01x02 - The Mother

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Flowers in the Attic: The Origin". Aired: June 29, 2022 - present.*
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After a whirlwind romance, Olivia finds herself as the mistress of the imposing Foxworth Hall, where she soon discovers that the fairy tale life she expected has quickly become a nightmare.
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01x02 - The Mother

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It's like youth.

You don't truly appreciate it
until it's gone.

In my youth I had total control
of my life.

I had a vocation.

I had passion.

I had hope.


And then, I met a man

Who turned out to be a monster.

And he made me a prisoner.

I was trapped in my own home

When he forced himself
on his stepmother.

New life began in her,

and for sake of appearance,
in me.

But now I was back in control

and I was determined
never to lose it again.

In case you haven't
already noticed,

there will soon be an addition
to our family.

Congratulations, ma'am.

Thank you.

But as our family grows
we also suffer a loss.

I'm saddened to say that
Mrs. Garland Foxworth

will be leaving us to set up
a new home in Pittsburgh.

Her son, Christopher,
will remain in our hospitality

until he can be sent for.

I would like to thank you all

for welcoming my late husband
and myself, and...

we wouldn't want you
to miss your train.

[whispers] I think
this may be a mistake.

You're protecting
the Foxworth name.

Christopher's legacy.

Think of his future.

[door creaks open]

This is it?

You have all the creature
comforts of home

and enough amusements
that the time will fly by.

Never been much of a reader.

Well then... Perhaps this can
also be a time

of personal growth.

Just think, once the baby
is born

you'll get the money
from Garland's estate.

You and Christopher will be free
of this place forever.

What about Malcolm?

I'll take care of him.

I'm scared.

Fear is like pain.

Endure it long enough
and you become numb to it.

Trust me, I know.

I'll see you in the morning.

[door locks]

I settled her into the old
chambermaid's room

in the east wing.

The one with the steps
to the attic.

And I have the only key.

An authoritative temperament
is a highly unattractive quality

in the fairer sex.

But then again you are
barely a woman.

Goose down is a poor substitute
for a fertile womb.

And mockery is a poor substitute
for masculinity.

You will leave Alicia alone.

You want to be in control?

It's all yours.

But if your plan fails

and something happens
to my daughter...

It won't.

And it might be a boy.

Excuse me?

The baby.

You're so sure it's going
to be a girl

but that's the one thing
you can't control.

Darling, when are you going
to realize

that I always get what I want...
No matter what?

[thunder roars]

[floorboards creaking]

[thunder roars]

[door creaks open]

[thunder roars]


It's late, sweetie.
What are you doing up?

I know you must miss your mommy,

but she'll be back for you.
I promise.

I have an idea.

How would you like to sleep
with me tonight?

Would that make you feel better?


[floorboards creaking]

I'm telling you
something isn't right.

Did you hear those noises coming
from the east wing last night?

Sounded like somebody crying.

[footsteps clanking]

Mrs. Steiner.


Oh Nella, would you be available
to meet with me later today

to discuss some changes
to our produce order?

Well surely, I can consult
with the cook

regarding any issues
you may have.

That won't be possible,
Mrs. Steiner,

as I'll no longer be requiring
your services in my home.

Excuse me?

Your termination is
effective immediately.

But I've lived at Foxworth
all my entire life.

And now you don't.

Do you understand?


If Mr. Garland Foxworth
were still alive

he wouldn't stand for this.

If that be true,

then perhaps this is the one
happy result of his death.

Goodbye, Mrs. Steiner.

[engine rumbles]

How would you like to be
the new head housekeeper?

I would like that very much.

Thank you.

Your next payment will reflect
your new position.

And your first task is to ensure
that the rest of the staff

stays out of the east wing.

But shouldn't we...

No one should enter
the east wing.

Not for any reason.
Do you understand?

Yes, ma'am.

One thing before you go.

I was just in the library

and I saw that the door
to the attic was open.

Do you need me to get
you anything?

I'd hate for you to go up there
in your condition.

There's another entrance
to the attic?

It's the old servant staircase.

Take me there now.

Please get one of the carpenters

to seal up this
door immediately.

We won't be needing
this access anymore.

Certainly, ma'am.

[door opens]

You said you would take care
of him and he came anyway.

I know.

I'm truly sorry.
I failed you.

But I know a way to stop him.

Your hair.


Malcolm likes things of beauty.

