03x08 - The Instant White-Hot Wild

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03x08 - The Instant White-Hot Wild

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Come on, Earving, me and the others

have something to sh-sh-sh-show you.



Oh, f*ck...

[HOMELANDER] Butcher and Soldier Boy,

where are they?


Why do I always have
to take the high road?

M.M., Soldier Boy is
gonna k*ll more people.

- [MINDSTORM] It wasn't my idea.
- Oh, no, it was Noir's.

What the f*ck is this?

Something we should've
done a long time ago.


Why the long face, tiger?

You're Homelander. Button your shit up.

I'm proposing a strictly

transactional relationship.

Where's Ryan? I'm gonna find him

sooner or later.

I hate you.

Ready, mon coeur?

Temp V is gonna k*ll you both.

Jesus Christ.

I was just in the lab.

It turns your brain into
f*cking Swiss cheese!

- You need to tell Hughie.

Everything all right?

You, me and granny f*ck are

gonna finish this f*cking job.

Is this really you?

I thought we should have a conversation.

Vogelbaum made a kid.

Bitch of it is...

I'd have let you take the spotlight.

What father wouldn't
want that for his son?



I knew your fastball would
come in sooner or later.

- Stay away from him!
- It's okay.

I'm not here to cause trouble,
hurt anyone.

Just want to see my son.

And I had a heck of a time
trying to find you, buddy, I...

Even had to get

a big, important congresswoman
to help me.

She been treating you all right?

Aunt Grace?

Yeah, she's nice.

"Aunt Grace".


You know, she may be nice, Ryan, but

she's not your aunt.

She's not even your real family.

I can hear those clumsy fingers

of yours slipping around on that screen.

Get rid of it now.

Listen, Ryan.

Your mom, she wanted
what's best for you.

And so do I.

You have a real family.

But aren't you mad at me?

For what I did?

You know it wasn't your fault, right?

Son, when you're as strong as we are,

accidents happen, uh, things break...

and sometimes they are

the things that you love the most.

But-but that's all it is: an accident.

And nobody on this earth
knows that better than me.


That's why I'm always gonna love you.

No matter what happens, no matter...

what you do.

I'm not going anywhere.

I will always be here.

Homelander admitted
on video he locked up Maeve!

- Bullshit!

Well, great news!

We just heard
the attorney general's office

has a search warrant,

and they're coming here to free Maeve!

- Free Maeve! Free Maeve!

Starlight lies! Children die!

[CROWD] Starlight lies! Children die!


I really think we should've
waited for Homelander.

Well, I don't know where he is. Do you?

But I do know the attorney
general is an attention whore

who loves to be on Don Lemon.

And she's on her way here
right now with a search warrant

to look for her.




Where's Soldier Boy?

You mean, ever since he told us

he was supposed to k*ll his own son?

He locked himself in the bathroom

with a bottle of Old Granddad.

Well, Homelander ain't really
his son, and he knows it.

All right, let's be off then, eh?

We'll swing by the office
and grab some more V.

And then Hughie will jump us
to where the c**ts are.

We do Noir

and Homelander.

And we're finished.





♪ ♪

[FRENCHIE] Bonjour.

I got you something.

- Voilà.
- f*ck is that?

Oh, this is it.

Cost three Bugattis-worth of Starlight's

money, but...

A dose of Novichok.

Our w*apon against Soldier Boy.

And the only f*cking dose
on the eastern seaboard.

You put the world's
deadliest nerve agent

in a ten-dollar bottle
of Starlight's Wish?

I must say, the smell has improved.


So you lost your temper and hit a man.

Oh, this is nothing.

You know, I once took a Spaniard's ear

for jabbering at a screening
of Dresses...

Frenchie, my whole point has always been

to keep my f*cked-up shit

away from Janine.

I lost control for one second,

and for the rest of her life,

she's gonna have an image of her daddy

beating up her stepfather.

I got to lock my shit down.

I got to be stronger.

[FRENCHIE] Out of all man's miseries,

the most bitter is this.

To know so much...

And to control so little.

I've read a f*cking book, all right?

You cannot keep the truth
from your daughter that...

that you are...

a deeply...

broken and f*cked-up man.

So am I.

So are we all, no?

But you're also, perhaps, the best man

I've ever known.

Let Janine see all of it.

