01x09 - Championship

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x09 - Championship

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HANDLER: Then, after the handshakes,

try to make it to the podium
as fast as possible.

There will be confetti,
but it should be all right.

We'll have a photographer placed there,

fan out as five, and do one lift.

Hold it for a little bit
longer than you think you will.

There will be another sh*t of confetti.

Then you guys can set
it down and do individual

- lifts after that.
- And, Organizm, just...

maybe smile, throw a smile in there.

You might be kind of happy,
and then, Creamcheese,

um, try to look at the crowd
and not yourself on the jumbotron, yeah?

If I'm on the jumbotron,
I'm gonna look at myself, April.

Just try to include your fans on...

- I don't want to see them.
- FORESITE: Don't do it.

No. Don't listen to her, man.
Dude, if you're... if you

want to look at yourself
on the jumbotron, you look.

- See? This guy...
- All right, all right, all

- right. I'm not gonna argue it.
- This guy...

- [LAUGHS] You'll look, man.
- ...knows what's up.

- What's up, dude?
- Honest... Look-look,

Look, there is nothing as
special as winning your first title.

Well, I'm looking forward to it.

FORESITE: Yeah, I mean, honestly,
a little part of me is rooting

- for you guys.
- Yeah?

No, no, dude, no.

Thanks. No, it's too late. You said it.

No, no, dude, you're...
No, we got you, man, we got you.

- We're gonna... Thank you.
- Good luck, though, good luck.

We are going to win, so...

- Oh, I-I can't wait to see it.
- Be ready for that.

Can't wait to see it.

CREAMCHEESE: I've played
with both Foresite and Organizm,

and as long as I'm your support,
you're the better ADC.

Fugitive, baby.

I got one word for Creamcheese:


♪ I came on a mission to give
you my pain and give you... ♪

ANNOUNCER: Beautiful!

♪ I'm on the grind... ♪

ANNOUNCER: Are you kidding me?

♪ Nothing stop me, all these years... ♪

ORGANIZM: This rivalry has been
going on for a long time,

but not with me.

FORESITE: No, I-I don't know why they're

doing this whole rivalry thing.

They've... they should've
done the whole underdog thing.

-You know, Fugitive versus TSM,
-Oh, yeah.

- Like David versus Goliath.
- Yes, dude.

- That would've been awesome.
- People love underdogs.

That's a great... Honestly,
that's such a good idea.

We're not underdogs.

What'd you say?

We're not underdogs.

Yeah. I mean, but
underdogs are cool, right?

People love underdogs.

- You seen The Mighty Ducks?
- FORESITE: Never.

I never get tired of winning.

♪ Run it up, run it up ♪

♪ Run it up, run it up ♪

♪ Nothing can stop me. ♪

ANNOUNCER: Fugitive is gonna
take the Nexus!

It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

MAN: A two-year, $ million contract?

WOMAN: He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

MAN : Creamcheese is a choke artist.

CREAMCHEESE: This would've
been the perfect setup to wombo combo.

MAN : Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?

MAN : Something is brutally wrong

- in this team.
- MAN : This season will make

or break the Fugitive franchise.

PHREAK: Welcome to the game that we have

all been waiting for and what

promises to be one
of the most historic finals

in the history of the LCS
between longtime

rivals TSM

and Fugitive Gaming.

GABRIELLA: There was
so much hype around this

matchup because
the storylines were endless.

Rookie of the year in his hometown.

The GOAT against his former team.

But when talking to fans,

it feels like a lot of them
were most interested

in seeing if Cream was going to

get over this hump, or if, once again,

he was gonna choke.

JATT: Over the years,
Creamcheese has developed

a reputation for shrinking
in big moments.

And Fugitive has completely

- surrendered.
- f*cking shit. f*ck.

JATT: Call it what it is:
Creamcheese is a choke artist.

ANNOUNCER: Does not deliver
when it matters.

f*ck. I'm d*ad, I'm d*ad, I'm d*ad.

