01x08 - Perfect Game

Episode transcripts for the TV show "A League of their Own". Aired: August 12, 2022 - present.*
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Following the WWII All-American professional women's baseball league players as they travel across a ever changing U.S.A.
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01x08 - Perfect Game

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[ANNOUNCER] That'll do it
for the Rockford Peaches.

Lose one to nothing.


[SHIRLEY] I know about you.


[CARSON] Maybe you don't
think that we will be all.

[GRETA] We can't be,
Carson. You know that.

[BEVERLY] Mrs. Shaw.

[CHARLIE] Whatever it is that made
your mother leave, you've got that.

[BEVERLY] Mrs. Shaw.

[ANNOUNCER] The Peaches
just can't find their rhythm.

- [BEVERLY] Mrs. Shaw!
- Sorry, sorry.

Uh, yes.

Shall we do a brief team meeting after

everyone reclaims their belongings?

I think morale could use a little boost.

- Yeah, that sounds great.
- Very well.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah. Of course it is.

Carson, your eyes are doing
the cloudy thing.

What's going on?
Everything's gonna be fine.

Charlie, we lost the first two games.

If we lose another one, we're out.

I feel like I need to have
an answer right now

and I don't. I don't know
what to say to them.

My mind is blank.

Whatever happens,

you're gonna be telling our
kids about all this someday.

I know it's game three,
but you still have a chance.

And you're in the championships.

Come on, how many people can say that?


If you think about it,
you've already won.

- Yeah, I guess.
- Hey. Hey.

Enjoy it.

Uh-oh. What's that?
There's that smile I love.

All right, uh, so tomorrow's an off day.

Uh, let's practice at :
and I'll see you out there.

Aren't we gonna change
anything for the next game?

Yeah, we're getting creamed.

We need Jo. We need her arm.

- Yeah, uh...
- We need her bat.

We need her "Jo de vivre."

Mm-hmm. Yes. I wish
we could have those things.

Um, but we can't.

Listen, um, we're about
to go into game three

and even though we're down by two,

we're still in the championships.

That's huge.

And we have come so far to get here.

In a lot of ways,

we've already won.


So, let's get some rest
and I'll see you tomorrow.

That's it.


Well, Coach, I'd say you're a natural.

- Thanks.
- Proud of you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Um, can I talk to you for a sec?
Is that okay?

Sure, take her away.
I'll meet you upstairs.

I will be right up.

- What?
- Where the hell are you?

You came to the train station and

you told me that you needed me to win.

And now you're acting
like... You've already accepted

the fact that we've lost.

- Okay. I have not accepted anything.
- Yes, you have.

No, I haven't.

All right, what do you think
we should be doing? I'm trying.

I see you trying something.

You got any more pearls
of Charlie wisdom for us?

Or is he just gonna join us
in the locker room next?

- I think he's right.
- No, you don't.

Where's the real f*cking
Shaw? You're hiding again.

You knew about my husband this
whole time. You're the one that's...

This is not about us.

I didn't give up California or Jo...

I didn't go through all that
just to give up without a fight.

Find a way to show up.


- Hey.
- Hey.

This place is nicer than it looks.

Maybe we should move in
here. Get Shirls a new roommate.


Uh-oh. Car, you okay?

Is it the blood sugar thing?

- You want me to get you some food?
- Um...

Do you remember when
we talked about wanting to

be more honest with each other?

With what we want and need.

- Yeah, of course.
- Okay, great. Uh...

So, I need you...

to leave.



Charlie, I need to finish
what I started,

with the team, with coaching.

I need to focus right now
and be able to hear myself

and I can't seem to
do that with you here.

Why? What did I do wrong?

Nothing. Nothing.

You're not doing
anything wrong. You're not.

You're just... there.

I just... I keep feeling you
when I need to be feeling me.

Does that make sense?

Okay, uh...

I mean, I really loved being
there and rooting you on.

I know, I know.

But, yeah, of course. I can...

Yeah, I can stay at the hotel.

- Okay, great. Great.
- Great.

No, no. That's not...

I need you to go home.

I'm sorry. I need you to go to Idaho.

- I wouldn't even be at the games...
- I know.

I would feel you sitting
in the hotel room

and I won't be able to be
in my own body.

You know, it's really
starting to feel like this team

matters more to you than I do.

- I love you. I do.

But I... [SIGHS] For this week, it does.

It has to.


Here. Take this.

It's most of my wages from the season.

I wasn't allowed to make a bank
account 'cause you weren't here.


You really don't need me at all, do you?

Yes, I do. I do.

I'll see you in one week.

After you win the championship.

Thank you.

