01x24 - Accomplices

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Jujutsu Kaisen". Aired: October 3, 2020 – present.
Japanese manga series follows high school student Yuji Itadori as he joins a secret organization of Jujutsu Sorcerers to eliminate a powerful Curse named Ryomen Sukuna.
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01x24 - Accomplices

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Kugisaki, don't touch his blood.

I know--


Run with your back against me.

Kugisaki, can you run faster?

I can't!

I'll have your back.

Thanks a lot.


What terrifying speed.
He was carrying a person, too.

Damn it.

They are going to escape.

Forget it.

Good. We're out of range, right?

Well done. You have my praise.

Whatever you say.

Just kidding. Thank you.


Did he take the shortest route
to ambush us?



Don't worry.

My brother's blood
has different properties than mine.

Even my blood is not lethal
unless you get it all over your body.

But it's going to hurt like hell.

Our cursed technique
is only about to begin.

Rot Technique…



Membranes, wounds…

If you're hit with our blood

and one of us uses the cursed technique,

that part of your body
will start to decompose.

That boy can last for minutes at most.

And you, perhaps ten minutes?

You two will turn
into skeletons by morning.

If this is a cursed technique,

all I have to do is to undo it.

So it's really poison?

Poison is the end result.

After all, our cursed technique
is only decomposition.

My explanation
of the cursed technique is over.

They will die faster than my prediction.

Now what will you do?

Brother, these people are nothing special.

In the Meiji Era,

there was a girl who bore a child
born of Cursed Spirit and human.

Due to her unexplained pregnancy,

she was ostracized by her family.

She fled to a temple
run by a Jujutsu Sorcerer

with her baby's corpse in her arms.

But at that very moment,
she ran out of luck.

Noritoshi Kamo.

Knowledgeable about curses and Jujutsu,

he is known
as the evilest sorcerer in history,

and the disgrace of the Great Families.

His immense curiosity

made him obsessed with children
born of both Cursed Spirit and human.

Nine pregnancies, nine abortions.

How did the process go?
What happened to those women?

All these records were erased.

Cursed Womb: Death Paintings to .

They are classified
as Special Grade Cursed Relics.

Do their cursed energy originate
from their mother's grudge?


I don't remember anything about my mother.

I also have born no hatred

towards humans or Jujutsu Sorcerers.

For years,

we relied on each other
to endure the seal placed on us.

We'll side with the Cursed Spirits.

Will it be okay?

He looks quite suspicious, Choso.

The future painted by this Cursed Spirit

is more beneficial to us.

That's all.

Don't be grateful to them
for our incarnation.

Brothers, listen carefully.

Eso lives for Kechizu,

Kechizu lives for me,

and I live for Eso.

The three of us are one entity.

For my brothers,

if this is their wish,

then I'm willing to sacrifice my life.

If this is too painful,
I can relieve your agony now.


So you win once your cursed technique
lands on your mark.

But what a shame.

That's a bad match against me!

Straw Doll Technique…


Let's have a game of endurance, shall we?

You guys don't like pain, right?

Then start crying
and undo the cursed technique!

A curse used to counter techniques?

A game of endurance?

If we don't undo it,
this situation will continue?

Straw Doll Technique: Resonance.

It applies cursed energy to inflict damage

to an opponent's targeted body part.

The effective range is wide,
and the ability difference

between the user and the target

as well as the targeted body part
affects skill potency.

In Straw Doll Technique,
the value of blood isn't high.


Resonance activates
on a connection to the target.

Now their blood and mine are tied together

thanks to the Rot Technique
they used on me.

Luckily, it's also effective
on the younger brother.

I'm going to die in the end anyway.

It's better to go on the offensive!

Although it is quite powerful,

it's still not enough to k*ll us
no matter how often she activates it.

As long as we endure,
you will be the first one to die.

When Decay is activated,

the pain from the Rot Technique
will make it difficult for you to move--

Why is he moving freely?


