01x05 - One Mighty and Strong

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Under the Banner of Heaven". Aired: April 28, 2022.
Mini-series inspired by the true crime bestseller by Jon Krakauer, follows the events that led to the 1984 m*rder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her baby daughter in a suburb in the Salt Lake Valley.
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01x05 - One Mighty and Strong

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SAM: "The Almighty will lay his hands

upon this nation.

"There will be more bloodshed,

more ruin, more devastation

than they've ever seen."

John Taylor, President, Prophet,

Seer, and Revelator, 1876.

- Seventy-nine, actually.

- That's a matter of opinion.

SAM: He foretold the church

would go into bondage,

and one mighty and strong

would appear to set it back in order.

Is that you?

You the One?

I am but a soldier in this w*r.

Soldiers follow orders.

to k*ll Brenda and her baby?

What matters is that I spilled

their blood onto the ground.

the baby's body?

k*lled her in the bassinet,

and then

laid her body next to her mother's

on the ground?

- That's right. To cleanse her.

- Right.


You're breaking my heart.

The baby's body wasn't laid

with her mother's.

Then you're a liar.

Well, I'll ask the Lord to forgive me.

But you've been lying this whole time.

The blood on your clothes

wasn't Brenda's, wasn't Erica's.

It wasn't even human.

It was squirrel blood.

The End-of-Days has arrived.

The School of the Prophets

has restored the one true church,

and Satan refuses to let you

see the truth because you are wicked.

School of Prophets?

What's that? Something you're a part of?

Something Allen's a part of?

Maybe I don't have a brother

named Allen anymore.

- What about Robin?

- Oh, now you're gonna believe me?

Sam, what are you doing?

Who are you protecting

with all these lies?

I will remove your family,

past and future

from the Kingdom of Heaven.

I will cast the dust from my feet

and curse you for all eternity

unless you show me the respect

Heavenly Father demands.

Respect me!

- School of Prophets? That LDS?

- No. It is very, very specific.

- Any word from Morris or the Lows?

- No, not yet.

Highway Patrol's been notified

in case he left his car

on the side of the road.

doing back here?

Looks like the Chief's getting ready

to release Robin.

Probably Sam, too,

if all we got on him is squirrel blood.

- You gotta be kidding me.

- I wish I was.

Can you slow that down?

- Yeah.

- Just remember,

honey works better than vinegar here.

- Charm.

- Please.

Why am I still here, Pyre?

I thought we had a deal.

Yeah, we did.

And I remember saying that

elements of the truth

are not the whole truth.

- I've told you what I know.

- Everything?

What about a School of the Prophets?

- Something the matter with my shoes?

- Sam?


Yeah, well, he can make

just about anything sound ominous.

It was not a school,

it was more like scripture study

that my brothers organized

alongside a few others

to explore their areas of interest.

I'm very, very curious about

what these areas of interest were

and if they would square away

with our One True Prophet,

Spencer W. Kimball?

Or if you were all trying

to unseat President Kimball.

- Brother.

- Yeah?

Please, I love our church.

That's why I have returned to it

with my family.

Good, so you know there are worse fates

than prison bars,

which most likely means

alienation from your family,

and your friends, your neighbors, clients.

You know, maybe I should release you

to your stake president.

He is right down the hall right now.

I'm sure he'd be very, very curious

to hear about your school.

you can just tell me everything

you know,

and it stays between us.


It started with a man

named Bernard Brady.

He's from Provo, a businessman.

He was pals with Dan.

a dream mine up in Salem, near there.

His prophecies of hidden Mormon gold

that would come forth

for men and save the saints

at the end times.

- Fundamentalist Mormon folklore?

- That's right.

Do you remember a day

when you picked Dan up from a tiling job?

I picked him up a lot.

There was a day that Allen

was referencing,

one where you had two men

in your car with beards,

- These men part of your school?

- Yes.

Brady was one of them,

the other would have been Onias.


- Yeah. That's right.

- Is that a first name?

He just called himself Prophet Onias.

Pulled out the big g*n

with Mr. Stake President.

My own kids.

Two unbaptized Paiute teens

living in the wicked city of Vegas.

Seemed quite taken

with their potential salvation.

Very sweet and absolutely perfect.

Is the chief releasing Robin to him?