And get back on the f*cking Lexapro.

Homelander's shocking
admissions on Starlight's

Instagram live feed

led to the largest single-day drop

- in the history of Vought International stock...
- [ASHLEY] Hey!

There you are.

Where were you?

What do you want?

- Come with me.
- I'm walking.



while you were gone,

Deep and I

had to move

- Maeve out of the Tower.
- [DEEP] That was your idea.

- You were there.


- [ASHLEY] We didn't have a choice.
- Okay.

- There was a search warrant.
- I wanted to wait for you, Homelander.

- But she insisted.
- Can you just shut the f*ck up?

Where is Maeve now?

Noir, hey.


We're just gonna... we're gonna go.

Yeah. This... Okay.

Talk to you guys later.

[BOTH] Let's f*ck up Soldier Boy.

I knew you'd come back.


Hey, uh...

You really are the spitting
image of my little brother.




- Oh, there he is.
- Where's the cum guzzler?

[BUTCHER] You were spot-on about him.

There I was, filling up the motor,

I turn around, the little git
had done a runner.

We needed him to get near Noir.

[BUTCHER] Ah, don't you
worry about that, guv.

I got it all worked out.

♪ ♪

Wake me when we get to New York.


Need a hand?


More in the market for some legs.

- What happened to you?
- You'll never believe it.

They gave me a new ticker.

I'm gonna be able to run again.

All the races and the endorsements.

I'm about to get it all back.

But it don't mean shit without you.

I need you.

Come coach me and you can still work

with the kids at the broke-ass school.

Hell, you'll make enough
to fix the damn place up.

I'm really f*cking sorry, Nate.

I'll spend the rest of my
life making it up to you.

Did you k*ll Blue Hawk?


No, that was...

Soldier Boy.


You did.

- No, Nate...
- I didn't want that!

I wanted my kids to see
his mugshot on the TV.

And now he's...

- f*ck!
- I stopped him.

For you.

Don't say you did that for me.

You've only ever been about yourself.

- I'm sorry. I'll make it right.
- How?!

Every time you try, you make it worse.

Reggie, just-just go, man.

Just go, just get out, okay?

Go sell your menthol vapes

and your fast cash shops
and all of that.

But just stay out of my life!


Come on, man.

I said get the f*ck out of my house!

I don't want a m*rder
in the same house with my kids!

- Shit!
- Nate, I'm sorry.

- Shit, Nate...
- Don't touch me!

Don't come back here.



Thanks for picking me up.

Sure you want to tell me
to go f*ck myself.

I'm not saying anything.

'Cause if you did want to say that,

I mean, you could.

What happened?

Uh... Butcher.

Just out of nowhere, knocked me out.

Did he tell you?

Tell me what?

That Temp V is fatal.

If you sh*t up any more, you'd
probably be d*ad right now.

Oh, my f*cking God, he didn't tell you!

- That assh*le!
- Saved my life.

Saved your life?

It looks like he gave you a concussion.

He stopped me from taking more V.

H-Have you ever had Pizza Rolls?

Like... middle school sleepover

Pizza Rolls?

Yeah, Dad bought them
in bulk after Mom left.

Every night, we'd have Pizza Rolls,

watch Remington Steele...

try not to touch her spot on the couch.

And he never fought back
for her or anything.

Just sat there eating Pizza Rolls.

I spent so much time thinking he was...

sad and-and weak.

Just a loser.

But you know what? Dad...

was there.

Taking care of me
during-during the worst days

of his life, just trying
to keep the lights on

and a... [SCOFFS]

... and a roof above our heads.

He wasn't weak.

I just, I-I didn't know

what strength was.

Annie, I'm-I'm so sorry.

I've been an assh*le.

I never should have...

I-I never should've put
any of this onto you.

Thank you for saying that.

Literally every neuron in your brain

is screaming "I told you so",
so why don't you just say it

- before your head explodes.
- Oh, my God!

- I f*cking told you so.
- Feel good to get that out?

- So satisfying. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God, where are you?





[HUGHIE] Hey, Maeve.

Good to see you again.

Glad you're okay.

It's like you wear a neon sign

that says, "Raw dog me, I'm a bottom".

- I'm gonna, I'm gonna let you two catch up.
- Me, too.

Where were you?

About floors below you in the Tower

- this whole time.
- How did you get out?

