05x21 - Too Much, Too Late

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Miami Vice". Aired: September 16, 1984 – January 25, 1990.
Sonny & Rico, two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami.
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05x21 - Too Much, Too Late

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BORBON: You foreign journalists, always blowing things out of proportion.

REPORTER 1: I covered the riot myself, General.

Even if you don't believe my report, the camera doesn't lie.

REPORTER 2: Yeah, there's trouble all over the capital.

Looting, fires being set.

BORBON: The work of a few thugs, communists, means nothing.

Report that to the world.

Pardon me, General, maybe Perhaps the people are trying to tell you something.

Your economy is collapsing, and If the people wish to speak, I will let them.

We are a democracy.

REPORTER 2: What about the rumors that you were leaving the country? Where would I go? I love my country.

We are an emerging power in Latin America.

Sure, we have problems.

But nothing we cannot solve.

Pardon me, General, but I must insist.

Captain Jimendez takes very good care of me.

Drop in anytime.

Where'd you find him? At the airport.

How much? Two million.

You work for Borbon? What is your name? Guzman.

Where were you taking his money, Guzman? United States.

So, he's planning on leaving after all.

You're a loyal soldier, my friend.

Loyalty is a trait I greatly admire.

BORBON: Any word from the Americans? JIMENDEZ: Diplomatic channels are open, but progress is slow.


Push them! Do they remember how quickly things changed in Cuba? The Dominican.

We have to get out of here.

Now! What is this? A gift from one of our Colombian friends.

It arrived with the afternoon shipment.

"Saludo General.

Business is good "and only your continued presence can keep it that way.

"Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation.

"And remember, this is the only way you'll ever leave the country.

" Poor Guzman! You see, they will never let you leave.

The cartel is afraid of what will happen if you abandon Costa Morada.

RICO: How about a little radio? SONNY: I'm not really in a rock 'n' roll mood this morning, Rico.

You party last night? Tried to.

Almost made it, too.

By 1:00, I convinced myself I was having a blast.

By 1:15, I was sound asleep.

(RICO CHUCKLES) Yeah, social life in the '80s, isn't it a kick? Wonder what's taking Ramon so long? Supposed to go in there and get a suitcase full of buy money.

At least that's the tip I got.

There has got to be a better way for me to spend my adult life than be sitting in an alley eyeballing some two-bit gangster.

I hear you, but this is the life, man, to serve and protect.

Well, there's our turkey.

Yeah, Mr.

Johnny Ramon.

Let's do him.

Looks like he's heading to the causeway.

Frisky little bugger, isn't he? Whoa.

What the hell is this? All right, out of the car.

Come on.

Out of the car.

Let's go.

MAN 1: Come on.

Hands up.

MAN 2: Move it.

Let's go.

Who are you? Colonel Andrew Baker, Special Drug Enforcement Task Force at your service.

You're on our side? You bet.

So's everyone else here.

Chief? You wanna say hello to your men.

Chief? What the hell's going on here? You know what I know.

I was at a fund-raising breakfast.

Someone wanted to have a word with me and then they threw me in a car.

Once again, my apologies.

Gentlemen, let me fill you in on our mission, which officially does not exist.

A certain individual with high level ties to our government is about to be brought into Miami by special arrangement.

Now, this man is in a unique position to provide us with valuable information, extremely valuable information.

We, and I mean the entire task force, regard this man as the key to penetrating the Medellín cartel's inner-most circle.

General Manuel Borbon.

That's right.

So tell me, what do you know about him? Oh, not much.

Only that he's the dictator of Costa Morada.

They call him "the Butcher.

" He k*lled thousands of political prisoners.

And his regime is banked by drug dealers.

He sold out to the cartel years ago.

Right again.

And now he's gonna sell out to us.

I'm sure you're all aware of the unstable political situation in Costa Morada.

Here, take a look at these photocopies.

That note was delivered to Borbon in the coffin of one of his aides.

Now, it's unsigned, but we know that it was sent by a lieutenant in one of the three major families in the Medellín cartel.

Borbon is scared.

That's why he's ready to talk about the drug trade in exchange for our help in getting him out before there's a revolution.

You're actually gonna cut a deal with this snake? I don't think that's any of your concern.

