01x04 - Ownership

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x04 - Ownership

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RIVINGTON: Welcome to what I consider
the most exciting series:
the relegation match.

Fugitive Gaming is fighting
to become an LCS team,
and Gravity are
fighting for their lives.

The tension could not be higher.


PHREAK: So, most people don't care
about a Challenger Series
team, 'cause who cares, right?
They're probably not
gonna make it anyway.

But for Fugitive, they
actually popped off.


JATT: And what's kind of
shocking to me is Gravity,
the LCS team, I think, has fewer fans
than Fugitive Gaming, the
Challenger Series team.

CREAMCHEESE: Until that match, I mean,
we were huge on the
Internet, but to actually see
your fans in person,
there's nothing like that.

: Fugitive! Fugitive!
CREAMCHEESE: After that, I
couldn't imagine going back
and playing alone in the kitchen.

All right, yeah.
Who else
wants their face signed?
PHREAK: If you're playing
for promotion into the LCS,
it is almost certainly
the most pressure you've
ever had in your life.

And you get one best of five.

You get, you get three hours to
prove that you're good enough.


- A million times.

KYLE: You're thinking,
if we win this,
everything we've worked so
hard for becomes a reality.


: Fugitive! Fugitive!
Fugitive, baby.
Come on.

KYLE: Ah, the chairs.

The desk height is perfect.

Since then, I've played on bigger stages
and I've played it in
front of bigger crowds,
but that was special.

And it will always be special.

JATT: And we're underway,
Fugitive versus Gravity,
fighting for a future in the LCS.

KYLE: It was a different
level of competition.

I mean, their mechanics were sharper,
their comms were better.

JATT: And that's a two-for-one
in the TP gank.

Gravity jumps out to an early lead.

RIVINGTON: Ooh, that's a
tough start for Fugitive.

Playing in the LCS was always the dream,
and we were on top of
the world that morning.

KYLE: Yeah, they got it.

It's okay.
It's one game.

CREAMCHEESE: But actually
playing on that stage,
it was intimidating.

RIVINGTON: And with an
outstanding performance
like we expected,
Gravity jumped to a
1-0 lead in the series.

JATT: And I think a little
of that is from their
LCS experience.
Gravity just
looked calm, cool and collected,
and Fugitive Gaming
looked a little shaken.

They're gonna have to calm their nerves
if they want a chance in this series.

FORESITE: It was horrible, uh,
not only for the team
but-but myself.

I-If anyone thinks that
I'm the greatest player
of all time in NA, they
should not watch that VOD.

FORESITE: After that game one,
we go back into the team room.

We kind of all want to do our own thing,
but Braxx gets us in the huddle.

I could tell there were a
lot of nerves in the room.

And, you know, our-our
coach wasn't saying anything.

And Braxton, out of nowhere,
just, like starts asking
the stupidest f*cking
questions I can think of.

And I said, uh, "Tell me, how
many turrets were on that map?"
And I'm like, "Um, can
you shut the f*ck up?"
: Like, I'm
trying to focus, you know?
And I say, uh, "I'm not gonna shut up
until you tell me how many
turrets were on that map.
Cream's getting really
annoyed, so I just say "22.
So I keep going, I
say, "All right, well,
how many inhibitors were there?"
PuttPutt is like, "There
are six inhibitors.
And he keeps going.

"How many Nexus are
there?" Someone says, "Two.
And all of a sudden
you know, I just see this
light come into his eyes.

So I said, "I think you'll find
that there's the same number of turrets,
the same number of inhibitors,
the same number of Nexuses on that map
than in every game we've ever played.

Doesn't matter if we are in my kitchen,
doesn't matter if
we're on the LCS stage.

What matters
is what's in this room.
At first I just thought he
was being a f*cking idiot,
and then I realized I was
witnessing the birth of a coach.

So the speech was from
the movie Hoosiers.

But I changed it to be about
League of Legends stuff.

JATT: Fugitive look like
a completely different team
here in game two, and they
are dominating Gravity.

Creamcheese, baby.

- That's it! f*ck yeah!
- Nice.

absolutely carried that game.

Foresite played great.
Creamcheese, too.

JATT: They really bounced back
in this game, so we're gonna
have a great series ahead of us.

f*ck yeah.

