axe Brothers, they
were, uh, they were the best.

I mean, come on, who
doesn't want the Axe Brothers
to get back together?
You could even argue it's good for TSM.

Creamcheese is slightly
better than XFizz right now.

- Boom.

- Axe Bros, b*tch.

There are few things that can wake up
League Twitter the way that tweet did.

The reaction was somewhat divided,
but I would say the majority
of TSM fans were in favor
of trading for Creamcheese.

I mean, look, on some
levels, it makes sense.

Foresite is now a
part-owner in TSM, and so,
if he wants Cream, he has
the power to get it done.

There was, like, a two-hour
period where League Twitter
was just going nuts,
acting like it was a done deal.

"Axe Bros are back.
"Axe Bros are back.
And I was I believed it.

I thought they were coming back.

Until they weren't.

So Foresite responds
to Creamcheese's tweet with one word.

I thought it was a joke.

I thought he was joking.

I was like, "These
guys are best friends.
That's a funny joke.

Just kidding.
But he wasn't kidding.

And that was cold.

It's embarrassing, that-that Cream
is fawning all over Foresite.

The the fact that
t the delusion
that he wants anything to do with you.

He's not interested.

It's embarrassing.
Go home.

Y-Yeah In retrospect,
it was probably a little harsh.

But I wanted to make it
really short and concise.

Uh, just to show loyalty
to my current team, my current roster,
which I think is one of the
best rosters we've had in years.

Would TSM have traded
for me? They would've
Of course they would've traded for me.

Of course.
But they're not gonna b
They're just, it doesn't,
it I'm too expensive.

I am a top-shelf player.

- Here's your keys.

- Thank you.

You're gonna feel so much better.

I want to welcome you
to the Porsche family.

I bought a Porsche.
Yeah So
Doesn't bother me.

So, do we think this
is a tomato or an apple?
- I think that's a bell pepper.

- Hey.

Um, okay, yeah.

Yeah, I'm actually
I'll I'm actually
swinging in to Taco Bell right now,
so don't worry about the food.

Um, but I'll come over afterwards.


- Do you like it?
- It it really is cool.

It goes, like, um, zero to
60 in a second or something.

Yeah, well, don't give Kyle any ideas.

Kyle couldn't pull this off.

It really is pretty.

You happy?
Yeah, I love it.

Where is Kyle, also?
- Is he
- He's putting Irelia to bed.

When do they start, like,
putting themselves to bed?
Is They still She
still has to do that?
It-it takes a while.
It takes
more than a couple years.

This place is so nice.
You guys
- Yeah? Thank you.

- You guys are like full adults.

It smells good, too.

Amazing what you can do when four dudes
take their collective farts elsewhere.

I kind of miss the old smell.

Me, too.

Uh, you want something to drink?
Yeah, I'll just have a Car b*mb.

So, Cream's showing me
this gorgeous new
Porsche that he just got
to show the world how well he's doing,
but, you know, all it
did was make me realize
that he's just as
tortured as the rest of us.

Ugh, today was f*cked, dude.

You probably had an awful day, too.

Yeah Well, except
for, I bought the Porsche.

There is good news, though.

Part of the reason it was so busy today,
like, every team wants the Cream.

FlyQuest is thirsty.

That's what I've heard.

I mea I'll be real
with you, though, like
it would mean a rebuild for Fugitive.

- Mm-hmm.

- And you know, like,
Kyle would never say this,
but we both know that he
would never survive a rebuild.

Not as long as Nathan's in the picture.

I know that what Kyle wants
for you more than anything
is to win a championship.

If you think that there's
a chance of winning it
with Fugitive, isn't that
what you actually want?
Yeah, n obviously,
that's what I want.

Like, I-I love
That's my team.

All right, all right, all right.

- It's not that
- I don't want to talk shop.

I just want to give the guy
that got a Porsche a hug.

It has a whole panel where
you can kind of, like,
direct where the A.

goes, so if you want it
- bl*wing just
- What do you mean?
Imagine you want A.

just bl*wing on your ears.

Do you want to just go and show him now?
- I know that's what you want.

- Do you want to look at it?
- You have it?
- What do you want to drink?
- Yeah.
Don't touch it.