[CLANCE] How do you feel about chores?

Oh, well, to tell you the truth,
cleaning just gives me some peace.

Yeah, I'mma stop you there. Um...

This isn't a good fit.

We're not gonna throw a party every time

you decide to pick up a broom, you know?

- Clance! Stop.
- What?

[CLANCE] Uh-uh.
I can't feel this old every day.

How old are you, honey?
What are you, ?

Look at the innocence in her
eyes. I would snuff that out in a week.


Yeah, I... You know,
I think this could really work.

I think, um, I think, uh... When
would you like to move in?

Ah, no.

I am saving your marriage.

No, sorry. You're cute, but gotta go.

- Sorry.
- What are you thinking?

I love to cook.

And I love to be quiet and
read and watch the leaves fall.

It'd be so fun, Clance. Here's
a little gift from me to you.

- Thank you, Cheryl.
- Thank you.

- Thanks, Cheryl
- Thank you.

- Thank you, Cheryl.
- Thank you so much, Clance.

Cheryl, we gonna let you know. Okay?

- Thanks, Cheryl.
- Okay.


No. No way. I'm sorry.
No, she is obsessed with me.

- Clance.
- What is this? What did she get me?

She made me kitchen towels?

- They have your name on 'em.
- That's weird. Who does that?

Clance, you need a roommate.

I'll leave in two days. You need

somebody to help you pay for this place.

And I need somebody that's
gonna be here to make sure

- you're okay while I'm gone.

- Maybe that's a new Max.
- That's not funny.

- Hey, old lady.

Uh-uh. No. No, Cecil, I told you
not to barge in my door like that.

Hey, Max, can you sign this for me?

- What?
- What is this?

- Oh, my God.
- [MAX] What?

- Oh, my God!
- What? What?

You're in The Defender.

- You're in The Defender!
- Oh, my God!

- You're in The Defender!
- I'm in The Defender.



Maxine, I saw you in the paper!

Right. I forgot.

She can sign a copy for you if you want.


Best friend in the paper.

- It's no big deal. No big deal.
- Best friend in the paper.

- It's just a photo. And some words.
- Oh, no. A big photo.

[GIGGLES] Look at this picture!

Ooh! I can't wait to see the
look on your mama's face

when she sees that
you're about to go on tour.

How do you know her mama?

Hey, kid, that was a nice inning the

other day. You had good stuff out there.

Uh-uh. I think you mean
mind-bl*wing stuff.

- bl*wing.
- Uh-huh.

[GRACIE] Very big. Big, big.

There's a article about it, if you
want to see it, in The Defender.

What's The Defender?

What's The Defender?

- Hey. Can you two give us a minute?
- Sure.

I'll get you a copy, sir.

Extra, extra. Read all about it.

Listen, you proved yourself out there.

And you might be right.
Maybe we could use you.

So, how would you like to pitch
a few practices for us?

Just a start, then
we'll see where it goes.



Thank you, sir, so much, for the offer.

"But I got a better one."
Can you believe I said that?

I wish I could see the look on his
face when you turned him down.

Of course they offer me now,
after I kicked their butts.

It feels so good not to need the Screws.

Okay. Wait, wait, wait. I forgot.

- I brought a party.
- Well, well, well! She beers.

Oh, she beers.

Every once in a while, she beers.


I can't believe I'm about to go
on the road with my own team...

and a girl I can't stop thinking about.

It's really incredible, Max.

I didn't even know
living like this was possible.

I don't know if it actually is.

You put your ring back on.



Sometimes I wish I never knew
what it felt like to be with her.

You know?

'Cause then the end
wouldn't hurt like this.

I'm done thinking about the end.

I would rather have five minutes
of what this feels like right now

than a whole lifetime of before.

Yeah, you're right. Me too.

Yeah, I know you too.

What, now you know everything about me?

Pretty much. The first couple of

times we met, you wouldn't stop talking.

- I know your life story.
- Okay.

When I get nervous, I
sometimes tend to fill the space.

You're not nervous anymore?


I'm not.

I can hear myself.

To those five minutes.

- To the five.
- To the five!


So you think we're ever
gonna see each other again?

I don't know.

Let's have a catch in case we don't.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Uh, it's "play catch."

That's good. I was testing you.

That's what everybody says.


You ready?

All right, guys, listen up. Come on.

Come on.

"Let me be something every

minute of every hour of my life."

"Let me be cold, let me be warm."

"Let me be hungry
or have too much to eat."

"Let me be honorable or let me sin."

"Only let me be something
every blessed minute."

Where do you think
she's going with this one?

I don't know.

