02x07 - An Eye for an Eye

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Zorro". Aired: October 10, 1957 –; July 2, 1959.
Series is set in Los Angeles of the early nineteenth century, when it was part of the old Spanish California, where the people are oppressed by their rulers.
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02x07 - An Eye for an Eye

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Buenas noches, senora.

I don't think she Iikes you, sergeant.

It isn't me, stupid.

It's the uniform.


I don't think it's too bad, sergeant.

Of course, it's a IittIe snug around-- Since Senor Rico became acting governor, nobody in Monterey Iikes soIdiers.

Buenas noches, Don Diego.

Buenas noches, sergeant, corporaI.

It wouId seem that Senor Rico's organized state is not too weII Iiked, sergeant.

OnIy by the peopIe, Don Diego.

Senor Rico Iikes it fine.



Your pardon, Don Diego, but I must ask.

WouId you mind teIIing me what you are doing out on the streets at this hour? Is this another one of Senor Rico's new reguIations? There have been so many IateIy, they are quite difficuIt to keep up with.


When the peopIe do not Iike a reguIation, then there must be another reguIation to force them to obey the first.

WeII, supposing they do not obey that one.

Another reguIation.

- Good evening, sergeant, corporaI.

BOTH: Buenas noches, Don Diego.

- Yay! You fiIthy soIdiers.

If I was up there, I think I wouId throw water at me too.

Me too.

The peopIe Iove Joaquin Castenada because he fights against Senor Rico.

They do not want us to catch him.

- He's Iike Zorro, eh, sergeant? - No, not at aII.

Zorro is WeII, he's WeII, on the other hand, Joaquin Castenada is-- Yes? Hmm.

They are aIike.

I wonder if they couId be the same person.


- StiII - Yes, sergeant? What difference does it make? We can't catch either one of them anyway.

Sergeant, Iook.

What a thing to do to Senor Rico's speciaI guards.

- This is terribIe.

- Sergeant, my beIt.

You-- Who couId have done such a terribIe thing? Quick, corporaI.

Whoever did this may stiII be in the pIaza.

Take a Iook around.

Arrest any suspicious characters.

Sergeant, I think the captain is trying to say something.

Your pardon, capitan.

What do you wish to say? I'm sorry, capitan, I can't quite hear you.

I think maybe you couId hear better, sergeant, if the captain was not gagged.

A thousand pardons, Capitan Briones.

Gagging you with your own armband.

Who did this to you? Sergeant.

A note.

''Joaquin Castenada.

'' - What is it, Diego? - A new notice for the capture of Joaquin.

I see they have raised the reward to 1000 pesos.

One thousand pesos for Joaquin, - And not one centavo for Senor Rico.

- CarefuI, someone might hear you.

I am not afraid of Senor Rico.

It's not a question of being afraid, it's a question of being practicaI.

- After aII, he stiII is acting governor.

- OnIy untiI the governor returns.

He is in the Santa Barbara IsIands somewhere.

I intend to find him and bring him back.

Then we wiII see what happens to Senor Rico and his speciaI guards.

I wish you'd take Bernardo with you.


No one knows that I am Ieaving.

And you may need him here.

Diego, keep trying to contact Joaquin Castenada.

I wiII, but so far I've had about as much success as Acting Governor Rico.

Make Joaquin reaIize that these acts of his against the speciaI guards are onIy making things more difficuIt for the peons.

I do not want to see this situation turn into an open revoIt.

You must find him and persuade him to Ieave weII enough aIone untiI the governor returns.

- You know how hotheaded he is, huh? - Ha-ha-ha.

- Yes, I do.

- Are you Ieaving now? Yes.

The sooner I get there, the sooner I wiII return.

- Good, I'II waIk with you.

- No.

It must appear that I'm mereIy going for a ride.

- Ride weII.

- Adios, my son.


FoIIow him.

Make sure that he gets out of Monterey safeIy.

When you are certain that he is in no danger, come back.


My Iunch.

Stop that woman.

Stop her.

Get out of the way, oId man.


- Coming, capitan.

- Theresa.

- Don Diego.

Don Diego, heIp me.

- What's the matter, Theresa? - The especiales.



- She must have gone into the tavern.

- Come here, quick.

Under the tabIe.

Search upstairs.

Look in every room.

You, Iook in the back and be quick about it.

- You, senor.

- I beg your pardon? - Oh, sergeant.

Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon, Don Diego.

Say, you've been making yourseIf quite a stranger IateIy.

- I have been on duty, Don Diego.

- A young senorita came in here just now.

Did she? Oh, capitan, I had not noticed.

You cut your hand? The capitan was wounded by that outIaw, Joaquin Castenada.

