02x10 - Don’t You Say It’s Over

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Physical". Aired: June 18, 2021 –; present.*
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Sheila a tormented housewife in 1980s San Diego; battling extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice, but things change when she discovers aerobics and becomes a success.
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02x10 - Don’t You Say It’s Over

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[SIGHS] Tonight was nice.

- Yeah. Yeah, it was.
- [DANNY] Yeah.

- Maya had a good time.
- Mm-hmm.

Which is what's important.

- Yeah. Yeah, she did.
- Yeah.

All right. Uh, well, I'll be in touch.

Yeah, we'll talk Thursday...

- [DANNY] Right. Yeah.
- ...about the weekend.


- Sleep well.
- [SHEILA] You too.



Here you go, Mrs. Rubin.

They didn't have small curd
cottage cheese at the store.

I hope that's okay.
This is medium curd, I think.

But I did ask them
if they would look into the small curd.

They said they'd see about ordering it.

Relax, Fidelia. This looks great.

And I really want you to call me Sheila.

Oh. It's just gonna take
a lot of getting used to.

If my mom heard me call a boss
by their first name...

- Thank you.
- Okay.

All right, fellas. Let's go.
Everything's coming in here.

- [GRETA] Oh!
- Hi.

Hey. How'd you b*at me here?


Oh, I ran into Ernie in the parking lot,
which was kinda fun.

But I said,
"See you at home, honey. No time."

- What's all this?
- Oh, right.

Well, Ernie bought out
and liquidated a company,

which... Don't worry,
everyone got severance. Probably.

But anyway, that means free furniture.

Free to us, at least.
So, isn't that great?

Well, the thing is,
I... I kinda like it the way it is.

Yeah, you mean empty, right? [CHUCKLES]

Yeah, I do.

- Oh, are you serious?
- Yeah.

It looks so... No, I mean,
we have all these meetings coming up.

Who will take us seriously?

To me, it feels unencumbered.

Just full of possibility.

I agree.

Yeah. Well, of course you do, sweetie.
You just got here.

No. But I get it.

- Yep. Clean slate. Fresh start.
- Mm-hmm.

Hold up!
Everything's going back on the truck.

Broom it, boys. You heard the lady.

Overhead is minuscule,

which means the margins are impressive.

And what about shipping?
It... It looks very bulky.

The to-market version comes in two

pieces that snap together in the center.

Uh, yeah.
Uh, "to-market" means the real version.

This is what they call the beta.

[CHUCKLES] Thank you for cracking
that mysterious code for me.

Well, I like it. I-I like it a lot.

Um, but I don't love it.
And I really need to love it, don't I?

- Of course. You're the one selling it.
- Mm-hmm.

So, let's just go over
a few tweaks that I have. Okay?


[GRETA] See? It opens up.

Let's see. Right.

Um, no. This is not...

This is dangerous. I mean...





It's great. It looks great.

The changes are great.
They're exactly what I asked for.

But, uh, I have been thinking.

And a lot of women... they don't have
a separate space for exercise.

And storage is an issue for everyone.

So I want to see it get fully flat,

without compromising the stability.

Yeah, we're so close, Ern.
A few more tweaks.

[CHUCKLES] Well, eventually,
the tweaks are gonna have to stop.

You know, these prototypes aren't cheap.

I thought they were cheap.
I thought that was the whole point.

Cheap product. Steep pricing.

I thought that's what gave you
a boner for it in the first place.

Look, no... nobody needs
to spend $ . on a step.

There are plenty of free steps
out there in the world.

And we can address that
in the marketing phase.

We'll never get to the marketing phase
if we don't go into production.

- I promise this is...
- Hey, this is so exciting, right?

Yes. Healthy conflict.
Making the sausage.

Women exercise
for different reasons than men.

And I want to... In fact, I'm determined

to make this about what women want
and need from exercise.

However long that takes.

How cool is that? The fan.


Jesus Christ.






Look at that. Bloody knuckles.
That's pretty cool, right?

Isn't that why boxers wear gloves?

Yeah, I know that boxers wear gloves.

