01x01 - Batter Up

Episode transcripts for the TV show "A League of their Own". Aired: August 12, 2022 - present.
Following the WWII All-American professional women's baseball league players as they travel across a ever changing U.S.A.
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01x01 - Batter Up

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Shit! Shit, shit.


- Okay, okay.

Carson, Carson!

Oh! Oh! Oh, my goodness! Emily! John!

Hi! How's it being back
home? How are you feeling?

I'm happy to be back with the family.

Have you heard from Charlie?

I have, yes, yes.

He's actually great.

[STAMMERING] Or, I mean, great,
you know, considering the w*r.

[MAN] All aboard!

Will I see you at choir
practice this afternoon?


Yeah. Of course. Of course.

So, it was lovely running into you both.

All of you, whole family.

I actually... I must go
now. So, I must go. Okay.

Don't forget it is your
turn to bring the pie!

I would not forget the pie!

Could you see her bra?

You know, I... I didn't.

- Was it out?


[MAN] There's another one on Tuesday!

Tuesday's too late, sir!

Ma'am, I can't let you board this
train, it's technically already left.

Okay. Well, you can just
pick that up in Boise

because I am not going to
let you board this train.

- Sir!
- That's against the law.

- Ma'am, do not approach the train.
- Sir! Just let it happen.


[PANTING, LAUGHS] I'm in. I made it.

I see that. Ticket, please.


So, about that...





I mean, Jesus, we miss you... so much.



[WHISPERING] You look crazy.


Are you gonna stare at me the whole way?


[QUIETLY] What am I doing?

Oh, Jane Austen. What
a sweet love story!

Actually, what I love about it most
is that it's not like a fairy tale.

You know? I like that Elizabeth
doesn't have, like, instant butterflies

when she meets Darcy, it takes a while.

And then, and then, eventually, they
end up having this great love story.

But, I mean, when you think about it,

like, what is romance anyway?

It is a great book.


I'm gonna get a sandwich.



This could be a big
deal, but it might not be.

stop, Chicago, Union Station.



Excuse me, sir, do you
know where Baker Field is?

- Thank you.


[JO] Aren't you glad
I brought the map now?

Wow, Joey, you're right.
You're always right.

I bow down to you and
your map-packing knowledge.

Where would you be
without me, bird, huh?

Probably at that store across
the street, buying a g*dd*mn map.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

Why don't you do that
then? I'll be ahead.

[GRETA] Hey, Joey, when we get
there, don't talk back to anybody.

We need this. This
could be our big break.

- Wait. Hang on.
- What?

Hey! Hey, you! Are you following us?

No. No, no. I, um...

I was just... I was just looking
at this wall, 'cause it's sturdy.

It's a... It's a good one.

No, you're clearly going to tryouts.

You can't follow us. We're not
here to help the competition!

She doesn't look like
that much competition.

I mean, I could be competition, I think.

Oh, yeah?

Then let's go. We're late.

- [GRETA] It's fine.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.

This is like being in a pinball machine.

I always wondered what it would be like

to be those little b*lls.
Boing, boing, boing.

How are you bad at walking?

Or did they not invent that yet
on whatever goat farm you're from?

Jo, will you take one of
her bags? We gotta hoof it.

- Are you kidding me?
- Do it.

- Thank you. Appreciate it.
- Fine. Whoa!

[WOMAN] Excuse me. So sorry.

What... What the hell is in here?

I was rushing and I couldn't
decide what books to bring.

[BOTH] Books?

Uh, we're not going
to librarian tryouts.

No one has time to read in New
York! There's too much to do.

Wow. Is that where you're
from? I've always wanted to go.

Actually, I'm from all over.
The Big Apple, Houston, Paris,

- which is in France. Ever heard of it?
- [CARSON] Yeah.

- You know, she dated a movie star.
- Jo!

- You did!
- Oh, my goodness! Cary Grant?

No, no. It was Jimmy Stewart?

[BOTH] Hendricks Johnson.

From The Wizard of Oz. He's
one of the Lollipop Kids.

Oh, wow!

He was the one that gave the lollipop...