And Sam. You were right.

even if we kept 'em locked up,

I'm afraid we'd still have

zero credible suspects in custody.

- Did you get anything new out of Robin?

- Yeah, two new names from their school.

Names are leads, Jeb.

Sir, Officer Morris on the radio.

He found the Lows.


I just, like, knelt and I prayed,

- and I listened for the Holy Spirit.

- Good work, Morris.

Oh, thank you, sir.

You know, it was Heavenly Father

that found them, sir,

it wasn't me.

You followed the evidence, Morris.

Just like a good cop does.

Bishop Low, Sister Low,

can you think of any reason

why you would find yourselves

to be blood atoned?

You're certain?

We have reason to believe so.

reinforces that.

Unless I'm mistaken,

no items of value have been taken, right?


JEB: So it stands to reason.

If I were to guess, I'd say this goes back

church court.

The excommunication court

of Dan and Ron Lafferty.

Ron and Dan were excommunicated?

- Yeah.

- JEB: For their anti-government beliefs?

have anything to do

with his wife, with Dianna?

We know there was a thr*at of v*olence.

And that this matter

was turned over to you

by Mr. Bascom.


Confidence between

a Bishop and his fold,

particularly in matters as delicate

as an excommunication

is a sacred trust.

Surely you know this, Brother Pyre.

Oh, I do, sir,

but this is a m*rder investigation.

We have two faithful LDS members

who are d*ad,

and one was a 15-month-old girl.

So I need you think on that little girl

and what they did to her.

And we've already confirmed

that the men who did this

had fundamentalist Mormon ties.

So, please, tell me,

which kind of Mormons are you protecting

with your silence?

I'm honestly asking.

Ron was not excommunicated

because of his choices with his wife.

This began with Daniel.



- DAN: How's that?

- CORA: It's uncomfortable.


CORA: I feel uncomfortable.

DAN: I know, I know.

You're gonna be fine.

CORA: Please, Dad. I don't like it.

DAN: You're all fine.

You're just out of alignment. That's all.

DAN: Oh!

We're just giving her an adjustment.

Cora, get out of the room, now.

DAN: No, you have nothing

to be ashamed of.

She has nothing to be ashamed of.

come and sit with us.

Cora, would you get your mother

a glass of water?

Come sit.

(CLEARS THROAT) What were you doing?

What were you doing?

I knew this day would come,

I knew it, when we were reunited, I knew.

God has given me

a vigorous sexual spirit

and now I know why.

to ask you

if you would accept

our sweet girl as your first sister wife?


in our pre-Earth life,

we were all created with a soulmate

and you are mine.

But we have been promised to be gods

in the eternities,

which is why we have

this sacred principle.

The more wives we marry,

the more children we sire,

and the greater the glory in worlds

without end.

Cora is far too precious to be married

to an unholy man.

Same with Eilidh.

- Matilda. Matilda.

is fornication. You know that.

And fornication is punishable

by what, my love?

- Death.

- Death.

So do not make me imagine

a life without you.

Don't do that to me.

Now, tell me, what is it

that you know to be true?

Heavenly Father sent you to me.

I know this because I was moved

That is good and that is true.

complain because of your righteousness

and now we follow God's law.

This is a momentous day

for our family.

Now, tonight, Cora, you will sleep

and tomorrow we will begin something

so, so very special.


didn't want anyone to get hurt.



I want you to ask the Lord to guide you.

And do as He commands.

Do you understand?

I love you both very much.

And we'll see each other again, promise.


It's all right, it's just the dogs.

It's the dogs breaking

into the trash again.

You gotta catch a dog in the act.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I want you now.

If you can't satisfy one wife,

how will you please three? Come.



They ran right into their old church,

and it was their accounts

that lead to Daniel's excommunication.

Where are they now?

Did you call Child Services?

- We put them in a very good home.

- JEB: And?

And they ran away.

Of course they did.

You know, there's a reason why

even the state of Utah

has Child Protective Services.

Has anyone heard from them since?


Well, now their mother's

gone missing, too.

But not your problem.

Brother Pyre, a decision was made.

The Lafferty name had brought about

enough spectacle.

To add fuel to that f*re

was not in our interest.

Who's "our"?

The church's interest.

Our Heavenly Father's interest.