JATT: Guru's coming in for the
gank with a flashy ultimate,
knocks back to Kassadin, and
there is no way he escapes this.

RIVINGTON: Delivering a
final ace for Fugitive Gaming
is going to put them
ahead in the series 2-1.


Only one game away from
becoming an LCS team.

- Almost there, almost there.

- Yeah, okay, go, go, go.

JATT: At this point, I don't
think Gravity can stop the push.

Riv, this could be the game.

RIVINGTON: They can taste it.

Fugitive are ready to
lock in their future.


KYLE: Day my kid was born,
day I married April
winning the relegation.

- Best three days of my life.

- RIVINGTON: Turrets falling
for Gravity, and they can't
do anything to save the base.

Fugitive are gonna take the
Nexus and a spot in the LCS.

JATT: What a journey
for this Fugitive team.

What started as five guys and a dream
just became a reality.

- We f*cking did it!
- Oh, my God.

- Fugitive, baby!

- Yeah!
- Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
When we started, nobody
thought we could do it.

I don't even know
: if we
thought we could do it.

But proving the world wrong,
proving my parents wrong,
that was the best part.

I'm a professional gamer.

: Fugitive! Fugitive!
Fugitive! Fugitive!
APRIL: That moment changed everything.

Some of that change
was good, was amazing.

Dude, if you were not
a pro, you'd be tased
- I know.

- if you were back here.

GURU: Pro players only, baby.

And some of that change
was not as good.

I'm here with this
f*cking legend right here.

- Oh, come on, now.
Come on.

- This kid

ANNOUNCER: Fugitive is
gonna take the Nexus!
It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

MAN: A two-year, $3 million contract?
WOMAN: He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

MAN 3: Creamcheese is a choke artist.

would've been the perfect
setup to wombo combo.

MAN 3: Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?
MAN 4: Something is
brutally wrong in this team.

MAN 5: This season will make,
or break the Fugitive franchise.

CREAMCHEESE: You guys ready for this?

You like that?
- Is that sick or what?
- KYLE: It's so good.

- It's a beautiful thing he did.

- FORESITE: This is beautiful.

- APRIL: I know.

- He did something
- really beautiful

What the f*ck, dude?
It's gonna get infected.

I'm gonna get gangrene.

JATT: Going pro is the dream,
but dreams are expensive.

Overhead, salaries, compliances, I
You know, we weren't a
kitchen-table operation anymore.

But luckily, April had a plan.

APRIL: I lined up investors
and sponsors for funding.

We could sell equity
in the team but keep
the controlling stake.

That way Fugitive would still be ours.

On the other hand,
we were getting offers
for the whole team.

So the question was,
would we rather sell the team
and take a guaranteed payday now
or take a chance on making
much more money in the long run?
To me, it was clear
it wasn't time to sell.

KYLE: I was thinking
about building the team
the way we want,
which is why I liked April's strategy.

And then a big offer comes
in at a whole nother level.

JATT: In 2015, everything was changing,
but nothing was as exciting
as massive NBA and NFL ownership groups
showing interest in esports teams.

DAN PATRICK: So this is interesting.

The Sacramento Kings ownership group
is looking to expand into esports.

GABRIELLA: Suddenly this
big-time guy with NBA money
is interested in Fugitive?
I guess if you can't
win in the real world,
you might as well try
to win in a virtual one.

Imagine if the NBA
had real-time data of every pickup game
of basketball across the country.

That's-that's the
difference here, in esports.

APRIL: He thought we'd make him money,
and he was gonna do
everything he could to acquire Fugitive.

million purchase price
is just the beginning.

He was telling us about what
our futures could look like.

Like, the celebrities we could meet.

What kind of doors he could open for us.

Talking about the player salaries,
the things that we
would get, the bonuses.

"You guys can have whatever you want.
And I was like, "Let's test this guy.
I-I want a chalupa I
don't just want a chalupa
from Taco Bell down the street.

I want a chalupa from Taco Bell Cantina.

And the closest one is in Las Vegas.

So I'm like, "This guy, if
he really wants to show me,
he's gonna have to pull out his phone,
pay some Postmates guy
to drive from Las Vegas.
Nathan looks me in the eyes,
he says, "Come with me.
NATHAN: This is how you guys
should be getting around.

