01x20 - Hidden In Plain Sight

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Other Kingdom". Aired April - June 2016.
"The Other Kingdom" follows fairy princess Astral, who is given a chance to check out life in the human world, attending high school. However, she soon has to choose between being either a fairy princess or a human as she is set to inherit the crown of her royal kingdom of Athenia.
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01x20 - Hidden In Plain Sight

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Astral: Previously on The Other Kingdom.

You're going to destroy Athenia.

Form a chain!

Wait for me!


I wanna thank Peter for saving the woods.

Did you find out about the boy?

For your Valor and for saving the kingdom of Athenia,

I crown you warrior princess of the Second Kingdom.

Princess Astral!


Thank you, thank you, fairies, elves, giants, and Tristan.

(phone vibrating)

(phone vibrating)

I gotta get me some Velcro sheets.

(phone vibrating)

"Where are you?"


I'm on my way.

Peaseblossom: I'm not letting you go.

Come now, Peasey.

I'll come visit.

No you won't.

Once you leave here, you can't come back.


Maybe you can come visit me?

As a light maybe?

But just a light.

The brightest light in my life.


He helped to save Athenia?

This kid?

Ugh, I'll be glad to see him gone.

Maybe that silly Peaseblossom will finally stop talking.

Oh, how did the King and Queen react

when you told them about the Spartanian.

They were astounded!

And confounded.

You haven't told them.

They have to know this.

This changes everything.

You've traveled far, Oswald.

It might be best to take advantage

of the lavender pools we've prepared for you.

Even in emergencies,

I'm sure King Oberon would prefer a less rancid messenger.

King Oberon would prefer the musk of a warrior.

He will want to know this news.

The lavender bath is this way?

I'll see you in a bit.

So has Tristan asked you to the dance yet?

Not yet.

But hopefully he'll ask me today.

The dance is tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.

Aloha, losers.

That means hello and goodbye.

But losers is the same in every language.

Ta da!

What have you done?

Astral: I'm not like other kids.

I guess you could call me different.

Back home, I'm a princess.

But here I could be whoever I want to be.

Go to school, make new friends, explore your ways,

and have some fun.

Hiding my fairy powers isn't always easy.

But my friends help me when things go wrong.

I have to make a choice soon.

Your world or my home.

Time is running out.


Principal Williams!

Principal Williams!

No time to talk.

Make an appointment with my office.

Send an email.

Principal Williams, you agreed to a Fairy Costume Ball.

Yes I did.

But Hailey decorated the gym for her beach theme.

Hailey wouldn't--

actually, she would.

Don't listen to them, Aunt Maddie!

Now, I know you chose the fairy theme,

but these two were very distracted

with their save the woods stuff.

Like, whatever.

I couldn't let the dance fall apart.

It's way too important for--

the school.

Astral: We've got hours.

And we have everything ready to be set up.

Guys, bad news.

We're gonna need a new bower.

I bet Brendoni a steak dinner he couldn't jump over it.

And let's just say, I'm eatin' good tonight!

We'll fix that.

Principal Williams, we will have the gym decorated

in time for the dance.

Sure, if you want to give the Mona Lisa a face lift.

But why, when the gym is already decorated

in a perfectly acceptable, totally superior,

completely better than yours theme?

They won the theme fair and square.

Astral, you sure you can have the gym decorated by tomorrow?


We will.

I want my decorations packed neatly.

I need the deposit back from the rental place.

We've got a lot of work to do.

Morgan: Gnome.




Last night, Hailey sent a text to the entire school saying that

the costume ball is now beach-themed.

How are we going to fix this?

h*t reply all, and tell everyone she's a wackadoodle.

Can't you just--

--and do the work for us?

That only works with cleaning things up.

Not something like this.

Decorating a gym is too big.

Hey, What's up with Hailey?

She's walking up and down the hall muttering about

how fate is a cruel mistress.


The dance.

Tomorrow night.

Who are you going with?

I haven't asked anybody.

Morgan: Cool!

Neither has Astral.

But you are going, right?


I mean, Everyone packed in a gym,

wondering if they look okay or what to say to each other.

It's so awkward.

I mean, who would want that?

I guess I would.

The dance is gonna be really magical.

I really wish you'd be there.

Think about it.