Hey, nimrods!

It's this way! Why am I the
only one looking at the map?

Ooh, ooh, take these, Joey.

You're the only one holding the map.

Oh, okay, don't get all
philosophical on me, Books.

- "Books"?
- Thank you, cutie.

Ooh-la-la. Scored us some smokes.


Oh, thank you. I'm
gonna save mine for later.

Oh. You're married?

Oh, uh, yes, yeah, of course, I am.

Huh. What does your Freddie think
about you going to play baseball?

Oh, uh, well, Charlie, um...
He's super excited about it.

Yeah. When I was first scouted,
I wasn't sure if I was gonna come,

'cause I have a lot of
responsibilities at home, you know,

but I've always loved
baseball more than anything.

I mean, except Charlie,
obviously. [CHUCKLES]

But, I mean, it's just a
tryout, it's just a tryout,

and it's a free ticket to Chicago,
so... And I've never been here.

This is really boring.

- We've got five minutes, let's go.
- Go, go, go.


Holy shit.

- Holy shit.
- Holy shit.

Whoa! You got an arm like a g*n.

Maybe that's what I'll
call you. g*n Molly!

Maybe keep working on that.

[SIGHS] I didn't know this
many girls played ball.

How could you? There's never
been anything like this before.

Get your game faces on.
Let's show these girls up.


Whoa. You're spreading germs everywhere.

You ever heard of the flu, or...

Ever heard of "shut the hell up"?

[SIGHS] Yes.


Miss! Miss, miss. Hey, you're
the, uh, Cuban girl, right?


Yes. Your mom said
you could speak English.

Yes, uh, Oklahoma, where the
wind come sweeping down the plain.

Right. Great. Yeah.

You know what? Maybe we don't talk

- to the press today. Yeah.
- Uh-huh?

Thanks. See you out there.

[CARSON] You think
this thing is for real?

It better be. We got one-way tickets.

I mean, we have no other
plans and no more money, so...

Like usual.

- Hello.
- Name.

Uh, Shaw. Carson Shaw.

Oh, yeah. Scout put a
little star by your name.

- [CHUCKLES] You got a star?
- That was nice of him.

- Maybe it's just a smudge.
- Oh.

Wave hello to Mr. Baker,
that's who you need to impress.

[GASPS] He's here?

I love your candy bars!

[WHISTLE bl*ws]


- [WHISTLE bl*ws]
- [COACH] Go!

This is nuts. I mean, we could be pros.

- It's nuts.
- [WHISTLE bl*ws]

Like, some of the games I
listened to happened right here.

I think the Cubs are
playing here tomorrow.

- What?
- Yeah.

- [SIGHS] No pressure.
- No pressure.

- [WHISTLE bl*ws]
- [COACH] Come on, put 'em down.

[bl*ws WHISTLE]


[bl*ws WHISTLE]

[WHISTLE bl*ws]

[COACH] Hey! Where
the hell are you going?

[SPEAKING SPANISH] Do you speak Spanish?

know. I'm so... I'm not equipped.

I have to go do this.


[SPEAKING SPANISH] Are you from Cuba?

- Yes.
- They play well in Cuba.

- You speak Spanish?
- Yes.

Thank God! No one else speaks Spanish!

Calm down! Calm down!



Uh, yes, yes. Ticket sales
have been down slightly.

It doesn't look so slight
from up in the stands.

You really think this is gonna help?

This is not about money, Pat.

You know, Americans need baseball to
keep their spirits in fighting shape.

That's right.

You really think people are gonna pay
to watch women run around like men?

Our players will be
ladies through and through.

No pants wearing, trash
talking, chew spitting...


Did anyone see that?

Yeah. I think that's
enough questions for now.


I have half a mind to just
shut this thing down right now.

No, no, no. No, no, no Sir,
please, just trust me, okay?

I will find someone to teach
the women how to be... women.

You better find a magician.
I gotta go lay down.

Guys, let's hold off
on the photos right now.


She can h*t too. These
girls are really good.

Why you watching what everyone
else is doing? Watch yourself.

Yeah, watch yourself.

No, you guys are right.

