06x22 - I Fall to Pieces

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". Aired: September 27, 1996 – April 24, 2003.
Based off the comic book series, Sabrina a magical witch and her black talking cat Salem navigate the teenage years together.
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06x22 - I Fall to Pieces

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Alright, it will be like this.
Seven cards, with five showing,

two closed on the table,
four in hand,

the last bought
can't pay to see.

I'm going to lose badly.
Primary visions.

well at least
he hasn't put the visor on yet.

the good news is
that I'm already poor,

so I have nothing to lose.

It's just a friendly game.

We're here
to have fun.

I heard a great joke
other day...

No jokes!
Let's play cards.

Josh, I never saw you
so aggressive and domineering!

Why wasn't it like this when
were we dating?

-Want to shut up?
-Now you too?

Let's just play.
Where are the cards?

The letters?

This is the Josh I know
and dismissed.

Don't worry, Mr. vacancies.
I have some in my room.

If you're looking for letters, I'm
with Josh's deck here.

Stole Josh's letters?

steal, borrow,
who cares?

The question is, what do I want
make you an offer.

-That's the plan.

During the game I look at the cards
and signal how you should bet.

We split the gains / .

I can't deceive
my friends.

But I can!
That's the beauty of this plan!

Roxie, I want to see your bet
and raise five.

Too high for me.


I should pass.

Love us
that you are bluffing.

Sabrina, I think your cat
is having a seizure!

I think he just needs
of some fresh air.

are any of you
willing to play cards?

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
S E - I Fall to Pieces


Translation, Review and Sync:
Michael Lemos




Yes, ma'am, what would you like?

Excuse me,
we got here first.

And just because men arrived
here first,

women must
serve them first?

Well think about it,
Mr. Hairy Backs. Get out!


What happened to Aunt Hilda?

Dean Banning broke up with her.

now she says
that she got tired of men.


Aunt Hilda, I'm sorry for you
and Dean Banning,

but it's no reason to discount
in all men.

there is a better way
to deal with your feelings.

I know I know,
talk, feel the pain.

I'd rather cause the pain!

Or can we go shopping?

I liked the idea.

Hemlock Essence.

A dragonskin pen?

but i need to have one.

You were right about healing
Hilda's sadness.

shopping was
what the doctor recommended.

Yes, but not recommended
six hours of it!

my feet swelled
like two fat trolls.

what reminds me,
I need to catch some trolls.

let's take a look
in another store.

Hilda, you know what?
go ahead.

Sabrina and I are finished.

Yeah, let's go back home
if it's ok with you?

You slugs are slowing me down.

My God! I looked for one of these
all over.

Excuse me sir,
what is it?


Did you say something?

Plants can't talk,
you fool!

But cats can!
I'm a fool.

I am going
for a game of poker.

I know.
Want to go home winner?

I would love!

Follow me.
You suck at poker

and I am
an unscrupulous cat.

This could take forever.
Listen well.

During the game I will sit in the back
of Josh and I'll tell you what he has.

You come home victorious
and we split / .

Salem, this is cheating.

Other. What have
wrong with this generation?

I swear Sabrina's cat
is humming

"If I Were a Rich Man".

I'm also humming happily,
thanks to Mr. Kinkle here.

don't take it personally,

but you are the worst
poker player I've ever seen.

Gosh, how can I take
is this for the personal side?

don't pay too much attention
in the potatoes,

I think my luck
is about to change.

Now the cat is humming
"We're in the money"!

Well after three hours
of immersion, my feet are,

finally back
to its original size.

Tell Aunt Hilda I've waited,
but I have work to do.

darling i'm sure
that she will be so excited

with the things she bought,
who will forget we went with her.

That was so much fun!

-What is in the box?
-What the hell is this?

-He guesses.
-A fridge?

-A freezer?


No, this comes Tuesday.

Which is?

A groom!

Hey, I know who you are!

You are the train conductor
Halloween Mystery!

That! And Hilda signed up
for the ride of her life.

-As far as I know, it's non-stop.
-Excuse me please.

Harvey, will pay
my bet or not?

What are you waiting for?

Give your wallet
to the man and we're done with it.

It might be a bluff, but I think
that I must be sensible and pass.

But I'm not going
I pay!

Unfortunately for you,
I wasn't bluffing.

Full House and Kings.

Not so fast!
Full House and aces.

now the cat is
singing and dancing!

Miles, you need to stop taking

after i found
a bargain

of ointment for
spider bites,

I passed the cauldron shop,
was standing there,

looking at the new models,
when suddenly,

look at the food court
and I get paralyzed.

Did you see Will?

No! I saw that they increased the price
of boiled corn seven dollars!

Isn't that an outrage?

A crime, but what does it have
to do with you finding Will?

It's a fabulous story.

Finally, I was left with my chin
fallen and who bumps into me?


The saleswoman showing Will
exactly the same cauldron

that I was looking at.

And that's when he found out he had
found the right man?

No! That's when Will looked at
food court and said:

"All this for a boiled corn?
This is outrageous!"