I'm just saying...
Looks pretty cool, right?

Whatever, man.

All right.



A five, six, seven, go. Okay.

Spread out. Ready?

A five, six, seven, eight.
A one two, three, four,

- five, six, seven, eight.

And over and turn.

Five, six, seven. Come back.


Two, three, four, five, six.


Really nice work. Thank you.

Nice work.


Gotta say,
really like this one on my joints.

[SIGHS] It's just right.

But what I like best are the options

for stretching and meditating.

You know, it's as much about
the cooldown as the workout.

That's what Vinnie says, and he's right.

He's insane, but he's right.

Meditating? Like monks do?

I know it sounds kind of out-there,
but we did it in therapy,

and it's really helpful.

I mean, it's remarkable
how just a few deep breaths...


...can really center yourself.

Yep. This is the one.

- You're sure? . 's the charm?
- Mm-hmm.

I know it's more expensive
than we hoped, or Ernie hoped,

but I think it's worth it.

Oh, yeah, he-he's gonna be fine.

Uh, Fidelia, will you grab us
a couple diet ginger ales?

[CHUCKLING] We have to celebrate.

- It's very difficult.
- Hmm.

It may not seem like it, but it is.

Certainly not the image I had of you.

The image you've cultivated
over the years.

My cultivation of that image,
as you put it, was vain. I regret that.

Do you? Do you regret it?

Out of all of the regrettable sh*t
you've done, you regret that?

- There's no need to curse.
- I disagree.

Okay. Fine. Uh, I regret...

I deeply regret plenty of other sh*t.

- And I feel sorry.
- You should feel sorry.

I feel sorry for you.

For the double grief of infidelity

and the absence of a righteous path
to redemption,

as I have with my Mormon faith.

God, I want to punch you
in your f*cking face so hard right now.

That won't solve anything.

I disagree with that as well,
for the record.

I'm much, much stronger than you.

Yeah. Yeah, you are.

I don't know that I'm strong enough
to f*ck someone else's wife,

f*ck over my own family and then decide,

"Hey, maybe I should
take up tap dancing."

Did you hurt your hand?

What? Yes.

I got a little carried away
with the punching bag.

You ever punched a person before?

I've been punched a lot.

Is that because of her?
This tap dancing bullshit?

Not directly, no. Is
that because of her?

One hundred percent.

[CHUCKLING] I don't know how you do it.

I don't have a good answer for you.

This is unlike anything I've ever done
or ever will do again.

I'm sorry, Danny.

And I do hope that you can find
some forgiveness in your heart.

Not for me, but for Sheila.

As my wife has found
forgiveness in hers.

Excuse me.

Wow. They do tiki right here, don't
they? [CHUCKLES] Down to the ice.

- Yeah.

And it helps you forget
about the colonial r*cist overtones.

Could you... Uh, two more. Bungalow .

- [ERNIE] Mmm.
- Thanks.

You must be paying a fortune to lay
your head down at night here, huh?

And then a bar tab on top.

Well, you know, we're splitting it.
Whatever it is, so...

- Ah, attaboy.
- Yeah.

Equality's a two-way street.

- Having a bunch of sex yet?

[CHUCKLING] I always
imagined that's what

the Seafarer's Village was all about.

Uh, I am not having any sex yet.

Yeah. That's another thing
I can be disappointed about.

Did you, uh, tell Greta
that you were coming to see me?

- Wise man. Very wise.
- Mmm.


So you got, uh...
You got good legal representation?

I've got a devil on my side,
and she's got one on hers.

And... [YAWNS]... you know, they're

kind of, uh, trying to figure it out.

But honestly, I really don't want to
duke it out with her

for the rest of my life.

You know, I got other battles to fight.

Actually, starting a job at the ACLU.

- Huh.
- Yeah, policy work.

Kinda cool. Really a merging
of my academic and political interests,

- which I think...
- That's great, but here's the deal.

Sheila's rocket ship
is about to take off.

And any good lawyer...

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Any bad lawyer could argue
that you were critical

in the creation of said rocket ship.

