01x85 - The Universes Begin to Make Their Moves Their Individual Motives

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dragon Ball Super". Aired: July 5, 2015 — March 25, 2018.
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Sequel that follows the adventures of Goku and friends during the ten-year timeskip after the defeat of Majin Buu.
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01x85 - The Universes Begin to Make Their Moves Their Individual Motives

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Get excited! To space, let's go!

The latest obsession! Join the flow?

I'll hold it in my hand

I wanna laugh like crazy!

I'm used to bein' confused!

I can't get no satisfaction


Becomes a stone

Before it gets too heavy and falls
(Let's fly high)

Let's spread

Our wings of excitement

Let's go to the next world

The door of possibilities is still locked

Oh well, I'll break through the wall again

Now! sh**t past the limit
Shout! "It's a piece of cake"

The invincible me is waitin' there

Dragon Ball Super
Even Zeno-sama will be blown away!!

Representatives from eight universes
would fight each other,

and those who lost would have
their universes eliminated

in the Tournament of Power.

To assemble a team of ten contestants,

Goku first recruits Kuririn and No. .

Just a moment, please.

Gohan asks to test Kuririn's strength.


I call that the -times Taiyo-ken.

Let's both grow stronger together again.

Let's get creative, put in some effort,

and get hundreds of times stronger.

Let's win this Tournament of Power!

Kuririn-san... I really am unseasoned.

Oh, right! No. !

Do you know where No. is right now?

No. ?

Kami-sama keeps an eye on everything,

so he'd know where he is, wouldn't he?

Oh yeah, Dende!

I think I'll go and ask him.

"The Universes Go into Action --
Each with Their Own Motives."

Father, I'm going to go see Piccolo-san.

Yeah, you do that. Knowing Piccolo,

he'll say okay to entering
the Tournament of Power in no time.

Right. Piccolo-san is
a martial artist, after all,

so I'm sure he'll want to fight
the strongmen of other universes.

I feel the same way right now, too.

Tell Piccolo I say hi.

Right. Off I go.

Now then, I'd better hurry along
to where Dende is.

Hmm? What's that?


Oh, he sure is amped up, huh?


...to the th Universe's Kaioshin Realm.


Now then, fellow Kaioshins,

I ask that you keep this recent
arrangement by Zeno-sama

a secret from the inhabitants
of your universes, if you please.

Yes, that will be fine.

Incidentally... where is the Kaioshin
of the th Universe?

I did not ask him to participate.

The Tournament of Power was
the brainchild of the th Universe, so...

Hey! Dawdling around
in a d*ad-end meeting like this

is a waste of time!
What are you trying to do?

Actually, I wanted to confer
about what is happening.

Well, actually, this is a waste of time!

I'm busy trying to get
my warriors together!


What to do? What to do?
Hwah, what to do?

What is there to be concerned
about, th Universe?

This sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Nothing but fighting!

It will be the nd Universe
that survives this!

With all due respect,
my nd Universe colleague...


...are you unaware of the intellectual
level of the rd Universe?

What can intelligence do for you?!
This is the Tournament of Power

Battle power is what will do the talking!

My word. This is why I can't stand
musclebound freaks.

What was that?!

A reaction like that reveals your level!

Now, now...

Why, you! You're not
getting away with that!

What did you say?

Please, calm down, both of you.

Such an exchange of ideas.

How truly unseemly.

What if we were to approach Zeno-sama
and ask him to reconsider?

We will state that it is the general
consensus of the Kaioshins

that we ask for a short reprieve on
the destruction of our universes

until we can reach the mortal level
of seven that Zeno-sama desires.

Is that what you called us here to discuss?

What can we do at this point?

Zeno-sama has already made up his mind!

I doubt it will work.
If we incur his displeasure,

it is possible that he will
eliminate us on the spot.

I am quite busy, as well,
so if there's nothing else...

What to do? What to do? Hwah, what to do?