I need that kind of confidence.

I wish.


Guess it was just... a lucky one.


So, it's called Wonder Woman,

but she doesn't show up
until the second-to-last page.


Then the Duke of Deception
uses the Crown of Mars

to separate her spirit from
her body, and that's it.

She's not even in the book at all,
even though it's named after her.

Okay, are we just
gonna keep walking here?


Okay. I think I might shit my pants.
You think that'll get you on the team?

- Just keep talking, okay?
- All right, I'll keep talking.

So, you know, I wrote a letter
to the editor. And it's like,

you already took the one true love
of her life, just let her have a body.

- You know? Just let her have a body.
- Oh-oh.

[MAX] You think he's bringing us a pie?

Yeah, I don't see a pie.

You gals get lost on the
way to the South Side?

We're here for the tryouts.

But that's very chivalrous of you
to worry about us being lost, sir.

Look, I don't think you understand.

This is the All-American League.

- We're pretty all-American.
- Yeah, we American.

We were born here.

Yeah, "In God We
Trust." You know, Jesus...

Think you look like them?

Well, actually, I think my
form is a tad bit better, but...

We're from Rockford, Illinois,

where we saw you're putting
one of the teams. The Peaches?

Yeah, funny thing, we don't grow
really grow peaches in Rockford.

We mostly grow corn.

Maybe you should call
the team, "The Corn."

Look, we're not gonna have colored
girls playing with our girls.

[DARYL] Go on home.

Just give me one sh*t.

One minute to throw for you. I promise

you're gonna want me
pitching at every game.

I know how to put on a show.

[DARYL] Look, if you don't get out
of here now, I'll have you run off.

- Okay, Max, let's go.
- No.

- No, let's just go. Come on.
- We're not leaving.

Thank you, sir. Sorry to bother you.



Holy shit. Who was that?

I mean, we knew it
was gonna happen, right?


Yeah. Sure, we knew.

- No. Max. Max. Max.
- What is wrong with those assholes?

- I gotta show them. Clance, please!
- You gotta not get m*rder.

- Let me go.
- Hey! Hey! All right, you right, okay?

- You don't need 'em! They assholes!
- I literally need them.

I don't sit at my desk drawing
all day like you. I need a team!

Hey, that is not your team! Okay?

I'm sorry.


You're right. I'm fine.

You fine?

- I'm fine.
- Good.

- I said I'm fine.
- Okay.


I mean, a minute ago,
you were gonna k*ll someone.

- Don't remind me.
- I'm just saying, now you fine though?

- I'm fine.
- Okay, she's fine.

- You fine?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Okay.
- I mean, you gonna pretend you're fine,

I'll pretend I don't
know that you're not fine,

and we're gonna be fine. So,
since we fine, can I, uh...

Can I go get my comic book now

before we have to take the train
back to our devastating lives?


- How are we best friends?
- Pff. Beats me.

Yeah, we can go get your comic book now.

Thank you.

- You're a married woman.
- Hey!

Just 'cause I got married to a sexy,
sexy, gentleman don't mean I got normal.

Race you there!

- [CLANCE] You could have worn a skirt!

Sent our scouts all over
the whole damn country.

And Canada. Canada was great.

Looking for feminine girls.
And this is what they found?

I mean, who's gonna pay to watch this?

My God! Look at their
calves, they're enormous!

I still think it's gonna work.
And I will take care of the calves.

You know, I know these
are desperate times,

but, you know, we have a
pedigree to hold up here.

I mean, our candy bars are
synonymous with excellence.

- Right.
- A seriousness of purpose.

Without a doubt.

So you tell me, does this
look like excellence to you?

Actually, I think it does, sir.


Quietly, girls!

Remember we're ladies and
not ball-chasing pound hounds.

Mmm. I usually touch both shoes
with my bat before I swing,

but this time, I only touched one.
I don't know what I was thinking.

Yeah, well, I was catching
a pop fly in the outfield

and a bird almost shit in my
eye, you know, so I dropped it.

f*cking birds!

I picked a wedgie right in front
of Mr. Baker. What was I thinking?

