04x26 - On Your Toes

Episode transcripts for the TV Show "Diff'rent Strokes". Aired: November 3, 1978 –; March 7, 1986.
Series follows Arnold and Willis Jackson, two African-American boys from Harlem taken in by a rich white Park Avenue businessman and widower, Phillip Drummond, for whom their deceased mother previously worked, and his daughter, Kimberly.
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04x26 - On Your Toes

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♪ Now the world don't move ♪

♪ To the b*at of just one drum ♪

♪ What might be right for you ♪

♪ May not be right for some ♪

♪ A man is born ♪

♪ He's a man of means ♪

♪ Then along come two ♪

♪ They got nothing
but their jeans ♪

♪ But they got
diff'rent strokes ♪

♪ It takes diff'rent strokes ♪

♪ It takes diff'rent strokes ♪

♪ To move the world ♪

♪ Everybody's got a
special kind of story ♪

♪ Everybody finds
a way to shine ♪

♪ It don't matter that
you got not a lot ♪

♪ So what? ♪

♪ They'll have theirs
and you'll have yours ♪

♪ And I'll have mine ♪

♪ And together we'll be fine ♪

♪ 'Cause it takes
diff'rent strokes ♪

♪ To move the world ♪

♪ Yes, it does ♪

♪ It takes different
strokes to move the world ♪

Dad, can we get going? I got
a big basketball game at the y.

Well, we're just
waiting for kimberly.

I have to drop her
off at her ballet class.


Dad, we're being inv*de
by the insect people.

Arnold, are you ready to go?

Arnold, testing,
one, two, three.

This is your dad!

Yeah, you're right.
This music is bad.

Are you ready? Willis
has to get to the y!

Oh, what's the use of me going?

I'm too short to
play basketball!

One guy said I'm even too
short to watch basketball.

You just tell him it's better
to be short and smart...

Than tall and stupid!

[Phone ringing]


Yeah. Ok.

Oh, here she is. It's
for you, kimberly.

Thanks. Hello?

Oh, hi, becky. Yeah,
I was just leaving.

What?! You're kidding!

You mean he really is?!

We're actually
gonna get to meet him?

Oh, wow! I'll see you later!


What's all the excitement?

He's coming to our
class! Kuznetsov!


Willis, kuznetsov is
nothing to sneeze at.

He is a world famous
ballet choreographer,

And he was a great dancer.

And he's gonna be
at our class today.

So what?

So what?

Willis, outside of balanchine
and maybe baryshnikov,

Well, he's only the
most important man

In the world of ballet.

He was fantastic in his
prime. I saw him once in london.

You won't believe this.

He did a leap that was so high,

He had to get an air
traffic controller

To bring him down.

Dad, who cares about a guy

Who runs around
in his panty-hose?

Yeah, what's the
big deal anyway?

I mean, it's not like kuznetsov
is someone really important

Like sugar ray leonard.

How can you even mention them

In the same breath?

Willis, you're so immature.

Immature? I shaved
twice last week.

We know. Once for each hair.

Let's go.

Daddy, your oldest son

Is culturally an ignoramus.

Honey, just because
willis doesn't like ballet

Doesn't mean that he's dumb.

That's right.

He was dumb before
he hated ballet.

[Piano playing]


[Russian accent]
that is it for the bar.

I'm sorry I'm late,
madame rokova.

We got caught in traffic.

Oh, hi, becky.

I'm so excited,
I can't stand it.

Is he here yet?

Not yet.

I think I'm gonna
die when I meet him.

Me, too.

Please, if you must
die, die like swans?

I thought it was funny.

Children, kuznetsov
is our guest.

We will not ask
him , questions.

We will just dance for him.

Dance for kuznetsov?
He'll laugh at us.

No, he will not laugh at you.

He might sneer a little,

But from a russian
that is a compliment.

Let us go back to work.

Hey, there's a big
limousine out front.

I bet it's his.

He must be on his way up.

Here come the great man himself.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Tell me what I did
and I'll do it again.

[Chuckles] it's just my
brother, madame rokova.

Let us go back to work.

What are you doing here, arnold?

You left these in the limo.

Oh, thanks. Good-bye.

Man, look at the
size of that mirror.

Willis would love that.

Arnold, I said good-bye.

