05x16 - Let Our Angel Live

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Charlie's Angels". Aired: September 22, 1976 – June 24, 1981.
A wealthy mystery man named Charlie runs a detective agency via a speakerphone and his "angels" detectives are three beautiful women, who end up in a variety of difficult situations.
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05x16 - Let Our Angel Live

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CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three
beautiful girls.


Two of them graduated
from the police academy.

The other graduated ...from
a fop school for models.

And they each reaped the rewards

of their exciting careers.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



I'm here.

Boy, am I glad.

From the tone of
your voice, I would say

that this has been a
rather uneventful stakeout.

Color it boring. Are you
sure our information is good?

Well, Joe Danworth
rented this apartment

two days after he disappeared

from our client's
San Francisco office,

that is, along with
the 200,000 in cash.

So unless it was a
diversionary tactic on his part,

which I doubt,

he should show up.

Well, I hope you get lucky.

I'm going home and
put myself in a hot bath.

Bos, hang on.

That new Lincoln
that just drove up,

I think that's Danworth.

think you're right.

Looks to me like he
used some of that 200,000

to buy himself a new toy.

Shall we give him the bad news?

No time like the present.

Mr. Danworth?

Mr. Danworth?

I'm sorry, I think you
got the wrong fella.

Mr. Danworth.

I said, you got the wrong fella.

I don't think so.

Hey, easy.

What's the idea of the g*n?

I don't like g*n.

I don't like g*n much
either, Mr. Danworth.

But my friend and I
are private investigators.

Your boss hired us to find you.

Look, I don't know
what you're talking about

or why you're here.


You scum!



Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

Somebody call a doctor.

Call the police.

Go ahead. Just
don't stand there!

Call them now!

Is there anything I can do?

Yes. Call the number on that
card. Townsend Associates.

Tell them what happened.

Well, make the call now!

You just hang on, honey.

Just hang on.

Kelly. Don't touch her, please.

Head wound. It's
bad. Don't touch her.

Twenty-one, there's no other suspect.

12-X-61, 12-X-61, cut.

Bos, what happened?

It was Danworth.

He got here just a
little after I arrived.

Kelly made him, moved on
him and he seemed to fold.

Then all of a
sudden, he had a g*n.

It was hidden in the jacket
and he fired point-blank,

so I rushed him.

This fella is still unconscious.

Gonna need the ambulance too.

We'll bring him too.

Not on this trip.

We got room.

Not for him, you
don't. Not with her.

Get moving.

I said, get moving.

We'll radio for
another ambulance.

JULIE: Come on,
Bos, we'll take my car.

We're gonna need a
statement from you.

Okay, okay. You'll have
to get that at the hospital.


CHARLIE: I understand, Bosley.

Now, tell me the
nature of her injury.

Well, the b*llet hit her

on the right side
of the head, Charlie.

She's been totally
unconscious ever since.

The wound really
didn't seem that deep.

But, uh...

with head injuries,
you know, who can tell?

Who's with her now?

Jackson. Dr. Jackson. He's
the head neurosurgeon here.

Oh, yes, I've heard
of him. He's very good.

Now, wait, wait.

There's also a doctor named
Steadman, Steven Steadman.

I want him to look at her too.

I'll get back to you.

Are you all right?

No, no. I'm not all right.

I'm really not all right at all.

What did Charlie say?

He wants a second opinion.

Somebody named Steadman.

He's gonna call him.

What then?

He'll get back to us.

In the meantime?

BOSLEY: In the meantime, we...


Want any coffee?

Yeah, I'll have some.

No, thanks.

Looks like it's
gonna be a long wait.



Here you go.


My God.

What is it they say about
the cruel turns of fate?

What do you mean?

You remember the last time
that we were in this hospital?

Bosley was the
patient that time.

Well, was it anything serious?

KRIS: Well, it didn't
start out that way.

I believe it was a
toe injury, a hangnail.

A ha...

A hangnail.


Somebody wanted to
get Bosley out of the way

so they switched the
chart and the medication

with somebody named
Halverson, I think.

