01x06 - No Normal

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Ms. Marvel". Aired: June 8,2022 - present.
Miniseries about Kamala who doesn't fit in until she gets superpowers like the heroes she's always looked up to.
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01x06 - No Normal

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This is so cool. Is this Nani's?

MUNEEBA: That is junk.

- BRUNO: What is that?
- My personal self-expression.

KAMALA: I can't believe it,
Bruno, I actually have powers.

DEEVER: I've never
seen powers like that.

And then the enhanced
individual tried to k*ll you?

She didn't try to k*ll
me. She saved my life.

CLEARY: Search every temple,
community center, and mosque.

That bangle helps you unlock the Noor.

So you want my bangle?

Don't you want to go home?

Of course I do.

But I hid the bangle for safe keeping.

- I'll find it if it's the last thing I do.

AISHA: Najma, no!

It won't work!

"What you seek is seeking you."

We don't have much time.
Get Sana on the train.

And protect that bangle.

KAMALA: I can't do stars, Nani,
but I can do circles, okay?


It was me.

NAJMA: The Veil.

It's not gonna work. It's
just gonna destroy everything.

You have Kamran.

NAJMA: I left him behind.


There is only one way.

- I can close it.
- No!

- Brian?

What are you doing here?

I don't know where to go.

I won't let you deal with
Damage Control yourself.

I've been followed. We have to go.

BRUNO: You have powers, too?


This is what happens when
the wrong people get powers.

What do you mean, the wrong people?

Kids, Agent Barrie. We
need to lock the city down

and get them in now before
anyone else gets hurt.

- Enhanced rounds?
- Non-lethal.

I want this kid taken alive.

That way, we can figure
out what the hell he is.

BRUNO: Damage Control
could be at Penn Station,

so we're gonna transfer at the
next stop and head upstate, okay?


MAN: Whoa. What...

It wasn't easy when Kamala
first got her powers either.

KAMRAN: What would she do?

Well, she's Kamala, so
she stress-ate a gyro.

- AGENT: We got 'em.
- Damage Control.

They're coming. Come on.

- AGENT: Stop right there!
- Sorry!

- Watch where you're going.


BRUNO: We gotta go.


You like it? The tailor, of
course, wanted to charge me double,

but I have not lost my bargaining touch.

- YUSUF: Where is my Pashmina shawl?

- Guys. Guys.
- TYESHA: I love it.

I don't see my shawl.
Where is my Pashmina shawl?

I have an announcement to make.

- I had asked you for getting...
- Okay, just...

- What?
- Oh, okay.

Actually, first, an apology for
not making this announcement sooner.

And also for what happened
at the wedding. I am so sorry.

And for sneaking out
to AvengerCon. Um...

- Let's speed it up.
- Yeah, no, okay. Okay.

I am the Light Girl.

You're what?

- Night Light.
- Oh, my God. I had no idea.


- You told them?

- But Kamala, I only told Abbu, really.
- What are you implying?

In classic Khan gossip train, you tell
Ammi, she tells Abbu...


... and we overhear because he
always has his phone on speaker.

- Speaker. Speaker is the problem.
- Speaker is just very convenient.

- AAMIR: It makes sense.
- This is so cool.

I have been dying to ask you,

are your powers limitless
or do you have to recharge?

- Actually...
- AAMIR: Also, I've been dying to ask you,

on Eid, did you drop
that kid on purpose,

or was that a game-time decision?

- YUSUF: Aamir.
- MUNEEBA: Aamir, enough.

- Please, enough with the jokes.
- Stop.

Please, everybody. Kamala,
this is just so incredible.

I mean, I, for one, am so proud of you.

I mean, believe me, we
are all in awe of you.

But, beta, I just wanna be sure
that you're being careful out there.

I mean, just because you can
do all these amazing things,

doesn't mean that you actually volunteer

to go looking for trouble, right?

I worry, beta. I just worry too much.

Abbu, I don't think you
raised me to sit by and do nothing

when I can help people.