JEB: Hey.

Thank you, Brother Pyre.

Of course. So how did this lead

to Ron's excommunication?

These issues, they came to a head

baby Erica.

It was a beautiful day.

All the Lafferty men were there,

except for Daniel.

Melchizedek priesthood holders.

And the name by which she shall be known

is Erica Jean Lafferty.


he cornered me,

started asking me questions

about Daniel's excommunication.

it was a tax law, you know,

that would hurt the flock.

And you excommunicate a man for that?

Political issues were not

at the center of your brother's trial.

- That's all I can say.

- Right. What was? What was?

I can't say.

That's Dan's private business.

Was it his research? Is that it?

Research into the church scriptures?

Into our history?

Listen, Brother Lafferty,

there is nothing of value to be learned.

Nothing of value to be learned?

Nothing of value

from your brother's research.

- That is the truth.

- What are you so scared of?

Do you think that he was gonna

get closer to the Eternal Father than you?

You had a conversation

with Dianna and Brenda?

Dianna? Has he hurt you?

Okay, well you have to talk to someone.

Right, Sister Low?

I mean, if you won't, I'll do it for you.

Dianna, you do know

Dan was excommunicated.

I mean,

maybe that's what Ron needs, too.

- Sister Lafferty.

- How can you say that?

I don't know, maybe the thr*at

of a trial

will zap him back into the 20th century.

He kept pressing.

Of course I couldn't say anything.

You know what, Ron?

Right now, you are scaring me.

What's going on here?

Is it your intention to achieve

the same outcome as your brother?

Let's not do this, Ron.

The church asks us to rely on faith

when we find seeming contradictions

- in our history and our scriptures.

- Two, three, four.

And we are to be humbled

in the face of confusion.

- Come on.


- Dad, can we please go?

That's right. Can we please go?

This is a day for joy, Ron.

Mm-hmm. Okay. You want joy?

well, he threatened me.

Now you mind your own family,

and you stay the hell away from mine.

My heart went out to Dianna.

I can see that your concern stems

but these solutions are not our role.

"Creating a home and environment

to sustain

and support our priesthood holder."

And no, it's not always easy.

Even for a Bishop's wife.

But it is our calling.

Wouldn't you agree?

So you told a, a wife living under

the thr*at of v*olence to work harder?

You will not come into my home

and att*ck my wife. Is that clear?

This falls under my stewardship.


Does a good steward encourage a wife

to blame herself

instead of holding her abuser accountable?

I did as the Church instructs us to do,

Brother Pyre.

When Dianna came to us again,

a few months back with more bruises

a few months back with more bruises

I encouraged her to get to safety.

I even gave her some money to do so.

- Detective Pyre?

In all honesty, that was the last

I saw of our sister.

I don't know.

We found Bernard Brady.

We think he's at his home now. For now.

All right.

We'll post an officer outside your home.

I'll be back by morning. Thank you.

It's a nice neighborhood up in the hills.

Closer to the Lord, they say.

It's the nice neighborhoods

that worry me the most.


Mrs. Brady?

- Oh, my gosh. Hi!

- Sorry to bother you, sister.

I'm Detective Pyre.

This is Detective Taba.

We were hoping we could speak

with a Mr. Bernard Brady?

BERNARD: Ya got me, boys!


with the kids just at the moment,

but heck, how's tomorrow morning for ya?

I am an early bird!

Well, we have a warrant

to search your home, Mr. Brady.

No time like the present. Shall we?

come on in.

- Please. Please, come on in.

- Thank you.

- You can meet the whole Brady brood.

Everybody's just in here.

This is Jacob, and Rebecca,

and Vanessa, and Isaac, and Sarah.

- BILL: Very nice to meet you all.

- Nice to meet you guys.


JEB: All right. Perfect. Thanks.

BERNARD: Just make yourselves at home.

Yeah, please come on in.

JEB: We understand that you have

some kind of connection

to the Laffertys, specifically Ron,

is that correct?

- Well, we know Ron.

- Mm-hmm.

We let him sleep right here,

on that couch, isn't that right, honey?

were struggling.

MRS. BRADY: And I was clear with him.

I said if he ever got physical

with his wife again,

- I would call the police myself.

- Physical? How'd he get physical?