Your #FreeMaeve shit

had every LGB-teen in the world

up Vought's ass.

You got me my chance.

You know what would've
been better, though?

Actually busting me out.

I think that would've been way harder.


Merde! That hurt.

I have done my part.

Yeah, I am.

Nina was right.

My papa, he put a chain around my neck.

And all that f*cking changes

is who holds the other end.

What do you see?

Soldier Boy is Homelander's
f*cking what?

Homelander's father.

Biologically, at least.

[SIGHS] So put them in a room together,

- are they gonna fight or f*cking hug?
- We don't know.

Soldier Boy's been, uh, weird.

- But Butcher...
- [MOTHER'S MILK] If there's a snowball's chance

that Butcher can take down
Homelander, he's gonna take it.

I don't care what your
orders are, I'm Starlight,

and I'm telling you that you
need to evacuate the Tower now.

Because Soldier Boy is
alive and he's real,

and he's gonna f... oh, f*cking,
you f*cking stupid...


There are a couple thousand
people in that building.

I mean, if he pulls a Herogasm,

he's gonna take
the whole f*cking place down.

Then we take down Soldier Boy
before he gets to Homelander.

And save Butcher.

Y'all two f*ck us over,

and now you want to be Mother Theresa?

I know.

- And-and I'm sorry...
- [STARLIGHT] Hughie.

Some people are just past saving.

He don't want to be saved.

[HUGHIE] He could've dragged me
down with him, but he didn't.

There's still something good.

Deep, deep...

- ... deep inside.
- [FRENCHIE] Balls deep.


Bonjour, Petit Hughie.

We save everyone.

Even if they don't deserve it.

Especially if they don't deserve it.

Whoa... that brings me back.

Used to sneak my dad's Manhattans

when I was a kid.

[BUTCHER] I didn't have
to nick nothin' from my old man.

He used to get me and me little brother

lagered just for the hell of it.

Well, I got to admit,
that does sound funny.


- The old man still around?
- [BUTCHER] Arse cancer.


sh1tting his guts out
as we speak, one hopes.

You ever see The Soldier Boy Story?

- Must've missed it.
- It's a classic.

We lost Best Picture to
An American in Paris that year.

At least I got to ass-f*ck
Jane Wyman in the coat check.

About a poor kid from
the streets of South Philly.

Discovers he's got

incredible powers to match his...

heart of gold.

It's all bullshit.

Blimey, you don't say?

Actually my father owned half
the steel mills in the state.

I went to boarding school.

Got kicked out of boarding school.

Because I was a f*ck-up.

But he made sure I knew it.

Use the belt, did he?

[SOLDIER BOY] Never laid a hand on me.

He couldn't be bothered.

Said I was a disappointment.

Not good enough to carry his name.

So I went to his golf buddies
in the w*r Department,

and they get me into Dr. Vought's

Compound V trials.

I became a superhero.

Strongest man alive.
f*cking ticker tape parades

when I came home.

And what did the old man say then?


He said I took a shortcut.

That a real man wouldn't have cheated.


What about you, you got kids?

It's complicated.

I always assumed I had a few out there.


I always wanted 'em.

'Cause I thought I could do it
better than my father did.

Homelander ain't yours.

Not really.

- He's the only blood I've got left.
- It don't matter.

You didn't name him, didn't raise him.

Vought grew him

in a f*cking test tube
to take your place.

He's the f*cking reason they
left you to rot with the Ivans.

Look, mate.

We had a deal.


I'm gonna get some air.


[HOMELANDER] Sharpen it
for a thousand hours,

still won't cut Soldier Boy's skin.

So... you were on his team.

You knew him.

What was he like?

[EXHALES] Come on.

Nobody's all bad.


He's my father.

I didn't believe him at first.

I ripped apart the company archives,

and... it's true.


It's true.

They lied to me my whole life.


Thing I needed most as a kid
and they kept it from me.

Now, well, I...

I'm not sure I want to.

It's funny, you know, everyone
thinks of you as this, uh...

unreadable sphinx.

A mystery. [LAUGHS]

Not me. I see through

that mask.

I mean, literally, I can see your face.

Your battle scars.

The crooked old smile of yours.

I know when you're happy,

sad, telling the truth.


Did you know?

That I had a father out there?

Alive this whole time?