And Halverson was in
there for an appendectomy.

Mr. Halverson, right.
George Halverson.

Oh, I gotcha.


Take your pick.

No, sir.

Hey. What are you doing?

Didn't they tell
you? I'm on the pill.

I'm on the pill.

Wise move.

You're a little too
old to be a mother.

Ready? Ready.

Didn't say what...

All right, all right.

Haven't done an...

Hey, where are we going?

Surgery is on the sixth floor.


Oh, God, no.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, I
just had a hangnail.

Just a hangnail.
Just a hangnail.

Relax. Dr. Wood will
take care of everything.

Here we are. Yeah.
He's not too bad.

Right? Yeah.

In fact, when he's
sober, he's terrific.

Help me. Help me.

They really took
out your appendix?

Yeah, but it was old anyway.


KRIS: Dr. Jackson.

Oh, yes, Miss Munroe.

What are you doing out here?

Why aren't you
with Kelly? I mean...

Well, you know what I mean.

Yes. I know what you mean.

I'm not in surgery
because we need to make

some special preparations
for Miss Garrett.

Special preparations?
What does that mean exactly?

Well, the nature
of her injury is such

that in order to
repair the damage,

we need to have special scanners
and neuro-monitoring devices

set up during the surgery.

Wow, that sounds
frighteningly complicated.

Well, I don't want to alarm
you, but it is complicated.

Everything depends
on how we proceed.

Oh, doctor, our
employer, Mr. Townsend,

is trying to locate
another specialist.

Oh, yes, Dr. Steadman.
He just called.

He's on his way over.

Dr. Jackson, can you
level with us and...?

Is Kelly gonna be okay or...?

I'm sorry, [...
I can't tell yet.

Oh, what, you got...

You gotta give us something.

Well, let's just say

she's got about
a fifty-fifty chance.

Fifty-fifty chance?

Oh, those are terrific odds.

I'll do my best to improve them.

She can't die, Bos.

She can't die.

She won't.

Bos, she'll be okay, won't she?

Sure, she will.

We've all got to believe that.


KRIS: Where's Charlie?

Why isn't he here?

Just for once.

Just for once, couldn't
he be here with us?

What does it take to
get to him anyway?

He's doing everything he can.

Is he?

Doesn't he know we need him?

I thought we were a team.

We are.

I'm beginning to wonder.

JULIE: Listen.


It's only been a year that
I've been with the team,

but I know what
you're going through.

I don't think so.

Yes, I do.

I haven't known Kelly
as long as you have,

but I know what it's like
to lose someone you love.

I'm sure you do, Julie.

It's just that Kelly

is very special to us.

She's very special
to me too, Bos.

She is.

It's ironic when
you think about it.

That day when Kelly first
came to my apartment,

she was just
coming into my life.

And she met the one person

who meant anything
to me at that time.


KELLY: You're a model too.


Cover girl.

It's a beautiful picture of you.

Thank you.

I have some appointments
today. [... So...

Oh, yeah. Me too.

Thanks for the coffee.


Nice meeting you, Harry.

What did you say
your last name was?

I didn't.

Well, I'll let myself out.


What was all that about?

I don't know.

Questions, questions.
She had a lot of questions.

Maybe she's just curious.

You really don't
remember Jody mentioning

the name Garrett, do
you? No. I don't think so.

And she usually
told you everything?

Usually, yeah.

I know there's something
wrong somewhere.

You just have a
suspicious nature, Harry.

That's right, I have
a suspicious nature.

In our business,
it's a requirement.

Don't you forget it.

I'm trying, Harry. I'm trying.

That's how Kelly
came into my life.

I learned to care for her.

She came in and Harry left.

Oh, my God.

I couldn't go
through that again.

I just couldn't.

I've lived that nightmare
over and over and...


Looks like we took
too long getting here.

Yeah, it sure looks that way.



Anybody get the license number?

Just a silver sedan.

I got the first two letters G-L

and couldn't see
any of the numbers.