Brother Lafferty.

We look forward to seeing you on the 14th.

I think it's important to understand

the context of where he was at

at that time, you know.

into church court.

He'd been undermined


So how is it that my beloved wife

is the one responsible

for me of being called into church court?

No! No, it doesn't have to come to that.

- seek his counsel.

- I don't need his counseling!

I need you to stop mocking my authority!

I need you to stop shaming me

to my church!

DIANNA: I'm not saying

I'm not without blame.

we could go to counseling together.



You will submit willingly

or I will starve you into obedience!


Come here, come on, son.

DIANNA: Leave him.

I said leave him!

I will not have you drag my children

into your madness.

Come here.

Ron, leave him!

Come here, honey. Come here.

Go to your sister.

You get out of this house

and don't you ever come back!

BERNARD: He came here, ashamed.

He was really working on himself.

You know, scripture study, prayer,

Old Testament, New Testament,

Well, these boys will study

just about anything

- to get out of hosing my gutters.

- BERNARD: (CHUCKLES) You got me.

But Ron, no, he was taking it serious.

You know, a couple of his brothers came.

I think it really helped him.

Sir, does the term School of Prophets

mean anything to you?

No. Should it?

I'm just curious.

And was one of the men in this group

named Onias?

- Well, I don't think there's

a scripture study in Utah

that he wouldn't feel at home at.

Especially if there's

a home-cooked meal involved.

- BERNARD: Yeah.

- Eccentric? Heck yes.

And dang time consuming.

- BILL: How so?

- He won't get a car.

Robin and I offered to pick him up.

Hours of my life, and let me tell you

that man ain't a fan of bathing.

the last time you heard from Mr. Onias?

Oh, well, it's been ages now.

It's not like you can call him up.

The man doesn't believe

in telephones, either.


Did you happen to also pick up

(CHUCKLES) You're good, you're good.

Yeah. No, I completely

forgot about that, right. Yeah.

I was a regular scripture

study taxi driver.

Is there anything else

we can do to help you at all?

- Honestly, just name it, anything.

- Nothing at the time.

Just so sorry that we've

barged in on you like this.

- Not at all.

- And, I'm gonna leave you my number

in case Mr. Onias reaches out

or if you think of anything else

that may be helpful.

- We really appreciate your time today.

- Sir.

make some of your lemonade

for these hardworking boys

before they go?

Oh, well, they may have things to do,


Well, I'm sure they do.

But, boy, would they love it.

It's the least we can do.

Fresh squeezed, okay?

- Okay. I'll be just a minute.



So, why do you have a letter written

to you, from you?

Certified mail.

Look, it's just us men here, right?

drifted a little,

Toward the old ways?

- Yeah.

- Polygamy?

Don't tell her.


You fellas can see it clear

with that lady in there.

You wouldn't wanna break up a family.

"I, Bernard Brady,

"do hereby depose

in this signed affidavit,

"attesting that a group known

"is presently constructing

a list of names of those

- who must pay eternal consequences."

- A list.

"Eternal consequences"?

Does that mean death, Brother Brady?

'Cause it certainly does

in the Old Testament.

- Oh, you wouldn't

even with all your scripture study?

You went through all the trouble

of writing this,

As a precaution.

I am begging you.

Your wife is the least

of your problems right now.

There was a list was made,

but there are no names on here.

I left the group the moment

they even suggested the idea of a list.

So you wrote this in order to what?

- Protecting your own backside

would've meant coming to us,

not writing this self-serving,

- BERNARD: All right.

Look, I will do anything you say.


Well, sit your doughy backside down.

And you're gonna answer

every single question

- that I ask you fully and truthfully.

- Okay.

- Do you understand?

- Yep.

Before you left this group,

did you hear any other names

being mentioned

as possible candidates for this list?

- No.

- Brenda?

- No.

- Bishop Low?

- No. No, sir. No.

- How about Dianna, Ron's wife?

But she wouldn't be

the first woman to dash

off something she had no right to,

lead to bloodshed.

- JEB: Oh, yeah? Who else?



our greatest loss

can be traced back to words

written by a wife who thought

she knew better than her husband.

- No. No. We're not going there.

- You know, a minute ago,

about Dianna

getting knocked around.

And now I'm hearing a reversal.