So, in this book, um,

there's a tree that grows out of cement.

No one waters it.
It hardly gets any light.

No one pays any attention to it.

But somehow, it still
finds a way to grow.

That's us.

No one thought
that we could do this. No one.

They cared more about
our makeup than our skills.

But still somehow, we grew.

But here are the facts.

The Blue Sox, they've
always been stronger than us.

Now they have Jo. She
was our best hitter and...

They're better than us. They just are.

Carson, why would you say that?

Because saying it loud means
we don't have to be scared of it.

They are better than us, they are.

But that does not mean they get to win.

Remember what Dove said
about the locker room?

People would write on the
walls little prayers to the gods,

asking them, please,
give them their moment.

This is our moment.

Are we allowed to do that?

- Terri.
- Shut up, Terri. Shut up.

[TERRI] I just don't
wanna get in trouble.

I don't care.

We're writing our names up here
right now, so whoever plays next year,

or in years, knows
they're in our house.


- Come on.
- Give it up.

All right. So we know
we're here today to practice,

but I don't think we need
to practice more cutoffs.

I don't think we need
to work on stealing.

I don't think we need
to practice more at all.

We don't need to know how the game ends.

We just need to be there,
pitch by pitch, play by play,

each precious minute at a time.

We're the Peaches.

- Yeah!
- And we fight to win.

- That's right.
- But if we lose...

let it be f*cking epic!


Let them write poems about
how we went out. Am I right?


All right, let's do it!
Let's show 'em! All right!

- Thank you for the book.
- I knew you'd like it.

So, where's your guy?

I asked him to go home.

- Hmm.
- Told him I needed to focus.


We need to talk.


If you have somethin'
to say to me, now is the time.

I don't have anything to say to you.

You were my friend and I trusted you.

- I am your friend.

And your coach.

Shirley, you are one of the
smartest players I've ever met.

You see everything.

But if you can't stop running away
from everything you're scared of,

- whether it's canned food or...
- Botulism is real, Carson.

- It paralyzes people.
- Or the people that you're around,

you will never find out
who you really are.

And that's a shame
because that Shirley...


We could really use her right about now.

I know I could.

Well, I don't believe anything
that you say anymore.

Well, how about this?

You were right. I am one of them.

And I don't know what that means for

my life, but at least I'm living mine.

So you can go tell Charlie.
You can go tell Bev. I don't...

I don't care anymore.

It's up to you.



[MAX] Okay, Dad. See you
Friday at : . We'll be hungry.



You're going for dinner there? Oh, boy.

I just don't wanna leave a mess behind.


But good-news-bad-news,
you're coming with me.

Uh-uh. No. I have plans in
a air raid bunker someplace.

Why are you more nervous than me?

Because your mama still
hasn't seen your hair,

and her whole life is hair.

And when she gets mad, it's kind of

more scary than some of my nightmares

which, as you know,
are terrifying, so...

What's this?

Oh... [STAMMERS] I just...

Since I finished Guy's comic,

I thought I'd work on something
that was just for me.

Show me.


There's so much going on in the
factory and it's rife with material

and this way, I can kind of keep
talking to you and going on adventures

even when you leave.

This is really good.


- Yeah!
- You're not just saying that?

No. This is real.

You need to send this to The Defender.

It's better than their comics anyway.

The Defender?

- Better?
- Yeah.

I don't know about better.

I mean, comparable? Yes.
Similar? Maybe. Adjacent? Perhaps.

But better? How much better?

- Way better.
- Okay.

[ANNOUNCER] It's game three

and our Peaches have come
home to face Judgment Day.

If they don't win this one, it's done.

They've crawled out of last place,

scraped their way
into the championships.

Can they do it again?


What do you think? Are we finally
gonna see some baseball today?

Uh, we will. I think so.

We hope so.


Here we go.

Come on, Peaches. Let's eat 'em up.

All right. Go, Terri.

[ANNOUNCER] And the Peaches win!

They'll continue to fight in game four.


Watch this, boys.

[ANNOUNCER] First baseman,
I mean, woman, number nine,

Greta Gill, at the plate.

Let's see what she's got.


[ANNOUNCER] Gill makes it safe
to second, bringing Gonzales home.

- Let's get dirty!
- There you go.

It's all right.

[ANNOUNCER] With two runners on base,

it's Carson Shaw's turn to the plate.

Bring me home, Shaw!

[ANNOUNCER] Another h*t for the Peaches.


[ANNOUNCER] And it's on to game
five. Hoo-wee, what a series, folks!

It's as red as my lips.

Does it hurt?

It looks worse than it is, promise.

Here you go.

Hi. Okay.

