05x37 - Departure

Episode transcripts for the T.V. show, "Naruto". Aired: October 3, 2002 - February 8, 2007.
Anime series follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, searching for recognitions and wishing to become the ninja by the rest of the village.
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05x37 - Departure

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So this is the Shukaku?

It's the first time I've seen
the real thing...

It's dangerous here!
We have to get away!

But! Gaara Sensei...

Shut up.

Gaara is trying... to protect you!

So hurry!


Hey! Could that be?!


The Shukaku transformation
is starting.




Hinata, Sakura.

Matsuri, you okay?

Y Yes. But Gaara Sensei...

I leave her to you...

Hold it! You are badly hurt!


You'll just become unable
to move right away!

I'll give you some first aid treatment!

[i>Fly into the wavy and twisted sky,[/i>
[i>into your hands[/i>

[i>The distance created between us[/i>
[i>became too big,[/i>

[i>because we were always together[/i>

[i>Your honest reply, "See you..."[/i>

[i>coming from that brash mouth[/i>
[i>makes it sadder.[/i>

[i>If you are in an unfamiliar town, crying[/i>

[i>Then I want to deliver you a smile,[/i>
[i>even if I'm not by your side[/i>

[i>Fly into the wavy and twisted sky,[/i>
[i>into your hands[/i>

[i>I can feel it so close,[/i>

[i>Our two hearts[/i>


This is bad... It's a matter of time.

I knew it.

Sakura! Hurry!
It looks like we don't have much time!

Got it! First, put your hands out.


What's the meaning of this?

What is it, Neji?

That guy wearing the armor is
releasing Chakra stronger than Gaara...

who's half transformed into a beast.

That person called himself Seimei,
the creator of the Village of Artisans.

He said something about being reborn
as the ultimate Ninja tool.

That jerk!
He's taken away Gaara's Chakra!

Come to think of it, the enemy
we fought wore similar armor...

and took away a great deal
of my Chakra.

Armor that sucks up Chakra...

And that alarming form...

It doesn't look like
we can just carelessly get close.

Now... What do we do?

I didn't figure on fighting
against the Shukaku...

However, this is fun, too.

As great as the Shukaku may be,
this way, I can prove that

it's no match for the ultimate Ninja tool
of the Village of Artisans.

[i>Why is this guy so strong?[/i>

[i>I won't allow my important people...[/i>

[i>to get hurt![/i>

[i>If not, I will stop you,[/i>

[i>even if that means that[/i>
[i>I have to k*ll you![/i>


[i>How is it that you can fight[/i>
[i>so much for other people...?[/i>

[i>They saved me from[/i>
[i>the hell of being all alone.[/i>

[i>They accepted me for[/i>
[i>who I was...[/i>

[i>that's why...[/i>
[i>they are important to me![/i>

[i>Love is a heart that desires to serve[/i>
[i>a precious person who is close to oneself,[/i>

[i>and to love and watch over that person...[/i>


[i>That is why he is so strong?[/i>


What's that?
Gaara Sensei is returning to normal?

What happened to him?!

Gaara might be suppressing
Shukaku of his own volition.

Why? Wouldn't he end up weakening
his own battle strength?

Even so, he chose to fight
with his own strength and will,

not Shukaku's power,
which he can't control.

So you couldn't maintain
the Shukaku body with that Chakra?

I'II... help the friends important
to me with my own power...

How absurd.

A Shinobi doesn't need emotion.

It is those who suppress their emotions
who can obtain great power.

Great power.
That power is the only justice.

You're finished now.

Eat this!

That's as far as you go,
monster of the Sand Village.

Acting tough, huh...?

You shouldn't have
any Chakra left to fight with.

Indeed, I only have a little bit
of Chakra left...

But do you think I just sat around
in the cage doing nothing at all?


Sand Tsunami!

You shouldn't have
any sand you can control!

I'm Gaara of the desert!

It's simple for me to crush rocks
and turn them into sand.

Kujaku: Hurricane Formation!

So you still had
that much power left, huh?

Then I'll just suck up all of that power!

Gaara's Chakra is being sucked out!

- Wha?!
- Gaara Sensei!

- Damn it!
- Wait! Naruto!

What, Shikamaru? Don't stop me!

You'll just get in the way if you go!

Besides, our Gaara is strong!


Extreme Tempered Ultimate att*ck:

Shukaku's Pike!

Wh Why...? Why could you...?

Someone who gave up on being human
and was reborn as a Ninja tool

could never understand anyway.

I don't understand. Why?


Giant Sand Burial!

He did it!

Gaara Sensei won!

Yeah! Gaara!

- Gaara!
- Gaara!

He's okay...

He's just extremely fatigued

on account of using
his Chakra all at once.

Gaara completely suppressed
the Shukaku on his own volition.


[i>I want to work hard[/i>

[i>and become an existence acknowledged[/i>
[i>by other people...[/i>

[i>I thought that looking[/i>
[i>at Naruto Uzumaki.[/i>

[i>Ties with other people...[/i>

[i>For me, until now, that was just hate[/i>
[i>and m*rder intent.[/i>

[i>However, there's something[/i>
[i>I've understood just a little...[/i>

[i>about the ties he goes so far for[/i>
[i>and talks about.[/i>

[i>Suffering, sorrow and happiness[/i>
[i>can be shared with someone.[/i>

You've also made someone
you can share with at last...

Did you say something?

No, nothing...

We came to the trouble
of rushing here.

To think it'd be over...

