03x04 - No Drama

Episode transcripts for the TV show "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series". Aired: November 2019 to present.
A group of students at East High stages a performance of "High School Musical.
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03x04 - No Drama

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Previously on High School Musical:
The Musical: The Series...

Whenever a show is cast,
it completely informs your identity.

You're Anna?

Gina and Kourtney are
sisters/leading ladies.

Then that makes us sisters?

Ricky is a woodsman
looking for an adventure.


Jet is a sweet prince
who's maybe a villain?

I know the feeling.

No, I'm glad you have friends, Jet.
I'm sure Mom and Dad will be thrilled.

And I'm in the ensemble.

Being cast in the ensemble was unexpected.

Which means, I don't know,
I'm trying to figure it out.

Who am I
when who I am is changing

Which is not at all daunting
when Corbin Bleu is coming.

I have to finish marking up this script
before tomorrow.


Okay, I think he's here.
I can feel the helicopter.

I think he's coming.

Places, everyone.

It's out with the old
And in with the new

Goodbye, clouds of grey
Hello, skies of blue...

And cut! It's just EJ.

Wow, sorry I'm not Corbin Bleu.

Hey, I don't remember
Sharpay wearing chinos.

Excuse you.
Flawless skin and sunlight do not mix.

Eej, where's Corbin?

Gee, I don't know. Maybe your secret
late-night hiking buddy Ricky knows. Huh?

You're funny and you never
make things weird, EJ.

Look, Corbin's helicopter had
a maintenance issue.

He'll be here any second.

Are we totally sure about doing this?

We wanna impress Corbin Bleu.

And how else does one impress a person

except by performing elaborate
musical numbers for them?

I'm totally down to impress Corbin,

but for me, this documentary
has an audience of one.

My dad's cool with me taking a gap year,

but I just need to show him
how productive I am.

I just don't want any drama today.
Or at least as little as possible.

Places, everyone!
Someone hand me my sunglasses!

It's out with the old
And in with the new

Goodbye, clouds of grey
Hello, skies of blue

A dip in the pool
A trip to the spa

Endless days in my chaise
The whole world's according to moi...

Excuse me, thank you.

Iced tea imported from England

Lifeguards imported from Spain

Towels imported from Turkey

And turkey imported from Maine

We're gonna relax and renew

You go, do

I want fabulous
That is my simple request

All things fabulous
Bigger and better and best

I need something inspiring
to help me get along

I need a little fabulous
Is that so wrong?

Fetch me my Jimmy Choo flip-flops

Where is my pink Prada tote?

I need my Tiffany hair band

And then I can go for a float

A summer like never before

I want more!

She wants fabulous
That is her simple request

All things fabulous
Bigger and better and best

She needs something inspiring
to help her get along

She needs a little fabulous,
is that so wrong?

This won't do That's a bore

That's insulting I need more

I need, I need, I need, I need

I need, I need

I need fabulous

I want fabulous

Fabulous hair fabulous style

Fabulous eyes and a fabulous smile

I like what I see, I like it a lot
Is this absolutely fabulous?

Fabulous, fabulous

Absolutely... Not!

- Still no Corbin. Just Dewey.
- Aw!

Whoo! Now that is a catchy song.
Is that Ariana Grand?

You're beautiful! You're beautiful!

- You're beautiful.
- You're beautiful!

You are beautiful!

Okay. He really is coming this time.

Everyone, act like you're taking this
serious and warming up.

That is literally what they're doing, EJ.

Take it down to a three.
You're at a seven out of ten.

Corbin's on the clock. It's go-time.

Mr. Bleu, sir. We have a k*ller first
read-through plan for today.

- Right.
- Okay, yeah, you make the rounds, good.

Dope outfit.



- Scream!
- Scream!

What I've learned from teen rom-come
of the early st century,

it's that the best way to
impress/bond with someone

is to pretend that all their favorite
things are your favorite things, too.

And according to Teen Slam Magazine's

Corbin's favorite colors
are gold and black.

And now, so are mine.

Keep warming up, g*ng.
We're gonna check some sound levels.

Corbin, one, two, three.
Corbin, one, two, three.


So, I was summoned to the office.

Hey, don't panic.
Whatever it is, I'll handle it.

Dewey Wood has a few skeletons
in his closet.

I'm not in trouble. My mom called.

My mom is moving back.


- To Salt Lake.
- What?