JATT: In a big game, you just can't

- count on Creamcheese.
- MAN : I can't remember

a collapse this bad.

For the most part, people never

really question Cream's talents,

they questioned his mental,

because, on the biggest stages,

we've seen multiple times where
Creamcheese just melts down.

KYLE: Going into the
spring finals in our first LCS season,

nobody questioned
whether Cream was clutch.

You know, the only reputation he had

was that of a winner.

PHREAK: Fugitive will take the Nexus.

You just cannot stop this team.

In , when we went
all the way to the finals,

Cream was the most confident
I've ever seen him.

And Morgan was a big part of that.

CREAMCHEESE: We found our groove
that first year.

We stomped all over the LCS.

Nice, nice. Nice!


FORESITE: I still think that might be

my best regular season split
that I've played.

- Hey, man.
- You're the f*cking man.

Our first season, we proved

that we didn't just
deserve to be in the league.

We could actually win this thing.

PHREAK: Fugitive gaming
in their first season

as a pro team are already headed
to the NA LCS Finals

- in Las Vegas.
- JATT: The AxeBros in Vegas.

That's an awesome story.

MORGAN: I had never seen

Trevor or, I mean, the entire team so

excited, and Trevor

asked me if I wanted to come along, and

of course, I said yes 'cause

the tournament sounded,
like, so amazing.

And I really wanted
to see Britney Spears perform.

CREAMCHEESE: It's Britney, bitch!

First step into Vegas

and last time in Vegas
as non-NA champions,

- am I right, y'all?
- Yes, yeah.

Doesn't it just smell
like Vegas in the air?

We were in Vegas,
and I wanted to get us tickets

to see Britney Spears performing live,

except for all the shows

that she had were sold out,
except for that very first one.

But I was like,
"f*ck it, we're here early.

Let's just go to the show."

♪ Oops, I did it again ♪

- ♪ I played with your heart... ♪

Honestly, I think that Trevor
was even more excited.

♪ Oh, baby, baby, oops, you... ♪

She, like, came out of the ceiling

and had, like, a boa constrictor
wrapped around her neck.

♪ I'm not that innocent... ♪

You hear the song on the albums.

The songs on the albums are very good.

Live, it's like...

it is like the Taco Bell Cantina

version of Britney Spears.

And it's her singing.

I know people say it's not her...
Like, f*ck that.

It's Britney singing.

♪ Above ♪

♪ I'm not that innocent ♪

APRIL: So the concert ends,
and on the way out,

somebody at the show recognized Cream

and took a video of him.

Yeah, what's up, dude?

Yo, Britney. Oh, f*ck your d*ck, bro.

And some fans questioned whether he

was taking the finals seriously enough.

Oh, f*ck your d*ck, bro.

But at the time,
I didn't care that people

were tweeting about me seeing Britney

in Vegas because I truly believed

I was going to shut them up.

I believed we were going to b*at TSM.


PHREAK: Welcome to
the LCS Spring Finals in

Las Vegas, Nevada, and we've got
a great best of five coming up.

Fugitive Gaming, obviously

the hottest team
in the LCS coming against TSM.

I mean, their trophy case
is full already.

JATT: Yeah, it's really
a perfect matchup

because coming into the year,
we weren't sure how

Fugitive Gaming was going
to fare against LCS competition,

but turns out
they actually do fare pretty well.

Now we have to see
if they can b*at the final boss.

That's what this final sets up.

I'm really excited to see it.

We were so jacked up in Vegas,

like, we felt like we were
the new show in town, you know?

Move over, Australian penis show.

We are the new kids in town.


APRIL: Somehow,
all that came before felt small.

This is what we worked so hard for,

sacrificed so much for,
and it was finally happening.

FORESITE: All right, we can go.

Wait, I'm going. Watching him?

There we go.

PHREAK: Fugitive Gaming comes out hot,
taking first blood.

So, we come in, AxeBros,

cave in TSM Spotlight,

first blood, first turret,

first Drake... boom, boom, boom.

