01x01 - The Marriage

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Flowers in the Attic: The Origin". Aired: June 29, 2022 - present.*
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After a whirlwind romance, Olivia finds herself as the mistress of the imposing Foxworth Hall, where she soon discovers that the fairy tale life she expected has quickly become a nightmare.
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01x01 - The Marriage

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I, Olivia Winfield Foxworth,

do declare this to be my last
will and testament.

Some may have an idea
of who I was.

A wife. A mother.

The grandmother.

A monster.

I only ask that you withhold
final judgment

until you know the true story.

And knowing the truth,
judge me if you dare.

And so now at long last...

This is my story.

"A seven letter word
for righting a wrong."




That's it.

My mother always said

the only thing that takes longer
than forgiveness is revenge.

And she was right,
it's now made me late.

To be continued in the evening.

Yes, work.

It was unusual for a woman
at the time.

[train horn bl*wing]

You're late.

Sorry Father.

I flagged inconsistencies
between ports of entry and exit.

We should confirm our bid
by tomorrow.

Oh, thank you, dear.

And could you take a look
at this?


Expansion into
the Mediterranean?

It's currently a w*r zone.

Wars end.

And when they do, there will
be opportunities.

I'll read tonight and get back
to you in the morning.

Perhaps you could read
this afternoon.

An associate from Virginia will
be dining at the house tonight.

It's his proposition.
I'd like you to join us.

Very well.

He happens to be... unattached.

Am I wanted at dinner for
my professional perspective

or for another of your failed
attempts at matchmaking?

If your business acumen
happens to attract a suitor

it's no fault of mine.

But it never has before.

I think I'll dine
in my room tonight.

Well, your loss.

One cannot lose something
one has never possessed.

He's a Foxworth.

Sole heir to the Foxworth
mining fortune.

The Malcolm Foxworth?


What would he want with me?

Olivia, darling.

Father, I'm fine.

I'm happy.

The time for romance
has long passed me by.

Olivia, your mother always
wanted you to find a husband.

What time?

Olivia, my darling.

I'd like you to meet an
associate of mine from Virginia.

I'm proud to present my
daughter, Olivia Winfield.

Mr. Malcolm Neil Foxworth.

[deep sigh]

Charmed, Miss Winfield.

The feeling is quite mutual,
I'm sure.

[doorbell rings]

Who would be calling
at this hour?

Mr. John Amos.

Cousin Amos.

How good of you to join us,
and on such short notice.

Amos, my boy.
Always good to see you.

Meet an associate of mine,
Mr. Malcolm Foxworth.

How do you do?

Exceedingly well.

Amos: Bless us,
O Heavenly Father,

for these thy gifts which
we are about to receive.

All: Amen.

Thank you, Amos.

My cousin here is getting
his doctorate in theology.

Are you a religious man
yourself, Mr. Foxworth?

I believe the religion,
much like wealth and emotion,

is food for personal thought,
not for the dinner table.

You keep a lovely home,
Miss Winfield.

I am fortunate enough to live
in a lovely home, Mr. Foxworth,

but I do not keep it.

I work with my father
at our office downtown.

Keeping the books.

Keeping them from whom?


Cousin Olivia and my uncle
are partners in business.

God did not give me a son,

but fortune has given me
something far greater.

Thank you, Father.

For how long do we have
the pleasure

of hosting you in our city?

I return to Foxworth
Hall tomorrow.

That is my home in Virginia.

How terribly sad.

For us all.

I suppose we should get
down to it then.

You're here to discuss business,
are you not?

Are you actually suggesting

purchasing the merchant
marine fleet?

Once the w*r comes
to an end, yes.

Postwar economies quickly turn.

It's history.

It's predatory.

Surely taking advantage
of a nation

in need of healing
isn't appropriate.

Healing is the business
of nurses.

Business is the business of men.

Perhaps today.

But when women get the vote,

business will be the business of
he or she who is most qualified.

And your qualifications exceed
those of my own?

I would never be so presumptuous
as I know so little of you.

Well, perhaps we should endeavor
to change that.

May I call on you tomorrow?

Have you forgotten
that you're returning

to Foxworth Hall in the morning?

Well, plans can change.

Much like ideas.

Wouldn't you agree,
Miss Winfield?

Olivia: For the first time in
my life I could not read,

because for the first time
the romance in my real life

eclipsed that of the stories
on the pages.

Miss Winfield, you look lovely.

For you.

For your work.