And she rented a place in Sugar House
so she can be with me for junior year.

We're gonna be actual, down-the-street
neighbors for your gap year.

Like, no more Ashlyn's place across town.

That's shockingly fantastic.

Of course, I'm thrilled that
Gina's gonna be close by, but...

This letter just came from my dad.

Apparently, he's not okay
with me taking a gap year

and he's sending me to the Caswell Success
Training School... In Saint Louis.

I have to figure out a way to show him

that I can be successful without
going to the school...

That he named after himself.

Yeah, I'll tell Gina about this.
Once I figure out a way out of it.

I've been kicking myself for not going
exploring with you and Ricky last night.

And I know I've been distracted
with the show...

It's okay. It would've been
more fun with you.

But hey, it's not like we only have
this summer now, right?

We can go on adventures all the time
back in Salt Lake, too.

Definitely. We definitely will be seeing
each other all of the time,

because of geography!

Hey, Gina, come join
the friendship circle.

Okay. I was a PA on Nick Viall's
season of The Bachelor.

These kids are too nice to each other.

Which means they could crack
at any moment.

Chip away at those cracks,
and we've got gold.

We are the archeologists of their angst.

Beautiful and somewhat haunting speech.

Fun fact, not the first time
I've given it. We're rolling!

Welcome to the first Frozen read-through.

Young Elsa and Anna
are on a nature field trip,

will catch up with us tomorrow.

I'll take it from here, RJ, thank you.

All right! Camp Shallow Lake!

I am pumped to be back
for this full day of rehearsal,

figured with opening night only
days away.

Ten days away?
That's a reason to celebrate. Bring it in.


Opening night is also my birthday
and when I was seven,

I wrote a bucket list of things
I wanted to do by the time I was .

Number eight on the list? Hug a celebrity.

I tried to hug Kaycee Stroh last year
during Miss Jenn's school board thing

but she disappeared like a beautiful mist.

So, when will I get another opportunity
like this?

Look, I understand that some of you
know me as a name and not a person.

But I'm just a regular guy
who buys his groceries at Erewhon

and has a personal trainer
like anybody else. All right?

I'm just here to capture some
behind-the-scenes footage,

so think of me as a fly on the wall.
Be yourselves. Let's have some fun. Yeah?

Yeah, baby! Let's hug it out!
Bring it in, come on.

And here you have it, folks.

The very first camp read-through
of Frozen. Let the show begin.

Hey, Val. I know you have
a lot on your plate.

I'd be happy to read stage directions
if you need a hand.

Oh, it's all good, Ash. I've got it.

I know my newly recognized Leo Rising
makes me crave praise and admiration.

But since Val put me in the ensemble,
I'm convinced she hates me.

I mean, think about it.

The beautiful blond declares her
distaste for me, the main character.

Like, is this Act of Wicked?
Is she wicked?

It's not for me to say. But I just did.


"Anna takes a step towards Elsa."

"Don't come near me."


Sounds like you two
really felt that moment.

Unpack what you're channeling.

Let me guess.
Real-life relationship troubles.

You both like the same person
and it's causing tension.

Maybe it's this guy.

Yes, it's me.
The notorious womanizer of the group.

Uh, Mr. Bleu, if you're
looking for dirt or like,

jealous in-fighting, that's just not us.

We're all good friends.

Yeah, like, really good friends.
We're basically a drama-free zone.

Great. All those Emmy-winning
drama-free reality shows.

Been in the business for over four years.

Did an undergrad at Tisch, that's NYU.

It's expensive,
and I did not get a scholarship.

Point is, if things don't heat up soon,

the only thing that's gonna be frozen
is our ratings.

Yes, I came up with that on the spot,
right now.

Okay. Let's just... Let's move on.

"Hey, my... Ice."

"Kristoff picks up his bag of ice.
Anna and Hans are oblivious."

"I'm sorry, so sorry."


That's Jet's line.

Wait, Jet's not here.

Oh, God. I knew he wasn't real.

What's the deal with Jet? Is he troubled?

I wouldn't say troubled. We're slowly
wearing his dark soul down.

Sounds like our protagonist.

Everyone loves a misanthropic
emo-boy to root for.

Jet's gonna be fine. He's probably
just doing this for attention.

I'm known for my impeccable straight-dar.
And Maddox is hardcore crushing on Jet.

And he's clearly into her, too.
I bet that's why he ran away.