- Holy shit, bro.

- This is it.

- Enjoy.
Step in, step in.

- Oh, my God.

us to a f*cking hangar
and puts us on a
private jet to Las Vegas.

GURU: Oh, my God, I
can't believe we're here!
FORESITE: If you've
been eating Taco Bell
your whole life, thinking,
"This is as good as it gets,"
you've obviously never been
- to a Taco Bell Cantina.

- CREAMCHEESE: Guys, is this
This is beautiful
right? Like, this is art.

It is a non-negligible step
up from regular Taco Bell.

PAUL: Th-there's alcoholic
slush things, there's a DJ.

There's cool lights, it's very
clean, the food is really good.

There are often bachelor
and bachelorette
parties at the same time.

FRUGGER: Taco Bell Cantina
is like Taco Bell after dark.

Like, it's-it's not, like, a strip club
or anything, right,
but it's it's close.

APRIL: As soon as we got back
from Vegas, he wanted to show them
the new living arrangements.

- This is it.


CREAMCHEESE: I could get used to this.

He'd put us in this house
that had the resources
that we needed to level up.

FORESITE: Scrim rooms, w*r room,
coach's office, our own bathrooms?
APRIL: On top of the
perks, Nathan was offering
six-figure salaries
for the players and me.

looks it looks
the sky looks nicer here.

I remember, at the time,
April and Braxton were wary.

And I think Guru was especially wary.

Looking back, that was the beginning
of the end with Guru, you know?
I haven't spoken to
him in two, three years,
and I think that's the main reason why.

We are worth so much more.

Why would you take the
first offer, is my point.

And-and Cream and
f*cking, uh, Foresite,
they're just ready to take,
they're ready to sell now.

APRIL: I rarely agree with Guru,
but I was looking at Nathan
rolling out the red carpet
and I realized we
could have been worth
12, 15, 20 times that in a few years.

We didn't know what
the ceiling could be.

Money aside, this was our team.

We built it from nothing,
and-and Nathan just didn't
have anything to do with that.

CREAMCHEESE: Kyle and April and
Guru, they weren't as impressed
by the glitz and the glam.

April doesn't even like
Mexican food that much.

PuttPutt to a lesser degree, but
Foresite really wanted the cash.

And I wanted to go where Foresite was.

FORESITE: I wanted to win NA.

I wanted to win Worlds.

And when Nathan's offer came through,
if we didn't take it,
I felt like it meant
that we didn't want to win.

It was clear he was saying,
"If we don't sell, I'm gonna leave.
And I wasn't gonna let that happen.

I-I We were the Axe Bros.

A-And I didn't really see
the downside either.

The team was pretty split.

And they did,
in retrospect, the most ridiculous thing
to decide whether to
run the team on their own
or take the payout from Nathan Resnick,
and they played
a game of Mundo Dodgeball.

And they recorded it and
they posted it to YouTube.

GURU: It's a tie vote to decide
whether we completely b*tch out,
- sell the team, or we man up.

- I haven't watched this video
in, like, three years.

It's all gonna come down to
one game of Mundo Dodgeball.

- We're bitching out.

- Foresite versus Braxton.

Let's go.

Mundo Dodgeball is simple.

Two Mundos enter the Baron pit,
no items, one ability,
you dodge or you die.

I mean, if you want to decide, like,
who's paying for the pizza,
you play Mundo Dodgeball.

You don't play Mundo Dodgeball
to decide the future of your franchise.

Hot sauce sh*ts for the players.


APRIL: Patrón for the peanut gallery.

Braxton's got this baby.
Let's go.

GABRIELLA: To me, that video is just
the perfect metaphor
for where esports went,
because nowadays
it's very normal, this franchising,
big, booming lights,
all of this investment,
and this is the moment where it started.

- Axe Bros, baby.

- GABRIELLA: I don't think
we're ever gonna see
anything like that ever again.

This is a million-dollar
game right here.

- This is a million-dollar game.

- You win this,
you get a million dollars.

Based on the valuation of the team now,
it turned out to be a lot more
than a million-dollar
game of Mundo Dodgeball.

- Go.

- Let's f*cking go, baby.

GURU: Come on, come on,
come on, you got this, baby.