Our level ones were better.
Braxton was outscheming

their coach, and he wasn't even

the coach yet. He was just the top laner

planning their level ones.

CREAMCHEESE: That's what
I'm f*cking talking about.

- Way to go, Nightfall.

We weren't the underdogs for long.

- Nexus. Nexus.
- JATT: Fugitive will

take the Nexus for
a crucial lead in the series.

- So f*cking good.
- Yes, guys. Good stuff.

That's it.

CREAMCHEESE: The first game gave us

all the confidence we need,
so we went out there

and we ran it back.

Go, go, go. Keep throwing it.

- Get to the Nexus.
- Yes, yes.

- f*cking nice.
- FORESITE: Nice. Nice!

PHREAK: A - lead for Fugitive.

This is what dreams
are made of right here.

- f*ck yeah.
- Wow, there you go. Way to go.

This may be one of the most dominant,

well played finals we've seen.

We were just one game away
from winning the title.

You know, the-the glory.

CREAMCHEESE: After winning game two,

we-we weren't even thinking
about winning game three.

We were already
thinking about winning Worlds.

APRIL: Game three,
and they're playing well.

- Ooh! So good.
- FORESITE: Nice, dude.

Nice, bro.

APRIL: Up in kills, cold advantage.

Smart choices throughout.

Partway through that game three,

Fugitive was looking like

the best LCS team ever.

All right. This is great.
Good, good, good.

So, the game is basically over.

TSM is walking in completely blind.

Their Kog'Maw doesn't have flash,

so the only way he lives
is if I f*ck it up.

Okay, Cream,

- whenever you're ready, buddy.
- CREAMCHEESE: All I had to do

was land that
headbutt-pulverize on Kog'Maw.

PHREAK: Look at Creamcheese at the wall.

- They don't see him.
- JATT: Ooh, this could be it.

CREAMCHEESE: And it would've
been the perfect setup

to one of the world's
sickest wombo combos.

This is good. This is good right here.

This is great. No, no, no, it's good.

- All right, Cream, we got you.
- On you, Cream.

- Cream.
- FORESITE: Go, go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go, damage. That's... Go, go.

Oh, my f*cking God.

Cream sees his moment, he goes
in, completely f*ck it.

Punts the Kog'Maw to safety

and everything collapsed around him.

Everyone bl*ws their cooldowns,

they h*t nothing. It's a disaster.

PHREAK: Oh, my God, Creamcheese

botches the Alistar combo and Projekt's

able to free f*re onto Fugitive.

He just doesn't press the second letter

on his keyboard. Like, this isn't hard.

Virtually anyone can press W then Q,

like, half-second later,
and-and the Kog'Maw's d*ad.

What the f*ck? No, I h*t my Q there.

- FORESITE: Shut up, shut up.
- Back, back, back, back,

- back, back.
- JATT: That has

got to be one of
the most costly, messed-up

headbutt-pulverize I've ever seen.

Completely failing the wombo combo.

PHREAK: That is a brutal, unforgivable

mistake by Creamcheese.

CREAMCHEESE: Unforgivable.

That's what they called it.

And they were right.

PHREAK: It is possible to screw up...

We're humans... but you can't,
not in the finals,

not when the pressure's on.

You're not allowed to make this mistake.

Everyone remembers Cream's

botched wombo combo,

so it's easy to forget

that we still had two more games.

You know? Two more opportunities

to win that series.

Bro, what the f*ck, Brax, why
didn't you go in on the gank?

You should've TP'd.

APRIL: But after that
missed wombo combo,

it was clear that
Cream's mental was broken.

Where is my f*cking team?

- APRIL: He was tilted.
- f*ck!

PHREAK: Creamcheese dies again.

And there was no way
we were b*ating TSM.

PHREAK: And listen
to that crowd. They're loving

- the reverse sweep.

TSM take the Nexus.

TSM take their fourth championship.