It was aIso Joaquin who tied up the capitan-- That wiII do, sergeant.

Now, a young woman came in here-- PIease forgive me.

Where are my manners? Capitan, sergeant, I wouId be most deIighted if you wouId join me for Iunch.

Senor de Ia Vega, we do not have the time.

Now, teII me, did you or did you not see a young woman come running through here? WeII, no one ran past me.

No one at aII? - No.

- Sergeant, by aII means, heIp yourseIf.

- Gracias, Don Diego, gracias.

I couId have sworn she came in here.

Capitan, I reaIIy wish I couId persuade you to remain for Iunch.

WeII? - She does not seem to be anywhere.

- Come on, Garcia.

- SÃ, capitan.

It was a pIeasure meeting you, capitan.

This is a very pIeasant inn, don't you think, Don Diego? Yes, very pIeasant, sergeant.

But the one in Los AngeIes had much Iarger tabIecIoths, eh? Gracias, sergeant.

I wouId consider it an honor if you wiII have supper with me.

- No, that is not necessary, Don Diego.

- I know it isn't, my friend.

- In that case, I wouId be deIighted.

- Fine.


- Coming, capitan.

- You can come out now.

They've gone.

- Oh.

- Don Diego, you saved me.

- Theresa, I-- Behave yourseIf.

Sergeant Garcia saved you.


WeII, then this is for Sergeant Garcia.

Oh-- Theresa, pIease.

Now, why were the especiales Iooking for you? Oh! Those pigs.

- Theresa, what did you do? - Nothing.

- Theresa.

- I didn't.

I didn't do anything.

They just think I know where Joaquin Castenada has his camp.

WeII, do you? - No.

- Theresa, I want to speak with him.

Now, you must know where he is.

Look at them, strutting around the pIaza Iike roosters.

Rico's speciaI guards.

WeII, they won't be so speciaI when Joaquin is finished with them.

Now, Iisten to me, Theresa.

You teII Joaquin to stay out of Monterey.

He's in enough troubIe as it is.

- Joaquin is not afraid of Rico.

- I'm not saying he's afraid of anyone.

But if he goes on the way he is, someone is going to get kiIIed.

Then he'II be in troubIe no one can get him out of.

- You'II teII him that.

- You're angry.

No, I am not angry.

Not at aII.

Don Diego, you're so handsome when you're angry.

Theresa, now, wiII you pIease--? - Theresa, wiII you stop? - Ooh! Joaquin, the especiales are coming.

- Four.

- OnIy four? WeII, we are finished anyway.

Come on, muchachos, hurry up.



f*re! Open the gate.

''Rico, Iast night you kiIIed one of my men.

Tonight I wiII kiII two of yours.

Joaquin Castenada.

'' He waIked up to the gate, Ieft that note, and no one saw him? The gates were cIosed, Senor Rico, but the moment we heard a noise, we opened them and no one was there.

And did you think someone might be? We are not deaIing with chiIdren.

The sooner you and your men reaIize that, the better.

Yes, ExceIIency.

You? You think Castenada means what he says? - Of course he does.

- Then we have him.

- We do? - Yes, ExceIIency.

Continue, capitan.

We can Iay a trap for him with every man in the garrison.

- When he appears, cut him down.

- Why? I don't understand, ExceIIency.

The fooIish boy writes a note and for that you wouId kiII him? - But, Senor Rico.

- You forget, I am not the governor.

Someday I wiII be, but for now I am accountabIe.

It wiII be difficuIt enough expIaining Iast night's kiIIing.

I ordered him to haIt.

He was running away.

AII right, but this Joaquin Castenada has done nothing.

He escaped from jaiI and wounded me when he did it.

WeII, we can't use that.

It wouId onIy Iead to an investigation as to why you put him in jaiI.

He att*cked me-- Silencio, silencio.

What he has done wiII not excuse our kiIIing him.

But what he is going to do wiII.

He says he is going to kiII two of our men.

Let him.

I am certain we have at Ieast two we can do without.

- Then, after he has kiIIed - We can go after him.

We can burn down every peon's hut in CaIifornia Iooking for him.

The governor himseIf wiII heIp us.

Now, whom do you suggest we send out to be sIaughtered? Hmm.

There's no probIem there, Senor Rico.

Those two on detached service from Los AngeIes, Sergeant Garcia and CorporaI Reyes.

Garcia and Reyes.


Send them out on night patroI.



Are you certain you know where Theresa's hiding? Good.

We must persuade her to take us to Joaquin's camp.

If he goes through with his thr*at to kiII, nothing wiII save him.

I know, I know, she's refused to take us there before.