Perhaps we could talk more about
what it is that you do on a walk.

With your permission, of course.

Thank you for asking,
Mr. Foxworth.

But you do not need anyone's
permission but my own.

And you have it.

So, what do people make of it?

Oh, come now, you must know
it is somewhat unorthodox

for a woman and her father
to be partners in business.

You don't say.

Do you enjoy challenging

Quite the contrary.

I'd enjoy if I didn't have to.

People make a fuss until
they get into the work.

Once I prove myself,
it gets easier.

I hope you don't
find me presumptuous,

but I put in a call to the club.

We have a table for dinner.

Not at all.

Do you have a large family?

I picture relatives
overstaying their welcome.

Raucous holiday dinners
out in the country.

Not at all.

My father has been traveling
in retirement

and my mother passed
when I was five.

So, now it's just me.

I'm sorry. You were just
a boy.

It made me a man.

Not half bad for the city.

Ahh. A country imperialist.

Mock me all you want

but we breed our own line of
sheep at Foxworth Hall.

Best lamb you have ever tasted.

Tell me about it, your home.

This Foxworth Hall you speak of
with such affection.

It is more than a home.

It is my family's history
and its future.

What do you see for that future?

An empire.

An empire it is then.

It's a letter.

You wrote it but forgot to sign.

Did I?


Last night in fact.

It seems you had some questions

for Mr. Foxworth's business
colleagues in Virginia.

His family, his background,
his character.

It so happens you were really
quite curious.

And why might I be so curious?

Because if the letter came from
me, I wouldn't get a response.

But from you, a distinguished


I know more about his house than
I do about his flesh and blood.

Everybody has secrets.

Please, Father.

I need to know what
I'm getting myself into.

Mr. Malcolm Foxworth.

Olivia: But it was too late.

I was already in.

I was the Countess Ellen Olenska
on the arm of Mr. Archer,

only he knocked on the door
in the end.

I was Elizabeth Bennet
with Mr. Darcy,

only without the annoying

I was Jane Eyre capturing
the heart of Mr. Rochester,

only without ghosts
in the attic.

We have received a response
to your inquiry.

Olivia: I was fooling myself.

This just confirms
everything we know.

The business, Foxworth Hall.

Mmmhmm. Keep reading.

- His mother.
- Hm.

It appears she did not die
when he was a boy.

Why would anyone lie
about such a thing?

And if one would lie
about their own mother...

What else might he be hiding?


[doorbell rings]

It's him.

Not a word.

As I am not often courted,

the steps to the dance
we've been doing

aren't always familiar.

And I'm not as trusting as
others you may have pursued.

Which is why I inquired
as to your family's history.

I see.

It has come to my attention
that your mother did not die

when you were a child.

In fact, I understand
she d*ed quite recently.

I am very sorry for your loss,

There is nothing
to be sorry about.

And I never should
have misled you.

When I was five years old,

my mother abandoned
my father and me.

I never heard from
or about her again

until I learned of her death
not long ago.

When I said my mother d*ed
when I was a boy,

I wasn't lying.

She did die.

At least to me.

How horrid of me
to have doubted you.

I'm sure you can never
forgive me, deservedly so.

There is nothing to forgive.

It is exactly that
inquisitive nature

that I find so intriguing.

When I learned of
my mother's death

I realized that life is long
when one is alone,

and the price one pays
for happiness

is time's quick passage.

And upon meeting you, I lost
all track of time.

Has it been a week, a month,
a moment, or a lifetime?

Let's make it a lifetime,


Will you marry me?

I am offering you my heart.

A heart that will surely break
if you don't say something.





Olivia: Could it really be true?

I was to have all this.

A home of my own.

A husband of my own.

[knocking at door]

- [gasps]
- Excuse the interruption.

Ah, Amos.

I know it's terribly improper
of me to intrude.

Oh, nonsense.

Do come in.

A little something
for your special day.

"Eternally united."
How lovely.

You and Mr. Foxworth,
of course.

I hope this reminds you to
keep up our correspondence

once you've settled into
your new life in Virginia.

As if I'd need reminding.
Thank you.

Are you sure this is
what you want?

To marry Mr. Foxworth?

It is.

Ah, there's my darling daughter.

I was just leaving.

Thank you, again.

You look radiant.

Can you believe it?
Me, a bride.

Now being a bride
and being a wife

are two very different things.

People will look
at you differently.

Your husband will look
at you differently.

But you must never look
at yourself differently.