I, gotta go to gym practice.

You're in the gym.

Y-yes, and I mean, I have to go to library practice.

Ugh, why did I say that?

For a second I thought he was going to ask you to the dance.

Other boys.

For extraordinary acts of valor, I, Oberon VIII,

Ruler of the Seventh Realm, servant of the First Kingdom,

give to you, Winston of England, the heart of a fairy.

A heart?

A fairy heart cannot lie, has empathy for the broken,

cares for the world, and faces all difficulty with courage.

There is no greater gift we can give an Other.

Fly light and shine bright, little one.

Thank you, your Highness.

What are you doing?

Getting my books for Geography?

No, with Astral.

You two totally like each other.

Why are you being so brutal about the dance?

I don't--

You're sending her all these mixed signals.

If I were her, I'd be confused too.

You're right!

I am so terrible at this.

Of course I'm right!

Wait, what?

I've been planning this thing where I ask her to the dance

in this fun way with flowers

and I am messing the whole thing up.

Might just be easier to be straight with her.

(bell ringing)

You're right.

I promise, I will totally ask her.


You got this, dude!

Seize the day, dude!

Believe in your dreams, dude!

You are a wise man, Dee-vo.

Peasey, I know you're hiding from me.

Okay, I'll have to be leaving without giving you your gift.


Why weren't you at my ceremony?

Well, I'm angry with you.

Oh, don't be this way.

Before you got here I was just Peaseblossom.

Silly little, frighteningly intelligent,

stunningly beautiful Peaseblossom.

Good self-image.

And now you're gonna head back to Englandtown,

and probably have fancy dances like Princess Astral.

You don't think maybe I'd like a fancy dance?

Well I would, Winston, I would!

But where am I?

Exactly where you found me.

Hanging from a boring old tree, being my effervescent self.

I'm sorry, tree.

You're not much of a dancer.


Morgan: The dance is sold out.

Everyone's coming.

That's great!

This is a disaster.

We've barely started the fairy theme

and the only thing that's been deflated is my self-esteem.

And don't even get me started on Tristan.

I'm really sorry.

It's okay.

Yesterday I had a huge win.

Athenia and my family are safe.

This dance will be a great way to celebrate.

But it's not fair.

In all the movies, when the princess saves her Kingdom

she celebrates with a cute boy!

Astral: I thought so too.

But maybe this princess doesn't need some "cute boy."


You know who I want to celebrate with?

My friends.

And if Tristan doesn't want to come to the dance, then so what?

Okay, when I give you the signal start playing.

Astral: It's cool.

I'm over it.

I'm done with Tristan.

So, Now?


Do I still get my five bucks?




You are so sweet.



Oh my gosh.

You've finally come to your senses

and you're asking me to the dance!

This is every bit as magical as I dreamed it would be!


Spit valve.

I'll just...

Uh, sure.


I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven.





She's right.




Trolls can lie!

We haven't had enough time.

Well, we'll just put up more twinkle lights.

Twinkle lights solve everything.

Energy crisis?

Just add twinkle lights!

(bell ringing)

Maybe it's just us.

Maybe no one else will think it's lame.


Astral: Redeem the lame dance theme?

Vote Hailey and Tristan for Fall Dance King and Queen?

Hailey has lost it!

Tristan told me he was going to ask you to the dance.

Must have changed his mind.

This is so wrong on many, many levels.

Let's just not go.

We'll stay home, order a pizza, and have a much better time.

We'll forget about the whole thing.

I'm not gonna miss this

because some Other boy doesn't want to go with me.

Morgan and Brendoni are going together.

Devon, you and I will go together

and we'll all have fun as friends.

The Fantastic Foursome!

Yeah, we'll have a great time.

Right Brendoni?

Sure, Tristan.

You've got your dreamy blue eyes and pretty-boy good looks,

but only my head is big enough to wear that crown.



Astral: Why do I want this dance so badly?

After saving my family, and Athenia

it shouldn't feel so important.

A dance is where you can feel the pure energy of Others.

It's where something as simple as a new outfit is all it takes

to show everyone who you really are.

Aren't you getting dressed up?

Can't b*at this.

Let me fix your horns.

Morgan: Hey guys!

Lookin' good, Brendoni.