FORESITE: I do feel bad for the guy.

But at the time, we were just so

angry at him.

JATT: Yeah, you love to see
a finals go to all five games,

and sometimes for the victor,

the reverse sweep can be
all the more satisfying, right?

Because they're down in the gutter - ,

but they managed to just
pull themselves back up.

- Yeah.
- Especially games

four and five. Super dominant by TSM.

CREAMCHEESE: I've gone over
that botched wombo combo

maybe a million times in my head.

I honestly still
don't know what happened.

times out of , I h*t that.

I think when the general public thinks

of professional gamers, they think...

...you know, of-of, like,
these Greek gods...

They're machines,
they're the best of us.

They're amazing.

But it's easy to forget that...

...they're human.

Creamcheese decides to give a speech

after losing a championship.

I have something
I want to say to everyone.

It's like, "How could I make this worse?

"Oh, let me give a speech that literally

no one asked for."

I've been hearing a lot
of people saying they don't

think Fugitive Gaming
has what it takes to win.

I've been hearing a lot of people
doubting us. I heard

people doubting us
even as we came on stage today.

It was tough to watch.

Trevor is like a brother to me,

and I just remember seeing him
up on that stage thinking,

"Who is this guy?"

You know? I mean, this...
this isn't Trevor.

CREAMCHEESE: So, go ahead...
Keep on doubting, 'cause we're not gonna

win just one championship.

We're not gonna win
just two championships.

We-we could, we could...

Honestly, we'll...

honestly, we'll probably
win seven championships.

GURU: f*ck, you just

lost! You just lost,
and you're gonna promise?

How about one win? How about one win

before you promise seven?

Frankly, I'm-I'm probably
the best support

to ever play the game, and
that just hasn't shown up yet,

and it will show up,
and when it does, we will

win our championships, we will win,

probably, seven championships.

KYLE: I don't think people realize

how much that series
changed him. I mean, before that,

he wasn't this loud support

with the huge ego.

This is so f*cking dumb.

PHREAK: Creamcheese
is walking off the stage!

The game's not even over yet!

He was a sweet kid.

MORGAN: And we have
Nutmilk on the floor.

- What's up?
- KYLE: He was a good teammate.

I'm gonna call it right here...

Best jungler in NA.

KYLE: He was happy to be support.

He would tell you himself

that Foresite was the leader
of the team.


You're a f*cking God.

KYLE: And I think

Cream believes that all that changed

when he missed the wombo combo.

So, don't forget about me.

Do not forget about me,
'cause I'll be back.

But, for me...

...it all changed
when he picked up that mic.

Thank you for your time.

APRIL: A lot of fans

blamed the loss on Creamcheese
going to see Britney the night before.

And it didn't help
that Foresite doubled down.

FORESITE: You know, we just
need to learn from this as a team

because, frankly, we were not as focused

as we should've been.

We should have been scrimming
and not seeing concerts.

APRIL: Foresite knew
how much Trevor loved him

and looked up to him,
but instead of defending Cream,

he threw him under the bus.

And the not-so-subtle implication

was that we would've beaten TSM

if it weren't for
his relationship with Morgan.

It's his first hike.
You're doing great. He loves it.

Beautiful nature...
Look at all these d*ad trees.

CREAMCHEESE: After that loss
to TSM, all I'm doing

is thinking about that wombo combo,

just playing it over and over again,

using that as my fuel,

as my motivation.

And Morgan thinks
I need to get my mind off of it,

so she buys us tickets to Paris.

Trevor said that
he needed to work harder

and not take a break,

- so he refused to go.
- CREAMCHEESE: And that just

became this whole big fight.

He said he didn't have time
to talk about it or us

or deal with me.


work harder than everyone else

to be the best.

This is something where he's-he's

playing, like, all hours of every day.

I couldn't have any more
distractions, you know?

So, I-I just locked myself
in the scrim room.

It just felt like this
was obviously the direction

that Trevor's life was going in.