He's so nervous, he can't even
be around her. Because of the lust.

I'm sure Jet is fine.
Maddie, Val, please track him down.

As for the rest of us, let's take a ten.

I will be in the canteen having
a cool beverage,

because I am very cool.
Everything is cool, Mr. Bleu.

You're yelling.

Oh, my...



Guys, we lost Jet.

- What?
- Oh.

Sorry. Let me clarify.

I talked to Dewey and it looks like
Jet checked out of camp and went home.

He disappeared on to the open road.
A lone minor.

Thumb in the wind. Hair in the wind,

for either fate or foe, to take him away.
That's you.

Uh, yeah, not quite.

An off-duty cop found him at a bus stop

and his parents came
and picked him up in a Buick.

Wait, why would Jet just leave
without telling anybody?

Honestly, it's not like he was
happy here anyway, right?

Jet? Oh, just a squirrel.

So, our most interesting story's
happening off-camera.

Guys. We really need to make this sing.
'Kay? Something active?

In Summer?

Love Is an Open Door?

He just said "love," right?
Yeah, I know, it's a song title.

But it sounded like... I didn't hate it.

Love Is an Open Door.
That's the Anna and Hans song, right?

And we're missing the Hans part of it.

It is, but...

Yeah, weirdly,
that's the one song I know.

Lily made me sing it in our second date,
but I'm happy to jump in and, you know...

Thanks, kid. Just take a soft five.

Gotta agree. Stay in your lane, Bowen.


You? You look like a s villain.


Thank you?

You're welcome. Villains equal viewers.

Kenny Ortega taught me that when
I turned down The Descendants.

You, sing the song with Gia.


That's right.

Sing the song here? In the canteen?

Big Brother has been on the air
for seasons.

They haven't even left the house yet.

Guys? Let's sh**t somethin'.

You seem stressed.

Oh, thanks, Kourtney.

These are my favorite.

So am I.

I can jump in on piano.

Oh, no worries. We already got
the backing track. So...

Not worried. But here I am,
at the piano, ready to play.

I like the piano. That's humble.
Let the needy girl play.

I'm a little rusty as an actor.

Hey, just pretend it's you and me
frolicking across a field.

Okay. Can I just say something crazy?

I love crazy.

All my life has been
a series of doors in my face

And then suddenly I bump into you

I was thinking the same thing!
'Cause like...

I've been searching my whole life
to find my own place

And maybe it's the party talking
Or the chocolate fondue

- But with you I see your face
- But with you I found my place

And it's nothin' like
I've ever known before

Love is an open door

Love is an open door

Love is an open door

- With you...
- With you...

- With you...
- With you...

Love is an open door

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I think it's crazy
that we finish each other's...

What? Sandwiches!

That's what I was gonna say!

I've never met someone

Who thinks so much like me

Jinx! Jinx again!

Our mental synchronization
Can't have but one explanation

- You...
- And I...

- Were...
- Just...

Meant to be

- Say goodbye...
- Say goodbye...

To the pain of the past

We don't have to feel it anymore

Love is an open door

Love is an open door

Life can be so much more

- With you...
- With you...

- With you...
- With you...

- Love is an open door
- Love is an open door

They're pretty good, huh?

Yeah. She's amazing.
And EJ is amazing, right?

Everyone's amazing. Best cast ever.
I mean...

Folks I'm gonna need some B-roll of people
acting anxious and confused, all right?

We're rolling.

Oh! Oh!

The lean-in's good.

Oh, no. Oh, no, what's happening?

What's going on? Yeah.
So anxious and confused.

Oh, okay. Don't wanna be in B-roll.
All right, that's fine.

"It's not your fault we were caught
in a magical summer blizzard"

"and no one will give us a room."

"Yeah. What do they have
against reindeer?"

How long have you been there?

Long enough to wonder if you have
an imaginary friend.

Wouldn't be the first time
we saw a ghost. Which reminds me...

What's that?

It's nothin'. Just a grocery list.

- Yeah?
- Hey! Give me that.

Thank you. Ooh!
"Things to do before I'm ."

Very intriguing.
"Eat hot dogs in a row"?

"Hug a celebrity."
Oh! This makes sense.

This is why you keep trying
to initiate group hugs.

Okay. I also love you guys.
But, yeah, that's mostly the reason.

"Walk on the moon."
Hilariously grounded, Ricky.

- "Play the lotto."
- This is t*rture.