No, no. I couldn't.
I couldn't.

Peace of mind is more important
than vanity.

It's the only way.


Now, I'm telling you, Celia.

Something strange is going on
up in that house.

Stranger than normal.

Lord help us then.

Mrs. Foxworth has
forbidden anyone

from going into the east wing.

Well, you better stay
out of it, mama.

Because whatever it is
it's probably not any good.

- That place...
- I know.

Nothing but evil comes
from that house.

But Mrs. Foxworth...

She's different.

She's a white person.
You don't know her.

Not really.

I know enough to know
that she's not like him.

Maybe so.

But just cause Judas
ain't the devil

doesn't make him someone
you should trust.


A moment.


I would like to show
you something.

A letter to Westmoreland

All about my poor, sad,
deluded wife.

My beloved Olivia who never
quite recovered

after learning that
she was infertile.

She has even been pretending
to be with child for months.

Surely an extended stay

would help her recover
from her psychosis.

They would never believe you.

Really? A woman's
word over mine?

I did not appreciate that little gift
you left on my desk.

No more stunts like that
or I will send this letter.

There's just one problem.

How will my equally
beloved husband

explain how he came into
possession of a newborn?

Alicia will never let you raise
the baby alone.

Alicia might not have a say
in the matter.

We all know how dangerous
childbirth can be.

Perhaps you have forgotten
one tiny bit of information.

You k*lled your father
and r*ped your stepmother.

Maybe it's time to share that
tidbit with the authorities.


I am your authority
in this house.

[breathing shakily]

You can play act you're
in control all you want.

And none of this is real.

Not your rules.
Not your threats.

And the pregnancy,

you are just a sad woman

with a sour face
and a d*ad womb.

[breathes shakily]

- [floorboards creaking]
- [gasps]

[distant laughter and chatter]

[dog barking in the distance]

- [knocking on glass]
- [gasps]

We don't get many ladies
around here,

but I'd be happy to figure
something out

for the right price, honey.

No, I'm not here for that.

Oh. You want to get rid
of that.

Let me fetch miss Hazel.

What? No!
Goodness no.

Thank you very much.

Since Malcolm had found
other means for release,

Alicia was finally safe

and I could focus on what
really mattered...

the children.

Stop it, mommy!


Can I call you mommy?

Of course you can, my love.


What about me?

[tapping on window]

What's that noise?

Let's all head inside.

Christopher, Christopher!
Please look at me!

[banging on glass]

You broke my trust.

You took my son away from me.

I'm not the enemy here.
Malcolm is.

Don't play innocent.

This scheme was all your idea.

Yes. To save our family.

To protect the Foxworth name
for our sons.

I don't believe you.

I saw the way that you looked
at Christopher.

I know you want more children
and I know you can't have them.

I think you want my baby
just as much as he does.

Is that what you think of me?

You keep me locked up in this
room like some kind of prisoner.

May I remind you that you
weren't forced into this.

You agreed to these terms.

Well, I don't agree
to them anymore.

You can't leave.

Oh, really?

If you go, Malcolm won't
give you your inheritance.

I don't care about the money.

I am taking Christopher
and I will manage on my own.


You've never worked a day
in your life.

You can't support yourself.

And how will you hide
your pregnancy?

Everyone will know the baby
couldn't be Garland's.

But at least I'll have
my freedom.

Do you know what Malcolm
would do to you,

To both of us, if you left?

Whatever he might do

can't be worse than
what he's already done.

That child belongs here!

My child belongs
with his mother!

This is the last time
I'll say it.

Get in line or I can make things
much worse for you.

You are just as bad as he is.

Let me go. Let me go!
Let me go!




I'm so sorry.

Are you all right?





Malcolm help!
Stop her!

Let go. Let go!
Let go of me, let go!!


She's alive.

The baby?
What about the baby?

I don't know, I don't know!

If that baby is hurt
so help me god

That letter to Westmoreland
will be in the post tomorrow

and you will spend the rest
of your days in a padded cell.

You won't send that letter.

Unless of course you want
the Foxworth name

splashed all over the front page
of the paper.

"Esteemed businessman
Malcolm Foxworth

"seen frequenting house of
ill repute." I followed you.

Now if you want to save
this baby

you need to stop threatening me
and start listening.

We're running out of time.
We need to call the doctor.

How do we explain away all this?