And we trust her, right?


- Uh, why is Nakia facetiming me?
- What?

Nakia, dude, I'm so glad you called.

We just got back from the airport...

Kamala, stop. Have you heard from Bruno?

No. Why?

I've been trying to get ahold
of him 'cause Circle Q exploded.

- Come on, Bruno. Please pick up. (SIGHS)
- OPERATOR: Your call has been forwarded.

- Kamala Khan, you're not going anywhere.
- Ammi.

Not dressed like that.

Here. I got something for you.

MUNEEBA: This feels a
bit more like you. Hmm?


MAN: Oh!

Want extra spicy?

- BRUNO: Turn, turn, turn.

NAKIA: Bruno? Thank God
you're okay. What happened?

BRUNO: Damage Control is after us.

Long story, but our great
train escape got derailed.

- We need to hide from the cops.
- You crazy? You can't hide in a mosque.

Houses of worship are
supposed to offer sanctuary.

This is a mosque in America.
Damage Control, JCPD,

hell, Department of Sanitation
probably has us under surveillance.

When the coast is clear, head to
the high school and I'll call Kamala.

Why would we go to the high school?

It's the only place guaranteed
to be empty on a Saturday.


AGENT: Roger that, . This is .

I'm in the area, about six minutes away.

Wagon's on the way.
I'll be right to you.

Copy to you, too.

Good afternoon. I'm gonna
need to see everybody's IDs.

- That was...
- Not our first rodeo, Ms. Agent.

I assure you, Damage Control is
only here to ensure your safety.

We are looking for a high-level thr*at.

Presumably male, to
, Pakistani or Arab.

WOMAN: But you are describing
practically everyone here.

See, this could take a
while. But lucky for you,

Rasheed has brought his famous
yummy-yummy chocolate-chip cookies.

The secret ingredient is nutmeg.


Please, stop stalling. Don't you see
this kid could put you all at risk?

If you're abetting a potential suspect,

no one will be on your side, Sheikh.

I don't need anyone on my
side. "I'm not even concerned

"if God is on my side as
long as I am on His side.

For God is always right."

I don't have time for
Quranic quotes. Excuse me.

Actually, that was Abraham Lincoln.

DEEVER: Search every room and closet.

If there's a lock on it, bust it open.

Uh, you can't go this
way. Um, it's holy.

You'd be in violation
of my religious freedoms.

You don't want a felony on
your high school transcript.

It's just storage. It's
disinfectant wipes, toilet paper...

- Kick it in.
- Uh... Um.

I'll open it. Just...

Please don't hurt him.
He's a really nice guy.

What up?

I know. My mom would k*ll me if
she found out I had a boyfriend

and that it was that one.

Did you hear that? I'm her
boyfriend. And you're both witnesses.

Do you have a body cam? I'd
love to have this moment...

Keep looking.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Take Clifton Street.
Whatever you do, avoid Grant.

Thank you, Sheikh Abdullah.

And remember, just because
someone treats you as their enemy

doesn't give you the right
to treat them as yours.

- We need to go. Come on.
- Wait, wait, wait. You need a disguise.


- Go. Go. Go.
- BRUNO: Thank you.



Okay. Come on.


What are you guys wearing?

BOTH: What are you wearing?

- Bruno, I was so scared. I thought...
- I'm okay. We're okay.




NAJMA: Kamran.



I feel like I'm being
crushed from the inside out.


Hey, we gotta go. We
gotta go. Get up. Get up.

BRUNO: Come on.

- AGENT : Lock up the area.
- AGENT : Got it.

- AGENT : Here, here.
- AGENT : Yup.

You guys go. I'll catch up.


Don't tell me you're in
trouble again so soon.

Okay, please don't make a big deal
out of this. I really need help.

- What's going on?
- Uh, it's Kamran.

And I know what you're gonna say.

He's related to a
Clandestine, but so am I.

Um, I really need to
get him out of town.

I know someone who can get him out.