I regret I must agree.

Then that leaves us little choice.

I had hoped to find a way for
all eight universes to survive...

...but only one universe will be spared.

And while it pains me to say it,
it is crystal clear

that my th Universe will be the survivor.

It is my universe that has
the strongest warriors, after all.

Oh, they're at it, all right.

Boo-san, here we go again!

Heya! Is this training for Boo?

Oh, Goku-san!

Boo-san was all worked up after
the Royal PreZence Matches.

He hasn't rested at all, and has gone
all-in for getting shapey-uppy.


You see? Look at that!

Hmm? Oh!

Wow, I barely recognized him!

Looking sharp, right?

Oh, it's you!

I had lots of fun playing
with that doggy guy before.

Even more fun guys are coming to
the main Tournament of Power, right?

I can't wait.

Yeah, I can't wait, either.

What do you say, Goku-san?

Would you like to mix it up a little
with Boo-san now?

You bet. I was just thinking the same thing.

All right, if you go outside
of my villa's property,

you'll lose the match.


Here I come, Boo!

Awesome, Boo!

You've not only raised your speed,
you raised your power, too!

I'm strong! I'll clobber them all!

Boo-san, you can't clobber them!

You have to push them out of the ring!

I can't k*ll them?

No, you can't. If you k*ll someone,
you lose, then and there.

Oh. Then, I'll do this!

Trying to force me back
with Ki blasts ain't gonna work!



You did it! Ringout!

Boo-san is the winner!


Awesome! That was awesome, Boo!

You snuck in close
while my vision was blocked,

and went to push me
out of bounds in a flash.

What's more, distracting my attention

with that volley of Ki blasts
was awesome, too!

Boo, you really do have
a talent for fighting.

Goku-san, please don't fall out of bounds
so easily in the real fight.

Yeah, I'm learning a whole bunch from this.

We really are counting on you, Goku-san.

Please make sure that you win, okay?

Yeah, I know. It'll be fine.

And No. is gonna enter, too,
just like you said.

Oh, I sure am glad to hear that.

Gohan is off trying to get Piccolo right now.

Building the team is moving
right along, then. This is fantastic!

I'm gonna go reach out to No. now.

Boo, thanks for fighting me!


See you!

I'm getting a little sleepy.

Yeah. Boo-san, you've been
giving it your all this whole time.

Come on, let's take you to your room.

Though I don't think I'll be able to rest easy

until the Tournament of Power is over.

Top-sama, welcome back.

Take care of her.

As you wish, sir.

What's the matter?

Why the grim face?


You're a hero that protects
this universe, and our leader.

You're someone that the people look up to.

You have to be someone
that they find endearing.

You're going to make them tremble in fear
with that look on your face.

What if I told you

that those people's futures
rested on our shoulders?

Hmm? I heard that you
accompanied Belmod-sama

and went to have an audience with
Zeno-sama. Tell me what happened.

A space creature has appeared
on Planet Daldon!

It appears to be making repeated incursions.

Requesting immediate backup!



Take us there on the double!

Hey, you guys!

I understand the Kaioshins all
got together a little while ago.

You aren't cooking up
some kind of funny business

at the Tournament of Power, are you?


We wouldn't do anything as ugly as that.


As if we'd cheat!

The instant it got out, Zeno-sama
would eliminate us, you know.


Mosco-sama asks why you haven't invited

the Destroyer for the th Universe.

My, Champa, why is that?

It's because the th Universe
is home to the person

who proposed the Tournament
of Power, Son Goku.

Beers is persona non grata.

Ladies and gentlemen,
you are all in Son Goku's debt.

If he had not suggested the
Tournament of Power to Zeno-sama,

the universes with lower levels
would have been wiped out long ago.

Son Goku?!

I won't have it! After watching
the Royal PreZence Matches,

I have been eminently annoyed!