- Where's your Prius?
- Can I just have a Heineken?
- Did you trade it?
- Did you trade it in?
- I f*cking b*rned the Prius.

Can I ask you something?
What's up?
Do you think I should go to Academy?
Well What?
Braxton thinks I should go to Academy.

He said it's gonna make
me a better communicator.

When did he say that?
On the way here.

How do you feel about that?
I don't want to go to Academy, but
I want to do what's
gonna make me the best.

It's so crazy to look at this and how
I-I had no idea I was
gonna own a Porsche.

I could get a Porsche.
You know that.

- No, you could not.

- You could not get a Porsche.

I'm not going to get a Porsche.

- You couldn't
- No, you're not.

Eh, I wanted to show you
something here.
Let's see.

You guys want to watch something?
I completely forgot
you did this DVD thing.

- It's weird.
It's creepy.

- Yeah, I make DVDs.
It's fine.

I just like the tradition
of you know
- Tradition from the '90s
- doing that.

which ended in the 2000s.

Oh, like, for Look.

The Dignitas 2017?
- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, here, look.

Here's your, uh, Baron
steal against Echo Flux.

You have my Baron steal?
- I'm sick in this.

- Sleeping.

I've watched this, like, a
thousand times on YouTube.

But I bet it looks great on DVD.

Here's one you haven't seen on YouTube.

- Your wedding video?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm smurfing in this one.

I really am.
My speech
was so f*cking good.

Can we watch this?
Yeah, let's watch you smurf our wedding.

- I'm just saying.

- You k*lled everybody
at our wedding, yeah, it was brutal.

Those were the days.

I'm Creamcheese.
I think a lot
of you know me as Creamcheese.

But before I was
Creamcheese, I was NutMilk.

And before I was NutMilk, I was Trevor.

And while I was Trevor,
I was Kyle's friend.

The only other marriage
I really know about
is the one between Lucian and Senna.

And although neither of you
wields a relic stone cannon,
I think it's a pretty good comparison
to a healthy relationship.

Braxton and April
and to a lesser extent, their daughter,
are-are really close friends of mine.

A-and I love them, you know?
They're my family, to be honest.

When Senna's soul was released,
and she aimed her g*n right
at Lucian, he didn't flinch.

'Cause somehow he knew
that she was really sh**ting
the monster behind him.

He trusted her.

Marriage is-isn't about
one person carrying
or the other person carrying.

It's about you guys carrying each other.

And when you can't carry each other
I'm gonna be there
to carry both of you.

I I'm really I
love you guys so much.

Thank you.

What are you guys doing?
Braxton wants Organizm to go to Academy.

- What?
- Yeah.

No, dude.

He just thinks that Organizm
needs to communicate more.

They need to learn how
to communicate with you.

No-Nobody's gonna tell you what to do.

I'm the owner.
You know?
So if there's an
issue, you just tell me,
and I say, "Okay, nah
we're not doing that.

"Okay, Kyle Braxton?
"What? Kyle
Get outside," you know? I don't care.

You know, that speech
meant everything to me.

You've always been there for me.
For us.

And I don't care what Resnick
says or what BS he throws us,
we'll always be there
for you, no matter what.

I believe in you.

Everybody believes in you.

Forget about Cream for a second.

If he wants to walk,
that's that's fine.

He knows where the door is.

You're the future of
this whole team, dude.

I'm putting everything in
you, and I'm not saying that
to put pressure on you, I'm saying that
because I need you to believe it.

- I do love you guys.

- You love us.

Come on.
You love us so much.

Uh-oh, big,
tough big, tough Cream
gonna get a cuddle

So, squash all the noise
that's surrounding you, okay?
Do your thing your way.

And I'll deal with the rest.
This is your team.

It's your team.

A lot of people are gonna say
that demanding a trade,
leaving this morning, changing
my mind, coming back tonight,
is a weak move.

But I don't care.

I actually think I actually think
that's the strongest
move a person can make.

f*ck yeah.

A lot of players
would be afraid of how
embarrassing that might look.

- Welcome back.

- Thanks, guys.

- To Creamcheese.

- Cheers.

But me? I'm not afraid of anything.
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