Just get him to the harbor by midnight.

Okay. Thank you.

- NAKIA: Kamala.
- Hi.

Nice stitching. Made in Pakistan?

Are you mad? Are you mad at me?

Well, I mean, I tell you everything.

The biggest thing that
ever happened to you

and you didn't tell me. So maybe.

Okay, but you kinda hate superheroes.

- I didn't want you to hate me.
- Kamala, I would never hate...

I know you wouldn't
hate me, hate me. Um...

I messed up.

I'm sorry.


Guys. Damage Control is here.
How did they even find us?

Doesn't matter. I'm the one they want.

You guys should leave
before you get hurt.

He's right. Please go.

If you say you're not with
us, they won't hurt you.

- Well, they already blew up my apartment.
- They invaded the mosque. Twice.

They tried to trick
me into giving you up.

- KAMALA: What are you doing here?
- The theater has good lighting.

It's where I film my TikToks.

And I owe you for saving my life.

NAKIA: Okay.

We're with you.

And I guess so is Zoe.

So what's the plan?

This is the plan.

Since DODC is already here,
we obviously can't outrun them,

so we distract and
stall as long as possible

until Kamran's safe. Got it?

Yeah, yeah, excuse me. Hey.

You sure you have authorization
for any of this? I mean...

- Sounds good.

We'll keep them busy
while you run out the back.

- What are you doing here?
- How did you get in here?

Bathroom window. I went
to school here, too.

- Mom sent me to watch out for you.
- Superheroes don't need chaperones.

- Take it up with her.
- Guys, clock's ticking.

Fine. Just don't ruin anything.

Aamir and Zoe, you grab supplies.

Bruno and I are on mad scientist duty.

After that, we grab every single
f*re extinguisher in the school.

Zoe, you're on the softball team, right?

You and Nakia grab as
many balls as you can.

Any questions?

So, we're gonna stop Damage
Control with softballs?

No. We're going to stall
Damage Control with softballs.

And the real plan is Zoe.


Hey, we are closing in on the
enhanced individuals as we speak.

Yes. And they're doing it
in front of a high school.

There's such a thing as bad press,
and I don't like it. What is this?

It is not just one enhanced
individual, it is two,

and they are leaving a trail of
destruction all through Jersey City.

Just give me three minutes
and I promise you...

- AGENT: Ma'am, are we a go?
- Hold.

Don't. I don't care if you
need another seconds, okay?

You're not gonna get it.

Evacuate now, Deever. You hear me?


AGENT: We're in position.
Do we have a green light?

Call in all additional units. Now.

So you mean to tell me
you knew Kamala had powers

and you didn't say anything?

'Cause it's not like you.

You know, Kamala saved
my life at AvengerCon.

Kamala should be able to tell
the world when she's ready.

Something happened in Pakistan.

Kamran's mom,

she and the rest of the
Clandestines followed me to Karachi,

and pretty hell-bent on steamrolling

over our world with the Djinn realm.

- Okay. And?
- I stopped them.

Najma didn't make it.

Not cousin Kamran, huh?

- What were you even doing with my sister?
- Driving lessons.

Do you even like British Bake Off?

Just promise me, whatever you
do, do not tell Kamran that. Okay?

Not until we're all out of here.

AGENT: Clear. Go.


I'm only helping you out

because my sister's one of
the smartest people I know.

And I know she wouldn't help
anybody out that didn't deserve it.



AGENT : Looks like we got a b*mb.

AGENT : Got a b*mb in the west wing.

We're gonna need the b*mb squad.

Fall back. Fall back.


Wow. They sent all of
you just for me? Nice.

Zoe, the uplink is live, but I
don't know for how long. Do it now.

It's Zo, at Coles High School.

Damage Control has me
and my friends surrounded.

Two have superpowers, I know,
but they're being targeted.

These people are super scary, and
they're just not backing down.

Please, you have to help us.

To all my loyal followers, tag
this message and share stories.