I mean, as the only non-member here,

I need an education.


Go ahead.

Blood found our Zion

the moment Emma

stuck her nose where it didn't belong.



BERNARD: She publicly aligned herself

with a publisher

who defied the Prophet's

holy principle of polygamy.

The lies he has printed are so wicked.

He shall spend his eternity

in Outer Darkness!

JOSEPH II: Why is Uncle Hyrum so upset

with Brother Law?

Mr. Law dared to print the truth, Joseph.

Gather your brothers.

We must find your father.

The US Government is not likely

to abide the destruction of a newspaper.

I have a writ for the arrest

of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

Anyone who protects them

will also be hung!



Don't waste any time, all right?

EMMA: Brother Taylor.

Where is my husband?

He is in the wind.

Running like a dog for defending

the word of God.

He ordered the destruction of a newspaper

for printing words

that dare question a revelation

about collecting wives.

Are you all so very fragile now?

The truth is there is no doubt

about where your loyalties lie.

I am sending word for Brigham to return.

MALE VOICE: I have a writ for the arrest

of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

No need to send for Brigham,

Brother Taylor.

In my husband's absence,

our eldest son

will be placed in leadership.

Your son does not yet shave!

In seeking to sway our True Prophet

from God's path,

witness what you've conjured.

Blood stains our street.

Soon, Gentiles will march

through Zion.

Brigham is His most faithful servant.

He will set us back in order

until your husband's return.


BERNARD: I mean, could you blame

a congregation for wanting to remove her?

BILL: So if a wife objects

to her husband's demand

for more wives,

then it's a-okay to blood atone her?

Where are the other members

of this group?

Oh, no, please,

Please, please, please.

Okay, okay, I'll cooperate.


when Dan got out of jail,

he talked about building a compound

out in the sticks.

An old house that he and his brothers

used to vandalize.

They called it "The Farm."

And if I were to guess,

I would start there.

- No time like the present.

- BILL: All right.

Okay. Well, thank you very much

for coming, gentlemen,

and Heavenly Father be with you,

you too, pal.

So darn brave.

Brother Brady,

you're not leaving our sight.

MRS. BRADY: Well, I had to use

brown sugar, so it's not as pretty,

- but it's still dang delicious.

- That's very kind, ma'am. Thank you.

- It looks great.

- Sweetie?

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna need to help these fine men

- cr*ck this case wide open now, okay?

faster than you can say Lamanite

three times fast. How's that?

Shall we?

Dear Lord, God of Israel.

to their Farm,

could I get a bulletproof vest,

please, brother?

We'll see what we can do, sure.

Thank you.

You think you could sketch

the layout of The Farm?

Whatever you can remember.


I mean, it's not really a farm.

Not for generations.

It's a dump.

We used to sh**t lizards there as kids.

Remember the address?


Yeah? Great.

Not the simplest layout to secure.

Why do we need the civilians?

Allen's our navigator and Mr. Brady

is gonna help us ID whoever we may find.

They'll stay back behind the vehicles

until it's all clear.

Well, these Constitutionalist types

they treasure their Second Amendment.

So, I say we h*t this at the cracko'

so we're not just target practice.

- All right. Dawn it is. Thank you, sir.

- BILL: Thanks, guys.

I sent a patrol car down to Salem to try

to lay eyes on this Onias character.

Well, a braided beard

should stick out down there.

Eight and a half hours.

It's Monday.

Family home evening, right?

You could just make it.

Might even squeeze in a walk

with your mom. It's beautiful out.

Careful. There may be a saint

in you after all.

No, no. I'm afraid I'm a zealot

in the church of caffeine.

Who's up tonight?


she's been

making cutouts all week.

Apparently ancient Israel

had kangaroos and pandas.

- Oh, I like it.


Get out of here.

You sure?

Yeah. I got this.

- Partner.

- You bet.




JEB: Oh, my God.





Hello, hi, Bishop Young?

It's Brother Pyre. Is Becca there?

I'll get her for you, Brother Pyre.

JEB: Thank you. Thanks.

Thank you. Hi.

- Hey, sweetie.

with our ever-changing plans.

I gotta head back to work

in a few hours, anyway.

I just thought I'd try and catch

the end of Annie's lesson.