I will handle that.
I'll call the doctor now.

I'll fix myself up and go wait
for the doctor.

Are you sure about this?


Thank you for coming
in the middle of the night.

Anything for the Foxworths.

I see you are in the family way.
How wonderful.

My apologies.

I suppose my diagnosis about your

infertility was wrong.

We have been blessed.
It's quite a miracle.


But you're, you're feeling
all right?

Yes. But we didn't call you here
for me.

You see, there's something
rather delicate

I'd like to share with you.

And we, of course, appreciate
your discretion.

Of course.

This way.

Mrs. Foxworth will be fine.

And the baby?

Heartbeat sounds strong.

Thank you, doctor.
That is wonderful news.

Where am I?

You're in your bed,
Mrs. Foxworth.

You had quite the nasty spill.


She's evil.

Now Alicia, please.
It's me, Olivia.

We're here to help you.

No, no, no. They're keeping me
prisoner here. They...

She's worse than you said.

Ever since garland d*ed she's
been slowly losing her mind.

She even did that
to her own hair.

No, they're lying.

You have to... You have
to believe me.

- I believe you.
- You have to believe me.

She just can't accept
that her grief

sent her into the arms
of one of the servants.

No, no, no, no.

It was him.
He did it to me.

He forced himself on me.

Mrs. Foxworth...

That's a new one.

There must be some sort
of sedative

you could give her
to calm the nerves.

No, no, no, no, no.


Hold her down, hold her down!

No, please no!

All right.

- No, no, no
- Alright, Mrs. Foxworth.

They're lying! You
have to believe me!

Help me, help me! No!

Alright, just keep calm.

You have to believe me,
please no.


It was quite the gamble
calling the doctor here.

But it appears you did
the right thing.

My daughter is alive and well
which is all that matters.

Well done.

Yes. Thank goodness.

This baby is important
to me too.

I won't get the chance
to have another one.

I've always wanted a daughter.

Yes, well, she won't truly be
your daughter, will she?

That ankle will make it
difficult to care for Alicia.

I would offer to help

but I know how you like
to maintain control.

I don't want any part of this.

I was wondering
why you were acting so strange.

Now, I wish I didn't know.

I know it sounds bad.

You're keeping a pregnant woman
locked up in the attic!

It's for her own good.

Is it?



I don't know where else to turn.

[door opens]

[footsteps approaching]

So, they got you involved now.

I'm helping Mrs. Foxworth

while she recovers
from her sprained ankle.

And don't you pull any of that
fighting with me.

I h*t back.



Now... Eat.

Don't do it because
Mrs. Foxworth told you to

or because I told you to.

Do it because that child
is hungry

and no good mother
wants to hurt her baby.

Because no matter
what anyone says,

that there is your baby.

Thank you
for acknowledging that.

Play their game.

Then you can take your boy
and your money

and be rid of this awful place

But it's not a game.

It's my life.

Not if you don't eat.

And something happens
to that baby of yours,

you'll be lucky to still
have a life

once Mr. Foxworth gets
through with you.

You think I don't know
what he does?

The only thing that hasn't
had me

running for the hills
is my Celia.

He paying for her schooling.

And don't go thinking
it's charity.

It's nothing of the sort.

Mr. Foxworth is
my Celia's father.

He did the same thing to me
that he did to you.

I'm so sorry.

It was a long time ago.

If I can make it through all
these years working for him,

you can make it a few more months
in this here room.

Now... Eat.


Olivia: At the time I couldn't
have known

how much Nella had in common
with Alicia.

How much pain she was in.

[playing piano scales]

The kind of pain only
a mother could know.

[distant screaming]

Because being a mother
is all about pain.

- You hear that?
- It's time.

Make it convincing.
You need to drown out her screams.

[Alicia screaming]


Yes, I see it!
I see it!


[heavy breathing]

I can't!

You can.
You can do this.

Push, now!


[heavy breathing]

[heavy breathing]


But she's your baby.

She belongs to them now.

Don't ever forget
what they did to me.

And to you.

What they can still do.

Don't forget who they are.

I know who they are.

Then why are you still
helping them?


She's perfect.


A girl.

Just as I knew she would be.

She is here with us
because your plan worked.

Just as you said it would.
Thank you, Olivia.

Welcome to the world,
my sweet Corrine.


After my mother.

I assume you won't have
a problem with that.


I won't.

