01x13 - No Return ~ Erleuchtung (lit. Enlightenment)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Elfen Lied". Aired: July 25, 2004 - October 17, 2004.
Anime series is based around the efforts of humanity to quarantine and eradicate the diclonius, a species of mutant humans with horns.
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01x13 - No Return ~ Erleuchtung (lit. Enlightenment)

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The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom

And his tongue shall speak judgment

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation

For when he hath been proved,
he shall receive a crown of life

Lord, f*re divine, have mercy

Oh how holy, how serene

How benign, how pleasant

Oh lily of purity


It's you, Papa! It's you, Papa!

You can drop me off around here
since the noise'll alert them.


If I had arrived a little later...

I thought I told you to live
somewhere far away.

Well, um...

Anyway, what are you doing
in a place like this?

Too bad...

You're my prey.

I'm definitely gonna take you down myself.

That won't be possible.


You won't see me again.

Wait! Wait, you bitch!

No Return

I wonder if something happened after all.

You know...


Kohta's father and his little sister,
Kanae were m*rder.


In front of him.

Because of that, he was in a
hospital for about a year.

Since I was still a child at that time,

I heard all of this later, but...

What about the k*ller?

There were many other victims

and the police investigated
for a long time, but...

I didn't know something like that
happened to Mr. Kohta.

It seems that Kohta doesn't
remember anything about it.

When I heard what you said,

I thought maybe he might be
kind to various girls

because such a thing happened to him.

To Kohta, everyone's like Kanae.

But I always selfishly get jealous

and get angry or cry each time.

I'm not good enough to be called a mother.

Miss Yuka...

You really like Mr. Kohta, don't you?


Shirakawa has been k*lled by Lucy.


I don't know why she appeared, either.

And, I don't know the reason, but #35
became incapable of producing vectors

so the plan completely failed.

But there're other ways...

Even if her vectors don't come out,
there should still be some use for #35.

Yes. Understood.

That person may be the one
who isn't human.

It's hard to believe a monster like this
is Chief Kurama's daughter.

How unfortunate.

Timer Mode

Don't let your guard down.

If something happens,
you don't have to hesitate.



So she's definitely there, Nana?

Yeah. She's awake.

But why? Why do you have to
k*ll that girl, Papa?

That's because she's my real daughter.

I don't understand such a thing!

What's the matter?

It's Miss Lucy. She's coming closer too.


So she noticed me.

So you wanna be k*lled that badly.

Seems like I'm better now,

'cause my hands came out fine
when I gave it a try.

Lucy's heading this way.

It'll take 30 more minutes for the
reinforcements to arrive.

Those monsters can go ahead and
fight among themselves.

We can't afford any more victims.
When it comes to the worst...


Why'd you come?

Your target's been me
from the start, right?

I see you've got plenty of
confidence in yourself.

I don't want to involve
anyone else any more.

What the hell is she?


With this, I'll end your hell right away.

Are you gonna k*ll me?

I don't know if you're a queen
or whatever, but...

no one can k*ll me!

We won! If we act now,
we can capture Lucy!

We did it! Now my position's secured.

All I have to do now is...

So this is the Lucy that
everyone was scared of?


Who're you?

Chief Kurama!



Is that you, Mariko?


Dad, I wanted to see you.


I've been...

looking forward...

in that dark room...

all this time...

for Dad and Mom to really come
and get me some day.

You'd say "Mariko, come out"
from that room...

and I'd be able to live together
with you and Mom.

How could you...

How could you...

I was finally able to see you...




Although I've k*lled many other
people's children,

I've kept you alive just because
you were my daughter.

I'm the one who's completely at fault.

Then what have I suffered and
lived for until now?!

It's dangerous.

Papa, we should get out of here.



Why does she call you Papa,

when you kept me alone?



Papa, get out of...

Hey, Dad?

Will you feel sadder if she dies?

If you can't answer, I'll try it
so you can find out, okay?

Don't come.

Don't come!

Warmth and love.

I'm the one who took everything
away from you.

Mariko, I've never forgotten about
you even for a moment.


Mariko, I'm sorry.

We'll be always together from now on.


Yes, that's right.

You can do it anytime.


Were you planning this from the beginning?

How many years do you think I've
been working with the Director?

It's something that man would think of.

Nana, I want at least you to be happy.



If I disobey his orders, I'll be k*lled.

Please don't think badly of me.



Mariko, I wanted to tell you
at least this when I saw you.

Your mother loved you to her last breath.

Both of us really loved you.

Timer Mode


I can't take it.


You're the only one left!

With this, I'll be...

Miss Lucy!

As I thought, humans are foolish.

That's not right!

Papa was...

Papa was...

Live with Kohta in that house.

I want you to do what I can't do.

Miss Lucy...

Call out the entire SAT and capture Lucy.

It'll do if her head and body remain.

I feel bad for him after all, so...

Every single one of them dug
their own graves, huh?

Excuse me, is it okay for me
to take a bath soon?

The entire plan has just g*n.

You don't have to be hasty.

Is that injury...

This isn't a big deal.

The girl that I played with when
I was a child, and Nyu...

both are you, right?

I was born to destroy humans.

Five years...

If I have just five years,

I can make the majority of children
who're going to be born our kind.

But if the world becomes like that,

you also won't be alive.

Kohta, you're a brief dream

that suddenly appeared in
front of me in this hell.

Only those days that I was
with you were my...

Always, always...

I wanted to apologize to you.

I've endured and lived on just for that.

Don't go!

Why? I k*lled your family!

I don't know!
Why? I k*lled your family!

I don't know!

I can't forgive you for k*lling
Kanae and Dad.

But... but...

If you hurt others again, I'll certainly
regret it forever again, so...

I like both that girl from my childhood who
looked lonely and Nyu so much, so...


I wanted to forget everything

and just be by your side.


I'm sorry for making you
feel sad so many times.

You too...

You've also had many sad
experiences, haven't you?

I have to go home...

I have to go home...

I have to go home...


I have to go home...

where everybody's at...


Geez, this is happening because you
haven't cleaned for a long time.

Hurry up and do it otherwise
you won't be having lunch.

Geez, I know!

What's the matter?

Oh, nothing.

Miss Nana, you've improved.

Oh, stop it. I only grilled sausages.

'Cause they aren't burnt.

You meanie!


You have one extra bowl out.

She wanted to eat too.

Yeah, that's right.

Thanks for the food!

This is tasty!

Oh? ls this your first time
eating soumen noodles?

Yeah, I missed the chance to
eat it before, so...

Even though there're many
wonderful things...

so many...

Miss Nana...

I'm sorry.

Hey, let's eat!

Come on, now. You won't be able to
grow unless you eat a lot, so...

Oh? I wonder if we have a guest.

I'll go and check.


It's working.
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