02x12 - The Wiping of the Disciple's Butt

Episode transcripts for the TV show "One Punch Man". Aired: October 5, 2015 – present.
Japanese superhero manga series tells the story of Saitama, a superhero who, because he can defeat any opponent with a single punch, grows bored from a lack of challenge.
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02x12 - The Wiping of the Disciple's Butt

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Fist of Flowing Water, Crushed Rock!

Those moves are the perfect
offense and defense alike.

They may be using the same style,
but the difference in skill is obvious.

This battle's already been decided.

What the hell? The old man
never fights this fiercely...

Sh-Shit... I'm losing consciousness...

Actually... I'm probably going to die.

Why are you moving so strangely?

Where did you learn that?

You're like a beast.

Not yet...

I can still figure this out if I use him...

Not happening.

I took care of the monsters.

Bang, all that's left is Garo.

Cleaning Up the Disciple's Mess

I sent in some monsters in
order to take Garo alive,

but the Demon Cyborg...

I didn't expect him to be that strong.

And even Silverfang is here.

This will make it hard to snatch him.

But if I go back empty-handed,
Orochi might eat me next.

I need Garo to survive
this on his own somehow,

but I'm not sure things
could be any worse.

Say, Big Bro, if you were him,

would you still be able to stand
after being hurt that badly?

If I were years younger,
I could've held on... probably.

Come on! Just a little more!

Let's go, Bang!

Damn it... Old Man Bang

is taking advantage of the fact that
his former top pupil is weakened.

Not to mention the other geezer is the
master of the Fist of Whirling Wind,

Slashing Steel, b*mb!

Have they no shame?

Even if I were to beg for my
life in front of these two,

the Demon Cyborg wouldn't let me go.

So if I want to get through this dire situation,

I need to k*ll all three of them.

That's impossible, though.

Know the pain that my top
pupil Charanko felt, Garo!

Let's play heroes!

You wanna play, too, don't you, Garo?

Yeah, let's play!

Huh? Sure.

Bum-ba-bom! Justice Man is here!


Justice Man Kick!

That's dangerous!


That's mean!

In that case...

You can be the monster.


You be the monster.

The hell is this? Am I seeing
my life flash before my eyes?

This is a pretty shitty memory.

This guy is...

Now you get to be the monster.

That's right. Tatsu.

He was the popular kid in class.

Wait, what's going on?

Garo's going crazy.

We were just playing, but
then Garo suddenly got mad.

We were playing heroes,
and Garo got super mad at Tatsu.

What the heck? What's his problem?

Poor Tatsu.

So, what made you so angry?


I heard you got angry while
playing heroes. Is that true?

That's because Tatsu always...

You can't even tell the difference
between real life and make-believe?

That's not it.

I always have to play the monster and—

You're the one who lost control!

How are you going to take
responsibility for this?!

It's not that I didn't like
playing the monster...

Did I just not like Tatsu playing the hero?

No, that wasn't the problem.

I just learned how unbelievably unfair
things were while we were playing heroes.

Playing heroes is just

supposed to be kids reenacting what they
see on a kids' show. It's make-believe.

It shouldn't matter who plays what role.

Tatsu was the most popular kid in class.

On the other hand, I was a loner
who basically kept to himself.

The one to play the hero is decided when
everyone agrees on who it should be.

Of course I'd never get that chance.

Justice Man Cross Chop!

Why the heck are you dodging?

Guys, hold on to Garo for me.

You got it.


This should be obvious, but there's no
scenario where the monster actually wins.

I would always lose.

Justice Man Kick!

I've defeated the monster Garo Poop Man!

The system in which the
popular kid everyone loves

beats the crap out of the weak,
loner kid who's hated by everyone...

I can't take it anymore!

Fight me, Tatsu!

Huh? What the heck are you talking about?

I don't want to play the monster anymore!

If I win, promise me that you
won't mess with me anymore!

Guys, hold on to Garo for me.

That's not fair! Let me go!

I want to fight Tatsu fair and square!

The others said you suddenly

went crazy when you were
all just playing around.

That's not true.

Tatsu's popular, so everyone's
making me out to be the bad guy.

That's not true! You did a bad thing!

Go apologize to everyone right now!

Justice, my ass. Evil, my ass.

In the end, they were just going to
k*ll me based on popular opinion.

It's unfair. It's unforgivable.

I'm angry!

I just want to teach them all a lesson!

I want them to feel a blow from the weak!

Screw justice and evil!

It's over, Garo!

Like hell... it's over!



Bang! Above you!

A monster?


Bang! He's a monster now!

I'm going to blast that thing
along with Garo! Got it?

Hear me! I'm taking Garo!

I'm leaving the rest to you!

Spiral Incineration Cannon!


What in the world is that?!

That thing's actually alive?!

Oh, no! We need to get to them!

To think it didn't even suffer a scratch

after being hit by Genos' att*ck...

That thing's going to be a pain in the ass.

thr*at Level:

Giant Monstrous Insect:

What the hell do you guys think
you're doing, interfering like that?

Just shut up and let Centichoro handle this.

He's a catastrophe that devours all.

I can't help but admire his
desire to destroy everything.