Everything about her is perfect.

I want to thank you.

Not just for helping with Alicia
but for everything.

Ever since I came to this place
you've been there for me.

More than any employee,
more than any friend.

My only friend, really.

What do you think a friend is?

Well someone you talk to.
Someone who understands you.

And do you understand me?

I'd like to think I do.

Do you even know anything
about me?

What's my surname?

Well I, I... I don't know.
It's never come up.

What's this all about?

It's Jennings.
My name is Cornelia Jennings.

Is everything all right?


Because if you knew me,

You would've never asked me
to help you

With the other Mrs. Foxworth.


Excuse me?

Look at me and look at you.

We're not friends, ma'am.

I gave you employment.

I promoted you beyond
what your station in life

would normally allow.

I earned my job
and my promotion.

All this time I was operating
under the gross misapprehension

that we were friends.

I assure you that will not
happen again.

You may go.


I've missed you so very much,

Christopher: You're not
my mommy.

He'll come around.

I know.

I should've been kinder to you.

I lost sight
of our common enemy.

I was hoping for a boy.


Promise me something.

Protect my...
Protect your daughter.

Make sure Malcolm doesn't do
to her what he's done to us.

Olivia: I would honor my promise
to Alicia at all costs.

If only I knew then just
how great that cost would be.

[upbeat music]

Olivia: They say time heals
all wounds.

But years only made
them worse.


Thank you all
for gathering together

to celebrate our dear Corrine’s
th birthday.

Her father and I are so proud
of the young woman she's become.

So, on behalf of her father
and her brothers

Joel, Mal, and his
fiancée Helen,

please join us in wishing
Corrine a very special day.

To Corrine.

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ happy birthday to you

♪ happy birthday,
dear Corrine ♪

♪ happy birthday to you


[lively music]

May I have this dance?

Of course, daddy.
Excuse me.

You've almost survived
another Foxworth gathering.

Your family is always pleasant
to me, Mal.

That's because they're
not your family yet.

Did you know he would be here?

Mal, stop.

- Not now. Can we just dance?
- Yeah.



You look about as good as I do.

I just needed some air.

Fawning over Corrine
was making me a bit ill.

Aren't you basking
in our sister's perfection?

Helen's ex, Bill's here.

Bill's a dullard with bad hair.

I'm pretty sure
he wears lifts in his shoes.

You know his dad already made
him vice president at ?

Helen chose you, not him.
She loves you.

What if that's not enough?

You're my big brother.

You know I'd jump at the chance
to knock you down a peg or two.

That guy's got nothing on you.

Everything was perfect.
Thank you.

Of course, ma'am.

What a lovely party.

It is not quite over yet.

I have one more gift
left to give.

It's too big to be keys
to a car.


Too heavy to be jewelry.


[laughs weakly]

A beautiful baby doll
for my beautiful baby.

Thank you, daddy.

I don't care how old you get,

you will always be
my little girl.

Are you going to tell me
what's bothering you

or do I have to endure
your sulking about

for the rest of the day?

My trust fund.

I don't get access to it
until I'm .

Darling, of course I'd want you
to have your trust early.

It's not just for me, no.

Helen's accustomed
to a certain lifestyle.

All the money in the world
means nothing

If there isn't true love
between two people.

Yes, but I want to provide
for her

in the way that she's
accustomed, and I...

The trusts are your
father's domain.

He set them up so he must
approve all changes.

If this is something
you really want

you're going to have
to take this up with him.

That's what I was trying
to avoid.

I know he can be difficult.



I don't know how you do it.

Put up with him all these years.

I had you. That's how.

No. It, it won't be long
before Joel gets married

And Corrine is halfway
out the door as it is.

Then what will you do?

A mother's work is never done.

I'll be fine.

[knocking at door]

May I come in?

I didn't get to give you
my present.

Every woman needs her own set.

Oh, mother.

Thank you.


At least you realize I'm not
a child anymore.

Your father loves you very much.

It's just...

Well, it's hard for him
to see you growing up,

dancing with the boys.


Excuse me?

Rockford Taylor, the boy
I was dancing with?


All I can think about is what
it would be like to kiss him.

I want nothing more for you
than to find a good man to love

and to love you back.

But all in due time.

What about you?

What about me?

Don't you think you deserve
that too?

A good man to love you?

When was the last time...
You know?

What your father and I do or do
not do behind closed doors...