You must never forget
who you are.

You have everything you need
right here.

Let your heart be your compass.

But if you should ever
lose your way...

From the man who always
taught me to study religion

but not espouse it.

No, not from me.

From your mother.

She always wanted you
to have it.

And I thought well,
if not now then when?


You look just like her.

[tearfully] I wish
she were here.

[wedding march plays]

Olivia: Like many women in love,

I never realized that
the blue sky I saw above

was soon to turn
a dark shade of grey.

I can't make out a thing.
It's so very dark.

You'll get used to it.

Foxworth Hall does not have
the electric light.

Well, that's romantic, I'm sure.

As is Venice, so I hear.

For our honeymoon.

After the wedding party,
of course.

Yes, of course.

We'll discuss our travel plans

once you acclimate yourself
to your new job.

I hardly think being mistress
of the house constitutes a job.

Oh, you haven't seen
Foxworth Hall yet.

It is your domain now to run
and manage as you like.

But I assure you it will require
your full-time supervision.

Do you understand?

Welcome to Foxworth Hall.

Good evening, Mr. Foxworth.

Mrs. Foxworth.

Good evening.

It's late.

You must want to retire.

Malcolm: You will be shown
to your room.

Much awaits you here.

This is Nella.

She'll see to whatever
you may require.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Right this way,
Mrs. Foxworth.

I hope you find everything
to your liking.

Thank you...

- Nella.
- Nella.

If you need anything,
anything at all.

Ring for me.

Olivia: My wedding night.

I was too young when my mother
d*ed for her to prepare me

for the momentous occasion.

But I had an idea
of what was to happen.

Lord knows I'd read
enough books.

But nothing could have
prepared me

for what did happen.


He never came.

When will Mr. Foxworth
be arriving?

Mr. Foxworth already left
for town.

He had an early
business meeting.

Of course.

How silly of me. I must
have forgotten.

If you've finished, Mr. Foxworth
requested I show you something.

I couldn't ask for a more
perfect wedding gift.

Malcolm knows I have
a passion for reading.

I'm sure you do.

This way, Mrs. Foxworth.

[door creaks open]

This is what Mr. Foxworth
wished for me to show you.

Your office.

Mr. Foxworth would like you
to conduct the business

of Foxworth Hall from here.

He said you may
begin immediately.

Would you like to take me
on a tour of the house?

Oh, Mr. Foxworth doesn't like
people roaming about.

I would hardly say his wife
qualifies as "people."

My apologies, Mrs. Foxworth.

Quite all right.


Share with me some of
the family's history.

Have you worked here long?

My mother was employed here.

Foxworth Hall has been my home
since birth.

I was raised here alongside
Mr. Garland Foxworth,

your new father-in-law.

Then you are perfectly suited
to be my guide.


How am I to conduct the business
of Foxworth Hall

if I'm not acquainted
with it myself?

But I am afraid I'm needed
in the kitchen.

Well then...

You should get to it,
shouldn't you?

If you'll excuse me.


Yes, Mrs. Foxworth.

I seem to be on a tour
without a guide.

Will you show me around
my new home?

Is it always so dark in here?

I suppose I'm used to it.

My father always says
that someone's home

is a window into their soul
second only to their eyes.

I hope that's not true.

I only meant, well, because
my home is rather modest.

A virtue that perhaps
the Foxworths could've used

a little more of, no?

So, who were they?

Well, the first Mr. Foxworth
made his fortune in mining.

I know all about that.

I want to know who they were.

What made them smile.

How they passed their time.

I really can't say.

Because you don't know or
because you won't tell me?

A mystery I will have
to solve myself then.

Someday your portrait will hang
on these walls.

Well, I'll be sure to smile
in mine.

I hope you do.

I had a dull house back
in New London

that felt more alive
than these halls.

Where's the color?
Where's the life?

Mr. Foxworth likes us to keep
everything just as it is.

I think I'm already lost.

Foxworth Hall has a way
of doing that to people.

This is the East Wing.
It's rarely used these days.

What's that?

A lock on the outside
of a bedroom door.

Is this where you keep
the misbehaved guests?

We don't go there!

And why not?

Mr. Foxworth says
it's off limits.

And it may very well be
but surely not to me.

Or to you, as long
as you're with me.

I really shouldn't.


Very well.

Thank you for the tour.

Be careful up there.

[door creak opens]

Olivia: I had finally found it.

The place where families hide
their stories and their secrets.

The attic.

