01x26 - The Unknown People – Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Adventures of Superman". Aired: September 19, 1952 – April 28, 1958.
Beloved series based on comic book characters and concepts that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created in 1938 where Superman battles crooks, gangsters, and other villains in the fictional city of Metropolis while masquerading "off duty" as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.
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01x26 - The Unknown People – Part 2

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Faster than a speeding b*llet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
in a single bound.

- Look. Up in the sky.
-lt's a bird.

- It's a plane.
-lt's Superman.

Yes, it's Superman,
strange visitor from another planet...

...who came to Earth with powers
and abilities...

...far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers...

...bend steel in his bare hands...

...and who. disguised as Clark Kent...

---mild-mannered reporter for a great
metropolitan newspaper.

...fights a never-ending battle for truth,
justice and the American way.

And now, another exciting episode
in the Adventures oi Superman.

When Clark Kent and Lois Lane, star
reporters for the Metropolis
Daily Planet...

...were assigned to write a story
on the deepest oil well ever drilled...

...they little realized
what was going to happen.

In the darkness of the night,
two strange, furry creatures...

...half human, half animal,
crawled out of the abandoned well shaft.

Although they seemingly meant no harm,
everything they touched...

---some oranges, a flower,
a child's rubber ball.

...glowed with an eerie light.

Despite Superman's warning
that these fantastic visitors...

...from the center of the Earth might be
radioactive and therefore deadly...

...a mob of men and dogs.
led by Luke Benson...

---hunted them down and trapped them.

...on the high parapet of the dam,
above the reservoir.

There they are.

You're not going to sh**t
those little creatures.

In the first place. they haven't
done you any harm.

In the second place.
they may be radioactive.

If they fall in the reservoir.
they may contaminate the water supply.

Save your time and amm*nit*on. Benson.

Webber. quick!

- Matt. bring on the dogs!
- The other one's getting away!

Matt. come on!

Come on. Get. get.

I'm gonna get you to a hospital.

The dogs are acting mighty funny. Luke.
Don't seem able to hold the scent.

They'll hold it once they get it. Come on.

What in tarnation is that?

Don't touch it. Come on.

They got him.

Leash the dogs. Matt.
You heard me. Leash the dogs.

Luke. all we gotta do is pry the door loose.
The dogs will finish him off.

I ain't aiming to lose my hounds. Get some
dry sagebrush. Go on. get moving.

I get it. This old shed will catch like tinder.
Roast the critter alive.

Get back now.

Keep an eye on that window. Eddie.

I think I seen it at the window.

Luke. what do you figure that
shiny stuff was back there on the ground?

It's radium. They got it on them.
lt's poison.

Reckon that does it.

- Didn't you hear a scream or nothing?
- Nope.

Could be it ain't got no feelings.

The one you sh*t sure did.
Never heard nothing scream like that.

- All right. let's go.
- Luke.

Ain't you gonna see what it looks like?

That stuff ain't gonna cool off for hours.
Come on. let's get back to town.

Well. we got both of them.

- Both what?
- Them critters.

Yeah. Webber sh*t one of them
off of the dam.

The dogs run the other into a toolshed
on the old D&O spur. behind the arroyo.

We set the shed afire
and burnt it down with him in it.

You ain't got but one man.

I just told you.

I know. I still say you ain't got but one.
The other one's up at the hospital.

What are you talking about?

Superman caught him
as he fell off the dam.

Took him to the hospital
with a b*llet in his chest.

Webber. you and Eddie round up the boys.

What do you figure on doing. Luke?

I figure on getting that critter
and stringing him up.

You ain't stringing nothing up in this town.
unless it's a slab of bacon.

Who's gonna stop me?

Won't need anybody to stop you
because you ain't even commencing.

- Put the bracelets on him. Jim.
- Stay where you are.

Put your g*n up.
I don't want any trouble with you.

You won't get any trouble
unless you come looking for it.

Come on. Jim.

I don't think those two can
stop Benson and his mob.

- We better go to the hospital and warn Kent.
- Good idea.

- That man in the costume--
- Superman.

He had no right to bring that
monstrosity in here.

And you. Dr. Reed. had no right
to admit it without my authorization.

- I'm sorry. sir. but--
- Don't blame him. it was an emergency.

Young man. I’m running this hospital.
Get that thing out of here immediately.

It's been sh*t. it might even be dying.
You wouldn't treat a dog that way.

This is not a dog hospital.

I'm leaving. but I'll be back in the morning.

Don't let me find that thing in here
or there will be trouble.

- The milk of human kindness.
- But really. it isn't human.

- But how do we know?
- That's just right. How do we know?

Doctor. would you remove the b*llet
from his chest?

How can I. Mr. Kent? If it's radioactive.
I don't dare get near it.

Wait a minute. The lead screen
we use in radiotherapy.

- Miss Ronson--
- Oh. no.

You don't get me
in that operating room.

-It’ll need an assistant.
-l'll assist. Come on.