You gals gotta keep playing,
okay? We need ya.

- Hello!
- Hi!

I didn't really make that
look very effortless, did I?

- No. No
- No.

In fact, it looked quite hard.

I would like to have an autograph.

Okay. Okay. [CHUCKLES]

You know, I don't actually get
baseball. It's too slow for me.

Sort of have to learn to see the moves.

There's a lot going on, even though
it looks like nothing's happening.

I think I understood
that today, watching you.

And, you know, I've always
liked girls that were a bit too much.

'Cause I was one.

And I would also...
I'd like to offer you a job.

- What?
- Off-season, of course,

'cause you'd have to be in New York.

But I'd love to have
someone like you in my office.

And I think you would go far.

Are you serious?

Oh, yeah. I'm always serious.


Okay. Great.

This is making me nervous.

Isn't this making you nervous?

Don't ask me that.

[STAMMERING] I don't need
to be nervous, this is my house.


Wait, I think we need a code word.

You know, like red rabbit or blue bald.

Buffalo. Buffalo.

"Buffalo"? Why do we need a code word?

In case things get bad
and we need to escape.

- Clance, it's fine.
- Oh, God. It's starting.

- Uh, Clance?
- Mm-hmm?

Uh, Toni's asking for some help.

- Okay. In the kitchen?
- Yep.

- Okay. Is she in there? On her own?
- Absolutely.

[CLANCE] Okay. Is she smiling?

- So...
- So...

You're gonna be playing with Red Wright!

I know! I can't believe it.


He says he really thinks
I can sell tickets.

Of course you can, you're a star.

Some of them are really good, Dad.

Not as good as you.


Kinda felt like you didn't
believe in me anymore.

No. I have always believed in you.

Just hard for us
to believe in the world.

Mac and cheese! Cheese
and mac. And bread rolls. So...

- [EDGAR] That looks good.
- [MAX] Oh!

Are there more people coming
that I don't know about?

Your hair...

[WHISPERING] Buffalo. Buffalo, buffalo.

Looks good.


Thanks, Mama.

Everyone, come on. Sit. Sit, sit.

Let's, um, say grace.

Yeah, say grace. Grace, grace, grace.

- Clance.
- Sorry.



Oh, and guess who came
into the salon the other day

without an appointment?

Lynn's sister.

- Disease Louise?
- Mm-hmm.

- No!
- Does she still have that smell?

Well, according to her,

the Colorado River has
some sort of magical powers

and she's all healed.

The what?

But, look, I still caught a whiff.


We're supposed to go
out west for a few games,

so I will definitely be checking
out the healing rivers. Right?

So, Clance, what's the latest on Guy?

Oh, well, I finally got a letter
that was only half redacted,

and he said it was cold,

so I think that that means
that they are not in Italy,

where all the fighting
is happening, so...

He's seeing the world now,
so when he comes back,

he's gonna have some things to say.

Red said that last year they went

all the way up to Canada
and back down to Mexico, so...

I'm gonna have some stories too.

Mama, did you... did you see
my article in The Defender?

You know, I'm going to start on dessert!

[TONI] Mm-hmm.

We should leave.

That's what I've been
saying. We gotta go!

- Oh, no. I was joking, 'cause they...
- Oh!

- It's gonna be fine.
- Yeah, me too.

- You can't keep ignoring me...
- Maxine.

I need to show you something.

You got to know your
father's side of the family

because they've been
here for generations.

And I realized

I never told you about my family,
how we got here to Rockford.

Now, these are letters that
my mama wrote her granddaddy

while they were making the
trip up here from Florida in .

They were running
from nothing to nothing.

I want you to read them.

Mama, I know you saw The Defender.

Are you not even a little bit happy?

Is that really all you got for me?

I know you.

I've known since you were a little girl

that you were never
gonna have a husband.

And that's why I've been
trying to give you something

for yourself, the shop.

Some power in this life!

Women without men aren't
protected, especially the colored ones!

It's my fault. I made you think
that the world was a good place

because that's what
I wanted it to be for you.

So, I need you to read these
letters, so you really understand.

Thank you for everything.


I didn't even know what to say to her.

'Cause, I guess, part of me...

Maybe she's right. Maybe I am
making everything harder on myself.

Nope. You are following your
dream, and it's supposed to be hard.

Did you have a dream
that you went after?

Who, me?

You're looking at it.
You're looking at it.

Listen, when you get out
to South Dakota,

I want you to look up a friend of mine.

His name is Arn, all right?

He's gonna remind you a
lot of me, you will like him.

Oh, and in, uh, Des Moines, The Rock.