That irreverent attitude
he takes with Zeno-sama--

it's entirely too familiar.
It cannot be allowed!

Still, I find the man to be quite fetching.

The th Universe is no match for
those of us in the th Universe.

Not in the face of our
Pride Troopers, led by Top.

We, the Dorakiyans,
will be taking this world!

Oh, no you won't!

Ho, you've got pretty good speed, there,

but it will take more than that to win!

We'll crush you Pride Troopers,
you wannabe bunch of heroes!

Don't you dis the Pride Troopers!


Did you think you could
b*at us that easily?

Unfortunately for you, this is farewell.


We will not let you get away with this!

Who's there?!

Dyspo, sorry to keep you waiting.

Leader! General!

Gah! Your fellow Pride Troopers?!

It's a big relief having you two here.

Here we go!


The warrior of freedom,


The warrior of sonic speed,


The warrior of slashing,


The light that keeps
the peace in the universe!

We are the Pride Troopers!

That light will now defeat evil!

Gah! You guys are such pretenders!

Get them!

Justice Flash!

Double Cannon Maximum!

Th-Th-That's impossible!
How can Araghne be defeated?!


We offer absolutely zero tolerance
for your actions!


Heed my words, Dorakiyan!

As long as the Pride Troopers are here,

the light of freedom will never go out!

What? It's that serious?

The Tournament of Power...
What a frightful tale.

The destruction of the universe
is no benign matter.

Mm-hmm. Thus, I believe we will need
the help of the Pride Trooper

who is away on another world
to enter the Tournament of Power.

We'll need Jiren's help more
than ever at a time like this.

Yeah. Jiren should be off
training right now.



Long time no see, Goku-san.

You're out of my sight for a little while,

and you've gone and gotten
even bigger, Dende.

Hey! Call him Kami-sama!

Now, now...

What is it you want to ask me?

I'm guessing it has to do
with Zeno-sama's tournament.

Huh? You know about that?

Kaioshin-sama and the Destroyer
were here earlier,

so I turned an attentive ear.

So then, I can leave the gathering
of our warriors to you?

I've had some experience with this.

Then I will ask you to.
I really am asking you to.

Now, listen, you're our Kaioshin,
so pull yourself together!

How can anyone be such a worrywart?

I'm not sure what you expect me to do...

Champa-sama, where shall we begin?

You know who, you know who.
Fight Saiyans with Saiyans.

Cabba-san, then?

It is nice to see you again, Cabba-san.

We would like to ask you
for your help once more.

Hey! I need someone stronger than you!

I want Saiyans!
Bring me more Saiyans!

You're here.

I knew this is where you would be.
Piccolo-san, I have a favor to ask.

I'm already ready for it. I'm going to
take that derelict body of yours

and train it back up for you.


If you already know,
that speeds things up.

We ain't got much time.
Tell me where No. is.

Sure. Artificial Human No. is
on a large island in the south.

Would you like me to show the way?

Yeah, thanks.

The th Universe's players
are coming together quickly.

Each universe's own agendas
are starting to come into play.

What will the fate of Goku
and the others ultimately be?

Thirty-seven hours remain until the start
of the Tournament of Power.

Boogie back

The timing to leap out

The blaring horns

The bitter smile showtime
Just acting

The night slowly goes crazy
Dancing Dancing heart

Over and over
Falling Falling down

(Boogie back)
Chasing after you

The beating in my chest gets faster

(Boogie back)
I fell in love in an instant

Give me that dream once more

Boogie back Boogie back

Boogie back Boogie back

Heya! I'm Goku!

I found you! You're No. , right?

I'm so glad the earth still has someone
as awesome as you around.

Let me spar with you,
to see just how strong you are.

Huh? Who are these guys, now?
You keep outta our way!

Next time on Dragon Ball Super,

"First Time Exchanging Blows!
Artificial Human No. vs. Son Goku!!"

Be sure to watch, okay?
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