Don't worry, he probably didn't see.

He was too busy looking
at how bad your swing is.


Oh, gosh! Pee-yew!

I should have warned her!


We're gonna get on this team.
I think it's a no-brainer.

Hey, you gotta be careful
who you say that to.

You know, my cousin Stan had a lobotomy.

[GRETA] Mm-hmm.

I don't know, my first two
swings, my heel dropped too early.

Yeah, and then you
practically h*t a homer! Boom!

You should've seen the
look on their faces.

- Your guy would be proud.

You okay?

Yeah, I... You know what?

I'm just gonna go unpack for
little bit. I forgot earlier, so...


- God! f*ck!

- Oh, my God.
- Excuse us.


- Sorry.
- Didn't mean to interrupt.

I was just...

Just noting some thoughts about w*r.

- Oh, why?
- Why?

Not, not positively. Just...

It's important that we reflect.

It's a bad one.

It is. Yeah, it's a bad one.

- Um...

- We wanna talk about your hair.
- Oh.

- Yeah, sure.
- I think it's holding you back.

Okay, thank you.

[GRETA] Oh, no, no, I didn't
mean that as a compliment.

Yeah, I was being sarcastic.

- It's very farm.
- Right, right.

Just, again, I'm not
actually from a farm.

I do haircuts.

Yeah, I... We should... I
would... I mean, I'm in...

I'm due for one.


- [GRETA] Is this your guy?
- [CARSON] Yeah.

Oh, my goodness. He's handsome.


He looks a little boring, though.

No, he's not. He's not boring.

He's really funny and
weird, in a good way.

He's my best friend, so...

And how is he in the sack?

That is... That's
private information, so...

[GRETA] All right, close your peepers.

- I'm gonna mist you. Ready?
- [CARSON] Okay.

I need to sort of visualize what you're
gonna look like when I'm done with ya.

Um, so he's never said
anything explicit about it,

but I think that Charlie
really likes my hair long, so...

[GRETA] I was thinking like this.


Gr... Greta, that is so much hair.

Do you want me to stop?

No. No.

Okay, good.

I read what you wrote.

What is your story?

All right, I wasn't
gonna come to the tryouts.

Even though it's a dream
to play ball like this.

But I just kept thinking, "You
can't, you're a married woman."

And then, I... I might have received...

a letter in the mail from my husband,

uh, about him, uh, coming home.


He's coming home.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Are you saying that your husband

wrote you a letter saying
he was coming home from w*r

and then you left?

[QUIETLY] Yeah. Yes.


I just ran away like I
was possessed or something.

See, I don't think you are
running away from anything.

I think you are running
towards your destiny.

I don't think I'm the kind
of person that has a destiny.

Well, I guess you get to
decide that, don't you?




f*cking f*ck!


They published my letter,
but they completely rewrote it

and made it sound like
I was complimenting them!

God! This is typical.

You can't even try out and
now my comment on Wonder Woman

and how the character development is
too quickly played out was twisted!

They twisted it!

Yeah. It's the same situation.

- I'll shut up, yeah.

What did you tell your mom?

She'd be so pissed if she
knew you went to tryouts.

I didn't tell her anything.

She does not run my
life. I'm a grown woman.

- Yes, you are.
- I call the sh*ts.

- You do.
- I do.

Yes, you do, sir.

But we should probably...

We should probably...
Yep, I know, just tell her.

- Make up something.
- I didn't even think about that.

Because she's gonna
k*ll you, and you know that.

Right. Mm-hmm.

I'm moving to California.


I heard the leagues out
there are a little bit integrated.

What do you mean "a
little bit integrated"?

It's kind of a you either
are or aren't thing, isn't it?

Yeah, well, maybe they'll make an
exception for people as good as me.

Well, if we're going to California,
I have to tell my husband, so...

Ugh, I still can't
believe you have a husband.

- I still can't believe you don't.
- You are a whole wife.

Yeah, and you could be, too, if you,
you know, did somethin' with your face.

- No. No.
- Smile.

[CLANCE] Every single man in
that town when there's not a w*r

is into you, and you just ignore them.