That's one of the last
good bars out there.

You and Esther should check that out.



You said me and Esther.


- It sounds good.
- It does.

But keep your eyes open.

Take care who you trust.

But make sure you enjoy
every minute of it, Max. All of it.

I will, I promise.


Thank you, Uncle Bert.

I really thought she was gonna get it.

I know.

Hey, Shirl.

Shirley, I can't keep living like...

Oh, my God. What's... happening?


I'm not attracted to you.
I'm not. It's not contagious.

- I like men.
- Great. Yeah.


You're a beautiful woman,
but I just... I don't feel sexual.

No, I don't. I was just double-checking,
I don't feel sexual, no.

- Are you okay?

- Really good, actually.
- Okay.

I feel so liberated.

The chains I was wearing.
Why? I was afraid of what?

- I've been eating from dented cans.
- Yeah, I see.

I don't have botulism. Do you
realize what a miracle that is, Carson?

And I kissed you
and it didn't turn me q*eer.

- That's not how it works.
- I wanna thank you for supporting me...

sorry, in this.

I don't know if you should
really finish the dented can.

I'm not afraid. I'll kiss you again.

I don't think it's...
I think we're good.

Like I'm not sending...
I'm not interested.

To show you that I'm not.

I didn't want that to
ever happen. You did it.

Oh, and, Carson,
we're gonna b*at the Blue Sox.

Yeah. Yeah.

All right. This is it. Let's get
our heads in the game, okay?


All right, so, signs-wise...

Ladies! Ladies.

It is now time to set off
for our final game.

- So...
- Wait, wait. The song. The song, Jess.


[ESTI] Jess, can we sing?

Okay, okay, okay.

♪ Batter up ♪

♪ Hear that call ♪

♪ The time has come ♪

♪ For one and all ♪

♪ To play ball ♪

All right, let's play ball.

♪ We are the members of ♪
♪ The All-American League ♪

♪ We come from cities near and far ♪

♪ We got Canadians ♪

♪ Irish ones and Swedes ♪

♪ We're all for one, we're one for all ♪

♪ We're All-American ♪

♪ Each girl stands her ♪
♪ Head so proudly high ♪

♪ Her motto do or die ♪

♪ She's not the one to use ♪
♪ Or need an alibi ♪

♪ Our chaperones are not ♪
♪ Too soft or not too tough ♪

♪ Our managers are on the ball... ♪

[ANNOUNCER] And give a big
welcome to your Rockford Peaches!



In the fifth and potentially
final game of the series,

we're flipping the coin
to see who bats first.

And it looks like the Blue Sox are
playing as the home team today.

[JO] Hey! That's that curve
I was telling you about.

You gotta keep an eye out. She's sneaky.

[ANNOUNCER] Garcia is not
messing around today, folks.

A grounder to first, Gill fielding,
Garcia's sprinting to cover first.



effortless play by the Peaches.

And that brings us
to the second inning, folks.

Let's see what juice
these Peaches are packing.

Will they be able to put up some
runs or will the Blue Sox stop 'em?

The bases fully loaded and one out.

Here comes Ana Blair.

Babit checks Gill for
the pickoff, and the pitch!

And, oh! De Luca with the double play!

[PLAYER] All right, Jo!

- Would you look at that?
- Wow.

Bottom of the third
and no runs yet in this game.

Oh! Babit belts it to deep centerfield.

Come on, come on, come on.
She's going to two.

Come on, Terri! Come on, Terri!

She's going to three!
She's going to three!

with the cutoff, and...

- No! They are too late with the tag.

Uh-oh. Here comes De Luca the Bazooka.

Ready to show us how she got that name.

Good to see you guys. You miss me?

[ANNOUNCER] Striker brings the
heat, but misses outside. Ball one.

I got your number, Striker.

[ANNOUNCER] Holy smokes, what a pitch!

Maybe you forgot one?

[ANNOUNCER] They sure don't
call her the Striker for nothing.

That arm is giving De Luca
a run for her money.

Let's see who comes out on
top for this one, boys and girls.

Are you all placing your bets?

It's the Bazooka versus
the Spanish Striker.

Oh. Amazing snag right there, folks.

[GRETA] Right here, right here, Jess!


[ANNOUNCER] And there it is,
the first run of the game.

The Blue Sox score.

Next up is Carson Shaw
with two runners on base.

Oh! She belts it deep to the right wall.

And it looks like...

Yes! She's going for it.

Benjamin's going all the way!

And here comes Cavell!

The Peaches finally score

thanks to their star player and coach,

Carson Shaw.

- Are we gonna win? Are we gonna win?
- Don't... Shh!

