01x20 - Unica

Episode transcripts for the TV show "We Baby Bears". Aired: January 2022 to present.
Spin-off prequel to We Bare Bears; Baby Bears end up in a local playground in the middle of the night and wish on a star that they'd at least have a chance at finding a new home.
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01x20 - Unica

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♪ Everybody sing ♪

♪ Hey, will you dance with me? ♪

♪ Or will you come and play with me? ♪

♪ And now it's time to stop ♪

Our heroes themselves
finds himself in a lush utopia.

These rich lands are theirs
Will he let them nest?

Or hopes and dreams
Will it be carelessly cut?

Stop eating the mixed cookies!

Brothers, look.

Very nice.

polar bear incomprehensible
filled with peace.


This felt like medicine.

My brothers! I think
We found our new home!

New house!

New house!

New house!

Do you have any tape?

Or a huge bandage?

Polar bear kisses better.

Does anyone need a plant?

Fear not, Unica is here!

{\an }"UNICA"

ok ok me
Give it some time guys.

I, Unica, this wounded
I will help the tree!

Step aside babies!

Was this supposed to happen?

- Damn.
- What was all this for?

Yes, that was magic!

polar bear terrifying
It digs up your moves.

He's my tree grower
unicorn was my powers.

But I haven't reached my powers yet.

fully grown
a unicorn

a whole forest
can revive.

Anyway... I'm Unica,

picture of this forest

I am your protector!

This forest is ours
If we're going to have a new home,

it with you
we will protect!

has what it takes
are you sure you are

Since this forest grows
sweat, tears to be sure

and shed several layers of skin

Are you ready?

We are ready!
We are ready!

So yourself
Forest Ranger Apprentices

Think of it as!

Will we get badges?

No, but you can have this!

Let's take care of the forest now!

First we have to keep the river clean.

I love the rowing net!

how before you
Let me show you done.

Now we have to prune the trees.

Honey, it's split
about the ends

We should do something!

This... this part is my job.

But when I'm done
you can sweep!

You look good, girl!


and little birds
We can't forget to feed!

It's time for the polar bear to shine.

Soup style.

I'm sorry but your birds

He has a very special diet.

If you watch how I do
it could be easier.

Is it me or is it
Does he do all the work here?

be more helpful
contains a lot of help...

I thought.

What was that?



of Rexford AVM
future field?

Stop cutting trees!

What are you, one of a kind
A tree-cutting beast?

I am a beaver.

cut tree

my area of ​​expertise.

I missed a point.

You are destroying them!

Now, if you're done, I won't build
There's a mall to be had.

Another my chainsaw
Do you think you are not?

There it is!

Tree Terror!

This baby is a forest
can cut instantly

and daddy build
It has a parking lot needed!

I guess time is up.

Tomorrow morning,

this forest will be history,

I'm telling you!
It will be history!

Let it come!
We don't give up!

These trees are tiny, soft,

furry baby bear paws
You will need to separate!

polar bear heat
ready to upgrade.

Tell him, Unica!

OK, first to my senator.
write a letter

I will call congress.

Protests and a social media
I can't forget to campaign and I...

So what can we do?

I can start with the signs!

Looks great guys
But I got it under control.

But... when I find something to do
I'll let you know, guys.

My brothers!

Unica's help
He needs it, but he's too busy.

and their duties

not one to pass on to others...

I think he b*at that big machine
best way to help

we help him...

as well as secretly.

Sly, sneaky.

But what will we do?

Brothers, I think I found it!

Malls are great!

I was so wrong!"

That's right, little girl!

And look at this...

Look how tall I am!

All we have to do
cut some wires and boom!

Rexford won't even be able to open this thing.

Boz, come on.

Beautiful colors!

Hmm, but which wire are we going to cut?

There are many.

What are you doing?

Hello, Unica!

Tree Terror to Not Open

we sabotage!

polar bear, parts
Will sell for cash.

Guys, you can't do this!

This is not the plan.
Something could go wrong.

Hello, Unica!


This is what we want
I don't think it is.

I think your machine
got out of control.

Can you turn it off?

There should be a reset button.

Guys, we gotta take this thing down!

This is very dangerous.

I can solve this.

Unica, your hair!

It's getting away!

All gone.

Maybe fix this
there is still a way.

Come on, I know you can.
Come on, I know you can.

Forest Ranger
I was supposed to be

but a forest
I have become the destroyer.

Brothers, what can we do?

Unica, things are bad
I know you seem

but we all
we are here for you,

just like you for us
as you are here.

But this forest
I failed to protect.

What else can be done?

We don't have magic powers

but our...

But we have some mixed cookies.

maybe seeds

We can try adding

Yeah maybe the unicorn dance
you can try, you know?

Yes, let's try!

But I put my horn to grow a tree
I can't control enough.

What if we did it together?

Yeah, all alone
you don't have to.

The polar bear will have your back.

It works!


I'm shaking my ass, yeah!


Maybe you...

This is good.

You did it, Unica.

You saved the forest.

help you bears
I couldn't have done it without it.

deforestation completely
it was our fault.

But in the end everything
I'm glad it went well.

What will Unica do now?

just like you bears
to new worlds

keep traveling
I decided to do it.

Where is a forest
If protection is needed,

I will be there!

Thank you.

Goodbye, Unica!

Goodbye, furry kids!

♪ Let's find a new place to stay ♪

♪ Let's find a new place to stay ♪
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