That means split, get
lost, out the door.

I get the feeling
you want me to leave.

Go with your feelings, arnold.

I can take a hint.

I'll just get my little
tutu out of here.


What a weird group.

You applaud everything I do.

Dmitri, darling.

[Russian accent] zenashkaya.

It is so good to see you again.

And you, you look marvelous.

Of course I do.

Come, come.

My students have
been dying to meet you.

Oh, and I trust they have
been dying like swans?

[Laughing together]

I tell that swan
joke, I get silence.

You tell it, they laugh.

Of course, I am very funny man.

Let us go back to work.

Well, young man, why
are you not in tights?

I'm not in the class.

Anyway, you're not gonna get me

In that long underwear.

It doesn't even have
a flap in the back

For emergencies.

Please excuse my
brother, mr. Kuznetsov.

Your brother?

Oh, yes. Now I see resemblance.

Well, it is nice to
meet you, young man.

What are you doing?

That is old russian custom.

Oh. Well, in that case...

That's as far as I'm going.

Now, what have you
got against ballet?

I'm just not into ballet.

Anyway, that's one more
thing I'm too small for.

Like basketball,
football, and baseball.

Too small? Oh!

Why, I was already
dancing a whole year

When I was half your size.

Sometimes, I would
leap out of my diaper.

You're not kidding?
I'm not too small?

Oh, not at al!

Here, arnold, sit
down there, my boy.

Oh! Now,

Arnold, tell me. Don't you wish
to be rich and famous like me?

I don't care about famous, but
you can run that rich by me again.

How much do you think I make?

Ask me! Oh, I like
to hear it myself.

Okay, uh, how much do you make?

From ballet, I have
made the big bucks.

Many millions!

But... There are more
important things than money, too.

Such as doing something that
gives you satisfaction here.

A million bucks is my
kind of satisfaction!

But there are other kinds too.

Such as dancing in
front of an audience.

When you hear the applause,
it can make you feel like giant!

A giant?

I could use some
of that feeling!

Yes. Yes, I am very glad my
parents let me take ballet

When I was little boy.

And you grew up to
be the great kuznetsov

Whom the world adores.

And who is keeping
my class waiting.

Ooh. [Speaks russian]

[Speaks russian]

Arnold, what is
taking you so long?

We've been waiting in
the limousine minutes.

I was talking to my pal dmitri.


You know, the guy who
sounds like a sneeze.

You mean kuznetsov? You
met the great kuznetsov?

We're like that.

There he is.

Well, you can talk to him
some other time, arnold.

Come on, let's go, dad.

No, wait, willis.

I would like very much
to meet kuznetsov.

No problem, dad.
I'll introduce you.

And don't be nervous.

He's an ordinary
millionaire just like you.

Oh, mr. Drummond.

Madame rokova,
nice to see you again.

Mr. Kuznetsov,
if you don't mind,

My dad and brother
would like to meet you.

Well, any relative of
arnold's is friend of mine.

Don't worry, willis.

[Russian accent] is
old russian custom.

When you were dancing,
I saw you many times.

I can't tell you how
much I enjoyed it.

Don't be silly. Of
course you can tell me.

So, you like ballet?


You have danced yourself?


But you speak russian?

Uh, just those words.

I've been waiting
for years to use 'em.

Mr. Drummond, would
you like to stay and watch

The children dance
for mr. Kuznetsov?

Oh, thank you. We'd
like that very much.

Right, willis?

I can hardly wait.

Please, make
yourself comfortable.

Dmitri? Please
continue practice.

Did you see that, willis?

He looked like magic johnson
going up for a slam dunk.

Yeah, except after
magic does his thing,

He doesn't kiss the other guys.

Well, maybe not,

But I've seen him
pat a few fannies.

Zenashkaya: and music!

[Piano plays]

Dad, there's even some
little guys doing it.

[Music stops]

Oh, nice.

Bravo. Bravo, children.

Oh, man.

I never knew ballet
was so terrific.

Dad, I just made a big decision.

Really? What's that, arnold?

I'm gonna be a ballet dancer.

A ballet dancer?!

[Nervous laugh]

Are you out of your mind?

That's crazy.

Why, willis?

There's nothing wrong
with taking ballet lessons.