What the hell is our concern? How you're gonna get him out alive.

Colonel, my men aren't authorized for this work.

I just gave them their jurisdiction.

With your extensive undercover experience, your intimate familiarity with the Latin drug trade, you fit the profile perfectly.

All you have to do is go under using your standard M.


, a couple of drug dealers.

Our contacts in Costa Morada will supply you with w*apon.

So, a couple of drug dealers are just gonna waltz in there to the palace and tell Borbon his cab's ready.

I think you'll find our plan is pretty solid, Crockett.

Thanks to the expertise of our point man, who recommended you for the job, incidentally.

Send him in.

RAMON: Look who's here.

You kidding me? Long time no see.

You letting this punk call the shots for Uncle Sam? Mr.

Ramon is well connected in Costa Morada.

Damn right, he's well connected.

He controls half the street traffic on Miami Beach.

Buddy, I ain't never been convicted.

In fact, I'm a serious patriot.

You're a serious slimeball.

Ooh! Okay, so you got this chump stretched.

What is it? Racketeering? Extortion? g*n-running? What? Sure, Ramon rolls over to you for a free walk.

Let's just tighten up, gentlemen.

This stinks.

Yeah, that's why I recommended these two guys.

They got brains.

Plus they got integrity.

I love guys with integrity.

You get out of my face.

HIGHSMITH: Put a lid on it, Crockett! That's enough! I'll tear your head off.

That's enough! Damn it! Both of you! Put a lid on it, Crockett! I don't work with scum.


Hey, listen to me! It doesn't matter what we think of these people.

With Borbon's information, we could cut the drugs off at their source.

We've only dreamed of doing that before.

Keep dreaming, Colonel.

Yeah, it's a buck for 44.

What's still up for tonight? All right.

All right.

Iowa minus the 11, Utah plus four, Indiana State plus the six.

Give me a dime on each.


Yeah, I know what my figure is.

Look, do you want the action or not? Okay.

I've been thinking about Borbon.

No, thanks.

I must have driven a hundred miles turning it over and over and over in my head.

At first, I was stunned by the absurdity.

But then, I approached it from a different angle.

Don't tell me.

Let me guess.

You figured that if we could bring in Borbon, for once we can really make a difference.


I mean Borbon could blow the whistle on the cartel's major players.

You think I'm being naive? No.

No, Rico, I think you're being hopeful.

Hey, come on, man, admit it.

Wouldn't you just love to hear Borbon's little book of players, names, dates.

Yeah, man.

I bet he could really give us the who's who in that dope social register.

You got it.

I'm in it, if you are, partner.

You know we're suckers, Rico.

'Cause this one ain't no trip to Cleveland.

In fact, it's probably su1c1de.

So what? You wanna live forever? I'll probably have to tag along just keep you from getting your butt sh*t off.

Your visas, the validation dates are incorrect.

You gotta be kidding me.

No, señor.

Please follow me.

Señores, allow me to be of service.

I am Ramirez.

With the government Bureau of Tourism.

We have been expecting you.

You're right on time.

Seems like we got a little bureaucratic problem here.

Oh? Qué problema? Excuse me, gentlemen.

Enjoy your visit.

Thank you.

Come this way.

My car is outside.

Quaint local custom.

Don't leave home without it.

So, how did the General like his little gift? Made no difference.

He still intends to leave.

Nothing you or I can do will change that.

The s*ab of Costa Morada is essential to our operations.

He leaves, the rebels seize control.

We lose everything.

It is too late.

I've had to make arrangements with the Americans to get him out.

The General put me in charge.

In that case, we have no choice.

You must k*ll Borbon.

And the American agents, too.

Are you crazy? What would that accomplish? It would stop him from spilling his guts to the DEA.

k*lling the General, that would be difficult for me.

We go back a long way.


I respect and admire loyalty.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss this with your family.

I believe they're hiding in the zona rosa with your mother, the three little ones and your lovely wife.

But I'm sure they'll be safe there if this little problem with the General is taken care of.

So how come we get the special treatment? Or does the Department of Tourism do this for all its visitors? We are working for the same cause.

I'm taking you to meet your contact.

So just settle back and enjoy the scenery.

(PEOPLE CLAMORING) Your contact is in there.

Just wait here until I get him.