- Ah!
- Oh! Out the gate.

- All right, all right
- Out the gate.

Suck our nuts, bro.

KYLE: I'm here to lull you
into a false sense of security.

Oh, my God.


f*ck yeah! Okay, you're done.

Fill me up.
Let me do another one.

Let me do another sh*t of Patrón.

- APRIL: Kyle?
- GURU: Come on, man.


- That's my boy.
That's my boy.

- APRIL: That's my baby.

Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.

FORESITE: He did have a bit
of momentum near the middle,
but I just absolutely
smashed him near the end.

Okay, that's basically the end, dude.

And the rest is history.


GURU: Fight for it.
Fight for it.

- f*ck! f*ck!
- Yes! Yes!
- Thank you, f*cking God!
- We're f*cking millionaires.

You f*cking god, we are rich.

FORESITE: We are f*cking
millionaires, dude!
- PUTTPUTT: Oh, my God, oh
- GURU: We're all
pooling the money, so
no one's a millionaire.

CREAMCHEESE: It makes me sick.

We're millionaires now.
I don't
know what you're sad about.

It fundamentally
wasn't our team anymore.

It was Nathan Resnick's team.

- We are not millionaires.

- No.

We're splitting the money.

You know how pooling money works?
Do you even know about taxes, dude?
I'm just being realistic about

Do you have a question?


I'm coming, coming.

- What's going on?
- Take a seat.

This morning, Nathan Resnick,
the former president of operations
for the Sacramento Kings, was fired
by the Liberty Green Group.

CREAMCHEESE: f*ck you,
Nathan! f*ck you, bro!
KYLE: Cream, let's
let's not celebrate yet.

Uh, we don't know
exactly what's going on.

Ownership does seem to be
focused more on the Kings.

- But we know Nathan's gone.

- Nathan is gone,
but we don't know
what that means for us.

It probably means they'll sell us.

I love this frame.
Can we get this
Do you think there's a way
we could get a poster of this?
Holy shit.

My nipples are bleached
white after this shit.

This is, this is some news, winners.

Nathan Resnick is out as team owner.

- He's fired.

- Fired.

Liberty Green Group
w was h his boss?
- They owned ?
- Liberty Green Group, yeah,
they own, they-they own, basically,
the Sacramento Kings, right?
Okay, yeah, just have
him give me a call,
uh, when he gets this.

That'd be great, thank you.

I've called Liberty Green Group.

They haven't gotten back to me.

I have called the league
to see if they've heard
from Liberty Green
Group, and they haven't.

So yeah, nobody can get in
touch with who owns our team.

So, Fugitive might be up for grabs.

It's like a it's like an orphan.

What could How much could they be?
Is that funny? Is that funny?
What do you mean, like, you want to
Like, honestly, is
that f That's, like,
- a funny troll, right?
- Think of how
Imagine the face on Creamcheese
if you bought Fugitive.

- That is some shit.

- If you bought Fugitive.

Light up in the Discord.

I should buy Fugitive.

I feel a little scared.

He's gone, but, like,
wh-what does that mean for me?
You know, like, am I gonna
still be able to play?
Am I gonna still start, you know?
CREAMCHEESE: Everyone is freaking out,
but I'm just over here playing
three-dimensional chess in my head,
thinking that there could be some
Silver Linings Playbook in all of this.

Can I ask a potentially genius question?
Why cannot we buy Fugitive?
We'd need $35 million for that.

- Do you
- We can raise that.
$35 million?
Bucket, isn't your uncle,
like, a billionaire?
Dude, he's an ophthalmologist,
not Mark Cuban.

: Who's Mark Cuban?
- What?
- APRIL: You kidding?
KYLE: You don't know who Mark Cuban is?
- He, uh, he knows him
- You're making
- H he's making up a name.

- PAUL: There's no way, right?
KYLE: No, th Mark
Cuban is a real person.

No, he is not.

Bottom line, the LCS has assured us
that we will maintain
our franchise slot.

I know we were all concerned about that.

In the meantime, Liberty
Green Group is not interested
in our operations, so they have asked me
to take over all Fugitive
Gaming activities

- for a couple months
- Oh, my God.

- until they find a buyer.

- Oh, my God.