Olivia: Attics are where
memories go to die.

I should've let them
rest in peace.

But I was young and naive
and I wanted answers.

[rat squeaking]


Olivia: The history of
my new family.

Untouched for who knows
how long.

Or so I thought.

No dust.

He was there recently,
which means that was her,

Malcolm's mother,
Corrine Foxworth.

[rats squeaking]


[rats squeaking]

Ah, ah, ah, ah!!!

On that day I made a promise
to myself.

[door slams]

I promised never to return
to the attic again.

It was a promise I'd keep
for nearly years.

Who gave you permission
to come in here?


Oh, it's you.

Get out!


I was exploring the attic
when I fell

and I suppose I was
disoriented because I...

My mother's personal possessions
are in the attic.

They are not to be disturbed.

- I didn't know.
- Do you understand?

Excuse me?

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

But why?

I understand you keeping
her things in the attic

but her room.

That's it, isn't it?

You've never touched it,
have you?

Some things should be left
as they are.

What kind of person was she?





I'm assuming you saw
her picture.

And what did you think?

She was beautiful, you're right.

So beautiful.

Did you see her clothes?

Did you touch them?

How did they feel?

I'm not sure what you mean?

How did they feel?

They felt... lovely.

Would you like to see her room?
Properly this time.

We spent many wonderful days
in this room.

In your mother's bedroom.

My father was away on business
much of the time

and so my mother and I,

we only had each other
for companionship.

That is we did, up until
her nd birthday

and I woke up to come give her
her birthday gift.

A music box.

And she was gone.

I thought you said she left
when you were five.

She did.

That would mean she was
very... young.

She used to sit here
and put on her makeup

before she was dressed.

And I would sit right here
and watch,

and tell her when it was
just perfect.


I am so glad you don't
wear makeup.

I actually do.

My mother always told me

if people can tell you're
wearing it then you're
wearing it wrong.

Take it off.

Take it off.

I want to see you.

You won't be anything like her,
will you?

You see? Just perfect.

What are you doing?

I thought that's what wives do.

Please return to your room.

Do you understand?

Olivia: I had experienced many
bad feelings throughout my life.

Self-loathing, guilt,

But never before had
I felt this.


Sir, a telegram for you.

The w*r has ended.

Perhaps this is a sign
of good things to come.

Olivia: Perhaps it was.

A new beginning in a new place.

Wonderful news, sir.

Now, I beg your pardon,

but we still need to confirm
the menu for the wedding party.

Proceed as I instructed.

Mrs. Steiner.

I didn't dismiss you.

As you said, this house
and its daily business

is my responsibility now.

And our wedding party
will be in this house.

This is about more
than just our wedding.

This is about how we are seen.

It is about the community

understanding that they have
a new mistress.

Well then, who better
to help them understand

than the new mistress herself?

You can trust me.

Well, I am already late
for work.

Very well.

All eyes will be upon us.

We must not disappoint.

Spare no expense.

I will be changing the menu,
among other things.

Olivia: And so I began.

Two weeks.

Two weeks to plan
my own wedding party.

Two weeks to prove that
I knew how to be a wife.

Bigger, I think.

Mrs. Foxworth...

We have never had such robust
displays of opulence

at this house.


Then I'm on the right path.

While the path may be correct,
it's the destination I question.

A certain amount of restraint is
necessary to maintain decorum.

While I do so appreciate
your counsel,

Mr. Foxworth said himself
not to disappoint.

Yes, but I really
must urge caution.

If you must, Mrs. Steiner,
than I must ask your leave.

But we still have much to plan.

I am well aware.

I will be planning it,
without you.

You are excused.


What do you think of orchids?

They're lovely,
Mrs. Foxworth.

I quite agree.
Join me Nella.

A telegram for Mrs. Foxworth.

Thank you.

You did it.

We did it.

Are you ready?

I am.

[subdued chatter]

I give you all my dear wife,
Mrs. Malcolm Neil Foxworth.

Guests: Cheers!

[waltz plays]

What are you wearing?

It's new, do you like it?

You look like a common


I wanted to look nice for you.

All the other women are wearing
dresses like this nowadays.

That is precisely why I did not
marry one of these other women.

Your job is not to blend in.
Your job is to stand out.

To set an example
to the community.

I was trying.

And flowers, Olivia.
Dear god.

Orchids in Virginia?
It's gauche.

You said to spare no expense.

Within the boundaries
of propriety.

Olivia: I wanted to close
my eyes,

bury myself in the dark earth
and die.