Boy, you just cut straight to it,
don't you, Ern?

Hey, you have rights
as... as co-owner of her business.

- Rights that you can and should assert.
- Mmm.

So this is not a social visit?

Well, Sheila and... and Greta...

They're... They're having a lot of fun,

but they're not the best
at making choices.

And as an investor...

I worry.

And you think my involvement
is gonna somehow be helpful?

[CHUCKLES] Women...
Women are terrifically creative, okay?

But let's face it, they're not the best
at... at making decisions.

Even those who haven't sought treatment

for mental... [SNIFFS] ...issues.

Mmm. Well, you said it, not me.

- But it's not untrue.

- Take your time.
- Whoa, yeah, let me get this.

- All right.
- You got enough to worry about.

Sounds like it's not quite as sad there
as I'd imagined.

Yeah, no. It's, uh...

It's actually a thousand times more sad
than what you've imagined.


Nah, it's... It's nice.

You know, they've got good facilities
and, uh, beach volleyball courts.

You've been playing beach volleyball?

- Yeah. Yeah, I have.

- Once. I played once.
- Hmm.

Found out I have, uh,
pretty sensitive forearms...

- Oh.
- ...which is a bit of a loss.

To the volleyball world, I'm sure.


Yeah. But I can still ride a bike.

So, I thought I'd come over
and just grab this old one.

Which you have every right to do.
It is yours.

Mmm. Yep. That's right.
I know that. Thank you.

And since I'm here,
uh, getting the bike,

I thought I'd just give you a heads-up.

Um, you know, I didn't want to leave
without saying anything,

and then you get pissed
'cause I didn't say anything.

But you aren't saying anything, so...

[SIGHS] Uh, yeah, no.

I... I... I-I spoke with Terry.

And, uh, from what it sounds like, uh,

it's kinda par for the course

that I should participate in,
uh, your business.


What does that mean?

[STAMMERS] It's not... It's just, uh,

something Terry and
I were talking about,

and he's gonna write it up
and put it in our agreement.

You have absolutely nothing to do
with my business.

You never have. Why
would that change now?

Sheil, we were in this very garage,

you know, coming up with ideas,
not even three months ago.

Bad ideas.

Smoking pot and brainstorming
with me one time

hardly makes you an equal partner.

What it boils down to

is that I am ent... entitled to half.

Over my d*ad body.

Okay. Let's please not
get emotional about this.

- I'm not clawing for more, okay?

It's just... This is California law.
And if roles were reversed...

But they're not! They're not reversed!

If you had anything
worth stealing half of,

you'd know how I feel right now.

That's f*cking mean.

Yeah, I know it is! I intended it to be.

Now, what is that gonna do?

I don't know,
but it feels pretty damn good.

You know what every woman I talked to

in these focus groups had in common?

Exercise was the only
thing in their life just for them.

Not for men, not for
their kids. For them.

Can you imagine that, Danny?

Can you imagine having no time
or no energy for yourself?

You can't!

You can't possibly
because you've spent your whole life

just thinking about yourself!

- f*cking b*lls on you.

After the lying and the cheating
that you've done? Huh?

I'm the f*cking assh*le? I am?


You know what? Why him?

Could you give me that?
Can you just tell me why him?

You could've been with anybody.
Why John f*cking Breem?

I didn't want to be with him.
I wanted to be him.

Someone who just gets
what they want in this world.

I don't like who you've become.




Los Mormons.

Bun! The Mormons are here.
You gotta see this.

As, uh, fellow Americans abroad, perhaps

you would like to join us in fellowship

at our new LDS facility in the village.

Mmm, that's a no-go, Momos. [CHUCKLES]

No disrespect to you and your kind,

but I'm afraid you've knocked
on the wrong door.

Uh, we have a mutual friend.
A wonderful man named John Breem.

[WILLIAM] As you can imagine,
starting a new church is very expensive.

He told us you were recently blessed
with a windfall.

He thought
you could find it in your hearts

to share some of that good fortune
with us.

May we come in?