Bos, get on the phone,

patch into the police ambulance,

and get them back
here right away.



Who was that?

I don't know. I couldn't see.




Well, find out
who that was, huh?

I gotta...

I gotta get you to
a hospital, Harry.

Just listen to me, huh?

You find out who that was.

You owe me one.


That's funny.

I never even liked the beach.


Don't you die on me.

Don't die on me, Harry.

What... 7?

What are you doing here?

We've called for an ambulance.

How did...? How did
you get here? What...?

It doesn't matter.
We wanna help.

Who is this, Julie?

Who is this?

This is my Harry, my friend.

You gotta help him.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

No. Oh, God, no.


I'm so sorry.

Did you get the
police ambulance?

Yeah, they...
They're on their way.

What is it?

He's one of them.

The black and white
ahead of the ambulance,

they saw him drive up
as they were leaving.

The people on the
police ambulance,

they know him.

They call him
Lieutenant Stearns.

Harry Stearns.

He's a cop.

She works with him.

So she's...

She must be some
sort of a cop too.

Now, listen to me. Both of you.

We are a team, a winning team.

And we always have been.

This is no time to start
doubting ourselves.

It isn't gonna help Kelly.

I'm sorry, Bos.

It's just that I'm so scared.

I know you are, honey.

And if it will help,

I'm scared too.

So you know what we're gonna do?


We are going to decide right now

before we see how
it goes with Kelly.

We are going to decide,
no matter what happens,

it has all been worth it,
every damn minute of it.

You know what I'm saying?

I guess so.

Don't guess so.

Know so.

Because sooner or later,

one way or another,

we all have to cash it in.

That doesn't make
what we've been...

or what we've done...


He's right, Kris.


He's right.

But then, he's our
fearless leader.

He's always right.

Boy, we have been on
some great cases, though.

Some real important ones.

I mean, where we
really did something.

Tell me about
one of those cases.

I need to hear about
one of those right now.


Well, there was this one time
that we were in Vail, Colorado.

And we were looking for this
missing government agent.



KRIS: We found him.


But we were foo late.

We worked with a
government agent on that one.

I got my first taste
of the art of skiing,

which is not easy.

But my teacher,
he was kind of nice.

I've never done this
before, you know.

I feel like my feet
are set in cement.

You're not gonna throw me
in a river somewhere, are you?

That wasn't the plan.

Well, that's better.


You're smiling.

Your face didn't even crack.

Let's put your skis on, okay?


It's funny, though.

No matter how cold
and tough that case got,

what I remember the most

is a hillside full of fireflies.


We have had some good
times, haven't we, Bos?

And we'll have more.

All of us together.

You'll see.

WOMAN [OVER PA]: Dr. Hillman,
you're wanted in Pediatrics.

Dr. Hillman, ...you're
wanted in Pediatrics.

Get Dr. Lantry up
for radiology again.

Right away, doctor.

Anything wrong?

Oh, no. No, we're...

Something is wrong.

No. Dr. Steadman is here now.

He wants another brain
scan before we operate.

Boy, I don't like
the sound of that.

Well, let's just keep our cool.

He looks worried, Bos.

Yeah, well, doctors
always look worried.

That goes with the territory.

Let's just keep control and...

What are you doing here?

Hey, keep this guy away from me.

Why did you bring him here?

Because I thought he
needed medical attention, sir.

Get him out of here because
I don't wanna look at him.

I was just about to do that

if you'd step out of the way.

Come on. Bos. Bos.

Come on, Bos. Come on.

Thank you, ma'am.

I'm just sorry I didn't
put one in your belly,

big mouth. I'll k*ll you!

Oh, my God, listen to me.

Bos, it's okay, it's okay.

It's just that I was there.

I saw what he did to Kelly.

You gotta put it out
of your mind, Bos.

I can't. I just can't.

What is happening to me?

It is the same thing that's
happening to us, Bos.

We're all just scared.



Charlie's not in his office.

Oh, he's probably
on his way here.