Do not worry about them.

They are loud but harmless.

Big welcome wagon, hey, Rico? No kidding.

Get out of here! Now! Let's get out of here.

Yeah, let's go.

Hop in.

Hop in.

Get in the car.

Get in.

Get in the car! My name is Felicia.

I'm your contact.

I hope you work out better than our last one.

It was not us.

Perhaps you should look to your own people.

So much for the expertise of our point man.

General, this situation is out of control.

What situation? Your systematic looting of the treasury.

I can no longer stand by and watch you pilfer state assets while our people starve.

Shut your mouth at once! It is ironic you come to me, for I have had reports of your malconduct in financial matters.

Me? That is laughable, General.

You know too well who is misappropriating funds.

Ordinarily, I would mount a full investigation of your trespass, but under current conditions, there is no time for such actions.

General, what are you doing? (g*n COCKING) Electing a new finance minister.

SONNY: Perfect.

Just what the doctor ordered.

FELICIA: Borbon says he will be ready to leave tomorrow night.

We have people inside the palace that keep us informed.

It is important for you to coordinate with these people.

From what I've seen, I think we'd better push up this little party up to as soon as possible.

Like tonight.

I agree.

I will have your contact meet you at El Coyote.


Damn well organized.

One of you should stay with me, go over our escape route.


Well, I'll meet the contact.

Why don't you take the tour? We'll have units and stations all along the road.

In case you are followed to the pier.

Good, because we gotta make that rendezvous by 10:00 p.


, or the boat leaves with or without us.

Felicia, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but why, why do you go on fighting like this? I love my country and I have faith that we can make a difference.

Why are you helping Borbon? The man you're fighting against.

Too many people are dying in the revolution.

I believe the bloodshed will stop.


And this is Captain Jimendez.

We arranged to meet you here because there are spies everywhere.

You and your partner must escort the General out of the palace tomorrow night.

I want to move him tonight.

Tonight? That's impossible.

I'll never be able to mobilize my men on such short notice.

Why not? They're all inside the palace, aren't they? Yes, but I I don't know if I can organize them without causing suspicion.

You better give it your best sh*t, Captain, it's like a nightmare out there.

This little hamlet could blow at any second.

He's right, Jimendez.

I don't like it.

But I suppose you're right.

This Montoya, the maniac who sent the General the coffin, he wants blood.

The General is hosting a cocktail party tonight for several important businessmen.

He hopes to restore their confidence in his regime.

After dinner, a movie will be shown.

That will be the perfect opportunity to escape.

Here's a map of the grounds.

It shows where the sentries are posted.

You will come over the south wall by the trees.

We will have the General waiting for you in the rear garden.

I'll brief the others.

Can you make sure the General's ready to go? Yes, I'll see to it.

I'm the General's daughter.

(MEN SPEAKING SPANISH) You know, I really believe in what you're doing.

What you're trying to do.

Do you? Yeah.

You know, back where I came from in the Bronx, we had a lot of the same problems.

Poverty, drugs, gangs.

Of course, it's still not as bad as things are here, but a w*r zone.

But I can see in your face, Detective, that you still love that place.

Yeah? Maybe.

Maybe I do.

There is much to do, Detective.



All right.

It's all set.

We move Borbon tonight.

Can you get Felicia and round up the amm*nit*on, and the getaway? No problem.

All we gotta do is radio the boat and get them here tonight.

I'll talk to Felicia.


So, you're a nurse, too? Is there anything you don't do? I just try to make myself useful, Detective.

Sister, you are needed to assist the doctor.

Yes, Father.


SONNY: You're kidding me.

A nun.

Well, that part doesn't bother me.

I think she's a fantastic woman.

A different kind of woman.

I mean, in spite of all the pain and suffering and all the crap that Borbon has done, she's still willing to do her part to get him out of here.

Just on the chance that maybe it might make things better.

It's amazing.

Well, listen, man, I went over the plans.

They look clean.

The only wild card is Montoya.

Now, according to Jimendez, he could move at any time, anywhere.

Well, that was a good move for you to change the call for tonight, 'cause by tomorrow, this whole country could be a bad dream.


It's ironic.

Borbon bleeds a country dry and then the only people he can trust are the guerrillas trying to overthrow him.