That's when I knew.


Before you forget, the wedding
It's on this weekend.

-This weekend!

On Saturday afternoon.
You can come with a casual dress.

Could you excuse us
for a moment?

Let me guess,
are afraid that I do

those horrible dresses
of bridesmaids for you.

Well don't worry,
will be brown and yellow.

Brown and yellow?

Aunt Hilda, did you just
break up with Dean Banning!

Don't think you can be acting

Sabrina, I look for the
my true love for years

and if i will find you
impulsively, on a train

or in a mall, that's fine.

Honey, it's true that
he is a nice man,

attractive, has work,
always a positive point,

but don't think they should
get to know each other better

before getting married?

I'm saying, I know
a true love

when I see you at the mall,
and that's it.

Now all I want from you
it's your blessing

and the size of your dresses.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

Will and I have
to choose our rings.

Great idea I had,
taking her shopping.

Aunt Zelda, what are we going to do?

I think we should do
peace with brown and yellow.

I shudder at the thought of the shoes.

We can't let her get married
with a guy with whom

she looped through
of cauldrons and boiled corns.

I don't think we have a choice.

Your Aunt Hilda is
a very stubborn woman.

Wants to know
the weirdest part?

Is that on that mystery train
I swore he wanted me.

That's it!
You just gave me an idea.

When you get back from the jewelry store,
I'm going to distract Aunt Hilda

and you throw yourself on top of Will.

He succumbs to her charms,

she sees him in a position
compromising and she comes to her senses!

Sabrina! forgive me if i'm not
totally comfortable

to seduce
my sister's fiance.

I mean it's different
to steal the prom date.

It's for her own good!

the only way we can
save aunt Hilda

it's with her overwhelming beauty.

Well...she's my sister.

Zellie! Sabrina!
We're back!

Want to see the rings?


Mood rings?

Aren't they beautiful?

Well who can see in this light?

come to the kitchen
and let me see straight.

I'll be right back, if I'm lucky,
my mood will be green.

Hello again Will.

I know it's over
and we can find a way.

Top or not?

My favorite part.
A man is always a man.

If Hilda sees us,
I want a will.

this is a dress
very interesting.

Glad you liked it.
What do you like most, Will?

I like Hilda...
and boiled corn.

Seriously? I thought that
you liked me better.

I said: I thought I had
liked me more!

Holy Mother! Look at this!

What's going on here?

This is not what it looks like!
Your sister threw herself at me.

Do not lie to me!
Your mood ring is green.

I'm not lying!
That was a setup!

It's you I love,
not this slut.

now my sister is
a slut?

well you are a little
bitch in that dress.

she was determined
to seduce me.

I pushed her,
but nothing stopped her.

Hilda, you're the only one for me.
You have to believe me.

Not even,
you betrayed me.

I will send you back
to the mall where he came from.

Aunt Hilda, I'm sorry,
but i think that just proves

that he was not
your true love.

My true love?
I barely knew the guy.

he didn't mean
nothing for me.

And now,
I will never see him again.

My God!
Aunt Hilda broke!

I do not believe that!

A witch only breaks if she
is separated from her soulmate.

We were wrong, Sabrin
They were really in love.

And we had the brilliant idea
to separate them.

In fact, honey...
your idea.

I feel awful!
I have to fix Aunt Hilda!

Hey, found the lips.

Actually, I think it's a nose.

It's harder
what a puzzle.

We'll need
from a professional, dear.

We can't fix Hilda,
but someone else can,

send us an expert
like Rodin.

It would be a pleasure to carve
such beautiful women.

In fact, we need
to fix my broken aunt.

Vouala, ce fait.

That means it's over.
Four years of French course.

-Hey, what about this piece?
-Appendix! It is not necessary.

Okay, now that he's fixed it,
how to bring her back to life?

I am artist,
not genetic engineer.

if you want a heart
beating or blood flowing,

you should consult
an expert.

"Ed's Storage and Life.
We revive loved ones

at factory price".
This is perfect.

No, it's not.
I heard about this charlatan.

He doesn't have a license
is unethical and

as far as i can see
in this photograph, he is greasy.

I will not put fate
of my sister in his hands!

-But what choice do we have?
-Hello! Brilliant scientist!

I can certainly find
one way

to bring Hilda back to life.

To the lab!

But we get a bag
of white blood cells just to go.



No, but I found out how to do it
an amoeba will come when I call.

Only that? you have been working
on it for two days!

even if I work
in that lab

for two thousand days,
I will find a way

to bring my sister
back to life.

Come here, Fluffy.

Well I can't wait that long.
time and neither did Aunt Hilda.


ok i see the part
of storage,

but not much life.

Welcome to Ed,
where the customer is always right.

The client is currently
a little scared.

I'm Sabrina Spellman and
this is my aunt Hilda.

Oh yes. frozen in a state
with an eternal broken heart.

but good for business!

What can I do for you?

I was hoping I could
bring her back to life.