I see that your endgame is
as weak as ever, hero hunter.

When you defeat them, you need to make
sure they aren't breathing anymore.

All those heroes on the ground
over there are still alive.

But don't worry.
Centichoro will end everything.

Quit interfering!

They're my prey!

Come on, now. Stop squirming.

Damn it! Put me down!

You won't get away with this!

Why are you so angry?

It's your fault for not finishing them off.

Getting rid of two Class S heroes at
once works out quite well for us.

They are our greatest enemies, after all.

I'm sure you've seen by now
that some opponents

are better suited for each other than others.

According to our strategist, Gyoro-Gyoro,

there are only four heroes who
stand a chance against Centichoro.

Terrible Tornado, who has
unparalleled psychic powers.

Metal Knight, who hoards military
might on an unknown scale.

King, the strongest human alive.

And the top hero who nearly k*lled
Centichoro in the past, Blast.

Centichoro aligned with

the Monster Association in order
to get revenge against Blast.

It means that he's determined to
drag Blast out onto the b*ttlefield.

In terms of compatibility between
fighters, those two Class S heroes

don't have what it takes to survive this fight.

Silverfang has unrivaled strength,
but that only applies

for opponents of a size that allow
him to use his martial arts.

The Demon Cyborg's functionality
is also terrifyingly proficient,

but he doesn't have enough firepower
to take down something that big.

Those two don't stand a chance.

He's coming!


We're counting on you.

Got it!

Whirling Wind...

Flowing Water...

Fist of Roaring Ki, Rending Air!

What an amazing att*ck...

They broke through that hard exoskeleton...

That is truly the ultimate technique.

Not yet! Not yet! Not yet!
Not yet! Not yet! Not yet!

We let our guard down.

But we were able to use the huge
att*ck that we can only use once.

Thanks, Genos.

It's no big deal.

It looks like it was effective.

That shock is currently
coursing through its body.

I hope you explode into
bits, you stupid monster.

It's over.


He molted!

How is that even possible?!

We can't defeat this! What are we going to do?

We're just outside the city.

If we let it go into that area,
civilians are going to get hurt.


I'll fight that thing.

I'll hold off that centipede for as
long as possible. You guys can run.

Genos, I cannot agree to that.

You shouldn't risk your life when
you know there's no way to win.

You young'uns still have a future.

Genos, just make sure you
don't push yourself too hard.

Is that really okay, though?

Of course it's not!

This is too reckless!
Cannons won't work on that thing!

This thing, the monster from
yesterday, and Garo are all

part of the Monster Association.

This battle is inevitable!

Dual Blade Rush!

But that's what it means
to fight against them!

I'll grind you to death!

If that's being reckless, then...


At this rate... I'm...


Jet Drive Arrow!

You impudent creature!


He went into its mouth!


This is... digestive fluid!

I'll melt you until there's nothing left!

You're the one...

who's going to melt!

Ultra Spiral Incineration Cannon!

He did it!


I cannot...

defeat him...

I cannot protect them!

Run, Big Bro!

It's no use!

What's the matter?

You sure quieted down, hero hunter.

I just don't agree with
how this battle ended.

I want to defeat them on my own.

Then I would become the
greatest object of fear.

That's the point of being the hero hunter.

Object of fear? You?

You don't have the strength

to defy the likes of Centichoro or the
upper echelon of the Monster Association.

Just you wait...

What is it that I'm lacking?

There are still others like him?

Is there nothing I can do against
these opponents but just watch?

Bang, this isn't good.

We're going to end up back in the city.

There will be civilian casualties!


Big Bro.

I guess it's do or die.

I will exert my life's
last remaining strength!



Hey, you pest!

I brought you Blast,
the guy you've been looking for!

That's King's voice!


Hey, look!

He's turning toward the voice!


That's right!

The one who b*at you so bad that you
pissed yourself as you ran away!

The hero Blast!

If you want to fight him
again, come over here!

What's wrong? You scared?

You coward!

Hey, if you're going to shit
yourself, do that at home!

Vermin like you should go back into the
ground and suckle on your mama's teat!

Looks like King made it in time.


He had mentioned that he wanted
something to provoke Centichoro.

Is he trying to draw him in close
and fight him one-on-one?

I know it's top secret,

but I told him about
Centichoro's grudge against Blast.

What did he say?

He just said... "Understood."

And then I heard the rumbling
of the King Engine.

To finish this, I need to bring
him over here and make sure

our att*ck doesn't cause
any casualties in the city.

Those are the rules.



Is that you, Genos?

I figured you'd be here.

It's a good thing we came.

Huh? Saitama, you look refreshed...

I feel like I was able
to blow off some steam.

I kept losing to you at video games,
so I was pretty stressed out.

You were still annoyed about that?

Master Saitama!

There's something I'd like to ask you.

What's up?

What do you think I'm lacking?

Huh? Probably power?

Thank you very much!

No... Don't use Saitama as an example...


Your battles show me the way, Master.

He has shown me true strength and
the destination I should strive for.

I will also head there.

Let's go home.

Garo? Looks like he passed out.

Get plenty of rest.

We'll reach Orochi soon.
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