Mother, we all know
you don't do anything.

Don't you miss it?

Being touched?


Rock only touched my hand

and it felt like my whole body
was on f*re.

I can't imagine never being able
to feel that again.

Yes well, you will feel
that again, I promise.

So, you need not worry.

Why did you marry daddy?

Well I...

I was in love.
I thought I was in love.

When I met your father,

he appreciated me for who I was.

A businesswoman.
Or I thought he did.

And life has a way of happening.

And before you know it
you've forged a path,

and once on a path it's
difficult to change direction.

And would you like that?
To change direction?

What I would like is for you
to enjoy your youth.

Go to college.

- Flirt.
- [giggles]

- Dance.
- [giggles]

But don't rush into anything.

I would've liked that
for you too.

It's getting late.

Happy birthday.

Olivia: The next day I couldn't
shake off the thoughts

my children had awakened in me.

What was I to do when
they all left the house?

And how had my daughter

Grown to become a more fulfilled
woman than I ever was?

I was lost.

But in that moment
something else was found.

Something that had
remained hidden

until fate brought me there
that day.

The poison garden.

[gate creaking]

[parrot squawking]

Perhaps the key
to finding myself

had been right at my fingertips
all along.

How many dresses do you need?

There's just um, one more shop
I need to visit.

Look, you're bored to tears.
Why don't you go on home?

I can walk back.



You could have just told me
you were k*lling time

until lover boy showed up.

Get out of here.
Mum's the word.

Have fun!

[engine struggles to start]

[engine struggling]

I seem to have a problem.

Yeah, it don't sound good.
Let me take a look.


Yeah, I think it might be
one of the air hoses.

Yeah. Air hose.

So, you can fix it?

I'd have to order a part

but it shouldn't take more
than a few days.

Thank you.

What's that you're listening to?

[blues music]


I'm sorry sir.
I can turn it off.

No, no. I like it.
And please, it's Joel.

I've just never heard anything
like that before.

The blues doesn't usually make
its way to rich folks like you.

Well, I'm sorry for that.

It seems to be our loss.

There's some pretty interesting
chord progressions in there.

I write music and play,
piano mostly.

Though I've done
some trumpet dabbling

With some light clarinet
sprinkled in.


You can borrow the record
if you want.

I'd like that very much.

I'm an adult now.
I'm getting married.

If I had access to more capital
to invest, I...

Is that what this is?

Some elaborate scheme to get
your hands on my money?

That's not what I meant.

The reason you have that trust
is your mother insisted on it.

Had it been up to me you would
be getting nothing at all.

Please father.

Look, I do not respond
to begging.

It is unbecoming of a man.

I think you should leave

before you embarrass yourself
any further.

Thank you for the ride.

You saved my loafers for sure.

Any time.

I'll see you next Saturday?

I'll come around about : .

I don't want to see you

cavorting with that boy
ever again,

or any boy for that matter.

But he's invited me
to a dance next week.

All my friends are going
and he's from a good family.

Please, daddy.

I don't care who he is
or who his family is.

You are too young
to be going to dances.

And you are most certainly
too young to be spreading your legs

on the back of a motorcycle.

If you would just meet him
maybe you would reconsider.

I don't need to meet him.
I already know him.

He is a boy, and boys
only want one thing.

- But daddy!
- No, enough!

No dance!

End of discussion!

Wasn't that a bit harsh?

Corrine is a child.
It is my job to protect her.

She's growing up.
Mal already is grown up.

Maybe it's time to accept that.

So, he sent you in here
to fight his battles.

You're right, he is growing up
into a weak man

because you have coddled him.

He will not get early access
to that trust.

What difference does
a few years make?

You're doing this to hurt him.

Well, maybe a few bruises will
make a man out of him after all.

So, to be a man one needs
to be bruised,

To be a woman one needs
to be protected.

Corrine is a girl.

She is a young woman

and it's our job to teach her
how to be an adult.

You can't stop her growing up,

no matter how many dolls
you buy her.

I see the way you look at her.

And what exactly is that
supposed to mean?

Not how a father should.

And what do you know

about how men are supposed
to look at women?

A mother, jealous of her
own daughter's beauty.

And yet you point
the finger at me.

I'm not jealous.
I'm scared.

I'm scared of how her beauty
could entice certain men.

The wrong men.