Well, if there's ever a time
to show himself, this is it.

Oh, why doesn't
somebody tell us something?

Why Kelly?


Why anybody?

I always know...

We always know that
something could happen.

But I never figured Kelly.

Dr. Renfeld, report to...

She was always SO
concerned, so caring.

Why did it have to be Kelly?

I remember how torn up she was

when she found that
battered kid last year.

His father was a cop
working on a case with us.

Who is it?

Kelly Garrett. Is
Sergeant Cates in?

He's in court today.

Yes, I know. I was
supposed to pick him up.

He must have forgot.
He went by himself.

Is Sergeant Cates your father?


Is your mother here?

She doesn't live here.

You're alone?


What's your name?


Greg, are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

You're hurt.

Oh, I'm okay.

You're not okay. What happened?

I fell down.


Outside in the
yard. I fell down.

Has your father taken
you to see a doctor?



This morning.

Well, what did the doctor say?

He said I'm gonna be all right.

You better leave now.

Will you be all right?

I'll be fine.

I'll be just fine.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

I just fell down. I'll be fine.

All right, Greg.
I'll see you later.

KRIS: Kelly went out
on a limb a mile long

to help that boy and his father.

You're late.

Five minutes.

Five minutes wasted
is five minutes lost.

Or is it the other way around?

Does it matter?

It depends.

On what?

If you're in a hurry.

And you are?

Well, my partner's d*ad.

The punk that k*lled
him is on the street.

Yeah, I'm in a hurry.

Too much in a hurry.

Sergeant Cates, I think
you better slow down.

What does that mean?

I've got something
to say to you.

I've given it a lot of thought

and it's very difficult for me.

What are you getting at?

Your son, Sergeant Cates.

I wanna talk to
you about your son.

Didn't we have that discussion
about staying out of my life?

Well, I'm sorry, I can't.

You can't? I'm telling you...

I'm telling you, sergeant. I
know what's been happening.

You better stop before you
say something you'll regret.

Sergeant, sergeant,
I know it sounds ugly.

And it is ugly.

But it's gotta be said.

You hurt your son.

You've been hurting him.

Lady, I don't have
to listen to you.

Oh, yes, you do
have to listen to me.

You can hear it now,

or you can hear it
in front of a judge.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that your
son is a battered child.

I'm saying that I'm not here
to accuse or pass judgment.

I'm here to help
you in any way I can.

Why, you sanctimonious...

Where do you get the right
to mess my personal life?

It's not my rights we're
talking about, sergeant.

It's your son's.

Did he tell you [ hit him?

He told me nothing. You're
lying. He said something.

He said nothing. I
figured it out for myself.

And I'm telling you, if I
see another bruise on him,

I'll do everything I can

to see that he's
taken away from you.

Lady, you are making
one big mistake.

No. If you don't face this now,
you are making the mistake.

I'm here and I'll help you

in any way I can
if you'll let me.

It's your choice, sergeant.

I'll see you in hell.

I'll see you in court.

And by the time the
smoke had cleared,

Kelly had pulled
it all together.

Father and son had a real chance

of straightening themselves out.

Kelly went out on that
limb more than once.

She even used to help
people who were out to hurt her.

Remember that fella that
had her half-hooked on heroin

and she didn't even know it?

She didn't know it?

Right. By the time
she figured it out,

she and the guy were
both in big trouble.

It seems some drug pushers
had mistakenly figured

that Kelly and the guy
had ripped them off.

Talk to me.

Frank, talk to me.

Tell me about what
happened four years ago.

Tell me.

Oh, please, please.


Why should I tell you anything?


Because when this is
over, maybe I can help you

if you level with me.

Lady, when this is over?

They're gonna figure out
you got nothing to tell them.

I'll be a d*ad person. d*ad.


Then what will
it hurt to tell me?

Go ahead. Explain
how smart you were.

I was smart. Smart.


Thurgood and Sims
used the company

to bring the stuff in.

I was the L.A. contact.