The esports world
is where you all sort of live together.

The team lives together,
congregated in a single house.

I have been through that life.

It is not for everyone.

MORGAN: It became clear
that Trevor's life

was now just League and only League.

And I didn't see where I really fit

into it in a long-term way.

KYLE: The breakup with Morgan
really hurt him. Uh,

still does, I think, but...

Foresite leaving...

Even now, he won't talk about it.

I think it's too painful.

APRIL: Well, the news broke

a little after MSI.

Foresite was going to play for TSM.

PHREAK: Foresite confirmed today
a two-year deal with TSM.

JATT: If TSM wasn't already the favorite

to win it all again,
they are now definitely...

CREAMCHEESE: I felt like I f*cked it up.

He really wanted to win
a championship, and, like,

I was out there with Morgan

seeing concerts and-and

bl*wing - leads, so...

I don't blame him.

When Foresite left, everything changed.

I think he wanted to prove
that he could win

without Foresite, but
we all know how history played out.

Foresite is known
for all the incredible things

that he's accomplished.

And Creamcheese is mostly
known for the things he hasn't.

Oh, my f*cking God.

It was tough for all of us.

I mean, to watch Foresite win

title after title without us.

The more success Foresite had,

the more pressure Cream put on himself.

ANNOUNCER: Rise available,
misses the knockup.

- And the black shield's
- f*ck.

On his back to safety.
There's not enough damage...

Any time a new ADC came in,

Cream would make sure
they knew, "This is my team.

I am the Fugitive."

CREAMCHEESE: Like, why do you
think it's called Fugitive?

- Because I am the Fugitive.
- Right.

I've been building his team
since I was Nutmilk, dude.

He wanted so badly to change
the narrative about himself,

but that's not how things played out.

JATT: That's a disaster for Fugitive.

ANNOUNCER: Creamcheese just does
not deliver when it matters.

When we lost to Godless in ,
fans talked about Britney.

When we lost again in ,

"Oops, Cream did it again."

CREAMCHEESE: I couldn't tell
if I was actually

a choker or if they convinced me

that I was a choker.

It's like Inception,

but instead of a dream
it's, like, a-a bad dream.

APRIL: After that first season,
it was a rough five years for Cream,

and it just broke my heart
because I knew he really blamed himself.

Is it a mental thing? Does
he have the blocker that's gonna

prevent him from ever winning
a championship?

Yeah, he does.


ANNOUNCER: Let's hear it, Philadelphia!

Ladies and gentlemen, LCS fans,

welcome to the stage the defending

LCS champions, TSM!


FORESITE: TSM on three. Ready?

- One, two, three!

- Let's go.
- KYLE: Listen,

I want you to forget
your history with TSM.

I want you to go out there
and I want you to make history.

- Understand me?
- All right.

KYLE: You guys ready?

- Yeah.

- Then let's do it. Let's go!
- We got this.

Playing their fifth LCS Final,

seeking that elusive first title
in franchise history,

please welcome Fugitive Gaming!


AZAEL: I am so excited
to be here for this.

It is gonna be a banger,
TSM going up against Fugitive.

It has been a one-sided affair thus far.

Former teammates facing off here.

We have Foresite and
Creamcheese. You know there's

- some bad blood there.

AZAEL: Fugitive is so hungry

to get a title,

and Creamcheese... Now paired alongside

rookie star Organizm here,

- f*ck yeah.
- Is trying to finally

get his first title

before, potentially, he retires
at the end of this year.

Fugitive, baby! Fugitive, let's go.

I mean, I was gonna come

whether he considers me
his manager or his brother,

whatever. I mean,
I'm-I'm still a fan of the team.

I'm-I'm a fan of Organizm. So...

A-And I'm here to see my other
favorite player, Nightfall.

- Yay, yay.
- Yeah.

So, yeah, let's start, baby.

Fugitive, let's go.

CROWD: Nine, eight...

we're now moments away

from the start of our
series here, and Azael,

game number one,

- right out of the gate.
- Let's get it.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: And here we go.