- This is not true.
- The guy with the wonky eye?

- He's !
- Yeah, but, you know.

You're sick. The eye is
lazy. I can't do that.

Yeah, but it's kinda cute
the way it kinda wobbles.

No, no, no.

- I'm good.
- Don't you think?

- Thank you. But I'll pass.
- All right.

It's time for me to stop wantin'
things I can't have. [SIGHS]



No. Can't I just want
something normal, like a couch?

- A couch?
- Ain't that what you wives want?


You're looking to get slapped.

- Lemme see your drawing.
- No.

- Please?
- No.

I haven't got that
big creasy frown line...


- ...just right yet.
- Okay.

- Goofy tooth right yet.
- Okay, just lemme see the damn thing!

Say something nice.

Something nice.

- Mm-hmm. Something better.

- If you could just... Her arm.
- Shut up.

Wouldn't let my arm noodle like that...

Shut up!

All right. It's perfect.

Thank you.



I think we can see you better now.

What do you think?

I like it.

Me too.

Hey, you gotta tell him how you feel.


- Okay?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.



Hello, ladies, how can I help you?

We are looking for some stationary

that would befit an important message.

- Absolutely.
- [CARSON] Very important.

- And we'll take an envelope, please.
- Yeah, an envelope.

- Okay.
- And a pen, with a flexible nib.

- Great.
- And a stamp.

- Yes. 'Cause we have to...
- [BOTH] Send it.

Is that all?


[STAMMERING] I don't know what to say.

I've known him so
long. You don't even know.

Okay, so say that.

I can't...

[CARSON] I don't want him
to think I don't love him

- because I do.
- [GRETA] Carson.

- It's gonna be bad.
- But he's gonna be...

He's not here.

It doesn't matter.
Listen. Listen, listen.

Yeah. I feel like I feel good. I feel
like it's... We're getting somewhere.


- That's it. All you have to do is that.
- That's it.


Hi! It's us again.

- Henry.
- Hi.

Henry, okay, I need you to send
this immediately, all right?


You need to make
sure it goes out, all right?

- I will.
- Don't open it.

I... I won't open it.
Why would I open it?

- Why did you even bring it up?
- I'm not... Is there someone else?

I don't... This is sealed,
so just keep it that way.

You're bad.

Henry's a bad boy.

- Don't be bad.
- I don't plan on being bad.

- Don't be bad, Henry.
- [HENRY] Please enjoy your stay.

- Don't be bad.
- Don't be bad.


Yep. Definitely not
interested in women at all.

[CLEARS THROAT] Oh, hello, Don!




Carson! Get up.

Get up right now.

We gotta go downstairs. They're
about to announce the teams!


What happened last night?

[MAYBELLE] Oh! Go! Get
out of the way. Excuse me!




My wife and I went on a
safari for our honeymoon.

We saw a pack a hyenas take down a lion.

It looked pretty much like this.

I think they look like
they're having fun.

We're gonna make sure that they don't
have too much fun. Right, ladies?

What did I do wrong? I can't go home.

Yes! Yes!

- Holy shit!
- Holy shit?

Holy shit!

- Did you get on?
- Yeah, we're all Peaches!

God, we are all f*cking fruit!

- [LUPE] We're fruit!
- Fruit!


Hold on. Did I send
Charlie a letter last night?

- Yeah.
- What did I write?

You spoke your heart, and
some other parts of you.

Oh, God! Greta!

Oh, Carson!

Sir? Sir, I know you're down there.

Oh, hello again. I was, uh...

just doing an inventory
of the room keys.

Great. I need the letter
back from last night.

- It was picked up already.
- What?

And I did not open it, ma'am.

Why would you open it? That's weird.

All right, um...
Where's the post office?

- It's two blocks that way.
- Do you know the route?

Do... Do I know the postal route?

Wait, Carson. Wait. We leave
for Rockford in an hour.

Just tell me what I wrote.

It doesn't matter what you
wrote. What're you gonna do?

You gonna run all over
Chicago looking for a letter

that you needed to send anyway?

Or are you gonna be a
professional baseball player?

You're a Peach now, Carson. Right?