- Ow.
- ...you even think it.

And the Peaches take the lead.

What are you doing here?

Lovely home you have here, Ton.

I know I do. Let's talk inside.

No, no, no. I'd rather stay right
out here. It's not gonna be long.

So, I know that you don't like
the way I live my life...

You think that my problem is you
running around dressing like a man?

Maybe I don't understand it,
but that's not my problem.

- You left me.
- I had to.

- There wasn't a life for me...
- I told you to give it time.

But, no, you just up and left.

No idea if you were
even alive half the time.

And I stayed.

Had to take care of them alone.

I didn't have a choice.


There's always a choice.

Look, I'm here about Max.

- We need to have a conversation.
- Don't. Don't. Don't.

I just want her to be safe.

For some of us, safe isn't safe.

Do you wanna know why I left?

I left because of you.

Mom and Dad were trying to
make me be things or do things,

it was never gonna happen.

But you, you were
the one that was saying,

"Just do what makes sense."

"Give up a little piece
of yourself to make it easier."

Toni, you were the most dangerous
voice because I could've done that.

I just wanted you to stay.

I know. I know that.

But Max... Max is more like you than me.

She is stubborn.
And if you don't let her go,

she's not, she's not
gonna come back to your door.

[CLANCE] All right, so this is the last

possible moment to say goodbye, so...

[MAX] Yeah, I guess this is it.

[CLANCE] We can do this. I can do this.

Okay, I wrote my address
on all of them, all you

have to do is send them,

- so you have no excuse not to write me.
- I will.

And none of this, "I'm
good, it's fine," I want details.

Paint pictures and scenery.
I want adjectives.

I wanna feel like
I'm right there with you.

- Okay.
- Okay.

And don't forget they changed
the trash to Tuesday.

Don't put the trash out on Wednesday.

You're gonna have to wait a week or

you'll have raccoons in the house again.

Don't worry, Max, I love
taking out trash. I like the smell.

Okay, Cheryl, not now. All right?

You get to live with me,
so what do you have to be?

[WHISPERS] Quiet. I'll be
right here if you need me.

Now, listen, I know you're gonna
make some new friends out there,

like, um, Esther and whatnot,

but none of them
are your best friend, okay?

You are my only best friend.

- I don't know, maybe I shouldn't go.
- What? No!

You need me, at the factory
and at the house.

- At least until Guy gets back.
- Max. You gotta go.

This... This is your team.

No. This is how I'm gonna play baseball,

and I love the game,
but you are my team.

All right, y'all. Let's wrap it
up, all right? It's time to go.

Okay. All right, if you don't
get on that bus right now,

I'mma smack you upside your head.

Fine. Um, but I'll be back in the
spring, okay? As soon as I'm done.

No, you won't, Max.

This is gonna lead you somewhere,

and that's gonna lead
you somewhere else.

This is the start of everything.

And I'm so happy for you.

And just don't forget about me, okay?

- [SOBBING] I would never.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- What for?

For getting me here.

Come here.

[RED] We're leaving. Now!

Just a second, sir!

- Okay.
- Okay. All right.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Okay. Okay. Go.

I know. I know. Wipe your eyes.

You don't want these guys
to see that you were crying.

You ready?


I'm ready.

Are you?

- Yeah.
- Get on that bus.

- I love you.
- I love you more.

- No, I love you more.
- I love you more.


[WHISPERING] I love you, too, Clance.

g*dd*mn it! Read the room.

We're outside.


are at the bottom of the eighth,

folks, and what a game so far.

One out, a runner on first,
Garcia winds up, and the pitch.

Uh-oh. Pop fly.

This should be an easy out
for the Peaches.

Oh! What a catch!

Are you kidding me?

[ANNOUNCER] Shaw is putting on a show.

Nice catch, Shaw.

Here we go.

[ANNOUNCER] With two outs now, Garcia

is trying to close this inning out.

Wowsers! That's a big h*t.

Benjamin charges the ball
and almost goes down.

She's going to three!
She's going to three!

- De Luca's going all the way.
- She's coming home! She's coming home!

[ANNOUNCER] De Luca's going all the way.

De Luca makes it home
and the Blue Sox take the lead

with a score of four to three.

An amazing triple by Davis.


[ANNOUNCER] Ball one, high and outside.

Garcia's starting to look
fatigued out there.



[ANNOUNCER] Boy, oh, boy, the
Striker just had her bell rung again.

Ground ball to right field Benjamin

grabs it, but the Blue Sox score again,

leading now by two.

[PLAYER ] Come on, Lupe, focus.

[PLAYER ] Come on, Lupe.