Why didn't you tell me?







You should've told me.




D-D-Don't worry, Earving.

We are so proud of you.


Soon you'll be in the sweet embrace


Christ the Lord!


[BUTCHER] f*ck me.

I figured you was d*ad.

You didn't think I knew
where the blind spots

were, f*ck?

Back up.

Where's Soldier Boy?

You on that Temp V shit, Butcher, huh?

What happens if I pull this trigger?

Go on, do it.

Hey, M.M., M.M, stop.


If Soldier Boy goes through
with this, thousands will die.

Help us stop him.

[BUTCHER] This ain't
a bloody kinder care

we're on about, son.

Its Vought f*cking Tower.

Becca worked in the Tower.

You shut your f*cking
cake hole, Frenchie.



No, my cake hole

will remain open!

You will never command me again.

- I am done with your cruelty.
- [HUGHIE] Okay, Frenchie...

[FRENCHIE] I deserve respect!

And we all deserve paid vacation
days, and a dental plan!

We-we-we heard you.

You could've let me die
from the V, but you saved me.

In the shittiest way
possible, but still.

I don't think you want to do this.

I think you want me to pull you back.

Like Lenny used to.

- Maeve, no!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


Butcher's right.
Homelander needs to die.

That's it. Whatever it takes.

I really thought that deep
down you were a hero.

Well, you were wrong.

There's no such thing.

This is not gonna happen.

Annie, I don't want to hurt you.

[SOLDIER BOY] But I will.

[BUTCHER] All right, you lot.

In the safe.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.

[BUTCHER] In the safe.

Let's go.


[STARLIGHT] Hey, not now.

Not like this.

All right, well...

Tinkerbell needs power for her powers.

I'm Starlight and
I'm telling you that you need

- to evacuate the Tower now.
- [GUARD] Why?

Because Soldier Boy is alive and he...

We ran it through the voice

It's really her, so, you know,

I think we should probably evacuate.

evacuating anything.

We have to project strength.


No, that's smart. Strength.

Okay, so my Angel Fish...
that's what I call Analytics...

we think Soldier Boy's coming for Noir,

last member of Payback, right?

So we should use Noir as bait.

And that way it draws
Soldier Boy directly to the...

Hey, is everything,
is everything okay with Noir?

He was keeping secrets from me.

You know, when the company first

rolled me out in front of the cameras,

they told me...

I was gonna get my very own team.

I wanted so badly for that team

to be the family that I never got.

And then I got you.

I've, I've always tried to help, sir.

What, like when you ran
away from Herogasm?

Or maybe when you f*cked an octopus?

You really want to help?




That's sort of treason.

Big word.

Anything you need, Homelander.


[EXHALES] Ashley, take off that wig.

What wig?


And then there's you.

How could you k*ll one of your own kind

in cold blood?

You are going to tell the world

that we are the one and only

true justice.

Noir was worth more
than all of you put together.

You're not my family.

I don't need any of you.

Remember that.


On the record?

If Dakota Bob taps me
for VP, I'd be honored.

Off the record?

I'm expecting good news
at the Prayer Breakfast.


[WHISPERS] f*ck.




They got a really big head start, but...

I know a way in.

[MOTHER'S MILK] Then what?

'Cause from where I'm standing,

we're f*cked with no grease.

No plan and no knockout gas.

- Where do we get some more?
- [MOTHER'S MILK] We don't.

That was the only one.


There is one lab in New York...

... that might be stocked
with the things I need.

And as fate would have it,
we are headed there, so...

- You're joking.
- We're gonna break into Vought Tower, while you go

to the lab crawling with armed guards

and you're gonna cook up

the world's most dangerous neurotoxin

with, what, a little moxie

and a little Mr. Wizard know-how

while we hold off
Homelander and Soldier Boy?

Uh... oui.


It's good enough for me.


Me, too.

Monsieur Lait de Mère?

The most important shit of my life,

and I'm counting on coked-out Eurotrash.

Shit's baffling.

♪ ♪


[INTERVIEWER] The prisoners
you liberated here,

most of them were nearly d*ad.

They owe you their lives.

I'm not here to take credit.

These boys here,
they're the real heroes.

What the Jerries did here
is unforgivable.

But I promise you,
I'm gonna serve them up

some good old-fashioned
American justice.

