01x01 - Intake

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Patient". Aired: August 30, 2022 - present.
A psychotherapist who recently lost his wife, finds himself held prisoner by a serial k*ller with an unusual request to curb his homicidal urges.
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01x01 - Intake

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Oh, God.


What the f*ck?






(MUFFLED): Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!









GENE: Hello, Dr. Strauss.

Uh, my name is Gene Bollinger.

I was hoping to get started in a course

of psychotherapy.

I thought you might be able to help me

with some of my problems.

So, uh, yeah.

I guess I'll call you
back, uh, if that's okay.

I'm a little hard to reach.

Yeah, okay, thanks.




SHOSHANA: Hi, it's
Shoshana. Leave a message.

- (BEEP)
- Hey, honey. It's Dad.

Just checking in.

I'm in sessions until : .


What can I help you with, Gene?

My dad b*at the shit out of me.

A lot, uh, when I was a kid.

And I think it f*cked me up.

That's a tough thing to go through.

You said it f*cked you up.

In what ways?

All ways.


Like I'm not content.

I don't have a good social life.

I get angry.

That's the sort of thing
you help people with, right?


So, I read your book.


- What'd you think?
- It was good.

I thought, you know,
this guy is a real expert.


Well, I've been doing it a long time.


COLLEEN: I'm sorry for your loss.

That's what normal people say, right?

ALAN: How does it
feel for you to say it?

COLLEEN: It just, um...

... just seems like
what I hear people say.

But I mean it.

Well, that is the important part.

Gene, I wanted to ask you

about your sunglasses.

I think it might be a good idea for you

to take them off, so we
can see each other better.

I have eye problems.

ALAN: Oh, what's wrong?

GENE: Light hurts them.

They're oversensitive.

You've seen a doctor about it?

Two doctors.


Well, we're out of time.

Isn't that my line?


I'm trying to take care of
your needs again, aren't I?

I think so.

He h*t me.

All the time.

When you say "all the time,"

could you be any more specific about it?

Pretty much all the time.


- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

- Alan, welcome.
- ALAN: Chaim, how are you?

Baruch Hashem.

- You?
- I'm well, thanks.

- I'll be in the back.
- EZRA: Oh.


- Hi, Ezra.
- Hi, Dad.

It's Mom's guitar?


I figured you should have it.

You're the only one in
the family who plays, so...

I don't play anymore.

GENE: That's it, 'cause you'd
expect anybody to save their own ass,

but he'd rather die than
use her as his excuse,

like, uh, disgrace her.

ALAN: I think I have actually
heard that one before.

Right, it's a classic.



You know, Gene, I've been thinking.

It's been a while since we
started talking together.

And I've noticed that...

... you're not really
opening yourself up to me.

Whenever I ask for stories or details,

you have a tendency to get kind of vague

or you start telling me

about country music songs that you like.

And I've noticed that
I myself am feeling

a little frustrated by this process.

And I'm wondering if
you're feeling that as well.

Usually when one person feels
that way, it's kind of mutual.

I don't know.

I guess it's not working
the way it did in your book.

ALAN: Gene, in order
for this process to work,

you have to be able to tell me things

that are not easy to tell.

To be open and truthful.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this.

'Cause I'm... I'm trying.

I really... I'm trying.

In my experience...

... anyone who has come this far,

who has made the choice
to come to therapy

and keep hammering away
at the hard things...

... they can be helped.















I'm so sorry. I know this sucks.

I'll be right back.




Gene, what the hell's going on?

I mean, what the f*ck?!

Let me out, let me
out, let me out of here.

Let me out of here right now, Gene!

- Gene!
- You take it easy.

Last night you were screaming.

We're in the woods out
here. Nobody's around.

I know how upset you are.

Of course. Anybody would be.

This isn't as bad as it seems.

It's bad, I know it's bad, but
I just, I just need your help.


I don't know what you think
you're doing, but this...

this... (SIGHS)

Unlock this g*dd*mn chain.

Right now. I mean it, Gene.

Gene, listen, you have to listen to me.

I realize that there's
something inside of you

that's telling you that
this is a good idea...

I know, it's-it's not
exactly that it's a good idea,

I do realize that.

But, you know, I'm out of options,

and I really think if we can just talk,

this will, this will be okay.

- Okay-ish.
- I have to help you see

that this is wrong.

Scaring me like this is wrong.

You have to see that.
I know you can see that.

I do, I do, I know,

but... I wasn't getting
anywhere in therapy.

You said so yourself, right?

And I think that I know why.

You see, I-I couldn't...

I couldn't really tell you
the truth in your office.

But here, here... I can.

No, no, no, no, no.

This-this-this isn't good
for either of us, Gene.

We have to go back to my office
and work through this together

before this gets more out of hand.

These are leftovers from Maruti,
which is one of my favorites.

It's surprisingly good for breakfast.

This is chana palak.

Put some of this on it.

This is sabzi. It's good with this one.

For God's sake, Gene, Gene!

My name's...

My name's actually Sam.


It's important to eat.

I'm not gonna eat.

Gene... Sam.

You have to listen to me.

I am listening.

I am listening. I know how to listen.

I understand...

... this is upsetting for you.

I get that.

It's a little scary,

but this is the only
way that I could... I...

I need help. I want help.

I'm asking you for, for help.

You said therapy can't
work if I'm not truthful.

I know that you're right, so...

Mm-mm. No. No, you don't understand.

I don't, I don't think you
know what you're doing to me.

I realize it might
take you a little time

to get used to what's happening here.

Whatever is troubling you,

we can address it, but not here.

- Not like this.
- Dr. Strauss, I have much bigger problems

than your other patients.

I have a compulsion...

... to k*ll people.

A compulsion?

Yeah, I do it.

- Sam...
- I don't mean just once or twice.

Every once in a while I just...

... do it.

And this has gone on ever since,

uh, for a long time.

And I know I'm f*cked up.

I've read all the books,

almost everything about,
uh, people like me,

people who do this stuff, and I can't...

I want to stop.

And I'm trying so hard.

I'm trying so hard right now,

but there's this guy,
there's this one guy,

and I just want to...

for months now...

Uh, but I've not done it.

'Cause I...

Uh, because I can't.

Now, you, I wish you knew

what it was like to live like this.

It's not like what they say.

Right? Where he's like a...

Have you seen Silence of the Lambs?

Where he's like a robot. (CLEARS THROAT)

It's not like that.


- Sam.
- Sam.

Unlock this chain.

I'm going to walk out of
here and go back to my office.

No, we already tried that.

It didn't work without
me telling you the truth.

It will be different now
that I know the truth.

You will come to my office
two, three days a week.

I cannot help you like this.

This is just going to make it worse.

Let me go.

I know you'd have to turn me in.

No, no, no, no, no. I would
not have to turn you in.

Legally, ethically,

unless you told me you were
going to commit another crime,

I can work with you.

Everything you've told
me so far is confidential.

I am gonna commit another crime.


I know I'm not normal.

But I don't feel crazy.

I'm not...


I know this has to end,
right? This has to stop.

I just, I don't know how.

This is not the way.


I'm sorry.

Really, you're the best.

I met with three different
Jewish therapists.

I chose you.


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