Itadori is the vessel of Ryomen Sukuna,
the King of Deadly Poisons.

Thus, he is immune to all kinds of poison.

Poison is the end result.

After all, our cursed technique
is only decomposition.

Although there is pain
caused by decomposition,

the end result of poison
is ineffective against him.

But mere pain…

will not stop…

Yuji Itadori!


You're so noisy!


They switched positions?

Is he making a dying woman

att*ck my younger brother,
who's dying faster?

Do you think you can stop
my actions at any time?

Hey, you woman!

Should I undo my cursed technique?

I can't save my brother if this continues.

If I activate Decay,
I can't use Wing King.

But does that woman have enough energy
to k*ll my brother now?

Even if she gets in the way,

I won't get k*lled by this guy
before she dies.

I will never undo the cursed technique!


The three of us are one entity.

I undid
the cursed technique instinctively.

Wing King!

What was that black light just now?

I'm sure that

I used my arm to block his fist
that was covered in cursed energy.

But before I knew it,
my entire arm was cut off.


Don't die, Kechizu.


I think I haven't shown you this trick.


Don't worry.

I'll send your brother
to accompany you right away.


The three of us are one entity.

I'm sorry, Choso.

I was right by his side, and yet…

Why didn't he disappear?

Is he still alive?


He's not a Cursed Spirit!
He has a physical body.

It's dangerous!

For god's sake.


Mr. Sawamura!

-Drive faster.

I'll k*ll you both
if you step on the brakes.

Do you understand?

Don't chase after me, Jujutsu Sorcerers.

I'll k*ll them both when I recover.
Especially that woman.

I'm sorry, Kechizu.

I can't even grieve over you.

But I will take revenge.

What is that woman doing?


Don't rush me!

Straw Doll Technique…


After using Black Flash,

a sorcerer will enter the zone,
similar to what athletes experience.

Darn it!

That wasn't just a counter technique?

I'm sorry.

It hurts.

Geto, stock.

-What's wrong, Choso?
-Hurry up.

Hey! Don't smash the chess piece!

My brothers died.

So you can sense this kind of thing?

What happened?

I can understand
if it's a fully fleshed Cursed Spirit,

but I don't think they could be defeated
by a curse that swallowed one finger.

-Wait a minute.
-I can't find one.

Why did you break it, anyway?

I got the report.

Eso and Kechizu were k*lled by

Jujutsu High first-years,

Yuji Itadori and his classmate.


The number you dialed
cannot be reached at the moment…

They still won't pick up!

Where did those brats go?

Kugisaki, are you okay?

Yes, I guess so.

But it may leave scars.

Is that old man okay? He just drove away.

As for the poison…

When we get back,
will Ms. Shoko still be awake?

Will she even be sober?

Why are you fidgeting? It's gross.

I wonder if this is your first time

k*lling someone
instead of exorcising them.

What about you?

I did it once.

No, that would be misleading.
I k*lled three people.

You are doing much worse than me.

Frankly speaking, I don't feel anything.

This is normal
for a Jujutsu Sorcerer, right?

Not to quote Fushiguro,

but there are only
so many people we can save.

My opinion is, well…

People who are not involved in my life
should not affect how I do things.

Am I cold?

But there are also people like you
doing whatever they want.

I'm not trying to comfort you,

but we had no time to check if
they were Cursed Spirits or Curse Users.

Even if the opponent is a human,

we're not capable of trapping
opponents of that level for long.

You know it, don't you?

But he cried when his brother
died in front of him.

I see.

I'm so glad that you and I survived.

I feel so relieved.

Even so, someone cried over a life I took.

That's all.

I see.

Then that makes us accomplices.


Hey. You guys are back.

I'm glad you're all right.

That gave us a fright!

We thought you were d*ad.

We're so relieved!

Please lower down your voices.

My head hurts.

Don't fall asleep with Sukuna's finger.

It's too dangerous.

How did you know about the finger?

Do you have the energy to hear me out?