It seems
the inexperienced knuckleheads

have grown a teeny weeny bit...

You are very strict.

Pervy Sage!

Oh, long time no see, Naruto.

Don't give me that "long time no see"
garbage, you jerk Sage!

You were talking all big about
watching my training,

making me into your protégé
and stuff!

Where were you traipsing
around until now?!

Well, how can I put this?
I was gathering information.

It was probably just information
on naked ladies anyway, right?

You idiot!

Even I come through when it counts...

I was mainly after information
on the Akatsuki.


With this I've been able
to verify their actions.

And now as promised,

two years later when
they'll move into high gear,

I will thoroughly train you.

I wonder if you're prepared?

I've been tired of waiting!

I owe you one.

No. I just repaid the debt
from last time.

Next time, I'll settle things
more properly.

Well, this time I'll acknowledge
that you didn't cry.

Not again.

Just like a woman...

What about him?



I hear he's leaving today on
a training journey with Jiraiya.

Jiraiya? One of the Genius Sannin?

It's such a pain.

He's going to come back
having gotten stronger again.

See you around.

- Farewell...
- See ya.

Please tell Naruto...

Thanks to him,

I figured out what the words
Gaara Sensei spoke of meant.

I'll dedicate myself under
Gaara Sensei from now on...

What did he do?

Well, I guess that's about it.

I read the Village of Artisans report
from the other day.

Although it didn't go as far as
a perfect ,

I'll give you a passing grade.

No! I'm still very much lacking
in experience.

Of course!

I'll have you carry out
several missions

and get you to build up
lots of experience,

so make sure to dedicate yourself!

What?! Does that mean
I'm totally going to get overworked?

Umm, Sakura. Got a minute?


Sure. What's up?

As, as it happens,
I was thinking about it the while...

But it became totally clear to me
on this mission!

Clear that I'd be no good at all
at this rate!


It's frustrating,
but I was envious of you.

You, who everyone depended on.

So, please.
I also want to become a Medical Ninja.

I know it'll be hard.

But I've got guts and I'll manage
the studying, no matter what.

So could you ask Lady Tsunade for me?

- Sure.
- Really?!

But prepare yourself.

Once that happens,
you'll be my little sister protégé.

What's that...?


After all, I'll be your
Medical Ninja superior, you know.

Man, I can't wait.

You'll be my lovable little sister protégé.

I'll train you nice and hard.

Just you watch!
I'll pass you up right away!

Ha! Try it if you can! You Ino pig!

I'll do it! Billboard Brow!

Why?! Why is it?!

What are you talking about?!

Why was I the only one left out
of the mission the other day?!

But you were with
a different team then, right?

But everyone had taken part!

She's kind of in a rage.

It's hard being the only one left out
of a mission.

Come to think of it,

it seems Naruto finally leaves
for training.

I heard. It seems that Jiraiya
is going to be his mentor.

Damn it! That guy's going
to get strong again.

It looks like the village will
get quiet for a while.

Viewed in that light,
it's a little bit sad, isn't it?

No! This isn't the time
to be getting sad!

I must work hard!

Several times more,
several times more.

If I don't work hard hundreds
of times more than Naruto,

I won't be able to face him
the next time we meet.

Your guard is off!

We also must grow by that time.

It's because trying to improve
by learning from others,

that is what's called friendship.

Good grief,
we'd better not lose, Akamaru.

Same here!

Hey, you okay, Lee?!

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Lady Hinata, let's call it a day.

What? I'm still...

It's about time for his departure.


You won't be able to
see him for a while.

I see... It looks like you'll be
on a long journey...


Listen up.
Be sure to train and don't goof off.

Right! You can count on me!

It's about time to go, Naruto.


Okay! I'm off, Iruka Sensei!

I'll pay you back for the ramen
once I've become a success.


[i>Good luck, Naruto.[/i>

Keep your eyes on me.

What're you doing?!
I'll leave you behind, Naruto.

Hey. H -Hey, wait up!

[i>I also have to work hard in order[/i>
[i>to catch up with Naruto.[/i>

[i>The Key to the rusted heart's door[/i>

[i>Will always be smiling right near by[/i>

[i>Even if rains of spears were to fall,[/i>
[i>I will run through it[/i>

[i>Because I want to find the joy[/i>
[i>without a shape[/i>

[i>This big dream of mine that[/i>
[i>cannot be translated to words,[/i>

[i>I will make it come true,[/i>
[i>even if it were to deepen my wounds[/i>

[i>We stand here today because of[/i>
[i>what we believed through,[/i>

[i>That is why I will continue running forward,[/i>
[i>never looking away[/i>

[i>Even if I'm told that[/i>
[i>there is no bright future[/i>

[i>I'll change it right away,[/i>
[i>lighting it with all my feeling[/i>

[i>The wind is probably testing our hearts[/i>

[i>In my heart, I gently grasped my hands[/i>

[i>You are probably searching for[/i>
[i>the answer to your tears[/i>

[i>Your dream is always waiting near by,[/i>
[i>with the answers in its hands[/i>

[i>The Key to the rusted heart's door[/i>

[i>Will always be smiling right near by[/i>

It's been two years since his departure.

Now the count down to
the battle begins.

Those who pursue and those
who are pursued.

Time will not wait for the boy.

As Akatsuki Organization begins
to take action,

the day of Orochimaru's reincarnation
draws near.

In order to take back what he lost,

the boy once again throws himself
into the maelstrom of cruel fate...

Next time: "Homecoming"
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