You know. they got that creature
that Webber sh*t up at the hospital.

Don't worry. we ain't gonna leave it there.
We aim to get it and string it up.

Them reporters from back east and them
oil people will try to stop us. like as not.

We ain't gonna be stopped.

This is our town. we don't need
strangers telling us what to do.

Yeah! Right!

There's the sheriff. Luke. the sheriff.

You're under arrest. Benson.

If you know what's good for you.
you'll tell them to loose me!

Keep him in jail till we're through.
The rest of you. come on. Follow me.

You think he'll live?

Unless something develops.
Complications set in.

You know. it's amazing. His chest structure
is exactly like that of a human being.

Same thoracic cavity. same number of ribs.
same lung position.

The only external difference
seems to be in the hairy covering.

- And the large head.
- Yes. I'd like to examine that head.

- I'm doing some work in brain capacity--
- Clark.

Where have you been?
And what are you doing in that outfit?

- Hello. Lois. This is Dr. Reed. Miss Lane.
- How do you do?

Do you know what happened?
They sh*t one of those little monsters.

Dr. Reed just removed the b*llet
from his chest. He's in there.

- In there?
- I brought--

That is. Superman brought him
to the hospital.

- Then you know about Superman.
- If I don't. who should?

L've gotta check the ward now.
I'll keep an eye on it.

- Unless I get fired.
- You won't. I’m sure.

Glad to have met you, Miss Lane.

- There goes a young man with courage.
- I wish I could say the same for you.

- Lois. one of these fine days--
- One of these fine days what?

Never mind. Come on.
I've gotta find Corrigan.

You always do that. Start to say something.
then abruptly change your mind.

- I do?
- What are you afraid of?

- What are you hiding?
- Hiding?

You give the impression
you're leading a double life.


Yes. and I’m not the only one
who thinks so.

Well. that's very funny becau--

- What's the matter?
- They're running up the street.

- Who?
- Craig and Corrigan.

- I don't see anyone.
- Just keep looking.

- They're coming.
- Who?

Benson and the mob.

The sheriff told Benson that Superman
brought one of the creatures to the hospital.

- Benson wants to hang him.
- Oh. no.

- So it's turning into a real lynch mob.
- Nothing will stop them now.

I wonder.

- Clark. where are you going?
-l'll be right back.

He's scared to death. lt's pitiful.

Here they come.

I never thought I'd live
to see anything like this.

Get her out of the way.
Corrigan. before she gets hurt.

Mr. Corrigan doesn't have to get me
out of the way.

I can get out of the way by myself
if I feel like it. but I just don't feel like it.

- Take your filthy hands off--
- Hold it. Luke!

Why. you dirty coward!

Get her out of the way!

Don't even try to get in there, Benson.
Dr. Reed's in charge tonight.

He's left orders that
no one's to be admitted.

There's your answer. mister.

It may be an answer to you.
It means nothing to me.

Well. we're running this town.
We ought to string you up too.

Are you all right, Miss Lane?

You gonna step aside.
or do we have to make trouble?

- Put some lead in him. Luke.
- Mr. Benson tried that once. It didn't work.

I'm going to give you one last chance
to stop acting like n*zi storm troopers.

- Who are you to tell us what to do!
- All I’m telling you is...

...that little creature has as much right
to live as you do.

Don't forget. you invaded his world.
You sank a pipe six miles into the ground.

And when he climbed up.
you set dogs on him. sh*t him.

Get inside and stay away
from the front of the building.

Whoever fired that sh*t
came close to k*lling Miss Lane.

Obviously. none of you
can be trusted with g*n...

...so I’m going to take them away from you.

Get back inside.

What do you want?

Don't be afraid.
No one's going to hurt you.

No one means you any harm.

You wait right there.
Don't be afraid. Wait.

They want the wounded one.

- How do you know? They can't talk.
- One of them made motions.

That's right. He pointed to me
and held out his arms.

They knew I was the one that caught their
friend when he was sh*t off the dam.

What was that shiny thing
they pointed at you?

A w*apon of some kind.
Probably a very dangerous one.

- I better get him before they use it.
- He shouldn't be moved.

He'll have to be.
If we turn him over to them...

...and don't harm them. they'll take him
and go back where they came from.

That'll be the end of it.

All right.

Hey. Luke. There's three of them
in front of the hospital.

Keep everybody back here.

Turn it off! Stop!

Stop it! Stop!

Go now. No one will harm you.

Go back where you belong.

- You saved my life.
- That's more than you deserve.

- You all right?
-l'll live.

I got ahold of a Geiger counter and checked
the woman and the little girl. No reaction.

Kent was right. It was just
harmless phosphorescence.

Quick. Get back!

They're destroying the well and casing.
so no one can get to them again.

It's almost as if they were saying:

“You live your lives. and we'll live ours.“

Don 't miss the next thrill-packed episode
in the amazing Adventures of Superman.

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