Short of that, I just wanted
the party to end.

Three hours later, it did.


Come with me.

Olivia: What kind of man
had I married?

A monster, it turns out,
and not a man at all.

Lie down.

[panicked breathing]

Please, please...
not the...



[knocking at door]


Good morning, Mrs. Foxworth.

A change in plan for today.
I'll be visiting my father.

It seems I've made the gravest
of miscalculations

in the most important decision
of my life.

How long will you be staying?


I am off to the office.

I trust you slept well?


Well, I will see you tonight.

Your bags are in the car
and I'll meet you out front.

Thank you.

It's him!

He's coming back!

That's not him.


What are you doing here?

Looking for you.
You've had me worried.

Whatever about?

You never responded
to my telegrams.

I never received any.

What is it?
What's wrong?

It's your father.

I'm so sorry.

His cold quickly turned
to pneumonia.

There was nothing to be done.

I'll return with you.

I'll have to take care
of the house,

settle his business affairs.

That won't be necessary.

Of course it is.

Olivia, there is no house
or business to return to.

When I couldn't reach you, your
father's debtors came to me.

What debt?

I learned that he hid certain
unfortunate realities from you.

Your father was deep in debt.
The house, the business.

It was all taken upon his death.

No. That's not possible.
It's simply not possible.

I managed to save a few
of your things.

I had the servants take them
to your room.

What am I going to do now?

God's loving grace
gave you a new home

and a new family before
your old one was taken.

I am truly blessed.

Thank you for coming.

I wish it were under
happier circumstances.

Next time it will be.

And I promise to be a better

Nella, will you tell
Mrs. Steiner that I'll be

picking up my own mail from
the post office from now on?

Yes, ma'am.

Your father, he's here with you.
He must be so proud.

His daughter,
mistress of this great house.

[engine rumbles]

Olivia: But I knew he wasn't
there with me.

I knew I was alone.

What I didn't know
was how I would survive.

I'm pregnant.



That's her name.

And if it's a boy?

It's not.

Olivia: It was ,
a time when husbands

could legally do as they wished
with their wives' bodies.

As much as I wanted to run away,
I was trapped.

And so I focused
on what was good.

I was having a child.

[screaming in pain]

You're doing well.

All right, push!

[screaming in pain]



You have a son.

Is he healthy?

He's perfect.


[baby crying]


It's a boy.

And how soon can we try again
for a girl?

Olivia: Freedom was
no longer an option.

And so I soon learned
to want something else.

A home for my child.


Let's begin.

Olivia: Foxworth Hall was made
of cold stone and dark wood,

but that didn't mean I couldn't
redecorate it

with warmth and love.

A list of candidates
for the governess.

No, thank you.

I'll be raising my son, myself.

Do as you want with him.
But our daughter will be mine.

Olivia: Despite the dark shadow
of my husband,

there was still light
to be found.

Yes, I was once again expecting.

Another child,
another chance for hope.

Yes. She'll do just fine.

Do you happen to have others
in different breeds and colors?

Mrs. Foxworth, look!

And hope was all around
if you knew where to look.

It's happening!

[screaming in pain]

That's it.
There we go.

There we go.

[screaming in pain]


[baby crying]

Do we have a girl?

You have a son.

Another healthy son,
Mr. Foxworth.


I'm sorry to tell you this,

but you won't be able to bear
more children.


Of course, you would deny me
the one thing that I want.

And so it was only
to be Joel, Mal, and me.

But oh, how I loved them.

[parrot squawking]

Olivia: As much as I wanted
more children,

I felt myself lucky to have
two perfect boys.

And if we had to live
in a prison,

I made that prison a palace.

My father and his new bride will
be returning to Foxworth Hall.

New bride?

Apparently so.

Did you not know he was
to be married?

This new wife of his, she is not
the mistress of this house.

You are.

What difference does it make
who is the senior Mrs. Foxworth?

All the difference.

I assure you.

Now, I am the master of
this house which makes you...

The mistress.

So you understand.

Do you understand?!

I do.


Remember who you are.

Wait. Are you Olivia
or am I?

Malcolm, my boy.



Ah, Mrs. Steiner.

Aren't you a sight
for sore eyes.

Always good to have you home,
Mr. Foxworth.

Good to be home.


Come say hello to your stepson,

Malcolm, your stepmother,

Now, I know what
you're thinking.

You didn't know that we were
with child.