Yeah, man, it's politricks.

Felicia seems solid, but Jimendez What about him? I don't know.

He seemed shaky when I told him we were gonna move it up to tonight.

Like I'd thrown him a curve or something.

I don't know, something's funny.

Well, hell, man, he's caught in the middle of a revolution.

That's enough to make anybody nervous.


Maybe you're right.

Let's get ready.

JIMENDEZ: You have your instructions.

Hide in the garden until I trigger the alarm.

Stay well hidden.

When they get to the rear gate, I will give the signal to open f*re.

Be sure to k*ll the General and the Americans.

No one must escape.

(SPEAKING SPANISH) SONNY: Jimendez says the best place to go over the wall is right down there.

So to hell with that, let's go over here.

RICO: Looks like someone's sending a welcome committee.

(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Come in, Bianca.

You look so handsome in your uniform.

This is a most unexpected pleasure.

It's a pity that you dressed so soon.

Do you like that? What are you trying to do, Bianca? k*ll me? I heard you.

You are planning to k*ll my father.

Your father's a fool! You were his friend! I tried to warn him what would happen if he left the country.

Traidor! Let me go.

Just let me alone! Shut up! Perhaps I should k*ll you as well.

But you're young, and stupid.

Stay here.

Stay out of this, and you won't get hurt.


Good to see you.

Where is Bianca? She asked me to tell you that she has a headache.


But she will join you shortly.

So nice to see you again.

Good evening.

BORBON: The media exaggerates.

My army is in complete control and we will crush the communist guerrillas and restore order.

I promise you that Costa Morada will remain a safe and profitable environment as long as I am president.

But even in times as troubled as these, we must not forget the everyday pleasures.

So? If you'll join me, I have a special entertainment for you.

WOMAN: Gracias.

(PEOPLE CHEERING) Where's Bianca? She's waiting for you in the van.


Don't move.

Who are you? What are you doing? We're your ticket out of here, General.

But your partner here, he wanted to put us all in permanent exile.

Didn't you, pal? It's not true.

Oh, yeah? Then how do you explain this little hit team waiting right down the road here? See, General, I must be losing it a little bit in my old age 'cause I should have picked it up.

Only someone very close to Montoya could have known that he was the one that sent the note in the coffin.

Not to mention the fact that you dragged your heels when I wanted to get the General out sooner.

Oh, yeah, you're bought and paid for, buddy, by the cartel.

No, no, no.

This man is my friend.

No, Father, he isn't.

No, come on.

We gotta move now.

Move! Let's go.

RICO: Come on.

Let's go.

(MEN YELLING) Go, go, go! Rápido! Rápido! MAN: Rápido! Felicia! Felicia! Felicia! Rico, come on, she's gone, man.

Let's go.

Went clean in and clean out.

We don't need this anymore.

As long as we can keep the bleeding stopped, he should be all right.

God that was close back there.

Another couple of minutes and he Yeah.

Would have really been a heartbreaker, wouldn't it? So, how long you figure till we hit the seaplane? The way things been going, pal, I think we better do it on our own.

We got enough fuel, probably make it to Miami in a couple of days.

I'll check upstairs.

Thank you for saving my father's life, Detective.

I know what you must think of him.

Most men would have let him die.

Yeah, well, it's part of the job description.

I learned a long time ago you can't let personal feelings get in the way.

Trouble is, after a while, you can't feel anything at all.

I think your problem is just the opposite, you feel too much.

BAKER: Well, Chief, you'll be pleased to know that Crockett and Tubbs have got Borbon out.

They'll be rendezvousing with the seaplane in a couple of hours.

HIGHSMITH: Well, that's great, Baker.

But I got news for you.

I got reliable sources and they tell me there are Colombian hit teams out looking for you.

Yeah, yeah.

We heard that rumor, too.

So far it's unsubstantiated.

What are you gonna do about it? We're gonna stash Borbon in a safe house until we can transport him west for debriefing.

No way.

Forget about it, Colonel.

I'm not gonna allow you to turn the streets of my city into a butcher shop, just to protect some dictator.

Forget about it! I'm afraid it's not your call, Chief.

The hell it isn't! I understand you harbor certain political aspirations.

So? So what? What of it? I have these very important friends in the national GOP.