- Muneeba.
- Hmm?

- Come to Coles, spread the word. Help us.
- Look at what Rasheed just sent me.

Team Leader, do you
read me? Team Leader?

AGENT: Target in a red hoodie
and a baseball cap. Repeat.

Target on foot in a red
hoodie and a baseball cap.

AGENT: Hey, you. Freeze.

Go! Go!

AGENT: We're chasing multiple suspects.

All identical. I repeat, all identical.

What, he can multiply now?



- It's okay. You're gonna be okay. Okay?
- Yeah.

AGENT ON RADIO: East wing, east
wing. They're headed towards the gym.

Still with me?

Always was.

Hey, you guys gotta...

Go. Um, there's a team of
agents heading down this way.

I'll keep them busy.

Okay? Come on, come on.


Thanks, Bruno.




Hey! Guys, come dance with me.

You know you like these moves.

Hey, guys, what's going on?

- You want to... (GROANS)
- Freeze! Hands up!

- AGENT : Don't move!
- AGENT : Shut up!


It's working.

My friend has a contact. He
can meet you at the docks.

This friend of yours, they're
the Red Daggers, aren't they?

They are, aren't they?

The Red Daggers are as much a thr*at
to me as those cops are out there.

They've been fighting
my family for decades.

Pretty sure those guys aren't cops.

I need the Clandestines.
I need my mother.

What happened to my mother?





KAMRAN: What happened in
Pakistan? Just tell me.

KAMALA: Najma did exactly what
she swore she was gonna do.

Okay? She pierced the Veil.

She tried to destroy everything.

She was trying to save
our world. My home.

My mother's d*ad, isn't she?

I'm sorry.

AGENT: Stop right there!




- Okay, okay, okay. Folks, folks, folks.
- Yusuf. Phone.

- YUSUF: Yeah.
- Lower the temperature, sir.

Please. We're trying to
keep the peace here, ma'am.

- Ma'am. Sir. Sir. Please. Please, okay?

- Let's bring our guys in.
- Set up a perimeter on the outside edge.


AGENT: Get them in your sights.

AGENT : Hold steady. Easy.

AGENT : Hold. Hold.

Get on your knees.


Come on, man. Get down.

DEEVER: On your knees.



YUSUF: No! No, no, no!


- Come on.
- Come on.

No! Get out!

Stop it!

Cease f*re.

- WOMAN : Stop!
- MAN : Leave her alone!

WOMAN : Why would you sh**t at her?

- WOMAN : Don't sh**t!
- WOMAN : Don't sh**t at her!

YUSUF: Beta, get out of there.


- Kamala!
- YUSUF: Beta!


- Kamala.
- Come on, KK.

Get up.


- ALL: Whoa!
- Yes!

Hey, guys. Are you okay?

- Yes, Ms. Night Light.
- Not that name.

- AGENT: f*re.





- MAN: No, no, no, no. No!


(STRAINS) I got it.










KAMALA: Kamran!



Kamala, look around.

They're never going to accept me,
and they'll never accept you either.

- My mom was right. This isn't my home.
- But she saved it for you.

In her last moments, she sent
everything she had to protect you.

She chose you.

Look at everything I've done, Kamala.

What am I supposed to do
now? How can I be normal?

There is no normal.

There's just us and what we
do with what we've been given.

Get to the harbor. I'll buy you time.

Thank you.


DEEVER: Get up!

Get her!

Go, go.


Beta, beta, are
you okay? That was amazing.

Look. They're all with you.

Step aside, Sergeant.

- Ladies and gentlemen...
- Stop right there.

- She's just trying to help.
- WOMAN: She saved our lives.

All of us.


It's for you.

- Yes?
- Don't say anything, don't do anything.

Just get out of there. Okay?

You went against my orders, publicly,

and then you attacked a bunch of kids

using our name. And you
know what that means? Yes.

You're relieved of duty. A
unit is coming to fix your mess.

Get out of there, now.


Team, go out!