- "Say yes to something that scares me."
- You get the point.

Was dating Lily not a yes
to something that scares you?

Funny. Very funny, Gina. Hey! Watch it.

I have it.

I swear to God, if you don't let go...
I'm gonna give you five.

- You're gonna do what? What are gonna do?
- Five, four...

I love how seriously
you always take Movie Nights.

Maddox isn't the only one
who appreciates camp traditions.

Are you still thinking about
your dad's letter?

My whole life, I've been burdened by
what kind of man my dad is.

He's a corporation with a heartbeat.

But what if I could somehow harness that?
And exploit it.

Show him that I'm a success
while I'm here at camp.

Like direct a great show?

Well, he doesn't care about musicals,
but television,

that's a whole other arena.
That's the big time.

Do I sound crazy?
I might be goin' crazy right now.

Hey, you have a girlfriend
to have these kinds of talks with, buddy.

Be a grown-up and tell Gina that you're
going through something with your dad.

- Yeah if she isn't busy with someone else.
- Uh, incoming.

There you are.
I was just heading back to rehearsals.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's perfect. Come on.
Break's up, let's get back to the barn.

If you're looking for Corbin, I saw him
and the camera guy pacing by an oak tree.

Nah. I don't think they want what
I'm sellin'.

Hand me a paintbrush?

Sure. Yeah.

Back home
I helped my boyfriend with crew.

The smell of turpentine
makes me feel closer to him.

Must be nice having someone
waiting for you back at home.

What about you?

I used to. Yeah.
Here at camp, actually. Madison.

We were kind of camp royalty. Mad and Mad.

Yeah. But, you know, now it's complicated.

What's ironic, though, is that for
the longest time we hated each other.

But it turned out to be obsessed
with each other.

- Yeah.
- Of course.

The classic Jane Austen marriage plot.

I guess so.

I should go check in with Val.

See if she needs any help with
the Movie Night.

Save me a seat?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Okay. We'll make this quick, team.

Yeah, EJ, give them a generic goodbye

so that we can help the audience
with timeline.

It doesn't matter what you say.

- Through camera or...
- To them.

That's it, boss. All right. We're rollin'.


That was our day. And now it is over.
Thank you.

Till next time, Shallow Lake.
Till next time, Shallow Lake.

All right. And cut.

Well, how did we do?

You guys were perfect.

Thank you so much for everything,
Mr. Bleu. I...

I think we're both feeling this, so...

- Check.
- All right.

: p.m. Don't be late, we're watching
High School Musical tonight!

We're getting ready for
the night of nights

The night of nights

Fun fact, I weirdly never
saw that one, so...

Corbin Blue is just a character in
a documentary. He can't hurt me.


God bless his thirsty Broadway heart.

Hey, EJ says we k*lled it
in the read-through today.

Best big sis, little sis duo ever!

You are bursting with that
good news energy.

You know, I've loved living with Ashlyn,

but I'm just so happy I get to go back
to my own home. Moms are the best.

For real. I just got a b*mb care package
from my mom.

My old Camp Rock poster... Yes, that's my
comfort movie, brand-new hair gel.

Oh, she gets that struggle?


Somehow, she always knows
what I'm going through.


Hey, Kourt, what's wrong?

Oh, it's nothing. I'm good.

Come on, I wanna get in my cozy clothes
for the movie.

Welcome to Movie Night.

Hey, can I talk to you?

Sure. Yeah. Let's do it.

- So, I wanted to ask...
- Listen, you should know... You first.

I know you already picked out
tonight's movie,

but is there any way we could watch
Camp Rock instead?

Like, as a favor for someone
who I think really needs it?

- It's her favorite movie.
- This is about the screening?


Of course. Camp Rock it is.

Thank you. I... Seriously, I owe you one.

Hey, Gina,
this is none of my business, but...

You're a good friend.
And girlfriend. I can tell.

Did EJ say something?

'Cause I've never done
the girlfriend thing before,

so I couldn't tell if it was
something off with him,

or if it's me, and if he said something...

He didn't have to. I can tell.
You're good people.

This isn't complicated at all.

The prodigal son returns.

You know, Corbin and his doc crew
were actually considering

making you the tortured protagonist
of the documentary.

It's okay,
I really don't feel like talking.

- I just wanted to grab somethin' to eat.
- We were all really worried about you.

EJ, Ricky. And I've never seen
Maddox so upset.