Which is why she needs
experience with them,

so she doesn't just say yes

to the first man
who comes along and proposes.

Well, that was your mistake
and mine.

Maybe we're not so different
after all.


I don't understand
why he has to be so strict.

I'm going to be the only girl
in town not at that dance.

My life is over.

I know it might seem that way.

It's like he wants to be
the only man in my life.


I guess I'm going to be
daddy's little girl forever.

I think you should go.

What? Really?
But daddy said...

Your father doesn't
need to know.

It will be our secret.

Oh, mother!

Thank you.


Olivia: Malcolm was right.
Men only want one thing.

I'm pregnant.

Rock was so sweet and kind.

I didn't really even mean
for it to happen.

I just got so caught up
with things.

Are you mad?

Not at you.

I just wish I told you more
about the ways of men.

You asked for my guidance
and I failed you.

I won't let that happen again.

What am I going to do?

We, you mean.
What are we going to do.

You're not in this alone.

There is something.

It may be our only option.

[knocking on glass]

Are you the one wanting
miss hazel?

On the bed, honey.

You gotta lay back.


This is all just so awful.

It's all right.
It's all right.

[crying softly]


Tomorrow, it will be like this
never happened.

Are you really just going
to sweep this under the rug

like you do everything else?

I can't pretend that
that didn't just happen.

I know it happened
and I'm glad it did,

because now you have
the life you deserve.

But this, here tonight,
this is between you and me.

Everywhere else
with everyone else,

this was just a night
like all the others.

You went to bed
mad at your father.

So, did I.

Do you understand?



Thank you.

It is awfully quiet
this morning.

Scrambled eggs and grapefruit,
it's your favorite.

And yet you have barely
touched your plate.

Are you feeling all right
this morning?

Just a little tired, daddy.
I was up late reading.


What about you? Were you up
late last night as well.

I was reading too.


They must have been some
awfully engaging novels

to keep you both awake
so late last night.

Yes daddy. Mine was about...

[slams table]


I will not be lied to
at my own table.

Leave us.

How dare you take our daughter
to that place?

Yeah, that is right, I saw you.

You are a filthy whore
just like the rest of them.

Taking our daughter
to get that procedure.

I should have you both arrested.

It was the only option.

It was the best thing to do
for her, for the family.

I know what is best
for this family.

No more boys.
No more parties.

No more parading around town
like a cheap little hussy.

From now on you will stay here
on these grounds.


You're going to keep me here
a prisoner?

Until I believe you have learned
your lesson, yes.

If you so much as think
of setting foot

outside of those gates I will...

Or you'll what?!

Can't you see she's suffered
enough already?!

Go to your room.

But daddy.


I don't regret my decision.

It was not your decision
to make.

Well, it certainly wasn't yours.

I oughta...

h*t me?

Will that make you feel better?
Go ahead.

The back of your hand

is well worth Corrine
having a chance at life.

I will find a way to make
you regret this.

I would've had it finished
for you sooner

but I had to wait for a part
from Richmond.

No, it's fine.

Not having wheels forced me to
stay home and work on my music.

That record you lent me
sort of inspired me.

Oh, yeah?


Scrapped what I was working on

and started something
completely different.

More freeform.

I'm... I'm happy to help.

Well, thanks again.

Before you go, I got the new
sonny boy Williamson in town.

No one does the blues harp
like he does.

You gotta take a listen.

You ever try playing yourself?


The playing's not for me.

I just like where
the tunes take me.

Just gotta do something to break
up the days in this garage.


Do you get out much?

I mean, do you have time off?
For travel or...

Yeah, I get Sunday mornings off.

My pa travels me
all the way to church.

Of course.
That makes sense.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

But yeah, that's the dream.

Just get out of here,

see something besides
these walls and those trees.

I understand wanting to escape
the walls we live in.

Your walls look a lot different
than mine.


Mr. Foxworth.

Hello Celia.

Make sure you take
a lunch break.


Not sure your mother likes me
very much.

My momma d*ed when I was three.

Celia's my stepmother.

It's pretty obvious
we aren't kin.


You can't tell her daddy's
a white man?

What are you trying to tell me?

Thank you.


Oh, god I need this.


Where'd you get it?

My friend Betsy’s brother
has been growing it

Behind their stable.

But this could be
the last of it,

given as I'm now housebound
for the rest of my adult life.

Yeah. I can't believe
it's all just because

you met up with that guy again.