And if you want to run for anything more prestigious than dogcatcher, you're gonna need their help.

BAKER: You violated orders, hotshot! The seaplane was waiting.

Where the hell were you? SONNY: Listen, pal, your damned orders damn near got us k*lled.

I figured we had a better sh*t on our own.

What're you talking about? Somebody set us up! Borbon took a b*llet to prove it.

Well, what do you mean? Where is he? He's fine.

He's recovering nicely.

We got him stashed in a safe house.

Something smells in your organization, Baker.

Till you find out what it is, we're gonna keep him.

Wait a minute, mister.

You don't dictate policy to me! I'll hang you both out to dry! You do it, and you'll never see the General again.

The Colombians have got a price on his head! You just don't get it.

Well, if anything happens to him, you're out of the game, permanently.

Yeah? Well, we'll take the chances.

In the meantime, you wanna do something? Check out your pal, Ramon.

BORBON: How long are we to be locked up here? This was not my deal! BIANCA: Calm down, Father! The Americans are doing what they can.

You dare take their side over me, after all I've done for you? Father, I'm just trying to help you.

Father, I want to talk to you! (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Welcome back to fun central, boys.

What's happening? How're things in the real world? Status quo, Trudy.

Baker's about to bust a gut.

How's the houseguest? GINA: They're fine.

I'll tell you one thing, we took so many wrong turns, I almost got lost.

Thanks for standing guard, ladies.

Why don't you go home and get some rest? We'll see you later.

No problem.

(WHISTLING) Can't find the top to this thing.

You look as rough as I feel.

I was thinking about Felicia.

That was a tough one.

There's just something about it, Sonny.

I She died.

Hey, man, it could have been me.

It's just something I can't shake.

It's like Like maybe I might not make it through this one.

Listen, man, you gotta put that behind you.

I know it was tough.

They call that survivor guilt.

I saw a lot of that in Vietnam.

It was bad news, man.

We gotta Rico! Rico? Yeah, I'm okay.

You all right? Yeah.

Switek, you all right? Yeah.

Borbon? Borbon! Where is he? I don't know.

Damn it, he's gone! I got the back.

(CRYING) How's she doing? Well, she's pretty shaken up.

Listen, I'll notify the coroner's office about our playmates here.

Thanks, Stan.


Now, how in the hell'd they find out where we were? This is our safe house, our play.

The Lieutenant was the only one who knew where we were.

The only one outside of this house.

Somebody from the inside? But who? While you were gone this afternoon, I overheard my father make a call.

To who? I don't know.

Bianca, think.


I don't know, believe me.

And I don't question my father about his business.

You don't question him about How long are you gonna turn your head? Take a look at this.

Huh? Does this look like some sort of a game to you? Let me tell you something.

Your father made a deal to roll on the cartel and by God I'm going to see that he keeps that deal! If we don't find him, the Colombians will.

You think about that.

There is one thing.

When I was at school in Switzerland, my father would send me checks from a bank here in Miami.

RICO: What bank? I don't remember.

What was the name of the school? Université de Paix in Geneva.

Thank you.

Holly, I got some food.

Good evening, Detective.

Look, if you guys are peddling encyclopedias, I already got a set.

Guess who bought the paper on your gambling debts? I'm trying to pay you guys as fast as I can.

We're not interested in dollars, amigo.

What we need is information.

About what? Borbon.

Where are they hiding him? I don't know what you're talking about.

I think you are a liar.

Yeah? So sue me.

I think you will tell us, Detective.

The only question is when.

You guys gotta let me go.

If I don't show up for work, they're gonna call the whole thing off.

Listen, did Bianca's school in Switzerland, did they confirm that it was the same bank account that Borbon used? GINA: Borbon's all right.

A courier came in to withdraw $50,000 right after you talked to the manager.

He's stalling her now.

All right.

Tell him we'll be there in two minutes.

Let's go.

Tell him you'll let him know when we're in position.

What's she look like? Okay, Gina, we're there.

Let her go.

I bet Borbon's closing bank accounts all over town.

Well, well, well.

It's nice to see the General hasn't been suffering too much on the lam.


I bet what she sees in him is right there in that bag.

I've never seen so much money.

It just gives me chills.

