01x26 - The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cowboy Bebop". Aired: April 3, 1998 – April 24, 1999.
Japanese anime series takes place in 2071 and follows a group of bounty hunters who hunt criminals on their ship, the Bebop.
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01x26 - The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)

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It was raining that day as well…

You didn’t come because of the rain?

I was supposed to k*ll you…

That day…

…if I had k*lled you…

…I would have been free.

So why didn’t you?

Why did you choose to be pursued?


…did you…

…love me?

Let’s just run away somewhere.

Truly escape from this world…

…and go where no one else is…

Just the two of us…

(Part II)

What about him?

He got away.

All our men were defeated,
we ran out of w*apon…

…and lost all means to…

Why did you come back?

Where is Julia?

I don’t know…


Don’t follow in Lin’s footsteps.

Keep going, and pass the place.


Someone might have gotten here already.

Wait here.


I told them that you weren’t here.

That you were already d*ad.

I told them…

Don’t talk.


…k*lled off the elders, they said.

Everyone has lost sense
of where they want to be…

Just like kites with no strings.

I see… you were able to meet Julia…

I’m glad…


It’s… rather chilly… today…

You don’t need w*apon like
that just to run away.

You’re going to go.

I’ll go with you.

Until the very end, I’ll be with you.

I’m sorry.

I’m gonna make a bit of a scene.

You sure are a lucky woman.


I came back just at the right time,
and got involved in just the right way.

I really am lucky.

The Red-Tail won’t be
mobile for a while.

You’re doing pretty well yourself…

Getting the short end
of the stick and all.

He’s probably not coming back,
you know that?

He might have been
offed somewhere already.

Maybe so.

But, so what?

Do you want me to go looking for him?

You’ve got to be kidding!

He went off to do away with his past!

You made him go.

My leg was sh*t, my ship is busted!

Hell, yeah! He was nothing but trouble!

Like I care!

So what kind of a woman was Julia?

A normal woman…

A beautiful, dangerous but normal
woman that you can’t leave alone…

I see.

Like a devilish angel…

…or maybe an angelic devil.

This way!

Get down!



Where is Spike now?

All organisms…

All beings with life…

…all have their own stars.

The moment a new life is born…

…a new star is born,
and becomes the guardian star.

This star we stand on is
someone’s guardian star as well.

That red star, that blue star…

When a life ends,
the star falls and disappears.

Please don’t say that.

“Running Rock.”

Don’t call me by such a name!

His star is about to fall.

This is stupid. I can’t believe it.

Do not fear death.

Death is always at your side.

When you show fear,
it will spring at you faster than light.

If you do not show fear,
it will only gently look over you…

Sir Vicious, I found this.

The woman’s passport is
inside it as well.

Surely she cannot escape
from this planet easily.

A beast that has lost a place to go…

He has nowhere to return to now.

He will come.

Spike, you…

Do you have anything to eat?

I’m starving.

The food you cook
tastes horrible, as usual.

For that, you sure are eating a lot.

Hunger is the best spice, they say.

Do you know a story
that goes like this?

There once was a tiger-striped cat.

This cat died a million deaths
and was reborn a million times…

…and was owned by various
people who he didn’t care for.

The cat wasn’t afraid to die…

One day, the cat was
a free cat, a stray cat.

He met a white female cat, and the two
cats spent their days happily together.

Years passed, and the
white cat died of old age.

The tiger-striped cat cried
a million times, and then died.

It never came back to life…

That’s a good story…

I hate that story.

I hate cats.

That’s what I thought.


Can I ask you one thing?


Is it for the woman?

There is nothing I can
do for a d*ad woman.

Where are you going?

Why are you going?

You told me once…
that the past didn’t matter…

You’re the one who’s
tied to their past!

Look at these eyes.

One of them is a fake,
because I lost it in an accident.

Since then, I have been seeing the past
in one eye and the present in the other.

I had believed that what I saw
was not all of reality.

Don’t tell me things like that…

You never told me
anything about yourself!

Don’t tell me stuff like that now!

I thought I was watching a dream
that I would never awaken from.

Before I knew it,
the dream was all over.

My… memory came back.

But… nothing good came out of it.

There was no place
for me to return to…

This was the only place
I could go back to!

But now…

Where are you going?!

Why do you have to go?!

Are you telling me you’re going
to just throw your life away?!

I’m not going there to die.

I’m going there to see
if I really am alive.


Where’s Vicious?

On the top floor. This way.



Please defeat… Vicious…


…I wanted you to come back…

So, you are finally awake.

I told you before, Spike…

…that I am the only one
who can k*ll you.

I’ll return those words
back to you, Vicious.

Either way, we were destined
to end up like this.

Julia passed away.

Let’s end it all.

If that’s your wish.

This is…

…a dream…


Just a bad dream…

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