I mean sure, dad's an ass, but
that's excessive even for him.

I know.

So, do you think there's
any chance

you'll get your trust early?

Not a chance in hell, no.

Helen keeps telling me
it doesn't matter.

I just want to give her
the best life possible.

You will.

And not because of
when you get your trust

but because you're you.

Exactly. Me.

With a family straight out of
the house of usher.


You started without me?


You can catch up.

There's something I've been
wondering about dad.

Oh lord. Where do you start?

I think he might be
Celia's father.

Well yeah.

We've heard those rumors
in town for years.

How did I not know this?

Because you always have
your head stuck in the piano.


You never noticed
the resemblance?

What do you think?

I think you're a
flipping genius.



I know about Celia.

And unless you want mother
to know as well

I suggest you do as I say.
I want access to my trust.

I like this side of you.

Well, it's settled then.

I'll have the lawyers draw up
the transfer papers.

Why wait?

Excuse me?

- Olivia!
- What?

Why are you calling her?

Son, why don't you tell your
mother what you have discovered?

No, that's... She doesn't need
to know.

No. You came into my office and
threatened to tell her something

if I did not give you access
to your trust.

Well you are not getting
access to your trust,

so be a man and tell
your mother.

Please don't do this, okay?
Just, just forget it.

Your son wanted you to know
that I am Celia's father.


Why do you do things like that?!

Mal, it's fine.
Go have a drink, cool down.

You'd have to crawl over
my d*ad body

to get access to that money.

Oh, we should all be so lucky.

Mother, I'm so sorry, okay?

I never meant for you
to find out.

I just thought that he would
give me the money and...

It's all right!

Your father's indiscretions
are not your cross to bear.

- But if it weren't for me...
- Listen to me.

Remember this day

so you will always treat
your wife and children

with respect and kindness.

I'll never be like him.


Your big day is just around
the corner.

Please don't let your father
spoil things.


Thank you, mother.

Promise me something.

I want you and Helen
to get as far away

from this place as you can.



Mrs. Foxworth?

I'm sorry to bother you.
Do you have a moment?

Um, not right now.

I know that Malcolm
is Celia's father.

I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

Tell my employer
that her husband

is the father of my daughter?

That's not something that's easy
to tell anyone,

Let alone the mistress
of the house.

I'd like to think
I'm not just anyone.

I know you don't consider me
a friend.

But despite everything
I still consider you one.

Does Celia know?

Oh, what happened with Alicia.

What I asked you to do.

Had I known I never would have
involved you.

I know.

It all makes sense
why you were so upset.

Is that how you got the scars?

That was a long time ago.

But the hurt you must have felt.

That doesn't just go away.


And I will hate Mr. Foxworth
until the day I die.

But you, well, you and me.

I always felt like there was
something different between us.

I fought it, but I felt it.
I still do if I'm honest.

And after years

maybe it's time to let
bygones be bygones.

I'd like that.

[tearfully] So, um, as friends
may I ask one thing of you?

Is that you, momma?

Set a plate up for your supper.

There's someone here
who wants to see you.

Good evening, Mrs. Foxworth.

I'm sorry to barge in
like this, um.

I was hoping...
I wanted to...

She knows.

All right.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry for you.

Men like that, they never stop.

What are you doing?

I thought I heard Corrine
calling for me.

Olivia: Celia was right.

Men like Malcolm never stop.

Unless you stop them.

Uh, Corrine, I saw bellman's
is having a sale.

We should go to town
this weekend.

Could use some things
for the honeymoon.

I could drive you.

Is your car up
and working again?

It is.

Harry did an excellent job
with it.


Celia's stepson.

Well, I would love to take
you up on the offer

but I'm not allowed
to go to town.



[choking and gagging]




I gave him a sedative
to calm him.

He should wake up
in a few hours.

Will he be well enough
to attend the wedding

or should we postpone
the festivities?

He'll be groggy but certainly
no need to cancel the nuptials.

He was eating one minute
and then on the floor the next.

His reaction could be to
an allergen or to a poison.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to alarm you.

I'm sure
it's just something he ate.

In any event,
he's lucky to be alive.

Yes. Very lucky indeed.

How did you find out
about the poison garden?

Mother... You startled me.

Answer the question.

I have no earthly clue
what you're talking about.

I found this near the woodpile
to be incinerated.