This is Mrs. Foxworth.
Mrs. Malcolm Neil Foxworth.


Olivia, welcome to our family.

I... why didn't you tell me
he was married?

Simply I had no idea, my love.


He wrote only of business.

Well, not only are you married

you've also made me
a grandfather.

Why didn't you tell me?

Isn't it amusing
how one's priorities

reveal themselves in the most
unusual ways.

Yes. Well, it seems we have
both failed

to disclose certain details...
about personal affairs.

Mrs. Foxworth.

Both: Yes?

Dinner will be served shortly.

How do you two do it?

Excuse me?

Sit so far apart from
one another?


We're still on our honeymoon.

When we've been married
as long as they have

we'll be sitting
in separate rooms.



Where exactly did you go
for your honeymoon?

I promised my bride
a world tour,

and a world tour she got.
Six continents.

Nearly two years.

How nice.

Following through on promises
of travel.

It's a long time to be away
from one's responsibilities.

- Take it from an old man.
- You are not old.

Life is too short to be focused
solely on responsibilities.

And too long to bear the burden

of another's mishandling
of them.

Well, like everything else
in life,

is moderation not the key?

Wise beyond her years,
is she not?

Yes. Well, you will have
to tell us all about it.

Your trip that is.

Oh, we wouldn't want to bore you
with the details.

Oh, on the contrary.
We want to listen.

Don't we, Olivia?

As long as you will be the one
who tells it.

Oh, how sweet.

Well, let's hear it,
perhaps over dessert.


What a wonderful idea.

See to it that the servants
bring dessert to the veranda.



"Sit down please, sir."
The gondolier pleaded.

You know your father,

he'd had a great deal of wine

and thought he could walk
a tightrope.

I simply wanted to navigate.

And then what do
you think happened?

He fell in.

Well yes, exactly that.

He fell in and it was complete
chaos all around.

[Garland laughs]

Have you ever been to Venice?

I'm afraid not.

Oh, but you must go.

You can't stay locked up
in this castle.

Are you keeping your princess
locked in the tower?

You do not yet know my wife.
She is no princess.

Then a queen.

Shall we my love? Hmm?

I think it might be time
to head to Bedfordshire.

Mrs. Steiner will show you
to your rooms.

Oh, that won't be necessary.
We'll be sharing.

Sharing what?

We'll be staying
in the same room.

Really, father?

Oh, don't be such a bore, son.

I just couldn't bear to be away
from him all night.

Well, then it's settled.

Thank you so much
for a lovely evening.

I cannot wait to do it
all over again tomorrow.

Olivia: Their joy only reminded
me of my pain.

A pain that would be
there tomorrow

and all the days after that.

Olivia: Even in the darkest
of nights,

there was the promise
of light to come.

So, I focused on that light,
my children.

I hope it's okay.

They're just so beautiful.

It's fine.

I don't want to be,
Mrs. Foxworth.

Not, not in that way, at least.

You are mistress of this house
and thank goodness you are,

because I could never do it.

I am overwhelmed just thinking
about it.

The only thing I ask of you
is your friendship.

I've only been here a day
and I am already lonely.

Well, it took you a day longer
than it took me when I arrived.

I suppose I could use
a friend as well.

Then it's settled.

We're in this together.
The two Mrs. Foxworths.

A word of advice.

Malcolm absolutely
loathes hydrangeas.

- Oh.
- Let's cut a few more.

What are these doing here?

Olivia, you know how I feel
about this.

I thought you understood.

I brought them in.

I can take them away
if you'd like.


Maybe they're not so bad

when someone with an eye
for beauty picks them.

Olivia: As my affection for
my stepmother-in-law grew,

so did my husband's interest
in his stepmother.

But things were soon to change.

[screaming in pain]

One more. One more.

[screaming in pain]


You have a son.

Congratulations, ma'am.



It's a boy.
A perfect boy.

Oh, my son.

My Christopher.
Why look at you.


Oh my love, my love.

I'll give you two some time.

As a family.

Thank you for everything.

Mrs. Foxworth, do you have
a moment?

What is it, Nella?
Is there something wrong?

It's the other Mrs. Foxworth.

I see how fond of her
you've become.

Yes. It's good to have a friend,
another friend.

She's recovered so beautifully

after the birth of Christopher
last year.


That is the natural course
of things.

Is there something I can
help you with?

Mr. Foxworth enjoys
beautiful things.




Like I said. The other
Mrs. Foxworth,

she's returned to her
old self so quickly.

