01x25 - Egoistic Poriomania

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Steins;Gate". Aired: April 6, 2011 - September 14, 2011.
Anime series based on Nitroplus's 2009 visual novel of the same name.
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01x25 - Egoistic Poriomania

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Who'd have thought...





Who'd have thought...

that such a future was in store for me?

It's me.

The Organization's got me.{lit. sabotaged}


Do you mean all of this is also the choice of Steins Gate?{i thought there was no 'the'}

I see.

I was careless...

back then...

before those two weeks, when it all began.{*TLC "before"?}

How did I not notice it?{*TLC lit. Should I have noticed it?}

Yeah, I got it.

I'll call you again if I make it out alive.

El Psy Congroo.

{:}Two weeks ago



Da-Daru? What's with the Hawaiian get-up?

It's not Hawaiian.

It's from L.A.


What are you talking about?

I was just talking about that!

Feyris-chan is going to be a contestant{*returning champion?} in a Rainet{*however this was spelled in the show} tournament in America.

She asked us if we wanted to go with her.

So you're saying...

the United States is requesting the aid of Hououin Kyouma?

Still a f*g{-year-old}, I see. Sage.{The first one is "chuu-ni byou". TL it however it was TLed in the show}{don't remember}

Oh! Kurisu-chan messaged me!

She says...

she's doing some important{*} research right now and wants us to join her.

It looks like Kurisu-chan wants to see you, Okarin.


Let's see.

"You don't have to bring Okabe with you, all right?

I don't want to meet him, okay?"

Tsundere mode uh? I understand.

It's a good idea for the Future Gadget Lab to get a start on global expansion.

Okarin is being a tsundere too, isn't he?


Make sure you never come back.

Bring souvenirs!{kawaii}

Sure! What do you want, Moeka?

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

Macadamia nuts X

...Anything but.

...Anything but.

...Anything but.

...Anything but.

...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


...Anything but.


{*}Chocolate's fine.

That's them.

What's the purpose of your visit?

Well{humu}. I guess I have no choice but to reveal it.


I am. Mad Scientist.

United States. Chaos! And invade!

Mad scientist?

Union Jack!{could as well be...}

I'm kind of a big deal{* i have no f*cking clue, make something up}! Do you understand? Do you understand?


That damned Organization.

I didn't expect them to have joined forces with the U.S. to try to catch me—

You haven't changed, Okabe.


It's Kurisu-chan, remember?

Who do we have here?

My assistant with the hard-on for experiments, Christina.

I'm not your assistant!

I thought you were an agent of the Organization at first.

There's no helping this guy. He never changes.

Still a channer I see. Sage.

Shut up!

Quit your blabbering and let's go!

Hold it. Don't tell me you're driving—

Is there a problem?

Rukako, dear.


Call a taxi.


Why are you panting as if you've been running behind us?{as in, he's pretending}


The taxi fare.

What the hell?

You—{*what was she going to call him?}



I booked you a hotel and everything! Why did you cancel the booking?

I can't have the Organization know my whereabouts in advance.

Do you mean the seven kings of North America are...


Seventh Philosophy.

A Japanese-American w*r already?!

Indeed. But we must avoid these meaningless fights.

It's all right.

If necessary, I'll use the secrets of the desert nacht!


Are you telling me you already mastered that?!

It's time!

, km from home, I hereby proclaim,

"Until this body is destroyed and my soul reaches Valhalla,{Timer: till sono toki made}

I shall fight on the fields of Ragnarok!"

You sure have a nice place for an assistant.

You can stay here until you find another place to stay.{*TLC}

Don't just go in there!

Don't just drink my stuff!

She's asleep!

{\an}Hello, this is Julie Wood.

This scene is so familiar.

It really feels just like old times!{It's about how all of them are sitting just like they did in the lab}

You really like being in that lab, don't you?

How's life here?

It's the same.

You didn't write down the theory of the time machine, did you?

Oh, you mean that thing about the parallel world line stuff you told me about earlier?

It's just that there might be others with memories of the other world lines apart from me.

You don't have to worry. All I remember is

that you saved me at the radio building.