I guess it was, like,
a bit of a shock to his system.

You know, seeing the real me
after all these years.

[HARRIET] Let me just check in
to see how sorry for him I feel.

- Yeah, nothing. Screw that guy.

He said he's entitled to half.

Well, that surprises me exactly %.

I mean, they are all so entitled.
What are you gonna do?

- Well, I'm not gonna give up.
- Attagirl.

I just have to figure out exactly,
you know, what that looks like.

Hey, if you're not gonna give yourself
any credit here, I will. Okay?

You picked up the phone
instead of the car keys.

You're facing sh*t
instead of running from it.

Yeah. I know. I am, right? I did.

I am, aren't I? I just...
Is that why I feel so terrible?

[CHUCKLING] Of course!

Being present in your life
is the f*cking worst.

[CHUCKLING] I f*cking hate it so much.

Ugh, that's why nobody wants to do it.

They just want to eat and... And
drink and f*ck their way to oblivion.

Oh, that sounds so good to me right now.

[CHUCKLING] Hang in there, buddy.
You are playing the long game, right?

[SIGHS] Oh, man.

[SIGHING] How are you?

I need this. Today was a doozy.

- Ah, you're a doozy. [CHUCKLING]
- All right. Cut it out, you.

You know, we did finally decide

on that step. And I think it's great.

- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, do we have to talk about it now?

Well, it might be a
little more expensive

than you hoped,
but I think it's worth it.

And I hope you do too.

[CHUCKLES] Are you...

Are you buttering me up?
Is that what this is?

You better shut
that bearded mouth of yours.

No, no, seriously.

Honey, are you... are
you... are you horny,

or are you trying to get
more money out of me?

Why can't it be both?

Since when do you care why I'm asking
for sex, as long as I'm asking?

Well, since you convinced me to invest

in a major business venture of yours.

That's... You are...

You said yourself
you thought it was a good investment.

I s... I said it can be.

I-I... I we... I went to talk to Danny
at his bachelor pad. What?

You went to the
Seafarer's Village? When?

The other day. We ha...
We had a... a couple of mai tais.

And you didn't think to tell me?

Do I... Do I... Do I
have to... You know...

I need to tell you everywhere I go?
Everyone I see?

We always tell each other everything.
That's who we are.

I just wanted to check in on him,
you know?

Make sure that he knows
his rights and responsibilities

vis-à-vis... [WHOOPING] ...you know.

That's not nice, Ern.

What... She's unstable, Greta. I

mean, she's got a lot on her shoulders.

I wanna make sure that Danny's
able to come in if he needs to.

Hey! She doesn't need him, or you,
to believe in her.

So she's God now?

I'm sorry, I... I
don't... I don't see it.

Where... Where you going?

I'm gonna go masturbate on the bidet.

Please don't be here when I'm done.


He said it was "par for the course."
Whatever that means.

[JEROD] It's a term from golf, referring

to the average number of sh*ts.

Jerod, I don't care what it means
in golf. I care what it means to me.

I'm sorry. What are you asking?

I'm asking how he just assumes
that he's gonna get away with this?

California is a
community property state,

and the business is considered
community property

acquired after the marriage.

So, in all likelihood, he can and will

retain rights as an
owner of the business.

[SIGHS] So, I'm...

I'm out of options here.

Your legal options are limited.

What about my illegal options?


That was supposed to be a joke.

I can't advise you
to do anything illegal or improper.

That would be a violation
of my duties as your attorney.

This is not about a piece of plastic.

Although, as pieces of plastic go,

I think we developed
a pretty damn good one!


This is about a dream
of mine coming true.

All due to the support
of some incredible people,

but one person in particular.

- That's right, Greta.
- Oh, no, no.

- [SHEILA] Please, take a little bow.
- [ERNIE] Yes!

- Come on. Everyone, give her a hand!

It took hard work and dedication
to get us here,

- and I want to acknowledge that...
- Aw.

...and thank you. Thank you.

When the Step Up workout is a big h*t,

- and I know it will be...

...we're gonna build
off of that sturdy base.