- Okay.
- Okay?


Ooh, Charlene is feeling the most.

All right, Bonnie, remember,
your hair won't sweat out

if you slow down and walk like a lady.

So, exactly what was this,
uh, concert in the park?

Yeah, Mama. Jazz concert.
Grant Park, like I told you.


Thanks for giving me
the day off. How was...

Who played again?

There were a lotta different musicians.
Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker.

[TONI] Ooh, don't leave
that iron in there too long.

You don't want another
handful of pocket curls.

So, what'd they play?

Um... They played all their hits.


You know, that one song that...

[MOUTHING] ♪ It don't mean a thing ♪♪

Jesus, Maxine. "It Don't Mean a Thing!"

- [TONI] You are such a bad liar.
- I tried.

Georgia, what are you
doing? Right in front of my face?

I was just trying to help.

Fine. Yes, I went to the tryouts.

So, you lied to me.

If you knew already, why you have to
do this in front of the whole salon?

- They don't care.
- Oh, we love it.

I said, obviously she went to
those tryouts. I knew it all along.

- You did not. I said that.
- I was telling you about it.

- No, you didn't. It was Thursday.
- Okay, you can stop.

- Didn't I say it?
- Stop.

How you know, Mama?

Guy told us.

He came here with some
leftovers his mama made him.

He didn't want to waste that good pork.

- Guy...
- That pork is delicious.

Now, Maxine, you've got
to make smarter choices.

- I'm making the best choices...
- Once this salon is yours,

I will k*ll you if
you lose this business

because you're still acting like a child

over this baseball nonsense.

Even if I'm d*ad, I will
come back and I will k*ll you.

This is fun.

I have told you before,

owning your own business in
this country is the only way

you can have some control of your life.

I'm all for you having a dream, Maxine.

I just want you to pick
one that's possible.

I hear you.

You're right.

- Don't mess with me.
- No, I'm being serious.

I need to start focusing
on things that are real.

Remember when you told me you wanted
me to start doing the bookkeeping?

I remember you saying
that looking at numbers

made you wanna light yourself on f*re.

Yeah, well,

I think I should learn it.
Think it would be a good idea.

Is everything okay in here? Or am I
gonna have to take my coffee outside?

No. She's making sense for once.

[EDGAR] Well...

I love this peace under my roof.

- Mmm. It is my roof too.
- Yes, it is.

I wish my husband
would kiss me like that.


Don't worry, he's my husband.

- Go on, girl.
- [TONI] That's right. I know.

- [GEORGIA] sh**t.
- [TONI] That's right. Hmm.

So, how'd it go?

- You know too?
- Well, Guy bought that good pork.

Did you show 'em that knuckleball?

They didn't even let me try out, Dad.

I'm so sorry, baby.

It's fine. It's over.

Well, maybe we throw the ball
around tomorrow before work?

What do you say, huh?

Nah, too much to do.

- I'll see you at home, Daddy.
- Don't get too drunk tonight.

I'm gonna be too drunk
to remember you said that.

[BEVERLY] Peaches! Welcome
to your Rockford home.

Come and join me out by the banister.

Everyone out of your rooms, please.

Very quickly. This
will only take a moment.

Open your books. I'd like
to go through a few rules.

No smoking or drinking in public.

- No pants in public.
- What?

- [BEVERLY] You've heard of pants?
- I have!

Congratulations. Don't
wear them outside.

Curfew is at : p.m. sharp.

Wait, what?

Stragglers will have
their pay docked. And...

You can call me Sergeant
Beverly or Sarge, if you must.

That's what I was called in the Marines.

I will be your chaperone for the season.

- Thank you, ladies. Dismissed.

No, thank you.

I will be watching.

Oh, I have not had a chance to say this,

but I am so relieved
that we are roommates.

- Do you feel that?
- Yeah. It's great.

What do you think the
fans are gonna be like?

Do you think there will be any cute
boys who can handle power hitters?

You know, to be honest with you,
I hadn't really thought about that.

You haven't?

So, what are you, a pitcher?

Yeah. Didn't you see me pitch?

What kind of question is that?