Finals kicking off. We're underway.

CREAMCHEESE: We got this, we got this.

Yeah, we got this. We got this.

that is a lane swap forming

- AZAEL: What?
- In their base right now.

Look at where they're headed.

AZAEL: That is gonna be risky
coming out the gates.

The story of game one was coaching.

Fugitive comes out
with a throwback strategy...

A lane swap...

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Oh, man, lane swap

hasn't been meta in so long.

I'm excited to see
if they can pull this off.

JATT: ...sending Creamcheese
and Organizm

into the top lane, and TSM...

They were not expecting it.

- Feeling good about this.
- Yeah.

APRIL: Braxton had been looking for

an opportunity to try this strategy.

And with TSM leaning so hard
on their bot lane all playoffs,

he knew it was the moment
to pull off the lane swap.

- Pika, go, go, go. Pika, go.
- CREAMCHEESE: Go in there.

Right there, right there, there it is.

f*ck yeah, bro.

- There we go.
- Ooh! Ooh!

AZAEL: Fugitive catching 'em

completely off guard.

TSM was not ready for the lane swap.

APRIL: Hell yeah!

Lane swap, baby. Lane swap.

They think this is their house?
f*ck your house.

Oh, just... No, no, just-just a
flash... flash down, flash down.

Go, go, go, go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Foresite looking
for that k*ll on Creamcheese

but he ain't gonna get it,
and the team is there.

- Nightfall takes him out.
- AZAEL: Oh!

Fugitive will take the Nexus.

f*ck yeah, let's go.

AZAEL: Certified banger,
but that's only game one,

and we got to see, can TSM bounce back?

- Oh, my God.
- Game one. That's one down.

- That's one down.
- Oh, we got it, we got it.

And honestly, for me,
the story of game one, Azael:

the lane swap from Fugitive Gaming

that just caught TSM
completely off guard.

Coach Braxton pulling this strategy out.

You do not see lane swap in .

This is an artifact of the past.

They brought it out
and they did it beautifully

- to execute against TSM.
- That takes confidence.

to bring it back and tie it up.

Game two, let's do it.

This is good, guys.
We're in a good position here.

AZAEL: Foresite is playing
a near-perfect game

and giving TSM a real advantage
early on in the bot lane.

Another strong performance
from Organizm in game two

of the series, but Fugitive
is still slipping behind

in gold and kills.

We need to find picks.
Urgot's too t*nk and Samira's

- too fed for a team fight.
- NIGHTFALL: Yeah, yeah,

I can shadow Tyrant, and
then maybe we can get a bounty.

little bit of a bait coming out

as they engage here, bringing up

the extra man.
- AZAEL: He's gonna get the k*ll.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Nightfall shows up,

but it will be a one-for-one trade,

losing their top laner,
but it's still Nightfall

ready to go and keep this push alive.

AZAEL: Nightfall gets the k*ll
and the bounty,

but it could be too late,
TSM are on the push.

He's got to get back to defend.

- Go, go, go, go, go.
- Guys, we're gonna lose v .

Let me... let... I-I'm just
gonna go backdoor, yeah?

Go, go. Go, we'll keep them
from recalling.

Wait, they're backdooring.
They're backdooring.

Wait, Hitch, go base, go base,

go base, base, base, base.

Stop recall, stop recall!

FORESITE: No, no, they're trying
to stop it.

AZAEL: Nightfall's not gonna
try to defend,

he's gonna try to take the Nexus
single-handedly right now!

I'm here in the Nexus, I'm in the Nexus.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Ladies and gentlemen,

we got ourselves a base race.

- Base race. Base race.
- It's not the best.

AZAEL: The only way Nightfall
can pull this off

is if Fugitive can defend the base v .

Don't-don't die. Just don't die,
guys. Just clear the wave.

Just go, go. Get the tower.
h*t it, h*t it, h*t it.

I got the Nexus, all right!