And I'm gonna be
real good at it.

Well, you gotta start somewhere.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

Here's that world famous dancer,

The fabulous arnoldovich.


How did the ballet
class go today?


I'm so proud of him, daddy.

He's doing really well
with his basic positions

And he's only been
at it for weeks.

That's wonderful.

How about a little demonstration

For the guy that
picks up the tab?

Sure, dad. Here's the first one.

It's called first position.

Good name for it.

And this is the second position.

Moving right along,

This is the fifth position.

Very good, arnold.

Thank you.

Ballet's even tougher
than basketball,

But at least I get to do it.

I don't have to sit
on a bench worrying

If somebody's gonna
pick me up and dribble me.

Arnold, don't worry.
You'll be a lot better

By the time we have the recital.

Recital? What recital?

I'm giving a recital
next week, dad.

And arnold is gracious enough

To let the rest of
the class be in it, too.

Generous to a fault.

And mr. Kuznetsov
is gonna be there.

Not a bad audience
for my debut, huh, dad?

He's probably on
pins and needles.

And before you know it,

I'm gonna be doing those leaps.

Arnold, arnold,
I'm getting tired

Of seeing you jumping around

Like a kangaroo with hot feet.

Cool it, willis,

Arnold's just giving us
a preview of his recital.

You are gonna be in a recital?

Want my autograph
before the price goes up?

Dad, you mean you're actually going
to let him do this in front of people?

Knock it off willis,
you're being unfair.

I'm proud of arnold! So am i!

Me too!

A few weeks ago, I was nothing.

Today, I'm a toe-dancing fool.

Yeah, well, you can
leave out the toe-dancing.

Oh, willis, get off his case.

Dad, why don't we put
him up for readoption?[Font color="#ffff"][/font]

Willis, don't you think
you're coming down

A little too hard on arnold?

But, dad, you've seen him dance.

Haven't you noticed something?


He keeps falling down.

He's terrible.

Well, what do you expect
after just a few weeks?

That he'll dance
like baryshnikov?

He can't even dance
like donald duck.

Look, willis, it's just a phase
arnold's going through.

At the moment, he likes ballet.

He's having fun.
What's the problem?

Well, dad, real guys
don't take up ballet.

Everybody knows they're all...

Well, you know, kind of sweet.

Well, in the first
place, who cares?

In the second
place, you're wrong.

Ballet is a beautiful,
creative art.

Well, not to me.

Anyway, arnold's too young
to know what he's doing.

Now listen, I want you
to stop hassling arnold.

Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand,
but don't be surprised

If he starts plucking
his eyebrows.

Time for bed, twinkle toes.

I'm practicing for my
recital tomorrow night.


I thought you were
drying your nails.

Willis, what is going on?

This morning, when I
was getting dressed,

You said I should pick
out something pretty

From kimberly's closet.

Why are you bugging me?

Because I want a little brother,

Not a little sister.

You mean dad's thinking
about trading me in?

Arnold, if you keep
doing this ballet stuff,

You know what guys
are gonna call you?

Did you ever hear
the word "effeminate"?


You know what it means?

Of course I do.

Diana ross is a feminine,
brooke shields is a feminine,

Mean joe green ain't.

No, no, no. That's not
quite right, arnold.

Effeminate means
a guy's like a girl.

What you talkin' about, willis?

You heard me.

Who you calling a girl?

Put it up, willis!
You got mr. Macho!

Oh, calm down.

You're calling me a girl?

This is your hair
blower, not mine.

This is your cologne, not mine.

These are your bikini shorts.

Next to you, I'm mr. Universe.

Knock it off, arnold.

All the jocks have these things.

Anyway, I know you're ok,

But it's what other people
think that gets you in trouble.

They're gonna call you a
sissy for the rest of your life.

Are you serious?

That's right.

They're gonna call
you all sorts of names.

Boy, you dance in
one lousy ballet.

And I'll tell you another thing.

If you dance in that ballet
recital tomorrow night,

I won't be there to watch.

I couldn't stand to see
you ruin your reputation.

You mean it?

You really wouldn't come?

That's right.


Well, I guess I
won't be dancing.

All right.

But how am I
gonna get out of it?

Hi, guys. Hey, arnold,
this is for you.