I believe these are your gloves,
stained green by a plant.

I was on a walk and I...
saw you.

I didn't mean to give
daddy so much, I swear.

I just wanted to go to a party
with some friends.

You poisoned your father
so you could go to a party.

After everything that happened
with Rockford

I thought you learned
your lesson.

I, I just wanted him out of it
for a bit.

Just long enough
so I could go out.

Daddy's got me locked up here.

I was just so mad at him

for how he treats me and Mal
and Joel.

And you.

Is he going to be all right?

The doctor said he will recover,


Please, please don't tell him.

I won't.

Thank you, mother.

But anything else,
one more time...

There won't be another time.

Because you aren't like him.
You can't be like him.

I'm not.

It was a mistake, I swear.

I love you.

He's awake.

Thank goodness!

What happened?

You had an att*ck of sorts,
Mr. Foxworth.

An att*ck.

Just an allergic reaction.
Nothing to worry about.

I'm not so sure anymore.

It's highly likely that
you were poisoned.

Go get Mal.

Oh, you can't possibly think...

That our son is lazy?

That he wants money, my money,

But isn't willing
to work for it?

All he's been talking about
is getting his hands

On his precious trust which
would be a hell of a lot easier

If I wasn't around to stop him!

Thank you, doctor.
We appreciate your discretion.

Of course.

Good day.

This is utter nonsense.

You know Mal wouldn't
hurt anyone,

no matter how hateful
you've been to him.

Then who?

What if it was me?

You don't have the nerve.

Perhaps you should start
drawing up a list

of potential assailants.

I would think the number
of enemies

you've acquired over the years
is quite lengthy.

We should dress for the wedding.

Should I call for someone
to help you get ready?

I'll manage perfectly well
by myself, thank you.

[knocking at door]

Mr. Foxworth.

Glad to see you're
feeling better.

I just wanted to come check in
on the bride.


You look beautiful, Helen.

Thank you.

Please, sit.

I just wanted to apologize

for not giving Mal early access
to his trust.

Oh, I really don't know
much about it.

Those kinds of matters aren't
for women to nosey around in.

Beautiful and smart.
Mal chose well.

Thank you.

Did Mal explain that
this family operates

under a very specific
set of rules?

I don't understand
what you mean. Rules?

Well, I make 'em.
Everyone else follows them.

And when they follow
them precisely,

everybody gets what they want.

Now, Mal wants that money

and you want him to get
what he wants, don't you?

I love Mal.


I want him to be happy.


To get what he wants.


Where are you going?
Everybody's looking for you.

Your wedding's about to start.

There isn't going to be
a wedding.

What? Why?

Get in. I'll explain.

I just walked in on dad
and Helen.

Where did you get this?

The dressing table.

Did you hear
what I said about dad?

Mal, this isn't...

Oh, my god.


What's happening?


Mal, no!
Hold on, Mal!

- Look out!!!
- [crash]

Where have you been?

Settling some business.

Mrs. Foxworth!
Mr. Foxworth!

Something terrible has happened.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

It's Mal!

The poison from the garden,

he thought
it was something to smoke.

Mal! Mal!

Somebody call the doctor!

He's not breathing.


[sobbing hysterically]

[somber choral music
"Ave Maria"]

Olivia: I was so worried about
protecting my daughter

that I lost my son.

The family dealt with their grief
in different ways.

Some sought comfort in others.

Some found comfort
in a different kind of release.



But me?
I didn't deserve comfort.

Our son is d*ad because of you!

You hid that garden from me!

You dragged Corrine
into all of this mess!

You have destroyed this family!

And then I did something
I never thought I'd do.

You're right.

I surrendered control
to my husband.

I'm sorry.

I'm so very, very sorry.

You do not deserve
my forgiveness.

I know.

You abused the freedom
that I gave to you.

So, now today that freedom
is gone.

You will respect me!

You will obey me!

You will listen to me!

Do you understand?!


Whatever you say.

You should be ashamed
of yourself.

Olivia: I realized I never had
control of anything.

Not my future, not my children,
not even the staff.

Something else controlled
all of us.

Something we couldn't escape.

Foxworth hall.

And in that moment,
it was bringing more horror upon us.

Someone who would bring us
new pain,

New tears, and new tragedy.

She had returned.

And with her,
the f*re had been lit.

It was just a matter of time
until we all went up in flames.

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