Scorched earth, eh, William?

Scorched earth.

Where's Noir?

He's d*ad.

I k*lled him.


Because he didn't tell me about you.

I'm alone.

I just want to talk.

I know what it's like to have your team

betray you.

But with you and I together...

... they wouldn't stand a
chance. Nobody would.

Unless we k*ll each other first.

[HOMELANDER] That's true. But why?

What, because he says so?

He's nothing.

[CHUCKLING] He's human.

Don't you listen to this f*cking twat.

He ain't your kid.

Yes, I am.

I am your son.

I am your blood.

That's all that matters.




[HOMELANDER] This is my son. Ryan.

Your grandson.

Hi, Grandpa.


You have a family.

You have him.

And you have me.


It's a shame that I've missed...

... so much.

I wish I could've raised you...

... and taught you,

father to son.

Me too.

That's okay.

We're not alone anymore.

We have each other.

Maybe if I'd raised you...

... I could've made you better.

And not some weak,

sniveling p*ssy,

starved for attention.

But there's no fixing that now.


I'm you.

I know.

You're a f*cking disappointment.

- Leave him alone!

- [BUTCHER] Get out of here, Ryan!
- Please, stop!

- Get out of the building! Now!
- Butcher, stop!

- Please! [GRUNTS]
- You can't.

- You can't do this.
- Stop! Please!

[HOMELANDER] Don't do this.

Don't do this. Don't.


Ryan, get back upstairs.

Right now.


You little shit.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪


What the f*ck are you doing?

Not the kid.

Oh, I thought you said
blood didn't matter.

Thought that was
the whole f*cking point.

He's my wife's son.

Wait, Homelander f*cked your wife?

And you want to save the brat?

The hell's wrong with you?

I made a promise.

So this is it.

Everything you wanted...
he's right f*cking there...

and now you blink?

Stand down.

f*ck you.

You're weaker than he is.



Yeah. I'm right here.

You're okay.

[MAEVE] Hey, assh*le.

Not now, Maeve. We have bigger fish.

I don't.

I said not now.

Maeve, stop.


♪ ♪


C'est le paradis.

[HUGHIE] Testing, testing, testing.

Okay, that's loud. Uh... [CLEARS THROAT]

Attention. There has been
a t*rror1st thr*at

- called into the building.

Please leave as quickly as you can.

This is not a drill, this is not a test.

- Please evacuate quickly.
- Where are you going, Ashley?

With you, Ashley. To the helipad?

Yeah. So, the Sikorsky's
actually reserved

for SVPs and higher.

[HUGHIE] Do not trample
anyone on the way out.

Sorry, Ashley.

[HUGHIE] Leave as quickly
as you can. Thank you.


Freeze! Show us your hands!

♪ It can cut you like a knife ♪

♪ If the gift becomes the f*re ♪

♪ On the wire between will ♪

♪ And what will be ♪

♪ She's a maniac ♪

♪ Maniac on the floor ♪

Aah! Aah! [GRUNTS]

Aw, f*ck!


♪ She's a maniac ♪

♪ Maniac, I sure know ♪

♪ And she's dancing like
she's never danced before ♪

♪ She's a maniac ♪

♪ Maniac I sure know ♪


♪ And she's dancing like ♪

♪ She's never danced before ♪

♪ Maniac, maniac, I sure know ♪


[CHUCKLES] I've got the Novichok. Huh?

Now... go.

- Aah!

Yeah! f*ck your shield, bitch.

♪ ♪


Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


♪ ♪



You ain't no hero.

You're just another r*cist piece of shit

we can't seem to get rid of.

This is for my family.


I'm not going back

in that f*cking box!

You'll k*ll everyone.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪






[BUTCHER] Are you hurt?

Ryan, look at me.


I want to go.

Let's leave. Please.

I want to leave.



- ♪

- [ANNOUNCER] She was one of America's

greatest superheroes.

A role model for
little girls everywhere.

A strong, proud lesbian
who pioneered the way

for others to show the world

who they really are.

And she made the ultimate sacrifice

when she stopped Russian-
radicalized Soldier Boy

and saved us all.


We drained the fluid, but, uh...

Mr. Butcher?

- Sorry.
- Attempting further treatment

would significantly impact

your quality of life without

necessarily extending the time you have.

Uh, sir, no smoking.