Thanks, I make it work.

You too Dev.

For someone who planned to skip a dance, you really came around.

I guess I got a little troll in my soul after all.

It's where a touch of a hand is so electric,

your heart jumps and you don't know why.

Where you're so nervous, looking into a pair of eyes

that make you feel safer than ever before.

And you don't wanna say a word because you're afraid if you do,

the moment will disappear.

That moment when you believe someone likes you.

How could I not want that?

Titania: We should do something to make tonight special.

Astral's earned it.

We shouldn't interfere.

What's the good in being King and Queen

if we can't bend the rules occasionally?

Morgan: Let's hope everyone likes it.

Theseus High.

Welcome to your fairy costume ball!

* Cause when the lights go out *

* It'll just be us left standing *

This is not happening!

Glad I brought my wings.

Looks like she pulled it off.

And I feel even sillier now.

If that were possible.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You look adorable.





* --Lights go out it'll just be us left standing *

* When the lights go out it'll just be you-- *

Poor thing.

She just can't dress well.

Tristan: Wow.


Eyes over here.

Morgan: Astral!

You're as sneaky as a pixie.

When did you do this?

I didn't.


Thanks mom and dad.

Astral, this is really beautiful.


Come on, Tristan.

I have to go do some emotional eating at the buffet.


Winston: You were right, what you said earlier.

You do deserve a dance.

Open your eyes.


What the honeysuckle?

Where did all this come from?

Something the fairies brought back for me.

You've been so kind to me by showing me Athenia,

I wanted to show you the fun part of being an Other.


This is the classiest thing I've seen in my whole life.

All of this for me?

Can't breathe.

Reggie, h*t it.

You got it Winston!

Get ready to get down!


Astral: These snacks are great.

Hey, as dates I think I'm supposed to give you something

that smells nice to put on your dress or your arm.




Fake out!

Here's your corsage.

Gotcha, didn't I?



Come on, let's go break the dance floor!

She doesn't like him, you know.

Fairy dance!

First, the troll stroll.



I'm all danced out.




(thunder rumbling)



My King, my Queen!

When did you get back?

I kick--

King Reed!


lightning, zap, gone!


Verbs nonexistant!

Okay, slow down!

Use your words.

King Reed has returned to Athenia!

Oh boy, it's so bad.


Attention everyone!


It is time to announce the King and Queen

of the fall dance.

Tris, this is where we h*t next level.

Big smiles.

The Queen of the Fall Dance--

Excuse me, pardon me, out of my way.






Come on, Astral!

I mean, Queen Astral.

How did this happen?

What do you mean?

After the woods, everyone knows who you are.

And this year's King of the Fall Dance--





I love you, Theseus High!!


Time for the King and Queen's dance!




Aw, come on everybody!

Let's go crazy!!


Go on, girl!

Looks like you got a little dance in your pants after all.


You just couldn't let me have the one thing I care about,

could you?

I can't wait 'til you go back to wherever it is you came from.


Hey girl.

Crown suits you.

Where's Tristan?

Who cares?

Why would I want to be with someone

who doesn't want to be with me?

Being a Queen is overrated.

Glad to see you finally learned a lesson.

You ready to roll with the troll?


What an Other.

Devon: Hey.


Why aren't you dancing with Brendoni?

I'm waiting for someone else to ask me.


You want to dance?

Took you long enough.


I knew you weren't like other girls.

What do you mean?

I don't know any girl who can on air,

or cares about the world so much, and is so beautiful.

I'm all that to you?

And more.

So much more.

I just feel like I haven't even met the real Astral.

You want to meet the real me?


I am Fairy.


Say something.

I'm not an Other.



Dude, I did not see that coming.




Astral, get away from that Spartanian.



You do not command the Princess.

How could you not tell us!

I was only doing what's best for Athenia.

I'll deal with you later, Reed.

Mom, I don't understand.

Oswald discovered that Tristan is the Lost Prince of Spartania.


He will be King one day.


Is this true?

I don't know.

I don't know where I came from or who I am.

The ancient leaves tell of a lost prince

who will conquer all of Athenia.

Come, boy.

It's time you finally returned home.


I'm not going anywhere!

Don't do this!

I am your King.

You will do as I command.




It's time to leave Astral.
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