Boss April.
Nathan: gone, right?
f*ck yeah, are you kidding me, dude?
Ugh! This is f*cking
This is the best news
- I've ever heard.

- We're gonna have new owners.

- We've got our team back.

- They're gonna step in.

- Cream, it's a temporary thing.

- It's not forever, dude.

CREAMCHEESE: This is f*cking incredible.

- Nightfall, you got a question?
- Yeah.
Does that mean
- I can drive the team truck?
- PAUL: No.

You can drive the team truck.

- It's our team now.

- APRIL: They're gonna step in.

They're gonna do what they want.

- Did you text me? What's up?
- Dude.

I-I have the best f*cking news for you.

Please tell me I'm back on the team.

You're back on the f*cking team.

- Is he ri is he serious?
- KYLE: Hey! Hey!
- FRUGGER: Is he serious?
- We have the old team back.

- Bro, this is incredible.

- Is he serious?
APRIL: We cannot answer
these questions right now.

- Why can't we do this? What?
- Cream!
Can we discuss strategy later, please?
Discuss strategy? Dude,
we're This is incredible.

- Cream, for the love of God
- We get Organizm's out,
- and Frugger gets to be back in.

- Later! Later!
- KYLE: Thank you.

- APRIL: Have a seat.

to Organizm, but
it just didn't work
out and he was terrible
and he won't be missed.

This is the best day of my life.


- This feels right.

This is what Org would
never do this with me.

This is how it was supposed to be.

PAUL: I-I think we should
hold back on hugs a little bit,
because there's th there's
just a lot that's up in the air.

- We can't hug now, Paul?
- I
Hug police, right?
It's 'cause his parents didn't hug him.

I heard your girlfriend
dumped you on the phone
- the other day, by the way.

- I don't
That shit was sad.

- It was a
- That shit was f*cking sad.

Yeah, it was.

It's a tough situation.

PAUL: Yep.

What do the guys think for this weekend?
They want Frugger.

- I You know, I
- Yeah.

Nightfall says, um, start
scrimming Frugger Monday,
- play Org tomorrow.

- That makes sense.

- Yeah.

- I think I agree with him,
if the MSS wasn't on the
line, if it wasn't 100 Thieves.

We'll throw Frugger in tomorrow, but
Well, that's the
thing, it's a huge game.

- Creamcheese is gonna hate this.


He's gonna say a bunch of
really mean stuff to me.


And I guess that's just
how that's gonna go.


He'll be like, "You f*cking idiot,
- and stupid-stupid
" - What was that?
Uh, just, like, he would say,
like, "You're f*cking stupid.
- Uh, yeah, probably yeah.

- Yeah.

Something like that.

Dude, I-I mean, this is I think
this is a f*cking terrible play.

The kid doesn't even communicate.

Honestly, dude, the FlyQuest
offer is still on the table,
so maybe I should just go with them.

Honestly, Trevor, if-if
you are gonna continue
every week threatening
to leave the team,
I don't want you on the team.

I don't want you in Fugitive.

- What do you mean
- If you go to FlyQuest
- You don't want me in Fugitive?
- If you're going
- to thr*aten to leave every
- Are you f*cking kidding me?
You can't kick me out of Fugitive.

- Fugitive is my f*cking team.

- It's your team.

I am Fugitive.
Yeah, it's my team.

- I built this f*cking team.

- I want to hear, y you're saying
that this is not as much
my team as it is yours.

That I haven't put as much
into this team as you have.


It's our team.
I mean,
- it is our team.

- Thank you.

I know you work hard.

I just feel like I really
want to win a championship.

- I know.

- You know?
I wanted to win I
want to win one, too.

- I want that.

- Okay, well, it just
feels like Nathan is gone,
this is our last chance.

Okay, let me, let me
- walk you through
- Give me Frugger.

I will win a championship
if you give me Frugger.

my train of thought here, okay?
On the one hand, we have Organizm.

Who, while you were gone, by the way,
held it down with Cronklyn.

CREAMCHEESE: But he still lost.

KYLE: With Cronklyn.

I'm sorry.

And on the other hand,
we-we have Frugger,
who hasn't scrimmed
with us since January.

Look, if Org shits the bed tomorrow,
I'm right there with you,
we put Frugger in next week.

You know, we have him start
scrimming immediately, but
it cannot be tomorrow.