Now we can go anywhere.

No one will ever find us.

Yes, darling.

We go where people live right.

I will send for you, hmm? Surprise, surprise, General.

Get dressed.

You got a date to spill your guts.

Remember? I will not go with you.

Your protection almost cost me my life.

Blame yourself.

That little call you made dialed in a hit on the safe house.

Phone call? I called my accountant.

I'm a fugitive.

I need money.

Yeah, well then you better call in an audit.

Check his spreadsheets.

Max Flynn? No.


Yeah, well somebody did.

Now move it.

You want to see me, Lieutenant? Yeah.

I just got a phone call from Crockett and Tubbs.

They found Borbon.

In Little Havana.

Alive? Yeah.

A hit team was waiting for them when they picked up Borbon.

It's a miracle they're all alive.

Must be a leak somewhere.


Stan, I've known you for a long time.

We've worked together for years now.

So you'll know how hard this is for me to ask you.

Do you know anything about it? Lieutenant, are you joking? I'm a cop.

You're also a compulsive gambler.

I've known about this for a long time.

I should have talked to you about it, but I didn't.

An addiction like that, a man in your position, you're vulnerable.

Now, I'll ask you again.

Did someone get to you? Absolutely not! I'm clean now.

And even if I were dirty, I'd never give up my partners.

I can't take the risk.

As of right now, you're suspended indefinitely until further investigation.

Thanks a lot.

You ought to know the Detective set it up for us.

MONTOYA: Shut up.

Just bring out the General.

This time, you don't come out with Borbon's head, don't come out at all.

Don't sweat it.

I'll get him.

Hi, guys.

You remember me? Well, you've put me in a real terrible spot.

You just got lucky tailing Borbon's girlfriend from the bank.

But my Lieutenant thinks I sold him out.

Can you imagine what that could do to my career? I mean, it's hard enough trying to get a promotion without your boss thinking you're on the take.

And I'm a pretty talented guy.

Besides surveillance, I'm pretty handy with expl*sives.

You want a demonstration? It's on the house.

See, I rigged this place with enough C4 to blow you guys back to Costa Morada.

What I'm gonna do here to you guys is I'm gonna give you the old-fashioned countdown routine and let you figure out if it's for real or just old Stan making up some wacky joke.

Here we go.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Sorry, guys.

I was bluffing.

Now freeze, 'cause you're all going in.

All of a sudden, you're so serious, Stanley.

That's right, Paco, I'm feeling pretty ugly.

The way you set it up, I don't have much to lose.

So don't try anything stupid like a sh**t.

I don't know about you, partner, but I am damn tired of dodging these b*ll*ts.

No kidding, especially on account of a prize like Borbon.

Yeah, tell me about it.

You figure it was Borbon's accountant who set up the hitters this time, too? I don't know.

You mean you actually catch fish with these? You don't just catch fish, you achieve a oneness with them because where there's plankton there's fish.

But I sense that you are not here in pursuit of piscatorial pleasures.

Your personal aurora or jugress reveals a life force of great sensitivity on the spiritual and physical planes.

You're a perfect candidate for my clothing-optional retreat in Ambos Mundos, Havana.

I can't wait to see what kind of scam our cosmic healer's got today.

Yeah, right.

I can see that you live in the here and now.

Edge city as described by Sal Paradise.

And if you and your past selves decide to attend, Baba Ram lzzy will personally handle all of your channeling.

Sorry to interrupt, Swami, we need to have a little chat.

Excuse us, lady.

But what about my channeling? RICO: Buy cable, it's cheaper.

Step into my office, don't mind the smell.

Do you see this? I got her seven centers of esoteric energies just spinning in complete harmony.

Well, you can scratch her I Ching some other time.

Right now we want some answers.

Caesar Montoya's been drafting local talent for a private w*r.

You know any of 'em? When the cartel is making inquiries, I hang up the phone, okay.

Don't pollute my consciousness with these negative energies.

Would you like maybe I should take you on a life regression back to the slam? Don't be a badge flasher with a power complex, okay? I don't know.

I can't do this anymore.

I can't thr*at you anymore.

Here, lzzy, just take the money.

Tell me what you know.

We'll make it easy.

Well, Johnny Miranda is recruiting for Montoya's army.

