05x52 - The True King, Part 2

Episode Transcripts for the TV show "Yu-Gi-Oh!." Aired: April 4, 1998 – October 10, 1998.*
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Follows the story of a boy named Yugi Mutou, who solves the ancient Millennium Puzzle.
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05x52 - The True King, Part 2

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Previously on "yu-gi-oh..."

Joey: every single
duel that yugi

And the pharaoh
ever faced together

Was preparing them
for this one.

And now they
need this test

To see how far
they've come.

Tea: if the pharaoh loses,

This is the last time
we'll ever see him.

this is the first
time in my life

That I have hoped for
my opponent's victory.

Watch this!

I'm trading
my witch for my
summoned skull!


My move!

And now...

Come forth, dark magician!

Destroy his summoned skull
with dark magic att*ck!



This is the strongest
monster I have left!

And you know
him quite well.

So, if you intend
to defeat me today,

You must first defeat
my dark magician!

if I want to save
my closest friend,

I'm gonna have to destroy
my most trusted monster!

♪ Your move, your move,
your move ♪

♪ Your move, your move

♪ Your move!

♪ Yu-gi-oh

♪ Your move

♪ Yu-gi-oh

It's time to duel!

♪ Yu-gi-oh!

You may have destroyed
my egyptian gods,

But defeating my dark
magician is your true test.

Mokuba: oh, man!

Yugi's up against
his most famous monster!

We should have sold
tickets to this!

I never thought
this day would come,

But I need
a strategy to wipe
out dark magician.

It's the only way
I can win this duel

And set
the pharaoh free!


I'll play...

One monster facedown
in defense mode!

dark magician is
stronger than ever now,

Thanks to the pharaoh's
magic card.

But I know that
somewhere in my deck

There's a card
that can b*at it!

Next, I switch curse of
dragon to defense mode!

That ends my turn!

Looks like all
yugi can do

Is strengthen
his defenses.

Nah, I bet he's
doing more than that.


And if you ask me,

The secret's in that
facedown monster of his.

is that card what
I think it is?

Yugi: whenever my witch
of the black forest

Goes to the graveyard,

I can transfer a monster
from my deck to my hand.

And I choose my good
old marshmallon!

if I know yugi as well
as I think I do...

The card he laid down
is marshmallon!

For, if that
monster is att*cked

While facedown
in defense mode,

The opposing player
loses , points!

And with only
life points left,

If I att*ck it,
I lose the duel.

However, I have
another plan in mind.

My move!

I activate
the magic card,

Thousand knives!


He keeps drawing

Exactly what he needs
at the right time!

he's controlling his
deck with his will.

When dark magician
is in play,

I can use my
thousand knives

To destroy one monster
on your side of the field!

So, say good-bye to
your face down card!


My marshmallon!

Since it was destroyed
using a magic card,

It's special effect
doesn't activate!

So, my life points
are safe.

Now, my dark magician,





Hey, joey!

So what happened
to that big
strategy of his

You were
talking about?!

He'll pull through.
Just watch!

Yeah, but how?!

It won't be easy,

But there is a way
out of this mess.

The only
question is...

Does yugi
have the cards

And the guts
to pull it off?

Yugi: you're dark
magician's strong,

But he's not

Well, then?

Let's see you
take him down.


Oh, I will.

But first,
I summon this...

My block man
in defense mode!

Then I'll place
one card facedown.

That's all for now.

I was expecting more.

Now, I activate my
dark spear magic card!

With his
dark spear in hand,

My magician gains
a unique ability.

If his att*ck
points exceed

Your monster's
defense points

Then the difference
is subtracted

From your life points!


Dark magician, att*ck!

Destroy his block man!

You triggered my trap!

Go, soul shield!


Thanks to my trap,

All I had to do
was sacrifice

Half of my
life points

To negate
your att*ck

And end your
battle phase!

So, your dark magician

Will have to wait
until next turn!

Well ex*cuted, yugi.


And the tide
turns again.

Yeah, but now yugi only
has life points left!

Here we go.

It's time to send
your magician packing!


That's exactly
what I needed.

Now, I activate
a magic card

Known as
gold sarcophagus!

And here's
how it works.

First, I choose
a card from my deck

And place it into
this ancient box.