A simple one.

Look, I love the girls, I love them,

but there's a lot of
anxiety in the room. Right?

And I know myself, and I know that
other energies, they attach on to me.

Right? And I absorb them. And if
someone else is anxious, then I go...

So, I should be anxious?
And then I'm anxious.

[MAYBELLE] I ditched my last
guy before I came out here.

A lot of guys, they
see all this, they see

all this, they think
it's all, na, na, na!

But, no way, okay? I'm
gonna talk their ear off,

I'm gonna eat more hotdogs than
they can. I'm gonna outrun 'em.

Where are you from, anyway?

Moose Jaw?




What... What are those?

Mmm, oh...

Uh, humidifiers.

Feel free to explore.

But I should help you, 'cause they
get hot, hot, hot, like, danger.

- I'll let you handle it.
- I have a scar here from...

[MAYBELLE] What about
you? What's your type, hmm?

- Blondes.
- Oh!

I'm a blonde. [GIGGLES]


Hear ye, hear ye, Peaches!

- Is that a f*re?
- I'm sure it's not. It doesn't smell...

Okay, well, I definitely wanna
check to see if it is a f*re.

Hello! Okay, we have
. hours before curfew.


great dignity and composure...


Let's quietly contemplate how
to find a f*ck' bar!


Okay! Go!


Holy geez! They're welcoming us!

You guys! We're famous!

The Peaches have arrived! Thank you!

I actually have never
technically been drunk before,

but I have read a lot of the Greek
literature surrounding alcohol.

- So I think I know what to do.
- Go ahead. Fine me.

I'm not wearing a dress.

[JESS] We're gonna be
rich now. Who cares?

[JO] Carson, come on!


Do you wanna get flipped?

What are you doing?

Oh, it's a new dance.
It's called the Jitterbug.

That is not the
Jitterbug. That is the Jo!

Oh! Whoo!

- [MAX] I need a drink.
- [CLANCY] Mm-hmm.

But first, I wanna find
your loose-lipped husband.

Okay, it's not his fault.

He's shy, so, sometimes when he
talks, it comes out all at once.

- Don't hurt him, Max.
- Uh-huh.

I mean it.

Hey, baby!

Ah, there's my baby. Hey!

- Mmm.
- Okay, so she's mad.

- Oh.
- Hey, Guy. Good to see you.

Listen, thank you so much for telling
the entire salon and my whole family

- about us going to the tryouts.
- Yeah, I told you not to tell anyone.

Yeah, I was actually just
feeling a little nervous,

'cause your mom makes me a little scared

and I couldn't think of
what else to talk about.

- Nothing at all?
- Yeah, well, you f*cked up, baby,

because Max's been holdin'
in her rage for a while now,

and she gonna lose her
shit all over you right now.

- It's gonna be ugly...
- I am right here.

- Sorry.
- I had a whole speech and everything.

- Sorry. As you were.
- Guy. Guy, old buddy...

Hey, hey. So, um, um, a
bunch of those baseball girls

are actually in the bar right now.

They seem pretty nice, actually.

Actually, I keep telling you, actually,
not to say inappropriate things.

Look how mad she is!
Feel the room, actually.

I know. I say "actually" a lot. So much.

I say "actually" a lot.

- We say "actually" a lot.
- I know, we say. 'Cause we a we now.

- But it's like, think of another word.
- I know you actually do.

This is disgusting, I'mma go.

Hey, hey. Hold on, um, um, Max, listen.

William doesn't really like us
out there with the customers.

I don't work here.

Yeah, well, he lets
you drink here for free.

Relax. Just going to
check out the competition.

They're not your
competition. You're not...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Max.


Yeah. Sure, dancing is fun,

but people don't talk
about how dangerous it is.

So, if your dad's so strict,
how'd he let you come?

He didn't. I just came.

- What?

I kinda ran away too.

Is that why you changed
your hair? To be incognito?

Maybe. I don't think I
look that different, though.


You kinda do.




Hey there.

- Hi.
- Hi.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

How long have you and
Jo known each other?

I don't know, a million years.