It's okay. Just breathe.

You can do this.

[ANNOUNCER] Shaw having
some words with her pitcher.

Can the Peaches rally
and get back in this game?

[ANNOUNCER] High pop-up.

And McCready with the
easy catch to end the inning.

If you're a Peaches fan
and you don't want them to quit,

make some noise!


Peaches! Peaches! Peaches!

Listen to that.

There is nowhere in
the world I'd rather be

than right here with each
and every one of you.

We might come back next season,
but things will never be the same

as they are right now in this moment.

All of us, right here,

are the original Rockford Peaches.

Never again.

How do you want this to end?

Show me right now!

Let's rob the bank!

- Rob the bank!
- [ALL] Rob the bank!


Go get 'em, Lupe!

Go, Lu!

count these Peaches out yet.

Single by Garcia brings Shaw home.

Peaches trailing by only one.

Smack the hell out of it, Esti!

[ANNOUNCER] A bleeder, Esti
Gonzalez, right into no man's land!

Can Gonzalez b*at the throw? Yes!

McCready up to bat now.

With runners on first and
second, Babit checks for the pickoff.


- Double steal!
- Both?

They're yelling stuff in code!

[LUPE] It's not code,
you moron. It's Spanish.

Yeah, steal!

[ANNOUNCER] Oh, my God!
I can't believe my eyes.

Garcia and Gonzalez
go for the double steal!


Holy smokes, what a show, folks.



[ANNOUNCER] With one out
and runners on second and third,

Cowen makes her way to the plate.

And will you listen to that crowd?


You got this!


Yes! Yes!

[ANNOUNCER] Tied game!

My blood pressure is spiking, folks.

Can the Peaches hold the Sox
and take the series?

[ANNOUNCER] Bottom of the
ninth, and if the Peaches get this out,

we're headed to extra innings.

Ohh! Next at bat, Slugger Jo De Luca,

who's had a really hot bat today,

going three out of four against Garcia.

Here we go, Lupe. Smoke her.

The Peaches better watch out.

The Blue Sox are one run away
from taking the Championship.

Garcia got lucky on that one.

[PLAYER] Nice one, Lu.

Garcia winds up, and the pitch.

Oh! De Luca hits a monster!

- f*ck! f*ck! f*ck!
- Going, going...

Say goodbye because
that ball is out of here!


[ANNOUNCER] And that's the game, folks.


- Ah! Oh! Ow!

Jo, are you okay?

- Oh, God!
- What happened?

[GROANS] It's my knee.
g*dd*mn it. From the bar.

[GRETA] Hey, hey, hey,
take my hand, I got you.

- De Luca, can you walk?
- No!

I don't think so.

- [COACH] She can't walk.
- [UMPIRE] She's gonna have to.

Can the team help her?

Rules are she gotta cross the plate

without the assistance of her teammates

or they have to forfeit.

That's a g*dd*mn stupid rule!

But she h*t it over the wall.
They clearly won.

Rules are rules. She's
gotta touch the bags.

- Ugh, come on.
- [SOBBING] It's over.

- Come on. Come here.
- What are you...

Come on. Put your weight on us. Come on.

- No, guys, no.
- Ready? It's okay. That's it.

[JO] Okay, okay.


[GRETA] You got it.

[JO] Oh, God! Oh, God. It hurts so bad.

[CARSON] We got you.

Does it hurt more than the time
that pony stepped on your elbow?

Stepped on your elbow?
Were you on the ground?

- Yeah.
- We had a lot of absinthe.

And I was looking for a silver dollar.

You know, I don't
even think it was real.

It wasn't real.

Hey. Let's go.

Let's go, come on!


- We got you.
- Ladies...

That was a hell of a h*t.

[SOBBING] You guys, thank you!

[GRETA] Come on. Come around two!

- Yeah, that's right.
- You guys don't have to do this.

- Of course we do.
- Of course we do.

[GRETA] We love you.

- Here we go.

[CARSON] Jo, you hear that?

- Yeah.
- It's for you.

My uncle was right. You're way too soft.

It's true.

I love you, Joey.

I love you too, Bird.


Some good baseball.

Go. They want to take your picture.

[ANNOUNCER] That's it!

The South Bend Blue Sox,
at the hand of Jo De Luca,

are the first champions

of the All-American Girls
Professional Baseball League!

Y'all better sleep fast.

We're in the bus at sunrise.

We got an afternoon game in
Minnetonka that we gotta catch.

You know we know the drill by now.

- All right now.
- We know.

Max. Max.

I'm just calling home.

Only two girls on the
team gotta share a room

and there's only one bed, so...

Don't be too long.