- Salamalekum, Jersey.
- ... City, baby.

- We were part of history.
- Finally.

Whoo! I'm shaking. You can see.

Ruby here with today's news.

Everyone keeps asking me,
"Ruby, do you know who she is?"

If I knew who she was,
I wouldn't tell you here.

- She looked so familiar.
- It was wild, man! She was like, kapow!

- Take that. Kablam!

It's gonna be difficult
for her to find a husband.

What'd she say? "Najaf's gyros
are the best in Jersey City!"

Looks like I am now a hot dog.

Let's hope this hot
dog is Halal. (LAUGHS)

- My heart was racing.
- It was so...

- My life flashing before my eyes.
- One moment we were doing...

I sat there and watched...

Nakia Bahadir declared to the
world she was my girlfriend.

- Tell us how it was.
- No, thank you. This is your video.

Yes. But as an ally, I wanna use
my platform to amplify your voice.

- Yeah, it was really cool.
- It was so cool!

- It was really, really cool.
- She's a freaking action superhero.

Mad skills.

But I don't know where those skills went

when she dropped me and broke my leg.

- Guess I was the beta test.
- Come celebrate this Friday.

Celebrate our own superhero.

Free ice-cream pizza. After
salah, of course. Yeah.

YUSUF: Kamala?


Hey, beta. What are you doing here?


Oh, my God. This is really scary.

Yeah, right.





So, you are now the great
new superhero called...

- Called what?
- I'm still figuring it out.

Of course you are.

Yeah, we're all still figuring it out.

But you saved people, Kamala.

Heaviest thing I ever picked up.

I saw Damage Control agents all around,

so I spun around and
sh*t them in the face.

- YUSUF: You saved lives.
- The balconies aren't safe.

We need to fix that. Are
you writing that down?

YUSUF: And if you saved one life...

Well, you saved the world.

Do you know why we named you Kamala?

Your mother and I tried for
years to have a second child.

We'd almost lost all hope.

And then you came.

Beta, you were just so perfect.

That's what kamal
means in Arabic. "Perfect."

But in Urdu, it's more like...

What's the word?

"Wonder." "Marvel."

Kamal means marvel.

I share the same name as
Carol fricking Danvers?

(CHUCKLES) I don't know who that is.

But you sure are and always have been

our own little Ms. Marvel.

I love you.

Love you, too.



Absolute magic.



- Are you kidding me?
- Kamran left his car.

I see that.

Obviously, he had to be
snuck out of the country.

- I mean, he told me I could have it.
- No, he didn't.

- Yes, he did.
- No, he did not.

Yes. We really bonded
in that expl*si*n, okay?

I look good driving it.
Probably take it to Caltech.

I, for one, think that it looks

much better on the
streets of Jersey City

- without you in it, to be honest with you.
- No.

- Yes, I for two.
- No. No. I, for three, disagree.


I'm proud of you. Really.
I'm gonna miss you.

I will only be a -hour drive away.

Oh, also, I need to tell you something.

Okay. So, I went back and looked
at your genetic make-up again.

Bruno, you know you can
call me when you're bored.

No. No, no. Aamir kept asking
if he might have powers, too.

And I think we might've had
it wrong the first time around.

What do you mean?

So, we know why you have access to the
Noor and how you can wield it,

but when I compared you
to the rest of your family,

something still seemed off.


Kamala, there's something
different in your genes.


Like a mutation.


Whatever it is, it's just
gonna be another label.

Keys, please.

- Fine.

Get in, losers. We're getting shawarma.

- I love you!
- Hey, how did you get my keys?

NAKIA: Feels good. Now I
guess we're both Caltech kids.

Yeah, whatever. One
ride. That's it. Okay.

KAMALA: Listen, I'm the only one
who's actually driven this thing.

- Ten and four, right now.
- NAKIA: It was some myth. Ten and four.

MUNEEBA: That does not
sound like science to me.

(SIGHS) Okay.




Oh, no, no, no.
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