- AZAEL: Oh, Bap is down.
- Bap is out of the picture.

I'm d*ad.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Oh, and Organizm

- will be quick to follow.
- f*ck.

the last man standing.

CREAMCHEESE: I'm d*ad. I'm d*ad,
I'm d*ad, I'm d*ad.

- AZAEL: Wait, Nightfall's

on the second tower! He's still going!

I got the second one.

- Oh, God.
- Ah...

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Both teams' Nexuses

- AZAEL: Oh, it's so close!
- In dire straits.

- AZAEL: Do it!
- Oh, my God, oh, my God.

Yeah, I'm just hitting the Nexus now.

AZAEL: Nightfall is so close!
This is crazy!

NIGHTFALL: Yeah I got it, I got it.

Go, go, go, go!

Come on, you got this. You got this.

Yeah, just take it,
just take it, just take it.

Nightfall will find the Nexus.

- Let's f*cking go! f*cking go!


- Holy shit!
- Yes!


What the f*ck?!

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Fugitive wins!

- AZAEL: Wow!
- CAPTAINFLOWERS: That had to be

one of the closest finishes
I have ever seen

in a game of League of Legends.

I wasn't even breathing by the end.

And if you weren't out of breath
even watching

that race between Nightfall and TSM,

I don't know what you're tuned in for.

TYRANT: Let's go!

Ah, man, that was so close, bro.

TYRANT: This is the guy right here.

- That was so close.
- Way to read that opportunity.

- NIGHTFALL: It was all him.
- That was incredible.

It was all him.

Hey, hey, guys, everyone, everyone.

I just want to say something
to you guys.

This is, hands down,
the best Fugitive team ever.

- That's right. [WHOOPS]
- The best Fugitive team ever.

One more f*cking game.

- One more f*cking game, okay?
- We got this.

Oh, man, Fugitive is up two-zero,

but how close
were those first two games?

- Yeah.
- This could be going either way.

We got the lane swapping game one.

We got the base race
in game two, and you have got

to keep your foot on the gas
if you are Fugitive

because TSM is clutch, and if you allow

Foresite to get into a game number five,

you know it's lights out.

coming into game three,

and it's match point
for Fugitive Gaming.

- NIGHTFALL: Nice. Yeah, I see...
- There you go.

- Okay, okay, okay...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Nice first blood
for Org and for Fugitive.

That's Organizm right here.
That's Percy.

- Your brother? [SPEAKS KOREAN]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

APRIL: Oh, my God! Ugh.

Good momentum. I don't want to...

I don't want to jinx it,
I don't want to jinx it, but...

I'll say it, I'll say it. I think we...

- No, no, no. Don't jinx it.
- No. Paul, Paul.

- Don't jinx it, don't jinx it.
- Paul, don't say it.


After I k*ll this turret, I'm going mid.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Fugitive overextends

on the Foresite k*ll, but
they'll take that one. Oh, no.

But it looks like we've got a pause.

What the f*ck?

Pause in the finals.
This is why I didn't want you

- to say it, Paul! Sorry.
- I-I didn't... I really...

- I'm sorry.
- Literally, I didn't say that.

Around minutes into the game,
XFizz calls to the refs

and asks for an official pause because

he claims his headset is not working.

We had all the momentum,
we had all the rhythm,

we had all the advantages.

But that pause
just through everything off.


MCMANUS: During an official pause,

the refs... they disable
all comms so that the players

can't, like, strategize.

So the only thing they can hear

is that white noise that
they pump into their headphones.

APRIL: There's nothing you can do

but just try to stay
out of your own thoughts.

You sit there and you look up
and you're just reminded

that it's not just me
playing League, it's me

and hundreds of thousands
of people watching right now.

To see what that next move
is going to be.

Through the white noise,
we were able to hear the...




KYLE: A pause,

during an LCS Final in a packed arena.

That's a psychological hurdle
for everyone on that stage.

- But for Creamcheese?