It just doesn't make
You know this.


Yo, you know you don't
need Nathan, right?
'Cause the only one
that you need is you.

And me, you need me, too.
you already know that shit.


It's like back in college,
when I played against Ursinus,
you remember that shit,
like I was doing everything
in my power to make sure
my ass didn't get cut.

I stepped the f*ck up, man.

Eight points, five f*cking rebounds.

I took a charge in
there, I played like f*re
'cause that's what winners
do that's what Elmores do.

That's our shit.
We win.

Let me ask you something,
man, you gonna step up?
- Yeah.

- You gonna step up, Percy?
- Hmm? You gonna step
- Yeah.

- you gonna step up, Organizm?
- Yeah.

ORGANIZM: Rudy's always telling
D3 basketball stories.

It's like advice or something, but
You know he just wants
me to win, and I do, too.

And you gonna prove that you the shit,
that you the f*cking man, a'ight?
'Cause this is your
kingdom, and you gonna rule.

ORGANIZM: Because going back to Academy
would just mean that I failed.

And I don't fail.

DASH: Welcome back to the LCS,
where we turn out attention
to the next game of the
day, and it's a big one.

MARKZ: For Creamcheese,
that's who I'm looking at
he has never missed
a mid-season showdown.

He has made it every
single time in spring,
and you know that he wants
to continue that streak.


a massive game for Fugitive.

They need this victory
if they want to keep
their chances of playing in
the mid-season showdown alive.

KOBE: And in order to do that
versus 100 Thieves, who
have been k*lling it,
they need Organizm to step up.

: Going into this
game, it was all on him.

- You got this!
- I mean, I ain't trying to say
I was nervous, but I was nervous.

This is you.

His job was on the line.

in with an aggressive flash,
but he can't finish him off.

And 100 Thieves will
turn that one around.

That is first blood and Organizm
pays dearly for the flash.

Oh, my f*cking God,
are you kidding me, bro?
Stay with it.
Don't give up!
circling around for the dive.

They're going after
Organizm, and there it is.

The E flash.
Organizm has no way out.

Okay, f*ck this.
I'm coming top.

- I'm not gonna stay in bot-lane.

- No, this wave is good.

KOBE: Creamcheese is trying to
make something happen topside.

moves are going to get them
this Herald, this topside
river is uncontested.

Hell yeah, let's go.

has got to be careful.

He's staying around for too long
He should have backed! Too late.

- f*ck.

- Go in.
Is this a joke?
is finding himself alone
and out of position
throughout this entire game.

: Organizm
takes the Blast Cone,
but he'll be immediately exploded
by the Gragas cast
and Yasuo combination.

KOBE: Organizm just racking up
death after death in this game.

I hope you're enjoying
your last pro game, Org,
'cause I'm certainly f*cking not.

KOBE: Creamcheese and
Organizm don't even look
like they're playing the same game.

There's the Gragas flash.

They engage, and the Yasuo falls.

It's the end of Fugitive Gaming.

That's game.
No, that's game.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: With that loss,
Fugitive is statistically eliminated
from the mid-season showdown
here for the first time
in Creamcheese's career.

And all on the back of an
absolutely brutal showing
by his teammate and young rookie.

KOBE: Yeah, I don't know what
was going on with him, Clayton.

He was just dying all over the place.

Jesus Christ.
It's time
to have a real idea.

I-I can't, I can't.

I-I can't give time for this shit.

It's, like, seven times? Eight times?

What the hell was that?
are you talking to me?
- Yeah.
I'm talking to you.

- About the game?
You didn't follow the game plan.

- You abandoned bot-lane.

- I
You want to tell me what you were doing?
Are you kidding me? I
carried the whole game.

It's not carrying if you lose the game.

: It was not my
fault that we lost the game.

There's nothing I could do.
was the only one making plays.

Making You were forcing
plays that weren't even there!
- Are you joking?
- No.

- No, I'm not.

- You think that's my fault?
Are you f*cking kidd Did
you were you not watching
- the same game I was watching?
- I was watching the game.

- Nightfall
- I watched the whole game.

how many f*cking
deaths did this kid have?
It was, like, eight?
Seven? I-I don't know.

- There you go.