We met playing baseball. In
Queens. When we were kids.

Got our first jobs together,
her grandma threw her out,

because she said she wasn't a real girl.

A kid said that to me once
because I played baseball.



I want you to make me a promise. Okay?

Whatever happens with this
thing, however long it lasts,

let's rob the bank.

Sound good?

- Yeah, that sounds good.
- Okay.

You mean that we should
take advantage of all this

and do whatever we want,
and not actually rob a bank?

You're saying that if I found a job
for us to pull, you wouldn't do it?

I would have to really
think about where I stood.

- Of course.
- If I would drive the car or whatever.


Just 'cause I'm not a fast driver.

Jo's by herself, so I
gotta dance with her.

Okay. I'm gonna... I'll be...

I'm just gonna get
another drink or something.


Okay. Well...


- Bye.


What in the Howdy-Doody, white Jesus,
unseasoned chicken kinda dancing is this?

I don't know, but it is the
weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Hey, Maxine. Your mom cut
my hair. What do you think?

Yeah, it's nice.


- How you been, Gary?
- Good, good.

I just got a new job
at the screw factory.

- Wait, they're hiring colored guys now?
- Yeah.

And they're taking me on the team too.

You're looking at the
new second baseman.

- The team?
- [GARY] Yeah.

- As in the baseball team?
- Yeah, the baseball team.

Okay. You can't even
get h*t with the ball.


A bunch of guys got drafted,
so all these spots opening up...

I'm literally four billion
times the player you are!

Yeah, but it doesn't matter,
'cause you're a woman.

- Oh, right. Yeah, it doesn't matter.
- It's the men's team.

It doesn't matter. I'm a woman.

- I know.
- I can't do anything.

But you know what a woman can
do. A woman can b*at your ass.

- Whoa! Max!
- Let me tell you that women can...

[CLANCE] Get out of here. Move your ass.

[MAX] I'm not doing anything.

[CLANCE] What the hell's wrong with you?

Oh, thank you.

- [MAX] Let me... Stop it.
- [CLANCE] Will you just quit it?

Hey! Will you...

How many times do I have to tell you

you can't lose your shit like
that in front of white folk?

This is my husband's job.


Well, you had your fun with
Guy, you humiliated Gary.

At least we don't have to
pretend you not mad no more.

Take a breath, okay?

I'm gonna go clean up your
mess, as per f*cking usual.



Yuck. I don't like it.

I have never met anyone like you.

Well, I've never met anyone like you.

- I'm sure that you have.
- Uh-uh.

Some of that stuff you said in your
letter last night... I mean, yeah.

- Whoo, boy!
- Okay, all right.

Okay, just tell me what I wrote.

I think you know what you wrote.

I feel like I am screwing
up my entire life...

and I don't know why.

Everything that I have always wanted...


But I'm not stopping because...

it feels good.


Come with me.

Come on. Come in here.


What did you want to tell me?

I thought so.



There you are. I'm sorry, Guy.

It's all right.

I'm sorry for overreacting.

I need to find Gary and
apologize to him too.

I love you more than anyone else in
the entire world, you know that, right?

- I'm right here.
- Shh-shh.

I know. I love you too.


I'll let you know if we
have to move to California.

Did you hear what Gary
said about the factory?

Yeah, did you? He said they
were hiring colored men.

I mean, white women last
month, now colored men?

Things are changing pretty fast, huh?

Who's moving to California?

Nobody's moving anywhere if
she gets on that factory team.


Wait, Greta. Where are you going?

I'm, uh, gonna show Danny
here some of the sights.

- Peter. I'm Peter.
- Oh.

Uh, but you don't even know
the sights, you just got here.

Um, I feel like maybe I can find
something that he can look at.

[GRETA] See you at the barracks.

Are you sure this a good
idea? You just met him.

It's sweet of you to worry,
but I can take care of myself.

Good night.





[STAMMERING] I was just, um...

It's okay.

- You were at the tryouts, right?

That was an incredible throw.

Yeah. I know.


[ANNOUNCER] Women are swinging the
bat in the All-American Girls League,

but the question remains,
will anyone come to watch?


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