Fitness is just the beginning.

A lifestyle brand. [CHUCKLES]
That's the big dream.

You know, exercise was a gateway for me.

It woke me up from years of
bad self-talk and low self-worth.

It taught me to embrace
my strength and my power.

And we are going to spread
that exercise gospel around the world.


Okay, we'll start with the SoCal region,
but then, who knows?

Global domination? Absolutely.

- [PARTYGOER] Yeah. That sounds good.
- Why not?

Anyway, enough of me talking.
Thank you for coming.

Enjoy the evening,
and here's to the future.

- Oh. Cheers.
- Yes!

- [PARTYGOER] To Sheila!
- Cheers.

Fidelia, can you do the music?


- Hey, sweetie.
- [MAYA] Hey.


You guys are back
early. Back a day early.

Yeah. Well, you know, she wasn't ready
for a sleepover, it turns out.

After I put the bunk
bed together all day.

But it's fine. She'll get there.

That's okay, sweetie. You wanna
go get in bed, and I'll tuck you in?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Celebrating the big step? Huh?
The big innovation?

Company party. Probably on
the company expense account, I assume.

- It's none of your business.
- Well, it's actually half my business.

Well, although,
from what I'm hearing from Terry,

you're gonna make noise about it,
which isn't gonna work, Sheila.

Danny, what's the point?
Are you trying to get back in my life?

Because that's not gonna work either.

Everything okay here?
Do you need something, Danny?

I'll do a tequila, rocks, lime.

You guys ever heard of Kelly Kilmartin?

Everyone's heard of Kelly Kilmartin.

- What? Who?
- She's a sitcom actress.

Yeah. She's on Trish out of Water, and

before that, she was on Bet the Farm.

- My mom and I love her.
- Everyone loves her.

I-I-I'm sorry.
Why are we talking about this?

Well, I'm surprised you don't know after

all the hard work you've been doing.

It's on channel .
After the eleven o'clock news.

[KELLY] You can jump, kick, squat
or even dance on it.

Don't worry. It can take it.

It's nice and squishy
in all the right places,

but good and solid where it counts.

So you can get a tough workout
that's gentle on your body.

Won't you join me
and step your way up to a sexy new you?

It's never been easier to start.

[ANNOUNCER] Call now
to take advantage of this special offer.

Our operators are standing by
waiting to take your call.

[SHEILA] Did you really think
you were gonna pull this off?

Launching a business?
No, I'm sorry, a lifestyle brand?

Let's face it. You don't know
what the hell you're doing.

Thinking about calling
that freak from rehab?

That ought to cheer you up,
but it won't change a g*dd*mn thing

about the way the world works.

That blonde bimbo b*at you to the punch.

She's younger and prettier and smarter,
and she's gonna win.

And she deserves to.

Because you're stupid and lazy and fat.

The beta.

- You, fat, old, flabby, saggy f*ck!
- [DANNY] Entitled to half.

[SHEILA] But it's not over. Not yet.
Not if you do what you have to do.

Take control of the situation.
Make a f*cking plan and stick to it.

With a little effort and focus,
you can get this sh*t back on track.

Before it's too f*cking late.

No. You can't be here.
I have an appointment. Imminently.

Yeah, with the Planning Department
of the city of San Diego.

You need to leave right now.

You're an assh*le.

You pretend to be
this upstanding, good, kind Mormon man,

and really,
you're just a stone-cold piece of sh*t.

I'm not gonna stand here
and be insulted in my place of...

Pretending you deserve
all of this success

because you wake up earlier
and work harder than everybody.

But we both know
it's because you lied and bribed,

and you just intimidated
your way up every rung of the ladder.

And really, you're just
a lying, vain, hypocritical assh*le

motivated by greed,
and running from pain and fear.

I'm not gonna stand here and listen...

And I love you despite all that.

Maybe because of it.

[SHEILA] Now you've got him.
And in for the k*ll.

I need your help.

No, I-I want your help.

I have an adversary. Two of them.

And I'm tired of playing defense.

So what's your goal?

Reciprocity or retribution?


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