Well, I'm back now.
Everyone can stop crying.

You ditched your castmates
during a really important rehearsal.

EJ had to sing Love Is an Open Door.

Sounds like I'm pretty replaceable.

So prove you're not.

Thank you.

A person.

And there's a way to talk to a person,
and that's not it.

Isn't this amazing? Val is the coolest.

Yeah. Of course
she's an event-planning genius, too.

I even heard her give some amazing
tough-love advice to that Jet kid.

Wait, he's back?

Uh, yeah.
Apparently, his parents sent him back

and Val was all, "Prove them wrong."
Very Sister Act .

You're kind of being a jerk.

And like, does her hair have to be
so perfect every single day?

It's like, we're in the woods.
Not a shampoo commercial.

And it's so perfectly shiny and brushed,
like, all of the time. It's like...



Much better.

So, the way that Ashlyn is talking about
Val sounds a lot like the way

I used to talk about Madison,
is all I'm saying.

But Ashlyn said she hates people
telling her about herself.

So, guess I'm just gonna have to
keep my mouth shut.

Which is famously hard for me.

Oh, my gosh. I could never live a lie
like this. It seems wildly complicated.

Well, it's not like this
character's exactly lying.

She's just not telling everyone
the whole truth about her situation.

Mmm. Also known as lying.
Yeah, I do not do well with liars.

Yeah, I'll her about the letter
after the movie. I swear.


I thought this would be empty.
Didn't see the camouflage. You're back?

Look, I already got a lecture from Val,
and I really don't need one from you.

Hope the movie was fun.

We were counting on you, dude.

I mean, Gina was counting on you.
She finally got the lead.

It means a lot. You can't not show up.


Just curious.

Are you actually this upset that
I took off or is this really about Gina?

I just want what's best for her, dude.
She's my friend.

Right. You guys are friends.

I can hear the air quotes.


I know you mean well, dude,
but you don't know the full story, okay?

Hi, Mom.

Don't tell me Sasha's lost already.

I had to use the
camp director's phone, but Sasha's safe.

You got the package?

It's perfect. Thank you.

Did somethin' happen?

No. Um... Maybe.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

Honey, we knew camp would be challenging.
But you'll settle in.

When, Mom? I mean, I miss Nini,
but I have my other friends.

And Corbin Bleu knows my name,
which is friend-adjacent and I'm Elsa.

I should be having a great time.

No. No. There is no "should."
You feel how you feel.

I miss your cooking.

And I miss my bedroom, and Slices,

and Howie's probably kissing
all sorts of girls in college,

and he hasn't even started
actual classes yet.

I just, I don't really like being away
from home. Which...

Which is silly, because what happens
when I start college in a year?

I mean, that's if I even get into college.

My grades are good,
but what about extracurriculars?

Should I be volunteering at nonprofits?

I mean, is it a bad idea
that I'm only applying to Ivys?

Kourtney, Kourtney, Kourtney, honey.
Just breathe. Breathe. Breathe.


I'm anxious all the time about this stuff,
and it's not getting better.

I mean... Maybe you were right.

Maybe I do need to talk to someone?
I don't know.

We don't have to do anything
that you're not ready for.

Can we just keep talking for now?

I'm not goin' anywhere, Kourtney.

Oh, hey. Guys' bunk, that way.

Hey, can you just grab Gina for me,
please? I really need to talk to her.

No, she lost her script
and she's turning over every rock at camp.

Hey, is everything okay?

Yeah, I just...
I really need to talk to Gina.

Don't know what a yurt is.
Well, I thought it was...

Thank goodness we ran into you.
This place is like a maze.

Yeah, just, take a left at the sign
and then straight ahead.

You'll get the hang of it by next time.

What's goin' on?

Look, man. You all did a terrific job.

I'm sorry. I know today
was a little bit of a mess,

but we pulled it together, right?

We were pretty much perfect in the end.
You said so yourself.

That's kind of the problem.

We don't want you to be perfect.

For this documentary to be good,
to be successful,

we need reality show stuff.

You know, juicy drama. Spill tea.
Without that, we don't have a show.

So what are you saying?

This may not be the right group
for this project. I'm sorry.

I can't let my friends down.
And I won't let Gina down.

Caswells do mighty things.

Wait, I...

If you need drama, I can get you drama.

What do you have in mind?

Hey, Val?


Did you know about this letter?
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