- How long I got?
- Months.

Twelve. Eighteen, on the outside.



you can kindly f*ck off, then.

[MOTHER'S MILK] You know, for
the longest time, Janine, I...

I didn't want to bring you into this.

But you know what?

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

Truth is,

superheroes aren't always good.

One of them, Soldier Boy...

... k*lled a lot of our family
members a long time ago.

It makes me sad.

Sometimes it makes me mad
when I think about it.


your granddaddy,

he spent his entire life

fighting to get justice.

And now I do, too.

I just want you to know
that you should be proud.

Your granddaddy...

now, he was a real hero.

You're my hero, Daddy.

Thank you.


It's me.

Are you there?

Oh, God.

Well, you, uh...

you look like shit.

f*ck off, Smurfette.


You gonna be okay?

Yeah, slowly, painfully,

like every other powerless
schmuck in America,

thanks to Soldier Boy.

Question: should I get a pirate patch

or the Sammy Davis glass eye?

Oh, the pirate patch, no question.

[ELENA] You ready?

- Hey.
- Hey, Elena.

Where will you guys go?

I don't know, somewhere
Homelander won't find me.

A farm, ideally.

She's from Modesto.

She was a Future Farmer of America.

- Great.
- Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]

Thank you.

For everything.

First time your prissy ass

- showed up at the Tower,

crying in that bathroom...

You saved me.

Truth is, you... you
don't need me anymore.

I could jump.

But you can f*cking fly.



You're like a walking
Hallmark card. Enough.



♪ When are you gonna come down? ♪

♪ When are you going to land? ♪

♪ I should have stayed on the farm ♪

♪ I should have listened to my old man ♪

♪ You know you can't hold me forever ♪

♪ I didn't sign up for you ♪

♪ I'm not a present
for your friends to open ♪

♪ This boy's too young to be singing ♪

♪ The blues ♪

♪ So goodbye yellow brick road ♪

♪ Where the dogs of society howl ♪

♪ You can't plant me in your penthouse ♪

♪ I'm going back to my plow ♪

♪ Back to the howling
old owl in the woods ♪

♪ Hunting ♪

♪ The horny-back toad ♪

♪ Oh, I've finally decided ♪

♪ My future lies ♪

♪ Beyond the yellow brick road... ♪

You don't know the real Kevin.


And you wouldn't like him if you did.

♪ ♪


You sure you want to do this?


I don't need it.

I don't. The suit never
gave me any power.

And Vought sure as shit didn't.

It's always just been me.


- Uh, Annie?
- Mm-hmm?

You know, we're in a historic building.

- You need to double-knot...
- Okay.

and bag your trash,

if you're gonna be working here.

Butcher isn't gonna like it.

Butcher can suck my shit.

Oh, from now on, this
is a democracy, huh?

I say you're one of The Boys.

Me too.




[HUGHIE] Oh, f*ck.

After the tragic drowning

of presumptive VP candidate
Lamar Bishop,

we go live to the Singer campaign

in Sioux Falls, where Dakota Bob

just announced his new running mate.

What would you like to say
to the American people?

As the next vice president,
I will work hard

to provide a safe and secure future

for all citizens, on both sides
of the political divide.

And that's why I am so proud
to have her on my team.


Singer! Singer! Singer!

Singer! Singer! Singer! Singer! Singer!


... that bitch

has definitely got to go.

- Let's go!

- Come on!
- f*ck you. Yeah!

- Hey, there he is, there he is.
- Hey, hey!

f*ck you and your lies!

f*ck Starlight! f*ck Starlight!

- [ALL] f*ck Starlight!
- Homelander!



Hi. Good to see you.

I love you guys.

You are America.

True patriots.

Hey, do you want to meet someone?

Someone very special to me?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

- Yes!
- All right.

Come on down here, buddy.

[MAN] The kid!

All-righty, everyone.

This little guy here

is my son, Ryan.

- [MAN] You have a son?!
- [WOMAN] That's so awesome.


- [MAN] Yeah, he's a chip off the block.
- f*ck you, fascist!


- What the f*ck? He's a kid!
- Who did that?

- What the f*ck, libtard?!
- f*cking idiot!




Yeah! [LAUGHS]

- f*ck yeah!

- f*ck that piece of shit.

- That's how Americans do it!
- All right.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪
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