- But?
Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, him dying
is his fault, but, like
I feel like you-you have
something to do with it, too.

- What
- Because?
What could I have literally done?
I mean, like, you came
to the Herald fight
where when we didn't
really need you there.

- Yep.

- Like, Organizm said
- he needed your bot.

- Oh, my f*cking God.

Are you guys kidding
me? Are you, are you
- kidding me right now?
- It's It's true.

I honestly don't understand this.

You guys are defending this kid
who won't even stand up for himself.

He-he won't say anything.

At level two, you exhausted
after the Cade headshot,
which costed us first blood.

At level five, you roamed mid
when the wave was clearly
about to bounce back into us.

- Oh, Jesus Christ.
I can't
- At level eight,
you flashed Q to take a
k*ll that I could have had
with my expl*sive sh*t.

At level 11, you went
to ward pixel brush
when we saw that Gragas
was pathing towards blue.

At level 14, you engaged
when you should've peeled
because Baps didn't have flash
and Nightfall didn't have ult,
so no one could keep up with you.

Also, you missed a lot of skillshots.

: f*ck yeah, baby brah.

I agree with all that shit.

That's great.

Really f*cking helpful and
insightful after the game.

Because, you know,
Organizm is usually quiet,
I never thought that he would
be thinking about that stuff.

Like, he remembered every
single second of the game.

That was just amazing.

KYLE: That's what we need.

You see Organizm finally communicate
in a really impressive way,
uh, and i-it just speaks
to his enormous potential.

You should be a coach.

The coach where, like, you
know, like your team loses
and then you talk
really smartly afterwards
: about-about why they lost.

- You'd be amazing.

- KYLE: But right now,
it's, uh, well, it's-it's
looking pretty dang clear
that-that Creamcheese
is standing in the
way of his development.

CREAMCHEESE: Org, should
we just k*ll this guy
who's way overextended?
Should we make a pick around him?
- Should we make a good play?
- Yeah.

the k*ll on the Rell,
and that means a reset
on Tristana's rocket jump.

KOBE: A disaster for Dignitas.

Level six.

What am I doing wrong now, Org? Huh?
How's my spacing, Rain Man?
JATT: Over 50% of teams go
to the mid-season showdown,
and this was the first time
that Fugitive didn't qualify.

gonna be another k*ll
underneath the tier two turret.

That was insane.
All right.

JATT: But in those last few games,
it seemed like something had changed.

- The shit, guys?
- Nice, bro.
Easy win.

- Nice.

- Dude, what the f*ck?
bouncing back with a win
against Dignitas yesterday.

We'll see if they can
carry that momentum
into a tough match against CLG.

CREAMCHEESE: When you're playing Pyke,
- do you take E or or W next?
- E.

Cool, cool,
cool, cool, cool, cool.

I'm glad you told me, 'cause
I was gonna take W, for sure.

As long as we play good, I
don't care what anybody says.

Org, that's on you, that's on you, Org.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: And it's Organizm
racking up the body count.

- Yes! f*ck! Yes, bro.

- Nice.
Nice, nice, nice.

incredible performance here
from Organizm, seeking
redemption and showing up.

- Hey, Cream.

- Come with us over here.

a big win and a moral victory
for Fugitive Gaming heading
into the mid-season break.

GABRIELLA: For most teams,
there is a four-week off-season
between Spring Split and Summer Split.

But if you miss the MSS like Fugitive,
you're looking at a full
six weeks of downtime.

- Bye.

- Great work.

CREAMCHEESE: Nightfall, dude.


KYLE: Bucket.

Yeah, that's right.
Come here.

Come here.
Doing great.

- See you soon.

- Absolutely.

- See you, bro.

- Get some rest.

CREAMCHEESE: Everyone else goes off
and explores the world over the break.

Not me.

I might spend one day
at Six Flags, but
I've learned from experience,
it's better just to stay home and train.

KYLE: Take care of the
I don't want it trashed
when I get back, okay?
ORGANIZM: There's no
space back in Philly,
the Internet's weak,
so I'm just gonna
stay here and practice.

BAP: Creamcheese and
Organizm will be alone
in the house in the off-season.

It might be awkward.




You're gonna have to pick a way
f*cking quieter cereal, dude.


Are you f*cking kidding me, bro?
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