REBECCA: Oh. (CHUCKLES) It was a h*t.

The kids had so much fun.

And they built a fort for a sleepover.

She just played a game of Clue, Jeb.

- She played Clue?

- Yeah.

- Really?

with us being here,

- No, no, no. You're all settled in.

yeah. I trust you, honey.

Thank you. I love you.

I love you.


A "School of the Prophets"? Plural?

If there is only one true church,

with only one true prophet,

how could it be plural?

There can be only one.

Right? Remember?

I mean when, when the early Saints

started splitting into camps,

monogamists versus polygamists.

Emma's camp

versus Joseph's or Brigham's,

did they split the Prophet seat in two?


ALLEN: So, with Joseph in hiding,

who was steering the ship?

Brigham Young.

EMMA: Take this to Joseph.

Once he returns to the true path

of the Lord,

Heavenly Father's protection

will be restored.

What we've been taught, that Joseph

gladly, willingly surrendered himself

I mean, it makes no sense.

He was nearly ex*cuted

when he tried that before.

So, someone must have convinced him

to risk his life in that way again.

Give me the letter.

Come on, boys. Come on, boys.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


from the Prophet's wife.

Bless you, brother.

In case you were found.

ALLEN: Only one living voice

had real power over Joseph.

His first and truest love.

She who knew his secrets.

if the church stuck by you,

you would stick by the church."

So, one sentence,

just a few words added to her letter,

put into her voice:

"My sweet Joseph.

You must surrender now."

Brigham Young, Taylor already

had bee hives' worth of wives.

they would risk losing them all

for Emma's sake?

For a woman they likely feared

already had far too much power

over Joseph?

Or was this Brigham's chance

to become the one?

The sole leader?

Go to hell!

To take God's church in the direction

he felt it had to in order to survive,

even if that meant our prophet's blood

had to spill.

MALE VOICE: Blasphemer!



a School of the Prophets, plural?


There has only ever been

one at a time.

So, I wouldn't expect to find

more than one prophet still alive

on this Farm of theirs.


You think your bishop was working

on your wife and kids last night?

Wouldn't surprise me

if they had the Chief over

for some homemade ice cream.

Stake President brought the sprinkles.

Circling the wagons.

With your own family?

Behind your back?

To what? Keep you in line?


when they are writing the official story.

Say, did the church ever tell you,

your family, or your school

why Dan was excommunicated?

His anti-tax campaign.

Running for sheriff.

too public for the Church.

That's wrong.

marrying his two step daughters

by sexual consummation.

Twelve and fourteen years old.

Ron know that, Mr. Brady?


He wouldn't have come

to Dan's defense for that.

He went in to defend Dan's politics.

It's the responsibility of every Saint

to refuse the unjust taxations.

That's all he was saying.

Now, Dan is a patriot.

The very soil of this land is

in the fabric of his being.

give him the ultimate punishment?

No, you're going over territory

that we've already dealt with.

Your brother's case

has no bearing on this.

This hearing is yours.

- It's mine?

- Yes.

And its outcome will depend


- What offenses?

- What offenses?

RON: Yeah.

your own bishop.

And yes, the other business

of v*olence in your home.

Now, can you see

when you have

defied your priesthood leader?

No, no, no. It is you.

It's you who has antagonized

and bastardized the sacred teachings

of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

Ron, don't do this.

It is you who stink of hypocrisy.

When the Lord commands, you do it.

STAKE PRESIDENT STOWE: It is the decision

of this council that you,

Ron Lafferty, be excommunicated.

But, know that with repentance

comes the healing waters of re-baptism.

BERNARD: After his church court,

he went home

to reclaim his rightful place.

Everyone, it's Dad. Hide. Hide.


Hide! Hide!

Come here. Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Where are my beauties?

Where are my beauties?


(LAUGHS) You wanna give me a hug?

You wanna give me a hug?

- Come give Daddy a hug.

- BOY: No.

Come here. Hey, no you don't.

Oh, my big boy, my big boy.

Come here.

BERNARD: His own daughter had cut

the sacred markings out of his garments.

RON: Come give Daddy a kiss.

BERNARD: He lost everything.

His business, his family, his church.

Where is she, huh?

Are you up here? Are you hiding from me?