Then if you happen to
activate the same card...

The effect of your
card is negated!

Tea: so, what card

Do you think he
put in there, guys?

Tristan: I don't know...

But what are the chances

The pharaoh's gonna play
the exact same card?

that box looks
just like the one

The millennium
puzzle came from.

So, the same symbol
that brought them together

Might split them apart.

Now, I activate
my block man's
special ability:


Since two turns have
passed since I played it,

My block man is reconfigured
into two monsters!

And now I plan
to sacrifice both of them!

Which lets me play
a more powerful one--

One that's strong enough to
destroy your dark magician!

So, check this out...

Gandora the dragon
of destruction!


Not bad!


Since when do you
have that card?!

I remember that monster!

That's the same
monster yugi used

To defeat bakura when he was
separated from the pharaoh!


Tea: it proved that yugi
could win on his own,

So it's the perfect monster
to defeat the pharaoh with!

Yugi: my dragon
of destruction
can only remain

On the field
for one turn,

But that's
all I need!

So, I'll pay half
my life points

To activate
special ability

And remove every
monster on the field
from the game!


Destroy his dark
magician with
boundless gigarays!

I reveal my trap!

Dark illusion!



My dark illusion
trap card

Shall protect
my dark magician

From all
monster effects

For the remainder
of the turn!

No way.

Even with gandora,

I couldn't defeat
his dark magician.


Due to the effect
of my dark illusion,

You're allowed to draw
one card from your deck.

So, go ahead and draw.

I place these two
cards facedown.

And that ends my turn!

Now yugi's back to
having no monsters
to protect him!

I hate to
say it, guys,

But I think
it's really
over this time!


Not necessarily,

The way this duel's
been going so far,

Anything can happen.

It's my move.

All right...

Dark magician, att*ck his
life points directly!


I activate my trap!

Magician's circle!


Whenever you att*ck
me with a spell-caster,

I can activate
this trap card.

And it gives me the power
to automatically summon

A spellcaster
from my deck!

that's the perfect
card to use

Against my
dark magician.

I knew yugi was prepared
for my strategy!

So, now I summon...

My silent magician!

Nice move,
but your trap card

Allows me to play
a monster as well.

So, now I summon
dark magician girl!

Aw, man, two
dark magicians?!

Now, my dark magician...


Destroy his monster
and end this duel!

As soon as his dark
magician att*cks,

The pharaoh wins!

This can't
be the end!






I'm not done
yet, pharaoh!

If you're spirit's
ever gonna be free,

I have to win
this duel!

I activate my
magic card--

Spell textbook!

Now by discarding every
card in my hand...

I can draw one
from my deck!

And if it's a magic card,
I can use it right away!

Since my hand's empty...

I have noting to discard.

the card I'm about to draw

Will determine
the pharaoh's destiny.

Now I activate this!

Card of sanctity!

So, we both have to draw

Until we're each holding
cards in our hand!

That's not all!

Next I activate my
magician's special effect!

With every card you draw,

My silent magician's
att*ck strength

Increases by points!


And I just picked up
new cards!


So, my silent magician

Now has ,
att*ck points!

Now, back to the duel.

I believe your
dark magician

Was about to att*ck?

Seto: he's only got
life points,

So as soon as his
magician att*cks,

The pharaoh loses!


Now I activate
my magic card!

Magicians unite!

This allows me to join
my two magicians together

As one spellcaster
with , points!

[Both screaming]

Yugi: that's
still not enough!



Very impressive, yugi.

Although I was
able to save

My life points
from destruction,

Your magician succeeded
in defeating both of mine.

Now, we each have
life points left.

So the end is near.

This will be my final turn.

You have fought bravely.

But, unfortunately,

This duel will conclude
with my victory.

Thank you, yugi.

I know you tried
everything in your power

To set me free.

I activate this.

The magic card
monster reborn!

And, now...

I shall resurrect
slifer the sky dragon!


Oh, man!

He just brought back
an egyptian god!

Slifer's att*ck
points are determined

By the number of
cards in my hand.

And since I'm holding ,

He now has , points!


my spirit shall
remain in this world.

I guess yugi and I weren't
destined to separate.

if I were you,
I would have summoned

An egyptian god
also, pharaoh.