Why did you protect Thurgood
and Sims during the trial?

All right.

Well, dragging them in,

dragging them down
wouldn't help me any.

I had a $300-a-day habit

and they could get me
fixed when I was inside.

They had the connection.

Did they?

They did.

I got...

All right.

Anyway, I got caught

and there's nothing
anyone can do.

Nothing. Where are
the two kilos, Frank?

The two kilos. Hm?

You don't really think
that I would tell you that?

Oh, no.

You better tell them.

They're gonna send
you halfway to heaven.

No. No. Then they're
gonna let you drop

and you're gonna tell them
anything they wanna hear.

No. No. I will tough
it out again, I will.

Frank, you won't have
to if you'll just listen to me.

Yeah, I'm listening. What?
What? What, listen to... 7?


See that air duct?

It leads to the roof.

And if we stack these crates,

we can get to it.

What, way up there?



Where's the ground?

I'll help you. My feet
can't find the floor.

I'm flying.

Oh, Frank, come
on, I can't do it alone.

Oh, I can't. I can't, I...

Oh, God, you can't.

You can't because
you never could.

You've been a
loser all your life.

You were born a loser.

And if I hadn't blown it
for you four years ago,

you would have
messed it up on your own.

Shh. No...

No, I don't give a
damn about you,

because you've pulled
me down with you this time

and I want out of here.

So get on your feet and help me.

I can't. Oh, help me!

Or I swear, when they
come through that door

I'm gonna tell them SO many lies

that they're gonna
cut you to pieces.

No, don't. Don't do
that, don't do that.

Frank, I mean it.

I'm sick and I'm tired

and I'm scared.

So, what's it gonna be?

Are you gonna help me?

Kelly said it was
the toughest thing

she ever went through.

Dr. Jackson.


Well, we've done all we could.

Done all you could do?

What does that mean?

Well, what that
means is, we wait.

And if you're occasionally
inclined to prayer,

you might try that too.

WOMAN [OVER PA]: Dr. Renfeld,
report to Dr. Mar in Administration.

Nurse Bartlett, ...call
Physical Therapy on 2174.


Long night?

You're with Miss
Garrett in ICU, right?


Intensive care unit.

Oh, yeah, right.

ICU. Has a ring to it, huh?

Why don't you go home?
Come back in the morning?

Believe me...


Dr. Jackson, to ICU immediately.

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Steadman,
to ICU immediately.


Wait a minute.
Jackson and Steadman,

those are Kelly's doctors.

What's wrong? What
does that red light mean?

It means you've
gotta get out of my way

so I can get to your friend.
Where's Dr. Steadman?


Wake up.

What is it? What's going on?

The alarm went off and
everyone went crazy.

Kelly's room? Yeah.

Doctor? Uh...

Oh, I'm gonna go crazy

if somebody doesn't
tell us what's going on.

It looks like everybody's
too busy doing their own job

to stop and explain now.

So why don't we... 7?

Why don't we walk?

Walk? Walk where?

Oh, why walk?

KRIS: Oh, why not?

Oh, God, I can't
stand that sound.

Get me out of here.

Come on.


Hey, listen, I know where
there's a quiet place.

Oh, please, God.


JACKSON: Miss Munroe.

Miss Rogers.

Miss Garrett is
asking to see you.

It's the damndest thing.

It looked like we'd lost her.

I thought she had an embolism,

but we'd given her
heavy anticoagulants

and I guess it cleared.


except for a few
days' discomfort,

she'll be good as new.


if you'll excuse us...

we are going to get
some sorely-needed sleep.

Oh, doctor.

You are most gratefully excused.

Thank you.





did you see him?


I heard him.

I heard his voice
when he came in here.

[... I couldn't stay awake.

It was so fuzzy.

He was here?

You heard him?


Did you see him?

Charlie was in the chapel.

He was wearing greens.

But, unfortunately,
we just missed him.

But he was with Dr. Jackson

in the operating room

all the time.

Well, that's Charlie.

Oh, Kelly.


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