BERNARD: And yes, Mr. Taba, we can hear

the Holy Spirit as true Saints

that Ron came to believe

that he could hear a truer voice of God.

His own God.

And better

than anyone else could hear Him.

RON: I will walk through the valley

of the shadow of death.

I fear no evil.

I fear no evil,

because you are with me.

Yes you are.


Hey, partner. Hey. It's okay.

Howdy, Sheriff.

Don't sh**t me.

I'm not a bad guy.

You know what that means?

You let it be a reminder

that sometimes

the closer we are

to Heavenly Father, the more

we are gonna be persecuted.








OFFICER: It's all right.

It's all right, girls. It's all right.

Police. We're here to help.


- JEB: It's all right.

They're Canadians.

From a place up in BC

called Bountiful.

An FLDS compound.

And who brought them down here?

Prophet Onias.

Thirty days ago.

They said none of the men

have been back here for days.

They left them here with no food,

no money to get back.

No running water. No electricity.

Heck of a prophet, this Onias.

I need you to find him,

even if it means calling in Salt Lake.

You bet.


You okay?

It's all right.

I just need to know the last time

you saw Ron and Dan Lafferty.

Do you know them?

They slept here.

We don't know

where Heavenly Father has called them to.

They told us not to disturb that.


It's okay.


"This is unto my maidservant, Dianna.

"Nevertheless, if thou wilt repent,

I will greatly bless thee.

Otherwise, I will remove thee."

They are after Dianna.

If they haven't already gotten to her.

The list.

BILL: Hmm.

Whose shirt is this?

He left it here to watch over us.

Be right back with some food, guys,

all right? Just sit tight.

BERNARD: I didn't lie, okay?

And if I was to ask those young ladies

if you were ever there with them?

Oh, no, no. They'll say I never was.

I only ever went to the school

when it was at Ron and Dan's place.

You used to meet at their parents' house?

The basement and sometimes in the park.

I mean, Dan's mom made sandwiches.

It wasn't like this.

It was simple.

I'll get a search warrant.

couldn't have written this.


Give us some space, thanks.

Everything okay?

say this in front of Allen,

he's wrong.

His brother, Ron,

is capable

of a lot more than just domestic v*olence.

BILL: We got the warrant.

BERNARD: Look, after his church court,

after what he did with his kids,

he went home.

Home to his mother.

Stop it. Stop it.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

- I am a fraud of a man.

- (CRIES) No.


You've come home.

After surviving all of the Lord's tests.

And you're one heartbeat away

from your rightful place,

as a head of this family.

You're the one.

She called him, the One Mighty and Strong.

I think in her words,

he heard a calling,

to reclaim his rightful place.




AMMON: Call Mother in.



Do you remember Jacob's appendicitis

when he was young?

Do you?

Or how you b*at on Mom

like you b*at on me?


Or when you b*at our dog, Roger,

with a baseball bat,

because I didn't do the chores

to your satisfaction?

- Yeah.

has been taken by evil.

No, no, no, no. No. No.

See, I remember it clearly.

And each time you said

that there was no need for a doctor

- if we were close to Heavenly Father.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- And Mom survived.

- Yeah.

And even when the bacteria

got into his bloodstream,

all but his mind.

he d*ed looking into my eyes,

in incredible pain.





HYRUM: I am a d*ad man!

RON: I can't allow you to go against

your principles,

not while it's your life

that's in Eternal Father's hands, can I?



RON: So there will be no doctor.

Why don't you try and pray?


The business of patriarchy

isn't as simple as you think.

It won't be any easier

for you if I'm gone.

Yeah, maybe not.

But there can only be one.


You taught me that.


Oh, Lord, my God.


Him and his family, all of 'em!



The traitor, Joseph Smith, is d*ad!


WILLARD: John. John.


It's okay.

BRIGHAM: The Savior has commanded me

to defend His holy word,

unclouded by faithlessness

or misinterpretation,

to lead His holy people

to a new and greater Zion!

The keys of the kingdom

are right here with the Church!

The spirit of Joseph is in him.

JEB: How could you know all this?

What? He told me.

Himself. All of it.

The proud new Lion of the Lord.


Ron left that list for us to find.

fully, that he is the One.

A new Lion of the Lord.

A Latter-day Brigham Young.

Then there will be more blood.
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