And that's why
I was prepared

For this very moment!


What's this?!

The card I hid
inside that box

Is the same card
you just played!

Joey: wait, but
that's impossible!

There's only one slifer
the sky dragon card!

The card I buried
was monster reborn!


And since the magic
card you just played

Is the same one

That I placed in
my gold sarcophagus,

The effect of your
card is negated!

Which means your
egyptian god

Goes back to
the graveyard!

So, this duel
is still on!

Mokuba: no way!

He just defeated slifer
for the second time!

Of all the cards
to put in that box,

How did yugi know
which one to pick?!

What'd you expect--

He's the king
of games, dude!

Tea: he must've had this
planned from the beginning.

I guess after
spending so much time
with the pharaoh,

Yugi knew exactly
what he would play.

this was the greatest
duel of my life.

It's been an honor, yugi.

Go on.

You're move.

Duke: I don't get it.

What's yugi
waiting for?

All he has to do is att*ck
and the duel is over.

That's just it.

Once the match
comes to an end,

The pharaoh will
be released.

And we'll never
see him again.

[Sobbing softly]

it's all right, yugi.


All right,
silent magician!

att*ck his life
points directly!


Duke: wait!

So, did yugi
win the duel!?

Tea: if this att*ck is
successful, then, yes.




Well done.


A champion doesn't
belong on his knees.

You achieved a great
victory for us both.

I was focusing so hard
on playing the game...

That I forgot...

What winning this duel
would actually mean.

By defeating you,
I've sent you away.

For good.

No, you have opened
the door for me.

Thanks to you,

My spirit can finally
be at rest once again.

I'll be back
where I belong.

Fate brought the two of
us together for a reason.

And we've fulfilled
our destiny.

We've protected mankind

From the return of
the shadow games.

And we've both grown
tremendously along the way.

I'm gonna miss you.

You do realize we'll never
truly be apart, right?


The gift of kindness
you've given me

And the courage
I've given you

Will remain with us.

And that will forever
bind us together.



Hey, look!

What's up
with the eye?!

Ishizu: now that battle
ritual is complete,

The eye of udjat
that guards the door

To the spirit world
has awakened.

And the spirit of
the great pharaoh,

Which was trapped within
the millennium puzzle

For , years,
is now free.


Tea: so, this is it?!

The time has arrived.

Tell the eye
of udjat your name!

I am the son of
king aknamkanon.

My name is atem!

All: pharaoh!


Don't go!

So, that's how
it ends, huh?


You think you
can just show up

And change
everybody's life...

And then
just leave?!


What tristan
means is...

We don't want
to say good-bye.



I know walking
through that door

Means your spirit
will finally be free...

And it's all
for the best...

But it doesn't
seem fair!

I mean, I feel like

We were all just
getting to know you.

In fact, you were
just beginning

To get to know yourself!

And now you're being
taken away from us!

I know we should
be happy for you...

But it's really
hard to do that

When you're losing
your best friend

And you just
don't understand

Why it has to
be that way!

I guess there're
some things

We're not supposed
to understand.

Just look at me,

I go through
half my life

Not understanding
what's going on.

But I know that
true friends may
be hard to leave...

But they're impossible
to forget.

And even though his stay

Wasn't as long as
we would have liked...

We're lucky we
knew him at all.

thank you, joey.

good-bye, atem.

And good luck.

Hey, pharaoh!

I hate to break
the terrible
news to you...

But you're not
going anywhere!

'Cause everything
you've given us

Stays right here
in our hearts!


Like we always say...

It's your move!

He's gone!


Well, pharaoh...




What's that?

An earthquake?


The items are gone!

And we should
do the same!

Run for your lives!

He's right!

Let's go!



Now that the pharaoh
has returned

To the next world...

The millennium items have
been permanently sealed.

And our duty as
the pharaoh's tomb-keepers

Is finally complete.

So, this
is the end?

Feels weird.


Seto: what were you
geeks expecting?

Joey: fireworks...

Sappy music...


At least make
one of your

Little wrap-up
speeches, yug.

Yugi: well, sometimes
the end of one adventure

Is just the beginning
of another.

Joey: ah, much better!

♪ Your move!

♪ Yu-gi-oh

♪ Yu-gi-oh!
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