He's Well, he's offering bust insurance.

Johnny Miranda? Right.

(STAMMERING) And there's a dental plan involved.

And I can really keep this, huh? Absolutely not.

You're off the hook for now.

Thanks, lzzy.

Hey, I really don't need your protection program, okay, but thanks a lot for asking.

I'll just go back to Cuba.

All right, call it.

Johnny Miranda or Borbon's accountant.

Definitely Miranda.

I'm tired of chasing that bean counter.

Man, I don't wanna talk to an accountant.

See you back at OCB.

You owe me a quarter.

WOMAN: Hey, you can't go in there.

I been looking for you, Miranda.

And now you found me.

So get lost.

I hear you're the man to see about the Montoya contract.

Montoya? I never heard of the man.

Me, I run an employment agency.

Helping people make a living is my passion.

There's still a lot of hunger in this America, you know.

It's tragic.

It's funny.

But I just lost my sense of humor a couple days ago.

Where's Montoya? I said, where's Montoya? Who the hell are you? He's one of the men you are trying to k*ll.

Sonny, here's the file from Borbon's accountant.

He say anything? Yeah, we had a real interesting chat.

Real interesting.

Yeah, well, goodnight.

If you need anything, I'll be at home.

Yeah, thanks.




Yeah, Rico? Yeah, listen don't listen to 'em.

What's the matter, man? Where are you? Your friend's with me, Montoya, Detective.

If you don't deliver Borbon within 12 hours, your friend is d*ad.


Detective Crockett? What's going on? Well, Chief, I just got a phone call from a man that says he has my partner.

And if I don't come across with Borbon in 12 hours, he's gonna make Rico suffer and then k*ll him.

That's terrible.

I can understand how badly you feel about that.

Can you? Well, that's good.

'Cause then you won't mind telling me where he is, will you? Where he is? I wish I knew, believe me.

Oh, I believe you know where he is.

I just had a real interesting conversation with one of the great financial minds of the Western world.

Your accountant, Max Flynn.

You attempting to scare me? Scare you? No.

See, Max may be very good with numbers, but he's not exactly Mr.


He sold out Borbon to Montoya.

And then he sold out you to me.

It's all right here.

Every damn payment that Montoya ever made to you.

That evidence was coerced.

It's worthless in court.

You should know that.


No, I don't think it's worthless.

Not for a man like yourself.

Not for a man with political ambitions.

I think it would be very hard for the voting public to understand how a public servant pulling down what, could have a second home in the Bahamas, a string of luxury cars, a pair of fillies that never even finished in the money.

You're b*rned out, Crockett, you know? You're delirious.


You're right.

I'm b*rned out.

My brain is like Swiss cheese.

I have no idea what I might do.

You're crazy.

You got it.

And if you don't tell me where those boys have my partner, I'm gonna turn that nice pretty wall right there into an expressionist painting.

Your colleagues place little value on your life, Detective.

You go to hell.

You are d*ad, amigo, only you don't know it! Hey, somebody's coming.

STAN ON RADIO: Hey, Sonny, what's he doing? We don't have the backups yet.

Montoya! It's me.


We need to talk.


That fool shouldn't be here.

Bring Tubbs out on the steps where I can see he's still alive, then I'll give you Borbon.

I think you show me Borbon first, then you can see Tubbs.


No way.

I gotta see him alive first, otherwise, it's no deal.

Get him up.

Your detective is coming to the door.

All in one piece.

Get ready, we're only gonna get one sh*t.

Try anything and I'll blow your head off.

MONTOYA: You see Detective Tubbs, now give us Borbon.

k*ll them! Switek! Move, move, move, let's go.

Hey, thanks, partner.

RICO: We're getting out of this, Borbon.

We're turning you over.

Your superiors are gonna hear about this, Detective.

Listen, pal, you just better hope the witness protection people put you some place safe, like Fort Knox or Mount Everest or somewhere.

Or I might come looking for you.

(CHUCKLING) Heads up, Rico.

Is there a problem? There's been a security leak, Detective.

Compton Point's too hot.

We've been ordered by Baker to escort you to a new exchange location.

No way, pal.

Not until I get some sort of confirmation.

Now you move those cars out of our way.

How's this for confirmation? Put your g*n on the dash.