But we must keep trying.

I know.

That was Theresa.

Did you see those saddIebags? They were fiIIed.

Now, someone has to take food and suppIies to Joaquin.

Who eIse but Theresa? AII we have to do is foIIow her.

She wiII take us right to him.

Come on.

- You tricked me.

- Buenas tardes, senorita.

LoveIy day for a ride, isn't it? Why did you do that? Why are you foIIowing me? I toId you, I wanted to speak with Joaquin.

That's where you're going, isn't it? To see him? - No.

- Oh? Where, then? WeII, as you yourseIf said, Don Diego, it's such a IoveIy day, I thought I'd go for a ride.

WeII, since it's such a IoveIy day, perhaps you wouId prefer to waIk.

- You wouIdn't dare take my horse.

- WouIdn't I? Joaquin wiII skin you aIive, you-- You horse steaIer.

Are you going to take me to see Joaquin or not? - AII right.

I wiII.

- Gracias, senorita.

But not because I'm afraid to be on foot.

I wiII take you to Joaquin because I want to be there when he hits you in the face for steaIing my horse.

You know something? You're very pretty when you're angry.


TeII me, Don Diego.

WouId you reaIIy have taken her horse? I don't know, but I did want to speak with you.

WeII, I'm gIad you came.

We do not have many visitors.

WouId you Iike to stay to dinner? - Gracias.

- Go pick some berries.

- No.

- You might as weII.

- I'm not going to h*t him.

- Coward.

- I've had a hard time finding you.

- I've been around.

Yes, I I heard about Iast night.

- Don't do it, Joaquin.

- Don't do what? KiII those two soIdiers tonight, the way you promised.

They kiIIed PabIo Dominguez.

You did not know him, did you, Don Diego? - No.

- Not many peopIe did.

There wasn't enough time.

He onIy Iived 1 4 years.

Joaquin, I know how you feeI, and beIieve me, I'm sorry.

But if you kiII in revenge, you wiII not heIp PabIo or yourseIf.

You'II onIy cause more suffering for your peopIe.

How do you know how my peopIe feeI? I'm sorry, Don Diego.

I did not mean it that way.

I know you didn't.

My father and I, we're doing everything we can.

But if you kiII, you'II be in something no one can get you out of.

I'm not asking you or anyone eIse to heIp me out of anything.

Rico has got to pay for what he has done.

And he wiII.

My father has gone to get the governor.

When His ExceIIency returns-- He wiII find more of my peopIe d*ad.

- They're his peopIe too.

- And he Ieft them to Rico to be m*rder.

How is it? Joaquin, wait.

I think you are right, Don Diego.

I wiII wait.

It needs another 15 minutes cooking.

But you can start the tortiIIas now.

He cIosed his mind, Bernardo, just Iike that.

SuddenIy he was as deaf as you pretend to be.

Yes, he'II ride into Monterey tonight and kiII the first two guards he sees, probabIy those who are on patroI.

If this happens, Bernardo-- - Sergeant, come in, come in.

- Don Diego, IittIe one.

Oh, sergeant.

About our supper engagement tonight, I'm afraid that-- Hey, what's--? What's this? An idea of Senor Rico's to create goodwiII among the peopIe.

We are to carry these instead of swords.

- Carry them where? - On patroI.

That is why I am here, to teII you I cannot have supper with you tonight, Don Diego.

CorporaI Reyes and I are on patroI.

I am sorry.



Sergeant Garcia.

- Don't do that.

- I didn't do anything.

WeII, don't do it again.

What did you stop for? I had a feeIing that somebody's watching me and I couIdn't watch back.

Where do you think the somebody is? Let's go and see.

- Did you hear something? - Something Iike what? Something Iike Like anything.

- Like a noise just now? - Yes.


CorporaI, I'm getting to be Iike Senor Rico.

He thinks he sees Joaquin Castenada I think maybe just once wouId be enough.

Keep quiet.

I think this is far enough.

We wiII stay right here.

Remember, we do not make a move untiI Castenada has kiIIed both of them.

Over here.

- That time, I did hear something.

- Me too.

Back there.

Come on.

I do not understand you, Zorro.

You shouId be heIping me instead of trying to stop me.

Do not say anything, Joaquin, just Iisten.

Now for your friend Simeon's pistoI.

Don't worry, he's aII right.

Guards! Guards! Joaquin Castenada has kiIIed Garcia and Reyes.

After him.

sh**t him down on sight.

You see, Joaquin, it was a trap.

Am I supposed to thank you? Those guards are stiII Iiving and PabIo is stiII d*ad.

There wiII be other nights, Senor Zorro.
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