Then I wandered around, looking for you to express my gratitude, before eventually finding you.

That's it.

Are you absolutely sure you don't remember anything else?

O-Of course!

Okay then.


Huh? You found it?

Is this...

It's a motel!


Stop right there!

Are you just going to abandon us here?!

I can't find a better place for you with your budget.

Motels are where {*}aliens start possessing people!

It's where madmen wearing hockey masks att*ck people!

Are you really confusing fact and fiction?{This is likely a ch line. Localize to taste.}

Maximum autism.{Kinda late for that now.}{likewise}

I know those things only happen in movies...

but I really am scared!

I suppose I shouldn't let Mayuri and Urushibara sleep here alone.

Mayushii will sleep with Okarin, so it's fine!

I used to sleep in Okarin's room all the time when I was little.

In his room?

Just what are you imagining?

It was only when we were little, she said.

You're so embarrassing.{as in, he's feeling embarassed by her childishness}

Shut up!

Anyway, I won't let the girls sleep in your room!

So, Urushibara... is a boy too, huh?


All right then. I'll stay here too.

So, Okabe and Hashida in one room, Mayuri and me in another.

I'll be by myself?

I'm scared.

Fine, Hashida can be in one room, me and Mayuri in another...

Okabe and...

I don't mind being with Kyouma.

But he's a guy.{daga. otoko da.}

I guess Makise-shi is forever alone.

Well, Rukako and Mayuri being together is perfectly all right.

Suddenly, lesbians. Ha. Ha.

Control yourself.

Besides, if there were lesbians in the next room, then this room would be—


Shut up!

Hey, Okarin.


Let's play rock-paper-scissors to decide who sleeps in the car.

What's the matter?

I've relinquished my sleeping quarters.{purposefully complicated words}

Super Hacka is my precious right-hand man, you see.

You lost at rock-paper-scissors, then.

What about you?

Oh, I was just...


Can you come in for a bit?

I want to ask you something.

This is... Diet Dr Pepper!

Why don't you take some back as a souvenir?

Given the exchange rates right now, it'll be cheaper too.{ou Japan}

Right then. What did you want to ask me?

Intel on the Organization? Or could it be...

If you're just gonna make jokes, then get out.

I remember being told that once before.

"Once before"?

Another place. Another world line.

Don't worry.

That's what I wanted to ask you.

I'm a little skeptical about this "other world lines" thing you've told me about.

But just like you said, I see things in my dreams that never really happened to me.


Cheering you up on a bridge in Akihabara.

Working up a storm writing up some theory on a whiteboard.

Sewing your lab coat in the darkness somewhere.

So some fragments of your memories are still left behind, huh?

So all of that really happened?

Well, now. Answering that question is extraordinarily difficult, you see.

To the you in this world line, it might be all right to say those are just your dreams.

But... they did happen in the other world lines.


I see.


In that case, tell me something.

What is it?

Um... There's one more weird dream I saw.

You and I, uh...

What is it?


What's wrong? Need to go pee-pee?{not necessarily that childishly spoken, but still not normal. Hence her reaction}{lol}

You perv!

Okarin and Kurisu sure get along, don't they?

Game. Set. Match!

Cut over!

He let his guard down! Feyris-tan won the tournament!

I did it!

Feyris! Feyris! Feyris!

He's a dude, but who cares?!

Look how popular you are!

Y-Your order of rice omelet.


What happen to the cute "nyan-nyan" at the end of your sentences?{gl brainchild}

Why do I have to do that?!

Assistant, dear. You are the representative of Japan's maid culture—

I never agreed to that. Nor do I want to do it!

You need to help out here to pay for your plane ticket.

It's natural for a lab member to cooperate.

When did anyone pay for my ticket?

It's all for one and one for all.{Lab members are one in joy, one in trouble.}{一心同体}

Then you work too!

Seeing how energetic you are,

you must've had a good night's sleep.

You looked worried.

It's nothing.

I was just a bit curious.

Actually, that's not it either.

Just forget about it.

There's nothing to gain from remembering other world lines' events.

I know!