- Look out for her.
- I will.

It's even worse in here.

Are Virginia summers
always this hot?

Foxworth Hall is
uniquely positioned

as an inferno in the summer
and an icebox in the winter.

Yet another of its remarkable
gifts to us.

Well, I just put Christopher
down for his nap.

Would you like to go
for a swim in the lake?

You go and cool off for us both.

I'd like to finish up here.

Of course.

[knocking at door]

Come in, Nella.

Good evening, Mrs. Foxworth.

I'll be helping you until
we find Nella's replacement.

What are you talking about?
Where has she gone?

Why Mr. Foxworth asked her
to leave.

Did he?

And why might he have done that?

I couldn't say, Mrs. Foxworth.

Interesting how you're suddenly
at a loss for words

when they usually come
so very easily to you.


[Alicia screaming]

What happened?

Whatever it is, it's none
of your concern.

[Alicia sobbing hysterically]

Oh, my god!

Call the doctor!
Call the doctor!

Oh my god, my love.

I'll call.

What happened?

My love, please wake up.
Please. Don't leave me.

Hopefully, we'll have some
answers for the poor woman

after the autopsy.

The thing is, Doctor.

Well, Mrs. Foxworth has
already been through so much.

I don't think she could handle
the idea of an autopsy.

You see, would you be so kind

not to put her through
even more trauma?

I'm sure Mr. Foxworth and I
would find a way

to show our appreciation
to your hospital.

I hear they're raising money
for a new emergent patient area.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Good night, Mrs. Foxworth.
- Good night.


Olivia: And so Foxworth Hall
claimed its first victim.

The only question was,
who would be next?

After a few months, it
appeared to be Alicia.

If you won't touch
your food downstairs

I thought maybe you'd consider
breakfast in bed.

Just a few more days of quiet,

It's been over four months
of quiet.

Olivia. My husband is d*ad.

But your son is not.

He needs you.

You don't understand.

No, I don't.

And I can't unless you tell me.

Help me understand.

You must know.

Surely you sensed it.

Must I say it?

Malcolm att*cked me.

He came in here and he forced
himself on me.

I tried to resist
but he wouldn't stop.

He just tore my nightgown
when Garland walked in.

Garland swung at Malcolm
but he was no match for him.

But pinned him up against
the wall and...

held him there.

You know what happened next.

I'm sorry.


But it's over now.

Let's never speak of it again.

It's not over.

Malcolm's visits,
they didn't stop.

After Garland's death,
Malcolm has come to you?

He told me if I resisted
he would hurt Christopher.

And then he would
become different.

Before he forced himself on me,

I know this sounds strange,

[whispering] He would take you
to his mother's room?


You should go.


You are my friend, Alicia

and it pains me to say this...
but go.

You have the freedom
to leave this place.

Take your son and your
inheritance and start over.

You're young and beautiful
and rich.

It's not too late for you.

But it is too late.

I'm pregnant.

It's his, Olivia.

It's his.

[parrot squawks]


[panicked breathing]

[frantic orchestral music]

Olivia: The only man who ever
loved me once told me

that everything I need
is in my heart.

It was my compass.

In that moment I finally knew
where it was pointing me.

I need a Kn*fe.

Olivia: I wanted to cut
his throat.


[breathing heavily]

Olivia: But since that
wasn't an option,

I had another plan.

We'll be having this for dinner.

And I need a horse.

Not to k*ll, to ride.

[knocking at door]

Mrs. Foxworth!

Are you all right?



Don't worry, it's not mine.

Nella, I need your help.

I don't have time right now
to explain everything.

But you were treated very poorly
and for that I'm truly sorry.

Will you come to Foxworth Hall
tomorrow morning?



Thank you. Thank you.


It's okay. She's gone.

Why did you never tell her
about me?

Well, I didn't want to hurt her.
She's my friend.

She's not your friend, Mama.

And you're not going back
to that place.

Mind your mouth, Celia.

Mrs. Steiner, this lamb
was perfection.

Tell Cook she has
outdone herself.

I was hoping you'd like it.

Olivia: I gave him his
prized lamb.

Before I took everything else.

It is a pity Alicia didn't
join us this evening.

Did she say why?

I don't think she'll be
joining us for some time.

Mourning. It's a process.

[thunder rumbles]

Well... I will be
in the library working.

I would prefer not
to be disturbed.

Do you understand?

Oh, I certainly do.

Malcolm: Olivia!!!