No. Anyway, contact Ms. Nitta first.

It must be sealed immediately
or Cursed Spirits will gather.

Shall I eat them instead?

They are not leftovers.

We don't know
how many more fingers you can eat.

Don't eat it.

But take it
since you seem the least worn out.

Let me remind you again. Don't eat it.

He talks to me like I'm a dog.


We told you not to eat it!

Why is it my fault?

This guy is too much.

He's not helpful at all this time.

The Sukuna in you
will tell us where they are

since he wants to regain his powers.

Don't tell me Mr. Gojo spouts nonsense?

You just realized that?

Hey, you guys!

-What have you guys been up to?
-Ms. Nitta.

-She's mad.
-You didn't pick up the phone.

Explain it to me!

-Can't you contact me?
-All right, let's go back.

-Report, contact, discuss!
-I'm hungry.

-Are you listening?
-Is there a Rippa Sushi nearby?

-Answer me!
-Rippa Sushi in Shinkansen is good.

You're so annoying.

Man! It wasn't just
a Cursed Spirit with a finger.

I was shocked
after investigating the remains!

It turned out to be a vessel
of the Cursed Relic!

They defeated opponents equivalent
to a Special Grade.

The first-years got it big.

Is my coaching ability too good?

I don't want to waste my holiday
talking to you.

You want to ask about the party, right?

So did you find it?

Not at all.

Everyone's too busy, including me.

Well? Should I ask the students?

I can't drink,
so nonalcoholic drinks are fine with me.

Please continue to search for it.


After all, I don't know
if anyone's eavesdropping on her.

I don't want to think about

the possibility of a student
being the mole.

It's so annoying.

Well then, I leave the rest to you, Mei.



Don't tell Itadori
about the fingers resonating.

Are you sure about that?

I'm quite sure.

The case is closed.

Probably only Ms. Nitta and us
would notice this.

Itadori only became
Sukuna's vessel by chance.

The Yasohachi Bridge deaths
were bound to happen sooner or later.

In the first place,
he swallowed the finger to save me.

But he won't be happy
with that explanation.

So don't tell him.

I won't tell him.

As a lady, I'm considerate.

This is all your fault!

Because you ate me,

my scattered soul is awakened.

Do you want to save
as many people as possible?


Those people die because of you!

Hey, don't tell Fushiguro about this.

What if the person you saved
takes someone else's life later?

Don't you dare.

Leaf mustard.

What's wrong? Your movements seem dull.

Did you become weak?

Shut up!

My body's just weak after resting.

Speaking of which, have you heard
about the first-year students?


They exorcised
three Special Grade equivalents, right?


Well then…

We can't lose to them.

-Salted fish roe!


Was that your full strength?

If it wasn't, then it's not training!


Special Grades are anomalies
among Jujutsu Sorcerers.

I believe that Grade Sorcerers
uphold the standards

of the strongest sorcerers,
and are suitable leaders of our society.

The level of danger,
confidentiality, and involvement…

It is incomparable below Semi-Grade .

And yet, what did you say just now?

Maki Zenin, Panda…

Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki,

and my brother, Yuji Itadori,

in the name of Aoi Todo…

And in the name of Mei Mei…

…we recommend them
to be promoted to Grade Sorcerers.

Don't you think you bought too much?

Half of it belongs to you.

My things are in this single bag!

Oh, god!


If you dare drop any of those bags,

I will k*ll you.

Yes, madam.


I told you,
I would k*ll you if you dropped any of it!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!

-You should take at least one bag.
-How will you pay me if it breaks?

I'm Fushiguro.

Yes, okay.

I got it. I'll hang up now.

What's wrong?

Mr. Gojo wants to see us.

What? Why?

It's a new mission.

And a confidential one to boot.


We just finished up one.

Isn't this fine?

Mr. Gojo just said that
it's a confidential mission.

It must be interesting.

He says that often.

He always talks about it.

Oh, well!

Let's go.

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