This is going to be expensive.

ok, as long as
that accepts credit cards.

My limit has already been raised.

Your money is not good here.

A witch must pay
with a personal sacrifice.

I'm scaring myself again.

In exchange for reviving your aunt,

you must be willing to
give up your true love.

-Do I have to give up on Josh?
-Not necessarily.

But you have to be
willing to take that risk.

Are you willing to risk
your own love life

to save your aunt?

You know Ed, I'm really happy
with my love life today.

Is there anything else I can
to sacrifice? like gum?

Sorry. That's why
most of my clients

opt for storage.

Well I'm to blame
for what happened to you,

so I have
to make the sacrifice.

All right, closed.

What a trip!
Who are you?

This is Ed.
He brought her back to life.

-Gee, thanks, Ed.
-Your welcome.

Just for curiosity,
why was i d*ad?

I didn't believe you were
even in love with the Will,

so I set
a plan to take him away,

but he is really
your true love.

So you froze and broke.
And I'm really sorry!

not even close
than I feel.

I have to go find
my true love again.

White blood cells for free.
They are great Christmas gifts.

-All ready.

you know that story
of sacrificing love life?

Didn't like the gum idea,
but stop saying, "Whoo-hoo"?

Yes, it would be a big sacrifice
for you, but no!

Hi Sabrina. arrived on time
to see Harvey win

of us for the th time in a row.

Harvey? the worst player
of why in the world?

And yet the person
with the most chips.

I feel your luck
is about to change.

Harvey, the bet is for you.
What are you going to do?

Let me see, will I pass?

I think I'll play.

In fact, I'll pass.

I'm in! I'm in!

Okay, straight flush
and jacks. What's wrong with you?

A couple of ten.

all is well with the world!

Kinkle loses again.

The cat is also not well.

Gosh, Harvey, what happened?
with your winning streak?

I think he suffered
some sort of bad luck spell.

Josh, before the next round,
we can talk?

Yes sure.

What's happening?

I just want to be sure
of what you know,

if something happens
and we can't be together.

I will always love you.

Could you take that visor off?

what are you talking?
Are you okay?

I am well. It's just that... never
if you know what will happen.

Sabrina, I don't know
why are you talking like this,

but I love you and
I never want to lose you.

I never want to lose
you too.

You are the sweetest guy and
affectionate I've ever known.

Go, and take all the chips
from my friends.

A little frog essence
and ready!

The amoeba died.

hours in a row and I can't
bring Hilda back.

What are you doing?

Excuse me? trying to bring
my dear sister back...

I brought you back to life!

Clear. if it does
you feel better.

She is so needy.
Anyway, let's get married

this Saturday, so clean
all this.

listen. I am so happy
who returned,

I should never have
doubt your love.

And I'm sorry I gave
over you.

Forget it,
I wasn't even calling.

That's nice.

So how do you feel?

Cheered up...
still a little worried

because Hilda is one hour
and half late.

don't really know her
very well, right?

want me to give
a look at her?

No, I don't want you to be bothered.

Wait a minute! you almost
destroyed our relationship.

Yes go!

-Aunt Hilda, how are you?
-Yes darling.

why you two
are you crying?

It's three.

I will miss you so much

Aunt Hilda,
we'll still see each other.

But it will never be like it was.

But it will be wonderful
a totally different way.

Yeah, you'll have new adventures
with the man you love.

Well they will have to be very good
to overcome the ones we had.

how to fight with swords
with pirates.

Take a trip to look
time in hell.

I will never forget when
we skied on mars,

not even when we walked
roller coaster ride on Saturn,

nor when you saved me
of the volcano,

not even when he caught me
and raised me as his daughter.

And now is the happiest day
of my life.

that's why we are
gathered here today,

to unite these two
in holy matrimony.

-Hilda is so beautiful.
-And so happy.

I swear if the cat starts
singing, I'm out of here.

I don't want to sound critical,
but don't think

that the bridesmaids
look like they're going to play football?

Will, accept Hilda
as your lawful wife?


And you, Hilda, accept Will
as your lawful husband?

as if i were to say
not now?

I think not.
Everything is fine. Accepted.

I declare you husband and wife.
You can kiss the bride.

Okay, ladies,
get ready!

Zellie, take it!

Come here!

Thank you so much Aunt Zelda,
broke my heel.

But I took the bouquet.
I will be the next to get married.

So everybody start
to do the shopping.

I need silver cutlery
and a cheese cutter.

A husband wouldn't hurt.

The cakes are here.
IT IS...



I broke my jump.

Please let me fix it.

So who are you and
why did I suddenly feel like

to break the other jump?

My name is Luke.
Feel free to break it.

Sabrina, I have something
to say to you.

I'm still in love
for you,

but i know it will never be

so I'm moving
to California.


Sabrina, I don't know
what got into me

but I can't see you anymore.

I will take that job
in the newspaper in Prague.

- Well, it was nice to meet you.

-I don't think we'll ever see each other again.

Goodbye Sabrina.


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