I do plan to forget everything.


Sorry I'm late!



Why is Suzuha here?

I remember what she said in the end.

Thank you.

Let's meet again... in seven years.

The time machine hasn't been invented in this world.

She shouldn't exist for another seven years, when she's actually born.

But if she's here...

This world has a time machine too?!

Maybe... the third World w*r too...

Huh? Okabe isn't there?

Yeah. I saw him stumbling out of the building.

Girls! Someone saw him getting into a taxi with a brooding look on his face.

Huh? Did something happen?

Nah, he's probably just being himself.


So you chased me all the way here, huh?

So... you're not her?

Let's see...

I came here to play in the Rainet tournament,

and now I'm going with a friend{ who lives here} to Las Vegas.

I see.

But to chase a girl all the way out here...

she must be really important to you.

The girl who looks just like me.

Yeah. She's a precious friend.

You don't know where she is now?

Not right now.{He lit. says "She's not here now." but that sounds like he's saying she's d*ad, which is not what he means in the original .jp}

But I'll be able to see her again in seven years.

I know it.

Ooh. That's so romantic.

I had a fortune that said I'd get married and have a baby in seven years, too.

What is it?

No, never mind.

I'm sorry for taking so much of your time.

Not at all. It was fun.

See you around!


Seven more years.

I guess I wouldn't believe that either.{kieta tokoro de, wakaru hazu ga nai... ka?}{he means that she's gone, so that girl who's not her "yet" has no reason to believe his nonsense}

Remaining change: cents.

Battery: d*ad.

How the hell am I gonna get back?!

That was two hours ago.



I'm not going to lose here!

I'm the mad scientist

Hououin Kyouma!

I'm not going to...

I have...

to tell...


Tell me what?

Now I'm hallucinating.

What are you going on about?

This is undoubtedly the reality being reflected in your retinas and interpreted by your brain.

I finally found you.

If you're going to save someone, you should at least make sure you have enough gas first.

It's not my fault! I was in a hurry!

What about your phone?


A phone with no battery.

Sixty seven cents.

You were lying knocked out on the highway!

I don't want to hear that coming from you!

This was important, though.{I'm sorry, but I'm out of synonyms.}

I was chasing after someone I thought I knew from way back.

Someone you knew?



I thought you ran away because of what I said.


What are you talking about?

Oh, nothing.


When I said I'd forget everything...

Oh, that.

Don't just brush it off like that!

It's really, really important to me!


I mean...

Just that...

I told you, didn't I?

There was one more weird dream I had.

I just can't stop thinking about that one.

It's kinda like it's too realistic for a dream, so...

It's real.

I said, it's real...

to me.

What do you mean?

In another world line, I told you that I loved you.

No, I do love you!

What about you?

You're awful.

You must've spent a lot of time with me in your other world lines,

but to me, everything I did in those world lines is just a dream.

It's hard to take all of this in.{THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID}

I have an ability called "Reading Steiner."

I've retained my memories of all the other world lines.

That is why I know...

the three weeks that I spent with you...

No, it was much, much longer than three weeks...

I know this because I was with you for so long.

No matter which world line, what time, or where I am,

I'll always love you.{He says this in past tense, but it makes more sense to be in present future}

I'll say it one more time, Makise Kurisu.

I love you.

What about you?

Right now, at this very instant,

how do you think of me?


Do you really want to know?

Close your eyes!

If you are not satisfied with this ending, go watch Episode @ : to understand what's going on ;)


Even the number of several billion heartbeats

is a basic matter of little glamor to you

Imprisoned in the past we lament the future

and not even miscalculating a single speck of dust would be permissible

Our dreams stretching out as infinity and the future we imagine

are a vain privilege we allowed ourselves

Finity is what the two hands of the clock point out

forcing us to make cruel decisions in life

Hacking to the Gate

Now I cross world lines with every passing second

and wish to protect your smile

Now I am again sucked into a time loop as a solitary observer

where sadness holds no sway

Now I cross world lines with every passing second

and wish to protect your smile

Now I am again sucked into a time loop as a solitary observer

where sadness holds no sway
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