Do it! Let's get out of the car.

Should have known you were playing both sides of the street.

Don't take it personal.

It's not about you.

You won't regret this.

Shut your mouth.

Let's take a walk.

We had a deal.

Cartel made me a better one.

You traitor.

(g*n f*ring) d*ad or alive, it don't matter to me.

As long as they see the body, I get the cash.

Hate to hit and run.

SONNY: So, they found Borbon at the bottom of a ditch.

Charred like Gina's meatloaf.

Yeah, the right place for him.

Rico, get this on the General's autopsy report.

There was a mole on the right arm above the elbow.

Surgery for hearing.

Scar on the right ankle.

But it doesn't say anything about the g*n wound.

That was a fresh wound.


They should have noticed that.

Mmm-hmm, they should have.



Yeah, Doctor, this is Detective Crockett.

I wanna ask you a question about the autopsy you performed on General Borbon.

Who? There was What general? On General Manuel Borbon, there was a g*n Detective, I didn't perform an autopsy today.

It's been kind of slow, actually.

Detective? Detective Crockett? Thank you.

Sorry, boys.

You're too late.

Where is he? He split.

Left me at the alter.

Didn't even say goodbye.

Yes, he tricked me, just like he and Baker tricked you two.

So Baker's in on it, too, huh? Sure, honey.

He was the one behind Borbon's fake death.

He hired Ramon, paid off the coroner's assistant.

So, as long as we believed that Borbon was d*ad, the hitters would stop, huh? They'd lay off.

But why? I don't know for sure.

Borbon said they were being nice to him because he knew something about someone high up in the government, very high up.

Let's face it, partner, we've been dropped in the trick bag.

The G-boys were gonna turn him loose all along.

Where is he now? I can't tell you.

You'd be surprised what you can do when you set your mind to it.

Ready? One thing, you know, the feds are out protecting Borbon.

If we could go against them and go get him, then we can hang it up.

No pension, buddy.

So what? I never figured to make 65 anyway.

Borbon's got the goods on the cartel.

That's the deal we made and by God that's the deal we're gonna keep.

Let's do it.

What is it? I don't know.

I got that funny feeling again.

Look, Sonny, if I don't make it, man, I just want you to know Don't.

Don't even think about it.

Don't think about it.

Now we're just gonna go do what we gotta do.


k*ll them.

Vámonos! Ready? Let's go.

Rico? Rico? RICO: I'm all right.

Hey, what the hell have you done? Just swatted an insect.

You got a problem with it? Yeah, I got a problem.

Borbon was working for us.

He was gonna give us names.

But not the name, right, Baker? This whole damn mess was a setup from the get.

What a couple of lightweights.

What, do you think this is cops and robbers? It's not about your personal sense of justice.

What's it about, Baker? Is it about protecting dictators and letting drug dealers go free? Is that it? Take a look at the map, Crockett.

Real estate's turning red all over this hemisphere.

Your brand of law and order went out with Wyatt Earp.

There's only two things that count, American interests and anything that's counter to 'em.

You're what's counter to it, Baker.

You and all those slick deal-making lawyers.

I don't make policy.

I enforce it.

And cover it up when it goes wrong.

That's right, and I got carte blanche, babe.

I could sh**t you right now, easy.

Pin it on Borbon.

No one's ever gonna ask any questions.

Do it.

If you got the stones.

Hey, punk! Cowboy! I'm gonna have your badges for this.

That's a promise! It's not over, Crockett.

You don't have to do this.

It's been a long time coming, anyway.

I'll back you.

Thanks, Lieutenant, but there's no other way.

Think about this.

What're you doing here? I figured you'd be halfway to New York by now.

Everything always takes longer than you think.

Well, we had one hell of a run, didn't we, partner? Yeah, we sure did, Sonny.

So, you really gonna go back up to the big bad Bronx? Yeah, it looks that way.

How about you? I don't know.

Somewhere further south.

Somewhere where the water's warm and the drinks are cold and I don't know the names of the players.

I'm gonna miss you, man.

I'm gonna miss you, too, Sonny.

Can I give you a ride to the airport? Why not? In my stolen car.

SONNY: Hey, Tubbs, you ever consider a career in southern law enforcement? RICO: Maybe.


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