You know he's just thinking
about the worst day of his life.


♪ Oh, baby, baby ♪

♪ Oops, you think I'm in love... ♪


KYLE: By the time the pause
was over, we were a different team.

And it's Hitch picking up

the k*ll on Creamcheese.

- f*ck.
- Nice, guys, good stuff.

AZAEL: Creamcheese overextends
and pays the price.

Play that slow, just play that slow.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Creamcheese trying
to make a play here,

but he just gives TSM another k*ll.


- What are you doing?
- ORGANIZM: Cream, come on.

Just-just stay in lane
and we'll be fine.

Okay, well, just land
your Q's and we'll be fine.

ORGANIZM: I just tried to stay calm.

I just tried to worry about myself
and play how I was playing,

but I can't handle
when Cream plays like shit.

- Go, go, go. On me, on me, me.
- What are you doing?

You're playing so f*cking
far out of position, dude.

I don't know what you're doing.

You're so tilted.
Just wait for my angle.

And Cream goes down again.

What the f*ck is he doing?

Cream, how many times do I have
to tell you to follow my calls,

- dude? What are you doing?
- Okay, well,

your calls are shit, bro.

It's not me. You're just choking again.

AZAEL: Foresite's Curtain Call,
gonna clean them up.

- They are running all over them.
- FORESITE: Yes, nice, nice.

That's what I'm talking about.

And TSM takes the win here

in game number three.

Azael, we got ourselves a series.

AZAEL: What a bounce back from TSM.

What the f*ck?


Are you f*cking kidding me?
Do you see this shit?

NIGHTFALL: He just typed "oops"?

- APRIL: "Oops."
- KYLE: What?

You f*cking see this shit?
f*cking "oops."

Foresite typed it all...
all chat, like, "oops," right?

And it was obvious that he was calling
for the Britney Spears song.

I always thought that Foresite
was a nice guy,

but that was just mean.

Okay, it's okay, guys.
We can win next game.

We can win next game. It's okay.

Let's go, baby. Let's go.

Bring it in. No, bring it in.
f*cking bring it in.

GURU: Oh, shit, look.

Foresite wrote "oops" in all chat.

Let me see that.

- KYLE: Cream. Cream.
- CREAMCHEESE: f*ck! f*ck!

Organizm is f*cking griefing us.

- It's just one game.
- It's v out there.

- ORGANIZM: Man, f*ck you.
- It's f*cking v .

- v ?
- Yeah, bro.

It's v 'cause you're f*cking choking.

- Oh, you got a big mouth now.
- All right, guys.

- He's got a big f*cking mouth.
- It is just one game.

Again, I remind you,
we are winning right now.

- Barely.
- No, no, we're not winning.

He's f*cking tilting like he always does

when he doesn't get his way,
so he's running out there

and he's trying to outplay Foresite.

Well, I got news for you, Cream,
you can't outplay Foresite

- because he's better than you!
- KYLE: Org.

- I can b*at Foresite.
- No the f*ck you can't.

- Get your shit together.
- Are you f*cking kidding me?

I can't be around this.
I can't f*cking be around him.

I-I can't...
H-He drives me f*cking insane.

- I can't be around him.
- All right.

Gaming fans, I think you got to be

a little bit worried here, Azael,
because they did not look good

- after that pause.
- AZAEL: They did not at all.

And you got to wonder, you know,
a-are they a little bit tilted

coming out of... Did they get
into their head in that pause?

You know, we saw Creamcheese
not looking the same

after the pause as he was
before, but on the other side,

Foresite, he was looking clean

- In the rest of that game.

And not only is Foresite...

Never underestimate Fugitive.

Never underestimate Creamcheese...

CAPTAINFLOWERS: ...would not
be the first time they've been

reverse-swept by TSM.

You know those thoughts
are in their head,

You know that this is on Creamcheese...

CREAMCHEESE: ...just two championships.

We-we could, we could,
honestly, we'll...

honestly, we'll probably win
seven championships.



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