[thunder rumbling]

You called?

What the hell is your desk
doing here?

I've made some changes.

This is my house and I will
not tolerate such insolence.

What do you think you're doing?

I'm having a drink.

But what have you been doing?

And why have you been doing it?

Let's start at the beginning,
shall we?

What is this all about?

It's about how we move forward.

If we move forward.

Please, sit.

[thunder rumbles]



Why did you marry me?

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Oh, we passed ridiculous
long ago.

If all you wanted in a wife was
a member of your staff to abuse,

you could've picked someone
easier to silence.

So, why did you marry me?


I wanted a woman with a mind
to manage the house

and a body to produce
healthy offspring.

Sadly my observations of your
talents were only half correct.

Two children, both boys,
and weak boys at that.

Now is that all?


It will be here in nine months.

Excuse me?

Your child.

The child you are having
with your stepmother.

- Alicia?
- She's pregnant.

Yes. Congratulations.

You're the father
and the stepbrother.

It's all a bit confusing,

How wonderful.

How odd of you to say that.

It is a girl.
I know it.

It's a bastard is all we know.

Oh wait, I apologize.
That's not all we know.

We know you have your father's
blood on your hands.

This conversation is over.

Oh, Malcolm, this conversation
is just beginning.

[thunder rumbles]

Your stepmother is only in the
early stages of her pregnancy.

It will be impossible
to maintain appearances

by saying the child
is Garland's.

We send her away for a year

and no one will be able
to tell how old the child is

when they return.

I would.

I'd be able to tell.

You wouldn't.

Well, I wouldn't tell
that secret

because that would make me
look bad.

A woman who permits her husband
to sleep with his stepmother?

Ghastly, really.

I thought you knew me better
than that.

But I would tell everyone
about how Garland d*ed.

About how you k*lled him.

You lie.

You att*cked his wife.
He found you.

You held him against a wall

until he could
no longer breathe.

He had a heart att*ck.

He had a heart att*ck
because I decided he did

when I convinced the good doctor
not to perform an autopsy.

What do you want?!

I want to destroy you.

I want to ruin your business,
your reputation, your name.

But I can't do that, can I?

I have the unfortunate privilege
of sharing that name.

A stain on you,
is a stain on me.

You should be grateful.

[thunder rumbles]

Alicia's bags will be packed

and she'll be sent away for
all the servants to witness.

Once night falls,
Alicia will return.

We'll keep her here in seclusion
in the East Wing

for the duration
of her pregnancy.

The servants will not be
permitted anywhere near her.

And while we're on the subject
of servants,

Nella will be returning.


Because I like her.

Excellent. I'm glad you agree.

After all, I'll be needing
her help when I'm with child.

Excuse me?

I thought you would've
caught on by now.

We'll announce to the staff the
happy news that I'm expecting.

I'll pretend to be pregnant
both in the house and in public.

When Alicia's child is born

we will keep it and raise it
as our own.

No one will be the wiser.

And Alicia?

Your stepmother will be
sent away

along with young Christopher
and her inheritance,

which you will double
immediately following the birth.

How da...

Did I say I was done?!

You will not be permitted
in the East Wing

for the duration of your
stepmother's confinement.

If news of you breaking this
rule comes to my attention

the agreement is off.

I tell everyone the truth.

You wouldn't.

Oh, Malcolm, I would.

I would burn this place
to the ground.

[thunder rumbles]

Now is that all?

Just one more thing.

Tomorrow you will set up trusts
for the boys.

Two million dollars.


The trusts will be theirs
to do with as they please

so they may be free of you
and this godforsaken house.

[glass shatters]


That temper!

Now, I see how you must
have driven your mother

to run away all those years ago.

How dare you?!

You r*ped me.
How dare you?

I won't do it.

Oh, but you will.

Do you understand?

That's not good enough.

Do you understand?!

I do!

[breathing heavily]

["O Fortuna" plays]

[thunder rumbles]

Olivia: I could not tell
my story during my life.

But now in death, in my will,

I am finally free to do
as I choose.

And so this is my tale of lust,
m*rder, love, and deceit.

Judge if you may
but always remember.

God may shine his light
but you may not see it

if the Devil looms overhead,
casting its shadow over you.

[thunder rumbles]

The Devil, or Foxworth Hall.

Would my story have ended here

I believe I could've
found happiness.

But it did not end here.

It was, in fact, only just
the beginning.

After all, the best kind
of revenge takes time.

[thunder rumbles]

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