I'll be quick.

All right. See you over there.


[CHERYL] Hello, this is Clance
and Cheryl's House of Destiny.

Cheryl, does Clance know you're
answering the phone like that?

Max, hi!

I'm just trying to make
things fun around here.

Why? Should I do House of Love instead?

What did I tell you about
answering the phone? Go. go, go.

Max? Max. Tell me every single detail.

What are you doing?
Where are you right now?

Clance! Uh, I'm in Rice Lake, Minnesota.

Oh, wow! [GIGGLES]
What's Minnesota like?

Not sure yet. I just got off the bus.

We're playing tomorrow. How are you?

Uh, fine. [STAMMERS]

Not much has changed
since you left a few hours ago.

Hey, Chapman.

Don't let me down.

I won't. Thank you. Thank you!

What? What's going on? What happened?

Clance, I just got my uniform.

Oh, my God! Max!

You got your uniform.
This is really happening, Max.

I only put a nickel in these pants,
but I'mma call you again soon.

I miss you.

Okay. All right. I miss you too.

I feel like I'm lying to her.

I know.

But if you tell her,
she'll come running back.

I thought you wanted her
to come running back.

I do.

But she needs to go.

All I wanted was to raise a
child who knew her own mind.

Max, she'll find her way.


It's just... You know,
first Guy, now Max.

I don't know if I can do this
on my own. I just... I'm not...


I'd never let you do this alone.

I didn't have a good mom.

How am I gonna know how to do it right?

You won't.

You're gonna make every
mistake under the sun with her.

We all do.

We don't actually know
that it's a girl though.

Kind of feels like she is, right?

Yeah. [GIGGLES] It does.




Cough, cough, the Peaches rock!

Let's go! Cheers!


technically lost though, so...

- Come on.
- Jess. Callate.

I'm just saying!

Okay, technically,
yes, but, like, the heart...

The heart!

- Oh, ladies, ladies! Ladies?

Oh, sh*t.

I am no longer your chaperone.

- At least not until next season.

So, by all means, please carry on!

A drink, Miss McCready.

Wait, wait. That's on.

Thank you. Follow me.

Miss McCready. Jess.

- Mmm?
- I think this belongs to you.

What is it?

Fines you accrued for wearing pants.

Rules are rules, but the rules
said I had to collect the fines,

they didn't say
what I had to do with them.

And, uh, it's the end
of the season, so...

Hmm. No one's ever done
something like that for me before.

Well, we have to take care
of our own, don't we?

Don't forget the w*r bonds.
Let's go join the fun.


- Hi.
- Hello.


- Last night, huh?
- That's right.

You think we're ever gonna
see each other after tonight?

Of course I do!

Oh, okay.

I think we'll see
each other in years.

Oh, okay. Yep.

I'll see you across the street,

your five little kids behind you.

A nice bald spot
right on the top of your head

and you will have a thick mustache
by then. I think that sounds right.

That is right.

Well, I mean, you'll be the
mayor of New York City by then.

- Of course.
- Yes.

Probably dating at least
seven different people.

- Maybe eight.
- Oh, yeah.

Living in a mansion right off the park.


Maybe every once in a while...

you'll think about me.

Yeah, maybe.

You could come with me.

- To New York?
- Yeah.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I think I am.

- Yeah.
- Um...

I mean... How would that work?

I don't really know. But
my train leaves tomorrow...


Time for a refill. You're
missing out on the music.

[SHIRLEY] I actually just
came for the potato chips.

- I love that there is so much food.
- You want an egg sandwich?

Let's go.


[RED] Chapman!

- I will leave you.
- [MAX] Sorry, sir.


Yeah. Right up there. Don't... Don't...

I'm not around.

Hey, have you guys seen Greta?

- I think she just left.
- sh*t.

Oh, honey!

What am I gonna do
without this little farm face!

All right, I'm still not from a farm.

How do I say goodbye to my
sweet little horse's butt, huh?

- I'll miss you too, Maybelle.
- Listen to me, you.

You did it.

You did.

You are not who you were
when this whole thing started.

And that is a capital "B" big deal.

I wanna say goodbye so bad,
like, the right way, you know?

- I need to go, though.
- You gotta go.

I have to go get a thing. Okay.

- Go get a thing.
- Get a thing.



- I'm gonna miss my train.
- Just one second.

- Give me one second.
- Okay.

I can't go with you.

But I had to do that
one more time before you left.

You're gonna go back with Charlie?

- No.
- No?

I don't know where I'm headed.

You changed my whole life.

You opened me up again, Carson.

See you next season?

I wouldn't miss it for the world.


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