I was gonna give it
to you tomorrow,

But I just couldn't wait.

Thanks. What is it?

You'll never guess.

I'll guess after I open it.

You can wear it tomorrow
night for your big debut.

Everybody will notice you.

You can say that again.

Hey, better hit the
sack, everybody.

Arnold has a big day
coming up tomorrow.

Ok, dad.

Arnold, what's the
matter with your leg?


Nothing? You're limping.

I am?

Arnold, what happened?

Hey, don't try to hide it now.

Well, it's nothing.

It only hurts when I move.

Sit down, bro.

Hey, let me look at that.

Looks pretty bad to me.

Yeah, it feels a
little swollen, dad.

Let me see that.


How did you do this?

Uh... It must have been
that last plie that got me.

I hope it's not a
confounded fracture.

What a shame, arnold.

Well, I'm afraid you'd
better not be in the recital.

You can't dance with a bad leg.

But I gotta dance.

It's in my blood!

No, I'm sorry, arnold.

It'll probably
just make it worse.

I know how disappointed
you must feel.


The best thing for
you to do now is

To get right up into bed
and stay off that ankle.

Ok, dad.

I'm sure it'll be much
better in the morning.

Good night, son. Good night.

Good night, you two.

Good night, daddy. Night, dad.

There will be other
recitals, honey.


Good night, kimberly.

Good night. Good night.

Smart move, bro.
You did real good.

If I did so good, how
come I feel so bad?

Mr. Drummond. Madame rokova!

It's so pleasant to
see you all again.

Well, little one, your
sister tells me of your ankle.

I am deeply sorry.

I will have a recital,
arnold, just for you.

Excuse me.


Arnold is terribly disappointed.

He was really looking
forward to dancing for you.

Weren't you, arnold? Yeah.

I never thought I'd be
hanging up my tights

So early in my career.

Is not forever, arnold.
You will dance again.

Oh, no, he won't.

Well, I mean, you know,
it's like with athletes.

Once you hurt yourself,
you're never the same.

Let's sit down, bro.


Is the pain worse now
than it was this morning?

Well, it comes and goes.


Here it comes.

That's very interesting
'cause this morning

You were limping
on your right leg,

Now you're limping on your left.

Was i? Uh...

Maybe one leg caught
it from the other one?

I think I know the
name of this disease.

It is called [speaks russian].


This means "fear of
being called sissy."

That's what I thought it meant.

I speak russian
better than I realized.

Well, dad, I don't want
to be called names.

I mean, who wants
to go through life

With people making fun of you?

I don't like arnold
being made fun of.

Willis, what other
people think of you

Is far less important than
what you think of yourself.

Listen, arnold,

If you like ballet as
much as you say you do,

Don't let willis or anybody
else talk you out of it.

You listen to your father.

He is smart man, even
if he's not russian.

You know, dad, I
think you're right.

Well, then you
will dance tonight?


Excellent. Good for you, arnold.

You know what
you're doing, arnold?

Yeah, I'm gonna go
look for a pair of tights

In size short.

Look, willis, I would
like for you to stay,

But if you want
to walk out on me,

They're your feet.

Willis, why did
you do that to him?

I was only thinking
of arnold, dad.

If you ask me, I think you
were thinking about yourself.

What do you mean by that??

You were worried that arnold
was gonna be a reflection on you.

You don't want your friends

To tease you about your brother.

Well, maybe I don't.

I'm surprised at you, willis.

I thought you were mature enough

To take a little ribbing.

Well, if you want to
leave, it's ok with me, too.

But one day, you'll
realize how wrong you are.

All right, all right. I'll stay.


[Classical music plays]

That's my daughter,
the one on the right.

That's my daughter,
the one on the left.

♪ Now the world don't move ♪

♪ To the b*at of just one drum ♪

♪ What might be right for you ♪

♪ May not be right for some ♪

♪ A man is born ♪

♪ He's a man of means ♪

♪ Then along come two ♪

♪ They got nothing
but their jeans ♪

♪ But they got
diff'rent strokes ♪

♪ It takes diff'rent strokes ♪

♪ It takes diff'rent
strokes to move the world ♪

♪ Yes, it does ♪

♪ It takes diff'rent strokes
to move the world, hmm ♪
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